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Google Sites - Create a Professional and Beautiful Personal Website

David Utke, Web Pro and YouTuber

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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Google Sites Intro

    • 2. Google Site Pros

    • 3. Google Site Cons

    • 4. Register domain - Your Different Options

    • 5. How to Setup a Custom Domain with Google Sites

    • 6. Design Your Website with Google Sites Page Builder

    • 7. Install Google Analytics on Your Google Site

    • 8. Add Social Share Buttons to Your Google Site

    • 9. Embed Google forms, Slides and Videos

    • 10. Conclusion and Recap of Google Sites


About This Class

In this course, students will learn how to get the most out of Google Sites by creating a professional personal website. Student will learn how to setup a custom domain with Google Sites, install analytics and social share buttons as well as best practices when it comes to designing a website from scratch with Google Sites.


1. Google Sites Intro: how to create a website with Google sites. Let's get to it. What's going on? Everybody Welcome to the course, and my name is David. I'm the founder of website creative pro dot com. I'm a YouTuber online content creator and Web designer, and I personally love using Google sites for personal projects. For about me style websites, portfolios as well as if you have, like, a specific little club or something, you just need a simple website. Google Sites is just wonderful. And so, in this course, I'm going to instruct you on how to get the most out. Google sites were going to be covering everything from getting your domain name to setting up. The custom. Demanding in Google sites is various as well as various design tips, so if you're ready, let's get to it. 2. Google Site Pros: Okay, so let's first talk about some advantages of using Google sites that you should be aware of . Now. Google Sites is a free page builder offered by Google, and basically it allows you to have a your own dedicated website with free hosting, because hosting Web hosting is something that most website owners have to pay for. And so that's why I really like Google sites. Because if you're someone who's just in the situation, where you just need a 5 to 10 maybe 5 to 15 page personal Web safe for your portfolio and about me Web, say, if you're a student, maybe just a simple website. If you're a business or you're a club or whatever, you just need a simple website. You don't have to pay for Web posting. You do have to pay for your demeaning, but that's basically it. And so that's the first big advance of Google Safe is that you just get free Web hosting and next the another advance I really like of Google States is that these sites, the actual websites, look beautiful because I made a Google site using my old WordPress block edge of david dot com is just ah, it's a cringe. The WordPress block, they deleted. I started when I was a kid over eight years ago. Anyways, I move that over to Google sites, and I routinely got messages because I had to Google sites for about a month using the site , and I got messages from people saying like, Wow, what a beautiful website who designed your say or why what WORDPRESS team are using? It's like what? Using Google's AIDS, I'm using a free page builder that you can use right now, and that's why I'm creating this course. Because Google sites, I think, is highly underrated. People don't really know about it. And if you're just someone who's like, I want an awesome, beautiful looking website, Google Sites is perfect. So those are basically the main selling points. You get free hosting and you get a beautiful design. And then the last thing I would say is that Google Sites is incredibly easy to use. It's very, very intuitive, is just drag and drop is a Dragon drop editor. You can quickly and edit the look and feel of your sites, and that's why I'm going to do in this course show you how to get the most out of your Google sites. Oh, and I forgot to mention that with Google sites, you get a free SSL certificate. No reason I bring that up is because this is like a hygiene thing with websites, a lot people don't pay attention to because SSL means your website is secure and that's what you want with your Web site you want. You want it to have that little lock and the icon when people are visiting your website on the browser, because that means any type of communication that goes through that site is going to be encrypted on. It's just what much more secure than having no uh, no SSL certificate on the state. And with Google states, you get a free SSL certificate, and the only reason I bring that up is because there's a lot of weapons like, for example, hosting or dot com comes to mind because they're a very budget oriented weapons. But they charge extra for the SSL certificate, where is like a Google sites, for example, you get it for free, and the reason why you want that is because if you have like a contact form or you have some type of email. Opt, informs, say, like if you're a marketer and you're using Google sites just to create like a nice one page splash page, the drive traffic from, say, like YouTube over to your sites to capture emails. You want that to be on a secure page. Want that formed beyond a secure page? So everyone's information is basically made private, which is an issue if you don't have an SSO certificate. And also it's just a hygiene thing where people will notice if that thing will come up and say, like, not secure And it's like You don't want that you just want you want that nice lock icon so people feel safe and secure. It's something that people are kind of blind to until your website doesn't have it is with Google sites. It's a nine issue. You get sso to SSL certificate with your website 3. Google Site Cons: Okay, so let's talk about some disadvantages of using Google