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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Pine branches

    • 5. Holly leaves

    • 6. Branches

    • 7. Ornaments

    • 8. Ribbon

    • 9. Glue for gold leaf

    • 10. Gold leaf

    • 11. Sketching composition

    • 12. Sketching wreath

    • 13. Painting wreath

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About This Class

This class is the perfect excuse to learn gouache while making a finished project that you can use for decorating home for the next Holiday, or make Christmas cards.

In this class I will show you how to paint a Christmas wreath with gouache and gold leaf. Gold leaf is a pure beauty, if you don’t like it you can skip this part, but it’s really worth a try. 

I will detail the materials and supplies needed

Then we will paint each item of the wreath separately and I’ll show you in detail how to do this. If you are an experienced painter maybe this part is optional. 


I will show you how to apply gold leaf on your gouache painting to achieve a very Christmas look  


You can find a ton of inspiration on Google images or Pinterest to decide what you want to include in your wreath. For this we will make composition sketches


Then we will make a detailed sketch for our wreath and paint it.


You will find in the resource section the references for the gold leaf and a list of items you could include in your wreath. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist



New class coming soon! 

Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

You may want to subscribe to my newsletter about gouache. 

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

- Gouache classes

- Sketchbook classes 

I would lo... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello. Welcome to my new class on skill share. I'm Cecile, a French artist. Those digital and traditional goulash is my new favorite, madam. I really love it. It's so versatile, you can make so different things with it. And I'm really happy to propose you today class with Christmas threes, along with the brush, we will add gold leaf off course. Exceptional. You can just get this part if you don't like gold, But really cold leaf is so gorgeous. It's really catching light. So beautiful years. It's really by love it. What can I say? Well, it's so Christmas also. I'll give you my tips and tricks on. Really, it's very easy to use. I don't know why people think it's so complicated. It's not really it's not, says CASS, is divided in different parts. The first part will be to paint the different separate items we will put later in the week , and then we will make sketches to just find the composition we like with the items would like. So you're not compelled to follow with my exact brief. I great you to use your own composition, your own items and your own colors. I would work in very classical colors, but you're welcome to choose whatever you want. If you're a beginner place, follow along every lesson as it will guide you through the final product. And if you're a more experienced mentor, maybe you can skip the individual temps lessons on. Go to the Golden section as well as a composition on the final Frantic so help you join me in class on, but I'm really happy to show you this new technique. 2. Your project: your protect will be to make a Christmas wreath was glass through this in the class, we will first pains separate attempts like pine tree branches, pan cones, stars, bows, holly leaves, ornaments, branches, leaves at cetera, and them. We will work on the different composition we can use with his items. Then we will make our finals catch with the items we want to, including arteries. You have a turn of my attempts you can use in the Christmas Reese, and I propose you a list of different items. I also include this list in the resource section of the class. You will paint your own Christmas threes. Please post it in the resource section so we can have inspiration from the work of each other. If you need inspiration, you can your own interest or Google image on you. Just type Christmas threes on. You'll have a channel inspiration 3. Supplies: here are their supplies you need for this class for two paper. I'm working on more talk about paper. This is a cold pressed was soft grain. So for the crash, it's better if you don't take her press paper, because it would be too rough for the details for your going to pains. Today, it's a large size a three because I want to make a large Reese. Also, it's a very heavy paper. 