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Green Smoothie Freezer Packs - Meal Prepping Made Easy

teacher avatar Margaret Joyner, Making Life Simple & Fun

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Smoothie Intro

    • 2. Smoothie Prep Work

    • 3. Smoothie Lean Green Smoothie Pack

    • 4. Smoothie Lean Green Smoothie

    • 5. Smoothie Banana Almond Smoothie Pack

    • 6. Smoothie Banana Almond Smoothie

    • 7. Smoothie Green Protein Smoothie Pack

    • 8. Smoothie Green Protein Smoothie

    • 9. Smoothie Avocado Banana Smoothie Pack

    • 10. Smoothie Avocado Banana Smoothie

    • 11. Smoothie Projects

    • 12. Smoothie Conclusion

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About This Class

Margaret Lynn is on a mission to inspire healthy living around the world! Together, let's make one simple change towards health by prepping these amazing Green Smoothie Freezer Packs! In this class, Margaret goes over how simple meal prepping can actually be and with a little bit of prep work you can have delicious and nutritious smoothies prepped and ready for you to blend throughout the week. By having these prepped meals, you will find yourself consistently choosing Healthy fast food. Decide to make that one simple change towards your health with these Green Smoothie Freezer Packs!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to prep your ingredients and bags
  • How to prepare 4 delicious green smoothie freezer packs