sites because this course would not be complete if I just made it out. To be the old Google sites is perfect. There's nothing wrong with it. Then why isn't everyone using it? Google sites? Is Mitch specific? It really is ideal. If you just need a small website that's like 5 to 15 pages. It's not ideal if you're trying to build a like a high income generating website. Okay, so that's something that you want to do. Google States is not appropriate because primarily the main issue with Google sites is two things. One is that you don't have direct control over the meta description of your website. And so if you don't know what that means, basically each individual page you can normally set the meta description within WordPress to describe the page so you can give the pages own specific title and given a nice S e o keyword rich title as well as a meta description. So that meta description is basically how it appears in the search engine with Google sites . You don't get any type of control over that, and so that's a big issue because oftentimes you'll have, like your menu link. And then that will be your page title. For example, like on my Google sites, I had a whole review of the Sony Extra 1000 flogging camera that used as it might blogging camera, and basically I had in the menu as camera and then in the search engine it was coming. Oppa's camera. It wasn't coming up as the page title because of you clicked on the menu link camera. The page title was X 3000 is the best Flodin camera ever, but that wasn't being picked up by the as the page title by Google. Google was actually taking the menu link and making that the peach title, so it's just edge of do dot com slash camera like pages pay separator camera. And it's just a really poorly designed on the back end of for Seo purposes. And so that's just something that you really just need to be aware of. And then the next issue that kind of annoys me a little bit is that you basically have to have your your euro, your Google states, euro and your custom. Europe both exists at the same time. And so you're thinking with less wise. I big deal because typically with the way you want it set up is you wanna have everything redirect properly. And so what I mean by that is like you want people who try and visit the Google of Sites version of your site to be redirected to your custom domain. Personally, that's the better way to do it. But Google states, you don't have that control over it. So you basically have to have your Google States euro, and you're accustomed. Vein in Euro, you have duplicate content, basically of two year olds with the same exact content. Now this is not a big issue, because Google, it's Google sites. It's owned by Google, and Google is sophisticated enough to index and rank the appropriate version. So they definitely rank the customs remaining that you have set up. They won't rank the other one, but, like people could still find it if they ever get the link. And so those air basically the two main cons okay, you don't have basically control with the meta description, and then you don't have control over basically like redirection for specific neural structures like your Google site structure and your custom domain name. Don't redirect appropriately. Another issue. There's like your home page has to be set. You have to set a home page, and so basically the way it works, like your home page will be a specific page as well as the home page. And so you'll have to say it's basically you have edge of david dot com and like Edge of david dot com slash home, and it's like those those two euros are going to be the same exact content. So that's something. Drives me a little crazy with Google sites where they have this duplicate content issue on Guy. Just don't like that because you have to have a home page. You have to have a link in your menu that says home. If you're going to have a home page and then you have a dead, you have a specific page. Call your website that com slash home and then the website dot com, and it's the same exact content that drives me crazy. So those are basically just some small issues, some small drawbacks of using Google states, and so I think, definitely the pros outweigh the cons, depending on your use. Okay, so Google sites again is for, like, basically people who just need in about me website. You need a portfolio you just need, like a 5 10 page website for your organization or your club. Or maybe you're just like a cafe, and you just need a simple on nice looking website. Google say it's wonderful, wonderful for that, but it's not ideal. If you're someone who wants to build a get a large income generating Web property, that's not what Google states is for. 4. Register domain - Your Different Options: all right, So the step first step to getting set up with Google sites is actually to get your custom domain name. And so what I recommend is using a domain name register. And you have a lot of different options with domain name registers to two remaining registers that I really like our name cheap and dina dot Now most people with when it comes to domain name registration are very familiar with Likes a Go Daddy. But Go Daddy is not the only game in town. There are plenty of quality domain name registers. The reason why I, like name cheapened dining is because they both have the lowest prices in the industry. Now, if you want to know which one is cheaper, I've definitely say Dinah is the cheapest Doumanian register around, but they fall short a little bit on support and back end help where his name sheep you get a good price, but they provide the same quality of service and customer support that Go Daddy does, so it's a little bit of a trade off now. One other domain names registered to be aware of is Google domains. Using Google domains is great for Google sites because it has an integration. But in this course I'm going to show you how to set everything up with name