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Google My Business: Your Business on Google and Google Maps

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Welcome to Google My Business

    • 2. Why Google My Business is important to you

    • 3. What do we need to get your business on Google

    • 4. Creating your Google My Business listing

    • 5. Getting to know the Google My Business interface

    • 6. Understanding Google Ranking My Business

    • 7. Optimizing your Business information

    • 8. Optimizing your business description

    • 9. Creating Posts on Google My Business

    • 10. Adding your Menu to Google My Business

    • 11. Products to Google My Business

    • 12. Services on Google My Business

    • 13. What is the Scheduling button and how it will help your business

    • 14. Adding Photos and Videos to Your Google Profile My Business

    • 15. Why reviews are important to your business

    • 16. Case Study: Tomalty Dental Care

    • 17. Creating a short link to get more reviews

    • 18. Insights on Google My Business

    • 19. Creating your website on Google My Business

    • 20. Final Project - Google My Business class

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About This Class

Your Business on the front page of Google and Google Maps with Google My Business.

In this course you will learn:

  • We’ll get started by creating your business listing step by step and putting your business on Google and Google Maps.

  • With all your company information such as address, phone, website, open hours, and more

  • You will learn the exact strategies used by large corporations to get 5-star reviews and ratings, and we will implement those same strategies in your business.

  • AND we're also going to add the scheduling option, that with 1-click, will allow people to schedule appointments with you, such as meetings, interviews, consultations, etc.