300 gram, because this way you don't need to tape it. It will stay flat all the time. Andi also what is very good with this paper? There is a perforation on top of it, so you can tear away the paper without a problem. Next, squash I am using artista quashed. This is, Ah, very affordable brown that you can buy. It comes in 24 or 60 colors boxes, and I will use ready made greens and Retz. But of course, if you have only the primary colors, it's perfectly fine. You can just make your mixes and you will need primary green one, which is a bit warmer and one which is a bit cooler, as well as a primary red and maybe cooler red. If it makes sense, a bit of whites and burnt umber is really very handy color. Of course, you can mix it, but it's better if you have one already made. Here are all the colors I'd be using in this class because I want my res to be very Christmas colors. Of course, you can go with different colors if you prefer purple, blue, pinks and greens. Whatever you want. Um, I make swatches with my quash. This is easier to get the real cola, some basic stuff for drawing a mechanical pencil or a regular one as well as on a razor. And for the drawing, I use a corded pencil because it dissolves better in the quash and it's it's easy to see through the carbon pencil and, ofcourse, shop for the painting you'll need, um, synthetic brushes. You don't need to get fancy brushes very expensive. The main thing is for grass. You want to have short hair unless while tackle or you don't need to retain a lot of water in your brush. So it's better if it's short. I have recites 14 sighs. Fix. Maybe which is very important is size one or zero. Even bigger for the details, of course. But our wetter something to clean up your brush and to wipe out the excess water. A pellets I have, Ah, pellet. That is made especially for painting. But of course, you can use a plate, a piece of glass or whatever you want. Your pen can dry if you let it too long on the plat. So I use is prey to re wet my paintings. This is very useful. Um, next thing is the gold. I brought this on Amazon, and I will put the ring for you. This is not really gold. This is synthetic metallic foil. I believe it's made off couple condominium. It comes in little squares between two shits off baking paper. Um, this package is 100 squares, and I guess up ed about maybe $4. So it's really not expensive, but you can choose different color. You have more pink. You have silver or a couple different colors. You'll need a brush to apply. The gold leafed through the paper, and this is a soft brush on. Don't know if you can see it's already covered with cold and flex to keep your leftover, you will in a jar with a lid so you can put everything you have left and you can use again in other projects. And I think the most important thing is to do Ah, this is a specific blue for the golden leaf. And please buy this. Really? If you use another glue, it all work at all. And this one is water based on. You don't need to dilute it. It's ready to use. Just shake it very well. Open it and just go. And I think this is all we need. So now let's go. 4. Pine branches: pine tree branches come in different varieties on you can have more or less short needles. We have also colors that can be very bluish, more than green, and you have a central branch from which older needles are coming out and you have different greens in the needles. You can also have very long needles, and I will just dro sigh metric pound. I think that's OK to have my drawing sue for the wrong. I will use it. Burnt umber. I really need a very tiny amount off color. This is really not necessary to put a lot. If you can see it's size off my little finger nail as well as three reading. So my lighter one. I'm going to paint needles so it doesn't use a lot off painting. Um, when you open your tubes that already used that you have a little part of dried paint hair , so you should open it outside of your palate so you don't have those little dry paints. It's I'm putting my dots off pains apart from each other so I can have enough room to mix in between, um, to make this a real takes, Ah, zero size So here I am. When you're I didn't want her to your brush, you will get water room the metallic port here. And you have to remove this because when you're painting, the drop can fall down on your paper. So you take ill clothes and you just wipe out the metallic parts. So you're safe now, so I gets a burnt umber. I just had a tiny amount of water just to have it enough on its OK, if you put some variations in your branch because after all, nature is not always so regular on. Vary the wits just following my lines made before. Right now I get the darker green I have because I will work from the bottom of the image to the top of it. And I saw the picture. The dark parts is in the bottom, so you need to have enough water. And I would make my needles very loosely. And the darker parts of the needles are more close to the main branch. So, for example, I won't put Dark green here and you can go over the branch. That's okay. When you see a little paint goes their own way, my brush. Don't forget to remove the water on the metallic part on. Take the lighter green for working with size zero. You need your pain to be, Let's say more than creamy because if you want to make fine lines, you need to have a flow. Okay, so I bought it next through the other one, and I think it's a bit too dark. So let me add. A bit of white has already paint. I need to add more water. I'm going over the darkest needles I put before. Let's put another green. It's important to vary the colors of your needles to add more variety, and this screen seems to be like, you know, a newborn plant very tender. So I will put it the top of the branches maybe had some white also, So you just feel I'm to It looks nice, right 5. Holly leaves: Holly's have