cheap because that's the main aim register that I personally use. And I think they have been. They have better prices in Google domain names and way better prices than, uh, go Daddy. But there's still like popular and they still have great support in the back. And so it's just a trade off between them and dine it up. But I would definitely go with name she because that's where I go with. That's what I use. That's what I recommend. So let's get to it. So this is named cheap dot com, and it's the place I recommend you registering your domain in so you can check the links and description. Now you may be more familiar with Go Daddy, but named Cheap has better prices for domain name registration. Now you can't register a domain name forever, so to speak. You can only register it for one year at a time. And for that, I def named Chief, has the best prices around. So tickets there with me and cheap is very simply just type in here and type in the demeaning that you want. So we'll just say like, super amazing awesome website dot com and let's see what comes up. Okay, so super amazing. Awesome Web say is available and we can get it for 80 a year. Simply add it to your carts. And once you don't that you can just go to view carts and to continue to check out process , you're going to just need to create a name cheap account and so you can register for 123 years. I definitely recommend going for two or three years because it locks in this low price. So this is like an introductory price. The normal renewal rate for any domain names is $13 at a minimum, but named Cheap has a great introductory price. So that clock that in definite recommend doing like three years. If you're sure that you wanna have a website for a long time, who is? Guard is included, and it's free forever. What this is, it's just keeps your personal information private, because when you register domain name, you have to give you name and e. Now on all the personal information It's just it's just a legal requirement. When you have a domain name and who is guard just keeps all that stuff private, and then that's it. You just go ahead and confirm order and you are good to go. 5. How to Setup a Custom Domain with Google Sites: Okay, so we have our custom domain name. Now we have to set it up as the custom domain name within Google sites. And so you should have already registered your demeaning at name she Dina. Google domain names, etcetera. Now, Google domain names does has integration, but in this course were using name sheep because they're the best overall domain name provider. So you're if you're gonna have multiple meanings. That's why I like name sheep. And so how do you set it up with Google sites and named cheap? It's very easy, but it does require a little bit of a walk through. And so that's what I'm going to cover in this section. So if you're ready, let's get to it. I'm going to make this is quick and painless as possible. So to navigate to Google sites simply google Google sites and click and sign in with any Gmail account, you're going to be presented with this blank screen in order to create a new website. You just click this a little plus button over there, and now you can actually just begin designing your website. It's that easy, but we want to set up a custom demeaning for a site. So when people visit our website dot com, this website that we're designing right now appears because right now your website is going to be a sub domain of sites that google dot com. We don't want that. We want it to be our own custom domain. So in order to do that, we just click on the MAWR, button up top there, and then you navigate to where it says custom, your else click on that. And now you can put in put your domain name right here. So put in the remaining that you just registered at name cheap into here, so I'll just do an example. So do I. Care. Hero dot com is actually demeaning my own. Now, if you type it in like this, it's going to say this isn't a valid your l. The reason is, is because you have to have the www in it. Now it's gonna tell you, Please verify your ownership. No problems. So you quick on that and you'll be presented with his Web Master Central's page and it says domain name provider. So we click here and you navigate to where it says name cheap Because that's our domain name register. So name cheap is right there. And now it says, add the txt record, but low to DNS configuration. Four year demeaning. You're going to like what? So take this right. Quick. Copy. Now, once you're in your accounts, you want to go to domain less. You want quick on, manage for the domain name that you want and you'll be presented with this screen. So this is the meaning that I'm using my name. So I'm going to just navigate over to advanced DNS. And once you go to advanced DNS, you want to navigate down there and you want to go to add new record, Okay. And so, for the record, is we want t x t records. So it's that simple. Click that in the value Quick. That and paste. And then the host, you may be wanting what the host is, right? Google. Right. Putting good. