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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Drawing

    • 5. Background

    • 6. Legs

    • 7. Feet

    • 8. Leaves

    • 9. Flowers

    • 10. Shadows

    • 11. Outro

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About This Class

Welcome to class! Bienvenue!

I love painting flowery shoes, these are my most popular posts on Instagram, and due to popular demand, here is the class to paint yours! 

The class is accessible to all levels, I will detail step by step instructions. 

First we will sketch the drawing, you can draw directly or trace, as shown in class. I’ve taken some reference photos for you, they are in the resource section. These are copyright free photos, I’ve labeled the one used in class as ‘the good one’. If you want more inspiration, you can visit the Pinterest board here where I have gathered photos, that are not copyright free, so keep them for your personal use.


Then we will paint the background, and I will give you different examples of background you can make.


Then we will paint the legs


And finally the flowers!


I hope you’ll have fun painting this with me!

Meet Your Teacher

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Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist



Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

You may want to subscribe to my newsletter: art tips, upcoming classes, polls and more!

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

- Gouache classes

- Sketchbook classes 

I would love to see you in class!


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1. Intro: Bhutto. Welcome to my new presents. Kill Share an Cecile French artist, both digital and traditional. In this, I want to show you how to paint Flory shoes with flash. I really love to at flowers everywhere in Clovis, especially in shoes, I will get you through step by step instructions from tracing the drawing to painting the background, the legs, the feet, the flowers, then the shadows and finally takes. At the end of the class, you'll be able to make your own floor issues. I will provide different reference food, and you're welcome to use your own discuss is meant for all levels, from beginners to more evidence people. I hope you like it. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this test. So now let's go. 2. Your project: your project would be to make a painting off Flory shoes. This is how I call it. We will make this one in class. You're welcome to follow along with the photo. I have provided the reference for doing the resource section. Um, also, I give you a link to a Pinterest board where you have a turn off other inspiration, but they have copyright free photo. So please beware with this on. This is the kind of things you can do. Also, these are my sons feats, by the way. So just to give you some inspiration, some ideas with flowers and shoes, maybe it's best if you follow along with this one during the class. And so you have all the necessary instructions to make your own photo. Maybe was one of your Children if you can, on maybe select another photo somewhere else on the Internet. So it's time to grab your stuff on. Begin 3. Supplies: This is all the supplies you will need. Paper, paper, reserve. Personal choice. I like to use watercolor paper hard pressed because there is very little tooth are basically was washed. The more details you want to have on your painting, the last tooth you want to have on your paper. So press is perfect. This one is 300 years. Um, I like this because it's thick enough. It won't buckle when you paint. Also tracing paper if you want to reproduce a drawing by tracing on a photo which makes to have a printed photo, if you can. This photo always provided in the results section force pencils and the razor shop owner and tell cells you need one heart and one soft. This is our two H on 60. Whatever recovers, okay, use full. Also, I would say necessary tape. This is ah, magic tape by three m. But please make tests of your paper on your tape because what works for me wouldn't don't really work for you to jar for the water. One bottles. Prayer was clean water in its This is true. He'd write the paint something to place your paint on. I have Ah, plastic pellets where the paint is going inside. As you can see, the best thing I've found is this thing is the tile you put on the wall in the bathroom, usually on its broken. So someone gave it to me. This is really cool because it's slippery, but not too much, and you can really clean. It just was put. Water runs film ships perfect to remove the excess Watari, the close or paper. For this particular project, you will need different sizes, very large to water on the paper. Uh, quite large. Also for the background. Different sizes off flat brushes going from 46 14 found. Also, something was a fine tick. This is a round brush making a very nice tip. It's number paper, but it doesn't really matter. And some very thin oh round brushes. This is size zero found, but this is optional. But if you can have one, it's really cool. Um, it's a liner was very long hair and with squash, it's interesting to have long hair because you can load more paint in it. Useful tool as well, but nice. I use it to grab the paint in my bullets so wash. Um, are you different? Brown's really I don't have a partner. It's round. I love, uh, I'm just, um, recording which Brown is drying before the others for now? Not sure yet. Well, it's, you know, off course you can have your quash and choose. That's perfectly fine. And what else are white? Of course, I tend to buy white in large tubes because this is the color you use the most. I think that's it. Let's go begin with the drawing. 