Google Slides From Beginner To Pro (in just 1 hour) | Lukas Vyhnalek | Skillshare

Google Slides From Beginner To Pro (in just 1 hour)

Lukas Vyhnalek, Microsoft Employee, Programming Teacher

Google Slides From Beginner To Pro (in just 1 hour)

Lukas Vyhnalek, Microsoft Employee, Programming Teacher

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14 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 01 Google Account

    • 3. 02 Theme

    • 4. 03 Working with slides

    • 5. 04 Working with elements

    • 6. 05 Presentation (View)

    • 7. 06 Charts & Lines

    • 8. 07 Tables, Shapes, Text and Comments

    • 9. 08 Images

    • 10. 09 Formating

    • 11. 10 Arrange Items

    • 12. 11 Transitions

    • 13. 12 Animations

    • 14. 13 Working with files

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About This Class

Do you want to create presentation but you don't want to pay for the licence of PowerPoint? Don't worry, there is a solution to create presentations without PowerPoint. The solution is called Google Slides. This tool is free to use. In this course I will explain the most important concepts of Google Slides in a simple, fast and engaging way!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Google Slides

  • Person who just wants to create free presentations

  • Anyone who is studying and needs to create presentations

  • Anyone who is working and needs to create presentation

What will you learn?

  • How to create Google Slides presentation

  • How to select template of your presentation

  • Work with slides (copy, paste, delete, move)

  • Presentation skills

  • How to insert element into your presentation

  • How to arrange elements

  • Transitions & Animations

  • How to work with google slides file

What things do I need?

In order to take this course, you only need your computer or smartphone and internet connection.

Also, if you don't understand something or if you need help with something. You can always reach out to me. Mostly I respond within a day.

So do you want to learn how to use google slides?

Enroll today and I will see you in the course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lukas Vyhnalek