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You put in Www, okay. And that's what you leave for the host. And that is it for the txt record. Okay. And so once you've gone ahead and done that, you can click on this verify. But now please be patients, okay? Don't leave comments below saying telling me it doesn't work. It does take a little bit. Time usually takes like 15. It takes 30 minutes, max for everything to propagate. So the other thing that we can do while we're in here is that you're going to need. Toe adds this as well. So you're gonna add Have to add a C name record. So what a C name record does is basically it directs people to your website, so just go and again go to text record find, see, name record, and then you want it literally. Just type in. You just want type in G h s dot Google hosts did dot com and you want to leave it as www again and then add new records. So the two records you need to add r c name record and text record see name points, the so the text record verifies that you owned this domain ing the sea name record. However, points basically named cheap to your Google website and that's really it. And then you just have to quit, verify and be patient. Okay, so I would Just what I would do personally is set this up. Leave it, come back in like, 20 minutes, and everything should be propagated and should work. Usually takes it takes a little bit of time, So don't leave comments below. Tell me it doesn't work. It won't work in the first minute. So give it some time and that is really it. That's all you have to do. And you said at the end of this you should actually absolutely have your website ready to go. 6. Design Your Website with Google Sites Page Builder: all right. So you should have already set up your custom domain name with your Google sites. So it does take a little bit of time, so I would give it just, like, 20 minutes to an hour, Max. Then we can get to designing our Google sites. The really fun part. I think you're going to be really impressed by how intuitive and easy and how beautiful of a website you can actually make. So if you're ready, let's get to it and start designing our website. Welcome to Google sites, so everything should be set up by now. We have our domain name. It's secure with an SSL certificate automatically. Now, the fun part of designing the site. So once you wagging your site is gonna look something like this. It's not going to have a lot of content. So let me just go ahead and explain a couple different things to you. First off, you can control the design in one quick way by the themes that come with Google sites. So if you're like I don't like this or like for example, let's take a look at Aristotle. If you take a look at this and You're like this bar right here. That's yellow bar. You like David? I don't like to tell bar. How do I remove this bar? You can't. You know where you can change it is to get remove. It is too quick. A different theme. Seem with this box right here, if you like. I don't like this box by like this. I want to keep you. Can't you know, to control things like that, you have to select a different theme. Okay? Even like this, where we have the menu bar at the top here. How? It's a nice blue. And then this one we can change the color of as we want if you're like Well, hey, I don't like this. I want this to be I don't want to have a menu bar at the top. Well, then you have to select a different thing, so I'm just getting the point. Trying to get across is that you have to compromise a little bit on flexibility with different things. OK, you know, you're gonna have the grainy where control that you would with, like, a WordPress theme. And also with each theme that comes with different fonts. Sounds like simple has, like, classic and heavy impression comes with, like we'll see Capital Frank Narrow. So you are limited a little bit with that regard. So anyways, I'm going to start designing the site, so All right. So I'm gonna use impression I like this one first in now for this top part right here. Ah, gonna give myself a nice, catchy title so we'll just say, find your edge. Uh, enjoy life. Just say it will just say that, Okay, enjoy life. Now the life has kind of cut off at the bottom right there. I don't really like that. So the fix that we just click and drag in tracked so enough to like where it's, you know, centered appropriately. So we'll just drag this side a little bit too. So kind of looks all right. So just kind of eyeball it, And Okay, so that looks really nice. Now, we have a couple of different options for this back around area, so we can go here and click, change image, and then weakens. Click on select image. In here, you can select different image to change the background as you want so we can click that And then we have this right here. Or we can change image and upload our own image, which I'm going to go ahead and do. Okay, So let me just open Google images and will upload this image that I have set and that is looking quite nice. Okay. And next you have header type right here. So this is really fun. You can have different types of header like cover a large banner banner and title only. So if we have cover, for example, this is going to take up the whole page of the website. So let me just show you a quick on publish and let's go to view public to say, and there we go. So now we have this background image looks really nice and beautiful. Takes up the whole space. So, you know, you gotta play around with see how you like that. So I personally me personally, I like large banner. So I'm gonna click on publish and let's take a look at our published states. Okay, so that looks much to me. I like this a lot more. So it's really just up to you how you want to design your say All right. So now we can add a logo up top there, so you can either do something like just type in the site title. So, like, the mine is david Yuki dot com. So I just type in my name, Or if you want to add a logo, you can come here, click on upload, and then you can select a logo of your choosing. So just use the logo that I always use for my blogged. Okay? And now that we have this set, we can have the background, the white black or transparent. So again, up to you, How you want design that. So I'll go ahead and delete that and let me click on Publish. And let's just take a quick look at How do you say is looking if you publish state. Okay, so now we have a menu bar at the top right there. I personally I'm going to remove the logo. I'm just gonna get rid of that, and I'm just gonna leave it as my name. I'll just use this. Keep it nice and simple. Okay, so now we have a nice called action here, so this should be your page title So if you're trying to let go after a keyword or phrase or like if you're YouTuber or a club, this