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Google My Business - Complete Listing Optimization Training

Josh George, Digital Marketing Expert

Google My Business - Complete Listing Optimization Training

Josh George, Digital Marketing Expert

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34 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. Google My Business Course Overview

    • 2. GMB - The Basics - What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 3. What Is A GMB Listing

    • 4. How To Check If You Already Have A GMB Listing

    • 5. How to Set Up a GMB Listing

    • 6. How To Navigate Around The GMB Dashboard

    • 7. GMB Ranking Factors - What You're Going To Learn

    • 8. GMB Ranking Factors

    • 9. GMB Ranking Factors - LIVE Walk Through

    • 10. The 9 Elements To Optimze On A GMB Listing

    • 11. How To Optimise Your GMB Listing

    • 12. How To Find Out What GMB Categories Your Competitors Have Selected

    • 13. How To Handle Multiple Locations For GMBs

    • 14. Citations - What You're Going To Learn

    • 15. What Is A Citation

    • 16. The Benefits Of Citations + The 3 Categories You Should Be Building

    • 17. How To Perform A Citation Audit

    • 18. How To Find Citation Opportunities For Your Business

    • 19. How To Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Citations

    • 20. A Recommended Vendor To Outsource The Whole Process To (If you wish)

    • 21. Reviews - What You're Going To Learn

    • 22. Why Are Reviews Important

    • 23. How To Generate Reviews

    • 24. How To Deal With Fake Reviews

    • 25. Creating Local Ads Within Your GMB Dashboard - What You're Going To Learn

    • 26. Why You Should Consider Running Google Ads

    • 27. How To Set Up Ads From Your GMB Dashboard

    • 28. Google Algorithm Updates - What You're Going To Learn

    • 29. Google Algorithm Updates That Affect GMBs

    • 30. Putting It All Together

    • 31. Knowledge Is Power

    • 32. How Long Does It Take To See Results

    • 33. How To Track Your Rankings

    • 34. Conclusion.. Bye For Now

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About This Class

Are you looking for a Google My Business (GMB) course that shows you how to rank Google my business listings?

Great, you’re in the right place.

Maybe you own a local business and would like to optimise your GMB listing OR maybe you would like to learn the whole process so you can offer it as a service to local business owners.

Whichever one it is, you can be sure I’ve got you covered.

I don’t just talk the talk; I actually walk the walk and live it too.

In this course, you’ll be able to watch me in real-time as I optimise a LIVE Google My Business listing and get it ranked.

At the end of the course, you’ll find that this GMB listing ranking for some BIG keywords.

The process I follow throughout the course is the SAME process I use when ranking my client GMBs, so you can be confident what you’re learning is indeed used in the real world and does actually work.

What you’ll learn by taking this GMB Course

Learn how to optimise your Google My Business listing
Find out what the top GMB ranking factors are
Find out what citations are and how to build them to correct way
How to generate more reviews for your business
How to deal with fake reviews on your GMB listing
How to set up Google Ads for your local business within the GMB dashboard
Google algorithms that affect the map pack (Where GMBs rank)
A reliable company you can use to outsource local pack rankings (hint, they’re not who you think they are)

Literally everything you need to be able to implement a successful GMB campaign.

There are tons of resources for you to download throughout the course and lots of bonus tips and tricks you can use as well.

Fact: 97% of consumers searched online to find a local business in their area. (Hubspot)

There’s never been a better time to master GMB optimisation!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josh George

Digital Marketing Expert


Joshua is the founder of ClickSlice, an extremely successful digital marketing agency based in London.

Joshua originally got involved with SEO as an end result of selling on eBay.  He loved selling on eBay but hated paying the eBay commission fees (also known as final value fees). Instead of paying eBay every time he wanted to list an item he decided to make his own website where he could list as many items as he wanted without paying any insertions fees.

After building the website he noticed his site was nowhere to be found in Google and no one was buying his products.

As you do, he started to Google things like “how to get my website higher in Google” and stumbled across SEO in 2013.

