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Gratitude for Creatives: Journaling, Tools, Tactics & Frameworks to Transform life

teacher avatar Vaibhav Nahata, Champion in Making

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Understanding Gratitude

    • 3. Scores from Worksheet

    • 4. Case Study-Ram Limbu

    • 5. Converting Grief Into Gratitude

    • 6. Case Studies- Converting Grief Into Gratitude

    • 7. Meditational Exercise

    • 8. Daily Journaling

    • 9. Weekly & Monthly Journaling

    • 10. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Gratitude is universally considered and has been repeatedly proven to be an efficient tool to make our life more happier and fulfilled, this course is all about helping you deeply inculcate Gratitude in your life. 

Out of many heard techniques of achieving a sound mental health, The impact of gratitude on human beings is deeply underrated despite being mentioned in major religious scriptures, being proven by neuroscience and also psychologists confirming about the same. 

This Course in a nutshell is all about helping you develop Gratitude as a regular practice in your life.

You will be delivered a 30-day game plan that shall include journaling, practice and more that has been carefully weaved to help you transform your life with simple tactics, tools and frameworks. 

What Exactly you will learn-

  • Authentic meaning of Gratitude
  • Using Frameworks to make Gratitude Implementable
  • Case Studies to analyze gratitude and further implement it
  • Worksheets to measure your current gratitude level
  • Using tools to convert grief into gratitude
  • Example based practices to check learnings
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Gratitude Journaling Prompts
  • Sheets of Gratitude prompts

 I am optimistic that this course along with your actions will help you bring a noticeable major impact on your life.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vaibhav Nahata

