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Graphic Design For Social Media

Alex Stamatiades

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9 Videos (29m)
    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. Setting The Palette

    • 03. Getting The Fonts

    • 04. Finding Pictures And Brushes

    • 05. The Guides

    • 06. Text And Background

    • 07. Framing The Elements

    • 08. Allignments And Exporting

    • 09. Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make Social Media Graphics to cover the needs of an organization, a business, or your personal social media page. Such graphics include Facebook graphics (Page Covers, Event and Group Covers), as well as Milestone Images and banners for all other social platforms. In the course we'll make a Facebook Page Cover in real time, explaining every step.

We will cover all aspects of the design process, which are:

  • Finding and creating correct color palettes.
  • Choosing the right fonts.
  • Arranging the various elements on the design, such as logos and texts.
  • Adding brushes and photographs to enrich the design.

The class is open to designers of any level, and we will focus on how to design using resources which are available for free on the web. We will use GIMP as our main design tool.





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