Josh remembers this day like it was yesterday and says wh... See full profile

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1. Google My Business Course Overview: Hello and welcome to the ultimate Google My Business course, where I'll be showing you how you can optimize your Google My Business listing to get it higher up in Google. My name is Josh with George, and I'll be leading you through the course. I own and run the lead in SEO agency in London called Clicks lies. With day by day, we are implemented in tons of SEO campaigns for clients in multiple industries. We manage over 100 Google My Business listened at the agency and have a proven Annapolis geometrically we utilize to get them ranking hierarchy in Google. Cuz brings together all of our processes and shows you our exact strategies we use at the agency and presented all in a nice bite-size format. I'll be covering every single thing you need to know, such as how to create a Google My Business listing from scratch. How to optimize at Google My Business listing counter boost your rankings and even how to generate more reviews on your listing. You name it, you can be certain I've got you covered. I designed this course to anyone who like to learn more about Google, My Business optimization and generate more cells and inquiries for local business. However, I don't just talk the talk throughout this course. You can actually watch over my shoulder and watch me walk the walk. You'll be able to see exactly how optimized a live Google My Business listing to increase its visibility within Google. This stuff is super, super powerful. I'll see you inside. 2. GMB - The Basics - What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Google my business in this section. I'm going to cover exactly what a JMB listing is. I'm gonna explain to you why every business should have one as well. A G m. B is super, super powerful actually allows your customers to call you before they even land on your website. I'm gonna show you how you can determine if your business is already listed. So it doesn't already have a gym be listing. If it doesn't, I'm gonna show you how you can set up a GMB from scratch are also going to show you how you can navigate around your G m B dashboard. So if this is all new to you and this is the first time creating a Google my business, that this is gonna be very useful for you Indeed, So that further ado, let's dive into it 3. What Is A GMB Listing: first things first. What is the GMB list? Him? G m b. Obviously standing for Google. My business, the G M B, is a business listing on Google. It allows local customers to find you and information about your company, as you can see from the screenshot below for a simple search off level Finnish, Russian, Virginia, Google has returned the GMB listed for our business. And as you'll see from the JMB listing, who actually pulls in quite a few bits of information such as our business name, the reviews are address the hours we operate on our phone number and if you look closely right under our business name, you'll see that the button that says website. If a user what to click this button, then I'll be redirected to our website, which is very handy. It's important to note that it isn't always Howard. GMB listing will look, for example, on the desktop. GMB listing will take this form. So, as you can see from the screenshot, I've searched for a local service and Google has now returned the map pack, which is what we call it. This whole section right here on within this we have free GMB is listed to have one, too, and free. That's what one is actually address. I'm going to ignore that one. If we look to the right of each listing, you'll see that I even one or two buttons, which will be website and directions. And sometimes you'll see two buses. We should be a combination of both website and directions. If you're hiding your address from users, maybe don't have a physical location and you serve. It's customers in the home, for example. You could be a plumber. Then it's likely wouldn't have your address on show as it's simply no need. We can also see that the listing called American Floors doesn't have a website linked to the list in or potentially could just not have website at all, which is quite interesting. So if your business is related to a Web design that this is actually a great way to find potential clients for your services, as obviously, this company might not have a website. So now we kind of the same search on a mobile device. Results will feel a little different. You'll notice that there no bottom to get directions to anyone's business or to visit any other websites. These buttons have now been replaced of a call button, which, if pressed, will trigger the cool function on your mobile device. As you can imagine it, this helps a ton. When it comes to generating more inbound calls, your business is only free sports in the map at listing no, including the ad. So as you can imagine, it's super important getting the map pack as you can generate a ton of work for your business. GMB listings also actually appear in Google Maps to So she went over to Google Maps and did a search for a service like below in a screenshot. You'll see Google has returned G M B listings. Why every business should have a GMB listing. Hopefully, it's pretty obvious now for my last few slides as the why should have one for your business . However, to summarize, you get free business listings in search results. You get a free maps list in you can acquire customer reviews on it. You can utilize G and B Post, which is a feature within the GMB dashboard essentially allows you to share messages directly with customers, and these messages actually appear in the local search results. On last thing, you get Free GNB website, which is basically a free, simple website for your business. However, as you have our own, it's not really needed. However, it doesn't hurt to set one up as it only takes a few minutes on. Plus, it's free as well. 4. How To Check If You Already Have A GMB Listing: one of the easiest way to figure out if your business has a GMB listing is a head over to Google Maps, So let's do that now. So with Google Maps, it gives you the ability to find businesses across the whole world. So if you use a search feature at the top left as I type in your business name if you do you have a gym be listing. You could see your business name and address below. So what's that type in the level finish, you'll see enlisted a level finish and have the address below enrichment in Virginia. If I click this, it should load a gym be listed below it. We should just further proof that I do have a Google my business listing just a word of note as well, attracting a level finish as one word, even if you type in. That's two words. For example, level finish. Your baby should still appear. It should even work if you misspell your business. So if you could level finish like that, for example, you could still see it. Google has pulled back the same result for me. This is because do without government is super super advanced. So if you're typing in different variations of a business and we're still not seeing a business name below, it's a very strong indication they do not have a Google my business listing for your website. 5. How to Set Up a GMB Listing: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to set up a G and B listing. So Google my business listing for your website. So, however, before you start this video and start setting up a listing, please do double check if you have a listen already for your business. Because if you do, we're gonna do you have a duplicate listing and cause more harm than good. So please check out my previous video and see you have a list in first. If we don't, then please follow the steps set up one. So simply google Google, my business set up. You wanna flip? That's what was all which should be this one and you want to click at manage now for some reason, do or do not call this sign up or Celtic will manage now. But anyway, you want click manage now they both are the same thing. The bottom There, on there. Now what we do is type in your business name, so I already have a GMB listing set up for level finish vacancy level. Finish already has a Google my business listing. So don't do we want to create another one, but I'm going to spend it a little bit different. So I'm gonna go for level finished like that. And what I'll do actually delete this after the video, because I don't obviously want Teoh difficult list in. So what you talking The biggest name You want to click here, create a business with this name? What's any of your business? Which is wives typed in Now level finishes. Make sure it's all correct and then click next choose academy that fits your business best . So this is what we call the primary category. So it's the main thing your business does. So, for example, for level finish. I know we have different types of for me install, So he got hardwood carpet lemina. However, the main service we do is actually or major. Eventually provide is actually is Florin Services, so I want to type in floor in to see what comes up. So I talked to Florida what floor in store, but flowing contracts are so the best one to me is going to be flooring contractor just exactly how I have it on my home page as well so you can see my home. He's also optimized for this category stop flooring contractor and then click next. Now you have the opportunity to add in more services. So this is what kind of breaking out and go for the actual service they offer. So I got hardwood carpet laminate Thailand vinyl so I would put in extort Florence. Actually an option there. That's fine. You can add a costume service so I can pretend carpet installation are copied acts on me. That again. So I did another service. I'll do hard wood floor installation are gonna put in lemina installation of opinion tile installation on the last one we have is vinyl insulation. So literally all of the services we offer on the website. So he's a call your secondary category, so kind of sub categories of your main one. So I've told Google Hey, I'm flooring contractor. I install floors and neither type of floor I install so simply populate this so suitable for your business and then click next. Now people are actually Do you want customers to visit your location E g a store or on office? So this is all up to you really? For example, with level finish, we installed floor in people's homes. We actually install flooring in people's homes. No one needs to come Teoh. After that, you don't actually sell any harm. But we don't sell carpet. So for me in this instance, when I do, I will click No. However, if you do have a physical location like a short people come to your premises all the time. You will want to click Yes, and then click next and then put in a location on the actual store. This will help people find you. So if you put in, yes, I'll show you what it does. For example, with little finish, you can see my address is on show. This is because I put in actual address for people to visit. However, the company below us rustling young ink you can see they have no addresses that I've actually clicked No for this. And it hit him the address. Some people so leave these people didn't really not one customer visit in the kind of property, the business location. So they're getting it from users. So this is kind of up to you for me. In this instance, I'll just click knows I've done yes, every for the first listing, where do you serve your customers? This is often also again, as on base enrichment in Virginia. And you can see from my first address I'm also gonna put down in my local city, which is gonna be Richmond. Sometimes being Richmond. Make sure the right one. I don't wanna go for these one down here. I want Virginia USA and then click. Next. What? Contact details You want to show to customers. So this is gonna be the details on the listing. So this will be the phone number you see here on the website you have on the listing. So if I just go for this site, for example, better floors, because the about phone number Right here. So this is the phone number on display, and then when you click website, it should actually link to the website. So you want to put the right website in there just to make sure people are going to the right website and not someone else's? So, for this one up in any phone number for now, in fact, I'll just take the one off level finish and change the last digit just for the training purposes. So But that number there. And I'll change that free to one. For example, the website euro. If I just put in level finish change our website and fill it with dashing their just For now, just make sure there's no over website before I do. That is actually everyone website gator. Let's go for level. Like that said, spell it wrong. Hope they shouldn't be able Several website. It's not so okay up. But that down obviously want picking your right details. I'm just doing this for training purposes. I don't wanna click next on Day one click finish. So what does that now you've created listing, However, need to verify to Google. You actually based away you say you are is gonna ask you to enter a 1,000,000 address. So what you do is put in the address of your business. I won't do this now. Already have one for level finish on. What we're gonna do is when you feel in information you were going to send you a postcard in the post issued, right? Winfrey to five working days when that postcard is gonna have a five digit pin or four digit pin on. Actually change it recently on what we're gonna do is log into your account and actually adding that pin and that will verify your account. So if I click in there if I later for example, But I don't have that pin, I'll show you what I will say. It was a verification needed. So right now, my GMB listen will not be on show to anyone until I verify it. Because Google needs to make sure I'm actually based there where I say I am. Because a lot of people have fake addresses and