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Graphology - Handwriting Analysis

teacher avatar Ilyas Zeshan

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Video 1 Intro

    • 2. Video 2 Myths and Facts Part 1

    • 3. Video 3 Myths and Facts Part 2

    • 4. Video 4 Parent Strokes

    • 5. Video 5 Slant Part 1

    • 6. Video 6 Slant Video 2

    • 7. Video 7 Zones Part 1

    • 8. Video 8 Zones Part 2

    • 9. Video 9 Pen Pressure part 1

    • 10. Video 10 Pen Pressure part 2

    • 11. Video 11 Letter Size Part 1

    • 12. Video 12 Letter Size Part 2

    • 13. Video 13 The Letter T

    • 14. Video 14 Conclusion and Dictionary

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About This Class

Learn what handwriting analysis is and what it tells you about an individuals personality. Learn how to use handwriting analysis for personal development and understanding people around you. You should have an interest in handwriting analysis and a desire to analyze various handwriting samples

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Ilyas Zeshan


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1. Video 1 Intro: Welcome to the world of handwriting analysis. Hi, I'm Leo. The Shang graphology test on this is good to know that he have shown interest in the subject of handwriting analysis. My question is, what really prompted your interests in this course? People asked me one question all the time. Give me one good reason. Why should I learn handwriting analysis? I tell them. I'm going to give you two reasons. Not one. Do you know the all of us have three personalities. First, they laugh and say why. And I tell them, hear me All. Good. All of us had three personalities. One, what we think we are, to what other thing we are. In number three, what we really are. And all of these three personalities have discrepancies. Handwriting analysis deals with number three, what we really are, not what the thing and not even what you think about yourself. Once you learn handwriting analysis, you will have a full inventory of your strengths and vulnerabilities. And you might discover that you have a talent and that you never thought of that on. Also, you might have a habit, then might be in a stumbling block on your personal growth and you never thought that was a big deal on let me give you briefly my background. I have been in the business of handwriting analysis 35 plus years. In past three decades. I analyze thousands and thousands samples of handwriting from people all walks of life, including high-power celebrities. I have done some serious research. We're on the subject. I made handwriting analysis possible in some languages where that never existed before. By the way, handwriting analysis possible only, only in Western languages, like English, German, French, Spanish, and so on. I've written three or four books on the subject. My very first book was published in 1988. My latest book is about precedent, Donald Trump signature. I analyze the signature. I included 100 Most repeatedly asked questions, resumes regarding how he perceives himself, how we perceive other people, what is the decision is priority is what is decision making process? Questions about national issues, Indonesian issues, all of them. By the way, I received my master's degree in international relations from Chicago's Roosevelt University in, back in 1980. The title of the book is President Donald Trump signature, analysis and synthesis. If you Google my name, you will be able to find all my books. My latest book is available in all major bookstores in this country, in Europe, and some other countries, true? If you obtain approval from me, I will sign it and personalized for you, especially for my instrument. The scores, major laws of handwriting analysis will be discussed. If the completion of the course, you will be able to analyze handwriting comfortably and confidently. At the end of the course, you will be RCA recommended. Obtaining a dictionary, a pictorial dictionary, a reference guide, a pictorial dictionary of handwriting analysis authored by me. This way. The entire course of handwriting analysis won't be on your fingertips. 2. Video 2 Myths and Facts Part 1: Welcome to the class of handwriting analysis. This is session 1. Hi, I'm Emily us. The Shang graphology test. I congratulate you for signing up this discourse. They skills that you are going to learn in this class wouldn't make a positive impact on your life. Most likely, you will be using those skills for a long period of time, perhaps rest of your life. Before we begin to learn the laws of handwriting analysis. I would like to share with you the myths in the facts about handwriting analysis. What you see here, these are 10 questions. These 10 questions are being selected out of hundreds of questions. 90% of the people asked these questions in some shape and form. A matter of fact, these are more than 10 questions because sometimes people ask segment of these questions. Let's start question number 1. What is handwriting analysis or what is the definition of handwriting analysis? I'm going to give you very simple definition. When we and allies handwriting, we examined the peculiarities of the handwriting. As a result, rediscover the inner personality of the writer. That said, as simple as that. Now the question is, what are those peculiarities? We are going to learn those peculiar, peculiarities throughout this course. I'm going to be brief. And to the point because VM to cover a lot of territory in a short period of time, less. Move to question number 2. Question number 2. What is the history of handwriting analysis? Handwriting analysis is the evolution of brudos. Prior to him writing analysis, people use to analyze doodles. If someone makes a beautiful bird, flower or human figure, people say, Oh, this person must be nice, friendly, get along people well. Or if someone makes ferocious animal, sharp objects, guns, knives, and arrows, or a hunting scenes, people perceive him or interpret him. He must be angry. Cornwall might be dangerous. What they found after that, people leave some kind of a symbol in their handwriting. In 17th century, there is a gentleman in Italy by the name Dr. Camilo bomb. When Camilo Baldwin, he wrote very first book about handwriting analysis. He put his finding, his research work in the book. The book got very popular very quickly and he became a celebrity instantly. His popularity when beyond the borders of Italy, especially France, Germany, and Switzerland. Nearly 200 years, several handwriting analysis arrived in the United States. Now, we have so many corporations. They use handwriting analysis. There are so many institutions. The author handwriting analysis courses at the chart, outrageous amount of money they charge thousands of dollars for their courses. And justifies a saying that the benefit is way more than the cost of the course. Okay, Let's go to question number three. Next one. How much can handwriting analysis be trusted? How reliable and scientific is the subject? Is this the very valid question? Somehow or the other everybody things along those lines? As a matter of fact, when I was starting out, then what's my prime questions? And I are so many Christian give me some scientific proof, give me some answers, and believe it or not, I could not get the answer from anyone, from any book, from any expert to my satisfaction. And I must keep thinking, keep thinking. Finally, I come up with this solution. The best I can give you a hundreds of reasoning is, Oh yeah, we eyes good, good. Let me give you the best thing would be just analyze your own handwriting. You are going to learn some laws of handwriting analysis, applied those laws in in your handwriting. And you'll be the judge because you know your stuff best, you always, true or not. And when you apply the first law of handwriting analysis in your handwriting's yeah, that sounds right. Then the second one you say, Yeah, that's interesting. Then in your mind instead it might be a coincidence. And then you apply the third one, devil comes out through. Then you start wondering or there might be something in there. And if you put 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. And I'm telling you, if you have a, there is no such thing like 10 coincidence. So if every law works to your satisfaction, that will make you more convinced, then all kind of reasoning and arguments. Okay? All right, great. Let's go to next question. Why does him writing reveals a person's character? Why does handwriting of the Beatles a person's character? As a matter of fact, anybody movement, any gesture, facial expression, pool of wise, handshape, all characterize. Personality. Handwriting is also embodied movement. That it requires. Hen movement, focus, concentration, and then broader level, so to speak of, right though, word of sentence. So that's why handwriting analysis is very similar like a body language. Anybody movement will say something. Now this is our job to figure it out what that action mean. Or five, what handwriting analysis can and cannot reveal about an individual's. As a matter of fact, you can tell great deal above the writer and individual. However, there are few areas. You cannot make a scientific claim about the writer. For example, eyes, you cannot make a prediction based on the handwriting. In the beyond the scope of handwriting analysis, You cannot say what is going to happen to this person tomorrow, next week and down the road figures from now. You can, however, we cannot make that kind of a claim. However, we can make an assessment and prediction how a person will react in a given circumstances. Because v, have a profile of that person. And other area, we cannot make a scientific claim about the gender. Even though the masculine traits and the feminine traits are so obvious in the writing. But he cannot claim. The third one is the H. There are two types of eight physical aids and the emotional or mental maturity age. Handwriting analysis deals with the emotional maturity. Eyed person could be 25-year-old, but emotionally, emotional maturity, Emotional maturity could be 35 and, and vice versa. So that's why we cannot make scientific claim about the age of a person. You can guess, but it's not a scientific limb. Okay, that's about it. The rest of the questions and we will cover in the next session. Thank you. 3. Video 3 Myths and Facts Part 