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14 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies part 1

    • 3. Supplies part 2

    • 4. Playing with gouache

    • 5. Selecting a photo

    • 6. Selecting colors

    • 7. Painting the background

    • 8. Painting the mountains

    • 9. Painting the foreground

    • 10. Landscape 2 1

    • 11. Landscape 2 2

    • 12. Landscape 2 3

    • 13. Landscape 2 4

    • 14. Final thoughts

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make a gouache landscape from a photography.

If you are a beginner please follow along, and if you already use gouache, you can go directly to the second landscape if you wish.

I will guide you through :

-supplies and materials, including tips to avoid wasting paint

- how to select a good photo

- once you have selected it, how to pick up your colors

- a very simple landscape to begin with step by step instructions


Then another landscape, a bit more tricky so we can learn different techniques with gouache


I will  give you all my tips and tricks along the class

If you are a gouache sketcher, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist



Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

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If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

- Gouache classes

- Sketchbook classes 

I would love to see you in class!


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1. Introduction : so I will come to my new class on skill. Sher Alam Cecile of French artist, both digital and traditional. In this class, I will teach you how to make a quashed landscape. This last is meant for big interests. Us will cover everything from the very basics to achieving a landscape, but as well. If you have already tried watch you think you must rate. Maybe you can learn some things, and in this case, just skip the beginning of the class and go to the second landscape. We will make two different landscape, the 1st 1 a simple watches to have the feeding in the sense of the paint. We are using the 2nd 1 here, which is a bit more tricky, I would say on I will cover different techniques you can achieve with squash. I will explain my tips and tricks I have learned from the way, and we'll give you some useful information about the supplies you need. I will also give you some tips to choose for tour fee, because when you have finished his class, you'll be able to make your own landscape from a picture like maybe a place you've bean or I have gathered for you some pictures in my Pinterest board so you can just jumping. And so I think John is his trailer on. Now it's time to go. Let's begin was supplies. See you by. 2. Supplies part 1: so forcing first. Eglash, I have bought tubes from artists. L. This is a 24 color sets. It comes with a white range of colors. Maybe you will need them. Oh, but you'll see that. And rich primary colors. You have two different tubes. One is very cool and the other one is a bit warmer. Same for the red, the blues and the pinks on the greens. Also, you have very handy colors for shadows, which is burnt SUNA and burned amber. Very dull color are interesting, and also you have to whites. One is called titanium white. On this one is made for highlights on you will keep it to use it pure. The other one is made for mixing with colors on. It's just cold white. Or maybe sometimes you can have it under the name Chinese White. It depends on the Browns. Obviously, you'll need a lot of this one. So I wrote a very large one, not afraid of using its on, and it's another brand. But who cares? You can makes everything you want, so if you don't have any wash and you want to buy some, I would say that the artist 24 color set is okay. And if you already have question just you, then you don't really need to buy more. Whatever brown you buy or you already have, I would strongly recommend that you make samples what she's are the different colors you have, because sometimes the color on the sample here here it's a bit large, so it's OK. You can really see the color, but actually, when you open the tube on you paint it. Here is what you get. So see the level is really not the correct color I have. Ah, puncher. So I can't make this nice little shape so I can't have them together. One ring, of course, You can just use square rectangle whatever you have, although it's really handy to have them in little pieces that you can mix and much when you're trying to have, let's say, a nice color polite you want to work with. The next thing is brushes. Basically, any kind of brush will fit except the watercolor brushes. Are they content too much water for a purpose. So you get synthetic brushes very cheap, not expensive, and I, um, using brushes, flat brushes. One is trait, and one is a bit with an angle. It's a size 14 on the size 18. It also depends on the size of your paper. You're working with a round brush size fortune also, and another round brush. There is no size on it. Should be something about 46 maybe very fine. Brushes size zero on size. One off