have loved these fake listings. And I just generate phone calls and doesn't really help anyone, so we will make sure you verify it. If I show you up here info, you'll see it says you're idiots. Won't appear on Google auntie verifier business. So what do they see? Verify that is Put it in a dress. Why don't you do that? You won't say a postcard is on the way to you and give you an option up here to say they're fine now and we different very fine. Now you simply to edit in the postcode or the little four digit off five digit code Google sent to you and that is how you self if you get my business listing for your website 6. How To Navigate Around The GMB Dashboard: So before I show you how to optimize the Google, my business dashboard will be a good idea just to show you around it. That would give you a good idea or the overview at how to navigate around the whole dashboard. So this is my Google my business account. Do bear in mind this is the one I just created with obviously the wrong spelling errors have done any VL finish just for example, in the training course, So do bear in mind isn't actually very five. So what that means is a lot of these options will be locked and you can actually edit them until you verify the account. However, as a purpose of the video to give an overview, it doesn't really matter for now. So essentially you have the menu on the left hand side of screen. You've got home post info, insights, reviews, messages and photos, put up services, a website and users and got a few more bits and bobs down here. So essentially a lot of these elements here are included on the main home tab. Do you see? Right now I'm one home. I just click that to refresh and you could see from the home tab. I can actually crane abso I can advertise easily in minutes. I could do that right here, or I can scroll down, Actually created from this section right here. So the home is a general overview of the whole dashboard. So from the hometown, you can also create post. You can actually complete more of your listing. Adding more information. You could see their reviews, you can respond to them and you also download the app for your android or IOS device. And he managed instant alerts on the go. Pretty good. If you want to say hairdresser's salon. So someone books an appointment with you. Respond to that from your phone through that which is pretty good. So if you go into post now, this is essentially where you can create offers or just make people aware of new services you have for your business. You can actually at discount code which people can redeem online as well. So all of that is done in the post section for the information section or info. This is essentially or information about your business. So you have your name up there. You have your main Katori, which you selected. You've got the location. You've got the service area. Which areas you service. You putting your hours there so you can go into that and say you're open on a Sunday who opened 12 and so on. And so one. I'll do that later in the video. How to optimize this? I just want to show you where all the information is. Your phone number is here. You can have an appointment link services, business description that that you open at some photos. You do all the information in the info tab on the inside. It's where you discover insights about your customers. So, essentially, if your customer the mail are there female, how did they find your business? How did they engage in your business? So this is really where it really come to be With optimization. You do a lot of it in the Insights tab for reviews. It's what someone relieves a view on your Google, my business listing. You can see that reviews here and respond to them message in again. Your answer questions customers in a snap. So very, very quick to do the photos where you have photos about your business and showcase what you can do. You actually make a Google my business website as well. We'll show you how to do in the second video products again. It's just a product. You offer all the services about your business again. It's pretty useful if you have a store. If you don't have a store on your S A B a service area business son like me level finish. We got out and still flooring in people's homes, you probably don't need to do products. You really want to focus more on the services, which is what I've done Initially, you could see the one that added and actually come through right now you can add mawarire later date the website that isn't your actual website listed your Google my business website. So you finish you click create in science and create for me right now again, I will show you how to create is probably and how optimize it in the next video. And then you just have the last part, which is users, which is toc just me on the primary nights when I had someone else to manage it like an agency later date that is how you do it so later you see, I'm a crater. Add get costumed emails at a new location. If you have multiple locations, you manage them through here and it would have linked accounts set in the support so on. So that is the overview of the whole Google. My business account highly recommend you get rid of it because you'll be using it a lot. It's kind of bread and butter local aecio or to new GMB, so please makes you know your way around this. 7. GMB Ranking Factors - What You're Going To Learn: G m b Rankin factors in this section, I'm going to cover the free biggest GMB ranking factors there are. These aren't just any free ranking factors. I have made up these ones that Google have stated in a documentation and even better, we can actually look a documentation in a bit more detail on find out exactly what each one means. On top of this, we're also gonna look at a live example of these in action. So I like to give you live examples of what I'm saying. It's just giving you information. So I'm gonna show you a live example of exactly how one of these can have a massive role in the local search results. So let's dive into it. 8. GMB Ranking Factors: G M B. Rankin Factors. There are free main factors that Google take into consideration when ranking a G M B listed . A lot of people get confused and tend to say no. There are hundreds of factors that Google look, which is kind of true. However, all of these additional things are categories and come under free parent factors. In fact, if you do a bit of digging, you can see that Google not only tell us what these free things are, but it also list exactly what they are. As you can see from the screenshot below, it tells you exactly how Google determines what GMB ranks above another. Local results are based primarily on the relevance, distant and prominence These factors are combined to help find the best match for our customers Search, for example, Google algorithms might decide that business that's farther away from the location is more likely to have what they're looking for. The business that is close up so it ranks it higher in local search results. So this essentially what Google tells us how high you right in the Map section is based on relevance, distance and prominent. So let's look at each one in a bit more d. So relevance, relevance or first, how or someone searches are matching with the local listing. Adding complete and detailed business information can help Google better understand your business on match your listen to relevant searches from customers. So what Google is saying here is a listing need to be relevant to what the person search for. So let's imagine you're a plumber based in London and someone search for plumber London. Google was going to scan your G M B listing on Look to see how relevant your listing is for both of those terms. If you listen is not relevant enough, then Google will not return a list into the users. There are quite a few things you can do to ensure your listing is seen as relevant order, which I'm going to cover later on in this section off the course, number two distance distance is calculated by how far each potential business is from the location terms used in a search. If a customer doesn't specify a location in the search, Google will calculate distance based on what's known about the location. So what this means is that Google will typically return businesses that are more closer to you than others. If it in Manchester, for example, and search for plumber by itself, then Google will take your location into consideration. Even though you didn't type in Manchester as a result, good war turned plumbing. Listen, Sue that are all based in Manchester. This is quite important to know, as distance is one, the few things we can't control. If you're based in London, then no matter what you do, if someone taps in Plumber Manchester, your listing will not show as you're simply too far away. It's good to know as well that being in the right city doesn't mean you're going to rank in the map sections. As you may not be the closest business to the person who carried out the search, there simply could be another for prom in companies that are closer to the person who carried out the search. I'm not saying that if you carry out a search, Google is only gonna return businesses that are the most closest to you. I'm just saying that I've seen it more and more frequently these days. I'm going to show you a live example of this in the next video number. Free prominence. This is probably the biggest one on the one which we have the most control over. If we do this really well, then the distance will have less of an impact on my G M B listing. Prominent refers to how well known business is. Some places are more prominent in the offline world, and search results try to reflect this. In local Rankin's, for example, famous museums, landmarks, hotel or well known shop brands that are familiar to many people are also more likely to be more prominent in local search results. Prominence is also based on information that Google has about business from across the Internet, like links, articles and directories that is super super important. That part to spread Google Review count and score also factored into local search rankings . More reviews and more positive ratings will improve at businesses. Local rankings. Your position in search result is also a factor, so Seo better practices also apply to local search optimization. This is a lot more straightforward than a distance on. Essentially, what Google are telling us here is that they like to rank businesses that are more prominent on that arm or forested in the local search results. I'll show you exactly how you can go out there and build some links on directly to your business to ensure your business is seen as permanent. On going to cover this in the Citation section off the course in the next video, I'm going to show you how distance can play a massive role in the real world, despite Google telling us that reviewed playing important role in the local Rankin's, it's quite an eye opener up, I'll see you there. 9. GMB Ranking Factors - LIVE Walk Through: I wanted to make a video just to show you how much over influence distance has when it comes to Rankin in your local search results. So I'm gonna go over to Google and carry out a search for my local area. I'm gonna go through the results that Google returns on. Explain exactly why Google is returned in these results. So before actually go into that, I want to give you a bit of background information. I am currently based in grace at a time of making video. I am based in Gray's, which is right here graze in the town within a county called Essex. So this is the whole county right here. So that s ex consist off site from Water and Harlow, Braintree Colchester. Chances of someone of someone. So, like I said, just to confirm I am currently based in Gray's. So if I go over to Google and type in carpet fitter Essex so I want to search for the whole of their six Every single carpet fits up. You can see in the map pack. Google has free different results. I've got carpet fitters number one. I've got Essex Floren and I've got DK Carpets local carpet fitter, which is quite a mouthful. If you look closely, we can see the location for each listing. So DK carpets, local carpet fitter again, quite a mouthful. They're based in Romford, which is another town within Essex. The number one result Google is returning to me is called carpet Fitters. On issue that closely you can see that also based in Gray's. So the only reason it's listing it is coming back as Number one is because of distance. It's not because of prominence. It's based on the distance. It can't be based on prominent, as this listing has zero reviews, which is quite weird. So, you know, I just typed in carpet fitter Essex for all Google knows, I could be looking for the best carpet fitter in Essex. I don't want the closest one to me. I might want the best one, which might be someone down here in more businesses so you can see what all these other businesses down here going to scroll bar sees. Top to Caesar just adds up here. But essentially, we got this business right up here called Dave Jackson. Delicious. Imagine Dave Jackson is the best carpet fitter in Essex, and that is essentially who I want because I want the best carpet fitter. However, because I'm not based near Dave Jackson, I'm actually all the way down here in grays, which is around this area on the map. Google has not returned. They've Jackson to me in the map pack. Instead, it's returned. The closest business to me, which is the one in Grey so as you can imagine is, can be quite for straight in, depending on what you're looking for. This wasn't always the case, and Google might changes again. Go forward. But currently at the time of making this video, and it has been for lost free four years, to be honest of you, Google typically returned the businesses, which are most closest You. So if you are sitting there and wondering why you're not ranking in the map pack, it could be because off distance. But like I said in the last video, you can overcome this a little bit by making sure your website is prominent and your GMB listen is prominent to getting more reviews, building more links, which is citation, which I'm going to go for it in the citation section off this course. So again, I for me, it's quick video just to give you better overview and show exactly how important distance is, hopefully found it useful. 