Gravitational Fields - Physics - Gravity Course, Class 3

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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11 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Gravitational Fields - Introduction (Video 3.0)

    • 2. What is a Field? - Gravitational Fields - Video 3.1

    • 3. Gravitational Fields - Lesson Video - Video 3.2

    • 4. Gravitational Fields - Exercises 1 & 2 - Video 3.3

    • 5. Gravitational Fields - Exercises 3, 4 & 5 - Video 3.3

    • 6. Gravitational Fields are Vector Fields - Lesson Video - Video 3.2

    • 7. G. Fields as Vector Fields - Exercises 1 & 2 - Video 3.6

    • 8. G. Fields as Vector Fields - Exercise 3 - Video 3.7

    • 9. Fields Lines - Radial Fields - Video 3.8 - Part 1

    • 10. Fields Lines - G. Fields with 2 masses - Video 3.8 - Part 2

    • 11. Fields Lines - Uniform Fields - Video 3.8 - Part 3


About This Class

Let's explore the concept at the heart of Newtonian gravity: Gravitational Fields.

This class presents all the basics you need to gain a good understanding of gravitational fields.

*** SUMMARY ****

When you hear the words gravitational field, do you know what is meant by the word field?

This will be made very clear in the first video. You’ll see how this concept is actually really simple. After you’ve understood what a field is, we’ll dive deep in gravitational fields.

First, we describe the quantity associated with every point of gravitational field, the gravitational field strength. This will be followed by series of exercises aimed at making you comfortable with this notion.

In the following lesson, we blend in some vector mathematics: yes, the gravitational strength is a vector quantity. It also has a direction. Again, many exercises will be proposed to train your new knowledge.

And finally, in the last videos, we discuss a way to represent a gravitational field as a whole using the concept of field lines.


Video 3.0: Introduction.

Video 3.1: What is a Field?

Video 3.2: Gravitational Fields.

Video 3.3 and 3.4: Exercises related to Video 3.2.

Video 3.5: Gravitational Fields are Vector Fields.

Video 3.6 and 3.7: Exercises related to Video 3.5.

Video 3.8: Gravitational Field Lines
                  part 1: Radial Fields.
                  part 2: Fields created by 2 masses.
                  part 3: Uniform Fields.

Exercises are provided also as pdf files under two forms: Full picture (to view on a screen), or printable (so that you can work on the exercises away from the computer). Answers are provided also in a pdf document.

*** This class is part of a larger course named “GRAVITY, THE BASICS”***

“Gravity, The Basics” explores the elementary notions of Newtonian gravity.

Class 1: “Linear Motion” (because being comfortable with this notion will allow you to make the most of the full course). This class can be taken by itself.

Class 2: “Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation”, which you can consider as a doorway to the deeper dive we will carry out in the next classes.

Class 3: “Gravitational Fields”, the core of this course.

Class 4: “Circular Motion”, to prepare you for the section on orbital motion.

Class 5: “Orbital Motion”, to master the motion of planets around their star!

Class 6: “Wrapping-up and Gravity Quiz”



This class is suited for end high school and entry level University students taking Physics. Any person interested in Physics and in need of a refresher on the Newtonian gravity will also enjoy this class.