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6 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A Little About the Class Part 1

    • 3. A Little About the Class Part 2

    • 4. Part 1

    • 5. Part 2

    • 6. Part 3

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About This Class

This class focuses on creating a Gouache painting a portrait in a whimsical way. You will see my example worked through from beginning to end. We are using watercolour for the painting. Just follow and repeat what is done in the class. Colour palette will be listed below. Paintings will be created in any brand of gouache. If it’s your first time trying Gouache you don’t need to buy the really expensive ones straight away as you are still in practice mode.


1) Watercolour paper 9 x 12inches 140lbs

2) Gouache Blue:cobalt,cerelunium, ultramarine, Prussian. Rose. Burnt Umber. Yellow ochre. Mauve. Greens: pale green, sap green, viridian or green medium. 

3) Brushes: large flat brush size 12 upwards, 12 round brush , smaller round detail brush. 

4) Palette/paint tray

5) Hand tissues for blotting paint or overly wet areas

6) Masking/washi tape

7) Pencil to draw original image before painting. 

8) White acrylic ink for highlights with fitting tools like the end of a small brush for white dots 

***Template Drawing Sheet of Portrait and eyes ***

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Beatrice Ajayi

Founder of HyssopArts


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1. Introduction : Hi, everyone. And welcome to today's goulash art class. This is my first ever gouache painting here on skills here, and I thought we should have some fun and learn some helpful tips on how to use this medium and how to take our time prep in the paper on, um, drawing the character and getting straight into painting our portrait. So here you find that I will show you the tools to use and and of the techniques I I go about preparing this piece with, and we will have the result of a cute character that, um, obviously dependent on your level of the fifties goulash before you understand you know how to approach it. But you can come with your own stylized portrait. It's I'm here, and I will show you how I create the eyes, the hair and some of the other mediums you can use together with to lash. Um, I'm trying not to overload this class because I can actually use quite a little range of mediums, even with gouache B in the bass off a process of painting. But here we're just kind of focus on creating this piece and really absorbent you know how we go about getting the details for her face and her hair and really just taking the time to enjoy the process. Um, and then basically, be ready for our next classes that will become and using Rush. So please join me and let's have some fun creating with simple tools on producing beautiful piece, so I'll see you in class. 2. A Little About the Class Part 1: so Hi, everyone. And welcome to my ghoulish goulash portrait class. Um, this class we're going to be creating, um, not exactly this girl, but something similar working with, uh, some goulash and working on watercolor paper, as you can see here on creating a portrait character. So what I've been doing recently has been working on get in some details down that will be useful Before I started approaching gal's like the character of the girl that you just saw there, which have bean to try and sharpen and define what it is that I want to be able to create using gouache. And I've been looking for a way to get the layers, um, kind of like my digital artwork and to start actually being able to create that with physical paint. So I have here a new example of what I drew out different. I sets facing in different directions. So you have a template of this in the class, and it was just to test out how to get the grade in of color for the eyes of my characters . And so I've been looking at how to work on that. He's in the different colors and work into the more intense area of where the focus of the view of the character is. So that's what I've been doing recently. Oh. 3. A Little About the Class Part 2: Also, uh, I've been decided that the characters I create their eyes are going to be the same colors used in their hair. So that has brought a lot for me. Usually the hairs quite defined on they are very dark. Um, black usually. But I started experimenting with other color. So here I used this green and, um, been from going on from the green. So there's a different kind of green. Um, here I was exploring a full body character and here started using blue and went on to to start working on these characters with the blue, um, trying to see you other then these also these girls here with the blue on also another green here, and the red is well, so that was the first kind of red one. I tried to end the black and it was still it's okay, but I loved the colors using the green and the green hair or the blue and the blue hair. I just felt that something was starting to click with me of not using too much black eso using the kind of different color tones in the reds on working that through the Hera's well I felt was doing something. It was helping the characters to glow. So I really like this idea here as trailed away from a little bit. But, um, I still had some of the blue in the I, even though I wanted to experiment with slightly different colors, which I always usually would pull those colors into the environment as well. So everything is supposed to be reflected in here on a working outwards. So I briefly also was looking at backgrounds. Um, which here it goes all the way. It's like a full bleed on this character, but for this one that I did, which you can see the YouTube live video live streaming of that I taped off the edges, which I love a lot. It's given more of a focus, and the presentation for me has been more professional. So I think I will be going on with this idea off, kind of putting it into, um, squared