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10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Orange clouds background

    • 5. Orange clouds

    • 6. Pink clouds background

    • 7. Pink clouds

    • 8. Grey cloud background

    • 9. Grey cloud

    • 10. Outro

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to paint clouds with gouache. 
Gouache can be used with more or less water to have different effects and textures. 
We will chose the photos to use in class, either you can follow with the same I used in class (available in the resource section) or browse through the Pinterest board here, or use your personal photos. 
I will show 3 different clouds:


One with a multicolored gradient in the background, various colors of clouds on top  and a dark mountain in the foreground 


One with a gradient in the sky, and very dramatic clouds on top


One with a backlit cloud and a forest in the foreground

I hope you’ll have fun painting those clouds!


1. Introduction : Hello Moto abscess. Seal the French artists, both digital and traditional. And this does I want to show you how to paint clouds with squash. Quite. She's a very versatile medium, and you can use it us watercolor or with very thick paint. Taking advantage of this, we will make different clouds with different techniques. I'm gonna show you step by step instructions so you can achieve your beautiful clouds. I have gathered for you a bunch off inspiration photos. But of course you will come to take your own photo from the sky above you. This less is meant for all levels as I kind You explained everything from supplies, materials, how to and some tips and tricks I learned along the way. So what are we waiting for? Let's go. 2. Your project: your project will be to make sky and cloud paintings on. You can choose between difference ties I have gathered for you. Pinterest board wears a lot off copyright free photos so you can use them. Or you can use your personal photo because we all have a sky. Next, Wes. So it's quite cool. Please make your painting and posted in the resource and project section so we can all see what you're doing. I have chosen photos off spectacular clouds not playing blue sky because it would be quite boring to paint. So I let you choose your photo. Let's go for the supply and matter of yours needed. 3. Supplies: supplies, you will need our first of all paper. You can use whatever watercolor paper you like. I have one here that is hot pressed 300 GSM, and it's very fine. Choose almost nothing you know, very smooth. Or you can have watch O'Connell paper with a bit more twos. This'd is on Marshall so but cold pressed, depending on yours, tie or what I use. Also, he's a regular drawing paper. 250 GSM. But we were. You can rub it very much. So what kind of paper is better? I use also, cardboard. This is either Kabul from some package I received. This is the back off. What hello paint for pad. Very important is to take. There is no perfect tape. It's always a mix of paper and tape because this tape works very well in some paper and not on others, so you can use easier washi tape. It's very cool, and I'm quite bothered by the color sometimes, so I prefer this one, which is a transparent one. It's a magic tape base. Reem works very fine on most of the papers, I said most so always test before three other seeing important is pellets. I have this one in plastic, but you see the color is going inside and I think it to be too small. So I like to you this. This is a child from a bathroom. It's broken, but who cares? And it's why it's very important. So you're not disturbed by the background and you can wipe it out and just clean. It was brush on, um, sponge and hot water. For the brushes, you need an assortment of different sizes and shapes. This is a lot run to what? The paper. This is a cut tongue. It's not necessary. You can get a round brush and very important united flat brush. I used six size six in class off course paint, so I have. This isn't a planet. It's really very cool to keep your wash in size on you. Story in the fridge Between two painting sessions here, you can see there is different colors and also different brands on battle. Brands are equal when it comes to stay wet. Inside this pets the best one. I have that stay always what is mg cram, but it's quite expensive, so I also by arches, are Winsor and Newton and lean l I don't know if you can find this in your country, but I'm afraid our tens eyes the one that is trying faster and for the colors you need Blue one Kobold truck Woz Intro Marine Andi around pink. So magenta neon pink If you have a hand of yellow, really, you don't need a large quantity of paint back. What is important is white, so I have very cheap white wash, which is also called zinc white on your need. Titanium White. This is a very, very white to give the highlights as well as its rebuttal. Very important to read. Rate your A paint on the pellets and two jars of water and a cloth or some kitchen paper to wipe out your brushes. And I guess that set You don't need time. Sylvie alone in anything else, so you can't just go at now. 4. Orange clouds background : Let's make this chi. It's interesting because there is a range of colors in the sky, from dark blue to light yellow on. On top of this car, you have some feathered clouds. You know, the one very sin very light, and the first view we have is Black Mountain, and it's interesting because it wouldn't give thanks Cave of this kind. So before we begin, we have to think of the colors really eaten and of the brushes for this one. I will need a large brush for the water on the paper and brushes either anong one or a flat brush Onda regular round brush. The background will be kind of