Champion in Making


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1. Introduction: There's a superpower that all of us have yet less of us realize and use it in an area like this course is all about helping you realized that superpower and make the most out of it. Hello everyone. And welcome to this amazing course. We're going to tune in and find out the secrets of gratitude and how we can use this one super-duper damn powerful tool to leverage and completely transformed our life. You know, gratitude is something that has been talked in almost all of the religious books of the past. And even the latest neuroscience comes after one research, after another these days about how it is so closely related to a mental health, happiness, and also financial success in life. This course is not just about letting you realize and making you know of what gratitude is, but rather, it is about how you can use it as a practical tool to transform your life. We're going to pick us up two different processes, solving worksheets, looking after case studies, and therefore finding out how this one tool can transform your and my life. You see after a thousands of my students with the tools of gratitude to transform their lives and many of them, but you see, I've worked with many people who have mental health issues and even with having a okay, average gourd life in some sense. But when this started using this one single tool, every single thing teens because this neuroscience connected to is this Science connected to it, this history connected to it. And there's literally no reason of why this tool wouldn't vote for you. I am so damn super-duper. Excited to welcome you in this amazing course where we unfold the secrets of gratitude. I'll see you. 2. Understanding Gratitude: So guys, I promised you that I will be discourse bullying for your entity to fund for you. So let me tell you what you already know. You already know that gratitude in the very basic is two simple words, being thankful. But in order to be able to implement it in our live and create a transformation, the client look it as just a general definition. We need to look at gratitude as a model that we want to implement. So graduate, you're basically is broken down to two models. That number one is to realize that dead things in my life that are good and beautiful. Let me tell you this. There are eight lac, 40 thousand plus forms of life. And being a human is just one among them. And V have been blessed out of all those people, all those organisms to become a human. Isn't that a gifting itself? Furthermore, guys, if you singled in 1.5, black people are dying and most of them did not know that the next day they were dying yesterday, if one like 1000 people died, could have many of them are going to die. And just because they're dying, we have been blessed to be able to live another day of life. Isn't that something to be grateful for? Isn't that an amazing gift that we have? Deeper, you know, they have more than 30% of kids right now through African oldest pleases were not able to have mean three times a day. And via slipping around having fun with our burgers at bids us, isn't that amazing? The people who have to travel tens and hundreds kilometers as well, sometimes in places like largest town and another part of the world. And via eval to use technology. One of them courses like this one right now, to be able to take ourselves to next level in LA, I mean, video look for reasons to be tactful in light, but isn't life in itself a reason to be thankful? The first model is to basically understand that there are things in life that I create and beautiful. Before we go ahead, I want to do this exercise. Just after I see you do this right now. Now, I want you to see outside your window wherever you are in your office or wherever you are sitting right now, look outside your window. You'll either see some birds on a building or some monumental whatever that is, to literally take you this in the history of full 0.543 billion years in the earth, this moment where that bug is flying around or that bird is chopping through or the building in the way in the history of 4.5 or 3 billion years. It has never, ever happened before, and it is never going to happen for them. It makes that this moment is unique and amazing. I felt that the callee awesome. And it is not going to be repeated no matter what. So basically there are no non-movement. Every single movement is special and amazing. So here's the second one he moved to understand is to acknowledge that all of these gifts have been given to us and we need to acknowledge that it has been given to us without asking. I'll tell you a wonderful thing that happened recently evolved is a business of B equity and all those stuff. And recently a new meat came up to help her or help over there. And she comes from a little some area and one day she got her little daughter with her by looking at our world. So when she came out, she was assisting molecule sitting around and we had one extra cake and all of us by chopping the cake and having fun all around and that little garden, the corner she was looking and staring at us and we knew that she wanted to have a pilot. So we shared a pipe she had that she didn't she went running dominant yeah. Or my piece of cake handled mothers as well. But here's what's amazing sounder, goody, goody stored is ending a, you know, a show of kindness. Yeah. But maybe mode my fence, she's going to live them next 50 to 60 years of her life being deprived of all those things that I have. So what is a basic lifetime for me is a dream for Hub and I didn't have to ask for, I would just gifted with it. As I realized, and I was thinking this through that day and literally started crying of how we have been gifted with things without even asking for it. Look is out there so many things in your life that you have right now that you didn't ask for and you have right now really quick exercise right now my friends to actually feel what I'm talking about right now, I would request you to quickly, just subtly close your eyes at this particular moment and do as I instruct. And it'll be good. No ghosted coming around as I asked you to close your eyes no y so this is what I want you to do. Put your hands in your heart very closely and one in your diagram and feel the beating of your heart and the bread that is coming in and out. I want you to feel the power of your heart, the power that you possess through that heart. Now I want you to see and the allies the miracle of this heartbeat. This was given to you as a gift. You don't have to ask for it, non negotiate for it, or nothing. Doing just given effortlessly. And this has been true ever since. Isn't this amazing gift of this heartbeat and breathing that we're doing right now that makes you exist in the world. With this, realizes it and publish. I want you to even go deeper. I want you to remember the fears of the one closest person in your life. It could be a loved one. It could be a parent or whatever that is. I want to see their face right now in front of your face with your eyes closed and see them smiling like anything. And as you see them smile, you use mine too. A deep smile. More broadest my yeah, I wanted to be smiling. Now I want you to go into a deflection of the best memories you had with this person and realize how this person has impacted your life in such a wonderful way. He's impacted the journey of your life in such a wonderful way. And you are gifted with this person. You'd have to pursue, particularly gifted with the person you didn't have to ask for it. Laughing With this, I wanted to go more deep books and look to other things in your life that came up to you effortlessly. And ever since