is the area where you just want to grab people's attention. Tell them what the website is about. Immediately. Okay, so the next thing is now we want to design this area over here. Okay? So we can go to inserts. And now you have different layouts over here. So, for example, if I was to pick, select this layout now, I have the option to add an image over here, and I could go to upload, and I can select this image of myself. All right, so now it doesn't fit properly, so we can just stretch it down just a little bit, and now it looks nice. Uh, hi. My name is David. Okay, so now we have a nice little introduction there, So let me go ahead and take the quick little introduction I built right there. So I'll take this and I'll highlight this and copy, and we'll just put that right in there. Boom. All right. And so now we have a nice little introduction. Now, underneath that, I would go ahead and add in a divider. And now we can add in more content underneath there. So, for example, so say, if I want to come down here and I click on YouTube now, I can find a video and added if I want, so I'll just look for my personal travel channel. Okay? Sights and sounds of Bangkok. Okay, We'll select that. Okay. And now we have a video added. Here. Now, you're like, David, I don't like this video here. I want to move it like, over. Like, how do I What do you just click it and move it? Okay. It's totally drag and drop. Okay. So you can just click and move things that you want, so we'll leave the video right there. Now, if you're wondering Well, how do I add tax over here? What do I do? Okay, this is what you do, you mouse over that and then you double quick, And now you have text image upload in bed so you can click on text. And then here you can have, like, a weaken will change it to heading because this is the title. So we don't want this to be the title, uh, travel bids, No travel videos, Okay? And we'll leave it like that and next weaken double quick again. Click on text, and then we have normal text. So this is this is normal text, okay? And that is basically about how you can start adding the home page. Okay, so you just upload images to add text to anything you just double quick and then it should automatically pop up. Now you have a couple of different more options. You have collapsed both text, table of contents, image, but in divider, YouTube. And then you have Google services integrated as well, like counter map, doc slides, sheets. So if you don't have docks or maps already created or slides already created if you like. For example, if I was too quick on, uh, slides, for example, it's gonna say nothing. OK, there's nothing here because I don't have anything created in Google slides, so everything's automatically integrated. So for the purpose of this tutorial, we don't really need to worry about that. So let's go ahead and click, but in half, and I'm just gonna call this, but then link, you can link it to whatever you want, so we'll just linked to Facebook and are quick on inserts. And this is the button. So this is great If you want a link to a specific page on your Google sites or if you're have a female, opt in form with I convert Kit or Mailer late and just want to send direct people to an email, opt in form or whatever you know. It's a button you can direct people wherever you want, and here you can just quickly and easily move this button around as you want. And so you know, I could move it there, and you can change the text by, like, double clicking on it again. And then you have different options, like outlined, uh, just text. So being filled and again, the colors for everything is controlled by the theme. So if you don't like the color of something, you can go in here and select the different color, like red and yellow again. You don't have that specific control work. I just want I want the button to be a different color than this I want, like you can't do that. OK, there are some limitations with this, but overall this is quite nice and it looks pretty good. So it's quick on publish. All right. And now, um, now it's time to start adding some pages. Now, pages is controlled by your page icon over here, and right now we only have the home page. So if we were to say quick this and then we have a new page we have about and we can click on Done and now it automatically creates a menu. Now, with Google sites, you need to be careful about, um, what Page you're editing, cause like, right now, I'm on the about page editing the about page. I'm not on the home page, So if you want to go back and edit your home page, you have to click on home and then it works basically the same way. So now we're on the about page, and we can just edit this as we want, so just leave it as that. And now we'll go to the new page and we call this. I know we'll call this re sources. OK, I'll call. This resource is, and now I can start adding in pages for this. So if I want to create a drop down for this I can go to resource is go to this little menu option right there. And Aiken cook this That says add sub page. Okay, now I can click on, like, I'll call this a gear, Okay? And then I'll go here again and I'll add another page and I'll call. This will just say tools. Okay, Quick on. Done. Okay, so now we have to child pages of resource is what's good. Don't publish. All right, let's click on view published state. See how it looks. OK, All right. So this is looking nice now. You may be one. David. Where is everything? I'm confused. Now again, I have tools selected. Okay, So when you click on view site, your viewing the page that you're currently editing so we navigate over to resource is now we have this nice little drop down of gear and tools, which I really like. And so now you can just quickly and easily added that, So if you want to add in like Amazon associates links of like recommended products and services that you're using, you could do this. You can have a home page