2: Welcome back. V cover the answer five questions in the previous segment. In this session. We are going to start from here. The first question would be, why can't handwriting analysis? Interpretation be trusted when my handwriting changes all the time? Well, everybody's handwriting changes on the time. It depends to a degree. Handwriting. Tell you what kind of a mood when you start writing was in a good mood or not feeling so well. It will indicate in the handwriting right then and there. So changes in the handwriting occurs. We're practically everybody. If somebody has a very smooth and stable mood. So handwriting will not fluctuate. If handwriting changes its shows. There is a move swing. And if extreme changes in the handwriting, that means there's a great degree of mood swings. Next question. If the writer deliberately changes his handwriting, will the interpretation the different? The answer is no. If someone trying to disguise the handwriting to fool the person or the expert, he can get caught. He can get caught easily. How? In order to have a good analysis, unit three samples of handwriting. The one you do right on the spot. The second one, you pull out your previous hand writing what you have, jot it down yesterday or last week. And one, you go way back. 5, 10, 20 years old handwriting from a school time, high school, whatever the case may be, and then use the comparative steady. If you are disguising the handwriting, if you are deliberately changing your handwriting once, once you compare with the yesterday, the last weeks and writing, wouldn't it make a difference? And you will be very easy. That is your real handwriting, what you wrote yesterday, not what you did on the spot. Also, another good thing is about handwriting analysis. If you compare with your highs 2010, 1520 and old handwriting versus now, it will tell you whether you are progressing or regressing or if you have a sum bed experienced in the last few years time for example, you have some emotionally scar on your feeling. You lost someone early or you have some financial loss. So that period of handwriting you, it will show negative impact on your handwriting if in pursuing that will show pretty easily in the sample of previous handwriting. If you ever some good experiences like you met a person of your dream or got married or when a lottery or not, unless a lot inheritance or some mega profits and the business. So you have a positive experience and it will show in the handwriting too. Let me give you one more example. Handwriting analysis. There have been so much research. Not hundreds, thousands of experiment has been done in last 200 years or so in this country and around the wall. And let me say, let me give you one example. At 1 it gentlemen lost his hand in an accident. What he did, he started writing from his other hand. In the beginning is the handwriting model of a sloppy, but after that, the handwriting would be pretty similar or identical the way he used to write. From his other hand. Another location. Another gentleman lost in an accident, both of his hands. Now he has no choice. What he did. He started holding the pen in his mouth and start writing. In, surprisingly enough, not from handwriting analysis standpoint, the formation of the letters were very similar or identical, the way he used to write with his hand. Also what he did, that person is started holding the pen in his foot and estar writing it. The result is the same. The handwriting. It, his foot writing of mouth writing similar to his handwriting. Interestingly enough, in the war, in handwriting analysis, in graphology, we do not call even handwriting. Handwriting is a pseudo name. The real name is the mind writing or the brainwriting because subconscious perceived the letter in hand, just draw the alphabet. So also, let me give you a you can run. I believe if you do of your own, you have will have a lot more fit. I'm going to give you an example that you can run your own test. What you could do, you can switch your hand. If you are a right-handed, I start writing with your left or vice versa. Your handwriting, the other hand that you are not used to off it would be sloppy, but you're going to learn some laws of the handwriting analysis that will tell you if the same person has a sloppy handwriting with the same person is the same identity it will show in there. And other tests you can run of your own. A lot of people go on the beach. What they do. They write the name of a phrase with their foot on the same. And if you see that look seriously, you will find the formation of the letters. Wouldn't be the identical or similar the video write with your hand and you don't need to go to the beach. What you could do is just dip your foot on the water and write a phrase on the word on the floor. And you will see your, those formation of the letters won't be identical the way you write with your hand. And you can run them at their advanced tests, that you can have a bunch of people, 56 people. Everybody writes some word on the on the same of the water on the floor and you give some stranger their handwriting and none of them can you figure it out? Who wrote on the same with this person? The chances are eating. The person doesn't know much about handwriting analysis. He will be able, or she will be able to identify the formations of the ladder, or you could do on your own. Okay, great. Let's go to the next Christian. How important are the looks of the handwriting? Ieee? Does good hand-write a good, good-looking handwriting? Imply a good person or vice versa. Looks up, the handwriting has nothing to do with the personality. There are so many people who write beautifully. There are some people know calligraphy. The right beautiful. That not necessarily mean you're a good person. By the way, calligraphy does not consider a handwriting because you make a conscious efforts to write a word or a sentence. From handwriting analysis standpoint. Calligraphy is a drawing because you are making a conscious effort. You're not just writing without thinking. On the other side. There might be a sloppy handwriting eligible. You can figure it out what that says. Hard time reading it. But not necessarily embed. The writer might be a bad person. If good example would be there a lot of doctors, they ever reputation having a bad handwriting of sloppy handwriting are eligible, but they are not necessarily bad people. Okay, let's go to the next question. How an individual can benefit from the knowledge of handwriting analysis. To meet this is the most important question, at least from my standpoint. And if you recall, in the introduction, I mentioned that everyone has three personalities. The one, what did you think about yourself? What others think about yourselves? And the third one is what you really are. Handwriting analysis tell deals with the number three. What you really are, not what they, what you think and what other people think. Soul handwriting. After learning the handwriting analysis, you will have the inventory of your assets and liabilities, your strengths and vulnerabilities. And you can work in the area that you are, not that grid in the areas, hence those venues, then you are a great. Now. Okay, Let's go to the next question. Who uses handwriting analysis the most? Anybody can use handwriting analysis. But there are some professions. They use handwriting analysis and take it seriously. For example, psychologists, attorneys, job councillors, and relationship consumers, law enforcement people, and there are a few others. Psychologists use him writing and some of them, not all of them, some of them use handwriting as a backup and double-checking their findings what they learn with the meetings with the client. As a matter of fact, some psychologists know about handwriting analysis. Attorneys. These use handwriting experts services when they feel that someone has forced the signature or handwriting. And they asked the person are the expert, find out which is the real signature versus the fake one. And usually they do it in the inheritance. Gives us our relationship. Counselor. I'm telling you that is so valuable tool handwriting analysis, especially in the relationship situation, I do compatibility analysis. And you are entering into a relationship, whether personal or the business. You find out what are the most common denominator between two people. In one area, you do not see things. Eye to eye is the other differences. So vide that cannot be compensated or overcome. So this way you will find out, this way you can avoid heartbreaking relationship or divorces. Or in a business situation, breakup of partnership could be a multimillion dollar partnership. That can be saved. Law enforcement people use handwriting, they just want to know where the person is really a has a criminal tendency of this just like a fluke. He just did a little shoplifting for the heck of it. Okay, that concludes this session and we will meet in the next session. Thank you. 4. Video 4 Parent Strokes: Welcome back. In this session. By the way, what you see here is little different. You will not find, I guess, anywhere in any book or anywhere else. Or at least I couldn't find anywhere else. At 1. At 1. I was very curious where these alphabets came from. Who created, who design, what is the genesis? Those type of accustom keep occurring in my mind. I knew few experts. I asked them. They didn't have is good answer. But I wasn't accusative enough. As a matter of fact, I have more than 100 books about handwriting analysis published last century in this country, in Canada, Europe, and Australia. And I couldn't find anywhere else. I believe in one book somewhere I read, I don't know which one is a pen strokes. By the way, handwriting analysis in reality is the steady of strokes, a steady, steady of pen strokes. And when I did discovery, I coined the term hadn't strokes. And I on this way and I got the copyright is a different story. And why I call this parent stroke, because these are the two strokes. If there were not destroyed strolled there will not be alphabets. They are the parents of all 26 alphabets. Actually 52 alphabets, 24 NOR gates and 52 caps. And what are those twos? Two strokes are a straight line and the circle. If you divide the circle in four parts, vertical and horizontal, and take out this quarter of a circle and adapts to this vertical line. That would make letter P, P like