water. Close time. We will add the feathers on top once it's dry, so we'll have some time to wait for drying. So colors for this top I will get. Let me do this while explaining so I place my brush in clean water. I have here a jar with a lot off tissues from removing the excess water, and I'm taking just very bits off paint because it's a water polo style. So anyway, it will be very, very light. So this is a trauma rain blew clean my brush. I will get Cobalts blue. Maybe a bit of requires, but really not much. I see a bit here on going down there is is very light blue and this one will be given by White. So let's get some white white can, um, off force light and the colors, but also give body to the color. Maybe it's not what we want. I found, you know, very yellow. You see, I'm placing almost nothing. Just a tiny tough car and orange. Maybe there is some purple here. So, Bill, if this pink, magenta, magenta very strong, very powerful Onda also the black I take it that the very owned I don't need to place it outside of my palette right now. A hint of red for the orange. Okay, So as you can see, let me show you my broken time. I have played the color very far away and leaving a large space in the middle so I can make my mixes on using my very large brush placing in water, plain water and just I want you. Really? What's my paper? And why? Because it's easier to make transitions soft transition on the paper. Once it's wets on you, don't wait until it's dry. You will. Right now. Make your mixes. I will begin with dark room top for this. You can really use any brush like on and this is blue. But you see, this is a very strong blue I need to place in it Small touch off magenta, a bit of cobalt I want to lower to do. Maybe it can be big marble just placing it on the background, you know, large strokes on a bit off white real actual quads. Because I see there is some variations in blue. You have the photo in front of you either printed or on your iPad or phone just as a guide . You know, on inspiration, you don't have to copy. Exactly. And don't forget, we will have clouds on top of this. So it's not very important issue Don't have very smooth transition. Um, at this stage, honey, to be very careful, because this is where I will mix the euro to clean my brush. So I'm removing the excess blooming mind dirty water and cleaning in my clean watch for so you know. But you need to add white as well. Otherwise, it would be really too strong on here. You don't want to mess up with the existing blue because otherwise you get green of justly . And it's not a problem if you have a the boundary between the two colors because we're real , place some of clouds on top of it, all right? No, I think for the background it's OK, so it is dry now, but the color has faded a bit on. It's perfectly normal. But if I compare to the original photo, I think I need you dark and my blue. Maybe don't touch the lower part. But I really need to dark in this part to give it more body. And it's cool because I have blue. My palate have just youth tous to reactivate the color, and now it's some just too much of a rough. The amount of pain, too, will place. And don't forget that now. My paper is dry, so it's not floating the same as on a wet paper. So I get clean water just like what? Come. I just want my edge to murder bit on my existing paint. And don't forget, we will have clouds on top of this. Those this is it, but it dry 5. Orange clouds: my pilgrimage dry, so it's time for the clouds, and I have ah, variation in the clouds colors. Those are very your energy, and I will begin with dark purple. And actually, it's purple in the shadows. So I need to add a bit off the complementary colors. I will get a size six flat brush. I have my magenta here. I need a bit of orange around because it's a complimentary of the blue small amount of whites just to have the purple coming out. See that? So now it's, um, something you have to test yourself. You need to have the correct amount of pains at the correct sickness. So for its sickness is, uh, quietly, quid, I would say, and you have the correct amounts. They were removed, the excess in total. And as my paper us some tooth, um, it's giving a nice off fluffy edge. You see, when you rub gently, you have ah, really nice edge through the inside of the cloud can be but more loaded with paint, but the edge or very rough just by rubbing your um, paint. What's interesting is to vary the color, so at a bit more blue and as I'm going down, my color is slightly changing. I think I have a very dark well here. Don't we had to leave some lights pace between the clouds. This is what makes deepness, and if your paint is a bit sicker, you can just protect your brush on the paper. Maybe to be too strong, though the opposite color off pink is green. I need just a touch off green. Too dark can obits my pink. Remove the excess paint and not your robe. Gently. I would like to have a color in different place so I can go back on my previous cloud. Just top of it. Time for arranging so I won't use a pure paint because it would be ready to dark. But maybe I can make a transition. The clouds are quite difference in the lower part, and I'm moving the edge of my brush to have a fine line. And then I want to rub gently just on the edge with a clean brush to have something softer . Now it's time to be brave. Don't forget, we have to cover this edge between the two color in the backgrounds between the blue and the yellow, adding some lights just too soft in a bit. My orange. Just any water to have my edge fading into sky. And here I see really bright pink and you have to do this quickly. Why? The pain is still fresh. So we should watch her. It will really give this effect off clouds. This