Let's start learning together in this class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Welcome to Google My Business : Hey guys, welcome to this course and happy and excited to see you here. I'm ready to start here in this course, we will build your super optimized Google, My Business listing. I'll show you right now a real case of a Google My Business listing. And by the end of the course, you will have your listing ready to go in front of millions of people all over the world. So let me show you what we're doing here. If I come to Google and I searched, for example, for a business call, deja blue, it can be your business. That answer searching. We see here this is our restaurant on this case that is close to my home, to my house. We see here on the right we have the Google My Business listing. This is what we will build for you for your business. So if you have a local business by the end of the course, you will have something like this and this is fantastic. Let me show you how white people can discover your business. We have the business name here, we have pictures and photos, and also your business here on the map, which is great. We have the option to add your website directions to your business, to your business, they can save and they can call your business with one click. So if they are opened here on the cell phone, let me go here on the cell phone and search for digital balloon. And you see here in the cell phone we have a little bit different interface. You see I have the call buttons. So if I click on call, I see the number here. So if I click skull and calling the business right now, it's that easy. I can also press directions. So Google Maps will open on my phone. And I, as a client, will have directions to your business right away just with one click, and you will do that here. Also in the course, I can save this for later or I can click and go to their website if I want with one-click. Also, if you have a business that is a restaurant or something similar, looked at the weekend do here, we can reserve a table, so I can click on Reserve table. We can add this button here and we can add the bottom of order online. So if you sell anything online that they can order online, like food or anything like that. We have this option here too. So all these we are building together here in the course. And you may be asking, Okay, Diego, but the why do I need this? What do I need to start with? Google My Business today first, because you will get a free listing on the homepage of Google. So for free, your business will be there on Google in the first page when they search for something similar for keywords and you will understand exactly what I mean in the next video, I'll show you all the steps and the keywords that people use, how to rank your business. So your business show up first in the results, which is what we want. So we are getting a free listing on Google search results. We also are pulling your business on Google Maps. So if I go here and I open Google Maps, here we are. I searched for the business, I see the business here and I also have all this information. I have pictures, photos, I have reviews. I can reserve a table right there in the Google Maps application. Okay. And also as a bonus by Google, you'll get a free Google My Business website and we'll show you also how to do that. Okay? This is powerful, this is fantastic. This simple strategy that will take you half an hour to implement can bring you lots and lots of new client and funds to your business. And I'll help you to that here. See you in the next video. 2. Why Google My Business is important to you: So why you need to start investing right now on Google, My Business? Why you need to spend the time here with me to create your Google, My Business profile. First, I'll give you four reasons here. First, there are billions and billions of searches every day, every minute, every second on Google, people go to Google to find new information. And if we have your business there when they search for keywords and I'll give you an example here. Or for phrases. Look for services to look for specific products for companies, your business will be there organically, so people will discover your business will have thousands and thousands of new people learning about your business, about your services, people that are around you, that are close to you or they can go there, they are looking for what you offer. And if we are there, they will become your clients. They will be interested on you, your company, your products. They will call your company to learn more about you. Also, we will put your business on Google Maps. Very powerful millions of people all over the world. They use Google Maps on your city or your neighborhood. Probably there are also hundreds and thousands of people that use Google Maps. How did your business there is great because when they are passing by your business, they will see your business there when they are searching for specific things for the type of products you have on Google Maps. For businesses like yours, your business will show there. So that's very powerful. Also, one thing that I absolutely love is that you can also sell products directly on your Google My Business account, and we will learn how to do that. Here's step-by-step. Okay, so let me show you an example here. I searched for paradise sparrows, for example. This is a florist on Coral Springs, Florida. So if I come here to their profile, I see the reviews. Everything is great, wonderful. And I can see at the bottom here they have products, so I see flowers here that I can purchase right here on their website or on their website, on Google's website, which is fantastic. They don't need to even go to your website to purchase some products. So let's say I want this one. They always on my mind option. So here I see the flower. If I like, it looks good. I can, with one click, call the company. You see here. I can just call them. Or I can click on order online in this button. And by clicking there, I'll be sent to their website where I can just complete the purchase. So this is very powerful. Why? Because you will be able also to sell your products organically without paying for ads right there on Google is powerful, also your basis in front of millions of new people. And we will do that step-by-step is an easy unframed process. So stay with me here in the next video. We will start doing that. And I see you there right now. 3. What do we need to get your business on Google: Before we start creating your listing hero, who were my business, Let's talk about what are the elements you need to create that listing. So Google have some requirements and this is super easy. I'm sure you have this, but you need to know and you need to prepare for this in advance. So what you need for specific elements, the first thing you need is a Google account or a Gmail account. So if you have a Gmail e-mail address already or you have a Google account, that's enough, That's all you need to start your Google My Business listing, but you need to keep one thing in mind. Remember that when you create your listing on data account, that will be the administrator account or your Google, My Business. So if you have like a business email address, if you have a business account on Google, I recommend you to use that. Or even better you can create if you don't have that and you have just a personal Gmail account, you can create a second Gmail account, a second Google account for with a business name just to use that for to manage your Google, My Business listing here on Google. Why? Because maybe you are, you are, you are managing that right now, but maybe later you have a teammate and you want to delegate that to another person. In that case, you will need to grant access to your account or you can add them as a son, as an administrator later as I will show you. So Gmail account is the first requirement. Second requirement is to have your business name. Probably you have a business name already. And initially to create this account, google recommends for you to use your legal name. So if you have a business name and you have your business legal name is a little bit different. Let's say I have, for example, Diego's bakery, which is my bakery and this example, and my clients, everybody knows the business and I show the business as Diego's bakery, but the legal name of the business, Let's say it's different. This idea goes bakery Florida. For example, of Diego's bakery group. Nobody knows my basis as Diego's bakery grew. Everybody knows maybe maybe isn't as Diego's bakery, but doesn't matter on this first step, Google's recommend for you to use the complete legal name of your company. Okay, later we can update that. I'll show you how to do is super easy and you will be able to do it later. The third element is unit to have a physical address, right? Because we are putting your business on Google Maps. Saw you need that physical address. You can add your address exactly as is showing on your company. And also you may be asking Okay, Diego, but I worked from home. I run my business from home. I don't want my business my home address to be publicly. They're on Google, right? I have I want some privacy. I don't want anyone to see my home address right. To come here. I don't receive people hero my business. If that's the case, the case I'll show you later in the course how you can remove that address so you have more privacy and it's still keeping your Google, My Business listing. But remember here to start and have your account approve your list in a proof, you need to use your physical address and doesn't, you can not use like PO Box or stuff like that. You need to use the real address you have. And also the last requirement, which is also easy, ease your company phone number. Why the company for number? Because as I show you here on the let me show you here, we come back to the phone as I insert in here for paradise parents, for example. And one of the big things on Google Maps and also in Google, My Business is the possibility of people calling you, right? If you have like a clinic, if you have some place where people, when you need people to call you, when you, let's say you do business. When people call your business, That's when you make money, right? If that's the case, a phone number is, of course is mandatory. And also you have the advantage when they are here on the cell phone. They can, with one click, they can just call your company. Okay, So these are the four elements unit. I hope you prepare that because in the next video, we are going ahead and we will start creating your account. See you there. 4. Creating your Google My Business listing: Okay guys, is tied to create your Google My Business listing right now, and we're doing these together, you and me here on this video. So stay with me to the end. We're going through the process step-by-step. This is EC is fun, and by the end of this video, you will have your listing created here on Google, My Business. Here we are in Google and using the browser, google Chrome. And you see that I'm already login with my e-mail. You see here on the top right-hand side that my photo is here, my big chart, that means an array login with my Google account. If you don't have it, remember that you can create one very easily by going into Gmail and create a Gmail account for example. One thing that is important to remember guys, these account you are creating now, these Google My Business listing under these accounts or make sure this is the right account you want to use for your Google account. For your Google, My Business listing. Okay, so now that we're ready, we can just go and search here for Google, My Business, or go to slash. It's all here. slash business. Okay. And now we are in the official Google My Business business profile. You see here all information about the, the business profile. This interface changes very frequently. So if you see something different here is storing normal Google updates, these every week, every month. So that's totally fine. And you can see here all the advantages will have by creating these Google, my business account, He's F3 is easy to do is personalize. And you will be amazed of the results of this. I'll show you later hearing this course, real case studies. You can see how many people are finding the business by just adding these least in on Google's super amazing and super simple. So you can add essential info, logos, photos were all doing all these together here in the course. So right now, what, you've got two options here at the top, you can click on sign-in or manage, doesn't matter which one you click is the same. So I'll go to sign-in, for example, open a new window and Nana ready here on my business or I already created these. And I'll show you how you can create one. But this is what you will see after you have your business created. You see here Diego's bakery, This is the business we are using here on these specific exemple in this course. So I'm going down to business. You don't have these right now, so don't worry, stay with me here and I'll create an ad single business, okay? So this is what you see when you click on Manage or sign-in and you're going to have a business yet on Google, this is what you will see and this is very easy and fun to do. You'll see you all went into this, just feel their fields here. So you see phi and manage your business, type, their visas name. So I'll type here Diego's bay carry. And Google is showing me all the Diego's bakeries that exists all over the war. You see we have one in Puerto Rico. I know it was important to Rico allowing us in Houston, Texas. And this is the one that we have, which is in Brazil in for anomalies, for an