Gouache snowscape | Cécile Yadro | Skillshare
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13 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Selecting photo

    • 4. Supplies

    • 5. Drawing

    • 6. Analyzing the photo

    • 7. Painting the sky

    • 8. Painting the hill

    • 9. Painting the trees

    • 10. Painting the houses part 1

    • 11. Painting the houses part 2

    • 12. Painting the snow

    • 13. Details and smoothing


About This Class

In this class I will show you how to paint a gouache landscape from a reference photo, which is in the resource section. 
This is a very detailed class with step by step instructions so you can follow along with me and paint your own snowscape. 

Some examples of what you can achieve in the class:


I will explain what,is a good reference photo and have gathered a lot of photos for you in a Pinterest board

We will talk about supplies, then make the drawing which is very easy to do. 
Painting with gouache is the main focus of this class  and I have split the class in different parts of the painting : sky, hill, trees, houses and snow. 

At the end of the class you’ll be able to paint your own snowscape. 



1. Introduction : hello. Motion won't come to my new class on skill share. Cecile French artists both digital and traditional. This cast I will show you how to paint. Goulash knows cape. This is something really fun to do. As you will discover that snow is not really white, I will show you how to select a good restaurants photo and I will be using one in class to make this landscape off course. You're welcome to use another for then I will explain how to dro which is very simple, actually and how to select mix your paintings. I would say this class is more for advance levels than for complete beginners. If you have never painted with squash, I would advise you to follow my previous CASS about question escape in this class, I will go a bit further. So maybe it's good if you have already some basis with class. Your project will be to make a national escape. Either the one we're making class or another one, just like as you prefer. I'm really happy to see you again. So now it's time to go and select out for See you, CASS. 2. Your project: your project will be to Mike questions. No escape. Either. One of those hundreds off photos have gathered for you, and you really have some interesting stuff to pain here. Or just follow along with me with the reference for you of the task and we will end by doing this. This is quite small, but you can make it in a different size if you prefer. So now let's go. 3. Selecting photo : So if you follow the link, which is in the resource section, you will go down. But it to my Pinterest board, which is inspiration for 24 Grosh landscapes. And inside you have, ah, section that is cold snows, caves, 117 pins. I constantly add new pence, so you can really have ah, a wide choice. Um, some hymns to selected food for you. First of all, I would say you should provide when you have the sun rays visible maybe like this one and especially let me see that here you have really raised showing this is quite a pain. This is exactly the kind of follow you don't want to paint because this is really strange once you paint it well, unless I'm totally dumb. But but I cannot figure it out. So another thing is for this class I want you to have light and shadow. So, for example, this kind of photo wouldn't fit because everything is in just shadow. There is just delights in this in the sky here there is no light at all. This is very contrasting. When you have very dark shadows and very lights, whites would be interesting. Also, this one is a bit Photoshopped, I guess. Also, I wanted to have a house to give us and suffer scale in the photo so I could have used a number off pictures from this board. But when I'm filming for a class, I need to have copyright free picture. So this is why I chose the one I use. If you are a concern about copyrights, please nature, when you select the photo that its copyright free, some are coming from picks obey like this one. It's coming from picks a day, so you know you can use it without any problem. Others are from a photo magazine. So obviously is there is a copyright on this one, so I could paint it just for myself. But not to use in a class so that when I'm choosing is from picks obey as well on, and I will top on the three dots here on download image. Now it's in my photo camera roll, so all I have to do is go to my foot home and tap on its so to use a photo reference. Either you have an iPad or computer screen next to you. and you can use it as a reference while you're painting, or you can just print it and use printed paper as a reference. 