Gouache For Beginners: tools and techniques | Ayna Paisley | Skillshare

Gouache For Beginners: tools and techniques

Ayna Paisley, Gouache Enthusiast

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5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Why Gouache?

    • 2. Reviewing The Tools

    • 3. Quick Tonal Sketch

    • 4. Applying Paint

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

Gouache, also called opaque watercolours, is often thought as a tool for illustrators.

But I'm here to prove you that you can use it to paint anything: still life, landscapes, flowers, figures, you name it! I think gouache has a great potential because it can imitate oils and is actually a very good transition from any water based paint to oils. So if you never painted with oils and is afraid to commit, try gouache first! It's the perfect technique for any small sketches and studies, it's perfect for plein-airing (painting outside), it's beginners friendly, because you don't need to commit to easels, solvents and canvases.

All you need is a box of gouache, brushes, water and paper! It's that easy :)

 In this class you will learn:

- About the basic tools that you need to paint anything: I will tell you what type of paints I use, name the colours in my palette. We will discuss brushes and support (paper).

-How to create a tonal sketch of our first study - yellow apple.

-Finally we will proceed to paint the apple, you will see the step by step process with my comments highlighting the importance of certain aspects.

There are many artists in the world using gouache as their main medium, let's discover what's so special about it!

Upon finishing this class please don't hesitate to post your finished project in the gallery so I can provide you with feedback and give advice if needed!