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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Drawing

    • 5. Selecting colors

    • 6. Painting background

    • 7. Painting dog 1

    • 8. Painting dog 2

    • 9. Painting dog 3

    • 10. Painting wallpaper

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to paint a pet portrait from a photo with gouache.
The class is made with a dog photo, but you can follow along with a cat photo as well. 

This is a detailed class where I explain all the process, from selecting your photo, detailing the supplies needed, drawing the pet on the paper


Then I’ll show you how to layer your painting until you get a refined portrait. 

I’ll use Procreate for the wallpaper print, but it’s not mandatory you can still use pen and paper for this stage


At the end of this class you’ll be able to make your own pet portrait with gouache. 

Pinterest boards:

-Pets photos where to select your favorite one

-All over prints to get inspiration for the wallpaper

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist




I’m Cécile Yadro, a French artist and teacher, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... with gouache, oil painting, digital, markers, pastels, mixed media... art is an endless journey!

My mission is to help you grow as an artist with my beginners friendly classes.


Where to find me:

My website, where you have a weekly gouache newsletter.

My YouTube channel with lots of tips

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

Instagram where I post my art and experiments


I post a class per month, mor... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello. I will answer Seal the French artists both. Did you tell on traditional And this class? I will show you how to make a pet portrait giving watch. I'm working Sketchbooks on the final product will be this painting. I will guide you through old process. This is really extensive class from selecting your picture. No colors Euro supplies needed on how to draw in your catch book as well as how to paint It is really detained so you can't follow. Make a beautiful portrait. I hope you like this class that you will post your project into resource section which will be to make your own Maybe one of your score on the photo. I can provide you with my Pinterest board So no more talking. Let's go. 2. Your project: and this less I will show you how to make a pet portrait. Oh, I have chosen the specific style, which is a complete body of the pets and the patterns either standing or sitting on these kind off standing in front of ah, printed wallpaper Those This is my side. Of course. You can't just make the pet and no background, just as you prefer, but that we looks praying everything for you. So this is see examples of what I did in my sketchbook. I liked working sketchbook, but he went off course, Make this on a separate sheet of paper and have it framed after. And I'm trying to vary the prince in the world papers and either cats or dogs. I'm planning to make rabbits also maybe one day and the class is made with a duck. But of course, you can just may accordingly for cats because cats have short hair, sometimes just similar ours ducks. So you have some ideas of what you can do. This'd is fainting. I'll be showing in the class. Maybe you have your home bet if you don't or if you prefer to work from another photo, I have gathered for you in my Pinterest board, which is called pets for portraits. Uh, more than 100 pins and I keep adding constantly. So here you have, um, kind of pictures that would be useful for this particular is time. As I said, the standing cat, you have to think when you look at a photo that may be, for example, of this one. It looks a bit odd once painted because it's just a fool body and there is not much part showing through this One would be really cute because the head is a bit tired. I think it's really nice. This puppy is really Oh, my gosh, So lovely as well as this cat. Well, I love every photo because I put them here. I've already made some, and this one is the one we will be using. And the class. This is a photo I took from pixels that come, which is of copyright free website, where you can download tones off images and use them without any problem. What's in this Pinterest board is not always copyright free. So depending on what you plan to do with your photo, please make sure this is a photo you can use. Basically, if it's coming from and splash on pixels don't come. This is OK. If it's not well, you have to consider before choosing it. So I let you choose a photo, either one of yours or one from day sprinters brutal from another website. And once you have selected it, this'll will be your project. So please posts this in the resource section with the original photo and your painting so we can all benefit off what you've made. 3. Supplies: if you have followed my previous quash class about landscape. This video is exactly the same, so you don't need to watch it again. And if you don't have watched my first, that's my baby. It's time to go and see what it's about. Otherwise, just keep him and what she's one about. Supplies Forcing First. Eglash I have bought tubes from artists. L. This is a 24 color sets. It comes with a white range of colors. Maybe you