different shapes and different colors. You can have ah, white outline outside of the leaf on. You have very shiny leaves as well. Onda points can be very sharp, and you can also have a brighter green in the central part off the league. So Holly leaves. Um, you have ah, line in the middle of the leave. I found them. Comes was little I don't know indentations, little cures and the curves You dro are more a guide because you might change it when you pains, and usually it's best if you put uneven numbers of items. What I meant is, too. It's not really appealing if we are looking at the design way. But maybe it's better if you have three or five. So let's put 1/3 run and not too obvious, because the obvious way it would be this way, I will give a little curve to its and as I have to agreeance one very dark and one a bit lighter, I will make my leaf in two colors. Health will be dark and the other one will be lighter. For this, I think I will keep my little brush size zero just to make the edges of the leave, trying to have really pointed edges, and when it's getting too dry, you add a tiny amount of utter to, you know, brush just to ease your painting. So let me do this. Remember back now that I've made my health leaf, I will do the other health, and I'm not compelled to wait for the first part to be dry because this is not what happened. This is quash on it, so every that their colors will mix together. That's okay if I just go ahead and a great worried to be dry. Now my leaves are dry and I will add the red Berries holly Berries in the middle. For this, I will take my brush round size 14 and maybe it's better. It was lightest red. I owned only two. What's a bit more? And this is gua sh I can go over my green paint now. If my paint is too diluted with water, it will reactivates a green below. So maybe sometimes to be very a peak, you only two coats of the red pains. So as I said, uneven number So five a little bit cool and you see here I can't see the Green Bill. Also, let me harder. Huge amount of paint. Yeah, 6. Branches: So what? She's drying. I will make some branches to make Berries. Um, this is a very lose branches. Maybe this brown was a bit too Doric. So I Kim maybe out of it a wide have some verity in my branches. I'm trying to go very lose on with a lot of branches. This is not to make pine trees. I'm considering is a large off little branches because I want to have a very a very under which one? So this is why I need a large. We'll do the tree. No, I will add some reds on my pellets over medium red and crimson red, which is, um, a dark red. I would say I shall see the difference between the vermillion on the crimson so you just decide which one you want to use for your Berries. I think I go for the lighter one. I'm still using the zero size. I will just put tiny nuts at the end of its Runge. This is kind of a feeler for the reef. What I want to do now is a pine cone. Panko in can be tricky to paint so can make a drawing below. If you want? It's, um, the other roll shape and you will fill. It was dark brown, just a plain cone. So this is, uh, way to do this and then we will add gold leaf pedals on top of it. Be a bit more pointy. Maybe this way, every mine and, um, another item that is useful is, um, just branches was, uh, lose branches. This can be a feeler. Also for release. This branch can be filled with Berries or with leaves down for the leaves. You can get kind off liquid. Quash what I mean by this. Not the grudge. Straight off the tube, but with a bit of water in its I meant enough water. So it's really floating very smooth down. You just push the tip off your let me show you this. Here you will just go tip first press and lift. And here you have and I sleeve. So tip First press lift on. You have this time with its You have to make tries. Was your different brushes. Some are better than others to do this. And you see, my paint is very liquid, almost like water color. Bit more sicker, though, so you have variations in the color. This is very nice and you can also have your leave to turn. So either you make the branches first. All the leaves first, just up to you. 7. Ornaments: so something else this year And I will get a red pencil because I wanted rule red stars so stars. And this will be the dark cringes time. Also, I will make some Christmas ornaments. This is where we are going to make some gradients. So let's Mike a circle kind off. Very good at drawing circles. Maybe you can get something like, um, roll while she tape roll. This will be better. If I trace around it, I will make the red ornaments. So this is why I'm using my red 10 slow. And what we're going to do is get read here pretending the light is coming from here. So I will make you read part and without cleaning my brush I get a bit of the darker red go just outside of the borders I just painted so the colors would marriage together. And now go choose a dork. Red exist parts who? I think this part is not dark enough. So what I can do? What I will do has get a tiny amount off screen makes It was my red. As you may know, red and green are a complementary is so if you make them get something very dark, more of red. My brush. Get the pure Don't credit clean