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Gouache characters - painting skin tones

teacher avatar Cécile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Selecting a photo

    • 4. Supplies

    • 5. Drawing photo 1

    • 6. Drawing photo 2

    • 7. Painting swatches

    • 8. Painting photo 1-1

    • 9. Painting photo 1-2

    • 10. Painting photo 2

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class we will paint two characters, full body, on a white background. I want the focus to be on skin tones, this is why there is no background. 

I will explain how to select a reference photo, either on the Pinterest board here, or on Google images, or in your personal collection.

Then we will draw from this reference photo, and I’ll show you how to draw and be accurate with your drawing, for this we will need a camera (smartphone or Ipad) and either an app like Procreate or Photoshop, and if you don’t have it, no problem, I’ll show you how to use your smartphone and a free app. 

Before painting, we will make swatches of skin tones and Extract the colors from the reference photo. 


Then it will be time for painting, one image will be fully detailed, and the other one a bit faster. You’re welcome to follow either one or both, as you prefer, but if you choose to follow one, it should be the first one so you’ll get the full explanation. 



You’ll find the reference photos in the resource section, as well as the swatches of colors from each photo  

Meet Your Teacher

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Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist


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Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

You may want to subscribe to my newsletter about gouache. 

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

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- Sketchbook classes 

I would love to see you in class!