will need them. Oh, but you'll see that. And rich primary colors. You have two different tubes. One is very cool and the other one is a bit warmer. Same for the red, the blues and the pinks on the greens. Also, you have very handy colors for shadows, which is burnt SUNA and burned amber. Very dull color are interesting, and also you have to whites. One is called titanium white. On this one is made for highlights on you will keep it to use it pure. The other one is made for mixing with colors on. It's just cold white. Or maybe sometimes you can have it under the name Chinese White. It depends on the Browns Obviously you'll need a lot of this one. So I wrote a very large one, not afraid of using its on. And it's another brand. But who cares? You can makes everything you want. So if you don't have any wash and you want to buy some, I would say that the artist 24 color set is okay. And if you already have question just you, then you don't really need to buy more. Whatever brown you buy or you already have, I would strongly recommend that you make samples what she's are the different colors you have, because sometimes the color on the sample here here it's a bit large, so it's OK. You can really see the color, but actually, when you open the tube on you, paint it. Here is what you get. So see the level is really not the correct color I have. Ah, puncher. So I can't make this nice little shape so I can't have them together. One ring, of course, You can just use square rectangle whatever you have, although it's really handy to have them in little pieces that you can mix and much when you're trying to have. Let's say a nice color polite you want to work with. The next thing is brushes. Basically, any kind of brush will fit except the watercolor brushes. Are they content? Too much water for a purpose. So you get synthetic brushes very cheap, not expensive, and I, um, using brushes, flat brushes. One is trait on one is a bit with an angle. It's a size 14 on the size 18. It also depends on the size of your paper. You're working with a round brush size fortune also, and another round brush. There is no size on it. Should be something about 46 Maybe I'm very fine. Brushes size zero on size. One off course, Something to wipe. I'm using clothes. This is a villain. Um, when it's dorky, I just fold it another way. Very important, of course, if the paper I like to work in sketchbooks, but you can off course, use she. It's individual sheets. The only thing is, you want paper that is heavy enough so it won't wrinkle too much when you use it. And I've I've very cheap pitch books in my local store. This one is 160 ground. There square measure route. It's pure white, and it doesn't have much charm Tooth. It's almost totally smooth. So I went for a watercolor, too. And this one is a trust more, and it's 300 crumb per square metre. So the pages are really fit and it is supposed to play flats when your opponent this is very important. Another brand I like is a French brown. They don't want you can find them online. It's a classical tenor. This is a gold line, Siri. It's 180 gram. This one is funny because you have one smooth page on the other. One has a bit of a picture. Try school also on this one is handed more. It's a German brand, its own Nestor. Jeez, Catch book 190. But this one is Children really smooth. And I'm not sure I really like this. Actually, something very important also is a tape. I really like to have sharp edges, so I always tape before I begin my painting. But some papers I don't know if you can see here, but when I removed the tape, it's kind off chair the paper away. So I made a lot of tests was different kinds. The 1st 1 is regular change that you have on your office, and this is obviously cheering away of the paper. This one is a painter tape, a regular, one of the artist one. And actually, it turns out that the very best I have is washing tape. First it comes in the words I like. See, it's not too large. So when you use a small catch book, it gives you a nice margin on its not too sticky. It comes in a lot of colors, So I bought online a package off 15 different colors on I'm not precious about it because it really cost almost nothing. But you have to make tests on your paper because no matter what the brown, I use this'll. One have to move on. CR made tests on the front page is really cheering up the paper. So in this particular sketchbook, I don't use tape anymore. I just paint muesli, so please make test. The main problem was washing that the paint is drying so you don't want to lose a lot of pain. So let me give you some tips about the pellets you will need large surfaces to make your mixes. Andi, I have this one, which is from Count Dash, and it's a plastic so you can see the color is really bleeding inside it. But this is really handy. You have also those little spots here, not the most convenient for glass. Sh But if you have one, you can use it. But I don't buy it specific. This is the best tip I can give you. This is, Ah, plastic books for hem, actually. So I took it in my kitchen because it's quite large and flats on. What I have here is a piece off towel kits and I have water and you squeezy excess water and you put inside. And what it does is it's making very moisture inside, so you can store your