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Green screen basics: shoot, light & edit green screen videos

teacher avatar Luchia Dragosh, 9x Emmy® nominated documentary filmmaker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lighting & Setting up green screen

    • 3. Keying out & editing using Adobe Premiere Pro

    • 4. Create variety of backgrounds

    • 5. Creating outdoor look

    • 6. Bonus: Creating two-camera look, using one

    • 7. Thank you!

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About This Class

The biggest secret to use green screen is to make your final video look as if you haven't used a green screen. If the audience is able to tell that you have shot using green screen then they will be taken away from the story your subject tells.

Proper lighting is absolutely crucial when it comes to green screen. The most important thing about green screen and keying it out properly is the lighting and its even distribution, as well as the body positioning.

In this course I will teach you how to effectively light a green screen, how and where to place your subject so you can easily key out the green screen in post-production.

You will learn as well what tools I use in Adobe Premiere Pro to key out, replace and chose a variety of different backgrounds so your video looks professional.

As a bonus I will teach you how to create the outdoor look so the audience is never able to tell you used green screen.

Enjoy the course and I look forward to seeing your projects. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luchia Dragosh

9x Emmy® nominated documentary filmmaker


I’m a nine-time Emmy® nominated and award-winning filmmaker specializing in social and cultural character-driven long & short documentaries, and docu-series.

I've been a filmmaker for the past 23 years. I started with fiction and then fell in love with documentaries.

In the past 8 years, I’ve filmed and edited more than 300 projects for non-profit organizations and institutions and interviewed hundreds of community and political leaders. I worked with all kinds of clients, from arts and educational institutions, and non-profit organizations, to the Borough president office and Chamber of commerce office.