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1. Introduction: Hello. What? So I'm really happy to see you again. This is my cast member of 16 Amazing form. Anything. This one is about character or paintings in Goshen. Specific knees. Kimpton's skin tones can be very tricky to paint on. This is what I want to show you today. I hope you can join me. The class. Let me explain. You help works. First of all, I want to show you the different shades. You can't get a skin tones. This is really amazing kind of colors you can find out was that that skin was pig at me and then we will choose a reference photo. I will show you two different paintings in the class. You're welcome to follow one or both. As you prefer. This class is all about light skin tones. I will make another one with dark skin tens this classes for all levels. Whether you're a complete beginner or more entranced user of Glashow, you can still learn a lot of things in this cafe. I guess at the end of the class you will be able to mix your old skin tones with your paint and be confident with the shadows on the like you want to achieve in your skin. So grab your paints. Let's go 2. Your project : your project would be to my come character painting on first assignment will be to make skew tones swatches. This is one of the first videos, and then I guess we will make two paintings. One was a lot of skin of this wonderful lady on one with more clothes, so it's a bit different to paint. These are the two paintings I will show in class. But of course you're welcome to do anything else. I just show you some examples of the kind of thing you can achieve was this particular technique. So it's up to you to choose your first Toto on. This is what we're going to see in the next video. I'm happy to see you in class. 3. Selecting a photo : I have gathered for you up interest board with a ton of inspirations photos. Some Most of them, I would say, are already cut out. So you just have to sit one you like, reproduce it. Maybe one day you will find a beautiful photo you like, and it's not cut out. So you have two ways. Either you're not bothered by the background. It's perfectly OK. You can just go ahead or the background is too busy. Maybe maybe you want. There's to be really cut out so it's easier for you. So no problem. If you can do this, you can download that image in your camera, roll her riches and now we're going to procreate. On select photo, I'm click on the photo I just downloaded. And now with the free home Section two, I will make the outline shape of the girl. We'll shoot it out from the background. So let me speed up the process when I show you after all right, too everything is selective. Click on the arrow, three fingers down Karen paste and now my background can be diluted. However, I have left over of the background. So I will do just the same. The free hunt tool. Um, remember that we're going to paint is and quite small size, so it's not really necessary to be very precise like you would do for digital art. Okay, I think she's cool. Another way to find some good reference for to always to go on Google on you will type care out, people down, select in majors and here you have really a lot off in ages. You can even narrow down your search like maybe sitting and you'll have people just sitting . So this is convenient if you don't have any tool to kit out a name age, and if you have software or nap you can use, then you can go on pre copyright on websites like pixelated. Come here. You will type, for example, woman sitting, and now you have to make some searches because you want to have a full body, for example, this one would not be suitable because we don't have legs. So just bro's. Um, see the one you like, especially you need to think about the lights because, um, towards this particular class, we will need something very well. Let's with a lot of contrasts What I mean is, for example, this one, um with skin tones are almost the same everywhere, and there is not much contrast in it. Maybe it's better if we can get something like some bullets. That would be interesting. I'm discovering as I'm scrolling down what's in there. So for example, this one So it is very cool because you have, ah, very light part of the skin. Very warm one and very door part as well as shadow. Sweat is very cool. Faces really hidden by the hair is not very interesting, but I like this song image. Okay, so you've got it. Let you bro's eser Pinterest board. I gathered for you your personal collection of photos or a Google image was killed out people or free copyright image like picks, obey, excels or splash. Once you have choose in your foot it we can go ahead unless you put for a full hour along with photo. I'm using glass. See you next. Video 4. Supplies: the scene unique for this class is here except the paper. We'll talk about paper later. Um, first thing you need is, uh, pencils. Just regular princess or mechanical, as you won't on one heart and one soft. I have to h and three b. And so if you have regular pencils, you need a sharpener off course. A regular, a razor and a needle arrays. Or to remove the excess charcoal, Um, to yours, off clean water on. You have to clean the water very often. Others prayed to reactivate your paint. Some stuff, too. Wipe out the excess water of your brushes either fabric or paper towel brushes. I personally use flat brushes. Oh, this is synthetic brushes. I have a size two size for size six. Um, this is all I used sometimes for very fine details. You those very fine brushes size one on die recently. Book this. This is a liner. The big difference with this one is that you have ah longer hair. So you will have more paint loaded in your brush than in this one. You have to reload the brush very often. This one with will last longer. But it's a bit more