opal is a beautiful island in Brazil with 42 beaches around the island is amazing. So here is the bakery, Diego's bakery. But let's say we want to we don't have the business profile yet. So if I have it already, I can just click here and claim these business, in which case you clean the business. Sometimes Google creates great out automatically your business listing when your business is popular and people are looking for it. Google could create these least in automatically. So you can be surprised sometimes when you come here and you say, Hey, this is maybe say what is this going here if I didn't create it. So you can claim that, just claim that just by clicking here and following the steps, but we are creating one from scratch. So let's say that we are businesses, Diego's bakery. My yummy, for example. So you see if Google didn't find these one. So e is saying create a business with this name. Yes, that's what we want. So now we go to a next step on this interface guys changes also frequently. So maybe you will see different images here of different title. But all you need to do is just follow the steps are in your business information. So now we need to start building the profile. We have the business name, Diego's bakery Miami. And we can choose a category. Category is important because depending on the category you choose, we will have different tools later here too, to play with the manage and to use on your Google, My Business profile to attract more people to your business. But for now we're either in one category and later weekend, I'll show you how to change these categories so you don't worry about picking the right category right now. And also I show you how to add multiple categories so you have more tools on your Google, My Business profile. So I'll click here and I can type, I can start typing the kind of business I have. So if I have like education business so I can type a Du Gei Xiang and you see all educational center consultant institution. So all these options we have for education, let's say I have groceries, grocery store or grocery delivery, Korean grocery store, Indian grocery store. You see all the options here. Let's say we have our bakery, which is where we have, right? So let's go Bay carrying. Perfect, We have the perfect category for us, which is bakery. Also we have wholesale bakery, Chinese bakery weight in bakery and all these options. One important point, guys. If you come here and you say DAY, then find my category here is not showing is not exactly what I do. Don't worry about it. I recommend to peak the closest category you can find to your business do what you do. And later, we will explore that with more details. Google is always adding more and more categories. Sometimes we don't find the exactly the one that is perfect for your business on this case. Yes, we are a bakery, so this is the perfect for us. Next. Wonderful now is saying, do you want to add a location? Customers can visit like a store and office. Yes, we won that if you have a local business, if you have a store, if you have an address, this is the most important thing here on Google, my business, because people will search millions of times over the, over the weeks and the days of the month. A four-year keywords and millions of people can find your address, confine your business right away here if you have your address, so if you have allocation, you can say Yes, I do. So let's go next. And these will be, will add also your business to Google Maps, which is very powerful. So you choose your country here and you start typing your address and you will see recommendations by Google. Google is recommending some addresses here. So let's say that this is or address 300 know West 36 as treat and Miami, Florida. Let's say this is the one. This is just for test. Okay. I'll go next here. Excellent. Is your business. So in these locations, in this address or we add, there are other bakeries that are saying, Hey, wearing the same street. You see here, 278, Norway's 36, 197, and three hundred three hundred Norway's 36. So this is exactly the address, we just add it as a test. So either way, I'll say here, none of these are my businesses. Click on Next. Do you provide deliveries and home offices for your customers? So for example, if you visit or the liver for your customers, if you deliver food, you deliver goods, or you visit your customer's home to provide the services to a service, you can say yes here. If no, you can say no, I'll say no for now, but yes, we can add deliveries to your business. This is powerful so they can order their food or they can other order paradox for your business right there on the app. And you can deliver that the products to the customer's house. Okay, that we will talk about that in details later here in the cars. So I'll go next now. We can add the contact info. So you add your phone number here and the current URL of your website. So I'll add my number. And these needs to be a valid number, right? We cannot add Lake I generic invalid number because Google will verify the number. So we need to make sure he's right, right there. So let's say or a number is five or 35348638 for example, this is just a number that I just make up these narrow real number but probably is a valid number. So anew, if you have a website, you can add, you add your website here. So in my case, we add or website. And if you don't have a website, you can say, Hey, I don't have a website. And again, this is important for you that are watching the course. If you don't have a website or if you have a website that is not optimized, if you have a business website that is that you don't like or is not attractive, is not professional. At the end of this course, I will add a bonus section where I will teach you step-by-step how you can create your own website. You are professional website for your business that will show your product, your service as your about us page and everything you have in a professional way. So this is very important to you. So let's say that we don't have a website for known, but if you do please enter your URL here, I'll go next. Excellent. And now we have a way to verify they will, they will give a call to these numbers. So in order to create these, they need to verify your information, their phone number that you just enter. So you can choose the language and you can choose to receive a call if you want, or a text if you prefer, I can go to more options which I don't have any array now. And after this verification, you will complete your Google, My Business profile. Sometimes they, they can add more steps after disconfirmation. They would sometimes for some categories, because you saw that we have hundreds and hundreds of categories of business categories here, which is bakery for the scores for this example. So the penny of your category, Google may ask you more questions after these verification. But for most people, for most businesses, for most categories, this is the last step to create your Google My Business profile. So after verifying these, Google's will say, Hey, good, this is verify, everything looks good. Now let's move forward to confirm the least him. So you will have confirmed button and that's it. I hope you complete this. After this, you have your business on Google. Congratulations. And in the next video we are continue with the course and we are continuing managing everything that you create here it's step-by-step. See you there. 5. Getting to know the Google My Business interface : Let's take a look at the page at the interface here on Google, My Business. This is where you will manage everything about your listing, about your business, about the pictures and reviews, all of it about a business. Here we manage on the Google, My Business interface. So you can come here to business dot or if you want, you are you login with your Google account on this case? Here I am. This is my picture and I click on the menu here to open the apps and I see all the apps I have, and I have the Google might be an option here. I can, of course, of course, reposition this so as I want. So if I click here, click here on Google, My Business, my business will open right here. So in the left we have the main you, this is the main menu that we will use here. On the course. We have your company name, we have the address, the city, the country, everything is here. And here on the right, center right side, we have all the information about each item. So if we go here, we can create posts, we can change the information of your business, and we will do that in the next video. We can add menu food ordering week. As we can see the insight of your account. What is the one at the statistics, the data that Google is collecting about your visitors, about your listing on Google, My Business, we can see and reply to all the reviews messages for us, booking if you need book in for your business, I will have a complete model on booking that applies if your business requires booking for any thing that you do. For example, if you are a cleaning, you're a lawyer, you are an acupuncturist or any kind of business that requires that the customers need to book an appointment with you will have this option here and we will do it together here later in the course. We can add your products. We also have a model to that where we can sell your products directly right there on the homepage of Google, on Google My Business Services, same thing. We will have a small website of Google, My Business. And we can add users to your Google My Business to help you manage all this information. Somebody from your team or something like that. Okay, So come here to the interface business dot Familiarize yourself with all these options just explored here. Click on the options. Don't be afraid, nothing will break. Just explore an later here. From now on in the course, we will start customizes, customizing each one of these items to make sure your listing is super optimized and is ready to attract millions of new clients to your business. 6. Understanding Google Ranking My Business: Okay guys, let's talk about the SEO and the rankings of your listing on Google, My Business, we are very created your listing A's there. We will optimize here in this model. But first let me tell you, let me share with you, what are the requirements to rank higher? What are the things that Google look to? To say, Hey, your business will go first here on the results or even I will show your business or not. Here are the results for this user. So there are three main elements and I'll give you real examples here in this lesson. So stay with me to the end because this is important concept for you to know. So you can optimize, you know, what to optimize, to make sure you have the best results and the best rankings here on Google, my business, okay? So the first element number one is keywords. What are keywords? Keyword is basically the phrase or the word that anyone uses on Google to find information. So if I go to Google and I type something and I hit Enter, I hit search. That's the key word. The thing that I type. It can be award or it can be a phrase. For example, I come here to and I search for florists. Let's say I want to, I want to buy flowers and I see the results here. Google is showing me the map and all these business have the Google My Business listing. That's why they are showing here. So the first requirement, requirement is the keyword. So let's use an example. If I come here my type florist, what happened behind the scenes is this. Google say, Hey, there are millions of companies here around me, close to my house that are half a Google. My Business listing, some of them are coffee shops, florist, mechanical office, lawyers, Kleenex, or kind of business around me. There are hundreds and hundreds of business here around me, and all of them, Let's say for this example at everybody have Google, My Business listing. So everybody's ready to show up here on Google and somebody, joan coming into here to Google and he types florist, one job, type florist. We are talking about the first requirement to rank here on Google, My Business. So Google is saying, Hey guys, to all these hundreds and thousands of companies that haven't listing thing. Hey, the keyword is flurries. So only the people, only the businesses that are floras. Half the keyword that I relevant to, the keyword that this guy is typing that John is, is searching. Will keep here on the possibility. They will keep hearing the group that probably will show up in the result. So from these companies, let's say that we have 50 florist around my house, around my area here, right. So John came, hit his search for florists. Goal have 50 possible flourish. He can show up here on the map, right? But how do we decide that? So we are going to the second, the second requirement for ranking and that distance. So the first one is keyword, needs to be relevant to what this person is searching, of course. Second is distance. So I'm located in here and let's say I'm John, I'm here, and I tie florist. So Google have 50 companies that have the florist keyword around my area. And now with the distance, Google will see, okay guys from this 50 companies we have here, what is the distance that you are from the front John's location for the location of the client that is searching. So I'm here right now on the map and Google knows where I am and I served for florist. So Google is saying, okay, from this fifth floor, is that, uh, we have here Let's see who is closer. Okay. You are one mile away, you are three miles, you are four miles. You are 20 miles to fire you or seven mice. Okay? So Google sees which ones are closest to my location, to your location, to your location, to the client's location when he's