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Graphology - Handwriting Analysis in any language

Paresh Chitnis, Handwriting Analyst

Graphology - Handwriting Analysis in any language

Paresh Chitnis, Handwriting Analyst

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29 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction to Gestalt Method

    • 2. Concept of a blank page

    • 3. Introduction to Margins

    • 4. Width of Left Margin

    • 5. Shape of Left Margin

    • 6. Trends in left Margin

    • 7. Introduction to Right Margin

    • 8. Risk Taking

    • 9. Unoccupied and controlled right margin

    • 10. Unoccupied Right Margin

    • 11. Top Margin

    • 12. Bottom Margin

    • 13. Introduction to Baselines

    • 14. Baselines

    • 15. Ascending Descending Baseline

    • 16. Types of Baseline

    • 17. Slant of Handwriting

    • 18. Zones

    • 19. Pressure

    • 20. Size

    • 21. Pastocity Introduction

    • 22. Types of Pastocity

    • 23. Negative Pastocity

    • 24. Connections Disconnections

    • 25. Types of Connections

    • 26. Spacing Intro

    • 27. Letter Spacing

    • 28. Word Spacing

    • 29. Line Spacing

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About This Class

Handwriting reveals personality. This course is ideal for you if you wish to learn how to know a person's personality from handwriting. You may learn this as a hobby or for professional application. This course is good for beginners as it is a basic course. 

If you are interested in knowing personality, behavior, way of thinking or mindset of a person from his/her handwriting, this course is for you. You may be a psychologist, counselor, coach, mentor, trainer, teacher or a therapist wanting to know what goes on in the mind of your client, patient or student; or you may be an investigator wanting know what is the suspect thinking; or a, businessman or a salesperson wanting to know his customer or a team leader or a recruiter wanting to know your team members or candidates. For any reason, if you can work better by knowing people better, this course is for you. Many participants of this course in the past have taken this course to pursue their hobby and interest in knowing people.

This course is not for you if you are looking for diagnosing illnesses or predicting future of a person.

The course has been designed by Paresh P Chitnis, trainer, author and Government certified forensic handwriting analyst. The narrator of the lessons, Neha Rathod, is a qualified Psychologist and Graphologist at CPAG Graphology Experts. 

Paresh has been conducting classroom training programs on handwriting analysis and this online course is designed to give you the same learning experience.