4. Drawing: I had my daughter, Teoh were some sucks inner shoes and at some flowers because it's spring now and I have a lot of lowers my garden. So it is cool. There are a lot of different fellows, not exactly the same, but not exactly different as well. So I will give you a whole bunch of reference for two so you can just choose the one you want. I like this one because it feet are just like she's a shy girl. There is nice shadows of the flowers here. This stock is a bit flipped over. I think it gives nice shadows. Oh, you have slightly different photos was more Parral feeds, and here also a bit more problem a bit tied, and there is one with purple flowers and pink socks if you prefer, so I will use this one. I think it's really the best one for me. First thing I want to do is make a drawing have printed my fertile on. I will use tracing paper to reproduce its on my one local paper, so there is no problem. I think it's cool if you make the first growing without the flowers because we will cover. It was paint anyway. And for the background, I will use a blurry green, dark green background, like on the photo. Actually, I'm not drawing everything. Just the main features. The rest of it oil paint, It's so say, might want it to backgrounds. You will return it and get something really greasy. Tender like six B, for example. I think I forgot the edge of the suck here because it's hidden under the flowers. Completely forgot the edge. Now I can place it anywhere I want. Maybe I will of the border here. Another one Here. I need you have enough room for my grass on Inspector. If you tape this, I'm using magic tape by three on. As I said, Um, this is working very fine on this paper, but I would urge you to try on yours, and I get back. Teoh hard and still because I just want to press quite hard. You have mine, graphite. See that going under. So let me do this, and I really look. And before you remove the tape like Racine is and the paper No, no, you will need a ruler, and I want you get the tour corners and place my tape. So this is, um, four centimeters. So I want to have a four since Metro's borders everywhere. Just checking the corners so you know everything about my process. Play some tape now going from one that to another. And you have to press really well on the edges that is touching. Painted her face. This is the best way I found to avoid pencil lines marks at the very And when you remove the tape, don't forget to make tests before placing this on your paper. I won't be responsible for your mess. Just joking. And I'm looking at this and I think it could have more room here. So I have this one. Maybe it's picture three. You notice I press only this edge, not this one. So it will help me when I will remember the tape 5. Background : Let's go for painting. You have to raise to do this easier. You make the background first or you make the legs first. I will begin by the background. And why is it so? Because I like to have the nearest thing with the paint on top of the rest. My leg, My leg paint will be on top of the background, and it makes sense because this is in front of me and very close to me. So I need to make a mix off green star creams in the background and soft green in front. On the best way for me to get the paint is using this. And actually I have a dark green. Sorry, it's a kind of very doing green, if you see it's really bluish. So I need to had more courage, and I'm taking quite an amount of pain because there is a large surface to paint. So once I have taken my paint, I will just my knife in the water and clean it. I really use uh, large brush. My hands are really George. This is a size 14 synthetic long brush, so it's a painter clean, but I like the smoothness of its that will begin by the darkest parts mixing green I do and red. So forget what I just made. Get a clean brush and place what her just in the blurry background it will helps to. It will help us to soft in our transitions between the different shapes and to achieve the blurry effect. Sorry, I waas just in a hurry, but hopefully you can still do it. Judy to have, Aren't you sick parent anyway, you try to make a nice edge, even if you will fix it with the skin tone. But it's better if it's some not too bad at the beginning and vary the colors a bit. So I'm adding bit off red bit of poker. And if you notice some going into different places with the same color, so I want to have my background very unified, and also you have to be quite quick because, um, the water you placed in the background it won't stay forever. I made a mistake, so if you make a mistake to get a clean brush, place it in clean water and I will just lift up the paint because it will be covered by the skin tone. But it's better if I'd just remove a bit of the excess paint before and don't at white at this stage because it would weaken your color. It's better if you clean your brush and take the light green here, as it is to fresh, you can't mix and