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Gouache Landscape Painting - Long Shadows

teacher avatar Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Long Shadows - Step 1 - Composition

    • 3. Long Shadows - Step 2 - Block In

    • 4. Long Shadows - Step 3 - Details

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About This Class

Welcome to this Weekly Painting Project. This week you'll learn how to paint a scene with long tree shadows using gouache colors!

In this class, I'll introduce you to my M3 process of painting which I developed to teach painting to beginner and intermediate level artists. In this method, I breakdown and simplify the painting process into 3 simple steps, we use just 3 colors plus white and just 3 brushes to complete the painting.

Join this class to see how this method removes the complexity of the painting process and helps even beginner artists paint better paintings.

In the first step, I take a photo I clicked during a weekend trip and use it to compose a painting.  
The second step involves blocking in the big shapes and the final step involves painting the finer details to give finishing touches to the painting.

I'm sure that after watching this class, you'll feel confident to paint a painting yourself even if you have not held a paintbrush in your hand before.

See you inside the class!

P.S. Though I have used Gouache colors for this painting, you can also use oils, acrylic or casein colors to paint this scene, The method of painting would remain exactly the same.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer


My name is Mandar Marathe and I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

Have a look at the classes that I teach here on Skillshare, see my projects and join me here to learn from me and feel inspired to create your own masterpieces! You do not need any previous knowledge or art experience to benefit from my classes. I'm here to answer any queries you might have.

Join in!

Follow me on Instagram to see my latest work and timelapse videos!

 Happy art making!