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Paresh Chitnis

Handwriting Analyst


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1. Introduction to Gestalt Method: this video is an introduction to just start approach off inviting and and writing analysis can be done in two different weights. One us looking at the handwriting as a whole that is just up on the other is looking at every individual part off the handwriting, looking at every little formation in the handwriting that is called US treatment. This radio is about the just start approach off handwriting and dances. In just start analysis, we look at the sample as a whole. We look at the complete sample as one unit on this need just start comes from the just I'll psychology, which is about the some off the parts, is more than the whole. Similarly, in handwriting analysis, just start analysis approach tells us a lot about the personality as a whole and not as individual behaviour retreats. So what is just tired analysis? Imagine you are looking at a club. You can identify different shapes in those clouds. Sometimes it looks like a tree, and sometimes it looks like a house so you can identify shapes and different clouds. Similarly, you can identify different patterns in the handwriting formation. When you look at the handwriting sample as a whole. So when you look at the handwriting sample as a whole, you can see some specific patents which can get about the personality of the person. This approach. Skordas, just start approach off handwriting and anuses. What are we going to study in? Just our approach off handwriting analysis were were to study baselines margins, slant pressure size Passats, city spaces between words the space between lines, space between electors on interpretation off all these aspects off Just start analysis. So I welcome you on in white. You toe go through all the videos in this program on loan, just start analysis. 2. Concept of a blank page: in this video, we're going to study a concept called this concept off a blank page, a blanket re presents something that everybody gets income because to the time you have not written anything on the page, the page is saying for everyone. The moment you start writing on the beach, the page gets differentiated. The blank page is now utilized by your writing. So the blank is something that everybody gets common blank. Page three presents something that everyone on us on the sort gets the sea, and that is 24 hours off a day. Everyone in this world gets 24 hours in a day, whether you are the busiest person or you have nothing to do in life, you still get 24 hours in a day. There are days in life where we feel that it would have been better if we got a few hours more in a day. But that doesn't happen. You still get ready for us in a day. Time is Corliss money, But time is more than money because you can beg, borrow, steal money. You cannot do that with time. You cannot carry forward some ours off today to tomorrow, so you have to have time in. You have to have 24 hours in a day, and you have to utilize those ready for us in the same day. So time is more pressure than money. And we understand personality based on how a person is utilizing time. So the handwriting on a blank page is the way a person is utilizing 20 for us. We are understanding how you utilize your point before us in the day by looking at your handwriting. So handwriting sample is a snap short off 24 hours in a day. It is like we're taking out one page from a book off your life on trying to find out the quality of the book. We're trying to understand your life by just looking at one beach off the book, so the 20 for us in a day is something that we get. The scene in our life. 24 hours in a day is what is represented on a blank page. So the concept off blank page in a line is space on paper. It's time in your life. But now when we talk about time, it has direction. When you're thinking off time. Either you're thinking off the past or your thinking on the future. So when we look at a blank page, the left side is the past, and the right say is the future. The top is again the past. On the bottom is the direction off the future. So when we read from left to right, we're moving from past to future on. We complete one line. We moved to the next line below it. We're still moving from past to the future, so that's a concept off blank page. This concept becomes useful in just tired analysis. On trade analysis. Boot concept of blanket Is the basis off handwriting analysis A person who is a handwriting analyst on doesn't know concept of blank page will not be able to do a good quality handwriting analysis. 3. Introduction to Margins: the first aspect in this type approach off entitling anuses that you're going to study is called as margins. Margins are the spaces left un utilized on the very ferry off the handwriting samples. So the empty speeds on the left hand side off the paper on which the handwriting sample has been made, we call as the left margin the empty space on the right side would be called us, right, Martin, the unutilized space at the top. Off the paper off the handwriting sample will be called us a top margin, whereas the empty space unutilized at the bottom of the handwriting sample will be called as the bottom march. These margins represent some specific things, and we are going to study those aspects from these margins. 4. Width of Left Margin: we're going to study left marching in this video. Let margin is the space unoccupied on the left side of the paper after the handwriting sample has been made. So this piece tells us about the person's relation with this past because the left side is about past now what this past past is anything that is related to you but not dependent on you for its identity. Anything that has its own independent identity which is related to you. All such things are your past. For example, your battles. They were husband and wife since you were born. They became your parents. They are related to you. But they are not dependent on you for their identity. Seeing booze for your school, for your country, for your needing, please for your religion, for your teachers, all these things All these people are related to you. But they are not dependent on you. They have their own identity. Since they are related to you, they are part off your life. Otherwise this still had their own identities. So all such things are your past. And that is represented on the left side, off the paper in the handwriting on the ordination with the past will be seen in the left margin the visa that the concept of blankets tells us that space on people is time in your life. So when you are leaving, some speaks on the left side. You are leaving something on the table. That is the time you have not utilized. Sometimes which waas apart off your 20 for us off the day. So you have not used to does training for those sometime in your 24 hours. So what have you done with those those time moments? You have spent that with others. When you have left some space here you are leaving that's piece for others. You are not utilizing it for yourself, but you are giving it for others. So what you're doing is you are considering somebody else in your life. You are giving some space to others in your life by not utilizing all the time for yourself . That is the concept off left margin. Know how much time should be given to the others in our life? Now this will be seen in the handwriting as 18 off the words off the paper. So the left margin is white enough 218 off the word of the paper as blank. Then it would be considered as necessary and sufficient time being given to the society on significant people in life. So the 18 off the paper is left as a left margin. Then the person is giving sufficient and necessary time to others in his life. But if there is no managing it all like this, if the left margin is missing, then the person is not giving time to others that are. The person is so prick occupied with his whole priorities that he finds no time for others in his life. He is not able to give consideration to others in his life. In the second case, this is card as a narrow left margin. It is there, but it is very narrow the world off. The left margin is less than 18 off the boat. Off the paper, it means that the person will give time to others according to his own convenience. If he finds that it is convenient for him toe, consider somebody else on. He can without any efforts, consider the opinions of others. Only then he will give time to others. Otherwise, he doesn't give time to fit people in his life. So that is convenience when it comes to giving timeto this, the third aspect off the full aspect of left margin is where the left margin is more than one. It off the worth of the people. So you can see that the word of the paper is more than when he this person is showing that he's giving a lot of time to others in his life. But then, when it is more than 18 off the words off the paper, it means that this person is giving more than sufficient on more than necessary time orders . By doing so. What he's doing is he's exaggerating on pretending to be giving time and consideration to others, actually is not giving any such consideration for others. He's exaggerating, and he's pretending that he gives a lot of consideration God does in his life. But the fact is not so. So this person is not giving timeto adults in his life is exaggerating and pretending that he's giving time, but he is not doing so. That is the principle of exaggeration. So he's showing something but the opposite is true. When some aspect and just start is exaggerated, the opposite becomes to hear the left margin is, too. Why, which means that the person is actually giving a lot of time to others. But then that is an exaggeration, because he has lived almost half the page invert as a left margin. So this person is exaggerating. Principle of exaggeration is very important. You need toe interpret the principle of exaggeration in the right way. On ends. You might consider this person to be very considerate on giving a lot of time to the society, which is not so. 5. Shape of Left Margin: in this video, we're going to learn about different types off left margins based on their ship. The first left margin based on the ship is a street inch left margin. The straightest left margin is wearing all the starting points off. The lines are almost one below the other, so the person writes first line. And then when the line gets complete earlier, there is no more space to right here. He moves on to the next line on he starts somewhere exactly below the first line, and he keeps on doing for every next line, and he's almost one below the other. So he's placing the first letter off every line, almost one below the other unknowingly, unknowingly, the state. The left margin becomes straight edge. The shape of the left margin becomes straight ish because all the first letters off every line have been placed one below the other Unknowingly. It's not exactly originally street, because the lines are not exactly one below the other because there is no conscious effort behind it. Since there is no conscious effort, there is some small minor error on the lines start slightly earlier, or a little later than the earlier point are starting. This shows that the person is self discipline. He has served discipline in his work. He's self discipline in his handwriting toe. This person doesn't need any external discipline for getting things done in his life. This person can get things done, whatever he's supposed to do at that point of time, without any external force working on that sir discipline. But the second example of the left margin is very left margin. This person is writing beginning the sentences or lines randomly, anywhere respected off the earlier line starting point. So what we see is he completed the first line and when he comes to write the next line somewhere, he misses the continuity off. The starting points on his lying are not one below the other and saw the left margin becomes we away. We left margin shows that the person is not certain discipline. He cannot be discipline unless there is an external force working on him to get things done that he's supposed to do at that point of time. It's very difficult for such people to be in an discipline environment. Such people are not adored discipline. They will not do the activities that they're supposed to do at that time, unless there is some external force working on that. So we saw our straight ish left margin and maybe left march straight. Ish left margin was about self discipline. On May Be Left margin Waas about not being self discipline. The third type off left Martin, based on the shape of the left margin, is originally Street left March. This looks like the first day, but the difference is that every starting point off the line is exactly one below the other . If you notice that every line begins exactly below the earlier line. In doing so, the person has made originally Street Left Margin. The ST Margin is exactly Street. It's not approximate. It's not going even slightly in the it is exactly one below the other because there has Bean a conscious effort to make the lines come one below the other. What does that mean? It means that the person has taken conscious efforts to show that his left margin is stripped. It means that this person is pretending to be disciplined on actually is not discipline. The fact that he needs to pretend to be disciplined shows that he's not disciplined, so