then had them in your life. Life has never been the same. It could be a job course or anything else. I want you to realize how big of an impact does maple you're like, yes, I wanted to finish it. Take a moment and say thank you. And want you to get back to the face of that person with the smiling heart. And take your both hands up with your eyes closed and which will give them a hug. Now it turns out our title and both of you and just laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing. Thank you. With this feeling, I want you to untangle your hands. Get back to normal position. Take a quick look Hong Brett. And open your eyes. Now I know that you had a series of deep relaxation through that process of meditation and thinking. But my dear friends, what if it could meet these wonderful learnings? When target part of our Lave, What if we could have this feeling all the time their life? Because that's what you're going to learn in this course and as we continue, we're going to delve deeper. But one of my mentors once told me that variable which you want to climb the Everest, you need to start by finding out where you weren't. So as you go further in our junior, lapping gratitude, we need to find out where do we stand right now in eye level of gratitude. So what I've done, as in the game plan book that we have with this course, I want you to open up with a quick questionnaire survey test, whatever you call it. I want you to fill it up and not rule on the next page. And then I'll see you in the next video that I showed you about the results of that test. And we move further about using gratitude in our life and see you in the next video. 3. Scores from Worksheet: Alright, welcome, welcome, welcome back. Long before we dig deeper into the principles, application and game plan, let us interpret what the test reflex to us right? Now, this is what I want you to do. Take up the score sheet you have in your hand, in your game plan or if you did it in a PC itself, I wanted to add the scores of item number 1245. Once again, item number 1245. And the next thing I want you to do, guys, is reverse the score for the item number 36. What does that mean? Web of? Well, if you have scored as seven, give yourself a one in item number 36. And if your score is six, give yourself a tube in item number 36 only N. Likewise, you getting my point right? Now, what I want to do next is add the diversity score of item number 36 to the total step from step one, portal sum from step one, which was 1245. Now this is George GQ six code. This number should be somewhere between 642. That's cool, right? Ok. Now, once we have this data, let us try to interpret this out. Now I found this sample with website and let me show you the result of trying to understand which category you are falling into. Because you remember, right? If you want to go somewhere, we have to start by understanding, maybe up. So, you know, based on a sample of more than one hundred and two hundred and twenty four adults who took the D26 test as a part of a feature on spirituality and health website. Here are some benchmarks to make sense of the scope, right? So first of all, if you are someone who scored between 35, if you someone who scored 35 out of 42 on the D26, you scored higher than 25% of the people who took that course. And if you're below 35. And then you need to understand when the bottom 1 fourth of, in terms of that small dataset that we have. But don't matter, we're going to try to solve it out either way. Now let's try to understand further. It was someone who scored 38 out of 421 this test. You are in the higher 50% graph of the people who took this test. If you post scored below 38, then when the bottom half. But again, this is a journey together and you are taking this course because you need to take yourself to next level demo by him. Also guys, if you're someone who scored of 41 out of 42 on this test, then you are higher than 75%. Which means out of 12 to four people who took the test, you, I'm the top 25% percentile, right? Also guys, if you're someone who scored 42, boys, that's amazing. You scored 42, which means during the 13% top percentile out of the 1.2.4 People of obviously most people have done a ton of websites, so it's more convenient to this course. I will might be little buyers over by used. But I believe that when you are done in pen and paper, whatever you scored is guys, we're going to take these learnings to take us up to next level. And, you know, as it said to you before, if you want to climb to the top, you need to understand where you are. So you understood where you are. And together we are going to take ourselves to the next level with the amazing data we have. I'm so excited to see you in the next video where we take AS that were next level, understanding and implementing the amazing principles of gratitude in life. Excited to see in the next video base. 4. Case Study-Ram Limbu: So I want to do further demo on state of what we are talking to a quick case study. So next to my home, let's round limbo diabetes. This young man, I don't tell you so much about him right away. He then societal walks up and he repair cycles and all of those stuff. I wonder what's this video? Watch it very school. It's two minute videos that are sorted on two years back. Don't mind about the quality. Just stiff very focus into it and you'll get a So plays in mitts off it and everything I'm doing Ville makes sense and wanted to was that video and I'll get back to you really soon. Gear you go. So the fact that x will come. So it depends on where you are and how much will be. The last. For instance, this angry, is it man they IVI single beacon on P23 times, if he's in the town, will just because I want to witness this mites energy. And he lost his wife attitude enough regard Kansas seven years. And he lost his next guys that he doesn't have a physical home to live in. He stays in the street itself, allows for that. I don't see him reading new puts every time all the times is glutes are dirty, but also with that, he sometimes have trouble given Getting the equipments wise little street bookshop. But here's why I go to visit him every now and then. Every single fucking time that I see him, I see this med smiling and laughing and I am mind boggled by. So this is what happened once and while, you know, I used to go sometimes to repair my cycle once I short documentary, I just causative, why do you laugh all the time? And as we said that time to discuss why he's happy all the time, he gave me some insights that completely blew my mind. And the way I look at graduate and promise you that you might never look at gratitude in the same way after you learn of what he said and good to acquaint journey of actually understanding it really well. So when I asked him this question, we actually took a pause and laughed and then we pause the game. And what do you told me? Mqtt view my men and I'm sure the gluteal minus well, he said we've above it is Beep throught waste. While both I'll smile because I have more reasons to PSMB9 than to cry as like, what do you mean by that? And he said in the short run, we actually got a few streets away. David, actually some people who did not have legs and hands like him next to a temple, who has to go and beg over there. And he said, we've got to babble out the privilege to walk over here and all at the same time, that self-respect and said, oh yeah, that makes sense. And then he showed me that 200 meters from the PC Live was illiterate shop. And he said he's my friend right. Debt. Whenever I need some help, he comes and helped me. That's I'm happy. You know, I don't have a home to live in Batavia. Pleased that I can sleep. That's why I'm happy. There are people who are