Paul. If you pull out the bottom rights quarter circle and attach to this vertical line, that will be letter B, lowercase b like baby or boy. If you do the same thing on the adult side, I'll pour quarter of a circle on the left side. And adventure word here, that will be IC letter Q in the fourth quarter, left side, the bottom one attempts on this side that will make Letter D, lowercase d. Now let's do the breakdown of these alphabets. What is letter? A letter is nothing, just three strokes to diagonal vertical lines. And one is horizontal. And the combination of three makes letter a, letter B with a vertical line and two quarter of a circle attached to that. Letter C is three quarter of a circle. Letter d, vertical line. A, test with semicircle, letter E. Pretty simple. Three horizontal lines and one vertical line. Letter J, vertical line. And this could be a quarter circle or semicircle depends how did you make your J S? There are two quarter of a circles facing opposite directions and connected at the center. That big letter S. Rest of them you could do of your own. I guess you've got the message how these letters are formed, and that would be part of your assignment too. Okay, that concludes this session and we will meet in the next session. Thank you. 5. Video 5 Slant Part 1: Welcome back. In this session, we are going to discuss very important law of handwriting analysis that is known as slang. We are going to discuss the are going to discuss three things, three aspects. One, How many types of Slams to how to measure the slant? And number three, what attributes associated that these slams. This law is the most important law. At least in my opinion. It gives you instantly idea what is state of mine. The person was when it starts writing. It much tells about the person's feeling and emotions. Okay, the first one is a slang is quite obvious. Land means how the letters are leaning. There. I'll rename rightward or leftward. On a baby. Vertical. There are four types of slams. Rightward slang, leftward slam, upward slant. And the fourth category becomes the combination of all these swims called Biggs slants. Now the question is how to measure the slammed? All you need to do, just draw a baseline and make the extension of the lettering. As you can see over here. All you have to do just extending it. Why do you explain it is much easier to measure it. This is the example of rightward slang. This is the example of leftward slammed down all the extensions. In a comprehensive analysis. You need at least 100 slams on 100 letters. And then what do you do? You find out what percentage of slams a rightward or leftward, upward or a combination. Here, we have not good to do that because we are not doing an AV very comprehensive analysis. What do you got to do? V will just observe it. What is the slam is a rightward or leftward. In this case. The slang is right word. And this is the example of the right of our slant. As you can see. If you draw a line here, it will go right word. All the ladder of this is a consistent pattern in the sample of handwriting. And this is the opposite to that. And okay, it's sold out. Now, the key thing, the most important part, what that really mean? One of the attributes related to write Work slash, right towards slang. Basically primarily considered a positive slang, especially when the slang angle is between 45 and 60 degrees. This person is future-oriented. He is looking for the future in exciting manner. The plans, what he's going to do down the road. He's people-oriented person. His video here, the positive feeling. And he likes to be people. Most likely you have a leadership qualities depending on the other variable that you are going to learn. In the other lessons. She's a joiner. He likes to be part of different organizations. He likes to be in the limelight. Of course, he's friendly. He likes to get involved with people in conversation and in social environment. Parties, either party, person into the depends what kind of aids you, what kind of a party's he likes him. However, if the slant goes 35 degrees or less, that turns into a liability. Now, the person becomes impulsive. He does not have a patients to take the natural course of the circumstances or the situation. He just wants everything instantaneously. These people make friends rather quickly. And this showed that affection towards the other person. If this person does not get the response, same fashion seem manner the way he expressed, they get discouraged and disappointed and wonder why I'm not getting stative. One response from the person. As, as you know, impulsive means the window for shopping. They do lot of shopping without realizing how much does this should buy. They have a little check and balance situation. They get involved with the product, they see the value and they're just buying it. These people, they do not good in budgeting. I'm talking about the people angle less than 35 degrees. They spend more money first 15 days of the month and last 15 days. And they're still given the next month is going to start. And then we'll get their check. And whatever the case may be. Also these people, since they are impulsive, if they wrote the oxygen, if they buy something online auction of physical oxygen that just keep bidding, bidding and lose the sight, the real value of the product. It would be safe to say they are not very realistic people. Also, they get lot of peer pressure. It done in a physical auction situation. They take a pressure from those people and saw. Okay, another thing is if the platform right, Cynthia, impulsive, this should I do not try to impose a values, but this should try to avoid the casinos because they have a much better chance to lose money. Not because the system of the casino, but they just hoping the next two moving B brings money back. All right, we will conclude the session here and rest of the angles and the slabs discuss in the second session. 6. Video 6 Slant Video 2: Welcome back. Today we are going talk about the slant, slant of the lettering or the angle of the lantern in this, the word in a handwriting analysis of the word slants, why? The heading of the slang? We need to find out how measure the slant. Basically there are three types of slams on the rightward or leftward. And the word eco. How to measure it is pretty kind of a simple all you need to do, just draw a baseline, as you can see it here. In extreme, the letter, extend the letter. Did the scale. So this way you will have, you will know the angle of the handwriting basically is a rightward or leftward. When you go into detail on that, once courses you have to have 100 angles and then you find out what percentage is the right word, what person is the lead for artists one, you don't have to go that much in detail. All you need to know is the angularjs the rightward or leftward. So in this example, the angles on the right word in this one, letters are vertical. This one of the leftward just opposite to this one. And the fourth get equity becomes when they have are called mixed slam, right what slammed leftwards LAN upwards LAN in mixed gland. And this person right sometime right way literally an all different directions. What do you see here? This is the example of ripe versus lend because his all slammed. You can figure it out visually. All salons are right word. In this section. All slaves are leftward. This one is pretty much up and down vertical, which is the fourth line of this one. In, this is the fourth one. Mixed gland. That means that some letters that are going this way, some this letter going this way. So they have the mixed glands. Now the question is, what does it really mean? From the handwriting analysis standpoint? I wanted to I want to talk about briefly and we'll talk about first up the right horse slab, right? We're slang, as you can see here. This person is considered pretty extra work. He is future oriented. He's in a good mood. Most of the time. Primarily is a positive person. He's a pretty social. He liked to hang out with people. He's a joiner. He you'll find are the people who write this way. They are part of different organization because they want to be with the people. This person, I'm coming on this one the upward, this person has a little bit more self-reliance, self-control. He is not to meet with every single person. He's just wanted to be sure the people he's associating with he or she's associating with the right people. And let me mention one thing that I forgot here. If the, if the angle goes less than 45 degrees, say like 30 degrees or 35 degrees, that becomes a liability. Then once this person is so much dependent on the approval of the other party, and they just 1 the 1, 2, and they become impulsive. They want to make a quick decision when they went to shopping just by NAD without any golf. And normally I'd have to hide, tell people, people who are extreme right? Less than 35 degrees. This should not even go to the auction because they will keep bidding without thinking, realizing the value of the product, then it should stay away from the casino because they will end up losing whatever their savings are. Okay, Let's come back on this one. The vertical part of what econ writing. A person has more. He cares about the people, but he's more reliant, elicit both sides of the issues, and then make a judgment and arrive on conclusions. He's not dead what impulsively things twice before you buy anything and meet anyone. Saw. Now the third one is the leftward slant. Leftward slang. Honestly, generally is considered not very positive. This person thinks lives in the past. He is not looking for the future with excitement. He had some bad memories and he retired of meeting with the people. Because since he had a bad experience at the people with all, maybe there are people that have coming on me to take advantage of me and I suffer financially or emotionally, and so on here that he might have a bad experience with the people or in the business or whatever the circumstances. And if the if the angle goes more than 120 degrees like a 135, that is definitely a bad sign. I don't want to discourage them. When I see when I come across a situation like this, I just tried to be polite and none of them he he just live. He does he does doesn't want to be with the people. By the way, the only good little thing is they can work well alone. And because they are kind of a loan, Some people saw when