As a fiction film producer and director, I worked on a diverse range of productions in Europe and the USA, including “The Child Within,”... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this course. Thank you for taking at my name's what? You're draggers. I mean, Emmy nominated to commander, storyteller. In this class, I will teach you how to properly shoot life. Edit green screen There are few certain a few things that you will need to know on properly lighting the green screen so you can have easy time in postproduction. Um, not only that, but the key thing when using a green screen is in the final video to make it look as if you did not use the green screen, and I'm going to teach you how to do that as well. I'm going to teach you how to properly kitted out on Premiere Pro and how to place various bag backgrounds. A few choice, including how to make it look us outdoors. If you were all door, however, he shouted in the green screen, it's a bonus. I will help you to achieve that to camera. Look, even if you shoot with one camera, which in the green screen can be very effective and we'll be using Premiere Pro, so enjoy the course, and I'm looking forward to your questions in the discussion area. Any comments that you have, and in the end, for our course project, I'll have you create your first video, and you'll be absolutely equipped to do that to shoot light and edit your first green screen video and make it look as if you did not use the green screen. Things were taking the course, and I'll see you later. 2. Lighting & Setting up green screen: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this video in this video. I'm going to teach you how to properly like the green screen I've seen so many times. People don't take their time in pre production to lighter green screen properly, or to make it sure it's flat that it results in a poor quality videos. I've done it myself as well, and I don't want that to happen to you. It's a very easy fix. Just follow the steps that I'm going to show you right now. The first and most important thing that you need to do is wrinkles. You've got to get rid of the wrinkles. So now I'm using a green screen wall, which is very flat, so I don't need to go through that process. However, if you're shooting in home or if you're using a fabric green screen first thing, you make sure it's the green screen fabric. It's stretched the grease cream fabric that you buy from Amazon or eBay. They usually come with assistant, so make sure you stretched out fabric on the system, and then the second thing you need to do is steam it. The fabric is very thick, so it's thicker than the normal fabric, depending on what kind of a green screen you have. So make sure his steam to three times if you have toe. But remember, wherever there's a Rinko, it's a little darker area than the rest of it. So you're gonna have a hard time in postproduction king out that green area, the darker green area, and then you have to compensate with the transparency, and that might result in changing the colors in your clothing and face and hair and people can tell. Actually, you shot on a green screen and you don't want that. So make sure the green screen is stretched and make sure you steam it 23 times. So once you take care of that, the second thing you need to do is no shadows, shadows a crucial because those are dark areas behind you, and you're gonna have a very hard time king the grease cream. So there are two things you need to do to get rid of those shadows. The first thing is step away from your green screen like I'm right now at least 10 to 15 feet. If you have that space at home. If you don't have that much space, do as much as possible. And remember, even if your frame goes out of your grease green area in post production, you can still crop. But that's that's more advanced. So in the beginning, just keep it simple. The second thing you need to follow in order to get rid of those shadows is lighting, so you need to extra lights, a soft boxes or maybe L E D lights, which were using to date. Those lights have to be very. They cannot be spotlights you don't want on your green screen of very bright areas or very dark areas is the same thing. You're gonna have a hard time keeping it out. So we need. It's lighted. Even it has to be perfectly evenly. So those slights of soap boxes on the L E D lights. They're perfect for that because they have this software look. So you place one on your left, one on your right between you and the green screen, and they have to face the green screen just like those lights now and in a minute I'm going to show you before and after so you can see what I mean? And then, of course, you need two lights to light yourself. We need one, like the circle light that I use will now actually amusing to led lights and one circle like you don't need to do that. Only need t o l e d lights or one circle light, which you can use for yourself. So let me just show you before and after you can see what I mean. I can actually the wrinkles, but I'm sure you know what that means, because my water is very flat. So let's see now how the video will look before we had those lights on, so we'll just turn them off. I'm gonna turn this one off, and I'm going to Let's say I'm here right in front. I'm maybe a feet away from the green screen. So you see this hard shadow right here? This will be a big problem, even on this side. And even when you move your arms, look what happens. You're gonna have hard time king this out. So all we need to do is I'm just gonna turn one light on now and you'll see with one light , it's a little bit better but still, their shadows now limited in the second light on, and I'm gonna stay right again, a feet away, to fit. It's better, but they're still shadows, you see when in my arms. But it's much, much better, and what you need to do is you might have to move closer the life to the green screen. If you don't have space to step away from the green screen, just remember those lights have to be between you and the green screen. So if you don't have space at home in your feet away from the green screen, those lights have to be closer to the green screen, just maybe that much and you just have to make sure it's evenly. I'm just gonna move them back a little bit because I have space here. Now I'm going to show you. If you have space in your home, you just move away and you see now it's perfectly lit and Walla you can put anything in the background. I sometimes use white, and people think I shot on the white background, so those are the steps that you need to follow. Now let's recap the first most important thing wrinkles. Get rid of those wrinkles. Steam, steam, steam. The second