Gouache for Illustrators - 3 different styles | Sandra Bowers | Skillshare

Gouache for Illustrators - 3 different styles

Sandra Bowers, Illustrator + Surface + Creature Design

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9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies + Class Project

    • 3. Gouache - The Basics

    • 4. Basic Techniques

    • 5. Color Palette

    • 6. Watercolor Style

    • 7. Graphic Vector Style

    • 8. Blended Oil-like Style

    • 9. Developing your Own Style + Conclusions

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About This Class


In this class I will teach you everything I know about gouache.  I'll walk you through different exercises to practice water control and handling the thickness of the paint, special effects, different ways to blend colors and more. Then we will paint the same illustration three ways to create totally different styles that will help you not only understand the characteristics of this amazing paint but also inform your decisions when creating future pieces of artwork to start developing your own unique style and voice. 

This class is for beginners or even more experienced users that want to explore different ways to use the paint just by changing the amount of water you use.





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Sandra Bowers

Illustrator + Surface + Creature Design

I'm Sandra Bowers, I'm a Freelance Illustrator + Surface Designer and Creature Designer. I was born in Medellín, Colombia but moved to Canada in 2014. I create detailed, stylized, playful illustrations, patterns and creature sculpts from my studio in Gabriola, BC.

I have very big eyes and I love animals, specially dogs. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and animals.

I love mixing traditional and digital media to create illustrations and pat...

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