painting that you have squeezed out of the tube and this one I put it 24 hours ago, and if I show you this is still very creamy. This one has two days, and it's cool. So took. What I do is I have This is a top of a box. I put this inside for my excess paints, and don't forget to close it securely at night and then for my mixes, basically everything. Everything's handy. I use it on. I don't wash it because I have a lot of pain to use here. It's not creamy. It's really dry now. But I would show you we can use it. That's all right. We will use it a lot. So if you can have something that you don't need, toe wash every day. This is really convenience. Talking about dry pains as prayer is really, really handy, because I will spray on my paints and it will retain the colors. And if you need a large amount of water to make something that water Palestine, you have this little saying that you will get watering. It's from your jar. Of course, you need a jar of water, and then if I put it here, I can have oh, my color coming together. And even if it's dry, if I rub paint with the water colors beginning to breed off course, it's not creamy. It's small watercolors tie, but we will use it a lot. Also, some stuff that could be useful. A pencil, mechanical or Nords prefer a classic array. There around razor to remove the excess carbon and some clips or close. Been to secure your page on your sketchbook while you're working, and I think this is it. So no, let's go. 4. Drawing: So now we have chosen are perfect picture. I will make this adorable puppy. We will go for the drawing, so we'll need only four things. So first hole I will place tape all around my sketchbook page on as I don't want to maybe two or way some paper. What I will do is place a piece of tape on my clothes, and so it's a bit less sticky. And also, I'm just pressing on the side of the tape that is on the painting, not the outside. And you can do these teaser on your sweater or on your pants. Maybe pants give more, um, Chris tape because there are there is less hair and now the drawing. You have different ways to get your drawing on your skin's book. Let me show you classic way that, say, drawing the very first thing is to get the scale of the drawing in your page on Let's say, on the top of the head to go here and around, uh, bottom of the leg maybe, but I'm not the food here on its kind off. Very compact. So maybe I can make a general outline just to have an idea, and I'll fix it after this is just a general lack line. Okay, let's see if it works now. I'm trying to refine my drawing on the bottom of the years or are the same age. This is correct on also, what I see is the bottom of the era of the bottom of the nose as well. So bottom of knows, it's here on should be quite in the middle. So this is supposed to be the nose, just a general shapes. And we'll see that after he has big I Breaux's very big round a large four round here. Eyes are outside of the nose, just kind of here. Looks sad, don't you think? And it will be very important to leave the whites in the eye. And he has some kind of folds your, um as for now, I just see that my head seems to be very large regarding to move the body. So question is, is my body fitting in my page at this stage? And for this I will use my pencil and we'll measure the height of the head. I don't see that one had told is one head tool to this food. So let's check out. Should be good a bit. No, we're And so this should be maybe like this. Let's try this very important feature in this dog is, uh, that place. I think this is a quiet word for a dog on. The most important advice I could give you is just to draw what you see, not what you think it is enough. We'll make the same mistake. Berry around Betty on the leg is coming just from this part and I cant see these parts is not correct Here it's going here One arch and like on feet are very large regarding to the rest of the body because this is a puppy, so you need to exaggerates a bit. Was the feet to see the other leg on. It's coming right from here. Yes. Oh, and this is a bell ish on the other leg. Seems weird. Um, it seems really weird. I think my leg should be more here more on the left. So this is where you'll regret not to use digital on. Um, just saying there is kind of a line here. See that it's in the hair. Or maybe it's some muscles. Just be, though. I don't know. I'm trying to understand what's under the skin, then under the hair. So like, um, but to draw it may be this part is quite in the shadow, so this line will almost disappear. I'm not bothered very much. Maybe the ears could be a bit more outside of the head. Just exaggerated to be in the years. Okay, So first stage now, I will raise, um, the excess lines like this one. I will use this to remove the excess carbon. Let me do this. I had to roll my gum outside of the camera because it will make everything shaky. But basically, you just press your gammon, you roll it, press lightly on you get, um, more subtle drawing. And this will be the one I will use to refine my drawing on this time. I want you have less. Um, let's say soft curves. I want to have more straight lines just to give it more character, huh? That's that's straight. Anyway. Still keeping my reference trying to make my final drawing. She don't need to have