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Google Script How to Update Google Sheet data from a web App

Laurence Svekis, Web technology Instructor

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17 Videos (1h 39m)
    • Google Script Promo Video

    • 1 Introduction to Google App Script and Google Sheets

    • 2 setup Google Script

    • 3 Write your first Google Script

    • 4 Create dialog and webapp of Google script output

    • 6 html output append and update styling with Bootstrap

    • 7 Coding exercise add UI item render HTML

    • 9 Output content from spreadsheet

    • 11 Output Sheet content as Data

    • 13 Loop data output array as HTML

    • 14 Sheet data in HTML table with inputs

    • 15 data passing using jQuery from element

    • 16 Class google

    • 17 Update Google Spreadsheet fron HTML

    • 18 Launch Webapp

    • 19 Styling Tweaks

    • 20 Source Code review


About This Class

Explore how you can use Google Script to connect Google Apps and with web apps to update your Google Spreadsheet

Use Google Script to connect your Google Sheet data to a web app so users can update content within your sheet.   Connect a sheet without having to share the entire sheet with them.   Google Scripts provides an amazing opportunity to extend what you can do with Google Sheets.  Source Code is included!!!!

Did you know you can publish web apps that have web urls directly from Google, no hosting and only using your Google Account.   

Google Script is JavaScript with some added custom classes and methods.....  Using Google script allows you full control over what your Google Apps can do connecting them together and making them work smarter.

Learn how to output and update your Google Sheet content using Google Script to publish it as a web URL.   

JavaScript, HTML are prerequisites to this course.  jQuery and Bootstrap are used within the application so experience using these technologies is essential to learning the content of this course.

Google provides a powerful set of tools with Google Apps.   Google sheets is a great place to store data within a spreadsheet and then make use of that data in a number of ways.  This course demonstrate how to connect and google sheet content and output it to a web app, and then update the Google Sheet content directly from the web app without having to open Google sheets.

  • Share data within your Google Sheet
  • Provide a url to update data without providing access to the Google Sheet itself
  • Select and show content from a specific sheet
  • You will be amazed at how easy it is to work with Google Sheets

This course provides ways to use the data for web development and more.  Course covers outputting the data as a web app.  This will give you access to the data using a URL which you can then share online.   Select either one sheet or all its up to you no programming is needed.

Source code is included as well as how to update it to get the content from your own Google Sheet.  

Minimal programming is required for this course, but a basic understanding is needed for the more advanced web application functionality.

Google sheets provides a great way to collaborate and use data online within a nicely packaged spreadsheet.  Now you too can use that data.

I'm here to help you learn more about web applications and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Join now and start doing some amazing things online!





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Laurence Svekis

Web technology Instructor

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