of space, which looks awesome. I really love it. So that's some something similar just to show you where we're going with this class, which is going to be doing rush we're using so the reason. But I started wanting to use gouache was for the layer in aspect. I've used water color before. Quite a lot on the water colors I felt were still quite liquid. And I don't know the Lehren. I needed to learn a bit more, probably with water colors, but I know that the water fellas have fine. But what I like about the goulash is it's thicker substance, and, um, it's a lousy to layer a lot quicker, I feel when I was noticing with, um yeah, with the water color. So here's another one of the green again with the tonal, the green and her hair. I really love her hair. In this one, you can see the two differences that screen and this is green, So I've gone quite dark on this one. This one has had more off pale greens and sap greens, and and these this one has had more of the deeper greens. Viridian, green and green is this one in the green medium is a lot darker, basically, but I love bolt of them. Both of them were still very beautiful to me, and so this is where we go and we're raising poultry. It's Onda. Some hoping to do more and more classes of this on break down each area. I mean, I could technically just say right, let's focus on the eyes for this one all. Let's focus on the nose. But I want to do one. The 1st 1 I want to do an overall view perspective. So for all of these, I don't usually use a sketchbook. So I've actually been tearing pages out, which I like, and I don't like, but I probably like more. So, um, yeah, so in each pages as well, when I've seen creating the image, I've been putting the colors on the pages. So these are kind of the goulash blobs from the tubes that I just squeezed and just used to here to try and create different kinds of green eyes, um, using different mediums to begin with. So, like this one here, I used a fluorescent pink pen, or I was using kind of the orange one as well. Here, an orange one. So this was this one here, um, and so just built in the layers with different kinds of pens and backgrounds and just having fun. Look. But I've also been using clear Jessel to kind of go over some of the layers like I did with this one and then working on it with more gouache and and going over with another set of Jessel again and building and building. Just trying to see have it helps because my digital work tends to have a lot of translucent in them. And I'm trying to figure out how to work with that. I know that in my hand I would love to use things like reason, um, on my work. But I am very scared of resin. Maybe one day I'll figure it out on when I don't have the kids around to be distracted me and things. I will be bold it to get that way. You know, it's kind of like a chemistry Wait to me. He's in residents, like on applied science. You really have to focus because I feel like the dangers that has a so much that I'm just too scared to go near at the moment. I know I'd love to use something like that that has a leer in two and then painted on top of it and then pitching more leers and just creating something very fluid. So we're going to do something like all these ones. I've shown you in the class. And so we're gonna have fun with that. In the next segment, we're going to tape up our paper and then start sketching. 4. Part 1: from the paper I have for this class is, um, a nine by 12 inch watercolor. Well, ah, £140. Um, And, um, there's a really good paddock trying to get me to pads for the price. Esos 32 sheets in each Onda, um, is a really good deal on Amazon. So that's why I've been using and 300 Grand's as well. So it's very it's very thick as well. So, um, I'm gonna go ahead and take this, um, you you take, get. So I'm gonna do what I did before that. If it's not broke, don't try and fix it kind of thing. So I don't mess up in any way that I shouldn't. I was just I don't usually take my my papers. I'm trying to try different approach this year. I'm trying to be more focused and professional in my approach. So just this inner side that's gonna be the main, um, and cut. Just put that down other side looking. Just get my lines right. Try not to rush to take my time. Another advice I saw somewhere was, if it gets hard to take the mask in table at the end you're a paint in time. You can always may be used like your hair dryer to heat boat take before you try pulling it off. Apparently, about my help to bring it off a lot easier. Um, I also used to kind of just running on my trousers before I put it down, but I'm not bothered with that recently. So, uh, one more thing, the other side, This is nice and thick of also seen somewhere else that you could use. Um, why she tapers well for this, you know, for the thinner. If you wanted a in a border or something could use Washington. So me doing that on just got lifted to some of these are overlap in a little bit and just gonna do some light stepping over trying to be more relaxed in this class. Usually rush things. I don't like Russian it. So here we've got our piece of paper, and, as always, I'm just gonna go straight in and started sketching and trying not to think about what it is that I'm doing. And, um, maybe for this one, I will have a really offset on the side of the page, like the hair going round and things. I'm trying to think how to do this one. So if I have a neck out not too skinny in it Marshals is gonna be a bit They should give some color on the edge. Mm. Um, and one of these I had a character with her as well, but I don't really want to overcrowd this too much. So I'm trying to think what to do. This here. There's something very different, Um, and also to just don't just some. It's like she's kind of got a bunch kind of a bunch of bun in her hair here, but you can't see all of it. It's just only some of it, and then her. I couldn't go in this way as well. So for the eyes, I've bean trying to figure