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Graphic Design Exercise #2: Ribbons, Badges and Live Effects

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ribbons

    • 3. Badges

    • 4. Class project

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to graphic design exercise 2, ribbons and badges. In this second design exercise, we will cover the not so common tool, in adobe illustrator the live effects to create ribbons. To create badges, I'm going to show you to create a badge in simple ways using basic shapes. I'm excited about this class so enroll now and let's get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to a graphic design exercise to ribbons and budgets. In the second descend exercise, we will cover the not so common tool in a day administrator the life affects to create ribbons to create badges. I'm going to show you how to create budge in simple ways, using basic shapes. I'm excited about this class, so Enron now and let's get started. 2. Ribbons: Hello and welcome to our first video off graphic design exercise. My name is Destiny. Thank you for enrolling in this class. You're going to learn how to design a reborn in basic budgets. We can accomplish this with the basic illustrator effects in combination of different shapes to create badges, which I'm going to show you after this video. Be bones are widely used. You can use it to different designs. Can be a part of my budge for label or any kinds of designs because three ones are very flexible and can add two banners or posters for print, our web or anything that you can think off. And the point of this class is to not toe just design everyone but toe introduce you toe basic Effects administrator and also the use off different shapes to create something new. So, as you can see on our screen from simple re bones, weaken put it in tow, different designs for like, for this one, I added to, uh, labels, then the other ones from the budgets. So we were going toe design this re bones for our first video, and this one is really simple, simple, very think what to do, so I'm gonna show you how to do it here in and administrator. So first, let's get a dangle. Any sense of Hindu so you can follow along with me. You're supposed to video, and then we'll do the when the first side here, part of the reborn, and this zoom in. And then it's getting the dunk or point a little. So I was at another point a year. Get my Derek selection tool. Click on this point and then drag it right side. I'm standing here. You can see all the time in some ribbons of color. Here is BC, 34 to 6. If you want toe happy nine and then they mean But the ribbon is a B for 1 to 4 Nestea father, and then I will get a bullet in the back. Or they may control and then may close bracket open. Brother came in. I'm going to duplicate it, but first, let's controlled by to see the outline you and also the center of this rectangle holding your alky and then click and make sure you press the preview. And for the axis, click on vertical click on top. I think that. And that's our sinful ribbon. Right? First imports. Now, if you want to add something simple, like a shadow being from the bottom, let me deal it. Disperse. So I'm gonna do it here on the 1st 1 So get your mental. Just create a like a trying in here, something like this. And then this drinking together this move down a little bit darker, okay? And like that. See, there's something you were styling here. Group this control G and send it back again. Control the open bracket and then controlling Why? Out telling you I'll click. Click on copy. It's like that we have a simple reborn. And now, of course, it's not going to do something this forever. You mean some different students? So let me put it here first and duplicated for here. We can go toe effect. Click on warp. Yes, well, over your mouse. Anglican art. And yes, you can see since my preview is edible, I can see what's going to happen if I move this slider. I think that so different effects on dependent depends on the degree that you put. Okay, so maybe something like this Click on OK, and, um So first, let me, in case you want to edit that, just open the appearance panel and click on the work, all right? And you can edit. Okay. Now, of course, we need to end the other parts because we we changed it. So you have to do is just, you know, no buckling double click it toe. Go inside of that group, or you can on group it if you want to. So I saw God, the one just say, like, one point. Make sure you use your Derek selection tool, Click on this point and then move it up. I like that. It's like a shadow, right? So that's basically the FX. And of course, you can play with this different type of rewards for this one. It's also available. So you can. That means obligated holding my key and run it down like this one and go toe effect mark. And can you thief flag. So you can play with the bend effect here so much you want to bend something? 29 uh, percent also in The editing is very important. You change something you need toe ended some part of your insane Get during the next election. Click on this element on this point. Move it up. I think that. And also mobile. I'm thinking this amusing Maki potatoes for moving that element. Okay. Really simple ribbons. Right? And in this ribbons, you can you know, you can use it in any science. Like I said, and NATO in our class project, we're going toe use everything that you do, everything that we learn from this letter on videos. So that's one in the way. We had some effect on it and go to work and see the rice again. Are these money? Said writes. Neither one is planned. So you complain with settings. I'm going to show you the other way. Toa do it. You can just select these points like that and then just hold your shift key and then get up. Depends on how much uh, hi. You want you're reborn and a part of yourself. I will be moved up as well. Something like this. Not really feeling for strata. That's what the editing will come into play, right? So depends on your kind of design Or, um, how it will play in your these elements in your design So just make sure that once you move something, make sure you read it the other part because that's the point of anything. You know that, you know, perfect. It will not look perfect, but let's make sure that it's better to to