handicapped, like me who can't do anything and I can't do it. And this is what is really important. I love what I do. I love the pairing cycles, I'm scale vetted and a lovely painting cycles though my prefab less good ones, but I love dogs I do. And juices secret battle. Every single time someone new comes to my little books up in the speed and make new friends. And I love making new fence and as we kept talking, give tearing things like that. But what is more important and really amazing, that amazed me is after all that, he took like five to 10 second pause and look back at me and send me babble of life row mitosis, which means life is full of fun, isn't it? And I couldn't do but I could do nothing that I hadn't nodded my head and I meant it. I mean, when you look, people who don't have anything and mix so much out of it. It makes so much sense and we'll, we'll completing Sue often of what is happening else completely dissolved into what he was seeing at that point of time. But anyways, coming back to gauge the different my learning, let us look back la model that we created. The first was to understand and realized that v have the gifts of life that the idea that you have to be grateful for. And the other one is that we have been given by the ads as gifted with that, they didn't have to work for it. So basically round die as a case study is grateful that he has all of those stuff in his life to be thankful for a place to walk him fence. And also, he realizes that he has stated that he didn't have to ask for, like people come into his workshop and actively seeking His help. That's what I'm talking about. Well, I just wanted to give you a really quick example that thousands of people like limbo die over there. But I just wanted to give a quick example before we run into a practical end of things so that you really understand what you mean and see you in the next video when we discuss about principles and strategies to come up with ways to convert our grief into gratitude. See you next video. Wait, does its own any better? 5. Converting Grief Into Gratitude: As it will happen to the internet service providers, a why the heck is mine and that's not working. And you have Chaldean shelving and shouting and after some pain, the quadric result, you wanted internet working wonderfully and you forgot about the provider and aquatic bacterial style. But has it ever happened that you had an argument with somebody and that went on and you kept shouting and the other person kept shouting until the It was designed and you got back to work. It could be it could be a bus driver, it could be anyone else, but you hadn't conflict and it got resolved. Do you remember the last thing you call back the integrated services provided after the internet went right seeing tank, you remember the last time you had that wherein you genuinely seed. Thank you. Or saw did the person involved within it? Hello back. Welcome back. Welcome back. This is VAB will you're watching a wonderful series on learning about gratitude, mighty offense in today's episode VII, are learning about how to convert our grief into graduate you. So no matter what, we all have some moments of grief all the time in our life, but we do not know how to convert that Greek into gratitude. This lesson is going to be all about that, not just Pepto, but practical strategies, real tools that you'll use to leverage yourself, My dear friends. So as it were, let me show you a really quick story. This recording that I'm doing right now is from a cannon Campbell with debt. And when I was going to purchase the scam that I wanted to make sure that it is compatible with my zoom webinars, meetings and stuff or not. And I learned that they have a new web, you know, new software to which you can connect simply the candle, it's your laptop with a simple cable. Eyelid starts working wonderfully, so I couldn't find the software for my particular cameras. So I call the candle offers a new as I live in the pile by the way. And after ten minutes I finally called Connected. And yet ma is me. Then the same software, the same model comes in the US with a different name. So do find us software for the same camera on a different mean. And I downloaded it and it started working fantastic because fantastically awesome. So what I basically did is I said that the person thank you so much, sir. You have no idea how much this has helped and this is going to be so important, you have no idea and you are really helpful and just praising him all alone. And guess what we did then next three to five minutes, he literally had almost tears in his eyes valleys. And so you'd have no idea how much it meant, do we, and how much value does added. I was going through some tough times and this means so much to me. So basically at a moment of relief at Norfolk software and then I call and that grief turned into reality and converted into gratitude. But just expressing it varies. If you're drafted, you did. And even if they're not expressing it, it basically it's like you have a gift and drab and you are not willing to open it up, you're gonna show it, right? So basically the tools Number 1, my dear friends that you're using to convert our grief into graduate school is done. And you see what that is? I got through, my camera will get down. So basically this is a wonderful that I pulled that I use. And this is nothing that cost $563 to Amazon. Something that you can find anywhere for me, this is quite a gratitude or any offense. I keep it around my table all the time because all first while working, go to some tough times and all of that. And whenever we have that, we when I see the stroke and I hold it in my hand, a meats that have a perspective shift for myself. And I tried to convert the grief into gratitude by actually finding reasons for whatever that grief, as in the next lesson, we'll actually have some examples of gif moments that you all have, and we'll try to use strategies to convert that into gratitude. But for now, this is an amazing dual guys. And what I want you to do is Ticulate Rob that you find most beautiful in the neighborhood. It could be a piece of small Buddhas or whatever that is. And make sure it is something that you like. You keep hitting your table and use it all the time whenever you have moment of grief, you the tool to get it converted from grief to gratitude. And this is what I wanted to do. I promised you that this is rejoin us at individual, but God as a community to share the forked off your gadget, you drop in the project section and we're here because we wanted this to be a family baby. So basically as we go ahead, mighty offense number to one tool was the gratitude truck. The other two that is really powerful. Is that complete impress? Let, what does that mean? It basically a basket that you get for yourself, a series of beads that aware around your hand, which is called the complaint bracelets. Every time you're complaining about something, you are sad about something, you look into it and you try to make acknowledgement that many a time once you have an acknowledgment of what is wrong, you get it converted right. So just acknowledge that you have that in your hand. And that's where the difference begins, just acknowledging. And when you realize this is not, you'll get back to your book. I'm not wearing this right now because I have some issues with my hands and epsilon, but ideally popular tool I've been using it in the past with this Monday offence. Let me show you one another tool that is really powerful. And this has been working for me since the last 2.5 years, which I'm going to show you right now. This is called the success log and the super success Love. You could rename it, it now VGA one. But let me show