tricky to use because you have, Ah, very long hair off course. If you prefer, you can use round brush. No problem. White squash. I buy it in a large tube because you really need lots. And so wash pains off course you can use any wrong you want. No problem. I personally kept My gosh is in this little box and story in the fridge. And if it's beginning to dry, well, just parade from time to time, so I will list the color you need. Basically, it's a yellow Oakar about blue chip do Onda, regular red kind of vermillion on magenta whites. And maybe you made a bit off brutes. You know, intro marine blue. You really don't need the rest of it at all. And last thing is the paper, so you can use either sketchbooks or sheet of papers. I recently boat this in my art store, and it's really cheap, really. It's a really bar game. This is a friend brand, so I don't know if you can find the same around your place. This is 250 GSM, which is very convenient for quash. It's a pack off 25 sheets. It's a lot cutter, so very cool. Bit of tooth, but not too much. Which is what I like this costs about, I don't know, maybe 10 euros. Most nothing but be my guest and use what you have personally. Not too much rain, too much truth on the paper is very cool. I think this is it as we don't make the background, we don't really tape to have our frame made, so go ahead now. 5. Drawing photo 1: I want to show you now how to dro the inmates you chose. I want to show you this on different images. So first Well, a business lady sitting in front of the C l. I won't kill out from the background because it's not really disturbing me. What you will need is some paper. For the sake of the video, I will use sheets of paper. This is something like maybe 200 ground 200 GSM and you will need a heart on a soft pencils . Issues to H around three b sharpener. This is really important to have a very sharp edge. Tip. I mean, sound. The razor will be time to buy a new one. Um, this needle a razor. This one is very important as well. You sometimes have two different sides on a paper on one has more tooth than the other personally for the quash paintings. I like to have a bit of truth, but not too much. So I'm not sure you can see that, but it's almost like nothing very, very light. Sorry for the noise. So first I will use my two h out. I will sharpen it. So I have placed inmate on the left because I'm right handed. Something that can really be handy is to have your image approximately the same size than you will. Dro. So it's really easier to make comparision on to be a curate. So I will drew her the same size. So what I do usually is I place a line on top. Where is the top of the heads on that? We place a line form. The sound worse. You sitting long. It's supposed to fit inside here. And this is a light pencil and I hope you can see at first unjust, using large shapes just to try to feed everything. And I know I have a problem. I will always be low words on my bottom line, but it's okay. I know it. All right, so this is quite right. And that's OK. I'm just trying to place the big shapes. Okay, Um it seems love seems fine. What do you think? So now I have my structure. I will change my pencil on get three B to bees. Okay for breeze. Okay. Something really soft so you can make bold lines. And now I have to decide where to begin. Usually I begin with the face, but she's thought seeing So I will begin with hair. And remember, we are drawing to paints and glass and considering the size of its, um, you don't really need to go in such very fine details. We really need to have the big, big shapes. And this will be my beginning. Okay, says, um, then And now I'm building everything from there. Oh, I can't see here. There is Ah, touch of light hair. So be it, um, as well. Another one here. Okay. No, I'm drawing the shape of the head as I have fixed this loans. I know this is the edge of the head that is quite ground. And the bottom of the hair should be somewhere here and from there is that year off course . The other one is the same hate might be. The neck is a bit too large. I'm sorry, but when I was raising it might make the camera to move a bit. Yeah, she looks more feminine. And, you know, this is first mistake. You might I have drawn what I think it is. I I think that neck as a smaller wit than this kill here. And if you really look at the photo enlarges, actually, there is not this parts. You see, it's coming traits just from the bottom of the here. And I can't see my hair is a bit too high. Okay, so me fixes you really need to fix those things as long as you go. So makes me think that maybe my head is a bit too large. This is why I have trouble to fix the wits of the neck. Okay, so maybe I will to the other way around. What about the neck? First it's coming a bit. I don't. I go. I can't see a little bit of the cheek here. Okay. I think it's not bad. And I will see after folder settles first. I need to make really good drawing. I think in a painting. Almost everything. You somebody good growing below. You should don't have that. No matter how well you paint, it will be a failure. Okay, there is Etch here. Maybe it's a bit closer. In fact, if you don't think what you're drawing, it's easier. You just drawing a map off different shapes. This one is bit more tied. Okay, Before I'm going, Father. A result tip I use very often let me take your photo off my drawing. So now go to procreate. I had a photo. I will at the photo of my drawing. All right, you can't even see left over of the razor. And I will add a photo, which is my original draw. Total reference place. It's below, um, I will. No worthy capacity around 50. That's okay on my layer. Withdrawing to come down and you go on multiply so you can see that photo below. And now let me see if it's correct. Okay? I hope you can see