out, you know, the measurements of where to put the different aspect of her off their eye. But, um, at the same time, I I kind of linger, but I will probably have something for you. Teoh could break down of a measurement. I'll try and provide that for the class so that you can kind of see how to, uh, measure for the eyes roughly and things. Um, there are times when I've done continues drawings for these as well. So really love continues joins. I will put, um, kind of lying there, So just go her eyes and I'm gonna do, like, if I put a line just done here on down here, her eyes facing that way, um, towards my left. And so we just added some here here. I really like the swing of that. That's quite over the top. The side you can't see. It says this is probably gonna look very weird, but And if I put maybe some hair down are here. This has to be next. Her that might be too much might just take some away. We just two strands away. So let me just jump straight into actually painting her. Um, I've not been doing too much in the background for things, but we could always have just the idea of, like, really dark blue background for this, So that might be a way to go. I'm trying to think of my brushes here. Really got my biggest brush. So if I wanted to do start with the background does usually I start with the face, and I'm letting that dry and then the background. But what I can do is start with the background just because so, I'm gonna get some water in that background first, just so that we start seeing something that seemed to still have some color on my brush here. But usually you would have it completely. Uh huh. Cover free. That's because I just did another, um, class not that long ago. Soon not the way to go, But I'm going to use some blue Who's I think in this background. So I'm gonna just put, um this is a cool boat blew there, Just gonna lap some of the blues I'm gonna use in this background and this is really in blue Ghoula. And then I'm gonna use my ultra marine high here. This have a lots of bits of tissue around here because I have been using them, but out of mind and then Parisian blue, I've also noticed I don't have Failla blue, which would be good to have. So I need to figure out how to get that at some point. So I'm going to start with the lightest color working my way in what I consider to be the lightest, which is to call what want out of these guys and just start dot in it around. And, um, I'm even gonna overlap with her hair a little bit and some bits, so it's just too go in there. Don't always was seeing this is quite dark, but anyway, let's see how it goes. I think this put the colors in because I've put the color before the water before. It's kind of just bleeding a little bit. So just put that in event. What else am I looking for here? I'm going to put some of this is really in blue. Wait. Let me just put a little bit more. Who's gonna good them here alone. So, man, I'm gonna pick some of this. Yes, that's really in blue. In some bits, you can't always tell straight away with this. Looks like it will own Just blend in by itself. So just look really good, right? So just a lot of fun. I love it. So now because I'm thinking that some areas might be too um, was the word distracted and just gonna blend in a little bit around just a little bit around her, and this is gonna Maybe I'll give her a purple hair trying to think what to do with their hair color here. That would go with this schism blue down here as well, and then go into the ultra Marine thinking, trying to make a darker up here, then undersides maybe a little bit. So just so I kind of take some of these and bring them not only about the edges going a little bit and then these darker ones, which is the Parisian blue and what it's gonna really just drag on the peripheral and the water is pulling at this car. So I'm just going to end up, um, doing something which is taken, some of it away on starting to bring it into the I a little bit because I usually make the eyes similar to that off the, um, character as well. So yeah, no, si work on the So I'm going to go back to what I consider to be a lighter one, which is the cobalt and start on the edge here. I'm been this really in blue, but you can see that. And so on this bits and then also the ultra Marine. Yeah, was to look similar. And then that we go in with Parisian blue, it's like a curve there. So there's all these kind of things going on, but darker on. And usually you'd have a whole load of other stuff going on here, but is gonna throw in some very random street. So I want to put in some purple in here, so and then I'm probably gonna make some of the blues with some of the rights to get some other shades. Actually, no, no. Take that back. I have also the rules. I think I will take in here. I've got some already, actually. So this quite a few different my saying I could start with the rules rules. And then I think because I still have some blue on my brush is gonna start giving me some. So I'm going to just start playing around with this and seeing how it looks at no point am I scared of what's going on Because, um, you can always adjust things is the way I think. I mean, I also have, um my, uh, some white ankle. I have some Jessel service different things you can do to change your circumstance with this. So this is all about building the layers. So at this point, I am add in different things and seen how it goes that things hadn't some pinks, certain areas, even on her face, in places and and some particles will eventually start coming in. Just had some of water. So what kind of been random expressions with the purple and sketching and add in layers to it is there So this area here, I'm thinking, be quite dark. Um, because this underneath the whole stack off her. Yeah, So there's just to keep going back and forth, building on this with some of the pink, Gonna add some more pink in here because then you just get more of a buildup. Add in some more rules to