blend on the paper. I like this kind of abstract background, not really trying too much. The reference for two If you notice there is shadow coming from the feet because it's a shadow of the leg of your sleep. So I need to get the very dark color from here, the same level of color. So I think the best skill, the more importance kill you could have in gua sh is learning, too. Mix again, a color you already made. If you're not comfortable with painting traits, you'll make a kind of a line. This is coming from this trap here. I see there is a dark part here on placing this color here as well, so I'm sure it's everywhere in my drawing, just blurring the edge. But trades And if we want to have a contrasts, we need to have ah, very light green. Wonderful ground. So this is where you need your yellow, a hint off bread and it just to lower the brightness of the green. And with the edge of your brush, which is a bit dry. You can make brushstrokes like, um, Russ, and I'm quite a blurring at the edge. And actually, it's not only green, it's also a bit occur. And here I did a transition something between those on. Beware not to begin to work in watercolor. This is the moment you see. It's transparent and it shouldn't be. Quash these opaque. So if you're seeing through, it's because your paint is not sick enough. So you see, I'm not stepped to the foot. Not at all. I'm just having my own way. This is my way off seeing it's I like kind of an abstract background today on here in front of the shoes. You just make the edge of the shoot and we will go back to the very end, with some like brush strokes in green, because if you make trees that leaves now, you won't be able to paint. Shoot. Yo is not so opaque as dark green of your sleep, so I'm just keeping this place a bit transparent. That's okay, Uncle. Back at the very end and feel the gaps. How? There will just the values also at the end. Because maybe some places will be to light and some others too dark. I think this is it for the background. Let it dry. I mean, why? What you can do is prepare the mix for the legs. 6. Legs: So you will need whites and white is to be placed in a smaller like this so you can get clean parts off whites. Sounds human. I will take okay when I don't need very much. Because it's not a launch, sir. Faced paint a hint of red, Really? Almost nothing. And blue to see, Just like nothing. And why is it so? Because already so poor for you. Really? Um, pick of it blue is for the shadows on I don't have much in the shadow justice if you want more information about mixing glass foreskin, towns that we send you back to my other class, which is painting characters. So I need quite an amount of the light tone. I had some poker pound, not much off pink. Now you want to be careful on the edge on my paint is quite sick, so it should cover my mistake. And here it's a bit more orangey. I said a bit. Not that much. Hope if you rub too much in the same edge, you will reactivate a green paint below. So just go as fast as you can. There is a cool cooler here on, uh, like to run here. There is a warmer color Are here even picked more red Ready. So poor for can rarely turn your car quite quick. There is a shadow on the photo, but don't painted. Should be just a skin. And for the shadow, I will get more Oakar, more red and a bit off blue. Ready? Don't forget, this will dry differently. You may be lighter, maybe darker. It's always a surprise. Were fixed my edge after this one is even cooler. Treating the shadow? No, it soft in this edge. For this, you will need a brush that is already a bit damaged. You see, the hair is really curved and you will use clean water. Remove the excess water. Gently rub just at the border. Clean those things happen so you get more paint and that's gone. Okay, some point you have to stop kills. You could do this for a long time. 7. Feet: now I will change my brush. I will get a size fix for the Sox and sucks. Welcome from White, obviously, but it's not plain white. I want to make that shadows off the sucks, but not the shadows at the flowers yet, because I want to paint the flowers first on the will place the shadows after, though they are much in each other. I see that this is a bit blue on bit gray age. Let's make a grazier. Got a bit of blue, a bit of red, a bit off occur, and you have to get our mixes until you find something that is really great natural, going blue, I said, Maybe it's better if I painted white trust, but, um, we clean my brush. I have very small amount of gray left on my brush on this will be enough for my socks. There are some parts that are really white, I would say here and there. So you you take pure white, the clean brush on clean water, and you can go on top. Cute, small lights. It's Steptoe. I don't know if you can see that on the camera. Time for the shadows get the grey I made earlier. I will make some lines. Cover shoes. It's, um, obviously from Oakar, but not completely. Maybe a speck of red in it. And I will add a bit of white as well, just to give the Schalke effect of the leather. See, that's my brush is certainly too large. This was a size six. Let's get size four. I'm constantly switching my brushes, depending on what I'm painting. Andi, I read a bit off burned number ready? Almost nothing. Just too dark in a bit, my Oakar. So there are some slight variations in