4. Supplies: What is the supplies you need for this painting? First of all, it's a wash. I kept my gosh in this. Let which is was a can of silicone lid was see, grids were to put the little squares inside. So it's kind of air tights and I have squeezed my pains inside. So this is basic colors. On each time I have a cold and warm of itch. So one called yellow one walk yellow and I had them. So I put them here, um, dark by that ultra marine on some kind of blues, A serially owns sky blue and maybe joke Woz already made green. Uh, why am one cold one and some kind of neutral colors? And this is for my leftovers of white. But I squeezed white directly on the palate. And before using this, I am spraying with letter so my pains are really ready to use. This is saved on a famous online websites that you may know beginning by eight. Um, for the white, I have, um, very basic White Watch which is made for students. It's not really a fine painting, but it's really doing the treat as I use a lot of this white I by it, nor size, and it's not very expensive, but I have also tight on whites. This white is really for all the highlights and little that you put at the very hand. I don't use it for mixing about brushes. Brushes basically have a large one, which is a bit tied. You can see here that I used for Raj painting like skies. It's Ah, 18 old. Soon take brushes. I have a size two and four and six just to pains. This is very cheap brushes because I I'm not very careful with my brushes, I have to say on a fine one, which is number two. Well, you can use what you have any way you want it, something to squeeze your paint on its I have pellets, but I'm not really form of it because it's plastic and it gets a color inside as to make a try was a tile. I think tiles would be cool. Two jars of water want to wash your brushes and want to pick up very tiny amounts off clean water. I put some paper troubles and a little bowl. I use it to squeeze off the excess water in my brushes as well as I have tissue to clean some stuff off first, Mechanical or regular principle as you wish on the razor and haven't needed gum here. But you can press on use very fine tip to remove the excess graphite on the paper. Speaking of paper, I'm using this one. Which is our ship? 300 GSM. Actually, this is too big for me. So I think I will use off fever. This will be enough. So I have a cardboard here on. I will take my paper on top of the cardboard so I can't move my car Boat where want now I still have this clean white edged that I like and talking on tape. This is what I use. It's a magic tape, my scotch three M and it's really working very well with this particular paper. So before using any tape, please make try because you can have some trouble when you remove the tape, you have your paper going with the tape that you really don't want this. Well, basically, I think this is all we need. So let me take this. Will go on, makes a throwing 5. Drawing: once you have choosen your or Tokyo or you have to do is put some small lines here. This is very important. If you are making a mistake, I will have the hell coming here. And I have a find. Trio are here a big one hair. It's pine trees as well. Just make very small lines. And here I have the two houses. The houses are very, very small, comparing to the rest of the image on here I have line. I think I indicate the place where the color is changing its it's called. No, I don't need to indicate them windows and the doors because I will paint over it in a way. Um, this is stopping here. You have two trunks from period. I think this will be enough. 6. Analyzing the photo: So the first thing you want to do is analyze your photo. Um, just deciding which order you wanted them paint difference planes. If I would say, though, the first thing I will paint is this kind, and this guy is lighter here than here. So I will begin by the darkest part and add a bit more whites and go down until here, and then we'll paint over the top of the trees because I will paint over this guy after then I will paint the light, he'll in the background, which is a kind of a grace blue. And then I will have the pine trees, then the houses and then the snow on top of it. Speaking of the houses, you can see that this roof has very different color from this one, because this one is more light, more yellow. Also on this one is more blue grey. You have a very dark shadow here and there, and the red of the doors and windows is slightly different here. It's very lit in the sense, so it's warm and here it's much cooler. I think the proportion of my house is very different from the reference for about I really don't mind. And then I have the snow, which is white of it. Onda, bluish gray as well, but very light. And in the trees, I have kind of washed out dark gray greenish well, have fun to make those colors. So first thing first, this kind 7. Painting the sky: Well, this guy, I will use my larger brush because it's very large. So fast play to paint. So let me use this, so I'll play to think so you can see what I'm doing. So you wash your brush on you will press it until it's just slightly dump. Don't forget to clean drops you could have on the metallic part of the brush. And then I will get some blue sound a bit off from Marine on off course. I need to play some white on my pockets, and I'm sweeping it in a long way so I can take of it without mixing colors. This is very dark. Don't forget that squash has a funny way to try, and sometimes you'll have very strange colors. I think I could be more navy blue tremor in blue. Yeah, I like it. I had some water, so I'm just dipping the tip off my brush in the water to get more paint. This will be covered by the heel, so just make sure you have paint to the very edge until until you cover the tape, Right? So no more whites, no gradients, are very difficult to do in goulash. So you have to do it while it's a bit fresh. A bit more white. More What? Her? I'm especially careful on the edge of the tape. Of course, when you remove the tape, it can be very ugly. So I don't see my line. My drawing. You know, it's OK. I will trace it over once. It's try. Okay, So, trying to mix a bit this when you can make very dry brush strokes keeps, um, interest in your risk. I don't know if you can see that, but here I have Ah, a little bit of white