10. The 9 Elements To Optimze On A GMB Listing: the nine elements to optimize on your G M B listing. There's no anything you want to think about when it comes to performance. Optimization is on your G M B list. Then I'm gonna cover all nine of them in this video. In the next video, I'm going to show you exactly how we optimize each element, step by step in a live walk through. However, it's super important, understand these line elements first and get a better understanding as to why we optimize each element. So the first thing we do you want to make sure information is accurate and up today. This might seem pretty straightforward, but, however would have notices. A lot of people have rushed it up there GMB listing, so as a result, because the Russian they end up making simple and small errors. However, they might seem small, actually, but that should be quite detrimental. So in the past you had a client who rushes up the G M B listing, and as a result, they missed up one that digit on the number or that she got it wrong. Sorry. So what? That means is the whole time that we didn't know about this or the phone calls was actually coming through to the business. That would just go into the voicemail. So Kenya information is super super important. So please do double check or even chip will travel information entered and make sure is it is accurate. The second you wanna check is to make sure you select the relevant category. So the category you determine if you're GMV is essentially the main service your whole business provide. So, like I said, we've level finish we new carpet insulation, tile, installation, hardwood, vinyl and so on and so on. However, the main category isn't laminate as obviously install carpet and tile as well. The main cash be would be a flooring contractor. So it's really important to get this right and the wrong one. You can actually have more of a hindrance on your Rankin's to please you think about what categories out there and do spend a bit of time seeing what cash these are available on picking the one that is most relevant for your business. The first thing is filling in the description, so this is a description off what your business does. I'm pretty sure G m B gives you an option off 750 currents. Is it typically best opinions many characters as possible and make sure you really fill in description. Try and get your keywords in there as well. However, don't just time span a description just put in. I do. This is this is a list of your things. It needs to read a net fee for the use as well. So do take your time on the description. The full thing going to do is make sure you add photos to this health. Put up social proof on show people. What you're capable of doing helps build trust with it and use it as well. The 15 is adding a website URL, as you have seen for Margie Emmy video running its course. One of the Web site I think it was American Floor didn't actually have a website connected to the GMB listening. As a result, I wasn't able that you go over to the website and see the type of work they've done. So definitely do not miss out the website Europa. Do you try and put your own website euro in there if you don't have a website your role than just talking your standard Google my business website which I'll show you how we do later on in this course as well. However, actually put with course, I'm pretty sure you have a website euro. Anyway, the six thing to do is add your business hours. This is very important. As you can see from the JMB. Listened on a mobile device. The Boston actually says call So having the hours you operate, it's super important as well as people, then know what time to call you. And if you do have a shot with people want to visit and then helps him know what time you are open so they can pop in accordingly. The next thing to do is to create a GMB website. So again, this is just a simple straight website you can have for your Jimmy listing Google do provide you with the websites of free. I don't cost you a penny of are not the main caught in local sdo should I say you want to be really working on your main website as it is, However, it doesn't harm to sell for JB website on nine times out of 10 people you're competing, we won't have done it, so you might as well go and do it and go the extra mile. The next thing to do is collect reviews. So again reviews A quite similar to photos they helped build social proof for your website and kind of show people that you are actually capable of doing what you say you are. The last thing we do is at Post, which is what we call a GMP post. So with these, you can be pro Stephen share update of your business on also pushed forward of messages to your client base, which also appears in the vehicle searches. Also, I'm gonna show you all of the elements in the next video now and how you optimize every single one of them. 11. How To Optimise Your GMB Listing: in this video, I'm going to show you how to fully optimize your Google my business listing to ensure optimum visibility in Google. So you might have already noticed. I've looked back into my level finish account now the real one, the one I spoke correctly. I wanna go through all the sections here on the left and show exactly what I've done to fully optimize them. So this staff with info as I was with the main information for your businesses. So you'll see at the top you have level finish, which is just a name off the business on the GMB listing and then below that, you have what we call a Castlebury. So these are the cast region with a selective. When you initially set up the G m B so lightly edit, you'll see the primate category is indeed foreign contracts are. And then I had my additional categories below that, such as Tom contractor carpeting, Stoller, wood floor installation service, and so on. And so on. So on. So, like I said, you can actually add another category at a later date. So if you do find another tragedy which is similar to what you guys do police, do you add it that more categories you have the better tell in Google services where your business does. So, for example, I've got tile contractor. There might be another tile ones are talking tile. I've got tile. Store isn't relevant as we don't sell tiles, we just install them. Maybe Lauren could be another floor in time. No, doesn't seem to be anything. So I think what I've done I've covered the majority of my services. Anyway. However you like I said, if you do you think of any other categories, do you add them in there? Because what we're seeing now the categories is like the main thing you can do for your GMB To get higher telling giggle. Watch as BU in does a massive, massive movements for your listing, for example, we had a client that was an important category. We simply came over to the Google my business list. In we change the prime cast me to the correct category and it jumped up to page one already . So tons of benefits by getting this right so below that you have your address, which you shouldn't be changing, that she should be in there from when you set up your g m b the service error. So this is where you tell in Google about the area you service, So it's good to put in the city you target. So for me it would be Richmond, Virginia. I would've clicked. Apply. Who knows that when I do that, sometimes it will say pending review. So Guled Justice is right there under review. So good was just checking what I put in to make sure or, you know, adds up. For example, fund based in Richmond on I have saying I service safe somewhere in Seattle that would be under review and it probably will get rejected below that you have the open hours, and so for me, I already fought mine in, but simply do it. You just get a little pen icon or pencil weapon to the right and you basically select with days open. If you're only open Monday to Friday and also de select Saturday on Sunday, just he opened Monday to Friday. How have your open all the time to check over them, and then you put in the time. So if you mean 8 30 to 5 p.m. very simple. Once you put in the times, you want a click. Apply special hours is open on different times on different days. Maybe Christmas e ven holidays or any holidays out there. For example, mountain of putting special hours. The phone number is what you put in when you set up the listing. So you shouldn't change that and probably should never touch that Honest of you, that sometimes if you change this list in or the phone number one listing you're listening to be under review and it could get rejected as good will. See, that's a bit dodgy. And why would someone change number of the business just after they created? So do you get that? Sometimes these are making big head. It's like this. This part right here is what we call you are short profile name. So again, just put a simple variation off your business name. Keep it nice and short notes over. Complicate that. This part here is a read our website URL So you put a link to your website as I've done already again. You should do this when you set up your JMB listing. So when you actually get it verified. We should all be filled in automatically. So appointment leading Sosa's where if you have appointments for your business, for example, if you run a hairdressing salon, for example, when you take Brookins, you have been a link for people to book your headdresses sorts over the phone or through the website products for little finish. We don't sell any products. We only offer flooring insulation as a service, so I left it blank. However, if you do have any products, you could feel that in actually down here in a bit more detail, so I'll show that later services are essentially your category. So what I've done here, I've got primate category flooring contractor and below that I put vinyl sheet installation . The reason I put vinyl sheet below Florence is because there wasn't actually a category for violence. I just include the under floor in. However, this is a little good trick we use for what client and I do for myself. When you set your category such a tile contractor, you actually add another service under that. So as I really have contractor up here by the different variation off a keyword, so I've gone for tower installation. Where? If he said installation talk, I would have told contractor just to make sure I cover both keywords on what this does. It helps your relevancy. It helps Google. No, actually, the services your business offers how office didn't variation on what I results in it is much more likely if you are listen to be triggered for different keywords. Variants. So, for example, I've got carpet installer as a catch me below because carpet installation wasn't a main category, So we'll have done its upper installation below it as additional service to do that, You did. You just find your category, for example, floor for finishing service. I had another service for that. I would actually like to call this lemina floor installation and confirm that I make, like, a ploy. And that one out. I didn't below that category. Secrecy. It's done it right here. However, just bearing in mind, I've actually got one for wood floor installation service below were about laminate on hardwood in there, so I don't actually need it. I'm just showing you how to set up. So what I'll do, I'll believe that now, arrow and then click delete? Yes, and then that will remove that. From there, it is very good opportunity to add lots of more keywords that your business is Thomas him. So if you go back to the info tab now and carry on from where he was, which is just under services, you can see you have some highlights and stuff like that, which for me, isn't relevant. This part right here is your business description. So I always recommend you feel this in. So I've got right here. We believe much what you love with. It'll be level, level finish, my sister. That role, initially level finish is a professional. In floor installations, we install hardwood carpet tile, vinyl and now, in the Florence, we service Richmond and work on both domestic and commercial jobs. There you go. Drop a score today and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. So you see, that should give you a limit of 750 currents. Is the more characters you put, the better. However, what I found from testing is you put something here. It's actually better than 99% of business anyway, as emotional don't even do they say we should just create GMB, listen and let it sit which the reason why they never generate that much results. So that is your business descriptions of do feel that inasmuch as you can, you never opening date so you can tell people that you opened and then obviously get photos to your listen as well on the right hand side, we don't know me touch any of this. You should be checked by standard anyway, Google's assistant cause you don't want to close to remove this. I just ignore this and this is more advanced information, which you probably don't need to touch for now. So what you've done that you can go over to your review So it is a brand new Listen, obviously people not believing you review straight away unless you let them know when they do leave your reviews, you're actually respond to them from here. So, for example, we've had these reviews from quite a while ago now 2018 So I just read through them. It says can have showed up on time. I'm very satisfied with our new hardwood floor. So what I've done is I've notice that they're talking about hardwood floor, so that wants to use us for hardwood floor in. So what I've done in my reply, I said, Glad you like the new hardwood floor. So the fact I include the keyword in my review. It's another signal to viewer. Hey, this site