searching. And he said, Okay, from this 50, we have now 10 florist that are right around these clients, locations that are close enough. What is close enough? We don't know. This is an algorithm that is private and nobody knows actually, so is random. So it can be one kilometer, ten kilometers, or miles depending on your business, depending on your location, depending on the city, depending on how many business you have around. If somebody is searching for florists and we have only two fluorines around. Maybe Google will say, Okay, these forests that is 20 miles away or let's say 15 miles away. Let's show this guy too, because we have to we don't have many, many options here. We have just a few florist, right? So first one is keywords needs to be irrelevant. The second one is distance for on the client's location, your business distance around. And the third one is the digital assets. What are the digital assets? These are assets are the things that you have online your own online presence. Do you have a website? How is your website, your rank? What is the Google a quality score of your website? Or you do have presence on social media. Do you have a YouTube channel which is Google's company to Google knows everything that happens on YouTube because they own YouTube, right? So do you have a YouTube channel? How many subscribers, how, how active are you are there? So they analyze your digital assets and that's another factor that will influence in the rankings, okay, also the reviews of course, goals here on the digital assets category. So if you have good reviews on Google, My Business and we will talk in details about reviews. I'll share the best strategy for you to get five-star reviews for most of your clients. And this is the third one. So every time somebody search something on Google, Google will analyze first the key word or the phrase they are tapping. Is this relevant to the business that we will show here on, on the homepage? Second, what is the distance from all these business that they are relevant? They have the keyword, they are flourish, they are coffee shop, they are restaurants which the clients are looking for. So how far are these business from the client's location? This is the second factor, and the third factor is the digital assets. Okay? What business have a better quality of digital assets is the third one. Okay? So keep that in mind. This is very important. And now without another we know this. We will start optimizing your business, optimizing your business name, your address, hours of working, and everything that is related with your business and with your Google, My Business listing to make sure what we want here guys, is to make sure that you rank higher, that your customers, when they see your listing, they love the pictures. You see the forest, they see the various reviews they see, and they click the call you, they book with you, and they buy your products and services. That's what we want, That's a goal. And let's, let's make that happen here with the optimization. See you there. 7. Optimizing your Business information: Let's optimize your website information. I'll show you how to do that here in this video and how you can change any information on how you can update any information here on your listing off Google, My Business. Here we are on data on Google and I search for a restaurant close by. My house here, which is called deja blue. It's a great restaurant. It has only four star reviews, but is Israeli like in the environment there is good. And this is their Google, My Business listing. This is what they see, what I see as a client when I come here to goal and I searched for this restaurant information. So I see the photos, I see the name of the restaurant. I see their website directions I can call, then I can reserve a table, the address, hours of service, all these informations, their reviews, everything about this restaurant is here. So how do they, if they let say I manage this list in Google, My Business listing, I want to update that. How do we do that? We come here to business dot and or you can come of course to your Google Apps in here when you login and you click on the apps, and here is Google, My Business. If you don't see it here, you can look around in the list and you will find it. So click on that. Your business will open here something like this. This is the interface, this change very frequently. So if for you is a little bit different, that's normal. You will still find the same options I'm showing you here. So here on the left menu, as we saw, we have all the options to customize and the one that we're using right now, you or me here in this lesson is info. So if I click on info, you see that here we have all the information about your listing here on Google, My Business I have the business name. I can change that. Remember that when we create it, this this listing, we said that we need to use the legal name of your business to have better chances to be approved by Google, right? And now let's say we want to change that. So Diego's bakery is my company. I want to change that so I can come here to the pencil to edit. And I can just make a change here goes bakery 10 to, for example, let's say that's the name of our business so I can apply and this will change the name. Remember that every time we added anything here on Google, My Business, we have review process. So you see here at the bottom says edits maybe reviewed. It can take up to three days before your edits are visible and visible on Google search will map and Google services, so that's normal. They take up to three days, but it's usually faster than that. So I will cancel this for now. And here we can also change, we can update the category, and this is a big one. And this is important. You see, the category I choose for this one is bakery. Why? Because he's a baker, is Diego's baker. But depending on the category you have, you will, your menu here on the left will change. So if I choose a different category, maybe 1.5 bookings or maybe I won't have products and services. So if I choose a restaurant or something that requires booking and requires food delivery, you see here food ordering. It will have this option. If I change this from Bakery to, for example, let's say massage clinic or something like that. I won't have the option of food ordering here. So keep that in mind. If your menu is different is because any viewed if you don't have a category available here, the menu is probably because your cat, your main category of the business is not qualify for that option, right? So if I click here, I can edit this category at anytime. And also this is important. I can add extra category, additional categories. So I come here and I click on Add Another category. Let's say we want restaurants. Restaurants. And click Apply. So now, let's see. I will have two categories. I have the bakery and the restaurant category, and this is under review. And that's why we talk about every time we made a change, Google will have to review this. Usually the review is an automatic my automated system, but sometimes it takes longer because a human needs to take a look at the changes you made. Okay, Excellent. Next, we have the address. You can change the address here. You can change the service area. And most people ask, what's the difference between the address and the service RS? The others is exactly where your business is located, right? This is important to be very accurate because we want people to find that on the map. When they go to the map, they type your address, they find your business, or when they find your business on Google, your address is there, they can just click and calf navigation. Directions to where they are, to your location, so your address, right? And the service areas. This is different because this is where you serve as a business. For example, I can have a business here in, let's say Miami, Florida, and my business located here in downtown Miami. But I serve cities around my business. So I serve for Lauderdale, I serve Key West. So different areas around my business I can serve and I can change that. They clicking here on the pencil so I can add these locations. I add different cities here. Maybe this is located on this example in Brazil. So you see that I add the main city where the business is located. And also I I add two more cities where we serve. So this is the areas where you serve. Even if you are located here in Miami, you can travel and you can take care of clients around these other areas, these other cities. This is very important because will help Google to show your results as relevant way even if somebody is not in your same location. So if I'm here in Miami and I have somebody in for loud, they searching for my service to her Diego's bakery offered something that I do really a keyword that is related with my business. I have a chance, I have good chances to show in the results because why? Because this is one of the areas I serve. Also, we have the time here we can define. Let's see, we click on the pencil. You define the hours that you are open or close or close. So you can this is optional. I recommended to have that if you if if in your case this is necessary, let's say you open for the public from a to a am to 10:00 PM or something like that. You can add hours here for different days. So I can add Wednesday for example, let's say Wednesday we open ten AM instead of eight to 10 PM, for example. And of course you have the option to do 24 hours. And if you have a break for lunch, you can add hours here. You can say, okay, open from ten to see he 212. And I open front Chu pn to ten AM and PM arginine. If you have a break for lunch, let's say. So you apply this, of course this will be under review again. You see how it is right now. Also, you can add special hours. That is, if you have like a holiday or something like that, or you'd have different hours, one day or another. You can add that here. You can select the holidays and confirm the hours for these dates. This is very, very important because some people may look for your business, for your services during holidays or during the weekend, and it's good to have these special hours already. This is the phone number. Of course, you can add a website here at the end of this is important. At the end of this course, we have a bonus section where I will share with you how you can build a professional website for your business if you don't have one yet. So I'll show you using WordPress. You don't need to have any knowledge on WordPress, on programming or anything like that, is just clicking and dragging things around. And by the end of the process, amazing. You'll have a super professional website. I'll show you how to do a step-by-step. Even if you have never created a website, even if you have no idea of how to do it, we'll have that ready for you and the bonus section at the end. Okay. Also later he, in this model we'll talk about adding a menu, other links, products and services, all this information we have also ready for you what I want to talk with you in the next video is this area here, which is the description. This is important and let's talk about it in the next section. 8. Optimizing your business description: Okay guys, let's talk about the description of your business, which is important because the description is a way that you have to tell your clients more about your business. And I'll share strategies that will help you to write an irresistible description here let me show you an example. Here we have on a keyword on Google, we are here still on the Deja vu example, right? This is a restaurant. So if I scroll down, I see here, this is their description. So you see, we invite you to experience the culinary flavors and vibrant cultures of the countries of the Mediterranean. Deja vu is Inspire on the ribose flavors of Italy, France, Spain, Greece, nor Africa. You get the idea. This, this description is good, is optimized. So what do we need to do to create and super optimize description for your business. The main thing that I want to invite you ease these, keep in mind that your clients or people that maybe are not your clients yet, most people are in this category, people that are looking for services, for products that you offer. They will find your listing on Google, My Business, and they will scroll down and read more about your business. So you need to get there on that description. You need to get to their heart. Do you you need to watch your customers hard with this description. So how do you do that? First, you put yourself in their shoes and you think, what is the thing that they are looking for when they are looking for a business like yours, for example, if I'm looking for a restaurant, in this case the shovel and look into experience flavors. I want different food. I want, I'm talking about me personally. I want to try different scenes from different countries. I like DIE via a variety. And they, that's exactly what they are showing here as you see on their description, right? That's what they are saying. So I recommend you to think about that. Put yourself in your customers shoes. And first thing is, okay, what they are looking for. And the second thing, which is the most important, that this will make the difference on your discreet, on your description is what is the transformation that your business is Gaussian on these costumers life, okay? So what is the transformation that you, your products, your services are doing and producing on your customer's life, right? And use a DAY. I don't know. I'm not sure what transformation undoing. I'm just a restaurant. Yeah, You are just a restaurant and just a bakery, but maybe on my bakery, I produce the best, the absolute