Meet Your Teacher

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Margaret Joyner

Making Life Simple & Fun


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1. Smoothie Intro: Hi, I'm Margaret Lynn, and I can't wait to share with you today. My green smoothie freezer Pat Class, we're gonna be prepping smoothies in our freezer packs that you stick in your freezer. And when you're ready for your smoothie, all you do is take your freezer pack, add some liquid and you have a simple, easy, convenient, nutritious meal. Like most of you, my days are packed. And with two Children, it's hard to find that time to make those healthy meal choices. This green smoothie freezer pat class is gonna show you how to make delicious movies that are ready for you in your freezer, and all you have to do is add liquid. Now, don't let the word greens scare you. Greece movies are typically 40% greens and 60% fruits, liquids and other Adams. And most of the time, the greens aren't even detectable to the taste buds, which makes it extremely kid friendly as well as a mom. I want to make sure my Children are getting as many nutrients in their bodies as they can, and these movies make that possible, and Children are gonna love making there own smoothie freezer packs as well. They can choose their favorite ingredients, make their freezer packs, write their names on it, and when they're ready for their smoothies, they just add a little liquid and their smoothies are ready. Now, of course, you can add any ingredients you would like to your smoothie freezer paths. But today we're gonna be focusing on four recipes. We're gonna have our lean green smoothie. We're gonna have our almonds banana smoothie. We're gonna make a green protein smoothie and an avocado banana smoothie. In addition to making these super fun nutritious smoothie freezer packs, we're gonna be using them as our class projects as well. So you can whiz, appears movie. Take a picture of it and post it in the project. Also, whenever you discover a new favorite recipe, share your recipe with the rest of the class. Now there's very minimal prep work with your smoothie freezer packs. But there are some key points that I want to discuss to make your prep work simple. So let's get started with our network 2. Smoothie Prep Work: So let's get started with our prep work. Like I said before, the prep work for the smoothie freezer packs is very minimal. But there are a few key things to make. Prepping these packs super simple. The first thing is going to be what you store your smoothies in. You want to make sure you get the court size resealable freezer bags, Make sure they are the freezer bags, not the storage bags. And make sure after you've used your freezer packs toe wash and dry them so that you can reuse them for your next freezer packs. The next thing you're gonna want on hand is a Sharpie. You're gonna want to make sure that you not only label your smoothie packs, but date them. And after you use this movie pack, go ahead and cross off the smoothie that you've just made. So that way, when you reuse this movie packs, we don't get confused. You're also gonna want to make sure that your ingredients are gonna work for your blender. So go ahead and pre chop as many ingredients as you can, like my bananas and avocados. Now, another great tip is to freeze your yogurt If you spoon fresh yogurt into your freezer packs, it's going to stick to the sides and just become messy. So what I like to do is to take an ice cube tray, spoon your yogurt into the cubes and then freeze it overnight, and then you'll come out with these beautiful yogurt ice cubes, and you can simply drop the cube right into the freezer packs. And when you blend it up with your smoothie, it's gonna be super creamy, and your smoothies are gonna be packed with even more pretty, and one last tip is your blender. I love to use my vitamins. This vitamin ICS will blend any type of food into a nice, smooth consistency. Now, if you don't have a high powered blender like a vitamin X or a ninja, that's okay. Just make sure that your ingredients are chopped up small enough that when you put it in the blender, it's not going to make your motor run too hard. Also, you're gonna want to let it run for about 30 seconds. 2 45 seconds to make sure it's nice and smooth. Now let's get started with our first movie, the lean green smoothie pack 3. Smoothie Lean Green Smoothie Pack: Let's get started with our first green smoothie. Freezer Peck. This is the lean green smoothie pack. The first thing you're gonna want to do is the label your bags. So on here I have the lean green smoothie, and then I have the date. So that's your step one with your packs. Because once you have everything in here, it's gonna be a little awkward toe label him. So the first thing that is always going to go into your freezer back first is your greens. This movie we are using spinach that has a very mild flavor. And when you blend it up, you're not even gonna taste the green of the spinach. So I'm gonna use about a cup of our spinach, My bananas air fresh. I just bought them fresh and chopped him. So you want to make sure you chop your fruit is best is you can it's gonna make it easier on your blender. So this is one banana chopped up, and I'm just gonna add the whole banana right into my freezer pack. All right, so next we have our peaches that I've bought my peaches frozen, but you know, if it's speech season or if you're in Georgia and you've got some amazing, ripe, delicious peaches, pick those bad boys fresh, chopped them up, and you can put him fresh into your bags. You don't have to freeze him first, because this is all going to go in the freezer. So just for convenience and time purposes, I bought my peaches already frozen. So go ahead and use about 1/4 of a cup of your peaches. Are next fruit iss strawberries? Now, you can absolutely buy these fresh. I bought mine frozen again for just