is a kind of water coast, I would say. But what? She's so versatile. You can really use it any way you won't. Really? You fantastic millions. Right now I want you add on top of this some very large brush strokes. So it's time to get my large brush. Remove excess Watcher. I have to press it of it. This is a very dark, but it's okay. Thank maybe no proper. Okay, be brave. So my brushes Very what? But it's just grabbing the pigments on the top of the truth of the paper. So it makes a nice effect on account. What's a bit more if you want to Maybe soft in some parts, not much. You want to see the sky from you know, nothing is mountain, so forces won't be very original. I will get black just playing black on my places here in my left over, off purple, just to give it, um, little twists. So I'm using that reference for two was a guide, but it really doesn't match place the first layer of very liquid. Very light on. I wouldn't go on top of it was a plain black down. I would advise you to wait for the pain to be dry before removing tape, because you could have troubled otherwise. 6. Pink clouds background: I have a background that is drying outside in the sun. Why it's drying. I want to prepare another background this way. I'm not wasting my time and adjustable. I'm not letting my paint dry because gua sh Once it's spread on pirates, it will dry eventually. So this is why you need this to reactivate the pain from time to time and really the pounds on the weather. So why it's trying. Let's make a background from very dark blue two very light blue. Uh, this is gray agents that is sometimes difficult to achieve with gua sh So let's do this. I think here it's a mix off trauma in blue on cobalt blue as well, and I need to have the beginning of it that is very highly concentrated in pigments. And I have to wets my paper. So this is Ah, 250 GSM paper. Enough particularly made for waterpolo. Just a ray burdock trolling paper. All right, so I'm beginning with a very dark blue here and here it will be covered with the cloud, so I don't really need to go very far. And I'm trying to stop where I think it should stop anyway. I will cover with watch so you have two ways to do this easier. You make a drawing of the edge of the clouds, but very likely because you might see the pencil through the paint or you cover everything so you have a blue under everything. And I think this is what I'm going to do, Phil beginning in the right upper edge and was almost pure pan. So it's highly concentrated. And now I'm dipping in the water, just like watch out for no, you see, I'm making This was a slight angle, but here it's not very important anyway, beware. If you place your brush on top of what you already placed, you'll have a really a mark, a brushstroke. And maybe that's not what you want. And also as it's not what oclock paper. If I rub too hard, I will dimension the paper and it won't be very clean. Okay, so let's place it's somewhere to dry. It is dry now, but maybe a bit too lights. So let's add another layer of blue. I'm beginning here. The corner is pure paints really dark meant, and now I will push my pigments maybe I could go further. I'm trying to push my boundary on dearth clouds. So it's not something that will bother me. Let it dry. 7. Pink clouds: No, my background is try. I have to like, I think, two layers off clouds, one layer of purple in the background, and then we're going top with Renji. Yo, one on. I would advise you not to draw the edge off the clouds because you would have a pencil showing through your paint. After all, it's not really important if it's accurate or not. We're not competing with getting inspired. One is blue and one is more probable. And to give it buddy with that white on my paint is quite sick, and I'm grubbing some hands off pink just to slightly move my color. And maybe this brush is not really the why should use because the angled edge gives me Appointee Tip. You know this part is giving me harsh. Just you have to make tries with what you'll have on hand. You make some circular movements. There are some duck that's here, all right, and this is it, because after it's meant quite bright. But I don't mix very well. My paint it's on purpose occur. I can have some slight variations in my clouds. For this technique, you need to have enough paints loaded in your brush. Excellent electoral color. This is why I have to go back to my pellets and more print. You need to have very dark part because there is no light without darkness to exaggerate. To contrast was your lightest part. You have to get very dark part. Don't forget to let some light parts for the orange. Oh, I know you can cover it with squash, but it's always better if you have a light background. Now what I need is a clean water, a flat brush. This is number six Onda close to bring mum's the excess water, and I want you rub jam plea just at the edge between two colors so it keeps, uh, kind of fluffy effect. Also, I'm rubbing the paint from the paper so it gives some places with lights and you make circular movements. Was your paint brush? This is where you need to paper that is thick enough to be a rubbed without cheering part. Okay, so let me do this and I'll be back. Don't and it's time to add the very light orange on top of it. And my colors. I have ah, neon pink. It's interesting color from March A zone, Andi. I use it very often. One, It's about giving light just like this. See, this color is really near, but it should be okay and yellow off course. If you don't have this pink user magenta, it will do the same. Maybe you need more white than I do. This is a bit too baby color. So topping again. This is sick paint on bond. Is that quite a dry brush? I'm placing your first layer because