very details shape because you will cover everything with quash anyway, So I just need to place a main features. But you see even the eyebrows. I don't know if its really necessary to to draw it in this part. I know I will have a very light paint on it. So maybe it's good removed a bit Texas drawing because it will be seen under my paint and let me make you lighter throwing for this part. When you draw, you have to observe very small detail. It's, um, like this one is really strange because pose, uh, larger here than in the beginning of the toe. I don't know if we can save this more Doug. What? I guess that ticks for the drawing him now, as my put illustrations are always on the same style because pet is sitting on a floor on you have a wallpaper behind, I will trace the horizontal line floor line. I'm not afraid to use a ruler or something straight, because I know when I will paint. This will Bilis straight than this pencil line. All right, I'm not sure this is really parallel to the floor BC That's time is your is I just right. So now let's move to painting the background 5. Selecting colors: So first is choosing the color of the wall on the floor. And as I'm looking at his drawing, I'm not sure if the throw line shouldn't be lower. Maybe just in detail. See that? Because I think it's weird. Yeah, it's better will be here. So I have to truth this color on this one and forties. I have to consider the dog color. It's something very brown. This is my sample swatches I made with every color I have. Well, almost. I don't have painted every color yet. And I think the dog will have something like this. Maybe a bit of this one. Also from this one. I think those three will make the trick. This is yellow Joker and burnt amber. And just when you can't mix it, no problem. So I want to compliment his colors for this. Let me maybe opponents. This is just very the requested. I'm not very nice. Okay, so I said this one, this one and this one for the dog. So any two colors that goes together and that goes with Doc, I'm gifted enough to have ah, 60 colors box off artistic wash. But of course you can makes everything you want. I'm lazy and I'm using readymade color, so I'm sure this is consistent. But of course, you can just choose what you want. I like this blue and for floor or something very dark. Maybe I don't want to go into Brown Ranch because it would be too close at the dog. And I wanted Dr Pop outs on my background. Um, I don't know. I would like to have a read through all but in this case is not fits on, um pink. A cold pink would be. Maybe this one bit too girly. This is really the moment you can't spend a long time. Ah, yellow should be cool, but it's a bit too close at the dog. Um, cream, maybe so green. I'm sure. Red. Not yet. Because after I will paint some prints on my wallpaper. So, I mean, maybe to get some seeing easier to work with. So not read. Maybe a direct green. I just want to stay into round. Yeah. My business is washi tape color That gave me the green idea. I don't know 6. Painting background: so I will paint the background first. So I took my two colors as I have it written the reference on the back. So sage, bryn on the wall. I'm using plastic lead as pellets. Well, it doesn't really much use what you want. And as I said, I have a ready made colors, so it's easier to get the quantity of paint you need, and I will use this uncle brush. It's large enough to make the background, but not too large. And it does very pointy edged so I can make details. I'm sorry, but I have to maybe try urbanized kitsch book from time to time, so I will add a bit of water, but the colors trade from the tube. It's kind of cool for this. If you had too much watcher, he won't have the same sickness everywhere on did. You won't have the same color as well. I'm going just to the drawing line. Beware not to put on heavy edge off pains along the line because it will make us something very heavy. Quash is drying so fast that you have to go in the different place at the same time. You don't want to that it dry. So you have mark between the two brushstrokes. I will just dip my brush in the water a bit. Don't forget to go there. Um, I want you kind of flats background, but it doesn't really matter, as I will have some prints on it. It's not a big deal if you're making a mistake, because gives to recover when you're painting the dog after you see the first brushstroke a made in this paper are almost try. So this is really so quick and off personally. More pains. Just want to use everything I have left on my parents. Okay, so this is a tool that will let me do the floor and I'll be back. 7. Painting dog 1: So here I am. I have cleared my pets and clean my water and my brush as well. So why is this is dry, dry. I will prepare my mix here. So I said three colors which are here. Um I will nerd black also down that I will begin with this brush this larger brush as well just to place the different values. This is my concern. At this stage. It's a first stage was just values Andi. The best thing is to paint where is below and build layers on top of each other. So what I'm in is I will first place the cutter here on the edge of the head. And then let's say there's black. I'm sorry, this black. I will make a little piece of black here and