course. Something to wipe. Um, I'm using clothes. This is a villain. Um, when it's dorky, I just fold it another way. Very important, of course, if the paper I like to work in sketchbooks, but you can off course, use she. It's individual sheets. The only thing is, you want paper that is heavy enough so it won't wrinkle too much when you use it. I buy very cheap pitch books in my local store. This one is 160 ground there. Square measure route. It's pure white, and it doesn't have much tooth. It's almost totally smooth. So I went for a watercolor chew, and this one is a trust more, and it's 300 crumb per square metre, so pages are really fit and it is supposed to lay flats when your opponent this is very important. Another brand I like is a French brown. They don't want. You can find them online. It's a classical tenor. This is a gold line, Siri. It's 180 gram. This one is funny because you have one smooth page on the other. One has a bit of a picture. The school also on this one is Hannah More. It's a German brand. Its own nest Aggies catch book 190. But this one is Children really smooth. And I'm not sure I really like this, actually. 3. Supplies part 2: something very important also is a tape. I really like to have sharp edges, so I always tape before I begin my painting. But some papers I don't know if you can see here, but when I removed the tape, it's kind off chair the paper away. So I made a lot of tests, was different kinds. The 1st 1 is regular tape that you have on your office, and this is obviously cheering away of the paper. This one is a painter tape, a regular, one of the artist one. And actually, it turns out that the very best I have is washing tape. First, it comes in the wits I like. See, it's not too large. So when you use a small catch book, it gives you a nice margin on its not too sticky. It comes in a lot of colors, so I bought online a package off 15 different colors on. I'm not precious about it because it really cost almost nothing. But you have to make tests on your paper because no matter what the Brown used this'll, one have to move on. See, you have made tests on the front page is really cheering up the paper. So in this particular schedule, I don't use tape anymore. I just paint muesli, so please make test. The main problem was washing that the paint is drying, so you don't want to lose a lot of pain. So let me give you some tips about the pellets. You will need large surfaces to make your mixes. Andi, I have this one, which is from Count Dash, and it's a plastic so you can see the color is really bleeding inside it. But this is really handy. You have also those little spots here not the most convenient for glass. Sh. But, um, if you have one, you can use it, but I don't buy it specific. This is the best tip I can give you. This is, ah, plastic books for hem, actually. So I took it in my kitchen because it's quite large and flats on. What I have here is a piece off towel kits and I have water and you squeezy excess water on you put inside. And what it does is it's making very moisture inside so you can store your painting that you have squeezed out of the tube and this one. I put it 24 hours ago, and if I show you this is still very creamy. This one has two days and it's cool. So took. What I do is I have. This is a top of the box. I put this inside for my excess paints, and don't forget to close it securely at night and then for my mixes, basically everything. Everything's handy. I use it on. I don't wash it because I have a lot of pain to use here. It's not creamy. It's really dry now. But I would show you we can use it. That's all right. We will use it a lot. So if you can have something that you don't need, toe wash every day. This is really convenience. Talking about dry pains as prayer is really, really handy because I will spray on my paint and it will retain the colors. And if you need a large amount of water to make something that water palace type, you have this little saying that you will get watering. It's from your jar. Of course you need a jar of water, and then if I put it here, I can have oh my color coming together. And even if it's dry, if I red paint with the water, the car is beginning to breed off course. It's not creamy. It's small water. Call those time life. We will use it a lot. Also, some stuff that could be useful. A pencil, mechanical or Nords as you prefer. A classic array there around razor to remove the excess carbon and some clips. Or close. Been to secure your page on your sketchbook while you're working, and I think this is it. So no, let's go. 4. Playing with gouache: I would like you to make a simple exercise. If you already mastered the quash, you don't need to do this. But this is some to make you feel the different thickness and capacity you can get with wash. So please like to colors that we will go together. Well, on that, you can make some have nice colors. So I chose a bright pink. Not sure if you can see how almost neon since pink, and it's called peach read in Ortez. Um, and this one is cerulean blue as well as white and black. Get