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1. Introduction: welcome to the class washed landscape. Painting long shadows, very relearned to paint this landscape. Painting with M three matter using wash colors. My name is Amanda Monarchy. I'm an artist, and I've thought over 11,000 students through my studio workshops and online courses like these, I will be leading you through this course. Wash medium is very similar to water color, but with an important addition off opaque white color. This makes it easy even for beginners to get great wizards. If you have used any OPEC medium like acrylics or oils, wash can produce very similar results. But with the convenience off watercolor M three metal of painting you want from my eating Over the last many years, it breaks down the painting process in tow, three steps off composition, blocking on detail, which even beginners can follow and paint confidently. No further simplify things. We just use three colors and less than three brushes for the entire painting. This class clearly shows these three steps and also gives you the reference photo for you to use and paint based on it. By the end of this course, you will not only learn the M three metal of painting. But we'll also learn the effective use, of course, medium and will be ableto approach Any painting with confidence. This course is right for you. Even if you are a complete beginner or an intermediate artists who wants to bring some structure to the painting process, you don't need any prior experience to take this course and benefit from it. Feel free to look through the description on the curriculum. Off the scores on. I look forward to seeing you inside at the 2. Long Shadows - Step 1 - Composition: thing. Welcome to this week's painting project. As you know, every week we painted a new painting on Duh. We use the entry Matara painting for simplifying the painting process, which involves three steps. Use three colors and just three or less brushes. The three steps involved in the printing process are composition, blocking and readings. So I have this photograph, which I clicked a few weeks back when I was out on a weekend trip. And I'm goingto do this first step in which I composed a painting based on this photograph . What I find interesting about this photograph is the long shadows, which these trees are casting on the part way and the mountain in the background. So but the party is almost central toe the photograph, so I'm going to move it towards the left side. So this is going to be my proportion for the painting, and I'm going to have the part coming like this, and I'm going to stop it before the half way mark. This is the center off the paintings. I'm going to stop it before that, and this is the line which will be this line and they'll be trees here big ones and I'm going to have 13 which is slightly farther away. And I might have these trees. Some of them might be random. Some of them might be in a line will be some. This will be mostly ah dot OK, Dio And these will be a mountain here, Andi some trees or bushes towards the horizon and worth the bottom off the mountain. And these trees will be casting their long shadows across this spot and this open feel here I'm going toe have these lines not perfectly horizontal, but I'm going to have these shadows slightly slanting or slightly at an angle is to avoid them matching with the border off the painting. So roughly, this is what I have in mind and this is enough for me to get started with the painting. I might have ah, white cloud here one or tow just one or two of them. But the main focus will be this area, which is the park and the shadows. So that completes my composition step and let's quickly go to the next step off, blocking on before blocking. I'll be painting or I'll be doing this composed shames on the paper, so see you in the next 3. Long Shadows - Step 2 - Block In: welcome to this part off the painting project. This is the step number two which is blocking. And we have this competition from the previous left. So I'll be drawing this on this paper. This is 1 40 GSM watercolour paper. I have three colors and white. This white color is what makes thes mortar colors turn in tow. Wash or wash like if you will and I'll be using just two brushes One broad one which is side size 12 and a round brush, which is Tim Brush Just for some depends towards the end and I'll be using this blue color . This is our drama in blue. This is chrome yellow and this is burnt sienna and this is straight anyway. Are Chinese right to be precise? So I'm taking this color. I'm and I'm goingto draw the big shapes here. So this is the horizon. This will be that road. Alright. Slightly brought in the role Andi did be. The big trees will be somewhere here. I won't draw the exact shapes off these trees and there'll be 13 separate, slightly different color here. I might change the size of this tree as I go into the third step or second strip and the mountain will be something like this. Onda shadows will be like this. Something like this. I don't want to draw the shadows in detail right now. And as in gosh, we always start from the lightest part or the farthest point for this area off the pending , which is the sky. So I'm going toe mix our trauma in blue and start painting the sky from top. I want to have some sky holds here, so I'm just laying in this color here. I might overlap it later on, but I want to have that color there right now. As I come towards the horizon, I'm going toe hurt some way to it. I'm roughly laying in the sky. The sky in the spending is not going to be very detailed. And I might have some lighter glowed like things on clouds. Friend ones. Not really a pick ones. Andi towards the horizon. Disguise anyway, lighters. I'm gonna do Russian more white into it. And I might have good just this area later on. But let's see if I can drop in few. Yeah, this looks better. I'm coming in with some white and ultra marine blue. But this time it's darker. Blue on. I'm going to brush it in. This is just to make the sky a bit deeper. Lip color. Andi Yes. So that these floats becomes slightly out claimed No, I'm going toe the mountain. I'm one the mountain Toby, Slightly greenish not as yellow as our Sorry. I want the mountain with slightly more greenish and not completely blue because I want that mountain not too far away. Let me test this color. This is a confusing color. Let me apply it more. I want some brown on so in it on. And let's first keep it more blue ish. I might would love some part of this mountain later on, but I just want to fill it in right now with some color. As you know, with wash, we can hair tickle color over one top off the other. So I'm not worried too much about this color being very correct. And as the sunlight is coming in from this side, I want to add some lighter duchess towards this side. But I don't want to be green. So let's see how this looks. Yeah, this gives some kind of her to the Monken, and I leave it at this. Then I'll come to the foreground on. I want the foreground to be very light so that these shadows become prominent or become obvious. So I want a bright color. I might even applied very thinly to keep it light. I'm not playing the same color on the side. Also, I might cover it up with some of the color later on, and the road needs to be having some of the color, so I'll keep it this color. I'm not making it super obvious right now, but I might add a lighter. Touch us later now in the block and stage