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Great Children's Book Resources for Parents and Children's Book Writers

teacher avatar Bree B

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. 1. Introdution

    • 2. 2. Great Children's Book Resources for Parents and Children's Book Writers

    • 3. 3. Best-selling children's books and some recommendations

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn about some great children's book resources for parents and children's book writers.

Illustrated children's books can be expensive. In this class, you will learn where to find affordable children's book resources. Reading as many books as possible will definitely help children become a more confident reader. Children's book writers will become more adept


at telling stories after reading children's books extensively.

Whether you are a parent or a children's book writer, you will benefit from the tips in this class. Recommendations for good children's books are also given in this class.

Watch the videos to find out more information.

Meet Your Teacher

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Bree B


Hello, I'm Bree - Author and illustrator of children's books. Multilinguist. World-traveler

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1. 1. Introdution: in this presentation, I'm going to target Belt Great Children's book resources for parents on Children's book writers. I'm going to talk about where you can find affordable Children's book resources. In the second part, I'm going to talk about best selling Children's books on Amazon. I will also make recommendations of Children's books that I like, and I'm going to recommend some good publishers this well, whether you are parents or a Children's book writer for both. You can benefit from these class, which is filled with useful tips on information. 2. 2. Great Children's Book Resources for Parents and Children's Book Writers: in this presentation, I'm going to talk about where to find affordable Children's books. This presentation is for parents on Children's book writers. Many parents love reading to their child, but Children's books can be expensive. Small amounts can add up. Abe. You want to write Children's books? You must read laws of Children's books. If we want to be a lighter, you must do two things about all others. Read a lot. Andi, Right a lot. This is a quote from Stephen King on this light I'm presenting to you Amazon Free Time. Although the name is called three Time that it's actually not free, it is an app You can download it from Apple App Store. There were seeing monthly fee $9.99 for the price of one book, you can have asked us to access to thousands of Children's books. In addition to Children's books, you can no show watch movies and TV programs for Trajan on three times, but this is a non op called epic is a little bit cheaper than Amazon. Free time on Lee. $7.99 per month. You can know, sure, Damn, wrote the app from the Apple App store. I actually like these better because the user interface it's more friendly and in addition to books you can know should find medios and all your books on Epic. I really like these app I have recommended to you in addition to the Tuapse that I talked about. You can also consider Amazon Kindle Unlimited uh, very seeing monthly fee of $9.99. Um, if you have an Amazon account, Amazon New sometimes send you offers. Was that years Ah, three months, suspicion for 99 cents. And there was other kind of offer such as 40% off Kingo Unlimited prepaid plans. If you get the 24 month plan, you can get 40% off are. Personally I bought the 24 month plan, and I think it's a good deal. In addition to reading Trojans books one, um, Amazon, you can no show, uh, have access to either NENG Children's books on Amazon. You can go should go to some physical stores to see whether you can find some good news. Biology is a good example. You may have been to one before. Almost everything a dollar cheese is priced at $1. There's a small section for books in geology. It can buy some Children's story books, work books, activity books on coloring books. In the book section, I bought the spokes form Dollar Chief for a dollar each visa free. Good books. Abe, you buy them on Amazon. I think we're going to cost more than $1 so make good bargains. You can also check out some three stores now, often times you can find some hidden gems in a thrift store. For example, the other day I came across a fist store and there was a book session inside the store. I looked at the prices. I was really impressed because for 50 cents, you can buy a small Children's book. I bought these books for 50 cents each. Are Loving Forever is a classic babe, You bite. I love you forever. I love you forever on Amazon. If the paperback version um, cost $4.99 in the hardcover allusion cut cost $9.4 so 50 cents for age book is a very good bogging. You can also check out large bookstore such as bombs and Noble in Bombs and Noble There's a large Children's position based on the chairs for readers to sit. Now, of course, there's no pressure to buy. You can pick a few books and sit down, then read to a child or a bor writing. You can't read the books for yourself. Of course you can go to a library. Um, I hope you enjoy my present Asian and find it useful. Thank you for watching my representation. 3. 3. Best-selling children's books and some recommendations: in this presentation, I'm going to talk about some good Children's books and the Where do you find them? The first place to look is Amazon. If you Google Amazon best seller Children's books, you find a link to the top 100 best sellers in the Children's book category. Hey are some of the best sellers on Amazon. Their reasons why some books sell better than others. So if you go with the best sellers, I think it would be a safe choice. I OSHA Lot Books published by Ask Bomb Us Bomb is the leading UK Children's publisher. I basically love all of their books. Many of the Austan books beautifully illustrated. Um, I'm recommending the OSP on my fist reading library in the Ost bomb, my second reading library to you, bees to libraries off for begging the readers. Well, these two sets off for more advanced readers. The Austin Reading Collection. They are all available on Amazon. This is a ah series that I like Oscar reading tree. You can check it out. Also available on Amazon. Step into reading books. Also quite good. I can read books I can read has multiple Siri's and I think those books up beautifully illustrated as well. This is another publisher of Children's books. It's more than 90 years out. Um, Scholastic Books. You can check out their books on Amazon or in the book stools. You need the You Nicole. I like these two books very much because thes two books have a beautiful story about a unicorn and the young girl and these two books up beautifully illustrated as you can see from the sample pages full on the books, I bought these two books in Bombs and Noble. I think it's a good idea to go to a physical bookstore to browse through the books before you bind them, because sometimes best sellers may not be your cup of tea. If you can open the book, can see what's inside before you buy them. I think this is a a good way to choose a good book. Um, especially before Christmas. Lots of people go to bombs and noble to buy books as presents for their family members. I wish all recommended these two books. Five minutes, five minutes, stories, arm magical stories. I bought these two books in a restaurant, um, in the restaurant on Of course, you can't enjoy food in the restaurant and they're risotto small session in the restaurant , selling books and other products. It it's actually a very good across selling arrangements. And I got these two books at 40% off. So when you can find hidden gems Ah, here and there, Okay, then said the books that I like, I hope you enjoy them as well.