Microsoft Employee, Programming Teacher


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1. Introduction: Welcome to the Google Slides scores where you will learn how to use Google slides in order to create any presentation that you want. If you don't want to pay for a power point, you can use Google slides as a free alternative. So who is discourse for this course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to use Google slides that it's also a good match for any student who needs great presentations for school projects or an employee who needs presentations to work. So what you can find inside course. First of all, you will learn how to create Google Slides, presentation, how to select a template and how to work with slides. You will also learn how to insert and arrange elements and how to add transitions and animations into your presentation. And if you don't understand something or if you need help with something, you can always reach out to me. Mostly, I respond within a day at the end of this course, you will get a certificate off completion that you can put on your resume or on your LinkedIn profile course gowns with amazing 30 day money back guarantee so you can try the course, risk free. So, do you want to learn how to use Google slights in role today and I'll see you in the course ? 2. 01 Google Account: Okay. In order to create a Google Slights presentation, you need to have a Google account. Okay, So if you already have what, feel free to skip this lesson. And if you don't just watch, I'll show you how to create one. So just go to Google. That's come. And inside here, click on the sign in button. All right, up here. When you click on that, it will basically ask you to either fill your already existing account or you can also create the new account. So if you don't have a any Google account, click on this create account, and then probably for myself, right. You can also great the account for your business. Then you just fill this form. I will just write in here something like a a Google Slights tutorial. Obviously, you probably want to write your name and yeah, it automatically suggested me some user name. I don't really care about it. Then you also need to fill in the password and click on next. Once you click on the next button, it will basically ask you to verify your phone number. Probably it will ask you it. It can very based on where are you and how many Google accounts you have But it will probably ask you. So inside here you just fell in the the phone number. Also, we can select the country that you are from so the prefix off your country and then hit next. OK, Once you verify your account your phone number, you should be able to lock in. And as you can see this J up here, that means or some some leather inside here that means that you are locked in. And that's pretty much it for this lecture. If you have any questions, feel free to have skinned Al soon. 3. 02 Theme: Okay, guys, in this lecture, we will create a theme. Or basically, we will select a theme there already created the s again. See inside here We have a lot of things that we can choose from. And if you don't see this window, don't worry, right. You can also grows it. But it is button. So if I close it accidentally or something like that, I can still make it appear okay by going to this slide inside here to menu. And as against the there are a couple off options like new slides, duplicate slides, delete slide, skips like bad. What do you want to do? Is because bigger theme, Right? So inside here we can change the theme. So click on that and it will basically once again appeared just this menu inside here. You can also just hide the the theme that you already used inside your presentation. Right, Which is this one and yeah, inside here you can basically pick a theme that you like. And the cool thing is that when you pick a theme, it will automatically import everything for you. It will all magically select the fonts that you want to use the sizes off the front so that it looks good. Okay, so you don't have to do pretty much any work. You simply just do one click and the d Google slides will take care off everything. Okay, so that's extremely cool. You can also import a theme. So, for example, if you go go something like a Google Slide themes, there will be plan B o themes that you can use right that people create. And when you download them, you can then import them. Why are this button okay? So you don't necessarily have to use these things. You can use your own right. You don't have to use themes at all. You can just simply just change this this presentation, right? But if you want to use it, you just simple quick on inside here, something like that. And then the presentation will basically adapt to that theme. The cool thing is that if you write something inside here something like Google and inside here also something it very much doesn't matter what and then you decide that you want to see this slide in a different theme. You can simply do that by clicking on a different theme. And as you can see, the decks are the same, right? So So you don't lose any text any content that you right inside the presentation. But you can still change the theme and see how it looks like in a different theme. Okay? And it's like, extremely cool, right? That's this, like, really, really good. Also, when you when you pick a theme, you can sell Modify. So, for example, when I click on the text inside here, even though the theme have, like this front, it uses this phone, I don't recommend changing it because the a person who is styling the phone, the D theme really knows what they are doing and they are picking the phone so that it looks good. Okay, But if you just have to do have to change it, you you can simply change it. Write the theme is just that. It sets something like some settings inside your presentation, but you can still change it. Okay, It's not not like it is just hardly put in there, and you cannot change it at all. So if you, for example, want to change that to comic sense okay, you need to select that and tended to comic sense. It has changed. All right, so, yeah, that's pretty much. What do you can do with themes? If you have any questions, feel free to ask and Al soon except 4. 03 Working with slides: Okay, So in this lecture, I will talk about how you can add slides and basically, how you can work with slights. So what is actually a slight slightest just this one thing? Okay, as you can see in here, this one rectangle. So when you click with your right button on the mouse right inside here and you can simply select firm does menu something and you can, for example, create a new slide. Okay, so when you click on that, a new slide will be created. You can also, when you click inside here with your left button and press control and m, it will create also a new slide for you. Okay, so that's a bit faster. You can use it if you prefer to, and I don't really care. You choose what's best for you, right? And then would you can do is simply at some title, right? And ensign text, right. So that's just quite simple. What do you also sometimes want to do is that you want to use some stuff from previous slide? Ok, so for example, A. I want to use some for mates or some animation from previous slide. So what I want to do is just duplicate these slides, and everything about that slide will be duplicated. So basically, the animation that the transition off the slide will be also duplicated the animation off every element inside the slight will be also duplicated. So, for example, if I just simply draw something inside here, Okay, Don't really care what it is, and I just duplicate the slide. So if I right click on this on the slide, I need to click. OK? And then inside here, I can see the duplicate slide. It will basically duplicate the whole slide. Right? Even