this is a principle of exaggeration. The person is pretending to be something that he's not in doing, So he is showing that he actually doesn't carry the train, that he's pretending tohave. So, understanding the difference between originally street left margin on the street ish left margin is very important. These were the types off left margins based on the shape of the left Munchen's. 6. Trends in left Margin: in this video, we're going to learn about some left margins, which shows some drinks. The first train that we see your is drifting left margin. You see the left margin is narrow at the top but goes on whitening at the bottom. This type of left margin is fall as a drifting or widening left margin. It sure that the person is drifting away or moving away emotionally and physically from his past. His pastor's has country is native place, his religion, his family, his family business. All these things are has passed. The society in general is this past and he is moving away from his past. So I left margin, which looks like this drifting away from the left side is card as a drifting left margin on it. Tell us about the person's briefing relations with his past, with his balance on in general with the society. Many borders are students who stay in hosted show this kind off left margin where they are not very king to go back to their homes on their relations with the parents, are there their affinity towards their who is reducing gradually on their ripping away from the past any person having a drifting left margin would not have a tendency to go back to his oranges. What do you get from your regions? What do you get from your parents? Your society, your religion your country needed please is three things First is identity you some identity? Second is a sense off belongingness you feel that you belong to somewhere on someone. The third is security when you are attached to some past. To some society you have a feeling of being secured with that society That this person was moving away from his past feels that he could not get identity, security and a sense of belongingness from his past. And so, in search off allegedly security belongingness is moving away from his past in the second example year What we see is the left margin is y earlier but it reduces on narrows later on at the bottom. So it shows that the person is away earlier but starts moving closer to his past. This person has gonna be a earlier, but now he feels that his identity belongingness on security lies with his society with his people, with his family, with his balance with his need to please. So, for some reasons, is going back to his origins. He wants to go back to his origins. You had no affinity? No. He feels that he wants to go back. Such people find it very difficult to stay away from their native place from the family. They can be homesick if they are staying away from their families on their native places. The next type of left margins that we are going to see are gone Weeks on Konkey left Margin . So the first let me see you. It's gone. Weeks left march. You see that Bruce first and then it Natal's. So this person who went in search off identity is security and belonging. This he ran away from his past. No means that his actual identity, security and Belongingness lives with his past. So he wants to come back. So this person who waas in search off his new identity understood or realize that his identity lies with his past, and so now he wants to come back. So there was a setback in search off his own identity, and he realizes that his identity lies in his past. So this people move away from the past and then realize and come back to that pass. The next type of left margin is a Conchita left margin here, you see, that is why First narrows, then again, whitens. So this person who is away from his past feels that he needs to go back so that he gets some security, some identity. But the moment he gets that I went to the security and belongingness he again moves a V because he is a selfish person. So Kate left margin shows that the person is selfish and he will come back to his origins only when there is a new to satisfy some kind off identity on belongingness and security. Otherwise here's comforting with staying away from his past. So in this video we have seen four different types off left margins based on the prints that choose the 1st 1 waas a drifting left margin. Second was a narrowing left margin. The tour waas gone weeks on the foot was a concave left much 7. Introduction to Right Margin: this review is about the right Martin, like Martin, is the space left unoccupied on the right side of the people. When the person right, he moves from left to right on as he approaches the right age off the paper. When the space is not sufficient for writing the next word, the person will automatically go to the next line or try to utilize the empty space at the end of the line. The way you occupy the right side, we sure your Fortunati taking on dress, sticking So the night said, is about future right sailors about opportunities risk on Unser Danity the reoccupy, writes A on the paper, will show how you are approaching towards opportunities, risk and uncertainty. There are different ways in which people occupy the light side, and we're going to see all these different ways off occupying the right, say on. Try to understand from that how we can interpret a person's approach towards opportunity, risk and uncertainty. So let us in the next we news, see different types off right margins 8. Risk Taking: In this video, we're going to see two types of margins where the person is taking some kind of protest. When a person uses hyphens toe fill up the space that is amenable, the person takes as much risk as possible for him. He's taking as many unfortunately sport that impossible for him. Sometimes he takes apart off the opportunity and leaves some of the for 20 for the next time. So you're when he arrives at this piece, my writing. He realizes that cannot fit the complete next word here. But he can still for some part of the world here. So he's writing hospital word. You're putting a hyphen and continuing the word in the next life. In this case, the person is taking as much opportunity as possible for him and leaving the rest for the next time. In the second case, what you see is the person has crushed the right say you when he reaches this speech when writing the same things, he starts writing the next word and then soon realizes that will no more be able to fit in that word day. So he crashes that word price to compress the tour on price to fit in that work. But even after doing all the attempts, he touches the edge of the paper and sometimes goes on the desk or on the pad on some other paper beyond the edge off the paper. So you're the person has taken too much of this. He has taken more risks than the opportunity that was available to him. So these people are restored. These people are accidental. These people can take toe, take too much of a risk that was beyond their capacity. 9. Unoccupied and controlled right margin: in this video, we're going to see two different sites off right margins. The 1st 1 is unoccupied, right margin. The person is not even going towards the right side. Even before he reaches the point on the people that he has to decide whether he should continue writing all home to the next line, he quickly moves to the next life. So he is not weighted the point that he has toe conference the situation years to decide. Rib is a list or opportunity, so he is being too safe. Is not taking any important is at all because he is leaving the right side completely unoccupied. So this person is not going to be very successful just because he has lost too many opportunities in his life and he's trying to be seeing these people are trying to save their whatever they have with them on not wanting to take any new wrist. These people will not try out anything new on will not eventually be successful in whatever they're doing. They're playing your do Si. One question that you have to take is you should not take samples were in. The person has written poetry because poetry has a format on a person after writing a few like two words in a line moves to the next line in a poetry. So if a person has written a poetry, you will automatically see that the writings looks like this. But that is not the right format off taking a sample. So ah, were taking a handwriting sample with personnel written poetry, or else you should not analyze the right margin off the sample because its support for the next type off right. Imagine that we're going to see you is right controlled margin where the person and the right side, just below the earlier life, toe every line and just exactly one below the other on the right margin look straight ish in the left margins we started that left Marty. Being street is a good sign off personality, but the right margin in ST and controlled it shows, and the person is trying to control his future. And, as we know, future cannot be controlled. So this person is trying to control something which is not possible to be controlled. There is going to be some uncertainty in life, but this person is not accepting anything which is uncertain so this person and strain that everything is under control. But this is an exaggeration. Your future cannot be completely under your control. There is going to be some uncertainty. Where is this person is showing That future is also under his control and he can decide where the right margin is going toe. So this person is trying to exaggerate that everything is under control. So the factors principle of exaggeration is looking you on. Whenever there is exaggeration, the opposite is true. So the person of a showing that future is under control has lost control over his present situation. This person has lost control, is present situation on his trying to show that everything is under control and everything is within his limits. So this person is exaggerating. We need to understand that this person is not taking any important is because in doing so, he has left some space on the right side. He's continuously leaving some space on the right side to keep it straight. But this person is losing opportunities because he's trying to show that everything is under control, so he might not take some, unfortunately, just to show that he doesn't need those opportunities because everything is already under control. 10. Unoccupied Right Margin: the right margin is going to tell us about the person's approach towards uncertainties, risks and opportunities. So let us now see how the person is taking opportunities or risks. So when the person rates this sentence, he approaches toe the edge off the people on the right say the person realizes that this space is not sufficient to write the next word. So he comes to the next line on writing the 1st 1 the next one. So in this word is not fitting you. I has been written on the next line. It means that the person understood the risk that the world would not be dead on decided to move to the next life. In the second case, what you see is the person writes the sentence and then realizes that the world is not going to figure and so boast to the next line. But in fact, this work could have better there. The first word of the next line would affect it at the end of the line. That shows that the person took unnecessary go a question to be safe and took the next word for the next leg. So this person has lost this opportunity. He waas tryingto avoiders by not fitting this word here, but it could not calculate it properly, and he thought that the world would not fit in there and went to the next line. So he didn't think the list that goes possible year. It was actually an unfortunate This was an opportunity for him to write this small world you, but he felt that this world would not put over there and he didn't want to take any of this . So you're going to the next line and rode over. So the person has returned the word in the first next line, which could have been fit area. This shows that the person has an Aborigine for taking opportunities and dress. This person's a human should be less. The second example shows that the person's achievement will be less because he is not taking the opportunities available there is in the first case. Although the space has been left, your the the space has been left because the word is not fitting here, it means that the person understands where there is risk on. He's actually aware off mortars risk and orders opportunity, and we're uncertain entity likes. So you're It does justify to leave this piece. But here it does not justify to lead the space. Because you're the world would have, Peter where the world would not have victor here. So in this case, we come to understand how occupying are not buying the space on the right side has to be seen. 11. Top Margin: in this video letters understand the concept off top margin. The top margin is obviously seen at the top of the people. On the top margin is the space unutilized at the top off the page after the handwriting has been written. Now, in this cycle sample, you see that there is no dog Imagineer. There cannot be one more line possible at the top. The person could not have written any more lines at the top. There is no space left where at least one or two lines could have been added at the top. So there is no top margin when they stop margin like this. Then we can see that the person can no and at least one lane at the top. He has left space sufficient enough to occupy one more lying at the top. That is a top margin. You know, we can say that the top margin has been left. In the earlier case, there was no dark matter, so the space left at the top on the paper after the handwriting sample has been returned. When we see that there's space left at the top, it shows that the person gives respect to others. Now the left margin was talking about the past and it talks about the concentration that you give to others in your life. Whereas the top margin which still talks about the past, that is the society, your parents, you needed your country, everything. It is the respect that you give to all these people. So the top margin is about giving respect, toe all those whom you are giving consideration in your life. So if there is space where the person could write one more line comfortably in his or her handwriting size, then that is a good top margin, which shows that the person respects others naturally. But if there is no top margin left, better person cannot add one more lying. Do the writing on the top comfortably. Then the person is not giving respect to others as much as a quiet. So the top margin is about respect given to a does. On the left margin was about consideration being given to the others. Both speak about the past. You need toe, understand the difference between giving consideration to others. I'm giving respect. This your one important thing you need to understand is that if the person has a good top margin but has no left margin. It shows that the person is giving respect but not giving any consideration. Go this. This respect is off no value because a person is not giving consideration on yet giving respect to others. So the basis off considering the top margin is whether there is a left much. Only there is a good left marching. The respect being given by the person will be off any value to others. 