Graphic Design 101: An Overview of the Field | Mason Gentry | Skillshare

Graphic Design 101: An Overview of the Field

Mason Gentry, Designer / Art Director

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11 Videos (54m)
    • Intro

    • The Attention Rule

    • Logos

    • Packaging

    • Posters

    • Book Covers

    • Environmental Graphics

    • Motion Graphics

    • Interactive

    • Annual Reports

    • Editorial

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About This Class

Who this is for

This class is for people who know a little bit about graphic design but want to dive deeper. Maybe you can recognize a well designed poster or website when you see it, but you want to know WHY it's good.

Why did the poster designer choose an illustration instead of a photo?

Why did the book cover designer use that photo?

Why the web designer do the site in that style?

What this course covers

I cover 9 graphic design specialties in this course. Logos, packaging, posters, book covers, motion graphics, websites, annual reports, environmental graphics, and editorial design.

In each section I'll discuss WHY the work is good, the thinking that went into it, and any other anecdotes I may have about that field.

What you’ll achieve

When we’re done you’ll understand the process that goes into making great graphic design. You’ll see that good graphic design is usually concept driven. And you’ll have a good overview of 9 major specialties within graphic design.

Before you start any journey you should look at a map to see where you’re going. If you're considering learning design, this is your map.





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Mason Gentry

Designer / Art Director

Mason is a freelance graphic designer who has spent the past ten years working at such companies as TBWA/CHIAT/DAY, Deutsche, DNA Studio, Phenomenon, and many others. He specializes in interactive but he loves all aspects of design.

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