best organic and healthy bakery products for you to enjoy with your family and half magic moments with that. So the idea here is to get a little bit sentimental and carry your customer in a trip with you. So what is the ideal? This is another tip to think about it. What is the ideal experience that you could have in a business like yours? So for example, if I have a restaurant, let's say I have a restaurant and I offer these kind of, well, let's say Italian for what is the idea? The best, the top experienced that anyone can have a my at my restaurant, right? That they can feel and just making things up here. Let's say they can have the best food, they can have the best flavors. They can spurious different flavors. They can enjoy wine. They can feel at home in the environment. They can be so happy with the service that you offer any restaurant that they want to come over and over and over. So think about that. What is the best experience that somebody that you make up on your head could have on your business and use that as your description. And remember, what is the transformation you procure services are doing or your business life on the, on your clients like, that's the best way to think about it. Okay. So when you have when you come with that description on the panel, we come to the info or information menu. And here at the bottom we have the description. So I click here and I just start typing. Welcome to Diego's bakery. Here, we make the best bakery bread, let's say, for you and your family. Organic ingredients. And always made with love. We hope to see you here. Or you can say, this is a call to action at the end is important to you can add a call to action. We hope to see you here. Or I can say, come here to the bakery and experience this, all this flavor yourself, you know, come here and have this experience. Think about that when I'm ready, I click on Apply here. This is saving, is ready is under review right now. And that's how you add your business description. Think about that in, invests 1520 minutes, thinking optimizing your description. Save it here, and I see you in the next video. 9. Creating Posts on Google My Business: Great imposed on your Google, My Business profile. This is a great way to keep your customers update at new products promotions you have or updates on your business if you one day you are close or any information that you want to share with your customers is also a great way. And a lot of these, because this tool can help you to build a trustful relationship between your business and your customers. And this is the most important thing we want to build these relationships with your customers. Solid me, show you how you can pause and why this is important. I'll also show you why, how you can see how these will show up on your business profile and on Google Maps, how your customers will see these, all that we'll see on this video. So stay with me. This is great. Here we are on the ego's bakery. This is the business. We create it as an example on this course. And we have deposed option heat on the main menu. So you see here keep your customers, update it and sharing news. And I'll create here my first pose or create your first post. This is where we have and here are the options available for us right now this changes all the time. And also the pants of the category you selected, you will have the different options here at the top, right now we have a COVID-19 update that we can add for the costumer. So you see, we can create just an update here. We can add an offer. So if you have an offer of a product or service promotion that you are coming up with, you can create that on your Google, My Business profile, you can add a paradox. So you see here product photos, product name, you can add the price and everything here on this option. Let's go to an X1 is what's new. Again for us, you can write a post and you can also add our call to action, a button that they can click and go to a specific website or you have an event, if you say, hey, let's do a baker. Baker in event here on the ego's bakery, people will learn how to bake. And we are teaching that to our clients, how we will share the best recipe we have for, let's say, chocolate cake or something like that, or, or bread on this event. So I can add photos, event title, and I can add the dates, right? So let's use, let's take a look here. Let's use these for what's new. Okay, so let's say we have coming up baking class in presence in person here at the bakery for our clients, but we don't have a date yet. This is just something that is coming up in the future. We are still planning, but we want to let people know about these bakery baking class that we are doing here on the bakery. Okay, so let's do that super-simple look at this. We can add photos and videos. We can add up to 10, as you see here on the corner right, 0 to 10. So all I need to do is just drag the photos and videos here. So I have 1, 4, 0, which is this, just download from And I will add these, I will use these on these events so I can come here and select the folder. So click on the photo and I can drag the photo here on this area. It's uploading now. Excellent. The four here, wonderful. I can add more photos or videos here. And now I can write a post. So let's say that we are doing baking class. Do you want to learn the best recipe for a delicious chocolate cake? Clique? Below for details about the event. For example, I'm just making things up here. And here we can publish or we can add a call to action, let's say book or they're aligned by learn more. In this case, learn more. And here we add the link. So if you have a website and you can create a page with information for this event for example, or if he's a product, you can you can share the link where your product page is. So in this case, let's see that. Let's say that we have these diego, the slash baking, for example. This is not a real pages just as an example. So I can click on preview. And BCS. Look at these, this is looks professional. This is what people will see on my Google, My Business profile here on Google and also on Google Maps, they will see the image. If I have more images or more videos, they can switch between them. And this is a great image of somebody making bread with this is why we want to share with clients baking class. Do you want to learn the best recipes for a delicious chocolate cake? Click below for details. So if they click on Learn more, they are going to my page, to my website where I have the details, which is not a rare so I just clicked, but this is not a real webpage, so it won't work. But you get the idea, right? This is the page where you will send people so they can learn more about your event, about what you are post in here. So if I click on Publish, this is published. Now, you see we have here and their pose. If I go to Home and let's go back to pose, you see, we have an on an, all I have which is posed to us now. This is a baking class and we will see here later insights about how many people are sharing this pose, how many people are clicking, how many people are viewing these? All these is available here for us. Also, I can viewports on search. Let's check that. So I I, I went to Diego's bakery. Let's see. Sometimes take a minute to show to show here. Let's see Diego's bakery, your business profile. Yes, not showing here yet. But they take some time to show up in search, but you get the idea. You can check here how it looks like on Google Search also. Also, of course, you can delete an edit this pose. This is just a test, so I will delete this for now. Excellent. And again, I can create another one with an offer of product. I can put the product name, the date of the promotion, and also I can add coupon codes and all these cool stuff here. Also a product, you see the price of the product description and I can say, Hey, buy this product here, here's the link. So all these tools are available for you here on the post on Google, My Business, I hope you use these. Think before you jump to the next video, I want you to stop now. And think how you can use these to grow your business. What can you share on polls and come up at least with five ideas. You can create one product polls, you can create a promotional offer, an event. All this is available to you. So before we continue on justice diary, learn in the next theme, I want you to stop here and write down on a piece of paper or in your computer, five, pose ideas that you will actually pose here on your business profile right away after we do this, okay, think about that and I see you in the next video. 10. Adding your Menu to Google My Business : If your business, ISA restaurant or any kind of business, they have a menu that people can order for an ammonium. You can add that here to Google My Business profile. If you, if your business doesn't have a menu, if you don't, don't work with menu, if you CB Snow, not your case. You can jump to the next video. Excellent, So here we are in the Google, My Business profile of the ego's bakery. And here on the right and the left menu, we have the sorry, in the left menu, we have the menu option, yes. So here we see, and this option I have it only be gas, the category a selected, I selected the bakery category. So if you have a different category, if you have education or IT, or something like that, you may be probably you want to have this option of menu and also you wouldn't have the food delivery option, right? Because you are not food delivery or a food preparation business. So if you are here with me and if you'd then jump to the next video, yes, you need a menu, you have a menu. So let me show you how you add here that on Google, My Business, let's click on menu. And here we have the option to add a photo of your menu. Honestly, this is actually a photo of the rail, many of the physical menu you have. If I click here on C examples, you can see that we have, this is the same photo of customers will be able to see your menu. Photo selection on visas may profit. So this is what they recommend. These are photos of actual menus of the restaurants. So if you have one of these, you can take a picture and add the photos here. So you can add many photos. All you need to do is just click on Add 40 and upload the photo here on this area. Also, you can add specific all the islands you have here. Item by item with the name and the price of the item description here on this area. So let's say we have, for example, lunch. This is the menu for lunch. You see examples here larger the inner appetizer or February. This is the category of the menu. And within lunch, I can enter the selection. Let's say we have like French phrase for $10. We can either eat item description if I want. I want at it because everybody knows what a French phrase is. So Annex, I can add a cheeseburger. That cheeseburger is 15 bucks at. Also, I add in here on your rings for seven. So you see that it's adding here, I will cancel now is adding heat to the lounge, their lunch option, all these things. So I can add another menus, menu selection for dinner, for example, and do this same process again, okay? This is how you add your items here. You can add item by iron or you can add just the pictures of your actual menu. With that, you are ready with the menu on. People will be able to see your menu every time they go to Google, Google Maps. Like in here, for example, the click on the restaurant and they will see the menu here on the menu option. You see here we have the menu option. These will be available for your company. They will be able to click on this. See your menu and maybe order online or order food online. I'll show you how to that leader here in the course. Okay, So do that and I'll see you in the next video. 