must be about hardwood floors so as well when someone typed in a hardwood floor search in Richmond, my site is much more likely to peer up now, as it's very clear, this site is about public floor. So you know it's done it a few more times. Whatever services best damn it for insulation could have asked for what I've done. I replied. I'm included the key word here, so it's very, very relevant. So we want to do is apply to all of your reviews and try and get your cute in here when you can just try and keep it very natural. So, for example, for this one, highly recommend job world done. You haven't mentioned what floor they're actually gone floor. What service? So I'm gonna go and say plan, but once they have example high. Glad you liked your carpet installation because that's just me trying to stuff a cute in there. It's not natural, and Google is aware of that. There's no indication they got a carpet unless you obviously know from the record. So for stuff like that, just keep it Jerrick and just say hi, glad you corrected. That will do. But where you have opportunities at a keyword different do at a keyword. That is how you optimize your reviews for messaging. Again, we get message from the customer Is nothing to optimize really here for photos. What you wanna do. It added many photos As you can have work, you guys have done your business. To do that, you simply just go to the photos tab and you want to click the process icon and then upload any photos you have on your desktop or on your computer. Another little trick as well is when you upload a photo try and give the phone name what it actually is. So if it's a carpet installation job, call it carpet installation drop and then put the address, or at least put the city so Richmond that when you have loaded Google, see that I should upload in a picture to do a carpet installation on is based in this area which is also the location you are targets him products. Like I said, I don't have any products for level finish, so I don't have any. If you do you have any product you could just get started and add some products. This way that will feature in the Google Service services is what we're going through early off. So again you will notice that a lot of this stuff here is repeated below, which is why I always recommend you start info first with one civilian info. You actually feeling a lot of stuff below it? Website now isn't your actual website is what we call it G and B website. So you can see this is what it looks like. I'll show you now for some reason, a few always give the options, create a website for free. However, not many people uses a tool as we have your own website for level finish. First I need to do is pick a theme so it doesn't really matter what Fiemme pick. Try pick one a suit to you feel like the colors that matches the colors on your main website, but to be honest. No one ever really see this. Anyway, as as you can imagine on your gov. Listen, when you click website, you should go to your main website anyway. Won't actually go to this. However, Google gives you the option to fill us in and to create one. So the best thing to do is to create one because I can guarantee 99% of the business of your compete with Do not create a cougar, my business website. So as a result, all you need to do is create one. Optimize it and you already better the night. I'm sending people out there and this is the reason why you're gonna Jarrett results better night. I'm set of people out there as well. So to do a website. Like I said, you seem to wanna pick of theme and then click, edit and start editing the information. So it's very, very simple. So the headline would be level finished if I had another hate here. You'll see a hate update their love hate another hates update. So just put in the name of your business in the headline, The description I would put in your prime me category so flowing contracts are. And then that the location you offer just to make it super relevant to your where you're actually based on what service you offer a summary head up again. I just kind of repeat it. My don't put in the last part of the state in there. I put flooring contractor Richmond. You got get a quote there. And then all this here is what we call to some anybody. So this is the main text right here. So just information about the company. So what? I would dio put some time aside on right, I would save us at least 500 words of content talking about your business, the services it offers on the different types of services. So you can see it dropped from Joe information about the business Now. Got a whole paragraph here talking about hardwood floor. I've got a whole paragraph here talking about vinyl. I've got carpets, I cover every single service we offer. So these things over time, what it done? It just tells Google. Hey, I definitely knew Carver insulation. I definitely am a car contractor. I definitely do. Vinyl Floyd just help the relevancy and relevancy is a massive thing where you want to appear in the Google maps to get it's all filled in again. It's very simple. Once you do that, you want to click Publish up here and then you can view the site and steal the changes you made. I wouldn't recommend buying another domain. If you click MAWR, you can see actually update a site name. You can buy a crossing domain. You don't need to do this if you already have a website. This is just for the Google my business website. And like I said, that's not many people view this in the first place. You probably don't wanna worry about buying a domain. Just keep it simple, as we've done in this video example, that is essentially how you create a Google, my business website and how you optimize it. So a couple other things you probably can do as well is I'm not sure we covered photo section. I probably did. It didn't again. You can actually do that video as well, so you can add a video to your focus section. So maybe a video of you talking about your business to service you are far how you can help . You can do a free 60 tour as well. Would you conflict free 60 and can itchy pretty interior some like this, for example, you can show you with the interior of your office. I've gone for a generic image right here, but essentially, once you've done that is not that much to optimize. And then once you've done all information, you can come back to this every single month on review. What? I like to see insights so much of the inside of the last quarter this information with how the business had performed in the last quarter so I can see actually appeared in. It's going at 1839 different searches is that people who have just found my listen for searching for a category or put up for a services away Super super important to make sure you pick the best category, the product and the service this is our people will find you almost 95% of my searches coming from people finding from a category or or a service. You have to scroll down as well and find out how people found your website So again, if I go to the last quarter, a lot of people are finding me by typing in a carpet installation. Richard, Virginia, I said, That's my biggest keyword. I've got tile installation, which is another one coming through. So when you have until you actually go back to a classical reid and try and optimize it, maybe add a few more categories for Tom. It is any relevant florin near me quite really optimize for that. Let's just people based enrichment type in Florin near me from In Contractor, which is my main category, so I can see if any other ones that are more suitable wood floor installed up. So again, one shares information and you're optimizing. Start get some numbers popping fruit, and then you can optimize your GMB. Listen accordingly. So what data you see in your dashboard once you've done that? Guys like from issue. This is a way more than anyone else is doing out there. You will be in a really good position and you start to appear in the people maps. That's that's Jerry some phone calls and people coming to your website 12. How To Find Out What GMB Categories Your Competitors Have Selected: in this video, I'm going to show you how you can see what categories your competitors have selected from within the G M B dashboard. This is what I like to call on S E o Ninja Hack as it's super advanced, although it's very easy to do is a super powerful method indeed. As you already know, the categories you select will have a massive impact on where you rank in the maps listing . So knowing what your competitors have selected will give you that unfair advantage. Just a word of warning, please. Do you keep this to yourself and do not share it out there as the more people that know about it that more hard, it will be for all of us to rank so that further ado, let's dive into it and I'll show you exactly how you configure it out. So the first we need to do is go over to Google and search for one of the key words you're targeting. So I've done that already. I've typed in flooring contractor Rich in Virginia, and then I now want to take any round in business from the map pack, so I recommend you do this for all businesses, just to see all the categories are all targeting. So I'm gonna go for this one in the middle as an example, Let's give us a click. The page is now loaded, Sommelier for Jones Flooring and tile, which is actually the business in position to. So why don't you have this page loaded? You want a copy of the title and then go over to google dot com forward slash maps and simply paste in the GMB title. And as you can see, it's found the GMB. Listen, I do know it's the right one as it has a rich in Virginia, which is obviously the era I'm targeting. Let's give that a click. This will now bring up a page which looks like this. The next you wanna do before you actually go any further is just note the main category they have selected. So Jones flooring and tile have selected flooring contractor as a main categories. I'm gonna copy this and then come off that and then simply do a right click and then go to view page source. So this only works if you're using Google chrome. So please bear that in mind as well. So let's click view page source and the next thing I want to do is simply do a control f on pace in the category I just saw on the previous page, which for me was flowing Contractor. So as you can see, Google has now highlighted all the times I've mentioned flooring contractor in the back end in the GMB dashboard. So I've got flooring contractor right here, which is highlighted. And if you look after that, we also have some more GMB categories. You've got floor finishing service. We've got wood floor were finishing service right here again. We've got wood and laminate flooring supplier if you look above that So before the category , we've got carpet fitter, which is another category. We've got town contractor. We've got carpet retail shop, we've got tile shop, we've got rug shop, got florin shop, so tons and tons of categories this company has selected so we can use this to advantage and then make sure we haven't included in these categories. We go into R G and B dashboard and add these categories in as well when one thing just a very mind as well sometimes and you type in your main key word and do a control f you might land on something which looks like this. And from this point onwards, you know, you might think, Hey, they don't actually have any other GMB category that just got flooring contractor. And that is it just dewberry mind you want to look at obviously how many times you found that match on the page and just go for it until you find kind of with a big boat where the list is, which would meet with obviously where I showed you just now, which is gonna be here flooring contractor or the way up to here as well and do bear in mind, this only works if your competitors has selected most too poor categories. If they haven't, then you're only going to see one in here anyway. So one thing I want to show you as well if all the people you are competing with or with businesses that I should say have very generic business names such as this one American floors, it's gonna be a little bit hard to to find the listing. So you go to American floors on do a search here, for example, you could see you've got tons of different results here, so quite time consuming to go through all of them just to figure out which is the one you actually competing with. What? You can actually do it? Just take their address. So take the full address. Copy that, and then Pacer into the Google Maps. You are ill and actually a perception down here, which says, at this location, and as you can see at this location, we have one business called American floors so I could get that click on Be super confident that this is actually the listing for the one I saw in the map Back and again, I can further confirm that just by looking at the address here, which is Richmond, Virginia. So hopefully you guys found that useful and give you the unfair advantage you need toe overwrite your competition 13. How To Handle Multiple Locations For GMBs: If you have two locations for your business, for instance, you operate in two different cities. You're gonna want to add both locations in the same a Google my business account. The reason we want to add it in the same Google. My business account is number one. It's just good practice on number two. It makes it so much more easier to manage both locations, so going to show you exactly how to do that. Now log into your Google my business account, and it's crawled into left hand side and took managed locations. Another way to access it is just to go into business dot google dot com forward slash locations, and I should take you to this page. You'll see that we have one location, which is the one we're working with throughout the course. You want to add another location. You seem to need to click, add location on the right and then click, add a single location and put in the business name. So, for example, let's just pretend mine is called level finish. Let's go for