time and convenience in a lot of times, especially in the winner. When it's not strawberry season, the frozen strawberries have better flavor than the fresh. So choose whether you want to do the fresh. You just pop right into your bags or the frozen either works just fine. And you're gonna use about 1/4 of a cup of strawberries as well. Now, the last thing we're gonna put in our packs is our yogurt. Now, remember how I told you to prep your yogurt in ice cube trays? So you're gonna take your yogurt cubes and Adam right into the bag. I'm gonna add about two cubes of yogurt. Now, the last thing you're going to do is you're gonna seal up your bag and make sure that you squeeze all of the air out of your bag. That's gonna help, um, Frost not to form. So if you can get as much air out as possible and there's your lean green smoothie pack now when we go and blend this, we're just gonna add a cup of almond milk and you're gonna squeeze a little bit of honey in there. Then you're gonna add your freezer pack, and you're gonna be good to go. And I'm gonna show you how to do that as well, because I have some already frozen and ready to go. Now, after you seal up your freezer pack, you're gonna stick this right into the freezer. You're gonna let it freeze overnight, and it's gonna last you about three months in the freezer. That's right. This guy is gonna stay fresh in the freezer for about three months. So that's why the date is important. Because of you end up prepping lots of these freezer packed. You're gonna forget which freezer packs to use first, so make sure you always write the date on your packs. So let's stick this in the freezer. I'm gonna pull out my lean green smoothie packed that's already been frozen, and I'm gonna show you what this movie looks like when you blend it up. 4. Smoothie Lean Green Smoothie: After you put your freezer pack overnight in the freezer, you're gonna just want to mix it with a cup of almond milk and a little bit of honey. So I'm gonna blend it all together, and I'm gonna show you what the lean green smoothie is all about. So you're gonna take your liquid first and you're just gonna add about one cup to your blender. Then you're gonna add maybe about a teaspoon of honey so you can sweeten it to your liking . If you like it a little bit sweeter at a little more or less, and then open your freezer pack and at it right into your blood so everything goes right in . Now all you do is at the top to your blender. Turn it on high and make sure you blend it for at least 30 seconds. Here we go. Now, depending on the consistency that you like your smoothies, you may want to add a little bit more liquid. But in just 30 seconds, you're gonna have your delicious lean green smoothie ready to go. Now, this is a two cup mason jar, so as you can see, it makes a nice size smoothie. It's gonna keep you full for a very long time and give you tons of energy and nutrients for the rest of your day. So here you have it, your lean greens movie. So next we're gonna make our banana almonds movie pack. 5. Smoothie Banana Almond Smoothie Pack: our next movie pack is going to be our banana almond smoothie. Now, this is super simple. Just a few ingredients, but it has so much flavor and it's packed full of nutrients. So remember, the first thing you want to do is label your bag banana Almonds movie and put the date. Now we're gonna start with our spinach. We're gonna add a little bit more, maybe about a cup and 1/2 to 2 cups of spinach in this one. Since it's just a few ingredients, you want as much of the greens as you can in your smoothie pack, then you're gonna add one banana fresh or frozen. This is fresh and it's just shocked. So you add that on in bad. That's it. So easy, right? So zip it up. Remember to squeeze as much air out as you can so that it doesn't get frost. Pop this into your freezer overnight. It's gonna last up to three months, which is why you want to make sure you date your freezer packs. If you're making a bunch of them, I have one already in the freezer ready to go, so I'm gonna show you what it looks like blended with our almond milk and honey 6. Smoothie Banana Almond Smoothie: Alright, it's time to blend our banana almonds movie. So go ahead and add about a cup to one of the half cups of almond milk. Start with one cup of liquid and that way as you blend if you If the consistency is a little thick you can add a little bit more milk. So we're gonna add just about it of almond milk, just a squeeze of honey. So maybe just about a teaspoon of honey a little less. If you don't like it, a sweet and then my favorite part of the freezer pack. Open it up, it all in there and how we're gonna blend it up. I'm gonna show you what this Banana Almonds movie looks like. So, after it's been blending for about 30 seconds or so, you want to make sure everything is nice and blended. You're just gonna court right into your glass and look at that beautiful color. That's what it's all about. That bright, green, rich color now that is packed full of tons of nutrients. It's nice and cold, perfect first summer, and it's so simple, so convenient are banana almond smoothie. This is what I call breakfast 7. Smoothie Green Protein Smoothie Pack: all right. Our next movie is our green protein smoothie, just like you've done before. Make sure step number one is Label your bag with the name and the date on the front, so we always start with our greens. We have spinach again. I love to use spinach in my smoothies because it has a very mild flavor. Um, I don't mind the flavor kale for other greens, but my little one can detect those flavors right away. So I always sit to spinach, which has a very mild flavor. And that way I know she's still getting those nutrients in her smoothies every day as well . So a nice big handful about a cup and 1/2 of your greens and you know, as you're making these feel free, changed that much so you can add kale or collards or any