the degree is 135 degrees, angle is more than 135 degrees. That means the person is a daydream and he's spending too much time just thinking, thinking in the past, bad experiences and his kind of lost in that one. Let's go The number four, which is the mixed slam. Mix slam is that mixed bag. This person is kind of a moody because sometimes in a good mood and all of a sudden some negative thought comes mind. He just lose interest. He started the project with interest and then never finish it on. Take too long to finish it. And saw, the only good thing is about mixed gland person is that if the slag is not too extreme, too much brighter, too much lead in slightly leftward, like a 110 degrees, 90 degrees, 80 to 110 or something in between. That means this person a is flexible enough. His versatile, he can learn, he can accommodate with the other people. He does not have a very service members or he had a lot more flexibility. Bite of it. This law is one of the most important law of handwriting analysis. And I'm this 95 or many of person-time, you cannot make a mistake. I compare this law of most like a law of physics. There are only very few exceptions. For example, if a person is sick, then the slab will change. He might not be as positive. And all he's under the influence or consecrated with the influence of alcohol or something like that. And then his handwriting Islam would be jumping back and forth. But once he does not have a sickness or out of the influence, the handwriting will come in the oral profession whatever angle of the handwriting is. Okay, let's go to the next lesson. 7. Video 7 Zones Part 1: Welcome back. In this session, we are going to discuss and other pretty important law of handwriting analysis known as zone. We are going to discuss what is zone or zones, how to determine the zone and traits associated with zones? The first one, what is zone? If you draw for parallel line horizontally with equidistance, that will create some kind of attract. For blank. That means you will create three DRX. Those three tracks called zones, apart, drag, middles track lower drag, a persona, middle zone, lower zone. All of the letters must fit in those three zones. In. Now, what traits are associated with zone? We will talk in a minute. Let's check it out here. What do you see here? Let me plot my pen. What do you see here? This is the upward track, middle tract and lower track, a persona, middle zone and lower zone. I hope you can see. Good. Let's check it out with these, the word the upper zone. The letter H falls in the middle zone, and the upper zone, a is in the middle zone, n is the middle zone, D, middle zone and a port zone. W, middle zone are, is by zone or because some part of our falls in the upper zone. So this is the upper zone and mittens or letter saved in the eye. I dot goes in the middle zone are protozoan. So this is a by zonal d, obviously twos all letter, of course donor, middle zone, ING, G is the only letter that extended in the lower zone. So this is the middle zone and lower zone. Any letter that has the extension upward, that is called a persona lighter. Any letter has a downward extension called lower zone later. There is no letter without middle zone. So even though this is that by Zona, we do not call a persona or middle zone. D just quote a persona because middle zone is kind of understood type of a thing. Now, this is called perfect handwriting. 99.9% people do not write like this. One's a great one. You might bump into someone who write like this, maybe in a year once if you do a hundreds and thousands of samples in anybody write like this, the only people who write like this, the people who does the cartography and telegraphy does not consider a handwriting because you are applying a conscious effort to make a letter perfect. So an oligarchy is a form of drawing, not the handwriting. So what people do, they either make a persona larger or shorter, or the same thing with the middle zone logged that are shorter or the lower zone. And then they had a little technical terminology when they named the upper zone taller of bigger, that is called either exert exaggeration of the zone or embellishment of the zone. I have a habit of using the word embellishment rather than the exaggeration sought. Now, the question is, how much D can exaggerate or embellish the zone? They can do 50 percent, 75 percent, 100% to 100 percent, 300 for same 400 percent. I have seen as high as 1100%. And it indicates something to hide. You want, something happens via, I'm going to talk in a minute, saw it the other way they do it is reduced. The Opposed zone, probably going in the middle of these track or this zone. It could be like a 50 percent shorter or 25 percent shorter or 75 percent shorter. As the case may be, reducing the size of the zone called dwarfing, w, dw, ARF. I didn't get dwarf, dwarfing the dwarfing the letter. And they can do off the upper zone, they can draw out the middle zone and they can block the lower zone. Now, the real deal, what, what that really mean if they exaggerate or embellished does zone or drop the zone? Party zone is related to intellect. What that mean? If the opposable thumb is taller, the porcelain is heavy. Better IQ. The taller the upper zone, the management of the upper zone, the higher the intellectual capabilities. If the embellishment grows up to 300 percent, 400 percent, That's okay. Once it goes beyond that, then becomes a liability. So when a person is taller, that means this person has this person is pretty creative, imaginative. Also. He had a bigger eagle. As the exedrae eggs, the embellishment Gou, the liver goes higher, so does the ego. It also has a good sense of humor. Because human is also part of intellect. This person could be pretty philosophical. View. Do not know what philosophy the person believes. However, but he the serious thinker and he the pretty philosophical mind. And this person with the taller upper zone could be a religious person. And certainly a sign of Ben Dwarfs is pretty strong spiritual thinking of religion. And this person could be a religion, a religious in. And this person could be at the same time, empty is because religion is a form of philosophy. So what philosophy he believes, he could be an extremely, just on, extremely Agnostic scientist and so on. And now talk about the reduction of the zone when the opposing alone does not touch the top line. That is a dwarfing. And then does not mean that this person is done on, has gone blank, is pretty intellectual, could be. But for some reason they do not believe in philosophical conversation. They believed did think that talking about the philosophy is just visited of time because you can not seeing anything, things from them in the same because it's a universal truth. So why invest the time in talking about the philosophy? Just do and finish the job. The good thing about these people is the people who had the dwarf apart zone that did not get bored easily. They can handle monotony. Of course, one person wants changes. He want mental stimulation. There don't get as much if somebody says something wrong on in some of them. Of course, non-person few, take it seriously and few bed and it lost. For Hawaii. The bluff. Opposed to one person does, if they are working in there watching in a lot of man producing in the factory, if somebody said something, Yvonne him, they just forget about it and did not take it home. And don't forget the dollar opposed to in-person Getty's him for Hawaiian depends how Paul uses the upsilon is sold. So there's a kind of a mistake, but there's known philosophy. The perfect philosophy is, you know, let me mention one more thing about the upper zone. But the porcelain is excessively high, like a 600%, it's 100 percent of 700% or even more. That person becomes impractical. That person has it. Utopian way of thinking on his real bar is not the match but the ground reality. He had a some kind of elusive way of thinking and he lives in the illusion and that illusion, his reality. And majority of the time, they are very disappointed because the thing that they feel they believe that they accomplish certain things in certain period of time and the others behind us. And how is that possible? What's wrong between actually there's nothing wrong with that person. The only thing is then a little bit out of touch with reality. Do not do analysis service. Okay, So this is the downside of the eye and they definitely have a very high in clay. They are very imaginative. They can create so many things, but but they are a little bit under the illusion. Okay. These are the example of the apostle lighter middle zone letter and then lower zone letter. And these are the illustrations of the zone lead on this computer whirs here. This sample of handwriting shows that a persona is pretty tall, was like a three or 300%. If you compare with the middle zone. Here, the upper zone is like it for probably 5, 5%, 100% taller. If you consider the middle zone as a business size, M is a consistent pattern over here. So now you have a pretty much idea about upon zone embellishment of that was known in the duodenum upper zone, rest of the two middle zone and the lower zone we will talk about in the next session. 