on top of it, or dark brown and on top of it, a lighter browned at such a rope. This is very easier. But the thing is, you have to get your mix is ready to pick into its one. Um, I would say that the dug us very consistent cutter, which is yellow. OK, so I will use a pure yellow poker as my bays and will odd white inside to lightens imports like the top of the head or on the knee here on and also the chest. And I will add black to give the darker parts. And I seen those two once They come after in a second time. So right now, you know, occur white. You will really need a large amount of white. So some colors are very powerful. Black is very powerful. So I need a tiny amount of black very, very small. I will need a large amount of occur on and I don't want to waste paint, so I will just squeeze this size first. I am die hard for troupe of white. I need to finish first. You have to push your pains quite separate from each other. Or so you have enough room here to make your mixes. So let's begin with the dark on the outside of the years. So I would remove my guests of water and put it on the right side. You can't see it, but I don't want to put it here or I would cross my painting was what? Aaron, this is really what you want. So, um, this will be tricky for me because I cannot move my sketchbook. I would say the cheeks yeah, are not completely black. So let me had some whites in there and a bit of brown also because I don't want to have a cool gray and want you over brownish grey. And I'm using large brush on purpose because I don't want to get lost in details. This is just about value at this stage. Correct values. And I think I don't have mixed enough of this one. When you are mixing your colors, please press hard, you know, brush so you can get old. The color that's already inside the hair. And that's all of my brushes Loaded was this brown dark brown. Make this parts which is kind of dark also, don't worry if you make a mistake, because this will be covered later. You see, I tell you to begin with the edges and what I'm doing. Not dead. Just know mine. I guess this is dark enough here. So I'm still keeping my brush loaded and I will get more white, more brown. And as I'm hiding more paint, I need to add more water inside and I have added too much white. You see, this is Cray. This is not a good color, not a color I have at all. So let's let's go with this Oakar. Maybe a bit of burnt number. Yeah, this is more the car I need. Sometimes it's very difficult between the wet on dry color. You can hardly. Yes, we'll end. So this is just practice will teach you one of the colors. Your cats at the state. I'm not sure if this is light enough on each. Wait until it's dark. It's dried. Remember, when you have finished your painting, you won't see the lines anymore. So you really need to think in shapes. And when you're getting to the edge of the dark shape. Ah, don't hesitate to cover a bit too background or you'll have white space on. This is not what you want. Trying to make the Harry. It's just the value of I said, and maybe something to be dark hair. Here. This is drying. I can't see my baby. 22 Get some darker here and see my jar of water getting really dirty. But this is still the same range of color, so for the moment, it would be OK. At this stage, you have to trust your process on Believe me, I think Oakar and burned number are giving a kind of muddy color on a natural like that. I would like maybe two. I don't know, get to pure Oakar. It's kind of better. It was difficult to get the correct kind of. I just feel like the hair is going this way. I don't know if you can't see, but my color here is turning great. Um is turning green because there is yellow in the Oakar on yellow on black makes kind of brain sometimes. So I guess I have to cooperate bit off burned member to give it a more brown tone. This is better since dark under the eyes and this is it. We're going back and forth, back and forth on see Oh my God, it's too light. Owner is too dark and just going over and over. And, um, I won't film everything. It will be really too tedious for you, so I think I will stop the camera for now and we'll go back to you when I have finished painting the first stage 8. Painting dog 2: so first stage of painting is, let's say, finished. I always keep the eyes for the very round on and I don't know. I have not made them knows yet, and it's been a couple of days since my last shooting session, So I have put my pains in my little box as I showed you so on opening it sound. I don't know who can't see, but it is still shiny pounds till good to use. So this is good. I will certainly need more paint, but I think to begin with, it's OK now. My concern is to make a bit more details on a bit more hair. Although this puppy has short hair, I need to give some indication. Like here can see the direction the hair is growing on here in the forehead and the years and you see the edges of the ears or nuts traits. You can really see the hair. So this is what I'm going to do now as well as fixing my um, let's say mistakes or missings in values, then he was quite good. Not perfect. But it's the basis, and for this I still have my uncle brush alike But if I keep you things, this one, I will lose all my details. And now is the stage where I