a clean pallets and put a blob small blob. I would say something like him, your little finger name, not much more. And I want you to use the car in different liquids from very sick two very quit Mexico together easier on the pallets or on the page directing. So I will use my angled brush. You see, it's not really straight, and I will do this on a page just one side of my sketchbook and there is no purpose, no nothing. Just think about abstraction. So first you dip your brush in the water and you have to play with it actually make lines? Get the pains very sick. Maybe I'm not doing really anything. Clean your brush and use the pink as well. Now you can go over the blue and see how you can get different colors. Get some white. Push this so you see better my parents. And as soon as you put whites, your color is really changing. You get something very a paige so as well. As long as you're working on your page, the first paint will dry so you can go over the already pains blue, for example, and see how you can cover everything. Let's at whites in my blue, and you'll see how powerful are the colors. So if you want to have a light, very light color, you need to use almost nothing off the plane color on a lot of white. Also, our is very interesting, is how the color is different when it's fresh when it's directly out of the tube. If you see here, it's out of the two bits of what Frenchified have. The dry swatch close to its it looks paler. Actually, it's not. Paler is just a light reflecting in another way than on the wets off us, so you have to think about this. Light colors will dry a bit darker and darker. Colors will dry a bit lighter, so it can be tricky when you're trying to achieve a certain value. Now I will keep what I haven't might brush. What's my brush? A lot and we'll use this wash. Every Lloyds and other is a lot of white in its its always covering a lot when I have, you know. But it's kind of transparent also, so you can see a bit of what's under. So let's get my brush on a lot of water and go back here and this is really lighter. I'm not sure this page will need black. That's my come. All right. This is really so you can feel how the paint is working, how it is reacting, or you can activate the layer below. If you wait a bit, this is dry. If I get blue paint, I can go over it. Cover it and but it's very wet, very liquid. You can see the brushstrokes, so if you don't like this, you have to give body to your paint and forth. This adding the White is really the best way to have a very sick paint. That's the idea, Let you play with this. 5. Selecting a photo: when you want painting, landscaping Glashow. Something very important is the inspiration for toe you'll use because it can help you or can really kills you something very difficult to paint. So I have gathered for you and my Pinterest Special board, which is called inspiration to topography for Gresh landscape. So the titles say's everything, and I'm constantly adding new photos inside. So please go back often to find new pictures. And there are today 76 pins, and if you don't like the appearance, you can just click on one below. You'll have a ton off. Other inspiration, that is, this is beauty off pinch arrest. You can really spend hours on it, so some tips to choose your picture for painting. What's very interesting is to have the sense off the distance. So if you have something in the four ground that tells you everything on a middle round out the background, this is very interesting. Let's play this one. You have the trees on the house and trees are getting smaller and smaller and the mountains are very far away, so this will gives you something very easy to point. This one is very interesting. Also it can be with a bunch in the foreground, and trees are growing foreign far away. But this one is a bit too messy here on. You can't really feel the sounds of depth in the photo, so if you don't have it in the photos, there is a very good chance that you don't have it in your painting as well. This one is very good. You have leaves in the foreground, and this is going farther and farther and you have a very nice blue here. So this one, I might paint it one day. Let's talk about some I have already painted like this one. Ah, a bit tricky because you have the reflection in the water, so you have to pay twice. But it's interesting. This one is very cute. You have the contrast between the drug sky and the white snow. Snow is a bit difficult to paint. I might maybe do a class special force. Now, this one is very interesting also, because you have some kind off blurry effect here that you can render with your painting So you have the I D. I let you A specifically if you please follow the picture I have chosen for the past. And if you want to follow along with another painting, you have a lot off other pictures here that you can use for this class. They have chosen to different landscape. One is quite simple, and you have a beautiful ranch off colors in the mountains, and the other one is the mountain down escape. It has flowers in the foreground, clouds