thing is step away from the green screen and place your lights between you and the green screen, and then that will result in a perfectly lit green screen. And, of course, your videos will be high end and they're going to look professional. Now go out and make a killer video and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Keying out & editing using Adobe Premiere Pro: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this video. Now, in this video, I'm going to show you how to key out the green screen that you already shot set up perfectly and lit. So here we go. Now, I have already a project set up, and I have this footage that I shot. It's a close up of me on the green screen. Here I am. I'm just gonna lower the phone, and, uh, it's used this part where it's a close up and then perfectly lit. So here we go. Let's because fathers, I don't look that scary. So here we go. Now, the first thing you need to do is go to your video effects and in video effects. You choose King. Now I'm using Premiere Pro. If you're using something else, you should look for something that it sees key. It has. You have the word key? Um, some using old turkey, you drag it, just click comic, and you drag it on top of the truck and on top weight. Specifics control motion, and they need to see all turkey so it opens automatically. You pick on the eyedropper and click on the lightest side of the green screen because if you clean, if you click on the darkest look how this like a white halo around, it's not clean. Well, so click on the light side. So now you see now it's already clean. Pretty much well. You can't see any white spots or anything. That's why it's very important to light it and set it up perfectly Now. If there were shadows or Rickles where there were the bright spots or the dark spots, you would have a hard time to kill out. Probably it would have looked something like you. This and we don't want that because that's much harder. When I usually do is now it's critically, However, I like to usually put a color mate with some bright color. Let's see red, and you put it on the truck on the video truck, one under the grease grease. So what I did, I moved the grease screen on the second truck, and I placed it. The red under need the green screen. So you see that you with a red background that means you can place any other color background that you want for your videos. That is the point to shoot green screen because you can use any other color that you want. In the next video, I'm going to show you how to use. You can put a white background or without putting any color made. You can make the key the whole tricky. You can turn on the opacity and you'll see it will show up us a great background, which looks really, really cool and is great for cells videos. Or opt in pages that you don't want to use on organic background. Or you don't want to shoot in a organic background, your house or outdoors. So this is a This is how you clean the green screen. And now if this if you see some impurities, for example, see here it's a little bit dark. What it can do issue can crop it. That's one way. So find the crop to a week, try it again, and we can crop it a little from the left to see what the difference is with the red. And I wouldn't use that in this case because then you can see this line over here. So what I'll do is just beat. The crap went out to is how this doesn't bother me. But if you play something different than right, maybe to show or maybe you want it a little bit more clean red. So you open the man generator and then you can Cheech, Transparency. Just be very careful because, look, uh, you change the transplants too much, then you are going to be transparent and like my head's blown. So it keeps out in the white spots on my hair appear. But look, now the highlights, as you can see around my hair, look around my head. The highlights. You turn it up and down. So I did all the way to zero shadows. The same things. You just have to play with it and look now it's perfectly perfectly now. They're no more impurity, some around. Hold on. I like that before because there was some dept. Somewhere it was more this more like dramatic. Think there's like some depth of field here because it's a little darker on the They just add some dimension because there dark are edges. But you can always just send it all the way to zero the shadow. So it's up to you whatever you want to do. But then I will remove the red one and I can place anything I can please, whatever four do you have? Sometimes you could if you want him people to think that you're outside. You can't even shoot an empty frame without you off a building outside and then place yourself in front. But that's it for this video. So those are the basics of cleaning a green screen and then are shown in the next video how you can. I had a white background to make it look like an apple video. And also how you can make a great which my favorite for sale stages are often pages. Okay, so I'll see you in the next video. 4. Create variety of backgrounds: welcome to this video, since we're already welcome to this video. Since we already clean the green screen and I just wanna reiterate again, it's very important for you to set it up in light of property. And if you haven't watched a video on setting up in lighting a green screen properly, please go back and watch it because you're not going to be able to clean your green screen properly. And if you will, then it will take you a long time. If it's not lip who set up properly in the shadows of wrinkles. So go back and watch that video and also go back and watch the video Help key out Grace Scream because this video now starts from we already cleaned the green screen, and now let's say we want to place a white that ground underneath. So remember we place the green one before. Now we want to place a white one, so actually this is a great one. We can change it white. So here we go White backgrounds. If you want a sales video with opt in page here you go institution in on a white background , which you can do if you want to it you have a white background. I just remember to achieve that white look. Great. Looks just like an apple video you will need Ah, sit off lights places between your and the white screen, just like the green screen in the same set up the same lighting set up you will need to do for your white screen if you wanna achieve that wife Bright background. If not, if you have a green screening, you want to use the green screen. Then you need delighted perfectly because if you don't like it perfect and there re coasts and things like this and can't clean it up, it will show around the white so you don't want that. So you only use