the colors. This is especially for this part hurt just to show we are challenging own same here. Maybe it's not on the photo. Exactly. But I want to do this to separate to different parts of the shoes. Don't forget, we will go back on top of this was aggress. This is the same for this'll Park here in sight of the healed. It is light bench, but I think it would be better if I do this very dark, actually just to show the shadow. So I'm mixing a bit more burnt umber in my poker ound I wouldn't go here and fill this part . And there is an important little part. Oh, so which to be done with a very small brush like this one? It's number zero. It's even darker, almost playing guns number. And this is a little shadow behind the toes here. This is a small detail, but I think it gives a lot of dimension to everything until I will make the same here. I know it's not on the Toto, but could There is a strong shadow here. Was this truck going with a seeker Paint white paint, pure paint just on top of the shadows. So it really keeps more volume. I I think that will be it for today. I found as I don't want to lose any paints. You see, I have a leftover of white here, so take its gently. Was my knife on? Place it in the box here. So this is going back to the fridge 8. Leaves: Here we are. This is dry. There are some little mistakes on the edges. But I will make the flowers first. It will fix my edges. After on, I have to mix some light greens. Maybe like this on I remember it. Waas yellow, um light green and of course, white and a bit of yellow for the flowers. Basically, I think this is all the colors I need. Of course, if you don't have ready made cream can Makil makes withdrew in yellow. Let's begin with this and I will change slightly my brushes now because flat brushes won't be so useful. I have a round brush number eight. When you wet the brush, you can have quite a fine tip on. This is very useful for the thieves on. I think I will begin by the leaves and make the flowers on top because mainly floors are on top of the leaves. If you want to light in your green, you add more yellow or slide. Slight slight amount of whites just for the body. This is interesting because we have the same size. So I can't see that my top leaf is around here at this stage you really need to have a quite sick paint. Otherwise you will reactivate the paint below. This is not necessarily what you want, so you need to have quite heavy paint. Maybe I will. Uh, it's pick of red so I can darken obits. My green. This is just too. Keep the indication of shadow because this part is supposed to be a bit darker. Please make some tries on this crop paper with different brushes because, um, what is good for me might not be good for you. I'm trying to make everything in the same color. Why it's on my brush. I don't want to copy exactly the leaves. The photo just to be inspired. I'm building. It's by layers. And for now, this is a charity tree. Leaves that you'll have the same color of your sleep with slight variations. Anyone, um, the other leaves have a different color, so I could keep my mixes here. So when I need it, I can go back, and I will keep mine very light green here begin to make some more crosses here and as well use different greens. Try to vary the angles as well. Justice gives. Um quite, uh, nice deepness. There is obviously a problem here. We'll fix this at the very end. Let's make another green for the other leaves. This is a region green on. It's a zay said very bluish. I think I need really to know words is green not too much white. You see, It's really getting gray, so I'm afraid I won't be able to do this is his way. Let's get some cobalt blue on, uh, more yellow. Can you see that? Here? It's moving. I don't really mind. If it bothers you. You can just remove them. How much paint? So what kind of green is going to give me still to bluish? But my paint is too liquid. Not thick enough. I really need to make it sick. Your I think I found the correct green for the rest of leaves, which are lily of the Valley. Its course lowers will really help to understand what it is, I said there were the problem on the edge, so amusing leaf to hide it, cheating, no artistic license. Time to switch the brush on, get something a bit smaller, thistles some things that gives very nice lines. It's so thin it doesn't load too much water in it. Well, I mean, the floors first on to make the flowers, you have to be sure that everything is really tribunal. So either you wait for it or you can use a hair dryer, and of course, you want to change the water. 