Green Little Secret: plant in a bottle that carries special meaning too! (no need for green fingers) | Marjet Wullink | Skillshare

Green Little Secret: plant in a bottle that carries special meaning too! (no need for green fingers)

Marjet Wullink, Boost your business by ranking in Google

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Green Little Secret - A plant in a bottle that carries special meaning

    • 2. The materials you need to make a Green little secret

    • 3. Fern in juice bottle

    • 4. A hedera in a big tall bottle

    • 5. Hedera in a whiskey bottle

    • 6. How to maintain a Green little secret

    • 7. Project: Upload a picture of your Green little secret

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About This Class

This class will bring a bit of green into your house because your learn to make Green little secrets. Having a bit of green around brightens your day. And these little green friends carry special meaning too!  

In their bottles, they recycle water, so you won't need to add much - all they need is your company and a little love.

A green little secret is a plant in a bottle. Might look simpel and it also is. Though the plant is not just a plant because it has a certain meaning. And the bottle is not just a bottle but a used juice bottle, because I love recycling.

My name is Marjet Wullink, born and raised on a farm and now a city girl but these Green little secrets give me back some nature in my house.  

You can also order the labels via

I actually never was good with plants, they gave up  on me. Especially because I did not love them enough. I started to look at plants a little bit more in the past few years. And than when I was in India I I go inspired and I started to look at blogs where there were some terrariums that I loved. There the ideas started to develop.

So A mix of interests nature, sustainability and spirituality made the ‘greenlittlesecrets’.
The spirituality is in the meaning of the plant. The meaning of a fern is for example Hapiness and riches. I wrote this on a label on the bottle. So the place where you put your green little secrets will be filled with this positive karma of the plant.

So you wanna learn to make a green little secret? Be sustainable with your bottles and give some positive karma to your house? 

Than watch how to make these Greenlittlesecrets by enrolling in this class!