again and get the lighter red was the washi tape I have made or circle in the inside to make smallest ornaments that we will decorate with gold leaf. So this is just a plain Ciriaco. It was no reagents. Just a way to trying yourself to paint inside the lines and have a nice finish talking about ornaments you can put in your recent. You can also make little arts. Just look at the lists off items I gave you, or just think of what you have at home and you get a turn of ideas. I like my race to be very classical, but you can go crazy if you want. 8. Ribbon: Maybe you want to add a ribbon to your recent So that's Roa ribbons. Till was my red Tancill found. I'm trying not to put my arm in this read porch. So let me tell me around my book. So a bow as a central part for the not and trying to my account something square. Just give it a bit of life and you have to Those here around the part of the ribbon on the edges of the ribbon are coming from the outside up the nut. Obviously, it's not coming from inside them. Out. Come. You can have edges like this, or you can have folded edges. I come, let's say this or, um, this way, just as you want. I like this on some folds. So I have my boat. That is, um, drone. I will use my 14 brush found that will paints this boat in Vermillion Red and will give the shadows with the crimson mixed with a bit of green as a maid in the ornament. So I have a habit. I begin with the dark boards and see, I have begun to put my pains on the palate. Maybe on our ago This is drying. So this is where my spray is really handy. This will reactivate everything. So let's make the darker the darkest part. All right, let's clean this. I get, uh, Birmingham Red. No in anymore. On a mewling Quite what's painting? That's for now. Just making the contour. I will blend a bit later. Now, I took time to land. Clean the brush a lot of time. Get her a nice creations. - Just see that I have not covered my pencil drawing, you know should do. 9. Glue for gold leaf: now it's a fun part. We're going to add the gold leaf. First of all, we have to play see days ive with, um side zero brush, which is here helps. Maybe it's better if you get a brush. That is especially for using with his glue, because it can't get your brush stick even if you wash it very well. So you wanna shake well, there is. Ah, secure. Okay, when you have shaped very well, we have kind of bubbles. So don't at water. Just dip your brush directly inside, and I will add some accents with gold. I want to add some Berries. That will be Colton. So place some elements. Um, this is, um, rewatching the pain to below. But it's OK. It's not a problem. So I will place my grew everywhere. Found, for example, in the star. Some duds. Believe me, this will change everything. Um, we want the glue to dry for a while. Let's say maybe, depending on your weather, something about 15 to 13 minutes. Let's make a new inner heart on the thicker is your pains. I mean, your blue, the longer it will take before drying completely makes sense Of course, I found I will make the same on my ribbon. I will had, like, golden thread here on you don't want your line two B two c in. Give them a toy. Won't stick to it after and for the cone. I will like what kind of peoples? Like a flower found in dean ornaments. You can grow. She won't. Maybe this one show and you will see how dramatic is the gold on dark background. This is really popping out when it's white like this. Maybe you have added a bit too much. Mm. Maybe just some dots here. I give the light is hitting the ornament. Okay, so let me clean my brush very well with soap, hot water. And let this dry for a while and we'll place the floor after. 10. Gold leaf: so it's 15 minutes later, and I think that glue has the correct stage. We call this turkey's stage because when you use your nickel and not your finger or it will leave a fingerprint in the cold area, you want to touch maybe in the cone and let me get closer so you can hear the noise. Did you hear that? If you press your nickel and it makes ah kind of us tiki, nor is it's really something you have to experiment by yourself. So for the stage, be prepared to have gold everywhere. So if you want to protect your table and be sure that all your windows are closed, grab your supplies is so a self brush a jar when you can put your leftovers pounds the metallic Ford's. I called his gold leaf, but this is not. It's a mix off copper and aluminium. I guess so. This is between two baking papers, and I know already that mine. Cohn won't use a complete leaf, so I think I will get it while it's still inside of the baking paper can. Now it's on my paper. There is no specific size you use. Andi, I will place it on the glued parts and press Was my brush on top of the paper gently. And now I can press a bit more Just tough, because my fingers I won't rub. So it's really it is a daisy. Right? So I see old this part here not needed. Let me peel this off. I will use this. Yeah, it's my paper. You cannot move it once it's placed to rub. This will go here. It's okay if you don't take everything was 14 because you can still go back on top of it After here. I'm crying not to waste too much because, um even if it's