my palette. Now I'll show you my power. I got this recently. I really loved the look of it. And so I go different colors like this is the rules. When I just squeezed out circle also what I can do with the rules as I can add some to her . I I want to be right. I like the blue but like adding other colors. And, um, you can change that. You can take some away, make it less prominent, her nose, her lips. Um, you could just change things around a little bit. So this hair is like you just keep at in tow the rules. See, I just keep adding more and more darker. Lears, um, Andi start doing textures on top of textures, and it just just looks gorgeous. But it's about me being patient and just taking my time to later this up. It was the purple. There will be a shadow here, and sometimes it's like you have big brush strokes off color, so I might go in there and the colors will still be underneath, kind of trying to make their way out still, but this longest had given them the opportunity to shine. So and I'm looking at the background with this, and then I think, while does leave her hair to one more time, and then I will leave her hair for some moments and come and go into doing the colors on her face. So I have been used in some yellow joker and some Brent number, so I'm gonna go and really like with this yellow number C with us light enough. So with the yellow number, Um, some of the colors were becoming greenish, so it's kind of like a layering of things. As I said before, you can go in and not like some of the stuff. And then you gin, Um, basically white pit. And up here, I'm kind of, but, um, different layers. And then you wait for this to dry, so I'm going to go to her neck, and that's from here. Um 5. Part 2: so add into the neck trying to think of what her clothes that gonna look like. I think another isn't going. I'm gonna start out of some of the burnt number for some extra shadows of the year. So it is very subtle. How adds the color, but you can build and build into the wet areas and it starts to take shape. So I think I'm going to get some more Bryant member. Make her maybe a little bit, um, darker in some areas for shadow purposes, I've been are bringing some more of the rules pink. So because of the water still around some areas off her base, you could kind of this feed and shadows on drag it through. Then it is blends into areas just out of what, and I think it's too much. So I will be adding some more shadow. Just keep building that and then you can go off and do something somewhere else. Then come back. So here I'm seeing that her eyebrows are not really to find enough for my like. And so some of this I'm going to come in with some other colors. But I think this is quite like that even do it might feel quite strong. Just put some other colors on the head of that into this area here. And this was already strong. Just put some more, and it's just kind of building a good pit. Some old pink or read. So you pink? Yeah. So, um and I wanted to, but some this on her cheeks. So there you go. Just like that. 6. Part 3: So, um, I did some of that there. I'm going to be just I'm going to add some more. Just thank on. Um, just to keep on building that under arrest and add in some more bright pink carriers. And, um, I will add some white ink and this I think, towards the end as well. I'm thinking of a big suede of pink. I'm still thinking what color to color her. Her actual, Um, talk. It's never easy to figure out what to do. It is. Did orange. That might be, um so I really like all these colors there. Mr News, How was this possible? So there's a lot of pink on this, Um, you just keep added and added, I really like how this is blended in there because usually it's not that like that, but, um, yes. So this kind of look I like a lot. So is to get this darker. My introduce another color. Let's see what happens if I have spirit and then and it's purple. I don't have a kind of a deep brown effects here. Maybe so. Every time it's like a darker color brings out another kind of ah result um And so that strange mix I've just done, I'm gonna put coming in here again. This part of her, um, colors there and what I'm thinking of next for this is but this theory here Sometimes I think what color too put in here and green blue. Mm. No more rare things. My end of being a green of some sort. So I might do like a variation of greens in here. Let's see, How about ghouls? Might not like it, but I'm gonna just start doing it. I'm just gonna got that in and just had water and double around, so but start over that. Thank. And then we'll add whatever else. So I've got back green. I love sap. Green. Um, it's very earthy. Kind of. Look, I think exactly I'm gonna take some off on this and just introduce it very sideways. Frankie way. So what little water is in there is spread in a little bit, but not very much. Um, this is very beefy talk there. I might have one more green in this, which is the dark crystal greens, which I might through into her. I hear a little as well. This because I'm gonna bring it in. Let's of it. It's not as dark as it could be. Soon it's gonna It was just kind of to frame it on. Um, I added that into the islets of it, but I was still not maybe necessarily as the way I could have it. So I'm just gonna go in and start a little bit about this. That was too much. So you can always, um, blend and blend and do all sorts of things to your character. Um, I like her hair. I think I'm gonna add some white to the hair and let the other side's for I a little bit. Um, if I could people that I would bring got my, um, in Boston a tool dryer and dry it. But that would be maybe too much. So I'm gonna put some of this ink and here somewhere, just a little and event with a smaller brush. I'm gonna dab some into some areas. Um, so many things I could do with this, but I'm going to start with her hair and because I think some of it is still with, um, some of that is going to start reacting or even if it