and everything, so it's very interesting to work with. 6. Selecting colors: we'll make our first landscaping a very light watercolors tile to begin with. I have it on my iPad. And also I have printed it on paper. Let me show you first on the iPad. Um this total has a wide range of colors. So before you jump in any painting, just take time and think about what you're going to paints. I know it seems abuse, but even I can still go ahead without thinking. So is very important to think This'll is where euros watches will be candy. First of all, you need to select colors. Let's say about this car in the box. I have four different blues on. Obviously, if you look at the picture, you will straight will see that this blue is the one off course. It has way too much saturation. I need to lower the saturation. There is a yellow also and I have two yellows. So I think this is more the 11 But maybe here that the bit of the cool one. So I guess I'll need both. And with shadow here, it's ah, kind off purple round G PCI. I don't know how to name it's and I think the lightest one will be this one, which is lights, apricots and I will get a red. So I kill Mix was one of my two yellows to get to more orangey elms. I need blue because this is violence. So let's see what? I haven't virus. I have to start one on this one. I'm afraid this one is a bit too bright. This one. I can lower the saturation with a bit of the picture. Sorry, the light apricots. And I need something for the very dark and frontal for me. So something that really handy, Too dark and things is the ultra marine, blue and black. I need a touch of black. I didn't make a sample with the black story I found. I think this well, No, I need a bit of red because I think there is read here. Scallop red will be good. So first step put aside the rest of it. You don't need it. We would get this. We have to think about how to paint this. The beauty of washing that you can have infinite numbers of layers on top of each other. So we will begin with the background which means the blue, the yellow and them the mountains coming from very far away on building 12345 I want to simplify a bit. Don't know if you can't see. But here there is too long trains. I will just make one same here. And we will begin with very light. Very liquid wash for the blue, leaving some white space here and there. And the more we are going to build the layers, the more thick and opaque they will be. I have gathered old tubes from the swatches with selective. And now let me think about the amount off each paint I will need because I don't want to waste paint for the blue. I really need them. Something like almost nothing. A bit more of warm yellow. Maybe the most important will be the light uppercuts. Um, a bit of violets, really tiny, tiny amount of trauma. Marine on a bit of black. For this painting, I will make with only fresh pains. But for the next one, I'll show you how to use my left over here for this 1st 1 Let's big eel now be very. It's trading rules. So one thing you notice is it's sometime drying and you have those tiny bits off pains coming out. One thing to remember. You always always put too much paint on your This is really all I need in this paint. So next one is not so close because that was you get green. And, um, my yellow one would need a bit more that may speed up the process and everybody. 7. Painting the background: This is a sketchbook from Strathmore. The heavy 1 300 grand. There's square meter, Andi, I have a clip here. So my page stay flat after I will. I put my tape one tip. If if you're concerned about them Teh being too sticky, What you can do is put the tape on your clothes so it's less sticky. You should have. There's trouble on removing its, Um I'm very careful and I pressed very frugally because I don't want anything to be under the tape. I know this one is not so sticking, so I don't need to put it on my clothes. And next we will dro some very light lines to indicate Where are the mountains? We're not looking for really accuracy here, so let's just determine that. Basically, this is halfway. So this is really interesting to know that on and and my hauls part here, how free Also, I have black mom change so I can trace on my tape to give me indication. And I know I want to get around here on the line is a bit wonky, so it's just fair relight because I don't want to have a lot of great fights. My paper. Did you notice there is a guy here and it's interesting because it's giving us a scale. All right, so let's make this one and another line here, okay? I'm not sure you can't see something. It's a really lights. I will use this brush to make the sky before you begin. Because crashes really drying so fast. You want to prepare your washes firsts? The most important thing here is you don't want the, you know, to touch the blue. Let me put my door here. Um, the main trick with glasses controlling the amount of water. This is really the most important thing to know here. I know. I want something very very Lee quit. So I will really add a lot of water. But you want to have