that. Actually, it's not bad. Yeah, I think I would be happy with it, because what's my shoulders is correct. Um, of Well, before the knees, maybe I need to lower a bit, but I'm here. Yeah, but, um, yeah, basically, I will play it as it is, so let's go back here. We lower this. Sorry. I should go. And this is also a bit lower because it's a little chip I use at his really convenience. And if you don't have appropriate or for a shop or anything else you can t use for that. This one is snap seed. It's a free app you can find on the APP store and on Google play as well. So you will select your drawing on. Go to the settings here with little pencil and you have something that's called double exposure. Very convenient. So you click on open image. Good. Your imagine you will move it below. So this is exactly the same as I didn't procreate. So you can see where to fix your mistakes. This is really, really hungy. I wouldn't say I do it over time because I do it less and less. But at first I think it's something that's very interesting for you to know your mistakes. I know my legs are always too short, so I know I have to end my legs a lot, but it's really interesting to do this. Okay, so go back to the drawing. All right, so no more country them because I know my proportions are correct on. All I have to do is move my pencil. Um, try to mimic the photo, So I see there is an angle here. Okay. My hell needs to be a bit lower, I said, or be so Hounds. I don't really bother about this. It will be just a brush strokes anyway, so this will be enough. And there is big, big shadow. So let me consider that arm is beginning just here at the back of the bikini. And something very important is negative shape. There is a wonderful negative shape here. So this is a shape between two parts of the body. Actually, this is where you see the background, and I'm using it to make my drawing. This is a waste. She's really nice. Okay, so I know I need correct. I just have to round it to bits. Um, you know, it's crossing behind the the hound, so I'm likely drawing it. So my trying is correct. Andi, um, Etch is here, and I have to make sure this is the same 8000. The other side. You see, this is going straight to the wrist, huh? Problems are full of curves. You know, I just have to look at it. Like to mark the beginning of the fingers through the poem is I'm kind of square founding a whole you, the pound and I will use my negative space as well. This one is bigger, really So much curves in a normal. Um, this one is are seems awkward, but once it's painted, it would be OK. Believe me, I see this the is now worth than this one should be around here. It's more flats. Now you have a drawing that is correct. What I'm going to do is to totally ignore the tattoo. I want to map out the shadows because it's really important for my drawing later I mean for my painting. So just have to do this. This is very easy. Once my drawing is correct and I won't Not everything. I see that this part of the year is different than this kill maybe a come soft on a bit My edges. There is an interesting triangle here that would make everything. Unless you can see there is a sharp edge here and there is blurry. One here are important to notice. I'm using my existing drawing to my power, tells little spots. Here I will make them and the shadow here it's really important. A bit more cursed and see. Very sharp edge, very blurry one. So because this is a cast shadow on this is shadow of the core itself. And you want to fix now every drawing problem. Not when you're painting here and here. It's the other way around. And I think my arm left arm is not large enough. I think it can be just the same drawing. But big moron George. Mm, not too much. This is the elbow which is around here. Forget this report. Here there is a light and now I will use my needle a razor Mai khao and sorry. I have to make the table move. What I want to do is remove the excess crow fights. So it's not scenes through my pains, but I want to leave enough so I can't see where to paint, You see? No, not Siri. Okay, so this is it. No problem. Everything will be covered on now. I'm ready to bring this one. Let me show you the same thing on another painting 6. Drawing photo 2: No. Let's do the same process for this girl. Um, she has a bit more complicated because I can see the face. There's a lot of angles everywhere in the arms and the legs and the resume. Strange foods behind. So very important is to draw what you see exactly. Um, I will try to fix it the same size, try Kilman gadgets, and this is more off triangle. Yeah, Um, let me get the to age try and go. So here's a face arm. There is a lot of hair. Well, she's really tricky is the best. Okay. Not shocked. The well fits my triangle as well. The negative shape here. See, it's really too large on held is really large, actually. Okay, that the shoe behind. Oh, should have begun much more on the rights. Okay, I'm really not sure of it, but what I have to do Photo. Yeah, we'll go to snap sued. That's one double exposure. Open em age. I would get this one. I can resize as well us and procreate on. And, um what? So you have trouble like this? Can you see that? Because it's really transparent. You have to decide which what you want to keep home. Move the rest of it so easier. I'd said that my head is in the correct place. So my foot is not correct here. Oh, I decided this is foot. That is correct. And I have to move the head and considering Does I'm already on the very edge of the paper ? I will decide that the head is correct. Actually, it's not very bad, but it's not really correct, either. Um, the shoulder is really higher. This arm is a bit lower. Yeah. Head is a bit more time. This is one of my problems. I never make them tired enough. Okay, so this is much farther here. It