the content. If I had some animation around his rectangle that it's, for example, like rotating or something like that. It will be also also copy. Okay, So, yeah, that's another thing that you can do. And also, sometimes you want to delete a slide. So obviously, if you try to click on the delete button and you select the slide, it will be deleted. Okay, so then this one is selected once again, the leads it. Okay, So why are button? You can simply just delete them and what you can also do is quick. But with your right button and then you can also skip the slide. So what that means while these slight iss still there. But when you run your presentation, it will not be visible. So, basically, you will skip from these second slide from this slide directly to the fourth slide right to this one. This one will be skipped. Okay, but it is still there. You can still work with that, right? I can still for example, write something inside here that's just Sola fide, right? But the slide will not be seen in the presentation. What? I can also do iss mix Abdi the the position off that slide. So, for example, I want to move this slide to the end. So how do I do that? Well, if you try to simply drag and drop dead, you will move it wherever you want. Okay? So that's the simplest way you can do it right is simply drag and move it anywhere you want . Okay. As you can see, this small line, that small line basically indicates Where are you moving your slide? OK, good. And nothing that you can do. ISS use this these and these menu items. So for example, if you have, like huge presentation off around, like 100 slides, you can move the slide to beginning Gladys 1-click because you don't want to drag and drop it right. You don't want to move all the way up right? You can simply just right. Click and move slights the beginning, and it will move it to beginning. If I have the slight somewhere in the middle and right click, it will ask me to move it to the beginning or to the end. Okay, so if I move it to the end, it's at the end. Cool. So basically, that's pretty much it what you can do with your slides, right? I also want to show you with the themes that we talk in previous lecture, that if I change the theme, it will still adopt all of these lights. Not only the 1st 1 but all of these lights will adapt to the theme and de text, and the content will not change. You can also see that the rectangle changes the color based on the theme, so that's like extremely good, right? Yes. Oh, so yeah, probably got to wait two more and yet, so if you have any any crescent, feel free to ask in Al soon exam 5. 04 Working with elements: Okay, guys, welcome to this lecture and his lecture. We will talk about D elements. So basically, about everything that you can do with this and added menu. Okay, so let me start with just gulping some elements. So for example, inside here, I have a rectangle. And let's say that I want it on the premier slide also. Right. So what I can do is simply right Click on this rectangle. And as you can see, there is the menu and we can do all kinds of fences self right up here we have basically the d cut copy paste and delete options that so basically what we can do with the element. So as you can see around here, you have also de keyboard shortcuts. I highly recommend using the keyboard shortcuts because it can just really make you more effective. Okay, so I'll just close the window, and I will just talk you through the shortcuts. So when I want to copy the element, I can simply do that. Why? Control and see Okay. And then when I want to baste it somewhere, I just go to the slide it I want to baste it in OK, So, for example, this one Then I clicked somewhere and I just based it. Okay? And that's how we can move and based the element. If I want to delete this element, you can simply do it where I d delete button. Okay, if you want to. GOP and their lead the element at the same time. So, for example, I want to move this move this rectangle to the previous slide. So I want to also the lead it inside here. Okay, So if I want to copy and delete at the same time I used the control and X, which is basically a gut. And right now I have stored direct angle inside off my like, the copy based package that I have All right. And then what I can do is simply based it inside here. And I cant based in multiple times, right? As you can see. No problem with that. And yes, so that's basically the copy based options. You can obviously do it for every element. So for example, inside de text element, I can also do like control, See? And then around here I can also do like control. We they will basically based the text. And if I don't want to base the text, I want to just based the the whole heading. I can do that. Okay, so I just need to take care off where I am clicked. Okay, So if I'm clicked around here, this is just a text box. So the Google Slides will think, Oh, he copied some text and he have selected a text box. I will just basically base de text, and we'll forget about the for mating. Okay, Okay. So if I just do the control, we around here as you can see, the r d d. The style is different, right? As you can see, it's red, and it's it's bigger. Basically, it looks like the the heading that I copy. Okay. And also, you need to take care whether they are coping the element or just a tax. So if I copy a text and then, for example, inside here, I want to baste it, right. As you can see, it's just like basted like this. Okay, so yeah, and if I based it somewhere inside here, it's just once again a text that have some for mating that I copied from here, and it's just based it. So yet that's they're like, That's a few things that you can do also. What you can do is undo and redo. So what happens if I do, like, undo? So that means control and Z Well, it will take me back to the slide where I basted like those those things, right, because then was the last step that I did. And yeah, Then I passed this one. So it is deleted, right? You probably know the undo and redo batons. And if I want to go like one step forward, I can do once again the redo. And as you can see, the text us once again inserted, okay? And what do you can also do is based without for mating right? Which is just the Let me just check the shortcut, which is this just control shift. And we So if for example I know around here, I just got beat it right? So if I based it right control shift and we, as you can see, it lost the for mating and inside here. If I do it right, it will basically take Take the for mating off the element that you are basting, too, and it will just use that. Okay? And yet so I think that's pretty much it for this lecture. If you have any questions, feel free to have scanned else, even exciting. 6. 