8. Video 8 Zones Part 2: Welcome back. As we, as you remember, OB talk about three zones of cortisone, middle zone and lower zone. The extensively covered the upper zone. Now we are going to talk about the middle zone and lower zone. Remember, if you remember that there are two types of zone. Either your embellish the zone or there's reduced the dwarf the zone saw the elephant talk about here. Exaggeration of the middle zone. This is a pretty good example. If you see, where's my thing. If you see midazolam is pretty exaggerated. If you compare with the, a protozoan, I'll presume, is almost, barely leaves, can be seen as a negative civil saw is pretty dominant. The middle zone, that means middle zone, is exaggerated. Now, what are the trade-offs associated with exaggeration of metolazone? Videos on people. I have the skin. They are very much involved in themselves. Did thing majority of the time about themselves, how they interact with the people dividend directly the people that they're thinking about themselves more and they do not care much about the other people. Sometime you find out this head all I get along with that person very well. In reality, the other person, descent they are getting along well. I have, has accepted them, their superiority and accepted them or he's the boss or to use the. So they let him play upon hand and they get along with that person. Well. And they all have is sometime you will find out these people show interest, concern above the other people. In reality, this show their interest in another person in order to get the appreciation from the other person. They are very hungry for every situation. They like to be admired. Sort of speak around the clock. The bigger the upper zone, a middle zone, the exaggerated middle zone, the world. They have an urge to get the mighty show through other people. They'll do like to see, oh, you got a great guy, a good lady who had been sent a grid jobs. This is the kind of conversation they like to hear. If somebody find any fall in their conversation on in the egg, they get angry pretty quick. They might not show right away, but did not done that personal. I'm not going to have a communication with that person. So you have to be one of caution that when you bumped in the person of embellished buttons on how to treat with those people. Okay, let's go to the logos on this. An example of the exaggerated embellished lower zone. If the metolazone is that standard, look over here that how deep know what Zoom is going. Just like a forty-five hundred percent, at least 400 percent. Look over here, is four times five times bigger than middle zone. And this is a consistent pattern in the whole sample of handwriting. Now, what trade-offs? Teddy, these people? The embellish, the logo zone. The higher energy. These people like to move around. They feel bored sitting down, even if they have nothing to do. These still tried to walk the one body movement there, that physical dexterity. You will find a lot of athletes have a very embellished lower zone. It, even if they are not a sporty person or at lead. But they have energy, the light, the outlet of the energy. And so exaggeration of the lower zone is the sign of high-energy. Also, these people are pretty energetic. Not only energetic because they're pretty determined. This what I wanted to say, there there's a degree of determination is much better than the people who has a dwarf nova zone. Swot. Now talk about, let's talk about the dwarfing the lower zone laws on just the opposite of the embellishment of the lower zone. That means these people are low in energy. They don't like to walk around. They liked to do so-called. Don't want to use the word but they're called couch potato book. The dislike to sit down on the office or work in the do their job whenever they can find the place. And I they are kinda fun, little lethargic. They get of lead. They all have is civil and action. Bu Ren De walks slow and so on, so on, no-go zone. And the level of determination is not a strong and they just changed their mind rather quickly. Saw some dwarfing the zone is not consider. Watching the lower zone is not considered it positive sign. And you will find some healthy person gets sick. And if you check their handwriting and at that time you will find out, then lower zone will be not as deep or as exaggerated. The wave and they were in a head the state of mind. Okay, that is the, then I conclude this session of zones and it will need in the next. And the law of handwriting and. 9. Video 9 Pen Pressure part 1: Welcome back. In this session, we are going to discuss another important law of handwriting analysis known as pen pressure. Pen pressure. Now people think that pen pressure profit and not year law, but it is, you will find out what that really mean. What we are going talk three things. What is spent pressure, how to determine the pen pressure, and the attributes associated with pen pressure. Primarily, there are three types of pen pressure. Actually there are seven, but this sickle 3 them are heavy pen pressure, medium pen pressure, enlightenment pressure. And there are further segment of heavy pen pressure. Heavy pen pressure, very heavy pen pressure, and extremely heavy pen pressure. And same thing in the light pressure, light pressure. Very light pressure, and extremely light pressure. Now the question is how to determine the pen pressure? There are a couple of ways that you can find out the basically it comes with experience. But is still there are certain way that you can figure it out. How the writer applying the pressure when the, when the writer put the pen on the paper, he applies some sort of a pressure on the pen. When he finished writing. What do you need to do? When you ask the person to write a sample of the handwriting. You give them a bunch of papers, like a ten of them, and he writes on the top, top paper, whatever he wished, right? And when he finished his sample, you pick out of the paper and check if the mark on the second beads underneath or the third period or the fourth bit. So the deeper you go, the heavier the pen pressure with a kind of a common sense thing. In some cases, you will find when you pick up the paper, there was no mark left on the second page or the third pins. So this way you determine that that is not a very heavy pressure, or it could be a medium pressure, it could be a very light pressure. That is another way to determine the pen pressure. Then, once the writer finished his sample of handwriting, pick up the paper and rode your hand on the back of the paper. And juvenile feel some kind of a Braille, some kind of a bumps that come with expediters, how deep the bumps are, but you will feel it if you feel the bump, that youth is definitely heavy pressure. If I have my bump, a mild Braille, that means in medium pressure, if you feel nothing, that means is a light pressure. Okay. Let's go on this chart. Pen pressure. I put a draft, heavy pressure, heavy pressure, light pressure, and even pressure. If I explain heavy pressure, light pressure, you probably figure it out yourself. Anything in between is a medium pressure. You see here heavy pressure. This is the example of heavy pressure. Light pressure. In even pressure, uneven pressure mean is a mixed bag. Heavy pressure, light pressure. Both are in there. These are the examples of this pressure. This example is their heavy pen pressure on visually it looks darker, deeper. All let me mention one more thing. That the only way you can have a better gentlemen with the heavy pressure, light pressure if you have it or original sample of handwriting. If someone sends you a photocopy or email, you juvenile have a pretty tough time finding out how what the PE ratio because in the photocopy it and the e-mail, you cannot feel the pressure. With a lot of experience is still, you can figure it out, but it's still pretty good chance to make a mistake. So the, the quantity and honestly, you have grim that the person right in front of you and asked him to bring couple of other samples as dimension in the previous lesson. And you do the comparative study and figure it out. What is the real instead of mine, the person is in anti-type. Okay, Now let's go. What are the trade-offs associated with those? With heavy pen pressure? Heavy pen pressure people are very emotional people. There outburst vents, they get angry, the heart of them to control especially the extremely heavy pressure. Some pressure you could find so heavy that they know they have heavy pressure. So they used the fiber marker because David make it the scratch the paper. If they apply. If they start writing, looks like this, use the knife or something. I have seen some samples. Handwriting like that. This is rare, but it does, did do occur. Happens, Is exist. Solve. These people. Very strong love and hit. If they like someone, they will all the way in the hips on the road, all the way. Also, they have a pretty good memory. They do not forget. If you give them a tough time, they will never forget a demo of a number after ten years. If you, if you wanted to widen in the party and if you do some nice thing, good contribution this downward or rewarded this person when I, when I can, better when I get a chance. And if you break the dinner plate there, remember that to 0, this is the problem guy is still live in him, so they will not forget those events easily. The bottom line is they have a very good memory. And whatever they learn in the early is div, they are good at remembering names and the fingers and the events. Okay? As I said that emotionally emotions are very strong and and they have a kind of it. There were extremely heavy pressure, pretty dominating type of person. They are very bossy. And if there's ever a decrypts on negative that you are going to learn down the road. There could be a brutal there could be dangerous soul. Okay. So if you ever want to stop over here on the heavy pressure, light pressure, that even uneven pressure we will discuss in the next session. 10. Video 10 Pen Pressure part 2: Welcome back. Ah, in the previous session, the talk about three types of pressure, heavy pressure, light pressure, and even an even pressure. He covered the heavy pressure, RSpec, Nabi, I'm going talk light pressure and an even pressure. What attributes associated with light pressure? The light pressure people are very sensitive people, by the way. This is the example. This is an example of heavy pressure. And if you compare this one, this is a light pretty light pressure, light pen pressure. And what attributes with dove? Light pen pressure, they are very delicate, very sensitive people. If limiting goes wrong, that bothers them a lot. They get effected rather easily with the weather. They have to be very careful. Cindy Vinny, for Jive by nature, so to speak, did tends to be a little bit naive. Day. What he called global salespeople take advantage. Did these people easily, most salespeople, the head depression people take advantage of the light pen pressure people. They are basically a funnel worse if somebody applies the pressure. Okay. Okay. I'll do it. It'll get because they don't want no trouble, so to speak. And they want the other person be happy did since they are too sensitive, did get hurt easily. That thing if I do not listen the other person, they might get her to. So in order to make the other person heavy, then just agree with that person. Sometime they agree so much that fire spec that hurts them. Beck, heavy pen pressure people are there like a mantle sources in and they do not get effected easily. Picking up on metal. The