Norfolk, which is another city with in Virginia, So I would go that create business on then I would then go for the whole process, as we did initially when we set up a Google my business account. Once you do that, I would actually do because I only have one location for this business. You actually have to Listings appear here. Why don't you verify that once it's verified, you want to go through the same protest we did in the last video on optimizer? Listen to make sure it's gonna be visible to people in that city. The reason why you wanna have another separate listing for another city is because if someone is based in different city and type in something like carpet installation, your Richmond listen is not going to trigger as Richmond is just for the city of Richmond. So if you do have another location for your business, please do you make sure you added in the same Google my business account. That is the best way to ensure you get the most amount of traffic visitors and calls to your listing 14. Citations - What You're Going To Learn: Theo citations in this section we're going to cover what is a citation? The benefits of citations for local s CEO and just a hint. They are super, super beneficial indeed. We're gonna look at Hat of a Former citation. Order it. This is very, very handy. And you definitely to notice. As if you have incorrect citations, they can actually do more harm than good to a local issue campaign. So knowing how to do an audit spot these and fixes is essential. We're gonna look at how to build a citation from scratch. We're also going to cover how to still were competition citations. So if all of the people you are competing with on page One have, let's say citations on 50 different websites, we're gonna look at exactly how to see all the citations and have to build them fewer website to. That idea is if all the Web sites on page one have a B and C to be on page 12 he also need a B and C. We're gonna look at how to outsource the whole process. So if we don't fact it doing this yourselves, maybe a short on time, you just find the whole process of Gordon. Citation tedious. I'm gonna show you a company who you can outsource the whole process to make it completely . Hands off. 15. What Is A Citation: What is a citation? The citation is online reference. Your business is name, address and phone number on an external website, which we refer to as a nap, which is a name that address on a phone number. As you'll see from the image below, we have a screenshot from manta dot com, which, if we didn't know it's actually a local business directory. In the screen shot, you will see we have a list in four level finish and in our list. Then we have our business name we have our address on. We have a phone number mentioned. These are all the free elements that make up a citation, which, as discussed, is a name. That address and the phone number, as you should know by now, is what we call the nap. It's good to know we also have that website listed here below. However, that doesn't form part of Citation. It's only the name that address on the phone number. The information on a citation needs to match exactly how it's shown on my GMB listing that is super super important, who want to make sure all our citations are consistent if you have different information such a different address of one of the citations. What happens is that you could end up confusing Google as the way I actually based, which only ends up leading to you struggling to appear for local search terms. In your area, there's two type of citations you can have. The first is what we call a structure of citations. So these are your typical citations, and I have been out in a correct structure on the correct order, which is a name that address on the phone number. The second Zappa citation is that refers to as an unstructured citation, So this should be on the same details, but in a different structure. So as you can see from the text on the right, we had the name first, followed by the phone number and then the address, as it isn't laid out in the correct structure. A citation of this sort will carry less weight. They aren't used to say definitely do have some value. However, they're not as strong as a standard structure citations. As a result, we re won't be making sure we focus on the normal structure citations, as these are the ones that have the most bump for business. The rest of this training is all geared towards securing the exact citations. I've got another example of some citations. Fear of them being incorrect. In the 1st 1 you'll see we have the correct nap. We have the name, which is Casey and that cleaning service. We have the address and then we have the phone number in the citation. On the right, you can see the phone number is completely wrong. It's that have bean, Triple five, Triple five, quadruple five. We have triple five triple to and then contribute free. So this is the wrong phone number. So this is what we refer to as an incorrect citation, this type of citation which ends up confusing Google in this citation. You see what the wrong company name said again, This would confuse Google on in the Life citation. If you see we have the wrong address. So we have Mountain View Lane instead of Triple five South Street. So again, this citation would go against you in your marketing efforts. You want to make sure you are building the correct citations as these are ones which will get you higher up in the map pack section. 16. The Benefits Of Citations + The 3 Categories You Should Be Building: the benefits of citations for local aecio, as discussed in the last video. When it comes to local aecio, citations are super super important. They help tell Google exactly where you're located, which then, in return, increases the chance of Google returning your list in for local searches. Most local Seo Software company state. Their citations from well established sites help increase the degree of certainty to search engines have about your businesses. Contact information, which makes complete sense. Having your address on your website isn't enough. You can't just help Google your base at location ABC, and that's that you need to convince Google your base that where you say you are and to the point that they have no doubt on. The best way to achieve this is by building local citations. The free citation categories. There's free main categories or citations you should be building for your business on before I get to each one. It's vital. I mentioned that all free categories are typical structured citations on discussed in the last video. These structure ones are the ones you want to be focused ill. The first category citation is what we call a generic citation to needs to be or standard directory citations on sites. Such a drop dot com. The second category is what refer to as a niche relevant citation. So these would be citations on directories that are relevant to your niche and your industry. The last category citation is what we call geo relevant citations. Geo. As in geographical area, these air citations on directories, which are only for specific locations such as a city you are targeting you want to make sure you build now all free types of citations, as if you only build one and two. You won't have the most effective local campaign in the video. When I walk you through how to build a citation, I will show you live examples of each citation category. 17. How To Perform A Citation Audit: in this video, I'm going to show you how to perform a citation order for your website. So before we even get into it, I want to explain that a couple of ways you can do this. The first is the manual method where you physically search for what? A citation. If you have out there on Google on a second is you use a talk with bright local which kind of automates the whole process. So before we do any of those two processes, let's start here over business diesel. So I'm gonna include the spreadsheet as part of downloadable attached Bonaparte. This sexual intercourse, you simply need to fill it in. So we have a business name, your address, your city and states and your zip code phone and your website. So these details right here, they need to match exactly what it says on your Google. My business distance. So we go back to the Google my business. Listen, just to make sure you got level finished right here, which I put down as the business name again the rhythm and have a capital letter here and no again, you should have it exactly as so so I'm gonna change that. Now that address is gonna be 510. All of a hill. Wait just to make sure is acting the same. 510 all over. Hell way. Then it got Richmond on the Virginia. The second part. I've got Richmond and Virginia here. Is it code is 23219 just to make sure it's the same. 23219 Then I had the phone number down here, which is 8043939 to a free, Which is exactly what I've got right here. The last element is the website to just make sure this is actually the website has links in your Google my business list in to make sure if you just right click website copy, link address, go to spread she believe that one and then pace over. And as you'll see, it's exactly the same one. So this is what you wanna be started. So if we start with the manual way we need to do is go over to Google and Google the business name in the location the businesses base. If I type in level finish direction Virginia, this is a selling Google to bring about all the information about level finished in Richmond, in Virginia. The reason I want a clue to the location is because if we don't, we could put level finish like so that could be another business out there. Which record level finish. We might get results or no Akron to the best thing to do is always present in the whole business name and location. So if you start scolding free page one, you'll see you've got actual website talk. We've got the about page. We've got the level finished, doc. Business Thought site, which, if you remember correctly, will be the site we've made in the GMB section of the course earlier. On which you see this part right here. You keep on scrolling down, you'll see. We've got a listing on Manta, which is a citation Website sense. Open this. You've got one on the map quest. We've got City fos right here. What we're looking at right now, these are all citations, so we don't look at all of them. I'll do one an example. So let's close these to slow it down a little bit like a manta dot com, so you can see manta dot com. I've got level finish about the address of what? A phone number and one of the website. So what you need to do is make sure that's exactly how it is listed on your Google, my business listing. So the easy way to do this is to go over to the spreadsheet if we go to citation sources, so in this tab you want to start listed in order citations you found. So the first Web site we found is manta dot com. The business name on Manta is 11 finish that would just copy on pay set in there. Don't worry about this for now. You can sort the formatting after. Or to be fair, you can just copy here and I'll keep the formatting makes a little bit easier. That address, as listed on Mantle, will be all of this part. So let's just be the beginning part. So let's just pace up there for a reason. Let's just take this 510 Oliver Hill. Wait. Go back to a spreadsheet pacer in there, the city and states and as it coat so that will be Richmond, Virginia. But they had to be five. Good up here. Ready? So was taking that Go back to the spreadsheet on? Well, Pacer in so, like so phone number will be listed on the website again. That would just be this part. Go back to a spreadsheet on pace that in there, like so links to So what does this link to if you click visit website, you'll see, actually links to pretty sure it should be home page. You'll automatically be directed to level finish. So yeah, this is the overall we get director too. So we want to do is just make sure we copy that. Added to the spreadsheet issues will come back. Teoh Later date You are Oh, off the live listing for this is the euro or the actual citation. So exactly go back to mento dot com. We found that just refreshed after we get the roll back. Once it's loaded to want to copy that, go back to the spreadsheet on, then paste it in. So what you wanna do is go through all the citations you find on Google. So actually, another list in this one, this one, this community go for all of the pages find a lot of citations. A little trick you can do as well if you're a big business and you have loads of citations , you've done some in the past. You might want to change your search results to show 100 per page. So at the moment is gonna be 10 listings on one page. So there's a lot of pages to go through. You actually go up here to settings and go to search settings and their results per page. You can actually bring added up to 100 just like so. Just very mind it will make a computer a little bit slower on then click. Save your perfect have been saying which is fine. Yes. I'm not a very book. Verify. Done. I'm all right. But there you go, Katie. I'm already booked. So essentially this one, I'll give me 100 results per page that saved me open and paid. 12345 You can see the only two pages here. So what we do is go through all of the lessons that come back for searching for your business list. All of them in that spreadsheet. Once you've done that, you want to detect any issue, so this is simply double chicken information. What is listed on the citation source against what you have in the business details. So, for example, business name is level fish. Citation source says level finished. Absolutely fine. The dresses 510 All of a Hill way. The address on the business T cells is 500 sent Oliver Hill Way. So that is absolutely fine City and say is Richmond, Virginia. This is a zip code 23219 Just double check is the same here. Richard. Virginia 23219 What is phone number again? Just double cross. Check that with the phone number here. The website. Make sure we have the home