05 Presentation (View): Okay, guys, welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we will take a look at D view. So what we can do with the view? So obviously, if you want to start the presentation, you simply click on the present, okay? And it will load everything. And yes. So then what happens? You usually click on that when you're on slight one. So the the presentation basically starts from the start. Okay, Which makes sense. But sometimes when you have selected the slight like I just did, I selected the second slide, and then I hit the presentation. It was the presentation will start from D slide that you have selected. Okay, so don't worry about it. You can still change it like this, right? You can click on this slide wall or something like that. And then inside here, you can basically change what slide you are. Ad Okay. You can even select the the hidden slide. And okay, then what you can do is simply either lady presentation, which will work because they are, like default, basically a default settings. So it will basically skipped the slide after, like I know free four seconds and right. And it will simply just play the presentation. It's quite useful if he just want to really quickly go through the presentation and see if you just make some mistakes somewhere, right? If you want to see the present, the animation play just like you wanted to. Okay, but anyway, so what you can also do after you play it. You can also go either step back. So to the slide back, and this also means a animation back. Oh, are you can go forward right next, next and previous. Probably everyone knows that. What you can also do ISS like open the audience to right, which is basically, if you are like presenting to someone you can just basically take, take a look. Add what they are saying, Ah, whether they like it and you can do some like some woes and stuff like that, and it's like, quite useful. It can be, But you can also open a speaker's node, so basically you can add notes to your slides and you can open them up. You usually don't want to do that when you are present ing something, but in some rare cases you may want to do that. You can also use, like some sort of pointer. Okay, so it is like, that's quite useful because you, you can then like like the person can see what you what you thinking, right? If you present ing something, I know that when I'm teaching, I want to point at something at the screen, right? And if I'm just pointing, why am I mice? Nobody can see it. But if I'm like doing circles with this, it's it's like much more visible, right? So I definitely recommend this pointer. If you turn it off right, you get to your mouse. And as you can see, it's it's not as good. You can also add a captions, but you usually don't want to do that if you're just doing slights. Uh, you don't need to do it. You can also change the full screen, so if you just click on that, it will be full screen. And it's simple. Screen pretty much does nothing, and then you can, like do this settings. Think where you can just download the slide down with the presentation can print it, and yet so then you can also exit from the presentation. What, you're basically close it down. Okay, so, yeah, What else can we do? You can also check the animations. We will talk more about it later on. This will be a whole lecture on animations. You can also do the master, which is white, useful in some cases. So, for example, if you want to add it, your your template, right? Right. You can do that. So the theme that you select it right you can edit it out around here, You can do like whatever you want, right? D styling everything. You just simply do it. Wilding Master. Okay. And yes, eso around here, you can do like whatever you can change it. You can do whatever you want. As I said, Okay. And then once you are happy with that, you can just close it, okay? And the D master is, like, quite useful. But usually people don't use it, because if you want, you can just change your presentation, okay? And you can just do it and started here, and it's it's a bit comfortable, OK, but if you, for some reason, need to do that, that's how you can do it. Okay? I also like the zoom option, which is which can be helpful if you want to just zoom in and see whether the element is placed directly somewhere you want. Okay, which can be useful. I'm not saying I I used it quite a few times. You can also like, use the zoom in and zoom out. Okay? So Zuman, basic resumes and more and zoom out, obviously ISMs out more. Ah, gay where I was Zoom and let me just change it back, Okay? If you go like also to review to resume, it can also you can also use this fit options which basically means that it will fit the slide. It will adjust the zoom level so that it is slow so that you can comfortably see it on your device. Ok, so for example, inside year, as against the I have a bit of a space around the slide. So if I click on the fit, it will basically make the slight bigger, which is probably the best possible possible configuration I can ease. Okay. Good. And yes. So then also you can use other options like these. You probably want to snap two guides. You mostly don't want to select any of those right? You don't want to play with those. If you want, you can try them out. You can see how they look. You can also change. For example, the view right of your presentation. If you have a lot of slights and you want to quickly take a look at all of these slights, you can do that. You can go back where these two buttons, right? Or you can do it like this view and great view. Okay. Oh, sorry. Great view. And as you can see, there are the grit. And if you want to go back, you just go view and once again, click on the great view. And that is very much at for this lecture. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and 7. 06 Charts & Lines: Okay, guys. And welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we will talk about this insert and more specifically, we will talk about the charts and the lines that you can insert. So let me start with the charts, which is quite simple around here, you can select what's type off chart that you want. So for example, a this one like line. As you can see, there are like the lines. And you can also add it devalues inside these sheets. Okay, so you can obviously make it smaller. You can make it bigger by simply dragon dropping days, and you can also move it around in your presentation. You can also rotate it for some reason. That's why you would do that. But anyway, you can also just delete it like this. Why? Using the delete key key. Okay, in your keyboard. Okay, that's like the chart. You can also use different type off the charts you can use like by chart. That's like quiet, peaceful, and yet it are medically should select the colors that are inside your theme so that it looks good. I would just don't use the ones again. And what we can also do is insert a chart from your Google sheets. So let's say that you have some data, right? You start some table full of data and you want to use the data from the table inside your presentation, right? You want to create the the graph from your sheets. You can simply do that by clicking on this one. Okay, good. Now let's talk about the lines So the lines are quite useful. I use lines quite a lot in my presentation. It's useful to just make if you're just making, like, some sort of time line. If you're like, want to animate d line the arrows and the lines are quite useful. So you can, as you can see, insert line. You can insert a narrow, you can insert a elbow arrow, right. So you simply click and then you drag and drop, and when I drop, it will create the line. Okay, so I dropped and I created dealing with this kind line. I can also adjust it. Okay. So I can, for example, make the transition sooner or later. Okay. I can also change the size of it, okay. And yeah. Ah, with the another lines. We can also do like curved. Okay, which looks like this, right? That's sometimes also useful. Once again, you can change the the this button. Okay, so when you drag and drop this start, you can change the transition. Okay, then what he can also insert is the curved line. If I'm not yet, it's the curve. So when you simply drag and then with each click, you are basically creating a You are creating a dot and it will just draw a line between those dots. Okay. So, yeah, you can do whatever you want with that. And when you are done, you can simply just double click, and we'll just end d line like this. Quite cool, right? What you can also do is create a bullet line. So basically something like this body need to close it down and did well, for example, create a rectangle O R triangle. Sorry. Ah, you can also create describe, right? So you basically just drew a line. Okay, Dennis, basically the lines that you can create. What he can do now is change the style. Right? So if you take a look at those lines, they don't look as good. So What do