you what the basic idea behind it is. Let me get my tool for you so I'm back. So the two that I was sharing, which is really possible guys, is something like this, the success and the super success law. What does that mean? Let me show you my daddy. This is a random diary that I have that have been using for the last two years. Every time something really amazing happens, it may lay any award that I get, any wonderful interview that, that crack any preparation that succeeds. It could be exam that you pass amazingly for you and write down in a diary with the div in just four to five lens. And that basically helped me that whenever down, I can reflect back to that moment and say thank you for that moment and pulls up my meds. But also when you have really bad things going on that makes you feel Oh, yeah. Oh, okay. I wouldn't know. Where basically do is I get met my daddy and I write in it, there's a section called success long, but it's about the good things that are happening. And there's a section on the super-rich success log bears right about all the things that went wrong. And how can I make up perspective shift to convert that moment of grief into a moment of gratitude. It's all about shifting the perspective and the complaint. Diabetes is just a tool to make that perspective shift from grief to gratitude. These iTunes. So let me lead you out something from my super success log that has happened and we'll go ahead with that just 1 second. These are Success law. I have a session Advisor, Senior and different sessions, a recent award of course, instead, downside that I did. And whatever that is, there's a lot of this stuff. So this my friends is success long. If you can, again see this really well. But let me show you my super substance law. So here's a list of game that actually went wrong and which actually I used later to convert them into gratitude. One of this time, it's a note from back then in 2017. It says very jealous from x-ray said portion C1, poetry competition and a teacher of mine posted it in Facebook. I felt a little bad, but I promise I rise, move it in 61. Being even more ahead, I will meet and congratulate and learn from. And this is a perspective shift tools that was really nice in that, that we're of time. Now I write down the points are set and guess what? It actually happened for me now when I look back. So guys, it was something really small, but get yourself a success login is super successful because we have a complete life ahead of you. And this tool is going to be really helpful. Make sure you share your success login to pursue success log in the project section because we're joining as individuals, go out as community baby. I'll see you in the next video. 6. Case Studies- Converting Grief Into Gratitude: All right, welcome back my dear friends. And in this video we're going to look into a perspective shift, trying to look into gentle movements that happen. And we're trying to look into how we can convert that moment of grief into a moment of That's right. Gratitude. I want you to put out something that you are feeling grief about in the discussion section. Because my dear friends, we joined them as individual, but God has family. So basically when you're looking for this answer, this could be something really amazing and could be something really funny. Like if there's a crowd that pooped on you, what do you get? A grief will follow the, I mean, what the heck, right? But you can be grateful that elephants don't fly and sky. Sometimes these funny reasons actually make you laugh. And I once read that if you can lap and the worst situations of your life, then no one can stop you from smiling in the best situations of your late. So basically you're going to look into three to five reasons of each of this four to five challenges that you might be going through, that you might go through in the future or that you might have been in the past and you're looking about how you can deal with it. Number one, mighty offense is let's say you lose a loved one. So what can you be grateful for when you lost a loved ones? Well, there are few more things. Number one, you still have the memories that you lived with the person. You could be also be grateful for the opportunities that unfold. You could pick grateful mighty offense, that once this relationship is over, you'll still have opportunity. So the opportunity basically that you have more time to do the stuff that you love to do. Maybe you have a more chance to translate that time that you had with the person to something more productive, like learning a new skill or picking courses like these ones, cuter, whatever that is. You could also be grateful that you know, in the future when you get into relationship, basically you can use what you learn to make better relationships for yourself. Maybe you could also be grateful that you would save some money that you don't have to spend it to get candies or gives that you're used to. It could be anything. And sometimes these funny reasons actually help. So as we move on, let's look into any other situation. Anything to add on this basic challenge, what you should be grateful for? Make sure you write in the discussion section because few joining as, but go out as noted already now. So basically lady offense, let's say you miss out on an interview of a dream job that you had. So basically say it could be you could be grateful that there's something waiting for you ahead. Now basically my different, sometimes it is really hard to find basins in the present. So very good strategy. My defense is to convert into a future possibility. And you could be grateful for the unfold moment of the future possibility that might come up in the future that we're not aware of right now, right? And the other thing you should be grateful for is that it will help you draft your success today. I mean, I use this all the time whenever something wrong happens, I remember that. Oh yeah, I want to be giving a TEDx talk some time from now, maybe three years, five years. And I needs element to actually show that Evan through challenges. So I am getting more and more and more and more and more elements for that. You're gonna be grateful that they someone who needed it more than you. And this is another wonderful strategy that when it's not working out for you, right? Maybe it is working out, right for someone else and you can use it to be grateful for someone else as well. And also, you can be grateful that you already have a firsthand experience of integrals that you failed on that you can use in the next one. Let us look into another possible situation that might feel really bad about that you lose a loved ones. It could be a dog, it could be a really close person of you. It could be a parent or whatever that is. I'll do convert that grief into gratitude. Wealth flows to act disease. Number one, you'll learn to live independent if there was a wonderful bad dog that you had around and do you have lost them now? Basically, you can now learn to live maybe in the lack of presence of your dogs because at some point of time, no matter what happens, dogs come and they have a limited lifespan. So basically, for some time when you are not having the next dog, you can grateful that this is what you learn, learning to live independently. And I think it can help you, you know, take things that you take for granted, actually value them. Like they're Darwin because around and did not play with them all the time. And you ain't Buffon and sometimes you could pick out the time but you did not. So that could be another thing. You will be grateful for the memories that you've created. And if you notice, we have a pat on following that you can learn from and the memory yet created