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Graphics Tablets - Crash Course

teacher avatar Gurasis Anand, Visual Artist @ Plexstreet

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. What is a Graphics Tablet?

    • 2. Mouse vs Graphics tablet

    • 3. Which Graphics tablet to buy?

    • 4. Learn Wacom Graphics Tablet Usage Basics

    • 5. Setting up Wacom Tablet

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About This Class

This course is for people new to the idea of Digital Arts and using a Graphics Tablet. In these lectures, Gurasis Anand explains the importance of a Graphics tablet for painting in digital medium in comparison to a mouse and helps you compare and buy a tablet. 

This Crash course is a part of an other larger course on Digital Painting taught by Gurasis Anand and PlexStreet. You can learn more here: Digital Painting for Beginners : Corel Painter

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gurasis Anand

Visual Artist @ Plexstreet


Hi, I'm Asis!
I am a 3D artist and Motion designer from India. 

I am here to share the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years. To teach some, and learn some.
Check out my Instagram to see more of my work. 


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1. What is a Graphics Tablet?: No. Let's discuss the hard way you will need for this course to paint efficiently in a dissent moment. Views for this called a graphic spanned tablets. A graphic span tablet is an input device, just like your most. But it is a pen, which is used to make strokes on a tablet. It inputs that information into your computer and displaced stroke made on your screen. This tablet may or may not have a screen on it. Using a pressure sensitive pen on the tablet, you can make strokes which are not possible with the most. The tablet I use is manufactured by Wickham. Vic um is the industry leading company in this market and is the first choice off professionals. 2. Mouse vs Graphics tablet: using a mouse for district painting, as John Day sees, is like using a but of soap on a piece off people. It is not at all intuitive and doesn't give control over the thickness off the stroke, which a pressure sensitive Penta bear provides. I'm going to make a stroke each for the mouse and my become tablet and you be the judge off , which is better. 3. Which Graphics tablet to buy?: all right, so now that you have decided that you need a tablet for the expressive strokes, but the problem is which one to buy. There are simply too many to choose from on that, but I'm going to help you decide. First off, there are two types of such devices, once with a screen and others without a screen. Since become is the industry leader in such devices, I'm going to compare the products by Wake. Um the ones with the screen are called Sin teak, and the others without a screen are become bamboo US and Indust proofs. Since you will be starting to learn, I suggest that you go with the cheapest ones first. They'll see if you need the upgrade. Tablets without a screen are available in three sizes. Small, medium and large. When I bought my first tablet, I got myself a small sized become van, which is available in India and China. In other countries, The same model may also be known as they come bamboo, a strongest destined to buy a medium sized tablet because to me, my small sized public isn't good enough for painting with a larger display monitor that I have and feels quite small. I suggest that you go with a medium sized endorsed. Now there are two versions into his family itself. First s touch enabled and the other is without touch. And then you also have the option to buy a separate. Get to make the tablet violist so you could move away from the display with the tablet and even work away from the screen. You can goto com dot com yourself That is the view a c o m dot c o m and decide for yourself that which one you want to buy. 4. Learn Wacom Graphics Tablet Usage Basics: let us know. Talk about dependable If uses basics, this is the tablet I have. This is vacant one, and this is a pen that came with it. This man has two buttons. Both off them are programmable. Separately, you contain the settings off what these buttons perform in the software that came with the tablet in the next movie of Lucky. True downloading and installing drivers Wiretap that this'll is a neighbor of depend something. Also have a razor at the opposite. And Austin, if but mine does not happen to use static, simply whole defend like any other pen and assumed the tablets being the people, many hover above the Tadic. The cursor moves as your hand moves on the tab, but when you touch the tablet with your pen, it is considered as a left click off. Most. Let's create a stroke. Simply press depend against detected and move your head, not just play. We depend to get familiar with the tablet and pen usage. On that day, you will be able to see small corners. The area between this is called the activity a Onley in this area of an your tap and over your pen on the tablet. It will get registered, so only the activated works with No. When you press harder with your pen, you will get a take stroke and been oppressed. Later, I will get a lighter stroke to get used to the tablet. Try using only the tablet for you everyday functions. A pen tablet can do everything. A mouse camp clicking right clicking and scrolling. The man doesn't broke away from the tablet. To get the pen to work, you have to hold her closer tablet but still not touching because when in touch it is considered as a drag, and neither do the buttons work away from the cabin. So this is it for the penthouse that uses basics. Now to get some live with a tablet, open up girl painter and try writing something or drawing basic shapes, that's all. Thank you. 5. Setting up Wacom Tablet: open any search engine, innovate Brazil. And so that's where they don't become drivers. The first search reserve should be the official become driver page. Open it. Drivers off every become model are available here. I have become inventively, but it is also branded as become Bamboo Slash. In other countries, drivers for Windows and Mac OS X are available for download. I have been doing so. I'm going to download Windows trailers after the download is complete and stars it at the drivers are friends store opened bacon preferences, says Windows eight. You can press window ski and see together on the keyboard to bring up charms. Click on Search and third for bacon preferences. Open the apple shoe in error. If the tablet is not gonna click through a computer who thought this connected, abject were man BC and open recon preferences of here. You will be able to access the tablet and pen settings in the tablet dead. There will be other settings also available if your public have express keys on them. My dad does not have express keys, so only orientation settings. Now if you are right, hindered in select right handing orientation, and if you are left handed that's left left handed and depend. Setting step options will be available according to the features your pen has. They're two buttons available on a pen so I can program them to do anything I want. The first button is going. Please have to rightly, I can hold open over the place and breast two button and the right place is registered by the soft. The other burden is set to Penn are screwed. We contain the scrolls we to disclosed, depend. All you have to do is pull the second button and dragged a pen on the tablet, up or down. Then there's the real settings. Explain what this setting does. I'm going to set it up soft and open for a painter and make some strokes with bait amounts of pressure of life on the penned by my head. I am very slightly touching the friend with the tablet, but I cannot get lighter strokes on the soft settings. Let's no sorry to medium, and now, with very slight pressure, I'm able to get lighter strokes, and when I put more pressure, I can get tickets, strokes, the medium settings. We have more control over the thickness off this truth by controlling the pressure. My hand applies no over the setting set from, even if a fresh heart I get a light stroke, have the best very hard to get a text room for me. The medium settings work best to get most controls over the sickness, all the strokes. This may bay from person to person and what they're trying to achieve. There is tracking option in which you can set defend to work, either as a pen or as the most labour. This setting to understand more started to spend more for painting. You can enable the clicks down by checking this option. In the Eckmann setting, there are two modes available to access the buttons on the pants. The first is forward click moves. When in this mood you can use the buttons. Why hoping? Defend over the tablets and pressed a button like the right click button and in pills, work without me to touch the pen tablets in flick and tap mood. Hold the button Fonda pen and tap on the plan to make it work. Clicking the button by whole brain would not work in this mood. I like it to set it over Click move. You can reset all settings by clicking on the default foreign on. All settings were really motored through the factory settings.