page listed level finished dot com which we do indeed. So issues is actually no issues for this None. This is a live your brother. Listen, if you want to refer to you at a later date so that essentially how we do a manual audit of order citations if you want to find a shortcut way orthe waiters Expedia about this, you can use this tool called right local. I'll just close its on show you this now. So bright local. They give you a free 14 day trial. Two weeks should be more enough to do a citation on it. Find out any inconsistencies, so do sign up for a 14 day free troll. You don't need any credit quality. Won't get ultimately build at the end of the 14 days if you forget to cancel. So sign up. I've already done it. Once you sign up, you get to this page and you simply want to follow through step by step. So first I'm gonna do it quick. Single location business as that's what you want. Thanks now is going to locations. You can have it. Import your Google, my business. Listen or you confined your business details I've found from experience. It's best just to find a business. Details. It's much easier. So it's go for this one. Certainly a business. So in our business name, so level finish. It's down the right here. This select that used this location. Now what this would do This will bring all the information in from your Google my business list in have a do just double check. The information is correct as you can see straightaway. The business category has changed a furniture store, which I'm not sure why. So let's put that back when it actually is. Which is a florin contractor. The same as it is all my give them my business list in. Just check the got the same city in town in there. The phone numbers, right. You got to stay zip code the website. Just check. Everything is OK before we click. Let's get tracking. It was all a good and go ahead and click lock and loads of what is to do now. This will put all the information in from a Google my business list in and then it'll populate on display all the information in a dashboard. So he said to me, letting you sit here and watch the Barlow, I'll do some magic and fast with the video. Before you know it, it will be done right? And just like that, it is done. So for these sketch, you can simply skip the last free. You don't need to do that all to click. Skip, skip this army Gonna skip this. Great. Now take me to my location. Dashboards. Get that click as well so this will now create a dashboard of order results. This will take some time to load the information as well. So what? We need to look at this part right here. Citation. So currently, what Bright local was doing its searching the Web just as we've done it in the manual version and it's looking for order. Citations out there is gonna list on any. We should find the incorrect, which are fine and give us a total count as well. So it will take a bit of time. We just take after five minutes. So what I'll do is I'll do a bit more magical video. Forward it and I'll be back and will be done right. And just like that, what back? So you can see the Citation report is now fully completed. Its give me a score of 40 hour 100. It's found 31 life citations Out of the citations. It's found 31. There's no errors at all, which is really good. We can click view for reports, get more information about that, and you see, it should list all the citations alone. I actually found a 15 in total sorry, bigger back on 14 of them are correct. You can see you scroll down. These are all the ones it's found. It's found at Foursquare Map. Quest was when we saw in a brief search earlier. It's found Brown Burke. It's found city squares, so on the soul of someone. So because he straight away. So I grab your field site. You can try freshen up deals now something that hasn't loaded get that every fresh. You do get a few errors coming in every now and then, but don't worry about that. You could just refresh it like this. Essentially, you could see it's found all the citations. It's just that the address, the postcode on the phone number on the wall matchup that is no issues at all. So that is high performance citation. Order it. What I'll do is well, I will look into bright local in the description below so you can sign up for your 14. Freed a troll on run a manual automatic citation, order it on your website and your G M B list in just after that. For some reason, Google directory listing was not lonely, and crop earlier had to refresh it. I just refreshed it now, and the details had populated with no issues. It's also if you get issues, nowhere is just give it a refresh and things should be fine. Okay, see in the next lesson. 18. How To Find Citation Opportunities For Your Business: there's free types of citations you need to know about the first of what we call generic citation. So these are mentioned off your business on generic directories such as Yellow Pages on york dot com, for example, the second type of what we call in each relevant citations. So he's a mentions off your business on niche relevant directories, so we have level finish. We are a florin company, so you're flowing. Contracts are do all types of Florida, so as a result, getting them listed on alliance would count as a niche relevant citation. So if you're a plumber, you want a guard on vine plumbing directories. If you're a builder, when I go out and find construction directories or so on and so on. The third and final type of citation is what we call a geo relevant citation. So geo, as in geographical, whereas in a physical location. So what you wanna do is find directories in your local city. So as level finished is targeting of Richmond in Virginia, will have done is I found a Richmond business directory, so if you are based in New York, you want to find a New York business directory. The way to find out it's going to Google and you simply just type in New York Business Directory actually show you and what people will return is tons of visit directories for New York. So you've got one there, one there, one there and so one. So now you know, different type of citation you actually have for your business. What you don't do is go out and find citation opportunity. So the easiest way to do it, it's you that'll cord bright, local, so bright local is the same tour I showcase earlier on in this citation section of the course. Simply go into bright local and include a citation builder Wait for the Pacer load and then you want to click start campaign down here on the right on Now what this will do, This will show you your existing science ation. So citations you already have your current business. You keep on scrolling down, you'll see you have available new citations. So currently, 77 citations we actually got out on get our business listed on. And if you look closely, you'll see we've got a generic director there. We've got a neat directory. We got another in each director there, so it gives you a mix of both, which is really good. This is a general plus local. So that counts as a geo relevant citations. Well, so it gives you a real good mix off Citation. So 77 is a quiet high number two. The best thing to do is to copy these over to your spreadsheet. So if you go over to the spreadsheet, you can see I put maps the apple dot com but low that we've got a facebook dot com. So again, I've already copied that cross to Citation spreadsheet. Then I'll go for being dot com, go to the spreadsheet on them. Plug in that so I won't do this for all 77 on Bore you. But essentially, what you do is compiled a massive list of orders opportunities and they want you to do is work through them one by one and get your business name and the phone number listed all of these websites so you can build up more citations for your business to do very mind. It's all about your nap, your name, address and phone number. Make sure they are consistent across all your citation opportunities out there. That way you sure you are consistent? And it's good to know as well that as we are covering all three types of citations. So, for example, the Geo relevant. We're making it super clear to Google where we're based, which is Richmond were making it super clear to Google what we do, which is nothing to do with Florida. So this way your has no doubt about what we do on where we are based. So as a result, we are much more likely to appear in the map at when someone types and some to do with Florin in Richmond. This is how you right in the backpack and the super super crucial you makes you cover both elements. Another way you can use it, right? Local to find citations is to go to clients and locations up here and then you wanna go see view dashboard you want to go down to wear says citations wait for the invasion to populate . They want to click view for report at the top. So this is the same scream we viewed when he was doing a citation order earlier on in the course, So as you'll see it will list order citations. You currently have you notice that some Rosa Blank as well? So, for example, we've got local. Just dial if you look to the right, this one, for example. For just though you see there's a plus sign, which is get citation. If you actually click this plus sign what it will do, it will redirect you to a page. What you get you sign up for just dial and I should get a citation. So people in your company names that be level Finnish. For example, put in a city which should be Richmond. You put in your first and last name, even mobile number line number. You click submit on what happened. You will get your website listed on Just Die, which we mentioned, which will count as a citation. So there's two ways you can use a bright local to do this on. Like I said in the previous video is bright local does kind of a 14 day free trial, so if you time it right, you can actually do all of this for free. There's another tool which people tend to use, which is called white spark white spots is a pay tour Cost $1 per month. To be fair, you can get a lot the same results from Brian local. So we typically use bright local. However, I will show you this anyway, so we're gonna do it. However, toe l cf thought white spots dot c a forward slash search. It will take you to this page. You wanted to sign up for a free account with just give you really basic information. But to be fair, to get any real no information like that, she worked with so tangible information you will need a pro account. I don't have a per account as we use bright local. However, I'm gonna show you anyway. So what we'll do is head over to this page, select your country, which for me would be United States into your location, which should be Richmond, Virginia, into your key phrase. So for me it would be Florin as on a flooring contractor. Just keep it generic. Select your final search for a So again, your search phrase is gonna be a variation or your location. And your key phrase. So what floor in Richmond of Richmond Florin. I would just leave it as it is and not adjust that assign. Insert a project. Just a click. No project or skip that is optional If you don't go for the pro accounts but not worth doing anyway and simply fit Search. What we do now is gonna email you a list of citation opportunities that is found to get an email like this. It will say we found 186 potential citation opportunities. Or for me, it's about 186 you might find more or less You wanna click, view your results on what it will do. It will open up a new tab and it will list 186. Citation opportunity. So this will be the ones down here I like. I said, I don't have the free account clinic. She see that show listings, but just do bear in mind. A lot of them will be exactly the same. Actually get from bright local. If you want to see or them again, you need to upgrade to the pro and I mean exactly the same process. You can copy them, go into your spreadsheet, listing down and then go and get your business listed. And that is simply how you get your business listed on load of directories and how you find them on how you understand a different type of directories and citations out there for your business to. 19. How To Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Citations: another powerful method you can utilize to find additional citation for your business. It's a reverse engineer. The competition using Sem rush to the great thing about a typical citation is it normally consists off free components, which is a business name. That address on the phone number, however, was also great about Citation is it will normally contain a link to the website as well. So you can see in this example for level finish is a bottom right here which says visit website. We open that in a new tab you will see this man start listing So this citation were actually linked to level finished dot com So you can see just redirected now to level finished dot com So so much cash as a feature where you can plug in a website on it will show you all the back links that link into that website. So essentially all of the citations that site has so no one is. We could be a little bit clever. We can go over to Google and plug in the keyword we want to be on page 14 just carpet installation bridge in Virginia. We convinced go down to the map pack, which is this section right here. You know that the websites that they're living the bat wings, they have a k a CEO Golden citations they have. So I want to ignore the top one, which is Florin RV A Only because it's an ad. We want to be analyzing the websites that there organically as we know they are there from the CEO efforts and what they're doing behind the scenes. For example, the topside actually analyzing is gonna be some rays, carpet and vinyl to the first I want to do is hover over website and then copy link address . Go back to some rush on pace in the euro at the top. Once that's done and information is loaded, you want to click the number which appears under back links. So for me, in my situation, or in my scenario, even the number is 145. Why don't you take that number? The page will then redirect the whole page