9. Flowers: flowers. I would get a flat brush number six because it would be the size off each individual. Pittle. So you get plain white quite sick, Quite very sick because you really want to cover the club. You know, maybe you will need two coats in some parts because I'm covering on top of the greens. Very lose. And the shadow will help me to separate the flower from the suck. This is Ah, the yellow center of the flower, but will help me also now making the plain white first. And then I will my wife to be dirty to give more dimension. Try not to make your flowers seen street in front of you. You have sided flowers, angles. Everything needs to be right produce, so it's much more lively. This is really the brush strokes at me along. Make it different. Okay, let's make a bit shadows and territory. Flowers. Um, what color do you see? I see a gray bluish crane, more blue, maybe ultra Marine. She's just take. Don't forget to clean your pack knife after each car. It's not only blue, there is also a bit of red and a bit of yellow to make gray. But a very complex gray, not just black, was white, so it can take some tries before you find the correct on our Andi. Even if you think this is the correct one, maybe it's not too so dark. Yes, it will do for them. It turns out that are into shadow, but not for the cast shadow. I will need something a bit, doctor or the cast shadow. I'm afraid if I make all the leaves and flowers from the photo, it will be really true overloaded here. So I'm trying to be very light writing a slightly hint of yellow in my mix just to indicate the sun. Also, some petals are fallen kind of details, and it gives life to everything. And for them, three d of the Valley will need a small brush. Number zero it she's, um, yellowish white. I would say this is not a botanical illustration, So I just want to give the i d of the flowers, not an exact copy. And I will get titanium white for the D tastes for the very lights of it. Because titanium white is really powerful, are you? You have to use it as very small parts you see in the photo. Some petals are very, very white and these are the one I will make. It was my take 10 young, white, some part of yellow. Now, if you look closely, some yellows are very bright. Oh, days is I forget to make them use this one, which is my number. Zero was a titanium because it's really bite. So I said, Very bright, your pure yellow. This is a small detail that really is making everything tied together. Until you do this, you're still wonder if your painting is correct and now it's really, really cool on from now. I'm completely leaving the reference for two just trying to have stems for the flowers, something that makes sense. 10. Shadows: Let's make a mix for the shadows. I will need quite a moment. I begin by those shadows on the socks which will be your blue greyish. And after I will make our mix for the shadows on the skill there will be something like this. I'm using your flat brush size for mix red. Hello Do Okay, Go back to my blue. This is give me a nice color. I want to lower it a bit on. You never know until you place. It's next to the other one. This will indicate the full sun, maybe a hint of whites more Onda. Um, I have not placed exactly the same flowers, so my shadows are not exactly the same. But I can be inspired by those shadows. The idea that you can guess it's flowers. It may seem very dark at this stage. It will dry lighter if you want to be sure, you just place a little Spartz and you wait for it to be dry. But I'm quite sure it will be okay. My liner for this Thames shadows missed him. You see, I'm darkening my existing shadows a lot. This is just too of everything tied up a mix for the shadows on this Kim on for the skin and this is a cast shadows. So it's different. Can you see? This is a cast shadow here from the flowers, and it's very different and the shadow on the in the leg itself. This is much darker. This has the same value that in this one. So now that I'm going towards something very dark, I have to be consistent. Just a bit are inventing the shadows. Well, now it's dry. I see it's it's too dark. Sometimes you think you can take shot gets, but you can't and happy for me. I have kept my makes right here. So let's just at white in it and go on top of this Connor liner again, just under the truck. I know it's not owned at home, too, but I think it will help This'll. Einer requires a bit of practice, but once you have it, it's OK. There is his truck here. I have to fix this little hole. Don't know what it is, so I'm I'm integrating a new color and I don't want to have only here, So I moving my car on the other leg. It was a very dry brush, just giving, like, you know, she sold the Seine. So it's going glowing red. This is a way to integrate the color. And also, I would like to do something on the shoes. Um with, uh, Oakar Quite dry color bit of white just to give me a picture because they're a bit boring. I think I like kids. Let me show you some details. Is here you really have the volume of the flower that are popping out because I have variations off different whites. Andi, I have the cast shadow on this king as well as on the suck. It really helps. I have a full run. Was so brunch, I believe so. I could add more. Really. It's a much or taste. You can add more detail dates. I think I will leave it as it is. 11. Outro: So the class is over. Now it's time for the best part I love best. Removing the tape can be a bit tricky. You have to be careful even if you're paper and tape works well together. I have found out that if you have your tape very close to the paper like this, it really helps to avoid DiMaggio the paper, even though Cheers off a bit of paper. So I hope you like the class. If you want to have something specific, Yes, Just drop me a message. You can reach me on Instagram or just post to come in tens of discussion here. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this class. It's always a real pleasure for me to see what you're doing so rewarding As a teacher, I can't even imagine how rewarding it is. Thanks for following my cast and see you soon.