coming of the paper. So I will clean my brush and get the darkest try to feel this. Yeah. I always check by getting your paint straight ahead in front of you far, far away from you, because when you are painting on a table, you don't really see well what you're doing, right. I think it's OK for this crying 8. Painting the hill: So it's drawing very fast. And now I will get my pencil and trace again. Slide the hell. So I have an idea where it's going on. Also, I know that mine trees will be around here. So I have to feel this part this far thesis far away from you. So it cultures are not very bright on David. They are a bit washed, but also this is darker than the sky. So you have to make a mix. I will use this left over here and we'll take trauma in blue. And I think I need to really kind off greyish a bit. So I will use a complementary color. Complimentary blue is arranged. So I clean my brush and I will get, um, kind of burned sooner blue. And you just make adjustments until you find the right color. No, I think it's OK. And I'm still using this brush and I will use the tip of my brush to make the edge of the hill like a fit. Some trees seen from a distance. Yeah, I will go on top of this after to make the snow into trees. Maybe I have not mixed enough pain So my paintings a bit too transparent. I think I could have a bit more thick. So let's do it again. Burns. Shutout. Picked for Have to be able to remix the car you already made before. Yeah, quite the same. So let man feel this. It was a secret paint. I'm keeping the brush with the pain to nets. Clean it, Get some words. I need us something like him. Dirty white tomb. Make the snow on the trees. Maybe it's a bit too light, So cleaning it So just pick. I'm using the edge My brush to figure out the trees with snow The difficult part here is not to make it to symmetrical. Learn. Try to vary your brush strokes. Okay, check it out. I think it's ok. Okay, stop. You have to know where just up. 9. Painting the trees: Now I will make the line off the trees we'll take from this mix. But we're greenish a bit. And before that I think I need to spray my colors. And also I'm spraying my pains. So I need some yellow, but not pure yellow. I I'm willing. I think yellow Oakar would be a good compromise and some green, some a trauma reen. This is the part off the trees that has no snow on it, and I think it could be a bit darker. You have to squint and look at the photo reference and see if this sport as the same value as a darkest part of trees. And I would say here it's almost as dark as here to be to green. So I need to get this a bit in gray er, and for this I will take a clean brush. We'll get them. Thank something. What is it? Retz. You know, always cleaning my brushes as soon as I don't need it anymore. Because I don't want my brush to stay in the water. Uh, to start, it's a bit more interesting, so we'll make the darkest parts and I will go on top of it after it was details. But I'm leaving this pace of the roof because they will be very light. I could go over it, but it's better if you just leave the white paper. There is a dark part over here, bitch here and over there. I think it's more blue, and I also have the two trees here, two or three. I don't know how many, but it's, um, more green, more vivid because it's in the sense. So I will use my mix here. Um, we'll make it a bit lighter because some port nature not trying to help copies. This is more to give the inspiration. I think I will need to change my brush, get house more one because this one is getting too big now can be interesting to have, ah, large brush. One. You don't want to go into detail tastes, but if you want to make some details, it's better. If you get something smaller, count, I will go for a six size. This is a flat brush. Oh, while my brushes clean, I will take camp it off trauma ring blue because I want to make this part, which is a bit more blue than gray, and you see the drops here. You really want to clean this or you'll have a drop on your paint and you'll have a spot. And you you will regrets a bit lighter, I think. And I'm not very careful while mixing because it's OK for me if I have difference of colors inside. No, I think it's better lighter. I will make the trunks after there is a dark part here. Maybe here is That could be, I don't know. It was too green. These parts good in less and less careful. This is the under part. I will put the snow on top of it so I can see that the light is coming this way. So my snow, I will place it mainly on the right side. So it's better if I paint the left side of the trees. This is no exact science. You have to paint what you see. You. Maybe you don't see the same things, and I do. But that's okay. This is what makes us different authorities. Okay, so this is getting dirty and out. Time to go for something. Maybe. NYTR here I have them kind off majority whites. So I'm getting my mix from here. Are doing a lot of wives cleaning my drops. Yeah, I think that's the right color. And for sure, I have not mixed enough of it. Make sure also, you cover every part of the white paper. Some parts of the upper parts of the trees are in the light so you can go with something was more white inside. I want to make the background before painting the two trees in the foreground. I could use a bit more dark here, so I will keep my brush size six for the lightest part, and we get the size for pull Dark. My light paint is not quite dry yet, so I can have some mix is very interesting. It's not very easy to