maybe is a piece of paper where you count tests and see this is way to dark. So obviously what? I forgot his wife. My mistake. I put to blub here on the problem was white is as you pick some white with already dirty brush you go had blue into your whites. It's not what you want, So let me add some white in there and my paint is getting too thick. So I had a lot of water in it. This is not, but maybe a bit of both would be cool. So let's do this. This party is almost like order color who just be very light with your parents still Sorry , your brush on I dip and the pure blue. We'll add a bit more intensity here, so no more. Let's make it Yo, I said Maybe the yellow the mix off the light one. And now, as my mountain in the background is almost a ranch, I will follow the second line of mountain, not the 1st 1 I will put my hero until here because I know the background is almost around . Joe. So So this is where you need a really a ton of water. Just think of what color a bit of light Give the prestigious I want here because on the right side, yellow is lighter. See, I'm adding a lot of water because this is about ground. Maybe this part here a bit more orange. So why it's still wets and I cant on more intensity and go back weighs more. We'll pay color and don't forget, this is my second line mounting. So I did my arrange to really show on top of the last line here. This is where my truth, it's handy because I want to spread my arrange Very likely here on that I want my brush Now we get some white to make the clouds and I all purpose I don't wait for it to be so dry below so I can have a bit of mixing with my color because you see, here the clouds are not sure why White on yellow. So when you paint was water on top of a color, it reactivates Akane Arbeloa. And this is something very convenient here and later on, if I want to have more white, pure white clouds that will go back once everything is dry I can't go like almost until the end and see my jar of water is already very dirty, but it really doesn't matter will use it until the end. Unless if I have white, because my pigments are growing at the very bottom of the door. So if I dip my brush in the top off the drawer, I will get almost Lena. Watch around. This is cool 8. Painting the mountains: it has dried out. It's time to mix our orange to make a film, maybe one line and to lying off mountains. And now we're begin to increase a bit The sickness. And I think I will use my left over of yellow here. I wanted to be like consistency is really something you have to feel. What I would say is something like syrup. Maybe I'm a bitch read on. So you see, Red is really powerful. It really almost pop up. What I see is I have a darker line here on something more clear here. So I will make first wash, then go back with the cream one, then go back with the darker ones. So let's try to follow the edge of the mountain. I really don't care about the security here. What I want his piratey is my in. My painting can go there after I think it's lighter here. Maybe this is an under painting for the rest of it. Now try to follow the edges depending on your paper. Can't dried very quickly, depending on the heat up slowly, so coarse. Maybe here I need to dark in this a bit more. Let's get some red. I found a bit off. Quite some. You may wonder why I use a such large brush for this small painting. It's because it forced me to be brave. First of all on also note to focus so much on details Did taste are your worst enemy? Sometimes there I tried to blend this bit by washing him trying a bit my brush cause I know this is light yellow here, so I can Raisa bits Good. But my yellow and the second line of mom chains is a bit more violence. So I still get my wash here in the middle But let me at some by look there Oh, this is too much. Some white somebody until you get the correct color, The correct consistency. I see more. Read this. So go. This is where my need my drawing because I can hardly see my drawing lines foot really very important. And here, coming from the valleys kind of missed a very purple light mist. So I washed, but not totally because I want to keep some pink in my brush. And now, with a clean brush I'm very, very small amount of water. I will suffer the edge between the two colors just before it dries completely. We'll go back to this one. It's slightly different on Daz. I have had it right. It will be lighter, which is not current. And if I want to be cohesive, I need to dark in obits. My next mountain lines. Yep, quite different. Purple as you have tape, you can really have a lot. So you have a clean edge. I think I have to go back on this one after, but I needed to dry first. Now more violets. Really. We want this to be darker on a touch off trauma, marine blue to dark in its habits. Yeah, and it's a great tohave valuations in my color because, after all, it's mounting missed on. Now the edge off the mountain. You begin to see that trees, so I will use my brush in this position just to make the edge. And I have not waited for my former mountain to dry because I want