12. Bottom Margin: this review is a bold bottom art bottom. Martin is the space left unutilized at the bottom of the paper. After the right thing happened, we started writing from the top to the bottom. We keep adding lines on the paper, one after the other, from top to the border. No, we have studied there in the top. On the left say is about past and the light and the bottom is about future. So when we are, any lines in the writing were moving from the past to the future. When the person has written to the end of the paper on has left no space extra toe are any more lines. Then you would say that right. The bottom margin has been occupied. The bottom marching represents the future. So if the person writes today any of the paper utilizing the whole possible space, then the person has taken all the possible opportunities and risks. But if you see that the person has not realize the beach completely on the person, leave this piece on moves to the next speech for writing. Better person has not taken complete opportunities to see the bottom margin. We need to have a sample, which is more than one beach sample. So you should ask people to write poopy sample so that when they continue writing on, they wish to go to the next paper. They either have toe complete writing in the end or the truth not directed. Whatever they do, they are showing what they do with the unfortunate it's possible for them or what they do with the unfortunate is that company. If they have left space at the bottom on the move onto the next paper to write on that, they have lost some unfortunate, easy life. But if they right till the end of the paper, if they are more lines, there is no space left a day. They are taking all the possible opportunities. This can only be seen in the writing sample is more than one big sample. Either 1.5 page or two paid sample is necessary to see a bottom margin. If you have taken lesson 1.5 paid sample or two, for example, then you cannot see the bottom margin. A one sample should not be considered for studying the bottom margin. No, you can study the right margin on the bottom margin together, so in the right margin has been occupied and the person is taking a risk on opportunities. Similarly, in the bottom margin is occupying the person is taking risk in a poor charities. So this is principal off enhancement where you see that on both the sides, the person is showing the same trick. But if on one say that on the right side, off the bottom side, the space is under delays and on the other side, this piece is completely you realize this is principal of dilution, where sometimes a person is taking opportunities and sometimes these looting aborted opportunities. So what we come toe know from this kind of sample is the person is sometimes good at taking opportunities. But sometimes he's losing on a porch in peace, so all he is losing some opportunities in his life. So when we are studying the principle of dilution, when you see the same creep from two different sources, begin more village to the negative thing you're not taking opportunities is a negative tweet which has been given more vintage than the trade off taking Unfortunately, so if you see that on the right side people has been occupied, but at the bottom it does not occupy. They person in general is losing some opportunities. This is the principle of dilution. The positive treat is diluting the negative. But the negative drill is also diluting the positive tree. 13. Introduction to Baselines: this video is an introduction to baselines. Baselines off the handwriting are invisible lines on which the right thing seems to be. It's an imaginary line on which the letters off the writing seemed to be beast. You do that. There is a electric wire on which the birds are sitting from a far distance. You can only see the birds, but you cannot see the electric wire. But you can imagine that the birds are sitting on something on that there exists an electric wire. Similarly, when you look at the handwriting that is imaginary lying on which the writing seems to be based, every sentence, every line in the writing is based on some imaginary line. No, if you look at the writing and you can imagine the line, it's not you who has imagine it for the first time. Actually, the writer has all the way when writing. He has imagined that life. The writer imagine the line by writing and wrote on it as it there waas an existing line, and he wrote everything on that line after the writing has been made. When you look at the writing, even you can imagine that life so you are reimagining the line that was imagined by the right, so as a graphologist, when you're looking at the handwriting sample by just start matter, your reimagining the imaginary line on which the person has based the line the writing. So this imaginary line is the baseline. No one knows. The baseline. Tell us about the baseline will tell us about the focus off the person. If the person is focused, he will be able to imagine a straight line. If the person is not focused, he will not be able to imagine the straight line while writing on an undoing paper. So the imaginary lying on which that I think seems to be based is called the Baseline, and it talks about the focus off this person towards his goods. 14. Baselines: in this video, we're going to see full new, different types of baseline. The first type of baseline is called a conclave baseline. This can keep Miss Lane looks like this. It's going deep at the bottom in the middle and then a rising again. These people get a lot of excuses. They are not focused towards the goods because they are giving a lot of excuses. They have a certain type of inertia working there, which doesn't allow them to be focused towards the goals are retards their group or movement towards their good. So this person is giving excuses, taking action that they live in, he reads. Still, it is too much on. They think seven actions on becomes very heroic. But these people do excuses for not performing on. At 11 they will suddenly rise on, take a lot of action. So these people are good at working in emergencies, but they create emergencies in the life and then work towards their goals. Liberal the second table be slaying. That we see you is a convex base like it's like a small hill. It rises first and then the sense OK, these people are working against their wishes. They are focusing on some goods which are against their wishes. And so they feel the more motivated. They might give up very easily on their goods if somebody allows them to give him if they are allowed to give. They certainly give up their goals because they have chosen the wrong bones for themselves . They have Children goals which are not actually their emissions, but have bean enforced on them. So these people are under pressure off performing on, trying to achieve some goods which are not very close to their heart. So these people might give up on their goods the third time off baseline and scored as a classic quitter Baseline. This place, like initially goes upwards and certainly at their falls down at almost all the length, it goes upwards. It is ascending on. During the last few words or letters go suddenly downward. These people give up whatever they had stock. They are very enthusiastic to start something, but they give up by themselves. So they are harmless classic quitters. They quit everything. They begin something enthusiastically, and then they could. That activity. The next tape of baseline is a society business. If you look at some society nodes. They're very short on precise. They're not longer than two or maximum three lengths. I'm the last plane goes down. The first few lines are very street ish on the last lines. Beastly booze downwards descending. The last words are always descending in a society. If this note doesn't show this kind of basically it can be a suspicious document, it should not be considered that it is a society that is the strength off handwriting analysts. You can come to know whether the A note is a society or it does not. The suicide note on that person. 15. Ascending Descending Baseline: this video is about ascending and descending bassline in the base ling and slightly ascending like this in the writing sample. Then it shows that the person is happy about something. Something good has happened in his life in the last six months. Happiness has some expiry. Did you cannot be perpetually happy about the same thing. So when we say that a person is happy about something, something would have happened in this person's life in the last six months magazine. So this person is happy about something that has happened in his life in the last six months. No, this baseline is a descending. This person is Sarah about something because the baselines are going downwards. So this person is sad about something. Something bad has happened in his life in the last six months. Again, sorrow has some expired. You cannot keep being sorry on sad about something for Patri. So this person has expedient something back in the last six months. Maximum. This is about slightly ascending or slightly descending bassline. What if the baselines are two ascending and descending to ascending? Beasley shows that the person is exaggerating that he's happy. So this person is actually not happy, but he's showing that he's happy. What does that mean? It means that this person is trying to consider higher, that he's sad, so highly. His sadness. He string that he's happy. So this is a principle of exaggeration, and playing you the opposite is true. When a person is exaggerating something, the opposite is true. The person ensuring that he is very happy. It means that he's actually not happy because he's making an effort to show that he is happy. So if you are putting some effort to show something in your personality, then it is not true. Actually, the opposite is true. The lack off happiness is seen. An exaggeration off happens. So what is this person doing here? The descending. Basically, this is a descending. Basically, it is going to don't words, So this person is pretending to be sad. What does that mean? It means that the person is happy about something, but he is not feeling valued for that. So when you don't get value for your happiness, you need some sort of like this person, ensuring that things are not as good as they are in his life. So this person is pretending to be sad. Actually, everything is normal in his life but still is pretending to be sad, to gather some sympathy on some appreciation or recognition. This person is showing that, he said. Actually, he's not sad about anything. 