Grant Applications Step by Step: The Main Sections of a Grant [Grant Writing Basics Series] | Teresa Huff | Skillshare

Grant Applications Step by Step: The Main Sections of a Grant [Grant Writing Basics Series]

Teresa Huff, Equipping you to change the world

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Hub of Everything: The RFP

    • 3. Who Are You? Organizational Background

    • 4. Why Should They Give You Money? Statement of Need

    • 5. What Will You Do with the Money? Program Design & Evaluation

    • 6. Can You Handle the Money? Capacity & Sustainability

    • 7. How Will You Spend the Money? Budget

    • 8. Forget Something? Supporting Documents

    • 9. How Do You Send It in? Application Formats

    • 10. Conclusion & Course Project


About This Class

Join expert grant writer Teresa Huff to learn the basics of a grant application - and walk away with strategies you can customize to your school, nonprofit, or grant writing business immediately.


If you’re new to grant writing, you may be a little overwhelmed by some of the trainings and information out there. Before I started grant writing, I thought it sounded cool, but I had no idea what a grant even looked like, let alone how to start writing one.

In this course we’ll get down to the very basic parts of a grant application. We’ll cover:

  • The basic sections of a typical grant application
  • What funders expect to see in each section and some examples
  • Extra materials they might require with the application
  • The different types of application formats
  • How to review the RFP (we’ll learn that in class too!) and set up your application

This course is for:

  • Staff, volunteer, or board members of a school or non-profit
  • Those who want to learn grant writing as a career or side gig
  • Complete beginners to the grant world
  • Those who have tried writing a grant or two unsuccessfully and are ready to learn the foundational basics for getting started

I’ve been bringing in several million dollars of funding for schools and nonprofits since 2005. Now I’m here to help you get started with your grant writing career.

Make sure to download the Course Workbook and use it for reference as you go through the class. By the time we get to the Course Project, you’ll have a list of tips you can use on your next grant application.

Ready to propel your grant writing skills? I know you can do it. I can’t wait to hear about your cause and see how you’re influencing your community through grant funding.

Let’s get started – together we can do great things to change the world!

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I’d love to hear your questions. Email me today at [email protected]