will fix this. Why? Drawing everything. But I don't have to recess. It's lots. So you see, it's very important to do on. Really? I don't consider it's cheating because how much time I were investing painting this? I don't know. Maybe two hours, one hour. I don't know on. I don't want you plaint everything. And at the end, I just realized that my drawing was bad. That's really something I don't want. Okay, as I had a lot of construction lines, so I have arranged in the bits and I have sharpened my sweet B pencil and I'm ready to begin. And as she's facing us, I will begin by the face. So, as I said before, this will be painted. There is no no necessity to be very precise into drawing. Just place the main features. Now that would be quite soon. A class, um, portrait's English so considers itself practice before the actual class. Anyway, when my drawing will be covered with paint, too, just a place of futures. Okay, so this will be the beginning of everything. Sees a bottom up here. This helps me to place my fingers on my home. I said, I'd like to make him just you know, this shape pulled the fingers. That would be okay, things that are not always what we think they are. So this is why it's important to drop what you see. I see the hair and I see a shoulder. See, that's and I'm using this nick at its shape here to get the correct angle. This is going in the back well, and here is her top. I don't know if it's connected. Yes, it's going under see, I can really easy draw everything now, and this is going almost trade. And, uh, the neck is following the line like this. So it's easy for me to place it now. I'm checking the distance. It seems OK. Um, the arm is almost vertical. There is a large shadow here. It's well, baby off her shoulder. And so from the shoulder. You can also help yourself with your pencil and place it at the correct angle and see, you know, seems okay. I will see the little scrambling here after. Okay, I have under arm here, make sense. And from this corner, I have the kind of sleeve really kind off on its making. A nice curve on this is going almost traits, but it's not seeing because its under the hair. Okay, so there I will erase everything after this is about a mother hair. Just a slight line, because I will make brush drugs here. I'm thinking as, um I'm painting after its It's not exactly the same drawing as if I was using colored pencils. Maybe. And this is it's tricky. Now you have really to look that photo to draw what you think There is this little bone here? Don't know its name running French? I don't know. It's night. Mm. Shall be correct. It looks like she has a glove, actually. Problem. Okay, for this part, I will get the top of the knee on. And I will completely ignore them ripping off the genes here because it won't be easily seen. I found this is where um I'm afraid I have made a mistake in my drawing because I think this should be maybe bigger. It's so purchased. Got me wrong. Okay. Negative. Save here. Very important. So I'm connecting. Was my existing line on. I just want to be sure I will take another photo. Okay, so that's what I thought. There is a problem was my negative shape here. Um, it's not correct. I actually everything's wrong. Is is drawing, but can I live with it? That is a question. And, um, I think the top of the chills to Supposed to be at the pit tip of the nose, huh? Ok, I really have a problem. So let me office. It's too time to do it, you know, knows. And so I can have a larger shapes. Yeah. Negative. shape, and so this will be quite. But this needs to move my pain. This kind of you go this way some Sometimes when you're trying to fix a problem, you were creating another somewhere else. So I don't want to really copy paste. I just want to have an accurate drawing. My thing Shadows will do a lot. Has really a lot chest. This is why I'm disturbed. Okay, let's move a bit. Terry's around port here on when you're painting jeans, the sowings are very important. They make older de tastes. Joe Gene, you see, she already looks better on the leg. Here is very dark. Anyway, I don't really need to draw every G taste. How it to close up yet? Well, maybe thes bo should be a bit higher the hair because this is higher series of smaller parts showing Well, I hope it's correct this time. Let me check it out in Poor creates. Well, what do you think? Okay, the head is not exactly the same. Hate could be a bit higher. Oh, but the rest of it I have made a smaller food. That's a choir, because it's in the first toll for a few, so it's bigger tonight. Should be. Maybe mine could have star just sold. Yeah. Okay. Not everything is on the same plane. That's crazy. Um, no, I think I will leave worth its weight. Just a raise construction line. And, as usual, remove the excess for fight. 7. Painting swatches: skin tones are really much off colors, actuarial almost never pink. If you just look at your own hand, you don't have the same car on both sides, and you have the veins throwing through through. There are blues on. Depending on the light, you will have very different colors, and this is exactly the same when you paying, too, buddy. You can have a very ton skilled, very light, one more brown, more playing more. You know more green mawr. Everything on. I want you to really incorporate a lot of colors and your skin tones. First of all, I want to show use basics of mixing colors. Foreskin tells, so kids are a bit more pinkish. This one has a lot off son going here like blowing. Uh, he has a face in the shadows, so the car is a bit different than the hand as well as this Q T. And she is very light on the sand and very dark orange on the shadow. This one has a light glowing from below, so it's, I don't know, very different colors. Same here. She's almost arranged, is almost crave. They have two different