because these two strategies worked really well as cliche or they may sound, they are really practical and work amazingly. Amazingly. Amazingly, which one sounds better element that discussion because it is joining us. Okay, let's say you wanted to go for an adventure but do not have enough cash for it right now. Again, it could come out as a TEDx story. You could be grateful about that. You could be grateful that in the process of getting yourself the cash or the journey you mimic, it will help you grow. And guys, this is such a powerful tool. You give yourself a reward and everything you do is actually a mission to get that reward for yourself. This is a really powerful tool, believe me, it would also be grateful that we know when you are, when you make it through this conduit to get to their travel will actually be more grateful for the Clavel you make because you'd be more tan color and you'll be more happy about the travel basically, because you vent to the rest of the Almighty offense and this is the price you're getting for the price UP. Its personnel. Basically editing my DFS. Let's take one more final example today that you lost a flight and that's really bad, would be grateful that you have chips with you in your bag. You could be grateful that you have leaves on pingers with you while you are traveling because you can eat them around. They could be grateful that you can wander in the airport. I mean, it can happen that you might have not seen this airport really well, and you'll have an opportunity to do that right now. You can be grateful that, you know the next time you are, you have learned to pay the price for it basically. And you will also be grateful that, you know, you can take a flight in the future. You are flying unless all of a sudden, Coven 19 comes out of nowhere. That smart, funny, NO. But can you just give me laughter, Please? Please. Okay. Thank you. Basically, this might be a fence. I want you to open your game plan, right? What is that one? It could be really small. It could be something that one grief that you're having right now and try to find out four to five reasons to actually convert that grief into gratitude. And make sure you've shared that in the project sections because we join in as individuals, but do go out as a community, as a family. So please make sure you do that. I'll see you in the next video. We'll delve deeper into some amazing stuff full of activities and practical learning about using gratitude to leverage in life. I'll see you in the next video. 7. Meditational Exercise: Alright, welcome back, mighty offense. It was Abram Lincoln who once said that you can celebrate that there are roses among the thought. Or you can complain that there are tons in the roses and it is of complete toys that you personally have to make. This is what I want to show you. And you see this people clearly. What do you see in this paintball? You see the blackboard right here, isn't it? Well, we saw that the paper is black at this point of time, but most often we forget to see that the Wolpe For that we have along, actually, right? Which is basically that we go on looking at the complaining ends of ln, what is not right, and they forget to see so many of things that have right in her life. If these are finger P, that will make you feel pain. But if your fingers right, if you're not a great Foo, let your fingers right? And that is what I want to do right now in this segment of this course might be offense. And we're going to take you to a quick realization meditation to actually feel gratitude it though, some of the wonderful gift that we have in life. Okay, and where to stack right now, losing on this video and turning on the cruise M, Let's go for it. Closing your eyes helps in putting the attention towards. So now you may choose to close your eyes. Let's begin the practice with some gentle breathing. Notice notice that read them with your natural pret. Taking a slow bread and experienced the gentle rise and fall of your chest. You see I Brett is constant and reliable. There's us all the time to the present moment only. And just by tuning into the steady rhythm of your bread. You are immersing yourself in energy of life. The energy that propels you forward and connect to propose five bombs in this planet. Will observe whether your mind is in another place or it is over here. And right now, I ask you, and you allow yourself to let go of your thoughts for a moment. Can you allow your mind to be silent except for hearing the sound of your breath. Now I want you to note that when we allow the clenching the muscles to connect goal, I want to ask you, how do you feel this? The energy of life flowing to your invigorating you to every breath. You are the embodiment of this lively energy here, bodies and miraculous and their gift. The vehicle through which you have the privilege of experiencing the beautiful world. My friends. I want you to take a moment now to find something or somewhat to really appreciate. This could be a family member, this could be a friend. This could be as simple as a pen that has helped you write all the time. Since the feeling of gratitude within you and send it outwards to the world and beyond you. I want you to further take a moment to remember one person whom you haven't tank for yours and yours. But sometimes some day that one person had brought an immense impact into your life, Just remember the face, the sea, their face with your eyes closed and say thank you genuinely from the very bottom. And hung them virtually. A tight hug. And say thank you. You have a meeting to say this tank and you're seeing it right now might be offense. Thank you to all the other things. The Arctic, given that you can feel in this moment is there, is, there, is this beautiful painting that you see everyday, is they are beggars who smiles at you all the time. Is there anything that you can make yourself mighty works. Is there a table that is really good and has been helping you all the time, but you never showed any respect of thankfulness to adjust the seed for a momentum with a tight hug in your head. Say thank you from the very bottom of the heart, my dear friends. Take a moment to thank all of the other things. In a moment, you will open your eyes and come out of the state of stillness and peace. But I challenge you, do your best to move forward your day with a residual feeling of gratitude. As you continue with this beautiful day. I challenge you to continue gratitude for apps. You can even find something positive out of something. You find negative, an experience that's negative. You can find it to be positive. Navi all fill endless practice with a deep breath. Experiencing in love, reading in love, and then breathing out a thank you and appreciation from the very bottom of our heart within readout. Thank you so much for being with me the whole time of meditation. And yes, you had an amazing realization, right? The offense, because this only tool that we didn't implement, but until we have regenerate the willingness to implement them, actually having the right strategies, it becomes really hard to implement them. And see you in the next video, we're going to find the tools to mixed reviews and I'll give you the journaling strategies to actually implant the gratitude thing and also remember the 30-day game. Then we're going to discuss about that in the future videos. Let's go for it. 8. Daily Journaling: All right, welcome back, mighty offense. In this video, we're looking into practical strategies to actually implement gratitude. And we're talking about journaling, one of my most wonderful subject that I like to talk about, because this has completely changed my life when in France it was three years ago then and