Graphic Design for Beginners Part 3 - Learn and Apply Effective Color

Chad Neuman, Ph.D., Professor, Graphic Designer, Digital Media Expert

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4 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction to Color in Graphic Design

    • Color Terminology in Graphic Design

    • Color Wheels and Harmony in Graphic Design

    • [PROJECT] Create a Color Wheel


About This Class

In this third part of the Graphic Design for Beginners Series, you will learn and apply effective colors and design a color wheel. Note: Please enroll in part 1 of this series by clicking on my profile and finding Graphic Design for Beginners Part 1 in order to download the support files or navigate to

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Great overview of how to use the color tools in the Adobe suite, as well as some info on RGB/CMYK. Unfortunately, saying that "some printers can print RGB" is misleading if not out right false - NO printer can print RGB, they'll merely accept your RGB files and produce something similar. It's physically impossible for a printer to print in RGB, seeing as it's additive and based on light. If you give a printer an RGB file, it will be converted to CMYK (either by the technician, or by the printer itself) - this might not give you the result you want! If you're designing for print, only use CMYK to be safe!
Great class! Thank you!
Short and sweet, gives you a clear idea of what InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop can do in terms of colors. Sometimes I felt a bit overwhelmed with the RGB-CMYK reference as a beginner- I feel like the differences between them and when to use which one could have been explained a bit clearer. Otherwise a great course!





Chad Neuman, Ph.D.

Professor, Graphic Designer, Digital Media Expert

I love seeing students succeed in their designs, writings, productions, and careers!

I'm currently a full-time university professor of graphic design and digital journalism. I've taught classes on design, photography, and writing for the past eight years. My university students have become full-time, award-winning photographers, web designers, creative specialists, reporters, and layout designers. 

And now, you can learn from me as well!

Get started by enrolling in my courses and learning new skills. I've worked as internet development director at an award-winning advertising design firm, as managing editor at two graphic design magazines, as webmaster at a regional newspaper, and have been a freelance graphic designer and writer for the past 20 years. I have a B.A. in Communication, an M.A. in Journalism and Media Studies, and a Ph.D. in Communication.

My combination of professional real world experience, formal education, and experience in teaching have all enabled me to produce quality courses that help students become better at digital media and communication.