11. Products to Google My Business: In this section, in this video, we will add your products here on Google, My Business. And the good thing is that now when we have your products here, your customers on people that follow you, people and find you on Google. They can purchase your products directly on the Google homepage. And this is super powerful. I'll show you how easy is to that to do that. And these can increase your sales. You can start selling your products even without pain for add two, without promotion, you can sell your post organically own Google. And this will be in front of millions of people all over the war on your CD or on, on their neighborhood, you have your local business. Let me show you how this work in the practice. So here we are on paradise petals. This is the, this is a florist here close to my home, and this is the Google My Business pulls the listing there we see and we see here all the elements and below we see Brother Luke's, DC's, what we want to look at these being of all the products or some of them, least here. So I can browse the pros, I can see the flower that I lie. Let's say I like this one, the sunshine. And that's the assumption and clear skies. So when a colleague on the product picture this, you see that a popup window opens here and we are still on Google homepage here. Here we are Google homepage steel here. We just have a pop-up. And of course here we have the phone numbers are right there. If I have any problems or if I want just to order with the company, I can click here and make a font Cong really powerful. Or I can see the product image, the description, the price. And I can click here to order their own line. So if I click here, I will be forward to this website, their website, paradise pillows website, and I can complete the purchase they're adding may credit car or playing with Apple Pay or anywhere that they offer people and other and options does that's up to you. So from here, when we click here, you need to have an online store. Where do you offer your products and services or if you don't have. So I miss USA Diego, I don't have my online store yet. So in this case, you can add here the URL to your homepage. You can do that too. So when they click here, they go to your homepage where they see more information about your company, about the products and they can just call you to complete the purchase. Okay, So this is what we are doing here on this section. This lecture is specifically, so let's go back here to the Google, My Business administration panel. And here in the menu we have the option products and remember the view them have paradox here. That's normal. That is because you have a different category. So if you don't see products, you can go here. Let's see. We go here to info. And you can see the categories you have on this case. We have bakery and restaurant, because we have these categories. We have products. You, if you have a different category, you may not have that. And that's how Google works. We have now we can not change that so big and products now. And here we click on Get Started. And this is super, super simple. Look at this. We need to add a photo of your product, product name. Choose the category. We set up a price, and we have an optional bottom. If you want to order online by Livermore, get an offer and we save. That's it. That's all we need to do. We are talking here about the ego's bakery. I don't have a 40 actually because this is just a company that we are using as an example on the course. So I can pick up some photos here on if you don't know, is a powerful website where you can get unlimited, 100% free, royalty-free images to use on your marketing, on your, on your company, on your ads, or as products. So it's up to you. Of course, I recommend you to use the actual photo of your products like in this case, right on paradise sparrows, They have their real photos of their flowers here to choose. So it's always good to have your own forest. But of course, because we are talking about Diego's bakery, Let's start here. For bakery. We can choose just a sample. Let's say we use this one. Okay? So let's, let's see. Let's take this one here. Okay? So I will download this. Excellent. Here we are. And now I go back to the, the Google My Business, I will drag and drop the photo here. So you see it's uploading. This is how the photo looks like. You can resize using this button if you want to, or you can delete an upload, a new one if you prefer. So let's use these, let's say began hall, we bred. This is a big whole wheat bread. We can, we can have categories if you want. So we don't have any categories now because it's the first product, I can create a new category in here. So let's say this is breads. I can chose to surprise. Let's say this is an $18. The product description, we can use these as optional too. And we have a call to action at the end, which is the button right? If I click here, you see this button here or the online. This is a call to action, a weekend add at the end. So you can have none, which I don't recommend or their own line by learn more or get an offer. So let's say order online and when they click on that button where they are going. So in this case, I will send them to my website, of course, and just type in on my homepage here, which is not recommended. I recommended to send them to your product page. So in this case will be like deal slash flowers or let's say bread, right? For example, let's suppose that this is the final URL where they can actually buy my product. So that's where we want to send them. Safe, excellently saving here. Now we have the product. So if I expand them because of course they are review. And if I click here, I can view these old information. I can edit if I want. That's up to you. Okay. So see it on Google. Let's see how it looks on Google. So I open these Diego's bakery. We have all the information. And here when he's asked to read a review because it's under review right now. As you see here pending. We'll see here on my post. Okay, so if I want to add more products, all I need to do is click on Add Product, do the same process and I can add more and more probes. You see that now we have the category already created. So if I want a new category now, I can say, okay, now we want suites. Let's say it's a new category so you can add different categories for your product. This is how you add your products here in Google, My Business, I hope you do this and I see you in the next video. 12. Services on Google My Business: Now that we added the paradox here on your Google My Business listing, we can add the services. You see that next option here is services. And remember again that this option, these services option is not available for all the categories. So depending on the category you have for your business, you may not have the services option here, so keep that in mind. Click on Services. Let's take a look. This is what we have. Remember that the primary category that I have for my business is bakery, right? Because we have that category, we Google is suggesting some some services that week we may provide on the business. And we all we need to do here is just click on the options that apply for us. And we will start seeing these on the list in how it shows on the listing. So let's take a look on, on paradise para, that is the example we are using here. So you see here the service option, this is what we are adding here with the service menu. In-store shopping, in-store pickup, and delivery on this case, right? These are the services that these companies selected here on Google, My Business, and on Diego's bakery. We can select, for example, bakery bread delivery. Let's say we do delivery, we do breakfast, we do online sales, and we have vegan diets to, and wedding cakes for example. So if I save this, we see all the categories. Him. I also add a second category, which is something you can do if you want. The second category is Restaurant. And I can add different services for that second category too. So I can add here. And I will say, for example, Diener. We can say vegan food. Let's save these. Excellent. And when we have all the categories here, I can click on them if I want. Let's say we have like delivery. So delivery, we have three, let's say free delivery. We can say, okay, enjoy free delivery in all purchases. For example, safeties. And we see now that these is showing up here. So this is powerful because you're adding more information to your released in their own Google, My Business, or if I want to charge, let's say it's a fixed price of $5 per delivery. And let's say, so we save, and this is showing up here. Of course. Let's go back to free. Excellent, So this is how you can add the services here on Google, My Business. I hope you do that and I see you in the next video. 13. What is the Scheduling button and how it will help your business : Let's talk about Booking here or Google My Business. This is a very powerful option that you can add if your basis require bookie and I'll give you examples here so you understand exactly what we're talking about. If you have a business like, for example, a dental clinic that required that people book an appointment with you. This is great. The supplies and I'll show you how you can add. The appointments are rehear so people, what is this important? Because when I am looking for this service, let let's say I'm looking for a dental care service. I found when I find the company, I can with one simple click, click on this link, scheduled my appointment without even calling the company. And this is very powerful. This will help you to gain new clients and new appointments to complete the upper limits, even without talking to people, which is amazing, right? This is the power of digital marketing in action. So if you have like a clinic, if you have a consulting service, if you have a massage place, if you have any business that requires an appointment, even a call, that doesn't need to be something where people go like an a cleaning. You go there physically. If you have even an online appointment system that you let's say you do consulting online about X topic. And you require that people sign for an appointment, that the book an appointment with you to do the consulting. Let's say you can do that here easily on Google, My Business, and this is what do we do it? So let me show you this in action. We will use these company as an example. So again, here we have the appointments option. There are several tools we can use for an appointment and we will do that together in the next video. So you see here who have some of the tools that they offer that you can use to create these appointment or you can even use your own website you have for short. So what we are, we're doing the integration with the tool in the next video, step-by-step. So let me show you this in action. If I can click here, and I like this, okay, I see the reviews. This is close to my place. Perfect. I like Let's do an appointment. I just click here on the link. And being redirected to their appointment system where I see what type of employment would you like. So I see here, for example, and a new patient, new patient and cleaning, let's say adult cleaning for for example. And they have a follow-up question. Do you have insurance? Yes, I have no, I don't have insurance. I pay myself. So here you can choose day the provider. So this is very, very powerful. So I want you to think about these and how you could implement on your business. In the next video, we are doing that step-by-step. 14. Adding Photos and Videos to Your Google Profile My Business: Let's talk about the videos and photos of your business here on Google, My Business, I'll show you an example right now. And later hitting this lesson, we'll go ahead and upload your videos, your photos of your company so people can see it. So all new clients can see it. People that are interested on what you have, your products, your services. They can see the videos, they can see the photos. And that's a huge, That makes a huge difference, a huge impact on your future clients. So basically when somebody is looking for a service and they find a business that have a 40 day. They have photos, they have logos, all the pieces information there, and they have another one that they are comparing and the other one doesn't have these information, doesn't have the videos there, the forest. They will probably go with the first one to have more information. So I'll show you exactly what we're doing here and we will implement these right now here on this video on your Google My Business profile. Who are here? We are on Google Maps. And we have here the little Urbana bar and restaurant grill. This is a restaurant, and you see here on the left, the Google My Business profile, this is what they created here on Google My Business. So you have here the, the address, the open hours, the menu, all the information about their business I went to we are doing now is we're taking a look on the pictures. So if I click here on the picture, this is the main image of your business, of these business specifically. So if I click here, we can see pictures of the food. We can see picture of the logo that drinks, how the bars looks like, how it looks like for an oath psi, the sitting area. All this information is vital for your clients so they can what they can see these and they can decide, yeah, I like this place, I like these business. Let me go ahead and go there and buy from these company, from these products, the services, right? And at the top here you see some categories and I'll show you how you can create these categories and how you can add more information about it. More photos and videos here. So you see the latest, this is basically in chronological order, the medium. So you see a photo of the menu, you see photos, photos of the menu. This is AD by the owner or also add by, can be added by clients. So you see all the four of germanium foods and drinks they have for us off the foods and drinks, the biv of the vibe of the place, right? The decoration, how it looks like, everything here, the photos and videos at by the owner and the 360 photos and 360 videos from inside or outside. This is what it looks like around it. And you see that we can also go to these other businesses. You see that they have information also about these other businesses who with one click, I can jump to the next one if I don't like this. And there are videos to the rpoS by clients that go there and shared their experience. So how do we do all these on your Google, My Business, super easy. Let me show you here. Here we are in for us on the left menu. And when we come here, we have all these categories at the top, we have overview by honor, which are all the media ad by the owners of their place, by customers, everything that is asked by customers, 360 degrees 360 degrees videos or photos. All the videos are here for us from the interior of the place, exterior products, food and drink or more categories. So this is fantastic and I recommend you if you said Diego, this is too much, I don't have all these photos. How I will do that, I recommend you to add at least what iss here on overview. Okay? So the first thing that we need to add, and this is very important because he's the face of your business, is your logo. So you click here and you can upload your logo, the logo of your company. These will show up on Google and Google Maps. It will help your customers to find and to identify if they already know your business. If they, they will associate your logo with your brand, with your company, with your products, your services, and that's basic and that's mandatory on digital marketing and regular market into. So this is a must