make everything, um, working together in the design. It's not just like, you know, you finished it. Okay, so let's see. That wouldn't be one of your assignments. Toe post any re bones. And also, you can add sex if you want to. And in the next video, we'll do some badges. Okay? So once you you're done with the rebound, you can apply to any budget, something that this and it will look good. Right? So that's the power of ribbon. You know, you can use it to anything. The next video, we'll do it. The budgets. So see you in the next video 3. Badges: Hello and welcome back in this video. Very going toe designed different types off budgets, and actually, they remain of them. But we do some can for this exercise. These are the, uh what are the different badges? And if you look at them, they look complicated, but actually, they're not. We can create this with the simple shapes in our domain. Straight or so let's get started first. Let's again geek rounded rectangle do that having something like this. This will be on the vertical because you can see Let me be that again. Their lips. It's doing something like this. Okay. And then the other one I found it kind of does throw something a little bigger from our keeps, something like this. And this ended any corners a bit arounder, something like this. Okay. And we move it up. So in sentry, right, it's against he mitigating somewhere here. I'm just getting being rounded rectangle. You can hold your space bar if you want to move the shape something that and another one BD another rounded rectangle tool. The smaller it's like that. That could be our first bunch. Pretty simple. Now began just this rhetorical longer something that Okay, that's, uh, Yuh designed the 1st 1 beginning century in the nineties. Something this. Make sure you say that the the 1st 1 the 1st 1 that we created. So that's where we're going. Toe base, our elements and no deep cuts. Finder. We joined the everything into one. No, no, Nicks. Uh, thanks so much. Let's get the hunger. Me more with Prince here. Get there from that angle. Not here. Not DEA. Around the candle again. I get the through another one. Things, mourner. Something, something like this. Yes. I step for very styling. And the rounded rectangle You can use your space bar the month, the sheep, My one thing off words Deer mouse. And just like that. Okay. And now when it's some still gonna this and united in your Pathfinder. Thanks to get me that extension, let's click on this point and make it drowned. There. Something like that, Right. Do it on the other sides. Pretty simple, isn't it? Just a few shapes and created something new for our bunch. Another one. Get things going again next. Getting the, uh, around the canyon. No, I did a little bit off number something like that. And let's store he will throw from the center. Make sure you hold your geek and something like this could be a little bigger. But make sure on the left side and the right side that just the, uh, leaps and you can order and make it bigger. They like this. All right. And that's how we design the right friends that we have now in its united Make it one object. Okay. And now let's do the other one. This one is really common in largest design. Don't get the startle. First, you will have the star okay noted toward the corners. Press the up arrow. Okay. And control older control key ended the sciences something like this. Right? So you can add you against trapped by placing cable down and embracing the keyboard arrow up. Okay, so first, let me make me so it's monitored something like these, and then goto effect goto skylights and round corners Preview and you can see me around the corners. Click on OK, I think that's 10 points. Last one is getting the tangled doing. Throw a sinful Next. This the point here in another one on the bottom part. Get the Derrick selection tool. Click on a point and then drug up. I saw on the bottom Click and drug. Don't you need a bigger over down? Something like this. I can click on this point on the left, in the side, in drug around the sides. It's like that, right? And you can in the course at this. It's really easy Awaited me. She don't major straighter, so that's it. That's how you are. Great simple badges. Instructor. You can use different shapes and combine them to create something new. Right. So I hope to see something. Some of your science in the gallery and at least two more you can explore. You can experiment with the Grand Duchess. Okay, so that's all for this video and see you in our class project. We do 4. Class project: Hello and welcome to our final video of this class and for our class project. I prepared these two simple designs where we're going to use everything that we learned from the faster videos. Personal. Do the judge on the label? First, let's get the startled and drove and press your up arrow seven times are you're I don't know if you want oh, less in the corners. Okay, then hold your control key. Something like this are like that My drugging your Ramos. I live in something like this. And then I dropped the color a green here if you want toe follow along. The color is 3 to 5 c two c and I'm like, OK, me put it here. Okay, so next it's getting the lips toilet and we went door. The same threat seems there's no same three year Centrepoint. I just get the light I bought here and there are something like that. Of course we can center this later. So this change the Golder Dwight And that's what this meeting now a stroke. They see three points, then said like this to click on the star on the background, click on a line and click on the center. Okay, so this one and it's been centered The circle. Now we're I started sheep that I started, but those make a son something. OK, begin. Great. Another one Control seeing control f and make it a smaller one. Something like this would be the like Like a speech on our insane With the stroke point I smaller toe fines Click on dash line and music My keyboard datil to see do you think? And you can click on the go Okay, it seems find meek. Now do the reborn get the rectangle rule. I know something here. Okay? And then swept and feel cooler And the corner 3678 before and go toe effect You can actually bend this something like this which are not going to do I'm just happy what I have on the reference First on, then get your