heavy, heavy pressure people like heavy metal music. These people like a light music. The interesting part is light pen pressure. People can be provoked easily because, because of their sensitivity, sensitive nature. If you use some harsh remark or criticize them, that bothers them a lot and they get upset. At the same time, heavy been pressure people can be provoked easily. People, they have no tolerance of any negative comment about them. Sole Divya kind of thing in a similar fashion, but the reason reasoning is behind is different. Let's talk about uneven pen pressure. And you can figure it out. Anything in between heavy pressure in lactation is the medium pressure. And even pressure. Is it indicative of hot and cold? Sometime this on very excited and pretty quickly. There cool down. There are certain things. Then remember, for awhile, if they have a really serious interest in that. The rest of that name didn't want even care and forget. Heavy pen pressure. People remember everything, whether they like it or not to like it. These uneven pen pressure that pick and choose whatever delighted, remember it. And if they don't like it, they just forget it. Occasionally there could be very sensitive because of David combo of the light pressure. So they can be provoked easily either in the mode of the heavy pressure, on, in the mode of the light pressure. Sometime when a salesman make a pitch, if they're dropped their guards did by his destroying. And OnePlus has been Watson does A0 B1 and he tried to fool me and and then review the whole thing and then there's a no-no, I'm not going to buy now I'm going to cancel the order of things of nature. Saw their mood fluctuation is a little high because of the pen pressure goes up and down. That's basically it about the even pen pressure. We will conclude this session and in the next session we will talk another important law of handwriting analysis. 11. Video 11 Letter Size Part 1: Okay, welcome back. In this session, we are going talk about another important law of handwriting analysis known as letter size, size of lettering. This pretty easy to determine. We are going talk three things. Sarcolemma, a size of lettering, and how to measure the size in a gym that tributes connected with with the size of lettering. So how to determine the size? First of all, there are three types of signs of lettering. It could be as many as more than 37 actually. Did divide subcategory of large silage lettering on large lettering. Very large lettering and extremely large lettering. Size of lettering on large lettering indicate the person is very ambitious. They don't get their very top quality. Or trade is recognition. And let me show you here. Large size, medium, and small size of lettering. And these are large, medium and small. And these are the examples of these sizes. The trade-offs of large size lettering is the most important thing for the large size lettering person is recognition. They love to be in the limelight David job that offers any less money and more recognition. They will take it. They like challenges. They like to manage people. A lot of people are in elected to take the managerial position. This hill oven, you getting so much a negative comment from my the people who are working for me or working with me. And these people, they are not afraid of death. They just want to be a boss. Did just like to, to be an artist. This is one of the biggest desire. And also they want to get in life in a much faster pace. So they have a lot of fun and leadership qualities. Large size, lettering people are pretty flamboyant. They speak loud. And if they are in sales, I'm giving you a very specific thing about salespeople. There are several types of sale like a retail sales and insurance sales, intangible product sales, and so on. Dig our one called closer. This is a terminology used in sales. Did, were pretty good job on that sale and they emit a lot of money because the people who are in the one called closing, since program, they make more money than any other sets people did. If the large side lettering become extremely large. That turns into negative. And I give you this word of caution. These people are a great manipulator. The ticket one dates. What's really tried to take it wanted with anybody, not because they have it. Bed intention did just want to prove themselves that I'm really that grid. Then I can dig it, then I can fool, so to speak. Or the person in for their own gratification did just paint a big picture. These are the people who underdeliver and over-promise saw. If you pump in with a salesperson like this, are you take little extra caution and review your decision, whatever you're buying it. And they just like to talk big because they think BIG. Their thing down natural boss. They like big projects. And that's why they liked tall, big a two. This is the lead that did belong to. So and delve into it pretty luxurious minded people. I only don't cite. Another downside is they always spend more of what they are, even though they are a millionaire, but it's still there, find some way to spend more money. So they always little bit behind on the budget. They spend more money in the beginning and towards the end. They just try to cut the either of the program order or extend the budget and so on. Okay, we will stop it here. The next medium size and a small size. We will talk in the next session. 12. Video 12 Letter Size Part 2: Okay, welcome back. In the previous session, we were talking about size of lettering, large lettering, medium size lettering, and the small size of lettering. This session we are going talk about medium size lettering. In the small size of lettering. How do you know the letter size is medium or large or a small? Most of the experts say that it comes with the experience, which is common. Same thing definitely come with experience. But I tried to create some type of a system, so it would be easier. I usually save fine 20 samples of handwriting randomly from anyone and put them in a, put them in an order, large, medium, and small. Most likely you will have you will put it in the right order if you make a mistake in them, there is no big deal. Another way that you can determine is the large size or the small size. Look over here. This is the example of the Laertes silage lettering. This is a medium size and dysentery. Small size. Saw. Jesus can count them. Did these letters, I'm not blown up. That made the letters bigger and reduce this one, make it smaller. And you can check it. Look over here, there are 1234 only four letters. One line in this one, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then be the sign of the lettering in the same space. More letters. That means the actual logically those lettering is smaller than this. If you brought those lettering into vertical, beyond the bounds of the size of the signs of the light. And in this one, if you check it and see how many, how many words? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Sometime you will find even nine, 10, 11, 12. The very small size of lettering. And by the way, at the very small size of lettering is small, very small and extremely small slide they have a nickname called bacteria writing. So let's come back on the middle side of the lettering. So these are the minimum side of that delivering. That means what large site lettering Do? They do? Lesser degree, but same thing. That means, first of all, the Larsen lettering, recognition is their number one priority. These people priority is not recognition. If the money is more even a job situation, they would take a managerial position and then we'll accommodate of it, the circumstances and the situation with their work or with the efforts. They will, they will start managing people. Because large size people, beloved manage people. These people dealt reluctant. They only OB, should I do, should I not do it? I did the more money, Let's do it. So this is not the they will take a recognition is not their priority, will then take the root and work in the limelight. Also, they are very co-operative, did not play a boss even though if they're in a managerial position or a supervisor, they treat their fellow worker as a coworker and they do not consider themselves as a boss. There that the end, this is just my title, but it does not mean I killed them. I should feed them nicely. These people did not care that the, I'm the boss. I should act like a boss. And if they do not like me, so be it. But there's so much wrapped up in their way of thinking. Oh, okay. It maleness go on. The small size of lettering is small size of lettering is exactly opposite to the large size of lettering. That means recognition is the least priority. Did not even a priority. They like to hide themselves. They just do not want to be in the limelight. The small size of lettering, they are real good insert in certain businesses. And some, some kind of work, for example, did with grip job in the research were large size people are people-oriented, is small site of people out of work oriented. They get involved in their work deeply. And remember I used the France bacteria lighting if the if the writing is so small, they even had a hard time to read there and aligns excessively. This is called analysis paralysis. If they get stuck, insert EDI and did not get the answer, they go deeper and deeper and deeper to find the truth. They are pretty good in the engineering. D like to do the fine worst, for example, if they are in the medical field, they're probably not necessarily they would prefer to do the eye examination or eye surgery because this is a very dedicated and my new work. Or they would like to do like air watchmaking and double dose stratified analysis. These are their favorite profession and did would like to work with the people. Does it give me the sign of man? And they get involvement in and they do a great job, did do a good job. I'm not counting analysis. They are real good in the microanalysis and large size of lettering people are good in the macro. And honestly, this see a big picture. If done in the real ester this at all, how to make it 50 story building. And they will then spend more time in the interior designing and how to make the coloring and my new things, whatever in the building is involved. These are just two, just an example. Okay, grid view. We'll conclude the session and we'll meet in the next session when another law of handwriting analysis. 