have in your logo here on the main profile of your Google, My Business right now the logo is set up by this. You see, this is a photograph by a costumer of my business or Diego's bakery, which is not a real business, is just a business we're doing for training here on the course. So that 40 and a costumer actually add these 40 from Google Maps. You see that it's for Walmart because it has these 360 degrees arrow here. Also, the second thing I want you to add here on your profile is the corner. What is the cover? You see your cover photo should showcase the personality of your business. Think about what's the message you want to send to your costumers? Two or two people that are new customer, that will be new customers, potential customers that are searching for you on Google Maps. What is the device that you want to share with them? What is the EMI I recommend to use here an image that will inspire these people, an image that will motivate them that we call the attention and invite them to go to your business. Think about that. Think about your personality as a business. And you can add a quarter here. Also, it's recommended to add a video showing Trinitarian more about your business, about the story of your business. If you said Yeah, I don't have a video about it. You can just grab your smartphone putting in selfie mode or put it on a tripod and started recording you as a business owner or you as a manager, or do you can call them the owners. Doing a quick interview, a 12 minute interview, just sharing what your story, what is your mission, why you are in business and inviting people to come to you, right? This is important. Too. Many visas are not using this on this way, but he's important. Imagine if you as a customer see a VDI. If you are looking like for a service and you see a Google My Business boasting with a video with the CEO or the, or the owner of the business, inviting you, telling you about the business, about their mission, about why they want to accomplish how they take care of the base of the customers. Take talking about the products, why they are fantastic and inviting you to come here to the business, or probably you will choose the one that has these video also is good, especially if you have a local business to add photos of you, the interior of your business. So people can see, in the case of a restaurant is very important how it looks like for an insight, right? If you have food and drinks, of course, you can add photo of that foot off of your menu in case you have menus. And all these you can add easily here on the Google ads, on the profile manager for your Google, My Business, I hope you do this. This is simple and fun, is really fun. And you will see that Europe listing will look much professional and, and costumers will be attracted to that. If you have all these assets, all these media sharing, what you are as a business and showing about your products and your services. I hope you do this. And I continue with the course in the next video. 15. Why reviews are important to your business: Let's talk about the reviews and why they are important. This is a gray, gray section. I invite you to watch every single lesson here on this section because we're not just talking about reviews, what they are important, but we will share with you, they are good at strategy that you're going to start implementing right now on your business. And we'll show you that step-by-step so you understand and you can implement these right away. So by the end of this model, you will have an astrology running that will help you to get five-star reviews on your Google listing. So why the reviews are important here? Because the reviews are the main thing that we use to find services. Let's say I just moved here to this area and I want to find a dental care service. So I come to Google and I search for dental. And I see here all the dentist We have on my area. Here we are. This is my aria where I located right now. So if I click here, we can see all the businesses. They have a my house, let's say around where I am located. And I can find here on the list and I can see the reviews, the first shoe or ads, and the first one at the top we have a five-star reviews, a 128 reviews to right. So this is fantastic. Next we have a 4.9, we have a five. Is tyros again 4.2, let's see four. We have 4.3, so 3.9. So when I am here looking for a service, what are the things that will make me personally? And you can ask these questions to yourself, to one of the things that will help you, that will help you decide which service to get. Mainly the reviews, right? So I come here and I said maybe I don't want these that have 4.2. I don't know, maybe they are good. And just looking at the reviews here, this is how I choose services myself personally. Maybe you, these util the same. I think millions of people are all over the world. They see the reviews. That's why they are important, and that's where our way Amazon is so successful because one of the main things is that they have millions of products and they have millions of reviews where a real buyers are saying, hey, this product is great or this probe is not great, so don't buy it or yes, byte. So you read the reviews, you take a look on the reviews to the site if you will bite or not. So looking at this, what I choose, this is a real example. I look at these and an H choose this one tomato, tomato, they enter care. Why? Because they have 128 right now, five-star reviews. And this is out standing on when we're talking about digital marketing. Why? Because they have amazing reviews and that's why they are here first also on the results when one of the reasons, right? So we see here a picture of the company. We have all the reviews. This is my review. I am actually a patient there. So you see here? Here I am. And we can read the reviews. We see all the information about the company and this is what we want for your company. I'll share with you as a case study what this company is doing and did with me. I'll show you what they send me to get my five-star review. So you can be inspired by this and you can use these if you want. This strategy on your business too, okay, This is why this is important. In the next video, I'll show you exactly how they are good. They got this, this exact company got my five-star review here, as you see me here, and I'll show you that in the next video. See you there. 16. Case Study: Tomalty Dental Care: Let's look at this case study of this company that is getting 100, more than 125 star reviews. A 100 percent of them are five-star reviews, how they are doing that or how you can use a similar strategy to do the same. Let me show you here. Here we are. This is one of the real clinics where I go for my dental care. And I went there. You can see on my cellphone here, this is a text message I got I got from there. I went there for a cleaning on September 16 in the morning. And you see here these texts, September September 16th at 08:44 PM. And he's saying How was your appointment with Thomas denture care reply from one to 55 being the best. So they send me just that message and I just click F5. I said, Okay, I text five. Because I text them five. They replied to me, wow, we're trill, you are happy. It will be great if you help us with our review, right? And they sent me a link here. So if I click on this link load, load, what happened? I click on this link and I, my cell phone opens right there in the, in the reviews area where I can select the number of stars I want to give to this company. I already, you see that I already gave, gave them five-stars and I can click post at the top. So this is super easy and they are using this strategy to get lots and lots of five-star reviews, which is fantastic. So what they are doing here guys, they are basically going to their clients and they are asking every time after a visit, Hey, how would you qualify the visit today, the experience that you have with us today from one to five. And if you say five, they send you the link for the review. That's it. So how do they get the link? Isa? You can let, let me show you an example here. If we go to paradise pillows, which is another company, we come here to reviews and I can write a review. So I click on Write Review and you see the stars here. So the link, the URL at the top is the URL that I will copy. And I'll show you how you can do this step-by-step in the next video, how you can do the whole system. And if I open a new window, let me close these. Let me open a new window here and paste the link. You see that we open right there on the, on the reviews window. So this is very powerful. They are identifying their clients that the law of their products that love their services. And they are They are saying, Hey, you like it, you love it, Okay, Your reply five-stars. So leave a review, let people know about the experience that you have. Fantastic strategy. You can do these also, not only and you say, I'm not sure how to send these text messages. How do I create that short link that you send that, I'll show you that in the next video. You can do this not only as a text message, you can do this as an email reply. So instead, if you don't have their phone number, if you just have their e-mail, you can reply with an email every time they have an interaction with your company or maybe the first time they have interaction, you can reply saying, hey, how was your interaction with us away? Do you like the service, do like the products you, you got? And if they reply five, you can shoot another email with the link saying, Hey, this is the link. Please leave us a review. You can add the link also on your auto responder. When you are sending out automatic emails, you can add the link for a review, asking people for reviews. You can add them to your receipt and to other places on your business, do your website maybe. So there are lots and lots of options that you can do. This is a simple, simple strategy of identifying what are the clients that really loved the service and asked him for a review? And I don't, I'm not sure about what is data strategy when people qualify with a lower number. But one thing that you can do, you can do is schedule a phone call with them or you can follow up with a phone call saying, Hey, what happened, why you qualify it as which chew or with one was what's the reason? How can we improve? And you can tell when they're on the phone and maybe later asked him for a five-star review if they agree with you. Okay. So this is some case study of a company that is getting a 100 percent five-star reviews. I hope you like it. I hope you think on how you can implement this on your business. This is the main thing I see is not just to learn what others are doing is lair, What is working, but also thin and think on why, how you can implement this on your business, on your marketing strike. Okay, let's do that and we continue with the course in the next video. 17. Creating a short link to get more reviews: Okay, let me show you the strategy that you can use to generate more reviews on your Google, My Business profile, I'll show you step-by-step the example that I showed you in the last case study, in the last video that you watch on this course and the prior video to this one. We will do the exact same strategy here on this video. So you can start using these right away and shared this link with your customers via email, via text message or as you wish. Okay, so the first thing we need to do is to find your business here on Google or on Google Maps. I recommended to come here on Google. So you have more options if you cannot find your business on Google for some reason, you can come here to your business, a profile and scroll down to business. Here is your business and click on see your profile, right? Excellent. And here we see the profile if you don't have any reviews yet, this is first everybody that don't have any reviews. If you have a review already, I'll show you in a minute here how you can get the link. Okay, So if you don't have any reviews here, we have the ego's bakery, excellent. And we scroll down here on their posts and we see under reviews, get through your first review or get reviews, you can click here, get your first review. Here we have the URL, this is the URL we are copying. And this if we just paste this URL, if we take a look on it, we see that is a URL that when somebody clicks on it, it automatically opens our review window so people can I login already here with my account? So you can see that people right here, they can give you their stars from one-to-five. They can write the details, they can pose for photos if they want, and they can click on Post. I won't do this right now because I am the owner of the company. I mean, doesn't make any sense. I'm pulling our review on my own company, right? So I just canceled for now. But this is how the link that we just got is the way that you can share with your customers. But if we take a look on that line, you see that he's a long link, is g dot page slash ours last CC KM is a long link is not an looks spammy. So to make it look better, we can use a service which is a short link service like Bitly. So if you are on Google, you can search for beat dot L-Y. So BIT dot SLI. And you do see that this is a URL shortener. So I open this, I create an account. I already logged in with my account here. And I click on Create here at the top. So unready to create a new short link here. So the log link is the link that we have for reviews, which is this link I just got from Google, My Business. So I'm getting this link and I will transfer, I will ask bitly which is disservice to transform it in a small leak in a short link. So I will click Create here. Anew is asking for title. This is