is to maybe land a bit when your brushes trying, you need to re wet a bit, but not completely to the edge of the brush in the water, because I know that bottom of the mountain is lighter on the top, so it's cool for me. So here I want this part to be lighter. So I dip my brush in the water. When I get a lighter Joan right on this one will be even more red and more blue. Say darker blue trauma. Indu is really a good way to dark and colors. This is Bruce is quite tricky sometimes, but I don't know. I like it. Just be wearing a to leave white space, but would be a border. And I know this edge is really lighter and more red, so I'm giving some space for its. I think the most difficult was painting with washes. You have to think in shapes and nuts in lines, as we you will surely do. I did a bit of read more here. I think some white. It would be cool here, So you can either wait for the pain to be Children dry or why it's still a bit what it's easier to makes the colors. I want to give the feeling of a mountain. So my problem is here. This one is really not popping out on. It's a bit too light in pains because that counts his brushes here 9. Painting the foreground: for the first line of mountains will use black and ultramarine blue. And then we'll leave some space for the rocks. I think it's rocks. Mermaids toe Norick. This is the first. She's a four point. So you need to be brave and they will make the guy at the very, very. And now let's remove the excess paint from my brush on Get some white. It's a bit of this purple here makes the rocks and waiting for a truce of the black Toby. Really try because I want to merge inside of it because I trade kind of like the sky with, um, rough edges here and maybe my yellow is a bit too strong, so I will make him. But wash was the other heights. I think I have not clean my brush. There is the lock inside. Yeah, can more yellow here. Now you're going back on already painted surfaces. So this is cool because you can do this with gosh, but you will reactivate the paint below. But here, in this case, this is exactly what I want, cause I want to blend your range with the yellow, so it's OK for I reacted radio ranch below. And I still have this problem here, and I think I need a more sick paint. I really have to refined the color. So might be tricky on this edge to be more dark from the other one. I think I don't see enough the white here, right part here where I have my guy and also yeah, I have to turn your eyes. Kids Book. Put your hand in what you just painted. This is quite dedicates. What kind of missed watcher get a clean brush? Bit of weather. You can have your color pleading just like what? A car. And I forgot to do it here. Okay, maybe this collar. This is where I can use a bit of spray. All the more I mentioned to this part. Andi, I think I will a bit more paid. Gray bloom to the rocks. Just a hint of blue. No to Palin. Kind of a reflection of the sky. I think I couldn't blend more this parts because it's supposed to be missed. No, just a little guy. And for the guy you'll will take your size 00 size are very tricky to use with the glass because they don't contain a lot of paint. And you have to find the exact perfect consistency because you don't want to have a huge drop. This is something you need to test. No. Should be the right. So my guy will be much bigger. Had back back. Should do it. I'm out the best port. Remove the tape. There we go. 10. Landscape 2 1: next we will paint istan escape. It's very interesting because you have the scale off everything with the flowers in the front front. Now you have clouds on monk chains in the background, and you have a part of the mountains that's very shady. And you have trees and also son on shadows on the flowers. But this one is a bit tricky, but after we can muster courage. So let's select the colors and forth this as usual. I will get my swatches. So lilac on and deep green that I will add a bit of yellow inside because it's a bit too blue for me. Because here the forest is, um, uh, warm green. Um, this chi will be both of these ultra marine sky blue. Also for the grass I boil needs, um well, yellow, A green sap greeting the wall. Mueller would go inside. Daisies. Yeah, I think that's a word. The shadows will be ultra marine blue that I will add inside the lilac to have the darker parts. And maybe I burned numbers from the mayor. I think it will give more warm to my medo. Um, it seems to have ah buildings or something here, but I want make them. So now it's done. Let's make a very rough sketch. Foreign are sketchbook. So this is old to drawing on need for this some particular landscape. I won't drawbridge flower because I will pay in them directly on top of everything. So it is really not useful to draw them now because it will be covered by green paint. So if you made the first downs cave, you should have them maybe somewhere left of our off paint, get a bit of spray aches, and this is just to reactivate the color. And as I wanted to be very liquid, I will also drops what, her directly here and here. It's, uh, so