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Google Slides - An introduction For Beginners

Dev Gupta, Software Engineer and Aspiring Teacher

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    • Introduction to the course.

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About This Class


In this course you will learn about Google Slides which is a cloud based presentation app developed by Google. This course is for anyone who wants to learn the features of Google slide. 

what you will learn in this course

- creating basic slides

- working with text and fonts

- working with images, videos, diagrams, charts.

- Add-ons

- Animations

- Creating interactive presentation

- Linking Slides

- Publishing your slides

- Working with google keep

- Guides

- Formatting images

- Collaborating with others

- Publishing 

- Tips and Tricks

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very thorough, I was surprised by how much google slide could do!
Linda Mae Olszanski

Mixed Media Artist and Educator





Dev Gupta

Software Engineer and Aspiring Teacher

Hi Everyone, My name is Dev and i am Software engineer from India. I am active in various programming language and have a passion to learn new emerging technologies and update my knowledge as new things developed.Apart from all these, I love to play the Guitar (Classical) and Piano in my leisure time.

I have found out that by teaching you learn more and this has driven me to create online courses. I aspire to become a full time content creator and maybe some day with your support,...

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