it would be very light on top of this. And I don't want to reactivate the black, you know, Time song, you know. Now I know it's time for the very light part of it. And I will get some titanium white for this. You don't really need much. And here, you know I'm reactivating the gray below. So I have to wait for it to be dry. No, I clean my brush and I will do the same us earlier. I will rub my edges. Here I am in the process off merging and smudging. Having some nice edges on as you rub. You will remove the pigments on dime trying to incorporate different colors. So what? I do is take some orange because I think I like orange here and get drawn. T look was adding some purple on its very liquid you see and rub making circles on building layers on layers And now my brush is almost dry. So just rubbing it and I think it would be OK because you could go forever. I would have called this one finished. 8. Grey cloud background : this sky and clouds is very interesting on quite tricky to paint off well. Oh, you have a foreground with dark shadows of the trees on. It gives a nice skay into everything. A fluffy cloud. But it is backlit. So the outer edge is really white, Really the purest white you can get inside. You have a mix of blue rays and you have the sky with rays of light. This is very difficult to paint, at least for me. So I have decided to use for this fro a watercolor paper, which is a very heavy one. It's so 350 Chisholm and I have taped it on my paper. We wash everything, uh, first that just want to make the sky, then the cloud, then the foreground. Now maybe we will keep the same brush for my sky. I have this brew. Maybe I could tweak it a bit because it will always the same do everywhere. So I get a bit of Chuck Woz just to give us slightly different color. So this part will be covered with the cloud and this part will be covered with trees. So let's make some thank you brushstrokes. This part is supposed to be very dark. You want to go from outside of the paper? Andi will get a slightly smaller one. Just, um, remove the excess water. And I want to make some marks. You have to clean your brush between each stroke you make. Because basically what I'm doing is removing the pigments from the paper. So you want to have a quite dry brush. I'm using the photo as a guide reference. Um, it would be better to be darker here, So I'm getting a bit of ultra marine blue on from here because I know when it dries, it will be lighter anyway, So I guess I can be brave. Was my pigments. This is just to prepare the outline. The cloud. I'm pressing very hard to remove a lot of the pigments like there is a bit of purple here. It's very cool. I like it right now. Let it dry. 9. Grey cloud: the crown is ready. It's time to place the first layer off, Um, a white edge. I think I will use titanium white at the very end. But now I just want to play the role shape of my cloud. And it's a great blue. So I think the easiest wage do this is to use back. I have here the line up the tree trying to given organic shape to my cloud. And now I don't want to rub because I don't want to reactivate a blue below. Okay, this is the outline of my cloud. Make a mix was some black. I'm still using the same product for a low class, so I have all the colors I need around here. This is a nice color. Like kids. This is black and cobalt blue and a bit of white. As always, I want to vary the color. I want to also have light parts for these. I have to clean my brush because there is a dark ray in it, and it's better if you clean it. I'm not completely white because you don't want to compete with the edge. This is why you have to have a lot of blue on the outer edge of the cloud so your wife can really pop out. And for the first full ground, I have to clean my brush very well, because there is light white in it. We turn my pets. I have this leftover of black from previous painting of cloud. I come place in its some green. This makes a nice color on. I'm trying to make the edge the trees and, you know, colors are related to each other. And now that I have placed a very dark foreground, I see that my cloud lacks a bit off darkness here. So let me try this again. Um, get some plain dark. I have noticed that I have a tendency to the bhichai with color. Sometimes I'm just thinking, Oh, no, It would be too dark to arrange to whatever on India. And I regret not to be more brave, but it's just a matter of taste. Of course. Just do as you prefer and the sand. Maybe it's too much. It's always try align onder earth, and it's perfectly fine. This is art, not rocket science. Just soft in some edge, is not all. And now I want to make. The very white edge was titanium wides. You have to find the correct sickness. This is a final touch. Will makes everything pop up together. I want to show you the difference. You see here, this is pure paint. Straight from the tube was almost no water. It's quite thick. It makes like a little pics. And this is where you get to really white effect. 10. Outro: well, the class is over. I want to show you the difference between the photo reference and the painting. We are Artists were not for two copies, so it's OK if it's quite different. Here is what I made and I didn't show you in class. But it's just to give you an idea of different things. This one were made in CASS, so the light is quite different. This is Nouman, a maid. Also, this one's very simple. And instead of adding white paint, I just left the white off the paper. This one not quite the same blue, but it's okay on this little one. I kind of like it because the race are really quite tricky to point. As I said. So I hope you enjoy this class on and I'll be happy to see you quite soon in another glass glass. See you soon.