don't need this one. And so I will go between a large brush size 14. A brush. Nothing's ricin. All right, let's say six. Also for the very downed I have. Ah, very small one. Its size one. And now, to make the hair, I need my paint to be very dry. This is, um, consistence. You need to find out. So show you I will squeeze obits nexus water on. This is okay. If I get the leftover on my palette, I need the pains to be almost try my brush so I can make like hair when I have wets too much mine brush. I can still remove the excess water. This is something you have to practice to get the correct consistency off paint on your brush. You almost mean like nothing. So I have to be careful because it's not a Harry Papi. So you see, my paint here is try here. It's a bit What's so? I just press my brush. I need pure black almost on them. What I have to do is remove excess paint. You can still get a paper room test on that issue want. And as I'm going and going, I will know where the size of my brush. So my colors around the eyes are not good. I'm trying to have my brush strokes in the same direction than the hair is growing. And if it's too dark, I can still go on top of it. I have kept the color for the very own because it will cover all my brush strokes below. If I just messing up inside, it's not a problem trying to make Circon overs in my brush strokes, and I can still go in top of it later. So now I'm trying to keep my brush loaded with always the same color. Make where I think there is the darkest part, and then we go a bit lighter. I wouldn't go on top. My brushes almost try. This is perfect just for the little brown hair here. I think it's a bit too Lloyd here, so I'm going on top of it, trying to keep some dimension to the legs. And I see this part is here bit darker than this one. So I have to go back on top of it. And you can have some water on the metallic port of brush. So you have to squeeze it out. You have to dry it because, Orel, you can have a drop of water on your paint on. And this is really cool. So you've got your idea. Let me finish this back. 9. Painting dog 3: have switched to a smaller brush on this one is a bit damaged, I would say, and this is cool because, uh, hair will help me to to get this fuzzy effect. The eyebrows are very light or very dark background, so I think how will need to put maybe two or three layers of the lighter paint to be sure it's some really opaque? Remember, you have to wait until it's very totally, completely dry. So you can really see the color, because when it's a bit what, it's still different. If you think that's too right, you can wipe out with your finger. I feel like the knee here is almost ally. Just part Don't I should can see that my painted a bit sicker. I just want to a light accents when I have to work the details of the post. But I would need a very small brush. I think I have to make the nose on and I will see bedroom. You think Now it's time to make the color, and I will use a vermillion red and uh, size number one as a brush. This is to liquid. I need this to be quite opaque on makes me things that maybe my well paper should have some red just to really try. And I think I will begin the polls light. It's drying over there. I made the nose and it's really too large, too big, so I have to go back. But now let's try to do this. I see. And here there are some dark parts, but not completely dark, and I can make the nails as well on us. I'm looking out. I'm saying that he has to black neighs and two pink names to restaurant. My brushes always try, so it's easier it makes little trucks on this size of brush. Doesn't really contains a lot of water, so you have to re wet it from time to time. And I'm not a camera. I'm Justin artists, and I have Trump of whatever. You see what I was talking about, and I will have a wider spot here. Never mind. I'll make him a little paint over, and this is where it's convenient to get the ready made paint, because otherwise you will never get the same mix. And this is where I'm beginning to make very scenes strokes to figure out the hair Well, I won't film. Everything would be really too much. So let me do this and back. I think here it's not correct. I need to dark in this bit more as well as the top ups and knows other slightly blue. It's like really slightly do but and this is where it's convenient to have some left over. Andi, I will get this time you won't here. Yeah, it is a gray cold grade. I need to wipe out the water on the mentality brush. And let's do this for the top of the nose. And I think I will use this as well for the white of the eye which is never white. As you all know, if you're in large, you see that bottom lip. It is white. It is white over the wrecked of the color. And there is gold here. So let me nor justice admits round This is black as well. Let me get pure black for the I don't forget to. Why about how will I lie just her when it's very drawn. So let's wait for this to dry. And I see that after now that my spot is dry and want to for telling another paint on top of it. So I'm just dipping inside the tube. It's not really important because I will at some prints on it. But I don't know, maybe Candice term May. I'm thinking quite good. Well, there are not so happy with the face. I need gold. I do have gold in