agree screen and a white background. Make sure it's look perfectly and set up perfect. Now White is great, but my favorite is great. And how you achieve that is one of two ways you contend the white collar made great, which is fine, but it's kind of flat for me, but it works. What I do is I was just reading. This is site. I'll move it right here and what I do it I go to the transparency on the well turkey. That's the effect that we used key out the great screen. I remember in the next, in the last video, the previous video and then the transparency is Honda Man generation. So you just turned the transparency. Not this way, because soon disappear zero and wallah. I love this look because this darkish area around the edges, it gives this depth of field. It gives a little more dimension compared to the gray one that we have before you see, this is Lap Flood and this is more dramatic. And it looks us if you let this screen. So I like using in this way and actually discovered it by accident. That's very basic, very important. I actually did a mistake, and I think there were a lot of shadows and I was trying to key out and put a white on the background and it didn't work and for some reason, have language from Paris. And I turned it all the way to zero. And I saw this look and I loved it. So I think from now on that's how I'm gonna do myself. Speech videos and my opt in page Tedious. We disagree It how to videos. This is great. Look for how devious. If you don't wanna shoot inorganic background, I have more easy access. Two great screen. Then, too, it's easy for me to set it up. Then inorganic background home eso. I'd rather shoot this way and yet, So just to recap, we did you use the white? We turned the just parents turn it back to I believe it was 50. That's five, and we used the white background just like Apple style videos. Just be careful. Your hair does Look, I'm blown so my hair the transparent. It's a little just like that. Get down. That's a white screen white background in few tentative fast zero. Then you achieved its great beautiful background. So this is for this video on how to achieve this white apple style video. Look when you don't shoot on the white screen, but you shouldn't green screen and also my favorite great backgrounds. So I'll see you in the next video 5. Creating outdoor look: Hi. Welcome to this video. In this video, I'm going to show you how you can shoot on a green screen and then use it Us. If you were shooting outside Now, the first and most important thing is us. I always talk about when during green screen is lighting and setting it up properly So you don't spend a lot of time in post production. If you haven't watched the video about sitting up and lighting a green screen piece, do so. And also, I'm not gonna explain in this video. Help key out the green screen. If you haven't watched that video, please go back and watch how to keep a green screen. So here we go. I'm using the old trick. He would just under video effects key. And then then, old trick. I just drag it on top of them video that I have of myself on a green screen. So now I'm just going to get the eyedropper and click on the brightest area. Here we go Now I have a footage that I just shot outside off a building, and I just put it on the need. The footage of myself on agrees screen on the Green Street. And as you can see, it already looks good because the grease gun was lit properly. The main thing on positioning yourself outside and anything's if you're outdoors is fixing the proportion of yourself. So you might need to scare yourself a little bit and then maybe move it this way or that way. Or I think we need to go a little girl, although 100 original was fine, but yet so I think this is fine. And then I think you need to clean up just a little bit. Maybe it highlights. We can clean up a little bit, and you can tell she need to clean more if you make invisible your track. And if it's too dark or too bright original, then you need to clean up your your great screen video for it. But I think this looks pretty okay and things because we see the shadows, so that means I'm on the shadow. However, if your footage it's on the sun, then probably you need to position to to light yourself differently. Or maybe color corrected a little bit. So I'll suggest anyways, shooting on the on the Shadow because it's easier to match. But that looks pretty okay to me and this video footage that I shot. It's very short now. If there no people moving around, you can duplicate this footage a few times and you see where it starts again. Like we see this lady, if you see it in the beginning, on the background in the people, you will see them walking towards you. That was the viewer. But then, when the that cut comes up again and the new footage appears, the people will go back to win. So there was original position, so it's good to shoot it for if you're doing this way or issue the footage, that is as long as you're green screen footage. Or should something that it's without people without movement. So you don't see it when you copy and peace that footage and reuse it over and over again, like I'm using 123 times I copy and pasted it, and since that people in the background you kind of see it and I actually shot handheld, so my be a little shaky, but if you use a tripod called mono pod, you should not have problems now now that it's gonna be picky. The other thing is we see that the tree leaves are moving, so that means there's some kind of a wind. But my head's not moving. You can do that. I'm moving a little bit too much with my hands and I'm talking so you can't really pay attention that you can't really notice. But if you are standing still and you're talking and Theresa moving and it's windy in, your head's not moving, it's gonna be obvious. What it can do is maybe you can put a little fan when you're shooting, although that your microphone might pick it up. But if it's a fan that it's not really that powerful. And also, if you're gonna do that, you need your footage, the background footage. It is to be shot before them so you can see on which direction the wind is blowing. So you know how to shoot it. But pretty much not, that's it. And if you don't really care about people can tell you for outdoor, so not you can, you know, use it this way. I shot before with the lady that she wanted to use a teleprompter, but we couldn't do it outdoors with teleprompters, so we shot it on green screening, placed in front for building and actually in front of a building. Looks very realistic. And also what it can do is you can actually learn a little bit of background for it. So it looks as if you shot with a film camera so we can add a blur. So camera blur. We track it here and see how it's blurry. But we can turn this down to let's see four and or even e think this might be better or just leave it the original. So that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next video. Just have fun with it and explore. 