you want to do is, for example, make it bigger or change the color and stuff like that. So in order to do that is simply click on the line and then you can, for example, around here, change delight so you can change the color. You can obviously choose whatever color you want right from here. You can you can use, like, custom theme. But I highly recommend using the color from your theme because somebody who designed the theme knows what he is doing, right. He put those scholars together because they look good together. Right? So I recommend using one of does right. For example, the red one, which is same as the heading color. Okay, then what you can do is change the line wave. So, for example, I can just make the line bigger. Okay, overall, the arrow. I can make it bigger. And right now I made it bigger. But the end of the arrow is quite small, right? So what I can do is change the size so I can simply drag and drop. And as against the e d. Aero is right now quite bigger. Okay. What I can do also is change the ends off the arrow. So, for example, this end have the line. Okay, But what I can do is, for example, change it to this thing. Okay? What I can also do is change it to the same thing. Okay? This this is often you survived. When you want to describe some relationship between something or something like that, you can also use, like, dark. You can use a lot of stuff, sir. Inside here. I quite often used this thing because that's it looks, in my opinion, quite good. You can obviously change even this aunt off the arrow. Right? You can do it like this, for example. You can change it to this one. You can do whatever you want. I'll just keep it at this one. Okay? Now, the cool thing that you can do is also create a arrow. Another arrow with these same style. Okay, so I styled this. And when I click around here, I will just use this styling that I selected around here and create some other elements. So, for example, if I create a line as you can see, it is just it looks just like arrow Why is that? Because we for mated it right. And I can also use, like this one. So, for example, like this, that also looks great. Good. I can use the curve so I can just, like, do stuff like Dad. And once I'm happy. As you can see, you can do any aero you want. Okay, so that's, like, quite powerful. Because sometimes in your presentation you would like to do some custom shape. Right? And you can do it like this. You can also use the border line. Not sure why you would do that, but yeah, whatever. It looks just like the rectangle. But it used the settings that you used around here that it can use. So obviously, if you create a triangle, it don't have any ends, right? It is just like an object. So you don't have any arrow and any start off the off the of the rectangle right off the triangle. Sorry. And yes. So you can also use describe, right, but yeah, obviously the same thing applies around here, right? As you can see, there is no start, no end. Okay? And they're so that it's very much it for this lecture. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and else 8. 07 Tables, Shapes, Text and Comments: okay? Yes. And this lecture, I will show you how you can insert some more stuff. So let's get into that. If you once again go into the insert, as against the there are quite a few things. So, for example, the text box, you can insert another text box where you can write something. Okay. You can insert the x box again simply by drag and drop right. Detects area that you want to create, and then inside the text box, you can just write some text. And yet, as you can see, if you right to the end, it will start writing down. Okay? Yes. So even though the textbooks is quite small, it can still basically it'll overflow. Okay, then. Another thing that you can insert is the shape. So all the shapes are looked like this. I will not insert every shape that, as you can see, you can insert quite a few of them. Okay? And obviously you want you can add it. Them. So, for example, again added the color right. You can add it, whatever you want. And so I will not go through every shape that you can use there quite a few of them. Okay, It can use, like the dialogues, if you, for example, won't like inside your presentation if you want. For example, like to person like talking to each other, you can use one of dose right to one of those dialogues which look quite good in the presentation. Right? So that's like a person saying something. Ah, OK, another thing that another stuff did you want to use. Sometimes it's a evasion if you want. If you are doing something like a math presentation or something like Dad, you probably wanted to use some of those signs. Okay, good. Nothing that you can insert is a table. So if you just go to the stable and then you can select how big you on the table, so obviously you can make it like, huge and right. So when you why your mouths? You are selecting the size of your table. So, for example, let's say that I want some simple table, and when I click on these size, it will insert a table. Okay, so I have a table around here. As you can see, it looks like a table you can write into, like those does a cells inside the table. You sometimes want to use a A table inside your presentation. So then what he can sometimes do is, for example, changed the text off this ride. You can, for example, changed the I A. You can select multiple multiple A cells, multiple cells and any can for example, change it. Teoh had no black, right. It can do whatever you want with this. So usually the way you can change or edit stuff but in much any element is to just select it where click And then around a year you have all the things that you can do with it. Okay, so yet that's very much it hand. Yeah, And if you also want to insert like some diagram, you can do that. Usually you don't need it, so right, If you want to insert it, simply click on that. And as you can see, there quite a few themes for your diagram. And yeah, I will just close it for now. And yet you can also insert a wart art. So, for example, like, I know this thing and it will basically, like, create a word art for you. You can just once again daily that and they're so then you have animations. I will talk more about it later on. And you can also insert a comment to, for example, this slide saying like something. Okay, when I commented, as you can see this inside here. So, for example, if they are like multiple persons working on a single presentation, So, for example, some school project and you have, like, five people working on it, you can based a comments, right? So we can, for example, say, Hey, I would like to change the title to something else or, for example, maybe add a chart instead of table, right. You can do it, whack comments, and you can basically, like, tell each other what what you want. What do you want to change? So, yeah, the Commons are quite good. And yes, so that's in my opinion, pretty much it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll see you next time 9. 