Green Little Secret: plant in a bottle that carries special meaning too! (no need for green fingers) | Marjet Wullink | Skillshare

Green Little Secret: plant in a bottle that carries special meaning too! (no need for green fingers)

Marjet Wullink, Boost your business by ranking in Google

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Green Little Secret - A plant in a bottle that carries special meaning

    • 2. The materials you need to make a Green little secret

    • 3. Fern in juice bottle

    • 4. A hedera in a big tall bottle

    • 5. Hedera in a whiskey bottle

    • 6. How to maintain a Green little secret

    • 7. Project: Upload a picture of your Green little secret

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About This Class

This class will bring a bit of green into your house because your learn to make Green little secrets. Having a bit of green around brightens your day. And these little green friends carry special meaning too!  

In their bottles, they recycle water, so you won't need to add much - all they need is your company and a little love.

A green little secret is a plant in a bottle. Might look simpel and it also is. Though the plant is not just a plant because it has a certain meaning. And the bottle is not just a bottle but a used juice bottle, because I love recycling.

My name is Marjet Wullink, born and raised on a farm and now a city girl but these Green little secrets give me back some nature in my house.  

You can also order the labels via

I actually never was good with plants, they gave up  on me. Especially because I did not love them enough. I started to look at plants a little bit more in the past few years. And than when I was in India I I go inspired and I started to look at blogs where there were some terrariums that I loved. There the ideas started to develop.

So A mix of interests nature, sustainability and spirituality made the ‘greenlittlesecrets’.
The spirituality is in the meaning of the plant. The meaning of a fern is for example Hapiness and riches. I wrote this on a label on the bottle. So the place where you put your green little secrets will be filled with this positive karma of the plant.

So you wanna learn to make a green little secret? Be sustainable with your bottles and give some positive karma to your house? 

Than watch how to make these Greenlittlesecrets by enrolling in this class! 





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Marjet Wullink

Boost your business by ranking in Google

Marjet has 10 years of experience in SEO. First in a Dutch publishing house and after 3 years she started her own company Bureau Bold in Amsterdam. From there she already helped over 200 entrepreneurs to make their SEO strategy.

Her background is in business and coding, but Marjet's strong social skills and patience make her drawn to being a teacher. Her goal is to combine humorous elements with seemingly boring subject matter - learning should be fun!

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