really on blue. And here it's, Ah, Navy try Marine. Sorry. So I would rub my trauma Marine to have the doctor part of the sky. And maybe it's better if I leave this pace for the clouds. I know you can cover everything was why quash, but I think it's still better if you live a bit of face. I can rub just where I finished painting earlier so I can t raise them the small line of the paint that was trying, right? Maybe sweet ago on the very out and I will go back with white clouds. Why don't a bit of great because under part of the clouds are great for the mountain sins of a very background. I will also use the leftover. This is I don't know what's a color here, Maybe force black Oakar, burnt umber My babies, What's supposed to be whites? But it seems to be with a bit of blue inside. See, I'm really not precious. Was my colors just rubbing everything I need? Maybe it's to do with this time for the darker part of the mounting Well, rabbit right up black mix from the same color. It's very liquid. So my paint or mixing together That's okay. This is what I want, always looking at the photo reference so you can decide where to go. Maybe edges are a bit more sharp, so I will go on and build some layers exactly the same thing and go back when I'm other flowers 11. Landscape 2 2: and there may be over, but there you may want to add a bit of texture. For this you will really dry your brush and I will get um, very dark green when I worked. Just problem. It's on. My bristles are really Messi on. This is what I want and I will slighty touch the meadow here just to give a bit off texture . And as it is far away in the distance, you need to have your that's let's call this. That's very small because as it is far away, there has to be small. And in this part I know there will be flowers coming on top of it. So I'm not bothering much about this. Just trying to have a picture also, they pine trees don't know what it is. I am made a solid dark green and now I need to give some lights and for the lights, I will get Mitt yellow. I just did my brush very slightly and using my brush in this size, I will give the indication of the light coming on the trees and also the top of those trees are in the sun on my medal here in the four middle ground. It's a bit too dark now that is a bride. I can't see that the core or is not really a good one. I want to maybe made this one thirst and go back after with this one so I won't clean my brush as I would lose a lot of pains. Get another paint. This is a green, um, different green. I said Sap green would be cool because everything will be two years here. I'm using flat brushes, but of course, you can use around in brushes if you prefer, this will give more lights to everything. The beauty of making landscape is that you're really have a total freedom, a cure season. At the point here, it's more the idea. The feeling of what's going on in this landscape down makes me feel that the yellow I put on the pine trees is a bit too dull. Son is coming right here because I can see the shadow under the flower on top. So this is a part on the sun, so running more yellow here, and I need to dark in this, I said to dark in, I will use, um, the ultra Marina because this is really a nice way. Keep dimension toe a color. Usually I prefer to avoid black. I think black is giving the paint. That's so nice color. Yeah. If you want to indicate the light under send, you really need to have dark, part contrasting colors just close to the sun on. I don't want to have this partners here, so I will Bush also another one here. This is giving more dimension. I think there is a Mido here that I have missed. Maybe it's ah, sap green also with a bit of whites. Sometimes it's difficult to I think of the exact amount of paint you will need for a painting, so you have to make trials on errors. That's okay. This is how your own. Anyway, I don't see very much what's going on because I have big blue flowers and top of it, So I'm just guessing that's okay. Um, we'll give some clarity here at a bit of this one. Just big strokes like leaves, even if everything will be covered. Just not to waste my paint. As you have understand, that really don't like to spend, so it stops us because I haven't fixed My problem here have on purples, left different colors in my brush because I have, ah, parts that are lighter was a bit more white and part that are darker if you can achieve this. It's very interesting for forage beginning to build my first now Euros, flowers. Um, this will will be made with a ton of layers. I guess Important thing is to vary your colors on to try to give dimension to everything. 