08 Images: Okay, So when you want to insert a image, you can do it simply by clicking on insert and an image bad. There are a few options, so you can either upload a image from your computer, which is something that you probably want to do that you can also search the web. So since this is a Google slides, you can use the Google search for images. So if you click on the search the web, it will appear this box right up here and inside here you can type whatever you want to insert. So, for example, I want a image off dark. And as you can see, there are quite a few images off dogs up there. And what I can do is simply select the ones that I like by clicking condom. Okay, I can select multiple at the time. And then inside here, you can see I can either closed the selection. Okay, So again, for example, change it or I can just double click on a image and inserted. Okay, so if you double click on the image, it will be inserted inside your presentation. And yes, So if I go back like thes 30 wept. And it will. The cool thing is that in for once again, remember what I searched for and right there. You can also import multiple images at the same time where this insert button. If I want to unsolicited one of those, I can simply click on debt, right? So if I click on the image again, it will be once elected. And yes, so when I saw, like, multiple of the multiple images, I can insert them and then I need to, for example, click somewhere else, and then I can simply drag and drop one of those. And I can, for example, don't eat it. Cool thing is that you can insert the images from the Web without downloading it to your computer. What again also do is insert a image from your Google drive. So, as I said before, you have 15 gigabytes off storage of free storage and you can upload their some images. And if you want, you can select them from the drive. You can select them from Google photos from you, Earl, so you can basically, for example, we find a image on a weapon. You can just just simply copy the euro off the image, and then you can basted by euro around here, and you can also use your camera. And yet, so that's pretty much all the options that you can do and how you can insert a image. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll see you next time. 10. 09 Formating: Hello and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture we will talk about how you can change the style off your text and off other elements. So let's get into it. So if it select a text, you can obviously change all of those things. So around here you obviously have a font off de text. You probably don't want to play with that because the theme phoned Looks good. You have the phone size so you can change it to make the text bigger or smaller. Depends on what do you want already Obviously need to select the text in order to change that. And then what you can also do is make the text bald. All right. So for example, the selected text Godbold, right? The detects is not bald. And you can, for example, underline some part of the text, right? As you can see Like he like this. Why does button all right? You can also like, change the color for example, like this. As you can see, this looks terrible. So I will use one of the colors from here. It looks a bit better, but still not great. And yet so you can also like highlight color. So, for example, if I just select something and I light it, why this threat That looks a bit better. Okay, so, yeah, that's all kinds of stuff that you can do with the for mating off your text. But what it can also do is change the line spacing. So, for example, right now, as you can see, the alliance are quite far away from each other. Okay, so what I can do is just simply change it to to, like, some sizes, okay? As I need to also selected all. So if I just click around a year, right? If I click. And then I just changed the line spacing. As you can see, it changes, and I just change the wrong thing, right? Bod? Yeah. Anyway, if I just Yes. So that's another thing that you can do with the D text. You can change the ah, the style that you want to use, right? So you can you can do like, the number things, right? So if you have, like, a a list, if you want to do just list off stuff, every line will be just one list. So if I add something inside here, right? I can just create new items off the list. I can Ah, I can change the the way that the list is created. I can change the the style so simply by clicking inside here, and I can change it to dot Okay, I can do this thing right? I can do whatever I want. And if I want to delete a dart, I can just simply click in front of it and use the a backspace button, and it will basically the Leedy for mating. Okay. And yet, so when we are talking about the line space, you can change it like this. Okay. Quite simple. And you can also just use a custom spacing. So, for example, like a zero. And if I hit the apply okay, it must be from 1 to 100. So if I could go on, it'll be this size. Okay? So, yeah, it's quite easy to to work with this setting, and you can do all kinds of fancy stuff. Another thing that you may want to do is sometimes moved the text study either center or right or left, and the way you can do it is where this Okay, so you can just move it in center. And that's just means one line if you have selected it, Okay, right. So we can move different lines to different position. And if you just like the whole article and move it to center, every line will be at center. Okay, So even this line that waas at the right will move to center and eso Then you can, for example, once again change it and move it back there. Or you can do whatever you want and yeah, what you get also do is just align it to the middle off the box. So as you can see, these lines are right now at the middle, right? You have some space up here, and and you have some space down there, okay? And what you can also do is just like use the backspace, and that will basically change your for mating. And when you have, when you do that right, you can once again click around here, right? And then a change the align, and once again it will be changed. You can also select everything and change it. All right. It's not working for some reason. Not sure why? Yeah, right now is working. Cool. And yes. So that's the stuff that you can do with the line and with the text. What? You can also do this form eight d, some shape. So if you could go on this form eight of your you can see all of these stuff that we already talked about. Okay, so everything everything that we talk about with the text, Okay, you can also clear for mating. So if you, for example, decided this text looks terrible, which doubts you can also clear the for mating. And you can also create borders and lines. But I want to talk about the former form eight options. So if you click on that, this kind of sidebar will appear. And what he can do is also drop a shadow to something. Right? So, as you can see right now, there is a shadow around the element, and you can obviously play with these settings. Rij again use a different angle. 40 shadow. You can just change the distance off the shadow Radic and used the blow ratio. Right? So that is more blurry. You can do all kinds of fancy stuff with this. And yes. So what you can also do is used your reflection. So when I click on the reflection, even the shadow will be reflected. And as you can see it basically underneath creates a element. Once again, I can play with the transparency, right? I can do whatever I want. I can just do it like slightly If I can move the distance, right, I can change the size so I can make it smaller. And I can also make it, like, quite big. Okay? Yeah. And yes. So that's pretty much it for this lecture. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll see you next time. 11. 