where you can have a link to the of a button and it linked and even opt. Inform Google sites is fantastic for anyone who just wants to quickly and easily build a personal site. That's just a few pages in length, all right, so let's just navigate back over to Resource is, for example, and I'll go to inserts and what's go to collapsible text. Okay, so this is like, uh so that for the resource to be of gear into also travel gear, trouble gear, you need trouble gear you need. Okay? And it's like the best travel gear, the best travel gear. Okay? And we can hyperlink this if we want. So if I click, this will highlight this whole thing will quick the link, and then we can select what we want. So we'll select gear and will quick apply alright and then we'll quick on publish. All right, now again, let's go and view the published site just to see how it's looking. So again, this is collapsible tax, so people have to quit this little arrow, and then we could have a nice little detail paragraph for like, recommended services, and we're also linking to the specific page. So if someone clicks on. This takes him to the gear page, where you could have, like, different links for products and services that you recommend. All right, so let's just quickly go back to pages. And now, if you're just wondering like, well, I don't want a link Teoh. I don't want this to be a drop down. So if you just want, have resource and have people just quick on resource is, and then the wait for them to navigate to, say, Here and tools, it's just the quick on the link on the resource is Paige. That's very easy to do. You just go here and then you can hide from navigation, and then you can click this and then hide this from navigation. And then the only way people can get there is by following a link that you place somewhere else on your sites. If that makes sense, OK, so we'll just click on publish and then we'll go back to home. All right, So what's quick on view? Published sake? All right, so this is looking very bright, Colorful looks like a very premium website, and it's free with Google. Say it's no weapon, you know, Web hosting costs at all. So, uh, now we have a nice little set up where we can had, like, different YouTube videos, social media wings like Twitter or Instagram quickly and easily. And then we have our resource is page there where we can like people can navigate to specific product pages. All right, so now one last little thing here, So you have to have a couple of different options. Ah, with the foot or here. So it now we can click on Add Footer, And now we can add different types of text. And so for the footer, you know, obviously just take take a look at Moat, the footer of most websites. You don't want title, so you want probably small text. And you want to say something like, uh, copyright, you know, copyright 20 20. Whatever the day is, you know, for time of this video is 2020 copy rate, the video, then the state Taito like that. And then we want quick that and then center it like that. Then click answer. And then, like we, uh, like Amazon associates, you can have that whole paragraph about like I'm in Amazon associates. I make money Bubba Bubba Bluff from Winks. That's her thing, and then the you have the option to, like, have different options. Here we can have click this little color thing. Then you can emphasize it a different color if you want, or make it like an image. And so I'm just gonna leave it as like a nice shade of gray and will quick on publish. And that is pretty much it for Google site, so that should give you an idea of what you're capable of doing. So let's just go back to Let's go back to this site and just check it out. We're now entered in david Yuki dot com and see how it loads and our site loads quickly and easily secure. We have a nicely designed home page, a nice little footer. We have different pages that we added as well as sub pages, and just one other little quick, quick thing That mentioned, too, is like, for example, if I have resource is, well, just quick on at a new page. If you click on advanced, you have custom path. If you're wondering, like, what does that mean? That means that you can just set like, uh, that means you could just set like your, um Well, let me just take it in. You can just type in like any specific your Oh, that you want. So if you want this to have a specific path, uh, that means, like you can change, uh, the euro structure. So if we take a look, it's like, resource is all pages air, just like david UK dot com slash resource is home page about like david Yuki dot com slash about that The euro structure is just to add in the page right after the euro. There's almost no reason why you'd want to have in a custom path, because the euro structure for, ah, home a little site like this is it's quite nice. And that is just that is basically it. That's what you're capable of doing with Google sites. All right, So, guys, that is it for this tutorial video. I hope you guys have a good idea of like, what is possible with Google sites. I really think this is what one of the, um that's free tools for creating just a simple, quick and easy to use website that you can get it. Get it? Get right now. So all we have to do is register domain name and that is it. And then you could just sign up with Google sites. And then you're good to go. Look how nice and lovely this looks. It was guys, that is it for this tutorial. 