my paintings and you can also use bright yellow if you don't have gold or our golden ink as well. Just what do you have on hand? I will do it is just when my mouth as some dried And now I want to make the light in the eye And for this I will get my white blue here. If you put it to whites, it will be really too harsh. Still, maybe unit together, Very sick paint on. Just drop Tony hint on on the picture. It's here, but it will Looks like he has a If you trouble. So this is gold And I went dip into tubas. Well, I really need so small quantity. So let me finish this after, and I want to show you something else now 10. Painting wallpaper: Well, let's call this finished for these parts of the dog. And now I want you out of print on the background, so I don't want to make tries on my painting. I'm taking a picture off my painting. Every cheese, I'm going to procreate, make a square, insert a photo. Just taking the photo I just took right. So this is something where I can play now. And for this I would goto interests. And you have the link and the resource section. I have gathered some all over patterns, and this is an inspiration. I want to take a photo and something that match was my dog. So let me see what I can find and something I can do by painting and wash. So basically, this kind of thing is really too detailed for me. So I want you this one on the color. It's not a problem yet. They will see that later. You see, I like this some very Jamal geometrical pattern, but it won't fit the style of my dog. So it's not convenient. This is a easy way to do things because it's just another over. Depends If you want to go bold or nuts, and I don't want to copy anything. I just want to get idea inspiration. I think I will go with this one. So go back to procreate, swipe up and put the Pinterest board home. Decide. And now I'm going to my layer and put a layer on top. I will use the grass brush. Andi, I said. Maybe I wanted a bit of red, the red from the color. And let's see fight Kim, I be get some stuff down here that's swipe with three finger and select copy three fingers down again and paste. And I want to paste this as a repeat pattern. And it's very important that your print is kits by the edge. All right, well, make really strange. So it's merges copy based just to see the general effect of it. Well, I'm not sure I like this, so maybe it's time to change the color. Well, I'm trying to imagine this on the rial paint. It's too bold. Maybe I'm still looking in this down Julian idea. Andi, I've tried something else. Just something was the less predictable repeat pattern. Trying to vary the sizes? I don't know yet. Um, between this print on the wall. I will make the paper. There will be a difference. Maybe this is better on. Don't forget to make some coming from behind the dog killing the at of the paper. It's so this one no differently. This one. So let's try to put this on the paper. And for this I think I will need a bit of help with, um pencil. So I will use the vermillion red I used in the color and make my drawing. I will use, um, watercolor pencil to seize odor wanting towns. Because this way, even if it bleeds, it won't make problem. So everything should be dry. That won't draw over. Everything's just maybe this Thames so I can get on idea where to my paint. This is a pop where you need to be brave because you always feel like you're ruining your painting. I'm trying not to put too much on you. See where I had my stem my where I had my drop of water. I think it's good if I make a big one to hide it. Right. So let's do this with a small one. Get the firm ume that I have put here. And now to make fine lines, you will go from the left corner if you're right handed or reverse accordingly. I'm trying to cover my lines. Okay, let me finish this and I will be back to you. So which is ahead? Way gonna read? I still have more. And comparing to my original play out it's much lighter here and added some guts or around and a bit more. I felt like something was missing here and there. So this is a good way to be sure of what you want to do on your final painting. But you're not compelled to do so. If you don't have an ipad, it counts to use tracing paper. 11. Conclusion: so No, the part I like the less is removing the washing tape because the paper is cheering away. This is all right. Poor quality for the paper. And I have noticed that if you remove it very straight, you have less problem. You have to wait that everything's dry before doing this because you have a fine polder of dry paint that could go on your wet paint and get your tape very parallel to the paper. Not this way. Really folded. I have noticed a dip really depends on the paper you're using because I always have the same tape. And some papers are is really torn away. And some don't. This is a mixed media sketchbook, not a watercolor one. And maybe you should get a word car, skin smoke, 300 gram would be better. And I will get dry brush to remove all those little's. But see what you have left on and there is my final papi happy with this one. Well, that's it for this class. I hope you enjoyed it on. If you want to have another class on something else about quash, please let me know. Maybe I can make it price on it. Thank you for following my class on. See you soon.