6. Bonus: Creating two-camera look, using one: Okay. Hi, everyone. So, in this video, I'm going to show you how to create video. That looks a sifi shot with two cameras, but you actually shut with one. Now, if you're looking directly in the camera and talking to the camera just like I'm doing now , let me turn the volume down. You don't need to cameras unless you really want toe. Just remember, if you're shooting by yourself to cameras, you're gonna spend more money. First of all. Second, before you're gonna spend more more time on lighting and setting up, then the two cameras, they need tohave flip screen. Or maybe you need to have a separate screen that you plug in external screen and you so you can see yourself and frame it. Frame yourself, for example. I used to do that as well. I'll shoot with one camera, but here's what happens. OK? It takes less time, but it doesn't look that great, so I'll show it to you now. Okay, let's turn the bottom off. Now, look, a here drug was somewhere that I did a mistake. So saying I wanna cut this part from here to here. I did a mistake and I don't want this part, so we're using them razor to. That's what it's called. So we can't the parts that we don't want remove it. If you right click Ripple delete it supplies the clips to get. So now, as you can see, there is a cut. So this cut, it's not gonna be a smooth transition to the next clip to this one from this one, too. This one. The transition will be interrupted and you see, it's just me with my head down. And now I'm up. So many people leave it like this, and I've seen a lot of YouTube videos, which is not bad. If it doesn't bother you find, I just think that it can be better. So what I do is first I brush the whole clip. I just watched the whole clip and listen for any other mistakes. So let's see, for example, here we wanna I did a mistake again, and I want to cut it again from here to, let's say, here, start again from here and I do lead it and again. So those are the two spots that I got here in here. Now what I usually do is first. Keep in mind that when you do that, your friend has to be set up a little wider. So this is kind of time because I wasn't intending to do that Anything. But if you wanted to do the way, I'm going to show you now how to achieve that to camera. Look, then you need to open maybe a little wider, your friend not up to your chest, but maybe up to your waist. So it's waist up, and what we're gonna do is that first clip. We'll leave it like this and we'll go to the second clip that I did the cut already and I made the other cut right here. So what we're gonna do is we go to effect control motion and we see here scale we're gonna scale to, let's say, 1 22 1 20 something that you like. And then we move the position a little bit to the right so we can keep that ruled the start . So now when you played, look where the cut waas. It's not that obvious. It doesn't really bother you that much. The car, because it's us. If it's a different shut and especially when you move it a little to your right or left depending if you're looking like my body's a little turned towards my right or camera left . So I'm turning, positioning myself to the camera, right side off frame. So and I'm looking a little towards the left. If you're looking that the way, then you do this. Wait. And actually, that is not even to Bath. So here and then right here. Actually, this looks better. I said. There's a different camera now. Sometimes, if you don't moved position this way or this way and you keep it center, it will look again as a jump cut, and it's not that nice. It's us. If you didn't really do much jump cancer. Usually, even if you have two cameras, you can have jump cuts, jump cuts, you have them win your position. The two cameras, one next to another very, very closely. Or the cameras. One camera from the same position. What you want to do its position to cameras a little far from each other, maybe a feet max or two. But then, like I said, if you need more set off more lights, so now we did one cut and we change the scale. We re scaled this clip right here. But if you do it only once throughout the whole video, it's gonna look like a mistake. So if there no more mistakes in the video, I'll go through the video and see if the few other mistakes Let's see right here and right here. And I do another cart, I take it out, I slice it back. So now there's another cut right here. But what do you want to do? It's a little to feel a little more consistent, maybe purposefully. You can make on equal distances cuts and maybe you do another cut right here. So, no, you have a few cuts. And what do you want to do? Is the 1st 1 is the wider The second Waas one was the tighter, so we retained them. The 3rd 1 will be the wider Now the 4th 1 will be the tighter. So we want we'll just copy control, See will copy motion. Or you can just type it type over here 120 then you're gonna remember the same numbers. I just copy and paste the 5th 1 We keep it the wider The 6th 1 is the tighter and you're rotating in the last one is the title. So it just goes like this from wider toe tiger and it doesn't look like mistake because it's consistent around the whole video. So now you achieved with one camera. Ah, look, that is a city shot with two cameras instead of using two cameras. If you want to choose to shoot with cameras. Finally, if you want Jews not to spend a lot of time on anything, you can just keep the way we had it before and have that jump Cuts like usedto have like this. But in my opinion, is better to have something like this from here to here. This way you don't compromise from you look and you don't spend too much time. So this is this video on how to create toe camera. Look, when you shoot with one camera and I'll see you in the next video 7. Thank you!: Thank you for watching this class. And I would love us a class project to create. Thanks for taking the class. And congratulations on completing it. As a course project. I would like you to purchase a green screen set or just simply by a green fabric that you can use and create your first video. Or if you already shot something on a green screen, I would love you to create, um however long video and plays a background, the fewer choice in the video and exported and posted in the discussion board. Aziz. Well, us If you have any questions, please let me know in the discussion area. Thanks again for taking the class.