10 Arrange Items: Hello and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture I will talk about how we can change the order off things. So as you can see, around year, the arrows appear some arrow appears closer to the screen, right? So in front, off other arrow. And if I, for example, want to change that, I can't simply change the order of them. So if I click if I select the arrow that I, for example, want in front off every other l arrow, I can simply just select it. Click on the arrange. And as you can see, there is the order and I can either bring it to fraud. So I will just move it solely in front, off everything inside the slide. Okay, I can move it forward. So that means Onley before one closer element. I can move it backwards. So that means behind only one element. And I can total ascended back so that it is completely indie back. So if I bring it front right, bring to fraud, I will move it. And as you can see, if I move it around here, it's the element that it's grossest to me, right? It's the most seen every other element is kind of behind it. Okay, What I can do is also do the same for D rectangle, right? As you can see, it's I can I can, For example, for now I can move it backwards. So right now, as you can see, the rectangle is in front off every other arrow, and what I can do is click on the arrange order and sent back. And it's at the end, right? It's It's the most fertile one. And what I can do is also change it by one step. So they will take it will have for me to get it in front of everything. God, yeah, You probably don't see much of a change because, for example, even this element waas in front off this rectangle. So if even if I move it in front of it, there's no whistle change, right? OK, but if I, for example, with inside here it's still behind it, right, but yeah, As you can see, this arrow is behind the rectangle, so that means a I moved it in front of it. Okay. Cool. So, yeah, that's basically what you can do with the arrange. You can also liked center on debate, right. So you can basically take the element and century it either vertically or horizontally that's sometimes quite useful, right vertically means on the Y axis horizontally on the x axis. And yeah, you can also rotate it right So you can That's useful sometimes with images. If you want to rotate the image, you can either flip it right. So if you flip it horizontally, it will be flipped on the X access. If you flip it a van tickly, it will be flipped on the y axis. Okay, so, yeah, that's basically what you can do. You can also group an UN group items. So, for example, if I select this one this line and deny with a control, right, So I am holding the control key and I'm clicking on other element on this rectangle or this triangle. Sorry. And I can group them, right. So what that means. Well, now I am dealing with a group, so this is basically one element. OK, so if I move it, even the line moves it, okay. And if I just do some animation So, for example, faded it'll faith as a group okay. And when I decided I don't want to worked with these elements as a group, I can simply once again select it, click on the arrange and an UN group, and they are once again different. So when I move this triangle, the era will stay the same and yes, so I think that's pretty much it. 40. Arrange. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll see you next time. 12. 11 Transitions: Well, hello, guy. Send Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we'll talk about some of the good stuff that you can do with animation. And that is the transition. And also changing a style a little bit. So how do you do that? Well, inside here, it can simply go to slide. And then we already talked about these. These these menus, right? We know what they are doing. You can also change the background off the side, but it's just you just choose the background. Yeah, and done not that complicated, right? Bad yet what I want to show you is the apply layout. So as you can as I talk previously, the theme. Well, basically, they're like designed a several slides. There are quite a few off those slight. And you can also choose what type off slight you currently want to use. Okay. So you can also change the type off slide even after you add D content. Okay, So for example, let's say that I want to use this one, so I simply click on that, and it will change the whole layout off my slide. And as you can also notice, this part is the background that I choose. This is hefty background color that I chose. Okay, if I, for example, do the same with this slide, so slide, apply layout and applied this layout, as you can see that it's white. Okay, so right, the settings doesn't change. Okay, Everything that you set up and I will stay the same. Okay, so that's incredibly cool. That's incredibly cool. I recommend using this a lot. If you are unhappy with the way your slide looks like, you can simply use this apply layout and just see how it looks in a different four. OK, right now let's also talk about the thing that you probably want to use the most, because pretty much every student likes to create animations. So in order to great animations, you simply click on the slide, right? And then you can change transition. Okay? No, Right now, what you can do is just simply add de transition to the slide. So as you can see inside here, it's a slight no transition. So right now there is no animation. But what I can do is change it. So for example, I can do like cube animation, okay. And I can, for example, make it extremely slow. So five seconds. And if I had the play, As you can see, there is the animation and it is extremely slope, right? And yet when you click on the stop, it'll it'll stop. And yes, so obviously you can change it. You can simply drag and drop this button in order to change how fast the animation goes. It can use a different animation, right? So, for example, this one, this also looks quite cool. And you can also use, like, I know this one, which is a bit simple, right? You simply just fade in the animation. It's like, Yeah, it's it's simple about it looks quite good. I usually use this slight from right or slight from left, which in my opinion, looks just simply good, right? It's just simple. And it looks good. Yeah, Another thing that you can do is like Addie flip animation. And if I once again play it right, it looks like this. So yeah, it depends what you want. It's totally up to you. What do you want to use? And another thing that I want to you want to show you is that. For example, if I begged the gallery, I can apply the transition. This transition to all slights wear this button, which is great, right? You often just great the transition. And you want all the transition to be the same, right? So you can simply click on the apply to all slides, Okay? And it should apply the animation on the transition on on on all slide. Sorry. And the way you can tell that it applied the animation is where these free dots, right? You know that there is a transition. Okay. And if for example, I click on it some slides and I want to change the animation around here to, for example, like, no flip or around here, I can change it to, like, slide. I can simply do that. And I can even change the time. Okay. And those other slides will not be affected. Okay, So if I click on this present button, I click on the first slide and start to start representation. I can just play the presentation, right? So why one click, you move to next slide. And as you can see, there was the transition. As you can see, there is the slower transition, the five second transition. And right now, as you can see, there is the flip transition and the gallery once again, the gallery. In my opinion, the gallery looks quite good, and we reached the end of the presentation. So yeah, that's basically how you can add a transition. It's extremely easy. And yeah, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll see you next time. 13. 