16. Types of Baseline: in this video, we're going to see the most basic baseline, the first type of baseline, the straightest business. This is this change with lines seem to be straight ish. They go from left to right in a very strange fashion. These people are focused towards, they're good and they can achieve their goods in minimum possible time for themselves. They don't get distracted by media distractions when they are moving towards the there is in the baseline is very like this, then the person is not focused. The person is unable to imagine a baseline which is straight. That's right writing. So he's unable to imagine being focused towards this goods and he cannot be focused towards his good. This person will get distracted very easily on it is very difficult for him, toe be focused on his goods. This person will get a lot of experience, is on the path towards the schools, even take too much time to achieve his goals. Here we live in achieving its goods, so success is a little village for people whose baselines are not stated. They arrive at their goods, but they take longer than what is necessary because they are using a longer part to reach the same destination 17. Slant of Handwriting: this review is an introduction to slot slacked off the lighting shows the ability of the person to express his emotions. So if the person has a handwriting slot, which goes right words and the person is an extraordinary, he can express his emotions, whereas in the slant of the writing is left Port, the person is unable to accept expresses emotions, is considered as a control in the writing, is upright and, the person thinks 10 times before expressing his emotions on. So his considered as logical controlled but still considered as an introvert because he doesn't easily express themselves. Or sometimes he doesn't feel that there is a need to express himself. So upright. Handwriting on the leftward inclined handwriting is a sign off introversion, whereas writer inclined writing is a sign off extra version. So this first example is a writing which is open in toward this person's writing goes leftward. It is sliding left word for the person is an it or the more inclined towards the left, the more introversion would be seen. Where is it? The writing is going right. Words in claimed reports that the person is able to easily expresses emotions. He cannot hold back his emotions. He compulsorily expresses emotions so writing and slightly right goods, then the person is heavily expressive. This person is the next short, and hence the expression exists. But the writing is to write words then the person is a compulsive, impulsive person, so this person has to express his emotions. He cannot control his emotions. Whatever he feels, he has to express it. He cannot control it. Whereas if the writing is upright like this, if the writing is upright, then the person is going toe express his emotions only if he feels that it is necessary to express you're not, expresses emotions if he feels that it does not require if it does not necessary, expresses emotions, so he holds like his emotions. In many times he expresses minute it is necessary. But the definition off road and extortion is dependent on extraordinary ability to express emotions. So if a person is not an extra order, then he is considered as an intruder. So even a brain handwriting sample person is going to be considered. Hasn't endured because sometimes it doesn't express himself because he is that it was not necessary to express in some situations, and he holds like his emotions comfortably. This person is still on endured. What if the handwriting sample is like this when writing slant is revealing? The sliding slant is really it's sometimes inclined to write words and sometimes inclined to Lefcourt. That is the case that the person is a person. He's fluctuation between growers in the next version s constant on that he becomes unpredictable on unreliable person. These people are highly intelligent because when they are in the indoor more, they sit quietly somewhere on, keep thinking on. Many are in the extra origin more. They go and express themselves, so they seem to be very intelligent on. They seem to have a lot of presents off my quick thinking, but the fact is they are very moody. Sometimes they just go in there, shell and keep thinking, and sometimes they are reaching out to people and being very expressive. So the slack to about impulsiveness, the ability to express emotions off places, the extension off the slam has to be seen ho rightward or leftward. The sun is going if it is to leftward than the person is to improve work, and if it is to write, the person is too impulsive on extra 18. Zones: your handwriting has three different zones in this video. We're going to study this three different tools the zones are or that's a burden. So the opposite on the floors let us look at some formations in the handwriting to understand this. This is like a day which is only in the blue zone. When extended in the opportune to see it becomes electrically so de in addition to a has a person. So this step is an addition or an extension to the letter A which makes it leg ready. So this still goes in the opposite. So this is a person liquor. Similarly, if I extend later eight downwards in the Lord's own, it becomes a letter G like this. This becomes a lower leg. G is a lower zone letter, whereas later day is a person later on, like a as a middle zone. Later, all letters, which are only in the middle zone like a C e i O U s and so on are all only in the middle. But if you look at collectors like L B H K P, they all go in the upper GI. Why sometimes there. Q b. They all go in the lower zoo. So there are some letters which, in addition to middle zone, have uppers. Or there are some letters which, in addition to middle zone, have a lower. So these letters are showing you different zones like us first, Understand? One needs zones, replacement the middle, zoom off the right thing that is, the spark shows the present condition off the person. How you present yourself, anything that you need to do in your and now will we see in the middle of all activities for which you need to be present in the year and now are all seen in the middle of all the activities in your and now will be seen in the middle, for example, enjoying in a party celebration Reading books. Newspapers will all be seen in the middle June because that is a your and now activity. You cannot enjoy your meal while it is being elsewhere when we it is serving somewhere else . So you have to be then and so that you can enjoy that in there. So any activity where you have to be here and now is a middle zone activity. It's symbolism. It's a present woman activity so millions own is about the present moment. When you present yourself in some seminar in some presentation or you appear for an interview or you go in a business meeting, your presence of mind will require there on. All such activities are also seen in the middle zone because you're carrying yourself. So how you dress, how you enjoy what you enjoy. We'll all be seen in the middle zone because all those things need you to be in the urine. So the middle zone is about present moment and enjoying and experiencing. In here and now the upper zone is about intellect, intelligence, imagination, thinking so opportune. Letters show imagination thinking, intellect on intelligence, anything. Any activity for which you need to think for which you need to imagine will be seen in the upper zone. All the emotions, their imagination is required, like jealousy. Brian Ego Breeze. All these things will be seen in a prison. Louison is about action. Thank bust. You recollect things that have happened in the past. All the actions that you have taken already in the past are seen in the lower zoo, so the drive to the action will be seen in the Lord of the Desires on your drive to satisfy the desires and we see in the lowers off all the materialistic things on the desire for materialistic things will be seen in the lower zoo. Your right toe acquire on fulfill your desires will be seen in the lures or lower zone is about money. Lures is also about sex, so it shows relationships in the lures. It also shows trust in the lower zoo, so there are few liquors which are only in the middle. So there are a few letters child in the middle zone. On the person. There are some electors which are in the middle zone on also in the lures off. There is only one letter in English, which is in all the reasons that is like a if as upper zone loop a lord's on loop and across the in the middle. So this is going leg, which is there in all the three zones. If you compare the letter zones with the body with the human body, you'll see that the middle part off the letter will represent the middle part of the body. So in the middle part, of the trunk of the body is used to present yourself when you are in some party or in some presentation. This part of the body is used for presenting, so we carry all the badges, the medals on the Nicholas on the billiards and all those things in the middle. June President answer. That is how you can remember that the middle zone is for the present, the present moment. The urine now activities, whereas the upper zone is resembling or representing the upper part of the body that was used for intellect thinking imagination. The lower part of the body, like the lower part off the Lakers, is for action sex on materialistic things on money. So the lower part of the body is representing action. Similar. The lower part off the electors is also presenting action passed on desires and trying to take action. So these other different zones off the night. What if some writing has predominantly one zoom shown very strongly? For example, if some writing has the middle zone which is very strongly seen on the upper zone on Lord, are not well, look, let me say that this person is predominantly a middle person, which means that the person is focusing more on the present moment. He enjoys and lives in the present moment and doesn't care much about intellect, thinking, imagination, future on also about the past. So this person completely lives in the present moment. He's very presentable on a good act, presenting himself that's a predominantly, strongly middle zone writing. If some writing has predominantly strong a presumed that that means that the upper zone is highlighted a lot has long upward operas owns the person tends to be more intellectual, philosophical, creative, imaginative. But if there is too much off a presumed in, the upper zones are long litigated too much That becomes an exaggeration, exaggeration about being imaginative on intellectual. Similarly, if the writing has strong lower zones, that was very deep blue zones in the writing. That the person is very action oriented has a strong bright to take action. But if the laws on loops are enlarged, to the extent that they seem to be an exaggeration, that the person is showing that he has a big, big action, but it is not so. Actually, the opposite is true. The person has no rate is just showing that he has a big drive to take action. So we have seen different nights of zones on the particular and writings which predominantly have one specific zone highlighted on sometimes that exact oration in the stones. So all this is in somebody zoomed zones are different. Pence's off the life that is the present tense, the future pins and the past. You can see the future of the person in the upper zones in the past in the lure zone, on the present, in the middle. 19. Pressure: in this room, you were going to study the pressure off the handwriting. A pressure is 1/3 dimension off handwriting. When you look at the handwriting from front off the people, you can see two dimensional you off the people. But when you touch the people by your hand, you can feel the pressure off the writing. The pressure is the pressure that a person has put while writing on the paper by putting pressure on the paper. The handwriting. It's engraved on the paper on the texture off the people changes. This pressure can be studied by touching the paper on feeling the pressure in the handwriting. It takes a little time for a graphologist toe master the skill off analyzing the pressure because pressure is something that cannot be seen but can be felt by your touch. Pressure is related down because it has to be compared with something. So the easiest way off starting pressure is comparing the pressure off the writers writing with the pressure off your own writing, which becomes very easy for you to understand whether it is more than your pressure or less than your pressure. So that was one way off studying pressures. But what pressure means. So let us understand in this video, what is the meaning? Off pressure pressure on the handwriting shows three things. Energy involvement on attachment. So energy is the energy to do work. The capacity of a person to perform to all the day without getting tired is his energy. Some people have high energy. Some people have no energy, so heavy pressure will show that the person has high energy to perform on Lucretius. Light pressure will show that the person has low energy to perform. The the pressure of the writing can be on continues street. You can see that it can be on one extreme. It can be heavy. On the other side. It can be like on. You can also have some handwriting's, which are neither light nor very heavy but media. But if you feel that medium, the pressure is a little more than medium, but cannot be called a heavy that you can call it a medium heavy. Or you can call it us medium light if it is light of the medium but not very light. So it is a continuous spectrum off pressure, starting from heavy to like you have medium heavy medium on medium light in between medium in between, heavy on like pressure. So that is a range oppressions that persons that I think and so heavy pressure shows that a person has high energy light pressure shows that person has low energy. Media pressure will show that this person has average energy, a little bit more pressure in the writing. Then 1,000,000 pressure would be considered as having more energy than a medium pressure later. Now what does that mean for you to understand or to comprehend the amount of energy easily Let us understand that a person with the media pressure would be a person like who works from 9 to 5 throughout the day. He works for eight us without getting tired. But after working for a US, he gets tired. So this person has a regular or an average amount of energy