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Green Screen - with Skype on MacOS

teacher avatar Benedikt Haak

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Green Screen - with Skype on MacOS

    • 2. The Green Screen

    • 3. Green Screen Lighting

    • 4. Camera

    • 5. Microphone

    • 6. Mixing Software

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About This Class

In this class, I will show how to configure the hardware and the software for a green screen recording setup, that you can use to replace the background for your Skype calls while using the Mac with the latest MacOS installed.

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1. Green Screen - with Skype on MacOS: Hello, my friends. I have been looking long and hard for solution to use my green screen set up with Skype on Mac OS. Now the challenge is that I need to take the raw camera input and then process the green screen image life to replace it with whatever background still or video I want to use and then pipe the resulting video feet into Skype. I have tried O. B s and wire cast for the Green screen processing and Camp Twist and a whole bunch of other tools for the video piping into Skype. However, this was not a very reliable solution, especially when it's some stage. In late 2018 a Mech OS update broke the whole chain almost completely. You could still go in and do some low level security checks to keep it going, but it became even less reliable. Now, finally, a few months ago, I have discovered a solution that allows me to use my green screen in Skype on Mac Os with very little effort and very reliable. If you want to see how I do this watch, the following video is because I will explain in detail what software I'm using for that and what hardware goes into producing this exact video here. The software can stream and record and pipe into Skype at the same time. So the video that you see right now, instead of recording that onto this and then uploading it to a video sharing site, I could have also pipe that into Skype and used it for a video call. 2. The Green Screen: in my green screen set up. I am using the garter gaming green screen. It uses very little space, and it's very easy to put up and down. That's a scissor lift in the back so you can just pull it up and down and it stays wherever you put it. The screen itself rolls up at the bottom. Very convenient produces a lot better results than all my do it yourself solutions, and it's a lot more affordable than many pro all professional solutions. This thing Onley costs around 150 U. S. Dollars. 3. Green Screen Lighting: as a camera for my green screen set up. I am using this Marcia CV 502 camera here. And while a bears and other ones, we can even see this scene here. They're very small broadcast cameras around the size off ago procession and they have interchangeable lenses. So this one of their has a very wide lands, whilst the one that I have down here has a much narrower lens for the talking head. Now the output their signal over SD I, which means I need an additional converter to get the image into the computer. I'm using a black magic design ultra studio mini recorder on a mouthful which is actually not a recorder, but a converter. It converts an SD i or HD my signal into thunderbolt. Now what does that very reliable at very high bandwidth so I can get an un compressed video feet into Mac OS, which allows for very nice real time green screen processing. Now, these cameras are not exactly cheap. They go for around the $500 mark and then you need another. I think it was around 150 to $200 converter, so depending on your budget, you might have to live with the Webcam. We can get very decent ones for around Ah 100 bucks. Unfortunately, almost none of them have interchangeable lenses like these cameras. Here you can get a whole bunch of different lenses, and this way, adjust the camera to your requirements also has a manual focus. So whether you focus it, the it Stace and there's a whole bunch of settings in there that you can use to configure the image. Very nice tools, very reliable. Amusing them for many years now. And they haven't Bean powered off for most of the time. How the rest of the set up off with these air powered by separate power supplies and just stay on all the time, I like them a lot. 4. Camera: for a green screen toe work properly, it needs to be. Well, let's. In my case, I'm using white photography umbrellas. And on this side there's a image. Ray 125 What? 5500 k photography. Bob in there and on this side. I have a Philips you bulb currently running at 100% power and 100% white. Still, you can see the image Ray is producing. Ah, lot more output. So I'm only using that Phillips, you light because the second image Ray that I had broke by changing it. What a mess off glass. So, yeah, I recommend to get two of thes around hundreds 15 235. What? 5500 k light temperature photography bulbs together with two white umbrellas and a stand. I think I paid around $50,000 for the whole set together, which was around somewhere 35 to 40 U. S. Dollars. 5. Microphone: as a microphone for this recording and for most of my Skype calls, I'm using this blue jetty USB microphone here. It connects via USB very easy to use. Doesn't need any extra equipment, but there are a few things you need to know to senator properly. At first you need to talk into it from the side where it has the mute button on it. Second, you need to turn it to cardio it moat. And third, you need to turn the game almost all the way down. This way it picks up just your voice and not, ah, hold off background noise. 6. Mixing Software: Now he comes. The money shot off this little video serious. So I've brought a couple of my friends along the software that I'm using to render out the green screen and replace it with a different background. It's called my Mo Life, and their two main features that I'm using. Number one is an input filter. So on data sources or video sources over here, you can see I've included my Black Magic Ultra Studio mini recorder and applied a filter, the chroma keying basic filter. And if I click on settings here can make this larger. I can see a preview off the rendered source and these analytic diagrams here on the bottom . Now, to set this up properly, you need to go through these three years saturation and lightness setups year because the auto just doesn't really work very well. I don't know what it's doing, but it's not auto adjusting properly, so in to go to you and then select your green color here by dragging these boss you around the color you on a key out, and then you have to do the same at saturation and lightness. And once you've configured that, it works pretty well. Now then you can go into the layer stack here and put whatever image you wanna have in the background. In my case, my this top and then over here on the right side, in output destinations, you can get over the plus sign. He ever done that? That's why it is not available anymore. You can at a virtual camera. So it says you already connected to client because I have already selected that in Skype. So as you can see here, I'm selecting my my more life set up. And that pipes the whole image that I'm processing into Skype and I can use it for video calls. The software is available as a subscription service. I think I'm paying around 39 U. S. Dollars a month. I hope you like this little video. Serious. I hope you learn something and can use what you've learned to make impressive Skype calls with your green screen. So you like that