other greens that you like. Next, add pineapple. So this was a fresh pineapple. I chopped it up on by actually stuff mine in the freezer just to keep it fresh, because I knew we wouldn't eat it as fast as I would like, and I like to use my first movies as well, but you can chop up a fresh pineapple and put the fresh pineapple into your freezer packs. Or you can buy frozen already chopped pineapple as well, and that works just the same. So about 1/2 a cup of pineapple we're gonna do maybe about half of a banana and then for our protein is our yogurt. So this is a Greek yogurt. I put it in the ice cube trays and frozen the ice cube trays, put him in a baggie, and then you get these really awesome yogurt cubes, so we're gonna add about three yogurt cubes. It's probably about a heaping tablespoon. So maybe about 3 to 4 tablespoons of yogurt, that's all for the pack. We'll squeeze that air out, split up really good, and we're gonna pop this one in the freezer and show you what this looks like blended up the liquid. And this one is just water, so there's tons of flavor going on in the freezer pack. If you have to use almond milk or maybe orange juice, feel free to swap out the water. But for this recipe we are going with water and then a little bit of our honey bear 8. Smoothie Green Protein Smoothie: All right. So after you have put your green protein smoothie freezer pack in the freezer overnight, go ahead and take it out. We're gonna mix it with about a cup and 1/2 of water and about a teaspoon or so of hunting so you'll add your liquid for I'm gonna go maybe a cup in 1/4. It's a little bit more than a cup, and then just just a squeeze of honey. Um, add as much as you like. If you want a little bit sweeter than go, go a little bit heavier on the honey and then open up your freezer. Pack your green protein smoothie and then make sure you blend on high for at least 30 seconds a little bit longer to make sure everything is nice and smooth. All right. After Tilden Port in your glass and again, you have this beautiful green rich color smoothie. So are green protein smoothie so delicious, full of nutrients, and it's gonna keep you full for hours. 9. Smoothie Avocado Banana Smoothie Pack: our last movie today is gonna be our avocado banana freezers movie pack. Now, this movie is actually gonna be made with orange juice. And like any of our smoothies, you can always swap out any of the ingredients. But as your labelling yours bags, make sure you put the name and the date and then what liquid you're using. So because this is different, then our almond milk or our water, I put in parentheses O j. So make sure that you label him in that way. You always know which liquid to add to which movies. So are green. And this movie is actually our avocado. So avocado is that good? Healthy fat. So about half of an avocado and we just have it chopped up here. So you want to make sure you chop it so that it can be blended nicely in your blender. Then we're gonna add Ah, whole banana. So already have my banana chopped up here? We're just gonna add that right into our bag. And then the last thing that goes into our bag is our yogurt. And so again, these are the yogurt cubes. But I frozen prior in the ice cube tray. So I'm going to do to yogurt cubes. If you like more yogurt, feel free to do more. Feel free to add less. Leave it all together. This is did you pack? So you make it to your liking. Make sure you are squeezing all the air out. That's it. How easier these to prep. We're gonna put this in the freezer overnight, and I already have one in the freezer ready to go. So I'm gonna show you what this movie looks like with our orange juice and a little bit of honey. 10. Smoothie Avocado Banana Smoothie: All right. So we start with our liquid first, and we're going to do about a cup of orange juice for that right into your blender, and then we're gonna do about a teaspoon again of honey. That's kind of my go to measurement. I just kind of do on eyeball. Sometimes I wanted a little sweeter sometimes. Not so much so. Whatever mood you're in, that's how much, honey. And then avocado, banana greens. So open that up. We have our avocado are banana are yogurt cubes. Now, put the top on. Blended up on high for good. 30 seconds. And I'm gonna show you what this movie looks like. All right, So once you're done blending, I'm gonna just port right door glass. You can see now what you're gonna find with avocado is it's gonna make for a very rich and thick smoothie. So don't be alarmed. That's just the out of work. So we're just gonna pour that right into our jar. Now, if you want it not as thick, just at a little bit more liquid, and it will smooth right out for you. So there you go. Avocado, banana smoothie. So this is going to keep you super full for hours throughout the day. It's going to keep your energy high, and you're gonna be so happy that you picked the healthy fast food. 11. Smoothie Projects: So after you major smoothie packs, take a picture of, um, take a picture of your blended smoothies and any new recipes that you find you fall in love with, take the pictures posted in our projects and share with your class so we can all enjoy these movies together. 12. Smoothie Conclusion: Thank you so much for joining me today with our green smoothie freezer pets. It was so much fun making these smoothies fast, easy, and they make mealtime extremely convenient. You can see all over beautiful green smoothies are ready to go. You just hop those packs in the freezer, and when you're ready to blend, pull him out, mix them with your liquid and you'll have beautiful smoothies ready to go on spot. They're going to keep your body full of nutrients. And when my favorite things about these movies are your kids are gonna love. So not only are you flooding your body with the nutrients, but your little ones are getting all those nutrients in these smoothies as well. Thank you so much for joining.