work throughout the day for eight hours without getting time. If the person's handwriting is lighter than that, then the person is considered as a light pressure person. This person gets tired very easily, cannot sustain due to be work energy pressure. He has toe do light work. If he has to sustain through all the day. He cannot perform heavy energy requiring works. It is heavy pressure person can from not from 9 to 5, but from early morning five till nine at night. And still this person doesn't get tired. So that's the heavy pressure. Heavy pressure show that the person has a lot of energy to perform. We can have different pressures in the writing, starting from heavy to light on. That can also show you the variation in the energy off that person. High energy people like heavy pressure. People have a lot of energy. They can perform a lot of work without getting tired. They are they have too much of energy, toe put it. So what happens is when a person puts a lot of energy, he gives more visitors where as a person, if he is a light pressure in the writing, on working in the area where he needs to put a lot of energy cannot perform. But a light pressure person can be successfully areas that he doesn't have to put a lot of energy through all day. So that is how you analyze the pressure of the writing for energy. The second aspect off pressure is involvement in more mentors, so engrossed you are and whatever you do so like pressure. People are not very involved in their work. Whereas heavy pressure people are heavily in mourning their work. They forget everything when they're working on their completely and gross and involved in whatever they do. So, for example, if they're watching a movie, they are completely engrossed on Absorbed in the movie, there is a light. Blessed person can look at the movie as 1/3 person without getting in more than it. So these people are good, all observers. They can be good critics because they don't get in more minutes, whereas heavy pressure. People getting more than whatever they do they're in wall in the world is very high. Their involvement in the recreation or their hobbies is also very high. Their involvement in relationships is also very high, whereas like pressure, people are not very heavily in war. In the relationships they work the homies, they are just likely more than whatever they do. Since there in warming is not much, they can easily get out off anything, so they become masters off. They become masters of many things. Are they getting a lot of things? So they are master a few, but they know a lot of things but heavy pressure. People prefer to be masters off a few things. They get specialized in few things because they get heavily involved in something on. They put a lot of energy, So this was the second aspect off pressure. First was energy second Waas involvement. Third is attachment. Heavy pressure. People are heavily attached to their belongings, their relations, the ideas whereas, like pressure, people are not very strongly attached with their ideas on their believes are their relationships. So, like people are more flexible as compared to heavy pressure people. When it comes to attachment with people on belongings and ideas, there is heavy pressure. People will be heavily attached with first belongings that the things that deposits second , the people that is the relationships on third is their beliefs and ideas. So when it comes to attachment, attachment can be about belongings, ideas on people, heavy pressure. People are heavily attached, like pressure. People unlikely attacked. They can detach from things very easily, so they are more flexible on. They can try out new things without being restricted to something. There is heavy pressure. People are restricted to feel things because they're strongly get attached to whatever they are doing. 1,000,000 pressure People are neither completely dashed nor completely attached. They are in between heavy and like pressure people. So that is a range off heavy on heavy to light pressure on. That is how we analyzed the pressure. So to summarize, pressure shows three things. Energy in moment attachment. Heavy pressure has heavy energy, heavy in moment heavy attachment like people have light, energy laden moment and like attachment. 20. Size: in this video, we're going to look at the size of the right in just argument. We look at the size off the writing. What does the science show? The site shows two things on two extremes. One is the Yiddish quality on one side that is leadership confidence. And on the other side it choose the ability to concentrate on something. So the writing is large, then the person has good leadership quality. He is very glamorous. He is very low on. He has a lot of confidence. Where is when the writing size goes on? Shrinking on becomes small. The person's confidence is reduced on, has less leadership quality. This person prefers to be in action but doesn't want to be highlighted. As a leader. He would prefer not to be a leader because his concentration ability is good on. He prefers to be concentrating on the work without losing the focus. So the person's focused on concentration is more. The writing size is small, but his leadership on confidence is more in the writing side. Those are two extremes off the handwriting sites. Lots of people have a lot of confidence is out of leadership quality, they are very loud. They want to be noticed. They want to be seen on, always want to be the center of attraction. They be noticed very easily when they are in public. They want to do things which would be noticed by the world on. They don't want to think everything about the details. They just want to think big. They just want to think lot I leave. The need is for somebody else to think about. Where is the small writing person has good ability to concentrate and focus on something they can keep concentrating on something for a long time, maybe some years. They can keep thinking off some idea for a long, long years. That is the ability of a small writing post. The concentration ability is good on. That is why they are very efficient in utilizing scarce resources. They are sometimes considered as stingy, but their strength lights in utilizing the resources optimally. A medium writing medium size writer would have some qualities off the leader that is large writing and some qualities off the small writing person that is focusing on concentration. So a medium writing bus has mixed quantities off large writing on a small right small, good concentration and focus. I'm good utilization off scarce resources, whereas large is confidence on leadership without going indicates so that is the handwriting size. Now you can have a miniature writing, which is smaller than the small writing. We call in a miniature, where you need to use a lens, maybe to read the writing. Such titles are very stingy, very focused on whatever they are doing, to the extent that they forget what the world is thinking about them on their end gross Onley in solving their own problems. You can also have extra large writing larger than the large writing this people are showing off on. They are too loud on always are trying to seek attention, very glamorous. They never listened to anyone because they insides are the leaders that is, on exaggeration off leadership. Actually, they are not having strong leadership on constant on confidence, but they pose to be very confident on closed toe be the leaders. So that's about the size of the fighting. You can have variable writing also, so if the writing size is generally variable, sometimes writing is large and sometimes a small that the person is sometimes very confident and sometimes lacks confidence. Sometimes he goes, indeed is, and sometimes it doesn't prefer to go indicates such people can be lies because sometimes the surely lotion quality and sometimes they just shy. These people have this animal behavior off being in full front sometimes on then Chyna sometimes so baby will. Handwriting side shows that the confidence keep leaving. This was about the to the size of the right. 21. Pastocity Introduction: this video is about historicity in the writing. What is viscosity? The Star City is extra flew off from pen to the paper. This happens especially on the coast. When you're turning your it may be because off the thickness off the bank did. It may be because of the paper, but it reflects the thinking off the person. Many people argue that this is a feature off the pain, or the paper should not be considered as as an indication off behavior, of course, but that is not so. The same pain and paper might not show. Pissed OSCE ity from one person's hand on would show historicity in some other person's handwriting. So the Star City has to do with the behavior off the person on reflect the person's personality. So what is personality? Reflecting personality shows the way you gratify your senses. We all have some senses. We have different senses. We have five senses, and we use those senses toe, understand the external world. We understand our environment using our senses, but sometimes we enjoy or we exaggerate or be enhanced. We enhance the use off one of the cents to gratify that sense and enjoy that sense. So maybe we gratify the sense off touch while studying some surface. Like when you are buying a plot, you might feel like touching the plot before buying. Or you are touching your car on gratifying the sense off touch. So we gratify our senses by using one of the centers or one or more of the senses. More than any other sense, gratification off sense is seen in the city. No, where you gratify yourselves. We have seen prisons the middle, so the uppers or the lower. So where do you enjoy more? In what areas do you enjoy more? Do you spend more time or you spend more thinking in that area is seen in past ah city. So this is an example of past our city. You can see extra flew Off Inc from the pain which happens automatically know this is historicity in the billions. Oh, this is plasticity in the upper zone on this Esposto city in the lower zoo. So when they're Esposto City in the middle zone, it means that the person is enjoying in the year and now activities the person enjoys more when he is presenting himself enjoying the present moment, enjoying something in the present moment. He is gratifying his senses to enjoy the present moment. He is better when it comes to presenting himself here when the Bastrop city has seen in the upper zone only what we understand. That this person is gratifying. His senses to be in the upper zone. Doctors, intelligence, intellect, imagination. So this person spends more time on enjoys in imagination, creativity, philosophy, spirituality, all the things you need to use your thinking. This person is spending more time there because it's spending more in there when the viscosity is in the lures on Lake shown year in any such form. And there is the Star City in the lures or the person enjoys activities. Large off action sports he enjoys when his earning a lot of money he enjoys having good relationships is enjoying the moment off sex. So this person is more inclined towards action and action will enter activities, whereas this person who has shown a starts it in the upper Zoe enjoys accurate is related to a person. So past Ossa P shows you where the person is spending more bang on where he enjoys spending more time this person who enjoys being in some states of exhumed gets in the zoo and cannot get out of that activity very easily. This person is and cross in such activities so much that he cannot get out of those activities, even if he's willing to get out of such activities. So a Star City is very helpful to understand their the person enjoys on wants to be in what kind of activities he's enjoying and wants to be. So, uh, the Star City helps you a lot in understanding the inclinations off person on understanding what kind of activity is this person would like to do or would be in more. 22. Types of Pastocity: the Star City is extra flew off from bank paper. Sometimes viscosity looks soothing to the eyes, and sometimes it is too distracting. When Extra Floor Inc in the handwriting sample is soothing to your eyes, we can say that the viscosity is positive. You can see extraordinary. A lot of users think too much off ink on the paper, but still it looks schooling. For example, if somebody is using a gel pin or abroad, depend or effect that Ben, then the handwriting seems to be swollen toe the eyes sometimes that is called a positive historicity. But if the handwriting has a lot of scratchings munching on a lot of things which make the handwriting looks shabby, that kind of past Ah city is called as negative historicity. In the next video, we are going to study negative viscosity in retail. But in this video we are going to understand the difference between positive and negative viscosity. When Astrocytes is suing to your eyes on, it looks positive. Then it shows that the person gratifies his senses in a positively. The person is gratifying, his senses in a positive manner. He is enjoying his senses in a positive manner, which means that, for example, the person has good plasticity in the middle zone. It means that the person would have good hobbies. He would have a good choice about food. He would take extra efforts. He would take a little more pain to enjoy good food instead, off having any kind of ordinary food. He would prefer to have good food, that that's the meaning off positive test. Our city in the middle of the