work with two brushes. I think this party's OK. I need some really very white parts, pretend we'll do it at the very end when we'll put what everywhere. So this will be the same for here. So let me do this and I'll be back. I will just feel with the light white kind of white, more graze 10. Painting the houses part 1: I think now it's time to change my water because it's really dirty. And I wont in my palette yet because I will mix my green for the two trees here, and I will come from this mix of blue rate until I will use my size for to make the two trees. Maybe it's cool if I just place just a little Dutch where the top of the treaty is. So I don't go, Phil. Everything, um, Sprague's Each time I sprained my palate ice cream Mike Pence, so I'm sure it's getting very moist. Um, I would get some duck creating a bit of yellow. Okkert. Yeah, I think it's not good. Always place a little dot so you can see if this is going well with the rest of it. I think it's an interesting green. I can put some here as well. You want to have ah, color are going across the page, not just in one place. It's really helping to makes a unifying. You're growing so saying I'm making the under part and there is a snow, so let's see. This is stopping before the edge of the roof and here I have a very light parts. I see big pink. I don't know why Oh, purple Simpson like this have to see that. So my debts are here. I'm trying to be very lose was my brush strokes because this is more lively. I'm getting the proportions. So let's make roughly country size. So I think I need to make the roof before making the snow top of the tree cause it will cover the roof and that won't look strange and kind of like sees neutral gray. We had market just where the light is hitting the pine trees. I think you can have more green not very satisfied with this board. I think I need to make some smaller brush strokes in there were made this after See how I hold my brush. This is from very far away. It helps you to have lose brushstrokes. Now that I have painted here, I can see that this is a bit too brights on. I need to make a mix. Was something more gray? Well, I let it sit for a wide on. You'll see that after So now I have to think of the order. I have to paint my things I think now I need to make what's behind the house is so I have blue grey getting lighter and here it's pure white so I can make the whites and then I can make the trunks right. Okay, so I still have a bit of room here, and I can use this as well. For the snow. Get some white. L'm get some neutral gray. Maybe I could use some. This is some cerulean blue just to give more legs my snow. But you need to be very careful. Just just just just adults kiss of it. Me, I think it's so great. This is more blue than my trees like that. Um, I don't know if it's dark enough. You really need to make a bluish gray because it's in the shadow and it's also reflecting the blue of the sky. I think it's too light, you know this is better. So let's go on top of it, pilot, that we see the brushstrokes anyway. You have to be brave with colors. It's no, he's not really white at all. I'm really disturbed, but it's one not the good car here, so let's go there. There is a dark part here. Just behind house. Let's stop this. And I need to have a very my point. You want to keep them complete White for their hints. Off lights? Yeah. It was almost the car of the paper. Uh, maybe I could use a hint. Tough, you know, just give more light. Well, I had some blue in there, so it's a strange color, but it's okay. And now I will make the Borden parts of houses, so let's get some yellow. Old cure. Some don't ever burned amber for the shadows. Yeah, and I want to dark. And it was a bit off trauma, Marine. So this part is really dark. What size is it for my painted between Dr. I think the edge of the roof here is much lighter. So we're going top of it after I also have another shadow here, but it's some lighter than this one. And I had the edge of the house. The front side, huh? I see that a bit more vivid. So I will put some yellow joker to light and my brown You don't want to put white here because it will really makes your color suit dirty and so dull. It's very light the difference. But we'll show what it's dry. Andi, I'm not leaving the space for the windows. I will paint them on top of its, um, natural. The differences so visible that it dry and I see if I have to go back on top of it. But I still and at it's more occur. So it's lighter but still dark, so it can't make my shadow here. The edge of the roof coming on top of it. I'm leaving it white. Also, I'm getting lighter and lighter with my brown uh, this wall on this one. This one was very lights, so I will go the other way. Now, I went from the Oakar. Maybe a bit of a ranch to give it won't. Yeah, it's in the sun. So you really need to make a light warm color. And I see now that I have forward to make their shadow, I think it's a shadow of the roof coming on this wall on now, I will dark in my existing color to make the here on this one. Maybe I will go from here. I feel like the house is a bit too narrow. That's OK. My drawings. Just a guide to help me. But I'm not supposed to see Kip to it. Um, as I suspected, difference between two. Is that really so important? I don't mind. I think I can. You this one to maybe get more light on the edge. Like here. Coroner, a bit more lights. Those septal cem changing colors will really makes a difference at the end. And, um, here, my color is, um, making some marks. I