Great Christmas Presents: Industrial DIY Copper and Concrete Lamp (from scratch!) | Sarah Halbeisen | Skillshare

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Great Christmas Presents: Industrial DIY Copper and Concrete Lamp (from scratch!)

teacher avatar Sarah Halbeisen, DIY queen and coffee lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. 01 What you'll learn in this course

    • 2. 02 Project Brief

    • 3. 03 Supplies

    • 4. 04 Prepare the mold

    • 5. 05 How to mix the cement

    • 6. 06 Make the base of the lamp

    • 7. 07 Assemble the lamp

    • 8. 08 How to make the electrical installation

    • 9. 09 Finishing touches and final result

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About This Class

In this class I show you how to make this copper and concrete lamp in a scandinavian design. It's fairly easy to create and makes for a perfect Christmas present too!

Get everything you need at a hardware store and make it within 3 days (one afternoon total working time!)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Halbeisen

DIY queen and coffee lover


Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm from beautiful Austria.

I'm a content creator, photographer, Content Marketeer and DIY queen. I share my crafts and recipes normally on my blog LOOK WHAT I MADE ... if you'd like to check that out.

I know that learning to craft can be daunting - especially from only images that's why I'd like to share here DIY video tutorials that are easy to follow.

Let me know what you'd like to see and learn and I'll make an easy video for you to enjoy.

Stay curious and crafty!

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1. 01 What you'll learn in this course: Hi. My name is Sarah. And you might know me from my dear wife and food block. Look what I made dot com. You might also know me from here from skills because I already published three skills class on how to work with concrete from Congress cups to comfort letters to minimalistic Christmas singers out of concrete. And today I'm gonna show you how to make this copper and concrete lane that totally works. As you can see, you never work discomfort before I recommend you enroll in my previous classes first because explained everything about how to mix concrete, make moles and how to work with. And this class is a little advance, but I'm sure you can make it if you follow just steps that I'll show you have been crafting . 2. 02 Project Brief: this last. We're gonna make this beautiful couple. So if you re create it, please images off home, style it where it is in your home or just the end result in the project gallery. That would be fantastic. And also, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask away the comments. Tried to answer them as soon as possible. Now let's get started. 3. 03 Supplies: Let's start with what you need. It only takes one trip to the hardware store to get everything to construct Islam. First, we need a plastic bowl with a mint. You will later stir to cement in this bowl, so it better be plastic. Then we'll need some water. In my case, l need one part of water to three parts of cement, but make sure to read your packaging to see which ratio you'll need. They may need a spoon to stir it. An empty ice cream box that will be the mold for the base of the lamp painter's tape. Some felt gliders. I have found this with nails, which are perfect for this case, so make sure to get some, too. Two copper tubes. One is 20 centimeters long. The other is searches centimeters long, a cop, Ernie that spend about 45 degrees, a small piece of copper that fits perfectly on your copper tube. Catches by, decided the hard restore electors Electrics Court with a plaque, players, a screwdriver, a socket. I bought one with us, which so I can easily turn the lamp on and off again in a light bulb 4. 04 Prepare the mold: as a next step. Before we start mixing discernment, we need to prepare the mold for the base. For this, we need the ice cream container, the copper piece, the dick and stick it. A copper Tubin and the painter's tape. He loved the painter's tape and stick to inside the books. Make sure that the top is the wider part where you constrictive corporate Cuban, take the tape and attach it to the sides. You should only hold the tube in place while you poured the liquid cement in. If it looks like this, you're done now we could start mixing discernment. 5. 05 How to mix the cement: Now it's time to make system and take the plastic. Who with system meant the cup of water and the spoon to serve it? Pour some water over discernment. I only just half off the water first so I can easily serve it. Then the stirring starts for the rest off the water and as you go along and stirred until it's a smooth and run Itek chew without any lumps. If it looks like this, we are all set and we have to move quickly to make the base off the island. 6. 06 Make the base of the lamp: now ready to pour the cement into the mold. Have the mood ready. Poor discernment in slowly. If you pour it in slowly, the copy tube shouldn't move. Fill it up until it has about the hide off the copper tube. Now put it aside and worship old. About an hour later, we're ready to put the felt gliders on top. You can just drop them carefully into this. Amend. They should float on top easily. This will make two feet off the lamp so it doesn't scratch the surface. You want to put it on After another two hours, you can remove the tape. It needs about a full 48 hours to completely dry. If this amend is hard and light gray, you're ready to put it out of the mold to spend the walls a little. Turn it upside down and it took light right out. 7. 07 Assemble the lamp: Now that the basis done, we can assemble the lamp before we do the electrical installation, take the court and pull us through the copper tube that stuck into cement, then threaded through the longer copper tube. Well done, Danny. And then the short of copper tube. Now we can do the electrical insulation. 8. 08 How to make the electrical installation: Now we need to turn it into really lamp. Take this screwdriver, the pliers and the faucet. If you're unsure about this step, just ask Electrician's to do it for you. But as long as you don't plug it in, it's actually quite safe to do. First, remove the plastic from the wire about one centimeters in. Do this on both wires. Now take the faucet and pulled in a war part on the court. Mine has already a switch built in, so I attach one wire, two deaths, which and the other wire to debase. Now all there is to do is put the switch back into the faucet and screwed a false effect together. 9. 09 Finishing touches and final result: Now let's put distinct constructed lamp together and see if it works. - Hey , it works. As you can see, this lamp is perfect for your bedside table, but it can also style it on a side board or on your desk or anywhere you need some light. And if you've made it, please don't forget to share it in Project Gallery and please enroll in my other classes on how to make comfort crops how to make country lettuce on how to make minimalistic looking Christmas tree hangers out of concrete. Also, if you like this last, please come in and share it in the comment section below. It would make my day, Thank you.