13. Video 13 The Letter T: Welcome back. Today we are going talk about another segment of handwriting analysis. This is not a law of the handwriting analysis. Actually, there are multiple laws. Handwriting analysis. One segment in VR going talk about only one letter. And the letter is t, t like Tom. Out of all 26 letters, letter T is the most important letter as far as or from the standpoint of handwriting analysis. These are the some samples for examples of handwriting. I'm in the letter T. Right now you will see 66, about 12. Different formation of liberty are, these are not all D, that justice is selection. I picked out these 12 of them because 70, 80% of the people make their tea in this fashion. And how many keys are there? There are dozens of them, and these are the single variables. And if you do two-variable combine or to the video and combine the heavy, their combination and permutation, it becomes really huge in hundreds. And to tell you the truth, honestly, there are thousands is tides of letter P. But once you break down in the B6, they come out about 30 or 40. In, out of 30 and 40, these are the 70, 80 percent most common one soul. In the next segment, I'll tell you why you are where you can find the Ohad you do. The situation that you do not find those t's in dissemble, letter T is so important. I remembered one European handwriting experts say, if you show me 1140 about a person, I can tell more than 50 percent about the about that person. To me is not exaggeration. The letter P can tell a great deal about a person. Some of you can notice there are little different and differences one to the other. As a matter of fact, these minor minute differences make a mega difference. The personality, how their subconscious mind has been programmed, and this d depict their value system and how they really feel. And another example, if the fight, if you write in a certain shape of your T and if I ask you on someone asks you or do the other way, you might allocate it. This person big heavy, you probably tried to do the other way to three times and although I don't like it, I hit this. Well, the way I do that, I'm going to do my own way because your habits, your values are not accepting it. So Vida bit, lead our t is nothing but two strokes. One is vertical, one is hot exam don't consciously, we know this is letter D, but our subconscious mind as a more audit knows that V make one installed this way. I want to store it the other way. What that mean? Heck with it. Soul dead is the reflection in your team. Let's go one by one in every letter T. What do you see? I just tried to make 2s science that to make this even more visible. And this is the actual T, This WC. What do you see in this t? And this t is, again, by the way, the vertical line called the technical word in handwriting analysis and graphology called a stem, SVM. And hot isn't aligned called bar, D bar, B bar. So the stem is here, the bars here, the stem is here, bar is here. This D. The cross of the T is very meticulously, very precise. That means half on the top, half and the Bardo. Same size here and same size here. This is a very precise, D. Believe it or not, barely 56, 7% people make d like this. Because anybody, if you bought, if you see someone making a T like this, these people are very ridiculous, very precise in their actions, in their words. They do not exaggerate their statements. And did not over-promise. They tried to meet their goals soil in any which way. They're already been decided their action. Okay, what is the difference between this p and this T are most often you have observe it. The difference is the D bar, the cross of the T is much higher compared to this one. And here might be 20 and 25 percent in him, maybe like a 75 percent. Okay. 20, 25 percent, 75 percent. When the P bar is higher. That means this person has a good set of image. This is the indicative of the image, how the person perceive himself or herself. Okay, let's go to the next one. This is the oppose it off. This d bar. Here you see the P crossing or D bar is very low and this section leg is 75 percent, probably 80 percent on the top of the bar and 20, 25 percent of the bottom. That is an indication, visible indication this person has is low self-esteem and this is 99 percent true. A lid that off some other video on defcon predicting. But the very simply you can sit high esteem and low esteem. Let's go to the next week. What are the different between the rest of that t is this t is causing right on the top, is touching the stem on the top. Okay. That means this person is ambitious, had a very challenging goals. He or she wants to accomplish, finishes job, whatever they have planned. And they are pretty realistic and they are pretty focused to finish their job. And they feel uncomfortable if they are behind the schedule. Okay, let's go to the next one. The difference between this d bar and rest of it is then the gap between a stem and the T bar. You have to measure generally on approximately how much is the again, the higher the again, the bigger the gap. The behind the person in his programmed, in his, in his work. It is assignment. These people have in habit to make a huge program. Program big enough that they cannot achieve it. This shoot, their goals very high. That is beyond their control. And they do not take into account other variables and water Mendel and other variables into conservation. Think the bigger the thing the, the better they would be totally focused on it and ignore the other aspects saw D. And if the disk space between two is standing, the pod is high. That means the degree of discontentment is high and they are unhappy and their descent mid. Because that ignoring the other part and Their discontentment is right coming from here. If they cut down their plans on make it more realistic, they will at least meant with this one. Okay, Let's go to the next one. The BOD is slightly differing, is in the middle. It has a good self-esteem like this one, but it has a little curve in there. What that indicates is, it indicates sense of humor. Their artistic, they enjoy fun. So this is a sign of sense of humor. Good to the next one and the next line. This T bar, is a little bit obvious. The DBA is not crossing, as a matter of fact, is on the right-hand side of the stem. And there is a space in between that is literally important. And to notice, and it comes into expedience. What, why they make this a double realistic D bar I destroyed to make it more visible. When the T bar, D bar is on the right. That means these people are in a hurry. They wanted to do things fast. And now you see how fast they are undergoing. The bigger the gap between is spam and the bar. If they're driving, if they're going 95 miles an hour, the bottom would be here. There would be huge gap and there no doubt of yne ending, but there were 95 miles an hour, but did feel more comfortable going fast rather than slope. I'm just give you an example of the drive of whatever they do at work and his school in their own personal assignment. So the bottom line is, if the bar on the right-hand side, the omnibus try to do in a hurry. There are two thing is speed and the accuracy. They're more prone towards a speed. And accuracy is not important compared to this one. There are more prone towards accuracy than speed did or want to go faster when they breathe the barrier of the accuracy. Okay, let's go to this one. This is the opposite of this D bar. This T bar is on the left-hand side of the stem. When is on the left center side. And again, they space between the stem and the bar is not as simple. And I'll sometimes people make debug debt for bed and some almost touching it. So the bigger the gap will get. First of all, what it indicates, it indicates procrastinator their progress in it. If the gap is too big, that be done a big-time procrastinator. While do it tomorrow I'm doing next week on good, next time. And this is the part of them, heaven. So this is a sign of progress donation. Let's go to the next one. What did you see here? This is a more realistic example. What do you see here? The T bond is much longer, bigger than even the stem. Majority of the people make a stir. Bar is smaller than the stem size. But some people do Nicky bar too long and sometime they make the connection to the next letter. So vendor teapot is too long. That is a sign of enthusiasm. Dividend. They're pretty emotional and enthusiastic people. Okay, the next one. And there's the one that I can mention. Yeah. You can. If if the teapot is too small, that means there have not been enthusiastic people. I did not include it here because logically you can figure it out yourself then. And I said to them about 30, 40 of them single video empty bars. Okay. This T bar is shooting upward like 45-degree, 50 degree of 60 degree. The degree could be dangled, could be varies from 180. Having a straight line to Upwork will get what it indicates. The upward shooting that there are future oriented and they are optimistic. This is a sign of optimism with the angled upward in the T bar. That means the optimistic people next to you. But this d bar is opposite of this one. That means the d bar is when done, the hill is downward. When the key bob goes downward, There's the sign of pessimism and the sine of discontentment. Okay? Last but not the least, this d bar is different than all the rest of them. What is shows here, it has a little kind of archetype of a thing. Little bit roundish. Most like umbrella, so to speak. Are these, these, these DBA indicative of a degree of insecurity? These people by lot of insurance, we weren't then they did it. They didn't secure all somebody contradict me from this side or this angle. So I have to be contained and secure if I get a lot of insurance. So this assign little bit insecurity and these people by Olympic vote insurance. Okay, That's basically on the letter T. And even conclude this session and we will meet in the next session. Thank you. 14. Video 14 Conclusion and Dictionary: Welcome back. This is our final session of the scores of handwriting analysis 101. In this session, we are going to touch base the salience segment of this course. Then we will talk about how to find the information, desired information quickly rather than searching in the videos all over. Okay? If you recall, in the very first couple of videos, we talked about myths and the