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Gratitude Journaling For Beginners

teacher avatar Brittan D., Artsy Yogi Girl

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (3m)
    • 1. Intro: Gratitude Journaling for Beginners

    • 2. Warm Up/Timed Gratitude Journaling

    • 3. Fill The Page Gratitude Entry

    • 4. Draw What You Are Grateful For

    • 5. Web Diagram Gratitude Journaling

    • 6. Daily Gratitude Challenge

    • 7. Actualizing More To Be Grateful For

    • 8. Conclusion - Thank You!

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About This Class

I am a certified yoga instructor and holistic health practitioner. In this class I will teach you six different gratitude journaling techniques that I have used over the years! This class is perfect for beginners but you may find some of the techniques useful even if you have some experience with gratitude journaling already. Gratitude journaling can be a great way to manifest your dreams and desires! Let's manifest more good into our lives by being thankful for what we already have! I look forward to joining you on your manifestation and journaling journey! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brittan D.

Artsy Yogi Girl


Hi, I'm Brittan! I am a certified adults and children's yoga instructor, holistic health practitioner and aspiring artist. I have been creating art all my life and have been teaching yoga for about 3 years. I am eager to share what I have learned with you and hopefully help you find peace and creativity on your life's journey! 

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1. Intro: Gratitude Journaling for Beginners: Hi, and welcome to gratitude journaling for beginners. My name is Britain. I'm a certified yoga instructor, is certified holistic health practitioner. I'm an artist. Today. I'm going to be teaching you some different techniques for gratitude journaling. Now this class is definitely aimed towards beginners. So if you've never gratitude journals before, you're in the right place. Now if you do have some experience gratitude journaling, you might want to stay tuned because you could learn some new techniques that you maybe haven't tried yet. So go ahead and keep an open mind. But like I said, this is more geared towards beginners, right? So in this class you'll be learning a bunch of different techniques for gratitude journaling. And you will definitely need a nice journal. You'll also need a nice pen. So for journaling, I like to find a journal that really speaks to me some things that you are going to be excited to write in. So something with a really fun to cover. Now, if you can't quite afford a fancy journal, that's fine. Maybe you just have a regular spiral bound journal that you'd like to start out with. Maybe you go ahead and decorate that journals. So maybe you use some markers or paint. If you're a painter, whatever you like. If you're not super artistic, maybe you use it. Some cutouts from magazines, some stuff that's really pretty eye-catching. And you can just decorate the front of your general and that'll make it a little more fun and might encourage you to write any more. So either wind going and decorate your own journal or grab a journal that you are really connected to, something that's really exciting. You're also going to make sure that you get a nice pen that you really enjoy. Maybe something fun like my little cat pen here, or something that just flows nicely. So you definitely don't want to be journaling with a pen that kind of gets blocked a lot that you're going to have to mess with, that's going to frustrate you. So you want to find a nice pen that has a lot of ink in it that's going to flow nicely on the page. So go ahead and grab a pen and a notebook or a journal. You also might want some markers for a few of these techniques, but it's not necessary. So maybe some markers or colored pencils. But other than that, all you really need is a journal and a pen and your imagination. And it will go ahead and get started. 2. Warm Up/Timed Gratitude Journaling: All right, To get started, the first technique that I'm going to teach you is a time gratitude journaling entry slash a gratitude warm up. So this is a great little warm-up to kind of get your mind flowing in the attitude of gratitude. And pretty much all we're gonna do is just set a timer here and we're going to write down every single thing that we can think of that we're grateful for. No matter how big, how small in this one, I do encourage you to think of the little things that you're grateful for. So anything. So if your mind get stumped because we want to keep the pen writing in this exercise. We want to make sure that we're writing constantly during this timed session. So we're gonna give ourselves about a minute, a minute timed to just write down every single thing we can think of. And I want you to encourage yourself not to pick up the pen and just think. We want to just keep moving the whole time. We want to keep scribbling down anything we can think of. So again, if your mind starts to get stumped, then think of the teeny tiny little things. Are you grateful for the air you're breathing? Are you grateful for the clothes on your back? Are you grateful for the roof over your head? Whatever it is, Let's write it down, whatever we can think of. So I'm gonna go ahead and set my kitchen timer for one full minute. Let's go ahead and do this together. And I do like to always start out my journal entries with a date. So go ahead and write the date at the top of the page. That way you can always come back and look at it, see what you are grateful for in the past and it might put things into perspective in the moment. I also then like right at the top of the page, I am grateful for. And then I usually do dot, dot, dot, I am grateful for. And then I'll just start listing them as fast as I can. I'm going to try and stay on one page here. Feel free to take up more than one page in your journal if you'd like whatever works for you. But I'm gonna go ahead and start my timer. Let's go ahead and do one full minute together. We're just going to start out nice and quick just to kinda get the writing juices flowing. So I'm