line segment Okay? And then said the white stroke, no planes for one point fight and then click on dashed line 20 points. And, um let's see here we can duplicate it, But first, let's center this dash line into our rectangle. So if I take this to thank click on a center line. Okay, now let's duplicate it under out and then drag it down. Appropriate known. It's, um, it says you're about to see and then get your title. I'm going to type quality on caps lock, and that's some make it bigger going up the life Now the point that I used seriously Merryweather, Majesty, a freak Google front that you can download. It's a free front now, having at the spacing us you can see smaller first and then the tracking. You can open it on the window character. If it's not been, yes, you can type and then character Now in the tracking, Let's see the 75 I'm holding my control and then my greater done saying I lowered down. They were dancing, okay. And then, uh, let's see what we're missing Year. Oh, decide And it's added up. These are reborn here. Change the corner and the color should be anything darker. And it's sending the buck. Make that and then a dunk or point tool. Click on it here and then right side something. This okay now the shadow, the that. The shadow. But the other part of the pre born here it's like a triangle in the corner, darker. And it's group this green door, of course. Reflect on the other side while you're out and then click on the center of that circle. Taken vertical and preview copy and just like that. Okay, so great. A simple listening. That's how we clean badges or your design. And they said, our fix. The point here is lobster, which is free as well. Can don't note from different that come. I think it's also available in Google logo on the front, sported here and drinking. Let's make it 25. No, it's, uh, center, this mobile needle ontology. Just make it one group just like that. Then finally, we need three stars here. Place your, uh, Gaber the arrow down. And I think that you can all your control g And then there's the shape up your stark and make its mother wanting my shift key. And then this matter nothing here. And, uh, duplicating smart starts. Got one here. Yes, like that. Finish our first class project. And I think we're meeting something here. The stitch. So I've been first video and this stitch design here. Okay, so we're done with that were first class project and, uh, the other one, the judge Or could be a sticker person. It's You condone this? Yes. If you need something here from a free kick that Tom some ornament. You getting me? So what we're going to use here and also DEA toe hardships from the freebie from free pick . OK, so let's do our budge first. Get your rectangle, Dole and Royal tangle here. I dropped here and get Gagner. Gorder is three b triple A one. Okay, Next, let's get the get tangled tool. Throw something longer from our rectangle. Your space bar. If you want to move the shape, okay? And then click on this corner and drug Make that to make that arounder just like that. And finally, let's get our lead story. Start from the center under alky and then run. Make sure in the right. Just also look up the look at the the shape these lips. Okay. Not really big from the top. And the bottom part. If you want to end it, just hold your drugging this site something. Okay, So that's how I created that background background shape that now reading much. And that's the United East. One shape. Okay, And now I duplicated control. Seeing control f Let's recites it, make it smaller order and then go and shifty. This will be the border you can see. Now we're budge the white one. It's changed the cooler It's weapon and changed the Golder They stroked white. And for the stroke point that seemed a 3.3 points and yeah, seems OK, Let's put it here. So begin see clearly our reference and now get the title. And like our reading, the phone that I used here is really so it's all free from Logan fronts and put it here, changed the call, your wife and among the field I'm in the stroke and its icy made smother. And also let's Adly our our, uh, work ethic and selling the pronto medium. Okay, so next let's get me get tangled doing. Throw something here in the middle. This will be the base of our techs. Something like that. Okay, so next let's get back to again and it's type. Feel it. And Murray, Although you can, of course, live any name you like. The font is communist free from front your own dot com and then it's getting colder here. C c 78 45. Okay, let's put it year. It does soak up in the size of the front, so I have toe and that means a little bigger. And it's ended this funding my shift key selling this book. Make it a little beer. It's our batches bigger from the reference. Now it's Copy this. Let's put it here. Okay. To save our to save. Ah, Spain, In case you want Oh, on your own ornament design doing that, you can put it here. This is our example. And it's duplicated using our reflect just like that. Okay. For our dicks for indecent Great vibes. So free. I think you got it from the phone, that gun. So just put it here and let's get me heart shapes Bucket here. This father undecided Just the corner white duplicated and click on vertical and copy. And just like that, And, uh, I think we're meaning to edit some parts of it. You're everything centered. I'm gonna say like this and these well, group it and then make it in the center just like that. Okay? And I think that that's in a minute to add that Get your lips tools through a smaller, uh, that here cynical and the person in Doha and to do three more other corners. So just in here for centuries, and then setting the store, get their reflector. I'll click here horizontal, using my keeper Donald up on the right and we're done with that were a class project. I hope to see some of your designs, guys and that this is just a sample off what we can do for our re bones and badges, their like hundreds or thousands of, uh, designed that we can do with this simple rebounds and magic. So I hope to see some of their projects. Uh, you can put any image if you in any designs you have. And the stock for this video. You feel like this click? I recommend. So people have been there, find it And the sun for this video. I hope to see you in the other letter, Onder Gladys. So that's all your next time