not expensive, as it's intended one I don't like to waste supplies anyway. Okay. So you can see I'm you re using my left over. Put him back in the drawer. Be sure you this use your finger when you try to clean your brush. So now that we have pasted for everywhere, we have to remove the excess foil. So now what I want to do is remove the excess goal so you will gently rub from one side from the other one and you will remove the part that are not glued. And when you have some parts on your brush, you will gently rub. It's in the tar. So this is a parts of takes quite a long time because you want to be very Gento. And if it's not really coming, you can see use your name, but really very, very suspect. I think here I had put a bit too much. I do. So this is giving some kind of thickness. Okay, I'll do this. And I will show you the result. Maybe tomorrow, because the night is beginning to pull down here. I have finished to remove ALS the gold flakes. Um, I've put everything in my dark here, all the leftover that I really use on another project and gold is very difficult to show on a picture. It is really gorgeous when you see it in riel, but if I just take a picture of this, he wants his reflection of the light on the gold. So I have to move my paper so you can't see the light going on it. You see that this is really, really gorgeous. This is sparkling and catching the lights, and so nothing compares to gold leaf. I also have a gold watch, but really it's not the same sparkling 11. Sketching composition : Now that we have made our elements, we came. Think about the composition, Reza. So forces I will make some rough sketches. Um, I use a regular pencil. Mechanical one. I think I like to have a square paper, so I will kick it off my paper and I need a circle inside. This is just to give me an idea. So I want to have my ribbon here. Okay, on. As I said, uneven numbers off attempts. So you will place a large animals first. So I think since we'll be Holly here, this is very rough. Okay. Just to give me some indication where I want to put my items. And 123 Another one by here at I don't want to be symmetrical, but you can decide you want symmetry. It's up to you and I will have my bubbles. Holy Babeu's right, Some other Oh, big guy Thames. I think a pine cone here. Another one like this. No one here on some ornaments. 12345 Yes, and the rest will be filled with pantry branches and some stars here and there. Okay, this is That's a number one. Number two. I could go for something more vertical of my rest here on my bow at the bottom. And so my bow is expanding and I will maybe put some gingerbread here would be fan on one on top and also some ornaments. 123456 seven Maybe I couldn't go. Is brunches with some leaves on your branches can go symmetrical. I'm aimed the other way. It's going just why? Or you can have your brunches turning old same way like this going out. And so So I think this one would be very thick, very loaded with a lot of high temps. And this one could be a bit lighter with, uh, brunches, Mandy branches and nut pine trees. I won't make another is tied. You might as well go without Bo and just place your items. So you go like a triangle to make some big item to play some big guy Thames like, um, ginger breads or big hearts would be cool. Um, well, very the orientation of the hearts count. Maybe some holly leaves coming outs up the hearts down. Now we'll feel was, um um a lot of or women's. Let's say different sizes, ornaments, and that could go in different colors as well. I could decide to see is how blue or I don't know what took wise or whatever. Um, maybe some Berries to feel Gautieri dio So this is number three. You couldn't go also with something non symmetrical with, um, hair some branches. Yeah, this is I'm teaches branches, and here you have a lot of, um maybe flowers like conceptual. I don't know what it looks like exactly. Some leaves. Well, this is going was some ornaments. This is number for you could also as well, right. Something in the middle. I may be. Joy are you can go for a French word. Which is noise for Christmas? No, I double Dutch in the e. So it's a drugs interrupt. I let you play with this, and if you need inspiration, you can just type Christmas wreath in Google. A major in Pinterest on you get a ton of ideas, so prepare your global layout was rough Sketch and we will make the final catch in the next video 12. Sketching wreath: So now that we have all our Emmons, we are ready to draw our reef Some rough indication I will use a ruler to trace my circle. I know it sounds weird, but I don't have a compass and you could also use a plate. If you have a plate of the correct size and trace around, I will just use my ruler and measure everything. So my page is about three centimeters. 