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Graphic Design Adobe Illustrator CC

teacher avatar Ela K., Time to study

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. introduction

    • 2. 1 lesson

    • 3. 2 lesson

    • 4. 3 lesson

    • 5. 4 lesson

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how illustrator, its main functions and activities. Each button shows how to draw simple and complex shapes, as an illustrator to help you make money.
The course also aims to develop artistic skills.

I am a graphic designer and has long been engaged in the development of logos, flyers, identity and web sites.

Here is my list, examples, which you can understand the level of knowledge that you can learn

We start our training program with the help of simple steps. Draw a simple logos for various activities

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ela K.

Time to study


I am an artist in life. My courses focus on different topics. cooking, mehendi, guitar playing and more. Evolve is fun with us

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1. introduction: the air France. My name is Yolk Hosni unca I'm graphic design Um um has developments websites cooperating data creation My second name Monica Bells You follow me Instagram core Monica bells and look for my part Follow ah, business card so long ago for last saw Great again to company eso websites Ah law, Go and um sketched the two years Ah eso Aikens for difficult times and taking and, uh ah albums the yeast for D j uh, sides and looked the more my purse follow here, Um, in my course, um you will get that can t be the problem. Adopt the starter. I look, um you cologne how you can easy greater Eunick a team age and illustration as well s with director arrest or image Russell Age and pacto. Ah, First withdraw A simple figure, for example. Um is so draw Christmas icons? Ah, the simple icons. Um, and drawings. Simple gray Christmas draws. Um, picture Santa Claus. Saddam's reign the year. Bingo. Ah, And on a day ran will. Great Ismael auto or business cards? Ah, uh, this my business cards. So, for example, um and you build on a basic foremost, so off graphic design Also with me. They're mocha up. Moke up. Um, at least a small cup. Um ah. You learn how to use them. That 2% the s tapes allowed to the customer. Well for you, Beautiful but fallen. Why are these that this my business card, sir, In more cops on for the this, we will have to start and problems adopt Photoshopped. These photo shop on my course Will the have homework? Ah, the best sides draw simple geometric shapes. Our seconds excise Christmas icons to choose from. Ah, so drawn Christmas picture two suits prom and they wanted sign allowed. Told the business cards. Ah, and thesis your business cards. Ah, placed in them a cop. 4% loud representation. Ah, well referenced to McCobb so you will find a topic for cross. There will also be examples for cards so and reach will be able to make the design or the business cars. Eso follow me on loan to my costs. Goodbye 2. 1 lesson: Hello, my dear friends class starts in the first lesson. Where will concede the most simple shapes and their interactions, for example? Uh, right breast. So you've turned to wear draw square. Uh, and it's not best achieved where I get so shape our Stangel. Uh, so where the change color Call it the respect Akala different Carla for these Web gola uh, where gets Call them answer change. Uh, he stalk, for example, and, uh, line big and small. Uh, so where? Draw. Sorry. Draw a circle A pursuit until while no person so bear, uh, interaction, he's too far. So example Circle Anto, uh, to complete and pass auction on these Complete from too far. But do you want for away? Uh, so and got gods. Are these Sango God squared and this warm So, uh, coast slower. And Leah press He's this and we got from from interaction off two forms. Got these parts. So to form a complete campus. Yes, uh, these Tom cots and really to get to form. So where God's, uh, one forms between two fours. Eso ma these, uh ah. Lesson for simple north champs in the interaction on the's bottom and the spartan four, uh, compound comme part forms 3. 2 lesson: Hello, President Lassen. Where? Draw now this No black. Its simple shape. Ah, where a lot A line And the shoes. Where a lot. So rush, applying and copy. Come on. See? And comment away in Mark, we're to mine and corporate and muscle wave and of the use line. And, uh, these water full one size copper, These Cooper here. And, uh, we're just for transform, uh, middle. I'm just for you know, uh, his view That may Look, they're just Gary. And Okay, uh, these come all of their line together and press comment G group Uh, group. Oh. Okay. Uh, these form we're going, So see Andry Copy. Never shoot where Sounds forward market. I have a group. Coffee that shaped. Okay, call a bit And, uh, look, not Santa. Well, where ah composed they are the parts together and, uh, strong, but And the central, uh, compiled together land and brass scoop logic where change call up cold and 4. 3 lesson: where? Second class. Um, we'll draw where a Christmas story about. Well, there are simple, simple form. Ah, so she lived our press I scope be call a different shapes in era. Uh, so we, uh, ban France three Trans farm. This form this form re color Read information, uh, away. I wish that change your breast shift and, uh, safe, Uh, the current of size. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well, company yet so far, uh, where I feel old. I hope that change form for wild. Okay, we'll get together. Complete falls Press. Yeah. These God were these form a circle? All right. Color hands A lot. Wanna Well, copy ju. Hello. Thanks. Yeah, to draw your stone. Go this Don. Complete call on J. Okay. And, Gloria, some fruit to fuck and pencil free France. Where? Draw Miami bodies . Okay, we comment group and Central. Yes, 5. 4 lesson: - you . Do you see?