12 Animations: Okay, guys, welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we will talk about the animation, so that's great. Cool, right? So as you can see around here, you can also add a animation. But I want to go from the start. So I will close this. And yes, so what you want to do when you want to add a animation, you can simply click on the element that you want to animate. And then inside the insert, you have the animation. Okay, so if you click on the animation, it will basically create the default animation that you can use inside the element which is fading and on click. So if you play the animation right, it will transit. And then when you click did the dog will appear OK? And yes. Oh, the the animation You can change the animation that you want to use on. I will also just for now. I will just use no transition so that when we buy the animation, it's great. Faster, right? You can also just change those things right? You can select the animation that you want to want to change. If you want to delete the whole animation, you can simply do it Wire, desk, button You can zoom in, zoom out. You can change the and the the timeline So the condition where the animation starts Okay, so when you click the animation start right now, after the previous animation is done this animation will start and you with previous means that when the previous animation starts, this one will also start once again, it can change the time, right? And yes. So let me just changed it to after previous and let's hit the play. As you can see, it automatically starts without me clicking. And it faded away. It zoomed out Okay, you can also use Zoom in, right. If I play it involves zoom in like this. It looks quite cool. I usually use this and yeah, but you can obviously use quite a few animation, right? It's whatever you want to use, right? Yeah, it also looks quite good. And obviously, if you want to add title right, you can also enemy de title. And if you already have this step open, you can simply just select and click on this. Add animation and it automatically, right created a animation on click. So if I d play the dog will appear. It will go out inside here. You can check what animation will be played. Right. And when I click, the title will appear and we reached the end. Okay. What I can also do is move it. So, for example, I want the fading to be before the fly out. Okay, off off the dark. So I want to enemy de title first so I can simply drag and drop it around here. And when I hit play, I first need to click because the fate and is the first animation which is waiting for me to click. So I'm click it'll fading And after it fades in the dog will move out because this one is after previous. Okay, So as I said before, it will basically the animation will start when the animation in front of it. Right? So this mean that this faith in will end Okay. And if I want to start it when this one starts, I can simply do it. So for example, I can make it like fate and And if I had to play, those two elements will fade in at the same time. Okay? So that's something that you usually want to do. If you, for example, want to want to images that will appear at the same time. So you probably won the 1st 1 to appear on click, and the 2nd 1 will appear with previous okay, And they're so that's basically how you can add animation. As I said before, if you want to delete those animations, you can simply do that. And right now there is no animation. God, that's pretty much it for this video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and Elsie. 14. 13 Working with files: Well, hello, gas. And welcome to the last lecture. So right now you know how to edit how to create a presentation, how how to basically make the presentation that you want. Okay, You know how to add slides. You know how to add animations, transitions, everything. But what we don't know is how you can work with these slight right? With the presentation as a file. So, for example, up here, as you can see, you can rename the file to whatever you want. Simple. Is that because you just simply type in here whatever you want the name to be and it will rename it then what he can also do. ISS shared the file. So if you Greg on the file and share you can change the you can get a link that you want to share. You can also shared with a email, Right? So inside here, you can type the email address, right? You can, and then you can send it right inside here. You can change the the rights that the person can do, and you can do everything inside here. So, for example, if I want to share a link, I usually want to share a link and send it via Facebook or something. I don't want to share Dwyer mail body. Obviously, if you want to share it via mail, that's up to you. And inside, you really change these settings. So if you can, you usually want to do the can view. So that means that you basically don't necessarily trust that person to make any changes to your presentation, and you only want the person to be able to view the presentation. Okay, you can also add you can commend. So that means that the person can add commence. So, for example, it can say like, Hey, I would change the title or something like that. You can do it. It's after you if you want, and you can also add the right to can add it. So that means that the person can added the entire presentation. So if it is somehow a colleague off yours and you are working on a presentation, you trust him. You want to share the can edit link so that he can edit some stuff. Obviously, Then you can click on this copy link button and it will be copied. Cool. Another thing that you can do is just create a new presentation. Same as before. It it works the same as with any other desktop application. You just create a new file with the open. It works. Also, the same opens new presentation. It can also import these slights. You can also make a copy, which I used quite often, what that means. Well, basically, if you want to create a new presentation, that looks exactly the same as this one. But you want to keep the 2nd 1 right? So you basically want to copy the file you can do is wired this button. So inside here again basically changed the changing title to something inside here can change the folder. I will just keep it to my drive. You can select those options. I will just keep it the same. And once you're happy we are setting, you can click on the okay and it will create a new new presentation, right? New file on your Google drive and with this name. And it will look exactly the same. Right? So it will copy all these lights for you. Cool. A nothing that you can do is downloaded. So you want to down on the presentation, you can do it. Usually you want to use the Power Point format. You can do also other for mates. That's up to you. But often you want to use the Microsoft PowerPoint. The cool thing is that this is quite come to a compatible, so the text will change inside the power point, right? It will look the same way inside PowerPoint as it as it looks inside Google slights, right? You can also change it to plain text. You can change it to whatever you want. You can email it as attachment to some friend. You can make it available offline, which I use quite often when I'm away, or if on train, I want to work on my presentation. I will make it available offline and I can make changes. And then once I am connected to the Internet, it will update the presentation fire on Google drive. So this is quite dude, when you want to work on the presentation off line, you can also great diversions off your presentation. So, for example, if you somehow make some version off your presentation and you are happy with it, you can just click on his name, current version and basically saved Howdy presentation. Looks like Looks like now. Okay. And then he can make some changes. And if you screw up during those changes, you can go back to the previous version that you did. You create it, right? So that's quite quite good to use. You can also move the file, you can delete it, and you can also publish it to weap. It can also take a look at the document details, which basically is where the file is stored. Who is the owner who modify it and who created it? Read you can. Also, you can also change the language. You can also change debate set up, and you can also bring it. And yes, so that's basically everything that you can do with your Google sites animation, and you should be ready to use Google slides as a powerful, too. And yeah, that is pretty much it for this one. If you have any question, feel free to ask and I'll see you next time