skin towns. This one is not finished and she is very pink because I wanted a T shirt to blow on her skill. That's quite some cars. As I said before, I keep my wash and this little airtight butts very convenient. I love it on and you will have very different scant skin tones depending on the colors you put on your pirate. First, I will get a think white thing Quite is the most. Come on, You can use the one for mixing Own close to It is tight on young white So I want to show you everything. What? I'm taking my colors. I use a jar just for cleaning my brush. I found some paper trouble. I will. Bigham was Okura. So you really don't have much? We are going to make swatches. You try to put clean it. I will get a vermillion. Red hurry. Classical warm red on. Um, this is called Blue. This is pain from MD Abraham In it. There's honey units, so this is like it's a bit sticky. Okay, so now this jar is really great. Put it a slide. Let's makes some skin tones. Make sure your brushes cleaned. Okay. White skin tones are always a mix of the three primaries and Lloyds. So let's begin. You have to make your tries yourself because Red is really powerful on blue. It's some Let me show you. I'm just dipping the edge of my brush inside. You see what I have. This is so powerful. There is much too much. But it's, um, very good skin tone for Cetto like this for a shadow. And I'm not cleaning my brush, just getting bit of white placing next to it when you see it's really lower in the intensity. More white, maybe sleight. Hands off pink. Sorry, Red. Yeah, this is really not correct skin tone because it's way too pink and I want to lower it down . So lets out some oh curry nets. It's more convincing and a trump of through ready. Almost nothing. This was really close to nothing makes, um, cool. It's skin tone. Thank you. So this would be more shadows. And for, um, a light skin tones I will get my white here tiredly was leftover over everything. Yep. This is not bad. Yes, this one is very close to reality. Okay, So first round was those three colors let me get more white because obviously, I will use a lot for these swatches and I will keep my white. I will just change one car. Let me get a pink. This one. It's, uh, magenta. We'll make my mixes with the same Okkert down the same blue. You see, I'm beginning with strong colors. This is another skin round. Get some more pink inside. I'm not particularly precious about my mixes. This is just for the color. This is very close, but me use this leftover of white here. I like this color. It's really a nice one. May more okay. Yeah to see school closure in visions Kim, this is a shadow part. I just at it blue and it's c This one seen too much sun. And what about taking cries? Broom? That would be fun. So you really tiny amount of color lips Could you might What really dirty. So white. Okay, um pink. Maybe I found to due to its blue, So no problem. Let's go back. Was more pink. More Oakar more white. I found I will have very neutral car. This is very bright so I can tone it down with blue No. Mm. What about just think It's a bit of you know what? Under a surgeon light. It can also be kind of blue grey. And then what you have left on your plate, you can still mix it. Just one is so here because it's a mix of everything. Got that between the door on. We will do the same was yellow. So here is my mixes on the last 21 all made was yo Instead of okra, you can have ah, really large ranch off skin tones, depending on your purpose. And maybe, maybe, in my opinion, the mixes with yellow or less convincing than the one with poker. I'm not sure you can really tell the difference on the camera. Bachar. If you have the paper in front of you, it's really huge difference. So I let you play was your own pains because maybe you don't have exactly the same colors I do, and that's perfectly OK, because with changing just one car on the street, you can really get very different rounds around now. Well, I will show you how to my shadows why we are painting the character itself. This is just too make you feel the different colors you can achieve with your pains 8. Painting photo 1-1: before we paint, I want you to really be aware off all the different colors you can have in the skin tone on what I proposed to do for this is take some swatches directly on the photo that may get some skin tones. You see, this is of course, it's not accurate because this is just a picking on the photo, and I will do it really differently. But this is just to give you an example off the really different tones you have in one single photo because we are always afraid off pushing the colors, just thinking it is supposed to be pink. If you look at this, really, it's not pink. Well, this is where you get your swatch page. You will decide what ranch off color you want to use. And, um, I think this one would be quite cool because I can go darker with that slight. So it's Oakar, Cobalt l magenta, our perfect Kumble, really, almost always the same amusing. I have put this page in the results section as a reference, if you need it so you can see all the different colors and the skin there isn't this follow so first a hole I will place, um, little blob of whites. Andi, I'm trying to make a line with it so I can pick a different part of the white and it's still very I would use one of my two jaws just for getting my paints off course. If you use pain to direct from the two, this is not very useful for you. Is so occur. I said cobalt on blue is the color you need the last of it because it's so powerful and magenta. Oh, my magenta is almost empty. And when you pick up pains in your box, you got a lot of pain just on the edge between the metallic port and the hair. So you really need to clean this part very well. His importance, because you will have trouble later