person is stuck in some activities, and he insists for some things for enjoying them in a positively toe listen to good music. Listeningto good sounds on voices enjoying good food. Having a good taste would all be positive historicity. That is what is seen when the handwriting is plea on soothing your eyes when the past atrocities there. But even if there is plasticity, it is soothing to the ice shows that the person has good preferences. The person will insist for hygiene and cleanliness if the past ah city is positive. If the writing is soothing on, there's a lot of ink and the writing proposal will have a preference for hygiene on. People have a preference for Kenny cleanliness. This post takes utmost care for personal hygiene on expects hygiene from others, too. His requirement off hygiene for places like what please eat out would be very stringent. He will insist toe have food at clean places on. We sometimes not preferred to have food at places which are north really very good on hygienic. So that was positive viscosity. Positive historicity, soothing, negative pissed our city where there is a lot of scratching. There's lot off smudging in writing. These people will enjoy their senses, gratify the senses and negatively these people would like to enjoy, then says, by listening to some allowed songs or something which would be not considered as very good . They enjoy very extreme things, like they would like to have a nice thing when the temperature is too low or they would have to sit a coffee when this too hard so they do extremes. There is our extremes regarding food. They would enjoy having very sorry tasting food or very bitter tasting food, or maybe extremes off too much off sugar or too much off Chile in their food. So they enjoy something in the extremes on which is not considered as normal or is not considered as appropriate, so they enjoy their senses in a negativity that was negative viscosity. This is distracting to your eyes whenever you look at the handwriting and some extra floor or Apache writing will be distracting to you that is considered as a *** to viscosity in the next video really understand different ways off making negative pissed Ossa pees on their interpretation. 23. Negative Pastocity: in this video, we're going to study a little bit in detail about negative best awesome negative past Ah city. As we started in, the only video was are distracting the ice. When you look at the I that is not suiting. Distract your attention you can. You cannot avoid yourself looking at that part of the night in which is distracting on not soothing to your eyes, that is called You're too pissed off. There are different ways off making negative Passat City in the writing that people do. Negative plasticity means that these people have a negative way off enjoying themselves, their senses in a negative way. So let's look at some different ways. The first is scratching, so you, if you write a word and you feel that it is not the appropriate word or you make a spelling mistake or that word needs to be cancelled, then you can cancel it with a single line or maybe two lines. But when you start scratching it too much on, keep on doing it for a long time. That scratching is negative. Pus Tosic. So what I have done you now has created new typist. Ah, city people who scratch words like this on make it almost a patch off. Think where you cannot make out the word. Now these people are spending a lot of time just to scratch one word. So that *** do pissed off city. This is still very less crash. People needed almost a blue patch by scratching with the pain. This is the ghetto past ah city where you cannot even read the world. You cannot even guess the word now because it has been smudged. It has been scrapped so much that it becomes a blue or a black patch. It becomes a in patch in the writing. You know, when you look at the handwriting sample from FARC that was wholly studying just aren't matter, you cannot help. But look at those patches in the writing that was distracting to your eyes. That is not suiting. That was negative. Passat City. So these people enjoy on gratify the senses in a negative. They will have extreme pieced in everything on they will enjoy things in a negative way. So scratching is one me off *** superstar city The other way is much switching, is there? You're using a pain on does a proper thing on the paper on you. Just spread it everywhere or when the handwriting is back. Not yet dry on you. You just spread it with your hand or something that becomes smudging. Those munching is spreading the red ink on the people. These people have negative bestow city. This is an example of negative historicity. These people will not second issues in their life easily they will keep on having issues because they are playing with language is weak. This show that these people are not not really to let in second down. They will always keep on working or troubling themselves by keeping things on resort in their life they have some ongoing pains which doesnt second in their life. So smudging is also an example of negative atrocity they enjoy By giving themselves being that negative viscosity, you can see that these people are a little sadist. Okay, Blocking blocking is a way off negative viscosity. There are lots on the writing. You can see they're very where the person stops for a moment by writing there's a block. There's a block in the writing. So this blocking it also negative. Pastrana City There's a way off. Negative press. Stosic changing faces? No, this would be done by Children a bit more or teenagers? A little more. This is often seen in teenagers. They change pieces in the Brendan Matter. Now, how is this related toe handwriting? This is not very quickly toe handwriting, but yes, it is related to graphology. When a person has a tendency to fill to change the faces in the point, this shows *** dopest Ross ity, that is, this person is using a lot of ink toe make changes off faces. These people are not happy with somebody close to them, and they feel that they're stuck in a situation because somebody else is not changing. So they have this believe that unless somebody else changes in my life, I cannot move for the so that is negative Plasticity changing faces off printer images like you see a man in the writing of a picture of a man in some book on you, start changing the face of the person you add some stashed away or some beer to it, or put some billy or spectacles. Then this is changing pieces. This is bigger. Do pissed off city gratifying ascends in a negatively on feeling off getting stuck the next way off showing mega superstar city is feeling over. People have a habit off feeling over letters. This can be done in handwritten material or can also be done in printed material. People who have this habit are showing Mega Superstar city. These people enjoy gossiping. They enjoy spreading rumors because this is in the middle of the oil shapes in the middle of a war on their feeling those middle with So these people have a habit off spreading rumors or believing in rumors on gossiping about some people who are not. So These are their habits and they're stuck in your and now they are not the present themselves in a very eager to be sometime, so that is a negative historicity. In a bit off media's Help me. People make different types of negative viscosity on how they can be interpreted. So we have seen a sausage E. We have seen positive atrocity that is soothing to your eyes on. We have also seen negative reciprocity, which is distracting. I'm not at all serving to your eyes on different leads off meeting negative plasticity, negative viscosity in somebody shows the gratification off sense in a negative way and enjoying things which are generally not considered to be good. 24. Connections Disconnections: in this video, we're going to understand the meaning off connections. I'm Princeton connected writing. I print script writing, so connections in the writing is connections of parts. We have thoughts which going flew. Some people think in a flu, and some people think in a very abstract what it's connection connection in the handwriting . The presents connections off parts in the mind when you get one thought and you a reminder of something else. Or if that thought is the reason for having the next thought. That C means that there is a connection in the thought. So one part leading to another thought and another part leading toe. Yet another thought is connections off parts. There is a string of thoughts. There's a flu or thoughts, so connection off writing connection off Lecter's in the writing is connection off parts. So if a person has connected writing, the person has connection off parts. One part leads to the other and next thought leads to yet another toward toe. For one thought to year to another part, there has to be some logic, or there has to be reason why one person is getting one thought afternoon that has to be a reason why one thought is coming after another thought. So connected writers have a lot of reasoning in their thinking because they have flew apart because of some reasons. There will always be a reason why they thought off something. Why one thought merely and think of something else so well, Court leads them to another thought on. There is always a reason behind it, so connected writers have a lot of reasoning in their thinking. They have not off reasons in their communication. Also, so connected writers have connected thoughts because they have connected thoughts. They have connected words. What does it mean to have connected words? Connected words means they are good in connecting one part of the other in the speech, so they are good in communication. They are very articulator in their ports as well as they are articulated in their communication. David remember a lot of things when they look at a person when they need a person, they are reminded a lot of things that they know about that person. That was connection off parts I see. And then I'm reminded off your grand uncle who was not well on. I asked about that person. So you feel connected. Toe me. Why? Because I got a lot of parts in connection to you. So they are a nickel in hearts. They are connected in communication and they also communicate. They are also connected to a lot of people, so they are good at networking. Also so connected people connected writing. People are connected in parts and words on. They are socially very connected. They have a very good memory because the moment they look at something there reminder off a lot of things connected to that that lives in their memory. So they have a good memory. They they are good at recollecting things when they meet people, they have good flew off speaking, they have good flew off thinking they are well articulated on. They are well connected people around them, so that is connected. Writers connected writers have all these connections in the parts words on in the environment. When they have good connections, it is easier for them to explain things when they have good connections. It is easier for them to reach out. So these people are good in convincing others. These people are good in explaining things and ideas to produce. These people are good in marketing. These people are good and convincing to others. So that is connected. Writing what does this connected? I'd disconnected. Writing is where one letter is not connected to other or at least three letters are not in connections, so we can call something as a connection when more than two letters are in continuous connection. But if there are only one or two letters connected to each other, we don't call it as a connection. This writing will be considered as disconnected or print script writing as if the writing has been printed block by block, so disconnected Writers are very abstract fingers. There's no reasoning behind why one thought came after under thought. So these people are abstract thinkers. There's no reasoning behind their thinking when thinking is not based on reasoning that this consider as created. So these people are creative thinkers. They have a lot of ideas which they cannot explain because they cannot articulate states while speaking, so they are not very good in convincing others they are are abstracted thinking. Sometimes they are absent minded because they have no reasoning and why they have done something, so they are abstract thinkers. They are. They are sometimes absent minded. They are sometimes not able toe explain their ideas. But they have a lot of pollution on a lot of good feeling, because what is good feeling? That feeling is something Some idea, which has no reason. Inclusion is some idea some thought, which has no basis or no. No reason why the person is feeling like this. So disconnected. Writers have stronger feeling have strong inducing, but they are unable to explain these ideas because they have no reasoning in the ideas. But they are innovators, and they're very creative, sometimes absent minded. So that's the difference between connections and disconnected or principal writing. So there are people who have connections and that I think all there are people who have disconnected right. So we have understood about disconnected writing. Disconnected writers are difficult to understand. It is difficult, Oh, predict about them because they can defy your thinking or your interpretation about that. Maybe you say that a person who is disconnected writing is abstract thinker on this person , might seem might in fact be a very good communicator so they can defy your thinking. So it's very difficult to predict on. Analyze disconnected writers handwriting on give analysis to that person because he might defy your thinking or your logic, because the basis off their thinking is there's no logic. So they can. Although handwriting analyst saying that disconnect writing has no logic, they can be very good logic and defy your logic. So that is disconnected or principal private connected writers. We have already studied that they have very good connections, very good floor parts, very good memory. This people can forgive you, but they will never forget what you have done that so that's connected writers Very good in communication, very polite. The maintain relations with people, their preferences for people on their relations with people they will forget. They forgive you, but never forget what you have done there because they have a very good and sharp memory. These people are very strong in networking that's connected writers, so that is about connections. Disconnections are, Prince replied. 