going to go ahead and start a timer for one minute. It ready? Set, go. As I mentioned. That concludes our full minute of gratitude journaling. So as you can see, that was pretty quick, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how that timed gratitude session works. So you can always set a timer for as long or as short as you like. I am, I'd like you to pay. I encourage you rather to start out slow. Maybe you started out with 30 seconds a minute, maybe two minutes per day. And if you really like this technique, you can increase your time slowly but surely maybe the next day you try it for a full five minutes, the next day and try it for a full 10 minutes, whatever you choose, it can get hard the longer you go, I'll tell you to not pick that pen up into to keep scribbling. But just trying to think of anything you can possibly imagine. This is a great warm up, like I said for some other gratitude journaling techniques. So that concludes our timed journaling practice for this segment. And go ahead and keep watching. And we're going to move on to another gratitude journaling technique. They Thanks. 3. Fill The Page Gratitude Entry: Welcome back. So the next segment of our gratitude journaling for beginners is a fill the page gratitude entry. This one again is pretty simple and it can be a good warm up as well for some other gratitude techniques. It's also any of these gratitude journaling and trees really are a great way to start out your day. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you can grab your journal and just get in a habit of doing maybe one or two of these gratitude entries and see if it kinda of shapes your day into a great day. This is the fill the page gratitude entry. I'm going to flip to a new page in my journal. I'm going to add always dated. I'm going to go ahead at the top and I'm going to write, I am grateful for that dot-dot-dot. Perfect. So this fill a page is pretty straightforward. We're going to fill the entire page with as many things as we can think of that we are grateful for. So the goal is to finish off the page. The goal is to get at least one thing on each line of the page. Sometimes I even will do draw a line down the middle of the page if it's kind of a wider notebook like this. And I'll do list one thing here in this column and then in this column to just kinda depends on how much time you have and how much you'd like to write today. For time's sake, I'm just going to do one per line here, so I'm not going to split up the page, but feel free to do that if you'd like. So take as much time as you'd like with this one. Take your time. Maybe grab a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, whatever, whatever you'd like to get comfortable and get relaxed and maybe even really think about, Hey, what am I really grateful for today? So I'm not going to go ahead and speed up the rest of this video clip. Feel free to pause it here and take your time. But go ahead and feel free to watch me too, because some of the things I write down might kind of jog your memory for things that you might be grateful for today. So I'm just gonna go ahead and start speeding up the video and we'll get started. Now sometimes when I'm done with filling up my P j like to just do a couple little doodles around the page and just put me in a little happier of the mood. And in, I like to decorate my gratitude pages. Just something fun you can add at the end. So great job filling up the page of your gratitude journal. Let's go ahead and move on to the next technique in our series. 4. Draw What You Are Grateful For: So the next technique in our series of gratitude journaling for beginners is drying what you're grateful for. This is one of my favorite techniques for gratitude journaling, just because I am creative and artsy and I love to draw and doodle. Now, keep in mind, even though I am an artist, I am not that great with illustration. I'm not a professional illustrator. So my drawings may look more like doodles. Don't judge me, and don't judge yourself here. So you don't have to be a professional artist to draw what you are grateful for. We're just going to make kind of a fun page in our journal filled with all the things we're grateful for and this can be great for visual learners. That way you can really see what you're grateful for. And it may just make a fun little drawing. You can hang it up on your fridge and remind yourself of all the things you're grateful for. Or you can just keep it in your journal and use it as kind of a reference for future gratitude and drawings. All right, so let's go ahead and make sure that we've got something to draw or color with today, preferably some markers or colored pencils, crayons, whatever you got lying around. If all you have is a pen or a pencil, then that's fine. We can make some doodles with that as well. So let's open up a new page of our gratitude journal. So for this one, I'm not going to date it here. I'm going to just kinda leave it blank because I want the whole page to be really bright and beautiful and colorful layer. First thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to write, I am grateful for in the center and feel free to write it in kind of fun letters of a like Macomb, blocky, whatever you'd like. Right after you've gotten the I am grateful for parts done. You may want to decorate it if you'd like. I'm going to go ahead and do kind of a basic circle around it with that was that was a wonky circle or well, I'm gonna do three color around it and make it into a little bit of a flower here today. Once you've gotten the, I am grateful for dot-dot-dot part finished and maybe decorate a little bit. We're just going to start drawing whatever we're grateful for. Keep in mind, you don't have to be an artist. It doesn't have to look great. So I'll let you pause the video or kinda go along with me. I am going to speed up my video for time's sake. But to start drawing anything you can think of that you're grateful for. And at the end, hopefully we'll have a nice fun colorful doodle. All right, ready, go. Once you have finished up your beautiful Doodle page of drawing, what you are grateful for. We'll go ahead and start moving on to the next technique