don't like likely my brush very, very well. I use clean water and I will soften the edges between the two colors. You make small rounds and you have to clean your brush very often and really have it very dry. Almost almost right. But not to totally dry. I will make the little windows much later. No, I want to make this roof, which is, um, kind of neutral gray, less blue than this one. But I have ah, very white edge here. And this roof is darker than this one. 11. Painting the houses part 2: So I will get this part, which is very wife. And I'm beginning with white. It's easier to put color in white than to lighter color. Um, neutral Ray. So you could use black if you want. I don't like it. So I will use my left over in my paint to right if he was queen. It's almost as doctor of this. So I read in a too dark And my paint? Yeah, much better. I will get a small one size number two. You could use a smaller one, but I have found out that the number of 011 has so little hair that it hardly contains paint. So I prefer to use to, um I have to share of its paper just to make this edge. So if you look closely at the reference, there is a thing on top of the roof. Um, but that won't paint it. I don't really need to paint. This won't bring anything more to my painting so that it dry before I make the white parts . You know, um, another one here. So make this one, which is a bit lighter, and maybe this is a good color what? I'm mixed earlier. I have worried edge as well, so I could fix my shadow. Color is not correct, Pound. Also, despite his light term No, I think this could be the world. Have trouble painting this. I think it's because you're watching me. Yeah, and I had this some light white and maybe I will place some here as well because it's really in the sun on on this side of the tree. I need to get the crater one and some here as well. Let me do this. I'll be back. So I had to stop filming yesterday because night was falling and the light was really very bad. And this is a new day. So my palate is really clean. This is where we handed Lester Day. So first things first. I think I will need more whites. I don't know if you can see it, but yesterday I had a leftover of white and have just grab everything with a brush and put it in that case, um, not pure white, of course, but it might be handy for something one day, so I have only this left, so I don't need much white. I think the first. See, I want to finish this parts. Uh huh. Maybe it would be better if I make the windows here shudders. Anyway, So this is ah, kind of pinky shred. I don't want it to be true bright because it would pop up in the middle of everything. So for this, I will get my size too. Get some, my gentle and I need to know where the intensity of these are. So I will get the complementary color off pink, which is a mix off blue and yellow. So I need a green, and I don't know which one. So what will take him? SAARC one. It's a bit of a very Joan Green, So I'm not sure. Maybe also this one. I found Oakar. You see all you need just to make one little color. You need four cars. Let's begin with the pink. And I would make first the shutter that is in the sun on this part because it's a bright just and I have to paint it first, and then I can lower the intensity of my car. So let's try to find a good color. I have to clean my May tell brush. My business is too dark already, and I don't have enough pains. I'm afraid so. I need to mix more Well, Okay, let it dry for a Why? Because you never know how much intensity would get once it's dry. And maybe I could use a smallest brush. I have a little bit of family, Um, read. And I think this is what I needed, and I don't know if I make the white frame around it mature. This one's a bit into sin as well, so I will pained. Everything will go back with the darker red on top of it, and it's better if it's not too large, because it will really show off too much. So let's go to the darkest part. You really to show that the color is in the shadow, so you have to at the complementary color on it has to be strong. See that maybe here it's the darkest. I want to do this before painting the snow here so my snow will cover my edge. Try to make the two of the same size, and here it's a bit lighter, like we made the wool. This one is lighter than this one. So what makes something between those and the top of the shelter needs to be parallel to the lower part of the roof. I think I'm happy with it. Not sure it needs a white frame around it. Really? So ready is powerful on. You need to really clean your brushes. Very well. Bill may be changed to watch her. 12. Painting the snow: and now I need to mix another gray blue like this 1 may be a bit more bright because this part is very much in the sun. So you have two ways to do this. Either you paint everything in light and you go by on top with the darkest one. Or you can pay the dark parts and go on top with the white. I think I will do this because I have some white spots to put here and there. So maybe it's easier for me to mix a dark part here. It's Doctor No, here and here. It's the same value, and I have to find a gain. This color, this is kind of tricky, if you are are waiting one or two days between painting sessions. But let's try this. So I remember there Waas Ultra Marine. I'm sure of it on, and I think there waas also necessarily on blue. And, um, I'm quite sure there is a ranjha also just a tiny drop off orange, and I'm beginning with wides and I need to make quite large amounts of mix on. You go very slowly