7. Install Google Analytics on Your Google Site: how to install Google Analytics on your Google sites. So Goo Analytics is basically software that tells you how many people visit your website per day. What pages were viewed, how long they stayed on, say, etcetera now you want. And so Google Analytics, because this is going to just tell you that kind of information. So if you just curious about where your traffic is coming from, etcetera, that's what you want to set it up. And with Google sites, it's very, very easy. So let's just go into an example. Google sites now wants thes sites, loads correctly or we have to do is click on this settings icon. Then you want to navigate down here to where it says analytics Now, Right here is where you have to put in your tracking I d. And so if you're wondering, like what? You're tracking ideas. So you're tracking I D. Is typically you A and then it followed by a bunch of numbers. So what you need to do is you need to go into Google Analytics, sign up for free, creating accounts and create account for your website. So, for example, this is the tracking I D. right now for edge of David. So this is the tracking I d. For this specific property. So I can just take this property you'll get to this screen once you just go ahead and sign up to Google Analytics. It's very intuitive that you don't need a walk through, uh, you know, just create account, and then you find your tracking i d It's under property and then under basic settings. Okay, so if we just never get me, just navigate back. And so right here all I did was quick on admin, and then I went to property settings, and there we go. And so we just take this tracking I d. And you just want to go right here, copy and pasted in and then enable tracking. And then that is it, then Quick X. Okay, So now we can come back in here and come back to analytics and then make sure everything's working, and that's it. And so just all you have to do is come back to your Google analytics account after a few days and you're going to have data basically telling you how many people have been visiting your Google site 8. Add Social Share Buttons to Your Google Site: how to add social share buttons to your Google site. So this is website crepeau dot com. It's powered by WordPress, and it's one of my public websites, and I'm using something called added This to add social share buttons to my block posts. And you can use Add this on your Google sites. So Step One is to navigate to a website called Add this dot com. It's literally called ad his dot com. Go ahead and create an account, which you can do so for free. This will be your dashboard, and then all you need to do is click on Add New Tool. Then we want to navigate to where it says share buttons. I'm going to go ahead and click on in line will quick on. Continue now you have smart sorting by Add this or you have selected by you. Smart sorting is typically good if you have a high traffic like WordPress website because then it's going to automatically select the social networks that are appropriate for your traffic. But since we're using Google sites are paid our webs, it's gonna be like five to 15 pages, so it's just best assist. Stick to the most popular networks. So anyways, I'm going to be using Facebook and Pinterest, so Well, we'll get rid of Twitter. No need for that. Now, this more button Does this where we have a print Email messenger. Tumblr. Uh, etcetera. We don't really need that either. And now I have Facebook email Pinterest. But I don't want email there. I want to move over there. How do we do that? It's easy. Quick it moving down. There you go, Snow. We have Facebook Pinterest and email. Now we go ahead and click on Activate Tool, then click on. Activate to again. Okay, And now all we need to do is navigate right here where it says script and be Highlight where it says script, click on copy and now navigates your Google sites. Now, for just demonstration purposes, I'll navigate to the bottom, which is double quick anywhere will. Quick on embed go to embed code and then right click paste Quick on next and then go ahead and quick on inserts And there you go. So now you've successfully added social share buttons here, say again with Google sites, everything this dragon drops so you can just drag and drop these share buttons to where you want it on your states. And so, you know, if you want to make this smaller, no problem. You can just move it up a little bit like this, Okay? We'll just keep moving up like that, Will center it right there. Okay. When we click on publish, click on Publish again. Okay. And then let's go ahead in view. Published sites. Okay. And we just navigate to the bottom right there. And we have our share buttons on our website so you can meet. Basically move this toe. What ever you want. Obviously you don't want in the footer. If you want a top wherever you want to put it, just drag and drop it into the position of your choosing. So anyways, that is it for adding social share buttons to your Google states. 9. Embed Google forms, Slides and Videos: Now let's talk about how to embed different Google services into your Google sites. So, as you knows, over here in the sidebar, you have something called You Tube, which everyone knows about. But Joseph Doc slide sheets forms. Well, how do I use all this stuff? So, first off, these are different Google services, just like Google sites, the Google Service. Google also has something called Google Slides. She its forms etcetera. Now to get started. Basically, you need to log into each one of these individually with the same email that you're using for your Google site so everything is linked together. So, for example, here's my Google Science. I created a demo presentation, and so if I want to add that, some might say, I could just go here and go into slides. And now this slide is appearing because I'm logged in with the same exact email. So just click it and then we can go on insert and then the form is embedded on our sites. And that is really it's so I can click here, click on the gear icon to add in some different settings like auto start our or so things like be different. Slide whatever you want. And so let me go ahead and delete that. And so that's Google slides. So, for example, it all works the same with all the other services. One service that is a little bit underrated is Google forms. So Google forms allows you basically to create a contact form for