in our video series of gratitude journaling for beginners. Here is my page of my doodles. Again, please don't judge me. I know I've got stick figures and then these are supposed to be paint brushes. I don't know. But usually it would be only for your eyes, right. So you don't have to judge yourself and just draw as much as you can draw full page. And honestly sometimes some of the doodles look silly on their own. But once you compile them all in a page like this together, you can see it looks pretty fun and cute. So thank you so much for joining me. Withdrawing what you're grateful for. Great job. And let's move on. 5. Web Diagram Gratitude Journaling: All right, moving on to the web diagram gratitude journaling technique. So this is kind of funny, It's a little bit silly, especially if you learned web diagram in elementary school is, which is where I kind of learned web diagrams, but I'm a very visual learner. So in school, web diagrams always really helped me. And so I've learned that using a web diagram for gratitude journaling really helps me think of things that I wouldn't necessarily think of that I was grateful for before doing a web diagram, because how a web diagram works is you start with one thing in the center and then you branch off from it in whatever you think of that relates to that first thing, you write in another little bubble next to it. So you just kinda branch out and make this kind of crazy web diagram of what you're grateful for. So I'm going to go ahead and get started here. Feel free to pause the video again and take your time with it, of course, but feel free to watch along with me. And maybe some of these will get you thinking for other parts of your web diagrams. So let's get started. I'm going to move to a new page in my gratitude journal. I am going to I'm not going to date this one. And just since it is kind of like a drawing, I'm going to leave the whole page. I went the whole page to look really cohesive. So I'm not going to date this one, but feel free if you like. So in the first center bubble, I'm going to again start out with, I am grateful for dot-dot-dot. Now I'm going to do a big circle around this one. Now, you want to think the first thing you're grateful for. What are you thinking? I'm gonna think the first thing I'm grateful for is my husband. So I'm going to write that in its own little bubble. My husband. And then what can I think of that reminds me of my husband that I am also grateful for. I am also grateful for the rest of my family because thinking of my husband, I start thinking of all the other people in my life. I'm grateful for, so I'm going to write my family through that in its own little tiny bubble. What else? From my husband, I think of my cats because they're kind of her My cats and my dog, all my pets. They're kind of like our little babies. So I'm gonna write my pets. When thinking of my husband, I also think I'm grateful for my home. And then I'm gonna go and move on to something else I am grateful for. I'm going to write, what comes to mind is my, my creativity. Write a big circular round it connected to the first thing. I'm going to branch off and write different parts of my creativity that I'm grateful for. I'm going to keep moving on. I'm going to kind of speed up the video here. But keep it, keeps thinking, keep branching off from your web. All right, so once you're done with your web diagram, it'll look a little messy and it looks something like this. Super fun and get your mind going and starts to kind of think of more ideas than you might naturally think of without a web diagram. So great job with this technique will go ahead and move on to the next one. 6. Daily Gratitude Challenge: All right, the next technique in our series of gratitude journaling for beginners is a daily gratitude challenge. So this one is kind of fun. This one you can set up the challenge however you'd like. So maybe your goal is to do this for a whole week. Maybe your goal is to do this for a whole month. Maybe your goal is to do it for two whole months. So I'd like you to think about an attainable goal. Make sure that it's not something that you're going to say, Hey, I'm gonna do it every day for a year, because we all know that we would definitely forget one day and that is what really big goal to have. So let's make sure that our goal is attainable. Our goal is easily achieved. But let's pick maybe, maybe a month if you're up for it, maybe, maybe writing down a few gratitude things each month. Now, I'm gonna flip the page to a new page in my gratitude journal. Now since this maybe a month long or a week-long activity, you might condense it down to a few pages. So you're not wasting paper in your journal. Of course. I'm so maybe you're not doing this one page per day, but maybe you're kinda break in and up and doing a few days. So I'm gonna do I'm gonna start out with today's date. When I'm building this, of course it is March 9th. So I'm going to start out with March 9th. I'm going to write up at the top as always, I am grateful for dot-dot-dot. And I'd like you to choose a so you can maybe write down three things you're grateful for every day for a month. Or maybe just maybe if you're trying to go a little easier on yourself, or maybe if you're having a hard time in your life right now and you're having trouble finding things that you're grateful for, there's nothing wrong with that. So maybe if that's where you're at right now, maybe you choose one thing to write down for each day of the month. I am grateful for. Then you'll pick one thing each day that you'll write down. So today I'm going to set the goal of for myself, I'm gonna do three things every day for a month. Now. I'm not going to complete the whole month and put them all into this video. So for today's purpose, I'm just going to write down a couple of different dates and I'm going to kind of do them in the future here. So I'm going to write down tomorrow and then the next day. Just to give you a little idea of like how it will look. So you might split up the page here if you'd like. Then I'm going to start out with today and I'm gonna write down just three things. I'm grateful for. Super simple. Now. I challenge you with