12. Landscape 2 3: but first crown So the foreground, I will get deep green kill zone. It really has to be very, very dark. This is really in front of you. And there is a huge part of shadow here trying to give them shape of the leaves if possible . Of course, I don't really care about what I did before. This is just too Give some depth to my painting. So for the cows, I have cleaned my jar of water and clean my brushes because I don't want to have anything in my white. And my watch is in my little, perhaps again, seeds still very wet. Um, I, uh large quantity yield from clouds to make on their not old white. There is a lot of gray, so I will begin by taking quite good amount of whites. And I have also block here. Leftover black are really need Oh, almost nothing. Ready? Just dip my oppression. It Yeah, that's that will do it. Maybe there is also end of blue. This is where you really need to keep your left over. It's easier to begin with her slightly Ray. And then I will add more white trying to give cloud shape. Not perfect, but that should do it. And now I'm incorporating more white to have slightly lighter gray. I have left parts, so I have to cover everything. Anyway, this will be tricky here. Sorry. I have to move my skits. Monk, I want to keep the edge of the mountain and I don't know if you can see that, but I'm leaving quite heavy thickness off paint because I want to see the strokes. I'm using almost a pure white. Um, read the thickness. I can't see that here just behind the violet flower, there is a row off. I don't know. White flowers seems to be daisies. Also, it's not quite exactly white, it's some. Maybe I will use my left over wine here hiding Just a slight touch of you know, maybe I think it's time for me to change my brush because this one won't feed for the rest . It doesn't have to be pure white because I will keep the pure white for the 345 flowers. There are poor front 13. Landscape 2 4: I've switch for a rounded brush. It's a size 14. It's always the same. I don't want to get lost in details, so I prefer to work result brushes and I will begin with pure like just a bit of letter on . I'm trying to look in my reference for two and see that the top of my flower is here. So this is the part where you need to be bright found There is a slight crown I would see after for the color Does there another one around here I found. I think this is it for this color. I need now to makes a bit off blue and, um here it's, um, light term fly, little need. So I'm just removing the excess pains. But I keep purple inside on, and I will. This is powerful. Also, there is very small hours. You know, I need to make the very dark part of the flowers here. So I have mixed a trauma in blue and a bit off lilac a bit off deep green. So this is very in towns on it is just to give a the indication that everything is in the full light in the sun, all right, And so here. Very dark part and more here, too, given certain unity. Now, I would change my brush on, Get this one, Asai said. I don't know. Number. Maybe for six. I I will begin to make them stems. It's total beat brave And even if you make a mistake, you only fuel line is not so fine as you pointed. It's really not a problem because you can still recover everything. So just go for it. Just cleaning my brush. So make some leaves. It's OK. It's just the effect I will need so more. Um Writer Green. I like to have a kind of painterly effect with brush strokes. So I like to work with very dry paints. Maybe to dry this time on, you have to Very You can use very dry strokes on more liquid one on Oh, my leaves are coming this way. It's time for me to very of its this part. I'm not really happy with it. So Daisy is at this stage you don't want to have ah liquid paints because you will reactivate what's below. And really, this is not what you want. This, um flower as a port in the shadow. So I added a bit of fun by Iraq to the white so I could make the shadow, and it gives are interesting dimension. I know I'm ready to make the heart of the flowers and for this you don't see it. But this is my box was all my fresh paint or all the paint I keep fresh between two sessions. So you want to get them almost pure paint. This is final touch, I guess on also the heart is in the shadow. So I will. What's my pains? Makes little bits. And also I think I need a bit more light here on the flowers. I didn't like them leave. I put here, so I just recover it with white do. It's kind of Ah, another cloud on and I can stay here. It will be okay or I can go on and on more detail Some. I see there is rocks here that I didn't paint and I can't keep on four hours, but I guess for this class it will be good. So now what I'm going to do is remove the tape 14. Final thoughts: our class is now finished. Let me have a final thoughts on the video of another landscape painting. Basically, we always have the same process from the very background. Then going closer and closer until foreground and our print is getting sicker and sicker are we are coming closer to us. Off course. There is no magic involved here. You have to practice and practice and practice again. I hope you have enjoyed his class and that you have discovered a new medium. Maybe because I think quash is really something so fun. You can do so many different things, Onda. I'm still exploring the different things you can do with squash. And I guess there will be other classes on this medium. So I'm really happy that you follow this class with me. Thank you. And see you soon. Bye.