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Gothic Calligraphy: Masterclass

Konstantin K., Art Empower

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7 Videos (53m)
    • I. History - Origin and terms

    • II. Tools - Pilot Parallel Pen, Inks, Paper

    • III. Theory - Letter Elements / Calligraphy vs. Lettering

    • IV. Gothic Textura Alphabet

    • V. Composition - General Rules

    • VI. Inner Game - Mastering Patience

    • VII. Practice - Calligraphy Sessions

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About This Class

In this class you'll know:

  • What is Gothic, how and when it was founded?
  • How to write Gothic calligraphy and what tools to use?
  • What size of letters in Modern Calligraphy?
  • How to learn a font?
  • What is balanced composition?

For this class you'll need:
1. Pilot Parallel Pen
2. A3 Office Paper
3. Tablet or Some wide surface
4. A bit of Patience and Commitment 





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Konstantin K.

Art Empower

Most interesting classes were developed in course
of 4 years research. Insights from it, have a great
potential to reframe, expand and gear up your
Game to more Conscious, Deep and Professional
level from which you'll be able to produce even
more original, sophisticated and satisfying works.

Start from:

Beginner Level - Free Course
Modern Gothic Calligraphy for Beginners
· History             What Go...

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