meet a man who had a $50 million net worth and a city of Bangla, some pain back. And I learned he was, he actually had been a small cottage kind of home, nothing so wonderful. So I went to him, I learned about it. So he had people as managers who used to write Mercedes and all of that stuff. And he used to live in a normal house, normal Garland, all of that stuff. And I was talking to him about dreams and goals and all this stuff. And he said, Show me your diary. I mean, what do you mean, Daddy, I'm in my home. She said, No Islam, your journey and the ideas like what does journaling mean? And ever since I found or what is generally nothing has been the same idea offense. And let me tell you, this one strategy is so powerful that it could literally transform like, I mean it. So basically I'm, so you might have heard of Jim caddy, a wonderful actor in Hollywood. And he actually had this wonderful movies and all Stephanie's making wonderful Ambani today. But back then when he was just starting out, he wrote a check for himself in a physical check for $10 million or acting services rendered and guess what? The deadline he gave himself for 30 years, he actually had that money just before the three years, just before the Christmas. The exact amount for the movie coil dominant Dumbo. Can you believe that many of you have heard of law of attraction, many of quality and the law of ask and receive. But whatever that is, in simple words, the more you are thankful for what you have, the more you'll start getting avert you want. It is as simple as that many events right now we're basically I wanted to understand is the part of writing things down being tamped, pooled in written. It's just mind blown away. Okay. So basically, you might have heard and I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm chunks. You have heard of this Stanford study where they interviewed all of these students. It is bad, dated back to 19 nineties. They've made students come together for an interview and then note that down about the goods setting on dead writing habits at 84% of the students actually had the goal. They were not clear about the good. 84% of students are not clear about the goal. There are 13% of students who actually had goals, but they did not habitability. And there was this 3% of students who had was valid written and what specific goods and guess what? They interviewed them back ten years from them. And you'd be amazed by what happened ten years down the line. The 84% of students when actually the lowest brim of making financial success or life success. And basically the 13% of the students who had it written down, where the ones who actually beard making three times more than the 84% category. And you remember there were the 3%, whereas the writer who had specific goals guess would actually making, and you'll be amazed by this ten times the other category of 13% Why? Because they simply rotate down. So might events that the power of writing as down is so amazing, so unbelievable. And you'll be amazed further of how simple it is. I'll also give you a specific game plan in the next video, but you'll be using in the future. But right now for the journaling, I am giving you the daily general problem that I use, which is really simple. And most amazing things as simple, you know that I'm Simple and I'm amazing. But just kidding. Now, what I'm basically saying my dear friends is, this is what I do. I have a dialogue with myself all the time, even when I'm going to wash through, even when I'm sleeping, even when I'm dancing, even if I'm going to play you my workplace, because I want to write down things and it comes to my mind. So basically whenever something happens, I shared in the back one of the videos about success and super success lock. But right now for the daily prompt, I want to do something really simple. And what you'd pick your diabetes before sleeping every single day, you write down six things in six people or six people that you're grateful for. And for each of these people, you feel that gadget you'd were thirty-seconds. You feel that gratitude for thirty-seconds along with writing their names and basically my dear friends, it could be append that you can be grateful for, or it could be a teacher. It could be your pivot point or it could be a camera. It could be anything. But you are genuinely gratitude it for like you feel it OK. And when you can do that, it will make a difference. I actually introduce activity my dear friends that I made my students in my premium per gram actually do an activity to call to people and say genuine tank, you do them. And when I made them seven days back, the results were just unbelievable. The value they get in their length was so unbelievable. So guys, when we say authentic tank, you do people with it, even though how absurd it might sound. Let me give you the temperatures. Hello, XYZ. I know this might sound really weird, but I'm super thankful for what you have done in my life. You have no idea what you have seen my late, but I'm going to be some sort of small talk and it continues on. Basically we have mirror neurons in my head, smiley events, which means when we say someone time q and this mile v, different lenders smile back, wideness, why? It's really simple. The mirror neurons in our head, the flight, the thought of the person in front of us. Have you seen that there's someone angry in front of you, keep shouting and you find it really hard to stay calm and that moment, Well, that's the power of the mirror neurons that we have in our head, mighty of men's. So basically, it's really simple. You take your silver diary, the item name or 60 that you're grateful for keeping it noted and make sure that you are genuinely celebrating the attitude of those 30 seconds to each of the sixties. And there's this research done by the folks that after 14 days of doing this, the light being of the person and the quality of life was by not just percentage, but in multiplication of times which is so powerful. So six people, six things, whatever that is, see genuine tank, you do it. I'll see you in the next video. Might be offensive to talk further. And then it's almost the last part of this course, but it was a fun journey. And see you in the next video. Bye. 9. Weekly & Monthly Journaling: Alright guys, welcome back. So basically in the last video you learned about the daily gratitude journal. Right now answering your VET journal or weekly template that you can use to feel gratitude. Basically, I want to do open your game plan notebook. You can open up for the piece and you have the weekly prompt. If you have any question regarding it, make sure you type in the chat section. I'd be more than happy to help you out. Along with the vk module over there, we have the monthly module of being grateful that you might use to reflect backwards. You guys just let me take you to a quick told about the problems that we have for you in this course. You'll learn the earlier. In an earlier session we talked about grief and gratitude, converting the grief into gratitude. Well, just to get you warmed up and get started, I have put out one specific situation that you can work on, which is that the credits of your rogue on Project is taken over by your boss. What does the sixties and so you can be thankful. And this sucks. I know this subs and this really needs to not hold. This is not right. Whatever it is, noting down six things to be thankful for even about it is going to help you digest it better, right? Or responded better right now or in the future, right? For the second, third, 1 guys, I want you to put out your own head. One situation, second situation that you have ready answers about at this moment. Just write them down and