wasn't, it's still possibly going to react with the, I think, to give interest in results so you can use a much thinner brush. And I'm using the here. And even with during the ANC's afterwards, you could always use some more, um, gouache again and get another kind of layer of colors in there. So I'm just going in and just being very quick to give the impression off the white and there and then I'm gonna give some probably just that makes a difference. I would just put some of this in here just to get the attention to this area as well. But I think the gouache color is Fred and threw it. Then when the nose was usually a kind of I think I do. And the mouth, um, here, you see, I'm gonna just stop that down on it. But usually I do something with the eyes, but I'm going to just still. I mean, this is still wet, so don't really know. It's kind of vaguely You should have been doing a square in there and then if I put a dog but this don't my travel a bit more because it's still a bit wet, but, um, that's fine. I've been in here. You could always have, um, different effects, which have not been doing too much off. But I could put the tree here or something and work with that treat something here, but, um, many different ideas. So just wash that. I still do have some blues, so I could It is a more balloons stand here. Um, and see how that cools the Persian blue here. Can I go? It's just kind of go of green background in there. Just Robin, someone some lighter areas. I wanna leave. So, um yeah, so that could be basically it for this class. Let's see if I go a bit closer. You can see what her face looks like here. Um, and some of the other ones I've put eyelashes. Um, I'm trying to try something else. So I've been staying away from eyelashes a little bit recently, like, you know, he didn't go in, and, um, the eyes here, you could see a little bit different. So with the ink aspect, you could, right? So what did you do with the ink? Is you adds a little bit more white here and make her eye a bit bigger. Um, consists is like the light here, so you can start adjusting some other things as well. Make him a bit more balanced. Um, if you want to take it, have made, you know, stars just even dots actually get stars. You could have just done some dot um, I had something that was not my field to use this confined. It should go all sorts of Tuesday, the's mark making tools that I have, This one It's like, Oh, it's like the cast list wage. But, um, I did actually is different shapes. You can get to create different effects. So I kid to do some dots and hear that kind of Chinese. My brush, which wouldn't be as, uh, productive is this is being it's just different. We can use it for the hair. I mean, as I said, I'm trying to get my work to be a bit more like my digital work to have a lot of different marks. Ah, on my artwork could do this actually with other colors as well. I'm using the white and here I really like the result that is making now, actually, but I could use other colors, which I will come to in a minute. I want to use up. I think so. All the darker areas, equities that to Cameron, you know, shine out or to point out these thoughts because it's kind of, ah, shows better against those areas. So I'm going to do after this now is to take this whole take two brushes out of here, Walter letters. There we have it. So you could do a lot of those patterns. Is where? With other colors on the top? Um, another area. So I'm gonna peel this back so we can have I tend to have a look at what it looks like. Um, without the to be careful, it is quite fiddly. This one. I've got some paints on it. So I'm gonna drink. Expect here to rub anywhere. Go. They conceded that the lines there on the top in a car so coming up well, kit from the sides been a bit funny, So be fiddly to take off. Just try and be patient. And if it's tearing, one waits to try another way. And another scientist of a herd, like I said, for it. I mentioned before You hear Brian, this was ripped a little bit confusing down again. Can glue back together, actually. So that's what I've seen in another one. Another helpful hint, won't it? So I'm not going any color. It's on my fingers, all right to take my time with this. And then we are apart from that little miss half up the corner there. It's are beautiful character, Andi Asai said. You can use Joe medium just a goober in as discreetly as possible. Um, for the eyes as well, you don't have to use the ink you could use. I have three other kind of tools that you can use for white. Planned on doing the adults. The poster pain so once has dried you can going POSCO pens have a tendency to just bleed like if you went straight. And so I would kind of pump it on another template and then use a brush to do that all like the to I have here. Oh, on the back of a brushes. Well, the really tiny brush can use that for making your adult as well. So, um, on this as well, I thought I kid. Once it's dried, you could still use coloring pencils. You could do quite a few different things. And I was trying, as I said before the layers of gesso as well. But I really loved the weight of this one's turned out, and then I've got these market tenses. Will you need paint, Marco, You Pete on. And, um, this kind of super light, the medium is the permanent ink pain as well. Trying to see the brand on this just got the words like nothing. That's maybe the brand there. So, um yeah. So this is basically passing, creating a poetry. I really love the borders. Oh, my God. I have not been doing this before. This is all my recent experimenting that's getting me to do this. So I'm really happy about that. Looking forward to creating more of these beautiful characters that look very professional . I can see already once I frame how they look. So thank you for joining me for this portrait class. And I will see you guys in the next class way will create another gorgeous gouache painting . So thank you for joining me, and I'll speak t since by