25. Types of Connections: connections in the writing can be meal using three different connectors. First is gone. It's second, our kids and Curtis three. All these types are connections connected, right. This off personality we have already discussed in the earlier brilliant now were understanding the way a person is collecting the writing. The first type of connections is garland collections. A person can connect the writing, making such formation, so every letter is connected to another letter like a garland garland writing. People are very soft spoken. They're very polite. They give a lot of importance to maintaining relationships. People. They have good memory. They have very sharp memory on they always want to be with. People share their ideas with people because they are connected. Second is our kids. These are like speed records or bumpers on. These people are just like that. They are very slow, the slowdown, everything. They are very constructive. But the gathered a lot of information. They slow down everything, but they want to be constructed. They are slow but constructive. They will slow down all the activities. David take very cautious steps in their life. They want to gather a lot of information before they move on to the next thing and take any decision. So our kid, right, this are very protective, very scary. But too much of our kids in the knighting shows that the person is hiding something so this formations ought about being protective and caring. Too much of protection is hiding. So some markets in the writing is a good sign because it shows that the person is protective and caring. But too much off Arkin's and writing shows that the person is hiding a lot off information on doesn't want to reveal what he is up. So first type was Garland. Second was our kids. The third type is trading 13 years, not having the patients to make the little formations completely so. There are no letters, but there are connections. So when a person is making connections but not making the Lakers, it looks like thready. This person has good flew off thoughts. The flu apart is very fast on. He has no patients toe big hand, give time, toe the necessary things. He has very fast speed off thinking he gets an idea and he just wants to move on on has no patience for going up and down to meet the formations in the writing. Similarly, hey, has no patients toe big on go through the regular on the necessary activities off like this . People are manipulative. They are very quick in taking actions. They don't want to lose opportunities, so they are too fast and too quick to go to the next level on. Take advantage off the parts that there that are coming to the mind these people can be manipulated on take undue advantage off Having quick we are thinking fast thinkers they are on. They can deceive people by not performing. The deeply acting is that are necessary for being trustworthy so that prospector is low. They're very fast thinkers. They are very quick to be successful, but they can also feel very fast, So that is spreading. We have seen three types off gallons off connections that gallons articles on Pretty. There are different types of garments that a person can make on being to be studying in detail. 26. Spacing Intro: this video is an introduction toe the concept off spacing in just type handwriting analysis . There are three types off spaces that we study in handwriting spills. Between the lines is called a line spacey the space between the words it's called a word spacing on space between the electors inside, over Skordas legacies, each type of spacing has its own significance. Space on people, as we have studied, is fine in life. Speeds is a violent time. So when we're starting lines facing your study, buying that has kept between two lines. When we're studying, words were starting the time that has kept putting toe two words on the space between the Lakers is the time that is kept between this. These work these letters, but what does that actually mean? So let us look at one unusual spacing at a time, that study line spacing, word, spacing on like the spacing individually line. Spacey is about planning and organizing off work. It shows how you are. I management chose your me off organized, organizing your activities to ordered a word. Spacey shows the distance that you maintain from others, how you socialize with people, how you are working in a team on a letter. Spacing shows how much time you need for yourself on how you are giving time to others. So these are three different types of spacings that we are going to study in detail in the further videos. 27. Letter Spacing: let us face in. This video is about letter spacing. Letter spacing is the space between two letters in the world. So you're you can see that the letter spacing is less year, whereas letter spacing is more here. This is far off letter spacing, which is on this is narrow little specie so you can see the difference between the legs spacing. Here. The writing size is almost the same, but the spacing between the electors is different. So let the spacing is the time that you are giving to yourself. That is the smallest piece that we're starting. So this is the time that you are giving to yourself time that you're thinking about yourself. So if letters facing is more, the person is thinking about self more that this person would be self center. He's always thinking about self. He's very conscious about self. He gives a lot of time for himself or herself. This person will be good. Act off working on self. This person would be giving a lot of time thinking about how to decorate her skin on help, present himself or herself thinking about his or her appearance so this person will give a lot of time to sell. Where is this person is giving less time to the to sell? So if this person is not giving much time to sell, then this person is giving time to others. So now let the spacing shows that the person is sacrificing and adjusting. Can make last moment adjustments for others on a commodity, others in his own plants. So this person is adjusting, compromising, sacrificing, accommodating. Whereas this person is self centered. Things a lot about self gives a lot of importance to self care. No more self. A lot on this person is lost in his own world. He would be engrossed in thinking about self. These people give a lot of time for activities like sales grooming, having about for an hour or so standing in front of a mirror for a long time. So all these things are seeing in far off letter spacing because they give a lot of time to self. There is these people are sacrificing and interesting. They think about others a little more than people who have far off letter spaces 28. Word Spacing: in this video, we're going to study word species the space between two words. When you look at the handwriting, you can measure the space between two words on If you find that the words piecing is far off, it will look like this on. If you find that this is very narrow, the word spacing is narrow. It would look something like this. So how do we mention whether it is far off or narrow? Generally, what is the ideal words? Piecing It is concerned that twice the height off letter or in writing on the person would be considered as the appropriate words facing. If the word spacing is more than twice the height off letter or letter A, that's a little later. Then it will be considered as far off on. The spacing is less than twice the height off letter O or in the writing on the person. Then it will be considered as not a word specie. So what is the meaning off words? PC word. Spacing is the space that you maintain for yourself. It is the privacy that you need for yourself. It is your personal space, So if you have a far off word spacing. It shows that you are lunar on. You prefer to be alone on you prefer toe. Keep people away from yourself. Now is the amount off space that you need. You need a lot of space for yourself, and you don't allow people to include in your private space. So a person with a far off worlds pacing will generally not allow people to be very close to him or her on prefers to keep people away. Such people are independent because they have no other choice. If they keep people away from themselves, they have to be independent. They have to rely only on dancers, so these are independent people on They are better working alone as individuals rather than in team, because they cannot get along with people very easy. It's difficult for them to be a part of the team. Even if they are working in a team they will maintain their privacy on, they will maintain a distance from others. These people are not very open to others because they need their own space. They need their own privacy. They are not comfortable, somebody being very close to them, whereas people who have narrow words placing that has less than twice the height off a letter, then these people are very close to others. They don't allow anybody to have a lot of privacy. They, including intrude in anybody's private space on They won't allow anyone to be alone because they themselves don't like to be alone. They always want to back up with somebody. They want to be together. They want toe, have somebody along them whenever they are in some important situation. So these people are always and they are always dependent on others because they have often being with people. So they need people around them, the near people, for small, on important activities and decision making. They never want to be alone. They don't want to be left alone. They are the opposite off far off worlds, spacing type people, so they always want to be with people in the crowd. They're comfortable working in a team because they can work independently. They are dependent on They love to be dependent on people on work together with people. So that's the difference between the far off worlds facing person and a narrow world spacing person. They can be valuable word spacey. So in the handwriting there, sometimes the world spacing is part off on sometimes the words basing his narrow without any specific reason. Then the person is unsure about whether he wants to be close to people or most were far away from people. Such people can be selfish. They come close to others whenever they are needed on the maintainer distance when they don't need anybody. So that's word spacing. Word. Spacing is the privacy on the distance that you maintain from others. It's your personal space. 29. Line Spacing: lights facing is the space between two lines that have been written on the paper. The space between two lines shows how much time you require or you keep maintain before getting into next act. So the full page that we study is 24 hours off. Your day on the number of lines shows how many activity you are willing to do to all the day. If the number of lines are less on paper, then it shows that the person is comfort. They were doing a few activities through already. Where is it? The number of lines are more on the people. It shows that the person wants to do a lot of activities to Albany. When the number off lines increase automatically, lines facing will reduce. The number of lines are less. The line spacing will be more so. What does this space between the two lines if the line off handwriting is an activity than the space between two lines is the space or the time that you have kept between two activities so that you can plan for the next activity? So if the line is an activity, the speeds between two lines is the time that you have kept for planning. This is the buffer time that you have kept putting two activities. Whenever you go for an important activity, you keep a lot of time before and after that activity because that is important for you on when you are doing day to day activities which are not very important for you, you don't have a lot of buffering time before and after that activity. So a person having not lines on a people tends to do a lot of activity without much planning. Whereas when the lines facing is far off, the person does well plan on organized activities to already. This person believes in doing few activities in a day, but very well organized. This person is good at planning and organizing off his time on his day, whereas this person takes activities as they come in front of him. So this person ends up doing a lot of activities without much planning. There is. This person prefers to do less activities, but more planning for it