11 them health inch. Andi, I want to have a circle that is maybe here on there so I can have enough room to place my elements outside of the circle. So let's matures. This this is 21 centimeter. So I will just place a duct was click health. And from this I will measure the same once you wan. And that will just make those marks. And now I'm ready to trace the circle Very light mark, because I just I don't want this to be to overwhelming my drawing. Okay? And now I will place my elements. Let's just get back. My rough sketches were made and I think something like this would be cool with hearts and a lot of ornaments. Found some Berries. Or maybe this one would be very cool with a bow under the Reese. But that won't do this one because it would not fit into the camera where I'm filming. Um, I think I go with this one. So my main elements will be hearts with holly leaves coming from behind hearts and a lot of bubbles. So let's place hearts. Maybe there would be better with my red pencil, George F, but not too much. Um, very the orientation. This is my main elements. And now holy leaves Very roughly. I don't mind because I will paint over it anyway, I'm trying not to have the same three mixes off hearts and leaves. Now some ornaments. I think I would like to have a large ornaments and smaller one. At this stage. I'm just drawing. I will think after of the different foreground backgrounds was in front. Who's in? Tub was behind. Um, maybe some stories. Yes. 123 and some branches. It would be cool. Andi, I want my branches to be open in the same way. You see, I'm just overlapping elements at this moment and we'll decide. Um, I think all branches will be in the background and everything will be placed on top of the branches. And for here I haven't overlapping star all the circle, and I think it's better if the star is on top of the circle. So I have to think about the colors now justly, the hearts will be reds was, um Oh, you have to make a decision from the light and I will decide the light is coming this way. So all my life in parts will be here on my darkest part will be here, right? This requires a bit off planning before jumping the pains. But basically I have everything I need to make my Reese now on, and I will do its so I won't film everything. It will be really to tedious. I will paint and take shots as long as I'm painting 13. Painting wreath: So this is the first stage. I have drone brunch ease. And from my drawing, that was very light. I have a little lot off little branches like this. Andi. I will add some red Berries on top of this, um, on mixing the two different reds. So the first stage or their darkest red Berries on now I will go for the van. 1,000,000 Berrys. So this is done. I think I will have to go by one side, have made all my ornaments on top of it. But for the moment, that would be okay on. And I will go on the ground up and I will make the holly leaves as I showed you earlier with two different greens in the leaves. Now I have finished the holly leaves on, and I think now is the time for the hearts. So this is exactly the same process as we shown already. Your in the ribbon and in the ornaments. Well, I have finished all my red and has how you look at this. I think maybe it's a big to read. So what I'm going to do is add a bit more holly leaves and I will put them below the ornaments. So one here, a small one one here. No one here. I have decided that my stars will be cold. So if I want the cold to really pop up, it's interesting if I put something very dark, you know, like Holly leave. And also, I don't know if you can see that my brush fell on my page on. So I have rubbed everything but there is Tiller. Hello, Red. Hello. So I want to hide. This was Leaf. But at this on with me after now, I think this is more balanced and the amount of red and green around OK for me. And, uh, maybe something is a bit weird because, um, I don't think the structure of the wreath, what I mean is it cannot float like this in the error. I need maybe to add more branches just below everything to make, like a branch wreath, on top of which we have tightened some elements. So I will add my branches with, uh, a mix of different brown's like I made here for the stems and also in the little Berries. I think I will just tiny Dutch off white or yellow to pop up a bit. No, I think it's make it makes more sense, Andi, I have a place branches on top of the leaves as well, to make something like in trick eight on, not just placed on top of each other. So I will let this dry very, very well. And I have my stores here, there and here. And with my gold leaf, I will place stars as well as, um some maybe dots of Berries in gold here and there. I think I will first make the stars and the Berries, and we'll see if I need some lines and German record patterns on my ornaments. Here is the final Reese. And I have to make this move to the right. So you can see where is gold. This will be enough, I think for this, Reese, it has a nice balance off green, Red on gold. There is another one I made was pine tree branches, um, pine cones, a bow on top. I can add more cold on it, but for the moment, I will leave it as it is. And here is it another one that is on the green and Brown. It's a more country stye, if you could say so. And this is what I showed you with. Brush tip. First press on lift stock class. I hope you liked it on. I'm pretty sure you can come up with some very creative Reese. So please don't forget to put them in the resource section so we can all see what you're doing. See you for under the class quite soon. Bye bye. And thank you for taking this cast with me.