note down six reasons to be thankful for both of them. Make sense, amazing. I'm so excited. Please make sure you put it out in the project section, guys, I'm so excited to see what comes around in your head about this. And many people are going to get inspired by your journey as well, isn't it? Furthermore, guys, let me show you the weekly problem that we've created for you. Well, these are a set of seven things that you can use suppose to do on a daily basis that will hardly take three to four minutes of your beautiful light. The first one, my defense, is time to do 1% globally. Now this person has supposed to be someone rather than nu. This could be a guard you came across every single day, a security guard at your office, you came across every single day, but you're never bothered to say thank you to them to open the door or it could be somewhere in the Starbucks who gives you the coffee? It could be any, well, just say a genuine panky to them from the very bottom of your heart about anything, right? Least of service. The second one might be offense, as we discussed before, the six pills of gratitude. Well, what is that you remember, right? Ping time equal to six things, six people or whatever that is, six elements that have added value to your life in some way or the other. The other thing is my friend is saying that the 30-second time Q before you have your food. Now, I agree with not talk a lot about this in the course. Well, the reason being simple, this is something that is so amazing and I wanted to show you at the later part of this course itself. So basically what 30-second gratitude before food is, there's so much of research today that's confirms that our foot digestive system is also based around our brain mechanisms. So the basic idea is when we eat food in the right frame of mind, it is going to be more nutritious for a body and we are going to feel better around it. So before you have your food, you can't be thankful that, you know, there are people in Africa. In countries like Nepal where I live, the people, you know, it's hard for them to have food for two times a day and you are celebrating your feast and enjoying life like anything, right? Food is a privilege we, we missed to understand, you know, image to understand that very often when they come to come from your good, bad downs increases. The other thing I want to do my dear friends is the Marriott off of. Thank you. Well, what does that mean? I have been practicing this for the last three years, dies and this is added such a value to my life. What do you do basically is you say thank you, okay. As simple as that, you say thank you to yourself in the mirror, you look and say you're amazing, you're beautiful, fantastic. And you say thank you to yourself for who you are or any slightest of achievement you did during the day like you wanted to eat that prints up. But you said Our No, this is not aligned towards my goal or whatever that is, right? I want to be fit whatever that is. Just a quick example. Murdock. Thank you. And even though you eat that pizza, it's okay. It didn't seem to still be thankful, so something is right. The other thing my dear friends is parent p, That's enough into South Asia. Please dial if there's a culture that to pay respect to our parents, we touched their feet, we bow down to them. And well, it can be very different according to the culture you live in. It could be a very tight hug to your kids if you are not living with their parents at this point of time or whatever that is, show some expression of love physically to your family members, pets. The other thing I want you to do is thank you to people around in a day. You know, it could be random people. I just wanted to note the number. The other ones are tics or any amongst. This one is rather thank you to new people. It could be a god, it could be, as I said, a friend. It could be anyone is saying thank you to them around their time guys. Next thing I want you all to do, my dear friend is c, is to smile before you sleep every day and just stuff to UV cup. Now, why does this make sense? What does this mean? Have you ever noticed that the vibe that with which you sleep in the night is the same that you wake up at. Like if there is a specific movie scene that you would just before you sleep and you wake up in the morning, you'll have elements of part of that story or that movie coming up in your head right again, right? So you sleep with a smile about being thankful using the journaling prompts or whatever that is, you smile at yourself, you enjoy, and whatever that is you sleep with a smile is celebration that domain most out of the day. Then you wake up the other day with even more excitement and most importantly, a smiling your fees about the least of things like the sunlight to be grateful for. Amazing, right? And then I want you to do what I want you to do. Is there any additional comments that you have about when you do this exercise on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, right? And then back Saturday, just write down the additional comment. And also guys, you know, to sit on the haptic feedback is very, very important for us. So I want to write down how you experience goes on every single day in this prompt itself so that you can remind yourself that okay, this experiences or you're actually helping me grow as an individual and contribute more towards making my life better, right? Also my dear friends right away advertised monthly prompt. So why VK and monthly bootstrapper? It's simple. I wanted to get started with the weekly prompt. See your experience, see how it goes. And I'm sure the feedback because you continue it, understand right when you get started with something, it is hard to give consistency to it. Well, I just want you to push yourself to for the next seven days and believe me, for the impact is this going to make on your life? You're definitely want to continue it further. And that's when you use the month guys. The elements in the monthly prompt also same. The column Salary small, doesn't matter, you just need to put out takes over there for everyday distributed at the end of the day. And that's how it is case. And my dear friends, you might have known about the gratitude John concept in a very different way if you're having difficulty writing with diabetes. But you can basically do is you can make a random jar or box, maybe decorate it a little bit, right? Attitude and stuff and evidence, something good happens. You've typed out to just write something in a CDO people, you put it in South that port. And basically whenever you're down, you can pick one of those up. About one past moment. Maya Angelou, that all the wisdom lies in the past. So basically the lawyer down, you can look back to your situation that you have passed a new field like, oh, yeah, I'm a champion to if this is coming up, I can handle it really van I'll see you in the next video. My defense. 10. Course Conclusion: Alright guys, thank you so much for being a part of this course, as dearly loved being with you all. I love sharing the strategies that has helped so many of my students in so many ways. And I'm sure this will help us will lift your level of gratitude to a next level when well, it will happen when he implemented further, but I'm sure there's already added some value to your life. I'm so excited to see you in the future. You can connect to me on Facebook, on Instagram, on my website, on my LinkedIn, then to just stick talk, whatever that is. Thank you so much for joining this course. If there are any queries you have, make sure that when discussions or you reach out to me at VIP, It's AV and the rate of CAIB, it's AVMA at Thank you so much. I'm so excited to see in the picture.