optional. And you see that the new link is this. Bitly is last three fm, and we can also customize these. So I'll add here Diego's bakery, for example. This is a unique link. So if somebody already created the ego's bakery here, I won't be able to do it. So let's see if he's available. Okay, it is. So the new link for reviews is slash Diego's Baker. It way easier than sharing the whole original link, right? So I will copy this. Let's test this to make sure it works. Paste. It's opening yet the ego's bakery is here. Wonderful. So now I can share that link with my customers via text message, via e-mail, or in any way, I can even put it on my business card. Hey, if you want to leave a review, just type just go to b dot slash Diego bakery. So it's way easier. They can't even remember this link because it's easier to remember is the name of the business and Bitly, right? Now if you have a business that already have some reviews, you can always go here to the business and see your profile and do the same process we did. Or you can go to Google and search for your business. Let's say here restaurant around me. Let me grab any restaurants just so I can show you exactly how to do. So let's say we grabbed here these costs at a killer. For example. Just as an example, I see the posts and I go scroll down and you see write a review. So I click here, the window opens, and I copy the URL here at the top. So I'll copy these. Excellent. So let me try and test if this works, I will paste the same link to make sure they window opens. Let's see. Yet, we got it. So this is the link that I can come back here to Bitly and create a new one. Create, I will paste the original link. Look how big is the link. Create. Excellent, So we have this shortly now I can write now reviews for Diego's Baker DB for example, create, excellent is created so I can copy. Now let's test this. Paste. And yet is here, we got it. So this is how you create a shoreline and now you can share the link with your customers anywhere and all the time to make sure we increase your reviews and we have more people come into your business. 18. Insights on Google My Business: Now that we have the business profile ready and people are established Luke, in interacting with your business, with your listing on Google Maps, on Google search. Google will start collecting this information of how many people are acting, interacting, and engaging with your listing. And they will share that information with you and with me here in the profile. So this is very powerful because now in the insight and that's what we're doing here in this video. We can finally see if this is actually working right? You may be asking, Yeah, Well, we created the profile, everything is, looks good, but are actually people looking for my business? Are they actually find in me on Google Maps, on Google search when they search for my business name or for the products I have people who are actually discovering my business with this or not. That's the question that everybody has. And the answer for this is here on insights. So the insights are the statistics of your profiles. So we have here insights. If I click here, we can see all the stats for your Google, My Business profile, of course, if you just created your profile here with me in the course, you need to allow Google at least a few weeks to publish these and to lead people discovered these organic clear right without paying for ads or anything. So people will just discover your business because they, in my case, I have a bakery, let's say people want to buy bread, they will search, hey, bakeries and my bakery will show up if they are close by. So that's how people will discover and look at this. This is fantastic guys. In the last month, you can select here. We quarter month. In the last month, we have 735 searches. 700, more than 700 costumers actually found my business here on Google, my business just with this simple strategy that we're doing here. So imagine if you have, if you're, if you're going to have like 700 or even, even more, maybe you 100,200, thousand more clients on your store every day, every month. How that may change your business. This is is like the next step because you are in front of people right now. People can discover you right there on Google Maps, on Google search. So this is the statistic. We see a 100 percent 99, Let's see here, 99.6% of the interactions we have in the last month, We're on discovery. So people find a business profile searching for a category, product or service solely. They probably searched for bakery or something like that and they found my business. So you are probably see different colors here, probably gray, green if you have people that I actually know you returning customers, they already went to the ego's bakery and they want to go back. They go to Google Maps and they type D it was bakery. They go back there. So I will see a percentage here on the pie, on the, on the graphic that will be at direct traffic. So people that find my business by searching or my business name or address or an also there is the brand that customers who find the listing searching on Brad's unrelated businesses. So if people are searching for other bakeries, for example, and they found how the heuristic is bakery. So let's click on that and check. Take a look. So these are brand that searches. So this is fantastic. And this is also changing. You see here Google is saying, hey, there is a new way to see the performance profile. So we'll explore these intermediate here are also where customers view you in Google, where people see me on Google in the last month. You see here that chu 189 people saw me on Google Search, the search for my business, and 600 people overseas content on Google Maps. Very powerful guys. Also the actions they had. You see, two of them requested directions to my business. So two of these people in the last month, they say, Hey, let Dr. me there they were in Google Maps and they say, Hey, directions to here. And I also, I don't have a phone number here, so that's why I have a 0 cause and we'd visit to the website is 0 because I didn't set up our website for this specific profile yet. We see the business on the map. Everything looks good. We see popular times, 40 views. How many for abuse, we have over 1414 thousand views of pictures of my business here on Google, My Business profile. Excellent. So let's explore really quick the new interface and this is similar. You select the period here. So we have October and November 29th, 2021 on this example. And you can see an overview. You can see just calls, message S, bookings, directions or website clicks. That's up to you. So you see that we have 55 interactions on these case, on the overview 360 people view their profile on this period. You see here how the percentage, 52% of Google search, 24 percent on Google search on desktop. Most people on mobile, on a smartphone. Google Maps, 23 percent, and Google Maps on desktop 1%. Excellent. Here are the key words that they use to find my business. This is very important for you. Why? Because you can optimize your profile if they were these keywords. So I can go to see more and I'll show you how you can optimize. You see here pad area is bakery in Portuguese, my bakeries in Brazil. So that's why this is in part to his closest bakeries. Same here. Donald's. So 18 people type Donald's. I don't have Donald here on my menu or either on my business profile or let's say I have, I have Donald's or my business or I sell donuts. Don't have it here on my business profile and Google My Business. So I can add these because I will add, I will reach more people all over the internet that are searching by Donald, sorry clock there are closer to my bakery. Okay. Also you see we saw that he's already okay. So this is how you can explore all these options here. Okay? You can check out so they cause MSN directions. We have 55 people actually asked for directions to my business in this period, which is great. And you can see the performance, you can see the impact that people are, that you are doing on the life of people. The easy, ease now to find you. You are, I'm not paying anything for this set. Over 7000 people that find me in the last month. This is a 100 percent free, is just adding my my business on Google Maps and Google Search. That's it. And I hope you have amazing results to check your insights, come here and check weekly to have an idea. And in the beginning again, if you just create your profile, probably you won't have any data here because it's a brand new profile. So you need to allow Google a few weeks, maybe a couple months, to collect all this data before you can go and see all this information. Okay, see you in the next video. 19. Creating your website on Google My Business: If you don't have a website for your business, you can use one website that is free from Google, My Business, and I'll show you how to create that right now. But if you want to go to the next level, you can. I recommend you, and this is the best option to create a professional website for your business. We will be talking about that later heating the course in the bonus section. But for now, let's explore these kids is they were here with me. So you will learn how to create this website is pre-created for you, super easy to do it and he's fun. And you can use it for free. So if I go here on the left menu to website, you see that we have in the right side here, their website that is pre-created for us with all the information of our business, we have the name of the business, we have the category that is open today until 10:00 PM. We have the call to action button. We can have a video of 40. In this case, we have a photo of one of their products, one of the breads. We have some updates. Every update that you post on your Google, My Business profile will show up here, which is great. We have the menu that we added here, French phrase, cheeseburger and on your race for land. And we can add more items on the menu. We can edit the menu here. We have all the reviews. We have information about us, about the business photos that people will add or you can add. And also we have the map. So this is what is pre-created by Google and you can edit all these if you want. If you come here to deems you can change the DMM, the color of your website with one click the color and the fonts you see there is changing, really is really easy to change right now. Excellent. Also you can edit the text. Let's save these. So you see here get a quote. You can change these to, for example, call us in this case is changing the button to call us if you want to place an order, place an order is here, is important. That's why it looks different. But you see here on the menu, the real option that is showing here on the right. So let's say call ass so people can call us with one click. The headline is the ego's bakery. I can edit these here. You see that it's editing right there. You can edit the description which is at the bottom here. And that's all. We can edit these super simple, right? We can add photos. Let's save these out for us here to put it on the top as, as, as, as the main photo of your website and you have more information here, more options that you can add the, but it's not as you see, we don't have much control here on the website is very limited, of course is free. But ESA, an option that you have either want to spend money or you don't want to worry about green another website. Okay, so to save this weekend, you'll have a button here called Publish. So you click on Publish and that will publish your, your website to the internet. Right now I see view website because I already published this one. And the URL, the address of your website, you see here. On this case, this is the address of my website. I can edit these if I want. I can edit just dispersion. You see business dot side or in this case it's important to his neck also DOT side is the URL for google that we cannot alter. So you cannot have here your own domain like Diego de or Diego's You could have that, but you need to purchase that domain from Google if you want. This case, I just leave it as it is for now. Excellent, he's saving. And right now if I click on View website, we see the URL here at the top. And I see their website us, we created here on the last video. Okay, So this is how you create your own website for free on Google, My Business. Later in the course, we will explore how to grade are super professional website for you and for your business step-by-step to make sure you have the best experience for your customers. Okay, see you in the next video. 20. Final Project - Google My Business class: Hey guys, as a final project on this Skillshare class, I invite you to come here to the projects aria, here or there at the bottom, the projects and resources and create a new project. And in this project, I invite you to share with me and with the community the link, the URL to your Google, My Business profile. That by doing that, you are opening your profile to a community here, to a newer opening also to receive positive feedback from the students of this course in order to complete this project and to create these Google My Business profile, you have to watch all the videos and lectures of the course and apply the strategies that we are teaching there or the strategies we are learning. An excited and looking forward to your pose here on the Project Aria. And I hope you implement everything you are learning here on the course. Remember that there are real results come only when we take action. It's not enough just to watch the course and learn. The real results is when you apply everything you learn and this is the best opportunity for you. So let's do that right now.