each coming day to write down something different the next day. So this can be super challenging if you're doing this for a whole month. But it can really get you in that attitude of gratitude. It can really kind of reset your mind to always be thinking what you're grateful for. So I'm gonna pretend it's the next day and I'm gonna read. And then of course moving on to the next day, I'll do the same thing I am grateful for. And then I'll write down three different things that I'm grateful for that day. I have some that gives you kind of an idea of how it might look. You might even break up the page even more. You can do like a grid and fit a few days, maybe even a whole week into one page. But yeah, so that one is a really fun one. And that way also, each day you don't have to be writing a whole page, right? So this might be a good one for you depending on what you prefer, are right, so we'll go ahead and move on to the final section of our gratitude journaling for beginners. Thanks so much again for joining me and let's move on. 7. Actualizing More To Be Grateful For: All right, The next section in our gratitude, journaling for beginners class is actualizing more to be grateful for. So getting into more of the manifestations side of gratitude journaling, maybe the reason why your gratitude journaling in the first place. So this kind of ties it all in together with the manifestation. I learned once. I think I heard it on the news one time, that gratitude journals can be great. They can be wonderful, but you want to actualize things into your life as well. So actualizing things into existence, we're going to kind of write down everything that we want, anything that you could possibly dream of in your life that you have been wanting. That's what this technique is for. So I'm going to flip to the new page in my gratitude journal. I'm going to go ahead and date it for this one. I like to do actualization journaling all the time and then I love to look back and see if any of my actual patients have come true. And sometimes they really do so. It can be really fun to do this all the time and keep a log of it. So instead of writing, I am grateful for, as we have been doing this whole time, this one's a little bit different. I'm going to write up at the top. I actualize. So I actualize what do I want to bring into my life? I want you to be very specific here. So think about very specific scenarios that you want to happen to you. And you're going to write it down in detail. So we may not have that many items on this page, but we're going to go into detail about them. We're going to kind of describe them. Describe how it would look in your life and what exactly you want. The more descriptive you are, the more easily it may be achieved, right? The more it may come into fruition faster. If we're really thinking about it all the time, we're writing it down, we're visualizing exactly how it would look. That's all part of that manifestation, that law of attraction, right? Our right. So we'll go ahead and get started. I'm going to speed up the video. I want you to take your time with this one, take your time. Get yourself setup in a nice, comfortable spot. And maybe, again, maybe you have a nice cup of coffee next to you, something to enjoy. Well, you think, and we're going to try and fill up the page. Now, don't, don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get all the way to the bottom, that's totally fine, but let's try to actualize our dreams here. I'm going to speed up the video. I'll meet you at the bottom of the page. All right, Wonderful. So after you have gotten a full page of actualization written out, go ahead and read over them again. Read over the whole page to yourself and just really feel that happening. Really, really imagine that, that already is in the works. Tried to kind of feel like it's already happening. It's going to happen, be in the attitude that this is going to happen and just trust the universe. So after you've kind of written and out, then just let it go, just let it happen. Let the things that you want come to you. Just see what happens after you start actualizing. This is a great one to repeat on a regular basis. Sometimes I like to do this one every day or maybe at least every week. And then like I said, I love to go back and look it over and see what I've actually actualized already. Pretty cool stuff. Awesome, great job. Make sure to join me in the conclusion video. Thanks so much for watching. 8. Conclusion - Thank You!: All right, thank you so much for joining me today with my class. Gratitude journaling for beginners. You did great. Just to summarize, we learned a lot of different journaling techniques today. So we learned that timed gratitude journal entry, that one that you time yourself and write out whatever you can think of that you're grateful for. We also learned how to fill the page with whatever we're grateful for that day. We did a beautiful drawing page full of doodles of all the things that we're grateful for so much. But we learned how to do the diagram which helps jog or a memory for other things that we might be grateful for. And we started a daily challenge of writing down things we're grateful for on a daily basis, on a regular basis. So if you decided to do that challenge, whether it be a week long, a month long, or maybe even just a couple of days of writing out some gratitude, journaling, whatever that challenge may look like to you. Good luck with it. I know you'll do great. Try to keep up with it and don't get too hard on yourself if you forget a day or something, just pick it back up the next day, that's all you can do, right? And then finally, we learned a little bit about actually more things to be grateful for into our lives. So using journaling to kinda manifests her dreams. If you are interested in manifesting your dreams, make sure to check out my other Skillshare video, manifesting your dream life through journaling, packed full of fun information. So thank you again so much for joining me. I bet you are an expert at gratitude journaling now, and I hope this helps you on your journey of manifestation and journaling. Thanks again and have a beautiful rest of your day. Bye.