what remains. We painted our these trees, so I need a dark color. So I'm using blue and grown or our family in blue and burnt sienna. I'm not adding intentionally any white wood, though there is some way in the already mixed color. So now it's time to paint the trees. I want to paint them very randomly without any. I don't want them to be many cured hands. I'm painting them just like this. I needed to be more brown. And these please will have their trunks here and I don't want these trunks. Toby equally spaced so And start with the 1st 1 Here goes the 2nd 1 One more, one more. This tree is just next to us. So it's drunk, is going even beyond our vision or beyond the border of the spending. And now I want to paint the shadows and the shadows will be our darker virgin off these two colors. So here it will be darker yellow, which will be brown like this greenish brown. And on this part it will be slightly more British because the part is reddish in color on die, as I had drawn in the composition. I want these shadows, Toby, slightly inclined and not parallel to the rules, are parallel to the border. This line. So I'm gonna paint the first share like this. I'm keeping the touch very light. So it's barely the brushes, barely touching the paper so that so it leaves some areas unpainted. And that's what I want. The shadow starts from the base off each tree. Onda, as I had mentioned earlier. I want another three, which is slightly different. Looking on, I wanted to be more greenish and because it is far away, it's not. It's receiving more light from the side. I'll be painting light on the side. But then, for now, let me paint this street with more light on it and then also costs a shadow. But that channel will be dinner as the tree is far away from us. Andi. That's why I'm using a smaller brush. Do brain that in. So this is the drunk off the tree. Maybe it's visible at some places, and now I'm going to paint Shadow that three so it would be something like this. That's enough. Know what remains is some, and in the blocking it list is some shrubs towards the base. Off the mountain, Andre will be more bluish towards the base of the mountain, and as they as we come forward, it would be much more greener or darker green. Let's see how this mixture looks like. If I use it directly, it doesn't create. It's off the same value and almost the same color. I need more. Let's see how this looks. Yes, this looks nice. I'm happy with this color. These are few bushes. Store the arteries and the base of the mountain. I'm using the corner of the brush. Prevent these and I want to award the monarch Tony off shapes. So I might even be in three which crosses the mountains line Andi words the base off the three. I'm goingto make it slightly darker. We're almost done with the second stage, which is the blocking. So this is the block and stage and ah, I'll see you in the next step where we define these shapes and complete the painting. 4. Long Shadows - Step 3 - Details: we'll come back. So this is the third stage off details in the first stage of competition. We drew this based on a reference for Toyota in the second step off blocking, we painted till this and now I'm coming in and I'll be offering each ship and we'll see what adjustment it needs to finish the brandy as the lightest coming in from the side. There'll be some light areas on this trees, and I want to show them first, so I'll be refining that area first. So I'm taking this yellow and there's already some white in it on the palate. So I'm going to test this color how this looks for the highlights on the police and looks good. Someone go. God awoke samedi years off, like on these trees. The street also will have light at eight years on this side. And I don't want this light area Toby so blunt in the sense I want the colors to be marched . I'm using a dry brush. No, again. Using the highlight color on this tree will have these lips side on this edge of the bending, and I might come in with darker color toe meet the shapes more clearer. This color already had some white that so it's not getting so dark. Wipe my brush and start mixing that color again. So I want our dark color became ago, mixed with blue and born sienna on and and use this toe. Throw in some leave structures or some branches like this against the Let it be off the other three. While I paint this, I'm squinting my eyes so that I can see or get the effect off seeing this painting from a distance. So if you can't walk away from the painting on what it from a distance, you can also squint your eyes and try to see how it looks. Kind off makes the same, gives you the same effect. I need some lighter green here. I'm keeping the sculler very tick because I wanted to be applied or pick. It's too bright, but let me use it at some places and stupid rain. I left Oh, slightly bring it down on this Seems OK, So this is where the light is hitting these trees and the darker areas are the areas where the light is not hitting the threes directly. - Bring to and just this shape, and I'm almost done with the trees. I want some picture here, so I'm just brushing in this color on this street drunk. Needed some correction in some areas the tree trunk has seen there's some sedition I don't want toe do this on this side of the tree trunk will be darker, kidding local and no on. I'm just the shadows wherever necessary. I don't think a lot of changes are required in the hair does, but I might throw in this color some in between. Wherever that is, the shadow is also never the uniform, so you might all you need to bend it slightly translucent or with varying degrees off darkness. So that's what I'm doing on the Let me see this painting from a distance. This is cool organized. So my had a few darks. He didn't it. I might. I think I need to increase the height of this tree because it's so near goes, it will be taller than the what. It will look taller than industry, so I'll make sure that it looks like that. So I do go out off the picture frame. Andi. It will have its own 80 years old. Light underside. Yeah. So I just wanted to show that this tree is at least off the same high does the next week and before I I don't think any changes are required here. I might add some texture here before that. Let me add some highlight to the mountain here who will not against since here and there through the base of these trees on. And let's see if I can add some picture on the side. Anyway, I want this guy corner to be slightly darker. So I want this color just for the picture and I'm going to use it as a dry brush. So this should be okay. I think I shouldn't know what work that's you know on and let me a few highlights on the road with born Sienna on Dwight. Let's see how this looks. Yeah, so this kind of defines the edge on the road, but I leave it at that. I not make the road super obvious. And just as a final touch, I might add some white going Wait used this fresh because I don't want that right to be. I don't raided on this side off the close. I'm just another bigger didn't. I'm playing politically. - Some white clouds floating on. I think we are near the end of this painting. So that's it? No. Let me remove the tape on Show you the final painting? Uh, yeah. So here is the final trending. I hope you enjoyed watching how this painting was made. What he's made on you will try to make your virgin or try to paint your version off this painting and love from it. So that's it. And I hope you enjoyed and see you next time. Thank you.