your Google site. Now, it's not as good as a proper contact form, because basically, anyone time anyone fills out this form, the responses will be here. Ah, waiting for your response. Okay. So, basically, that's how you kind of have to check your email with your Google. Say, if you use Google forms, it's quick and easy, but still, just to let you know that doesn't get sent to your Gmail account anyways. So now I have this Google form right here. Okay, So let me just ah, so let me just go back out quick, back. And so it once you add a form automatically get added right here. Okay? So just go ahead and delete this one. All right, So now I have a contact form there. And so now I can basically really reload the site, and now I can just quickly navigates you forms over here, and then I'll have my contact form right there. And now we can click on inserts. Okay, so now we have our contact form created. And now there may be things that you don't really like that you want to change. So in order to change that, you can't change it from your Google site. Okay, You have to log into your google forms to go in here. So let me just click on this. And so, for example, if I'm creating a just a simple contact form, I would just want this to say I would just want to say like, uh, I want to say that contact. Okay? I want name Sure want, you know? Sure. Address. I don't really need address, so I could just quick on the trashcan phone number. No, I don't want people to give me their phone number. Commons. Okay. Sure. So you can leave comments there. Uh, or you can just get rid of this and then boom, felt email right there, and then give a short text answer. Uh, so this would be basically people can just submit their email. So you are going to basically want to have a additional former here, and so you can have it sent to a question, or you can just have it be a paragraph. Uh uh, Need to get in touch, uh, leave You leave your comment. So leave your message below, leave your message. Be low, and there we go. OK. And so now people have to felt their name. They have to submit an email, and then they have to leave their message below. And so if we click on this field right here, basically it's selected to require. So people have to smith their email in order to fill out the form. You could also make this required as well. So there you go. It's so now we have a very, very basic contact form something. Go ahead back here. Let me go ahead and excited this. Let me go ahead and reload the States. And now we can just go back to forms right here. Okay? And now I can click on contact forms, and then we'll go to inserts. And there we go. Ok, so now we have a decent contact page to a contact name. Email. Leave your message below very, very simple. Okay? And that's it. And so also, if you just curious about like, Whoa, David, I don't like it being green. How do I change to go up here? Okay, you go up here and it's like where you can change the color. So, you know, if you're not crazy about this green color, okay? And that is basically it for these various other services. So they all kind of work the same then? YouTube. YouTube is super duper simple, obviously. So you just click on the YouTube icon and then here in the search box, Basically, you have to know what specific video you want to add. Okay. So, for example, like, I was video on the Sony Extra 1000 so I could have been, like, extra 8000 nine containment edge of edge of David. Okay. Excess. My travel channel, for example. I could do that, and then it should come up. OK, so I have, like, the Sony after your accent, like, Okay, I want this one and quick on. Select. Okay. And there we go. So now my video has been added. Okay, so it's like, OK, we make that a little bit smaller. Move that up top there. OK, then that's it. And just drag and drop, okay? And then your specific icons things you can add. You can basically have hide controls. You can progress bar red. You can change it to a different color. If you want whites, you can allowfullscreen or disallow whatever. But basically that is it for how you basically add additional features like a contact form . Or maybe you're you're a Power point presentation or Google sheets. Uh, ex cetera to your say is very quick in easy one last one. Let's just go and take a look at map map is obviously very simple to and so basically just have to enter in a location that you know you want to add. So, for example, if I type in would say, New York, New York, New York, Okay, right there. Okay, then we'll click on select. Then the map has been successfully added, So that's a good thing to do if you have to say, like a local business or cafe, just want, have a map, maybe like a contact form there and then have a map there and then, like maybe a welcome video there. There you go. So everything's kind of drag and drop quick and easy to use 10. Conclusion and Recap of Google Sites: All right, That's it for this course. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you found value in it. I tried to create a chorus that's really comprehensive and condensed down to basically the essentials of what you need to know without getting too much in suck in the weeds proverbially because Google sites is great, but does need just Indian a little bit of hand holding with getting everything set up on the back end. So I hope that you have a beautiful sights set up that you can use. It is a powerful tool that you can use for your all your domain names. No, if you want to just create a one page splash page to get people to subscribe, or you just want to create about me website because you're a youtuber or you have like a girls club like my brother teaches softball are doesn't teach me that softball coach He just needed a website. Google Sites is wonderful for so many different types of applications. So I hope you enjoyed this course. I hope you got a lot of value out of it. Thank you very much on Have a great day