issued Don't. So I think almost everything can be done with size four for the small parts. And for the back, I could use, uh, number six. See, that's so now you have to decide which way you want to work. You can either begin by the lightest part. We'll begin by the darkest part. Oh, begin with middle tones. I think middle tones is quite interesting too. Begin. Okay, so middle tones from the arms. You see, the the back is very yellow. This is a fresh pink. This is purple on dark orange. And don't don't be shy. You really need to make bold moves. This is a part in the sun, Andi. I will place uh oh. Crew, magenta and, uh so I need tiny amount of almost nothing just to tone it down. What you can do is get a scrap of paper place a little. It's lunch. And I think this could be my mid tones for the arm. The right arm. When you have this driver stroke, it means that you need to add a tiny amount of water. Your paint. Maybe it could be a bit more pink. See that you make very septal changes. I wouldn't go over this trap breath trap because it's black anyway, so it would be covered later. But here I'm trying to make a lot reports with the same color in one single way, because I would you this makes and colors inside to change it. Um, it So it's better if I do everything with my main color I will make the shadow on the arm and I need to give more body to my color, to my kid. Very darker on. Also, it's in the shadow, so I really need to add blue. Show the shadow and I place. It's where it goes close to the other one. I can't see. This is not dark enough, so no problem. You add more color on. Really, you need to look closely at the reference photo. It will give you all the indication you need. This is a bit too pink, but I think it's an interesting color for here, trying to make very arranging mix for here. Yes, maybe it's a bit too dark. This is the warmest part. Warmest and darkest. Now it's very yellow. Maybe it's a big dark, so and here it's, um, very brown. So what if I I Brown? I think it would be interesting to at some burns, you know, I don't know if it would work. It sends a shadow, so I need to add a bit more blue. Maybe this is true Marine. I need it's dark occurred. I'm not sure this is a great car. Maybe just for the edge of the body. To give the illusion off light, you really need to have strong shadows. So this will be the color for strong shadow here on. And I'm not painting on the panty because it will be a different color. This is very sin. So I need to switch to right size too. Okay, I have, um, overlapped on the bottom of the hand so I will use a clean brush and we'll rub gently just to erase the brown. I will go back on top of it with meet my color and that's it. Uh, left side is really dark purple. Don't don't be shy with colors. You really need to push your colors a bit if you want. You have something fun. Can you see the light? No. You can really see the lights coming this way. I would say here there is a part of Is a bit lighter on a bit more blue. Just it's depart here, kind of a reflection of the sound and as well the hand top of the hand. Let's make you know, makes for the back. Of course it's not just occur A tiny bit of pink magenta. I mean, check it. This is not yellow enough. This is an interesting tool. But, um, it's not the other one. She would get town bit of for pure. You're just too. Give it more body more pop. This one is a bit boring. Sometimes it's difficult to find the correct car, but I think it's part of the sun. This is too pale. We are trying to be realistic as well, so it's difficult. But to greenish, this would be two yellow up. Remove the excess paint will cover, and later this is better. I'm not sure you can really see the septal changes on having on my paint, but this is what will give life to your painting. Really? A. So I'm looking at this. I think maybe my Ponty could be a bit nowhere. Please, this is very light. So this is very light. I will make a mix here just in the white, because it's some almost white, but not quite. And here, close to the shadow, I want to keep my sharp edge. But here I want to make you self transition. So I will take a clean brush and why it's fresh. I will just blend the two colors together. See, this is not bad. Maybe it's going here as well. On here on top, it's a bit more pink, but still very lights. You need to have enough paint on your brush to make yourself transition after, maybe this is big to light. Still, if you look closely, the arm is almost merging in this high. Although this one is a bit more livid. I think I will go back with almost white. Maybe later. On top of everything, we'll see that you also have to let do paint dry before really be sure off the color. Forget this part in yellow. This is almost white here. 9. Painting photo 1-2: Yes, I was saying at some point, you're a paint will begin to dry on your palate. That's perfectly normal. This is where you need this? Just a little is pray on it. So my paint is reactivated on. They can use it usually. Okay, I need middle tone here on. Don't forget this arm as well, because looks like him avoiding it. This needs to be darker aswell. You see how the light is now showing because I'm pushing my shadows so it makes my light ports to be really vivid. You see, I'm keeping my existing mixes and adding more colors inside, just to be sure everything is marching together. And as I have a color on my brush, I'm trying to have it move somewhere else in the paint. I don't want to have just one spot was one color. Unless I really decide to do so. There is a light part here I forgot to do nice to. And, um, here's so the right here is in force and and that's almost read. Relied to pink. I found out I have a bright being care. I think I see it here as well. This is a part where the lights is turning into a dark