with colors because it can be powerful. Andi, I'm placing my brush, my paint on the tape much too, right? You can see that very well. But as I have my mixed made, why not use it? See, I'm just doing exactly the opposite of what I told you just two minutes ago. Never mind because he's painting. So there are rules. And there is a painting for Riel trying to figure out a bit of light. And I want to find out. This is Blue Grey somewhere else. So gives a unity to your drawing. All right, so let's darkness. Yeah, but not the same blue. I don't know what gave this cut. Our Maybe I took another blue somewhere. No, sister. Quasi. Yeah, it's better. And I can still go in top of this one to be sure. No, I want to cover the edge of the house with my paint. So you need to have ah, quite sick paint. So it's not reactivating the paint below. And I have kept the lightest gray here so I could use it to paint over this one. I like it when you see the brush drugs in the paint. But if you want to have something very even just be more careful than I am. And maybe here it's doctor again. So it's places here and maybe here it's a bit warmer. Well, I have to cover my white part because would be too tricky to contour. It's and this part needs to be darker. I'm sure it's no the train, and I need to make the trunks as well later. All right, so right, I said. Here it's a bit warmer. I had the reflection of the sun, So maybe a bit of red in my mix here gives a kind of purple. Yes, this is warmer, but this is it's still the same range of colors I like really brushstrokes with very dry brush is. So let's get my light makes hair on at the attorney's parts off lights coming on top. So you don't want to copy? Exactly. Of course. Just give the idea light reflecting on the sun, and I will. I had more white, very white, but not quite white, and they will make my edges here and there. Foundem. I think there is a dark edge here, too. And here there is something that is really not not correct, So I have to fix this as well. I think this part needs to be darker. I can't smallest making smaller. That's hands off white. My paint is quite sick. What? This is the thickness of the snow. I don't know for you, but my main problem is to know when to stop. And I think I'm not very far from stopping because I'm looking at this one. I think maybe it's a bit too light. Should be a bit lighter than this one, but still it's not happy with it. Says more convincing. Maybe this one should be more blue because the range of Caries closer to this wonder Nitties now. So when it's finished, it's not finished, and this part is below the tree, so it should be more. I think I'm close to the moment I have to stop. I just need the trunks and so screams and decide what is the value with the trunks and also this part. I need to fainted also, so let's do this now. So I have this color. I need to place it somewhere. It's made this here and there. This is very subtle, but this is what gives unity to everything 13. Details and smoothing: so back to my trunks. Um, this is a very yeah. Or is it? I would go with, um burns, you know, and mix. It's in the white with the you know, I have to show that the trunk is partly into sand partly in the dark. Um, try to make the trunk at the but I'm up the tree. It's better. It's on the one here and now I have to darken this. My thank you. Try. Marine will do it. Bit of red, you know? Uh huh. Quite difficult to find a correct color that is not too muddy. So burns, you know, again. Yes, I think this is it, Andi. I will use this to make come. It's a trunk around here just to suggest it. So suggestion. I will use my small brush. No clean watcher. You really want to remove the excess water on? I want to soften the edges between two different colors. So it's blending into each other like you know, snow. But I also want to leave some sharp edges. This is very important. So for this, I will rub gently the edge between two colors on your way to frequently clean your brush. All right, let me do this. I'll be back. So here I am. I have something. The edges between the different colors of this now And also I have soft in the under part of the snow, sitting on the trees on this one and also here. And now, if you have it, Sisi's titanium white And this is very, very bright. And I will squeeze really small amount of white like this one to you. This is really almost nothing. We'll get my number two and I will place some tiny dots of right pure white on titanium. White is really powerful. So if I squint, I see that this part it's really very bright. I was aware of this one. I want to show that them the light is hitting it just from there. Maybe only a little bit here. Just be careful with this. This is a part, really Is taking the light and I wont soft in this. This is just to show the edge of the way. I said this part was bothering me, but in the end, I can live with it. Not so happy. But that's okay. So be careful. Not to take it to blue. And now my favorite parts, which is removing the tape. So be careful. Anyway, I like to tear up like this very parallel to the paper. I have found that it really helps now to have a problem. I hope that you will post your project in the resource section so we can all see what you have painted. Of course, I'm not really happy. Totally satisfied with it. But I think that's normal. So see you in the next press. I'm working on it. On it will be a very technical class about how to mix your colors was bash. Of course. See you soon. And thanks for following the class.