facts about handwriting analysis. Doors are 10 questions selected out of hundreds of questions, 90% of the people AS same questions in their own words, in different shapes and forms. I would highly recommend to watch this video, two videos, multiple times. What it will do, it will, it will enhance the graph. You or your level of confidence will go up and the graph of your skepticism, the record down. Also as you will have enough ammunition at your disposal. If someone ask the question, you will have a satisfactory answer. You can push the terms. Often quiet your mind. Okay, next video, video number three is about pen strokes. What I call them parents for why call them parallel strokes? Because if there were not those two strokes, there will not be, there might not be alphabets as you know it. And as a matter of fact, handwriting analysis is the study of strokes. This is a funded, a fun tip to watch. Okay. The next we talked about heavy duty stuff, the real laws, all handwriting analysis. First we told our in, in the very first law of handwriting analysis was the slant, the angle of the lettering. From the way I feel it. This is the most important law of all handwriting analysis. There are so many of them. And when the angle of the lettering is right word, then it's considered positive, especially when the angle of the lettering is between 45 and 60 degrees. When his scores less than 30 degrees, that is not that positive because the person becomes impulsive and sometime makes irrational decisions. At the same time, if the angle goes all the way to 125 degrees or 30 degrees and beyond, that is in sine of negative or liability. The details you will find every watch the video. Next, we talked about that other important law of handwriting analysis zone. The zones, there are three types of zones of cortisone, middle zone, and the lower zone. Exaggeration and dwarfing of the zone. Of course, zone directly connected to intellectual capabilities. Middle zone, the person himself, herself mean myself and I sort of speak. And the lower zone is, and our g and physical dexterity. Next, law of handwriting analysis. We talked about pressure pen, pressure, pen, pressure. There are three types of pen pressure, heavy pressure, light pen pressure, and an even pen pressure. Then we talked about another law of him writing analysis. Letter size. Primarily there are three sizes, but altogether subcategory are seven sizes. Large size, very large size, extremely large size, mid-size, a small size, very small size, and extremely small size known as bacteria. Writing. In the next lesson, we talked about the most important letter out of all 26 letters. Letter t. The letter t, there were 12 variation of the T's we talked about, but as a matter of fact, there are a lot more. And I'm going to show you or tell you in a minute where you can find those 20 more, at least single-variable letter T is. Now the challenge is how to find the information when you are analyzing the handwriting quickly. And you do not want to spend time researching and watching the whole sets of videos. Hey, here is the magic answer. What do you see here? This is the very first speech. This pictorial dictionary. This dictionary, pictorial dictionary of handwriting analysis. This dictionary, what authored by me. In this dictionary, you will find from a to Z all the formations of the letters. Firstly describe the formation and then attribute associated to them. For example, this letter a is wrong at the top in the handout and you should be able to see more. Clarity is a little bit curve on the top what that means. This person has a lot more tolerance. If he's seen some opposing view is plus dot, get upset or pushed out. He had a lot of tolerance. You know what donors mean? The next one is sit flat at the top. Fled means it does not have a curve. It has a just a straight line. What do you see? A capital a. That person has a mechanical ability. That means mechanical things come to him naturally. It does not mean if you have a flat top, you cannot become mechanical engineer or mechanical knowledge. It will just come little small. You have to put little extra post the extra effort. In this way, the whole, the letters have their description and the trade-offs associated to them. These are not only 26 letters, actually, there are 52 gifts and the lowercase saw, this is not the end of labor in there are more formations are on the next page. I will save this book is available in any in any bookstore. The only thing is in the bookstores, enemies a bookstore in this country, you will find only hardcover. And if you obtain a book from me, I will have a soft cover, hardcover 34, 95. Soft cover is only 15 dollar than the shipping is about five-dollar and lower 48, little bit more in Alaska and Hawaii. If you obtain a book from mean, I will sign it for you, personalized for you, especially for my students. And let me give you my email address. Just in case you wanted to get in touch with me and you want to order the copy of the bulk. Helios is a shine ED My firstName, lastName at As simple as that. Where this book is this book is the part. This book is the second part of this book. Let's talk about little bit about this book. This book lou bit unconventional because this book is written in a Christian on to form. The reason being, I want to be more to specific people to ask a specific question and I like to answer a specific answer. So there are 100 questions are answered in this book. And enter the unconventional part of find in this book, every analysis followed by a synthesis. I've never seen any proof similar to that. Also, I've never seen a book, their entire book just describing the analysis, significant analysis. Cow. There are so many questions were asked, hundreds of them but only 100. Mostly repeatedly ask Watson, the criteria was if several force of folks ask the same question over and over. So I just concluded in that book, I answer that question and I cover, you can imagine. I've discovered, I answered about his priority is, is likes, dislikes, decision-making process and national issues, international issues. In international issues I mentioned issues, I answer, describe it, analyze it, then I give the synthesis to be more specific. Like a salt Korea, north Korea of genistein or Middle East or national issues, gun, gun control and so on. If you just Google the list of the contents, you would find out what interests you just did those questions and disregard the crystal them. There are few cautions. Few questions were asked more frequently than anyone. Then other things than other questions. One was remember, we talked about all of us had three personalities. And someone read my book and asked the question. And then there are so many people ask of questions. How we think about ourselves, what adult things, and what we really are. Now, people asked how President Trump thing about himself. All we've already feel. Or think that precedent crown is the luckiest man elected and became the president of the United States. But he doesn't feel that way. He thinks United States is the luckiest country that they elected the best precedent ever. If someone. And he thinks that he's the sum and all the institutions the whole country must revolve around him. And when someone criticize him, he thinks that the critic is incapable of comprehend the MME, the wisdom of the precedent. Precedent is incapable of making any error or misjudgment. Another question was asked. So often, what you find, what I found in his signature, the biggest virtue or drawback or the downside, is because virtue without it out, unparalleled. Master of presentation, this is what you can extract from the handwriting. But if you do the process of elimination, it was down like a sales page. Whether you make a presentation to the audience or the judge or the jury. As a matter of fact, when you make a presentation to the audience. There are informal Julie. And then you can find out what philosophy he bleeds most. One, here, the lesson, belief in a soul for us. So his biggest virtue is the presentation and the kind of audience he target in his presentation. Believe it or not, what I found here, the more subliminal messages of court messages, then the method we can hear and listen and hear the target audience. And it goes right on their heart, in their mind and capture the power of those messages. This one to use in the Rayleigh, this is what you use in the tweets and whenever a conference calls conference. And so on. The biggest virtues, the presentation and the downside is subjective thinking. And I think that subjective thinking is so much ingrained. I don't, I think he cannot overcome on that. And then one end of the course, so 2017 was what did not work. Can I find what did I find in his signature that can tell why he won election in 2016? And I'm getting the same questions again. Why he is the handwriting signature tells anything about why he lost 2020 election. The answer might surprise you. Sales presentation. Now, there are so many kinds of sales programs. Tangible products, intangible products. There is another division call, one called close, one called grows. The other one is repeat sales. For some reason if you, if you are not familiar with the sales per gram, ask any sales manager the peep the hardest part is the one called Close and he's the master of it. And the people who are expert on the one called clothes, they don't do a good job in the repeat sales. The techniques or the philosophies behind those sales pitches. In the one called close, you, you over promise under deliver. In the repeat sales, X2 under promise and over-deliver. And what he did in 2016. Since he's the master of one called closer, which is the very hard job. Very few people succeed in the one called clause. People bought his stories and believed it and digested it and voted for him. When comes 2020 hits. He used the same techniques in the past election. But since he's not as good in the repeat sales, so he could not succeed. Now I would like to congratulate you for completing the course successfully. If you miss any assignment, just do it. That will enhance your level of confidence. And have fun with this fun subject. There would be few more courses in the future. In the near future, like a self-improvement, which is my favorite subject, and some advanced level of courses and so on. So have fun with fun subject and good luck.