part and I would call this a boundary between light and shadow. And it's very interesting if you place a bright color, really strong one at the state. You really need to trust the process. But it wouldn't go go well, don't you? I need to make the hair and the Bram. So I think I have covered every part of the skin. And now I have, ah, to clean water. You need paper told I will use my four size full rush. And now I want to soften the edges where they are soft in of course, for example, here will keep the sharp edge. Okay, so I will do these speed up the process. So I'm fixing some mistakes as long as I see it on. For example, I see here I have a lack of paint and that will make after the very dark shadow. And this is to light. So I will rub ever seeing just to activate a painted I want to remove and you wrote gently on The most important thing is really clean your brush. Very, very often you can push the paint quite far away. You need, for example, here I can really push my light, and this is important to do this before doing the brawl or the pound t Because, um, you will cover and remiss take with the black. And here it's kind of dirty. So no problem now and looking at this, it's too pink. Troy, right? So now, um, have fixed some colors. Trouble here in there would be too long just to shoot everything. I think it's OK. It's quite cool on now. Let's make the brow and told the broad, I need to draw back those traps because I have painted over. But I have here they shape of it. Maybe. Okay, just one line would be enough on, and the bikini is supposed to be black, but it's not completely like off course. I will get my size, too. Take a bit of black, Really. You don't need much because it's a very small sore face. Get another brush for the whites on dumbed have clean my palette. I don't have anything left. So my Gento just weird. In the black, I found a bit of navy blue as well. I don't like really pure black. It's not very natural, so I always had something in it. Let's begin with the darkest part. Remember that when the quash will dry, it will be lighter. And this part is very light. If your paint is too liquid, you will lift up pain to reload. Don't forget, this part is really darker. I think I need to dark in this hedge. Your, um of course it's not black, so we'll get burnt amber and trauma in blue Makes a noise very dark, Kenard. Okay, time for their hair. I would go back to size for I would get some burnt amber and, um so Oakar as well, rid of yellow just for the project to sin, his importance to have contrast down. I think we can just call it finished. So now you have Well, if you want the possibility to at the shadow and maybe that would be interesting to have her sit on something on for shadow. I like to use them. It's dark parking or is blue, and I want to tone it down to be too blue for me. So I'm just using what I have left on my palette. That's very cool so you don't really bother. You have to decide when to stop because you could go forever. I mean, Howard's more. I'm quite happy with it. It's not an exact copy, of course, but we are not for puppies. We are artists that we can just do the way we want. And, yeah, quite a copy of it. Maybe I can soft on this a bit. 10. Painting photo 2: for his second painting. I won't detail everything. I will make a time lapse with some instructions ricin on the screen so it won't be as long as the previous one. But I think it's interesting that you see this one also because there is a lot of clothes. So closes are not exactly the same way our skin so beginning I will speed up the process on . We'll just show you in detail when I'm in the clothes. Okay, lets go. - Right . So the skin eyes finished and the fingers are very rough because I need to place the blue with the jeans under it. I'm talking about the genes. This is what I'm going to do now. Systems is a very quasi So let's get some jerk, Woz, I found I will use also the cobalt. And if I use a pure tour, cries it will be to brights. Rarely it will stand up to much so I would get a complaint Terry to reach across. And as it is blue, my compliment is red on yellow, which is around on a ranch wheel. Blow meets you tone down a bit, My blue big two door crack kiss So this is exactly the same thinking process than forces killed. You have to mix a color, decide if it's a mid tone, a dark tone or like one, and then you place your shapes next to each other. You will bland after really basically the same process. So here are beginning with the lightest port. I don't have very specific rules when painting. It really depends on the first mix I make. Now, let's make this. Parton's a shadow. It sends a shadow, so I need to have more orange. I just want to make a slightly different blue for the hem of the genes. This is in the shadow of it was slight variations. My blue. Okay, I completely forgot to paint us. Kim appearing through the G in Sunday's high. Never mind. I'm exaggerating, uh, shadows on the picture because, um, I think it could be stronger and more powerful. Well, the one to decide what you want to do. What is important is to really observe them reference for two on, see where it is merging into each other, for example. Here the knee is almost merging in the right leg, but here it's obviously much lighter. So it really is a separate shape from the other leg. I'm not sure will make the port of this kin showing here. Not very fond of this in real life. - So here we are. This one was looking a bit off, right, I think. 11. Conclusion: that the young of the class and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you have gathered some tips and tricks that you can use in your own art. I'm already working on the new class. It will be about quash bore traits. I hope to see you in this next class. And thank you again. See you soon.