dedicated to back links. Now this is listed at, or the back links this sunrise carpet, the main has. So all I need to do is scroll through or the back links on open them in a different tab. So I've got one from I think it was retail floor in stores up retail floor indoors against . I'm going to ignore that you want to try and go for unique ones. So retail floor in stores, zip to business that's a unique one is open that as well. Let's open store info. Let's open this one as well. Official website has opened this one. Do bear in mind that not every link you see here will be a citation. Some could be mentioned on this site in a different website as well, which refer to as a standard link. But anyway, let's open all of these. Now start with this one so you can see this is a retail Florence store dot com, and by the looks of it, it lists out lows of floor insights in Richmond. So I've got one there When I went in Richmond, specify in Thailand cover in what Jim Jeter's. So I didn't control F to find some rights, which you can see as well, so somewhere I listed on this site so that we can now do it actually go out and get our site listed on this directory as well. For example, here's another one. Zip too busy. You can see the whole pages about somewheres and carpet so that we can actually go out and get our company listed here, too. We've got this one with your story info dot net. And if you look closely, what the company name what? The postcode that addressed the phone number and a link to a website which will see how we found them. So essentially, what we're doing now, we're gonna pilot massive list of all of these sites or D citations are competition have we're gonna go out and build them for our site to The reason why this is so powerful is because when you essentially typing a keyword into Google, Google is essentially showing you their hand there, showing you what they like to see on page one. So it's a science in position 12 free or have citation has been website A, B and C. What we need to do is go out and get links from a B and C in two and follow suit. This way, you know you're following a proven strategy. It's such a powerful strategy guides on a highly recommend you always a spot of your strategy on any site you want to build links to. 20. A Recommended Vendor To Outsource The Whole Process To (If you wish): if you're running short on time or would simply like to outsource the whole citation building process, then this is the company I'd recommend. S E O Builder. That's s e o builder dot com one to land on the home page that you're probably going to see something pretty similar to this. But do bear in mind, this page might change ever so slightly over time. So it 12 on the home page. You want to go over to this option citation building packages. And as you can see, we have three main and packages we have small, medium and large on the last one is simply a monthly citation service. So I recommend this company for free main reasons. The first reason is the fact that they offer free different packages. So small, medium and large, whilst is might seem quite obvious, is actually really, really helpful when it comes to local s CEO. As typically, the signs of the city you are targeting determines the amount of citations you require. For example, if you're silent in a massive city such as New York, then you're going to go up against more businesses and as a result, you're going to face more competition, which means you're going to require more citations. We're on the other hand, if you're targeting of really small city, you won't need 135 citations, which is what the large package offers you. You can easily get away with just 35 citations. The second reason why I recommend these guys because they actually produced a free citation . Order it in every single package. We have a free citation order here in this small, we have another one in the medium package and we have another one in the large package. Now, if you watch the video of me performing a citation audit earlier on in this section of the course, he would have noted that it can be a bit time consuming, said the fact that every package comes of a free citation order. It is very helpful. The third and the most important reason why I recommend these guys is because they build free different types of citations. You can see we have a mix of generic niche and geo specific citations onto ranking Google. You need all three types of these citations, so your generic citations would be your listings on yellow on yellow pages. Your niche Relevant citations would be listened on niche relevant websites and your geo specific citations would be citations on directories, which are all relevant to your local area. So the fact that every packages small, medium and the large, all common all free types of citations is a massive funds up from me. 21. Reviews - What You're Going To Learn: Theo reviews in this section of wire reviews are so important, we're gonna look at how you can generate reviews for your business consistently every single month. So, you know, once you do all the hard work of the S e o the link building and you're on page one, you really need to convince you with pick up the phone and give you a call reviews and enable you to do that. They create more social proof, and it helped build trust between you and the person on your website. We're also going to look at how you can deal with fake review. So if you're unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of a fake review, I'm gonna show you the steps you can take to ensure that review has a smallest impact on your business possible. So let's dive into it. 22. Why Are Reviews Important: Why are reviews important? Did you know 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much of personal recommendations? Let that sink in for a 2nd 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much personal recommendations. That is absolutely insane. And to be honest, I still get a little bit shocked to this day when I read that step in regard to reviews, there's not much more that construct that personal recommendation as new money. Personal recommendations come from people you already trust, which, if you think about it, once you get a personal recommendation, you're basically sold already, right as why would you go elsewhere when someone you know has recommended this service to you? This is why personal recommendations are so powerful on the fact that online reviews could just be as impactful is clear evidence on the importance of why should have reviews on your website reviews play multiple roles. They help provide social proof, which drives purchases. If you think about it, no one buys products or services that doesn't have some social proof behind them that make you more visible. Reviews increased amount of time. Jo Brand is reference online, which biologic increases of his ability. Reviews also on your GMB listen, can help me rank higher, especially if they have key words in them. So the more of you do you have, the higher your click through rate will be. That's the higher you will rank. They also make you look more trustworthy. Or would companies have reviews? You wanna make sure you follow suit and trustworthy to reviews? Also helped expand the conversation about you. When people see reviews, they typically start to ask around in the local network about your brand. For example, anyone heard of company ABC? That's starting a whole conversation about your company, which, if you provide good work, is a good thing that also increasingly essential in decision making. If all else is equal between union competition that nine times out of 10 the reviews will be the deciding factor. Even look at reviews from Google spec tive is pretty much the same. Having reviews proved to Google that you are a real business and should be trusted, which will help your Rankins as like I said many times, Google is not any science on page one. It doesn't trust. So now you know where reviews are important. Let's look at how to direct them in the next video 23. How To Generate Reviews: how to generate consistent with use for your business. One way is to simply ask your customers. I know that sounds like very basic advice, but I can't stress how important this is. Simply asking your customers to levy a review is one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate reviews for your business. This is especially true if your business has a physical location and you can let you drop this in casual conversation at the end of a transaction. You do. However, I want to make it as easy as possible for someone to leave your of you. As in general, leaving a review isn't the funniest thing to do. It gets even more tedious when it's a long winded process behind it. What we advise our clients were physical locations to do. It's have a bit kneeling generated and add it on a card and simply handout. For those who don't know a bit, dealing is basically a link short. Now I'll show you how to start one at the end of the video. Essentially, it is very easy to do. Typically when you give people in tow, leave a review for your business is always a long winded. You are also with Billy. You could basic plug in your long URL, and I'll make it very short. Few. But again, I'll show you how to do that at the end of the video. The beauty off, Billy. Like I just said, even shorter new aerial, however, you can also customize you are also it's given them that long. Google Review link. You can actually, really in the link to say whatever you want it to be, which is very handy. Another option you can utilize is adding a review link in the email Signature in your foot are so on every email you send that there'll be a reviewing in it, making it super easy for people to leave your reviews. You might only generate two reviews, however, that is still great at that's two reviews more than you originally had. You could also put together a page on your website with instructions showing people how they can leave reviews in a screenshot step by step. The beauty of screenshots is that you're literally walking them through the whole process, step by step a k a. Making it super easy for them on thus increasing the chances of you securing that review, you would even go one step further and create a screen share video like I'm doing right now . In this course, this is probably a better option as more interactive and engaging. If you want to get super creative, how about leaving a link to your review page on invoices you send out? Typically, if someone paid an invoice, it means a happy with your service. So what better time to ask him to leave a review then, after they just confirmed the happiness with a financial payment? These are all methods you can utilize to help your reviews for your business. The key is making it super easy for them on. Like I said, one way to make it super easy. It's a convert, your long reviewing into a nice shortening, so I'll show you how we do it now as we head over to Billy. So typically, if you want to send someone a direct link, which wants a click opens up a box of leave, you review, you would have to do it this way, so you have to find your G and B listing, scroll down and inflict brighter review 12 boxes open. You have to copy this u R l on and send it across to them in the email, which I'll just show you for most on my note pad. This is how long the euro would be. So as you can imagine, it's not that nice. Chocolates and email, it doesn't look that appealing a tool. So what we're gonna do is convert this long review girl into a nice short one, so we can do that using a tool called bitterly. So that's B I t l y want you think that I should redirect you to something like this? You might have to sign up for it and create an account. However, it is free. So once you sign up, you want to log in and then go to create, and we're gonna do is paste in your long You are also fight pacer in like so you can see it's now converted into this really short. You are all so I can actually copy this on now. Pace up and you'll see that actually read directly to the same page. I was just on, so give it a couple of seconds. It should open at the review box. Just like so. However, you go one step a little bit further and actually cost the might derail. So right here we can get rid of all that weird stuff have been actually putting up business name. So level finish and then click Save. You could see that's now updated. So I copy this link. Go over to Google and pays the inter bit dot li ford slash level finish and then click Search. This will now bring up the G M B for level Finish on will give the person an option to leave a review. So as you can imagine, it's a lot easier to chuck this in an email. It looks much more nice on the eye as well. So if I was you out, create a bitch leading to create a link for your business, save it in your notes, or maybe even favorite and then setting out when you want people to leave, you review. So this is what it actually put in my emails on invoices and so on, and so one. So this will help you a lot when it comes to getting reviews for your business. 24. How To Deal With Fake Reviews: how to deal with fake reviews. Fake reviews could be a real pain. We've all seen them before and hopefully none of you for being victim of them in 2019 we have one of our clients give us a call and let us know they just lost that. One of the biggest deal to date was a little worried to hear that information at first. However, when our clients lose deal was What they do is they send out these feedback forms. Which center gives feedback on why they lost a job, and it helps him improve the processes. So, on this feedback form, the person wrote, you had too many one star reviews, so I wasn't confident you could deliver, which is super for straight in at all. The one star reviews the person was referring to were fake. I don't believe in a situation that problem with a review itself. I believe it was a fact that our client didn't respond to the fake review, thus allowing everyone else to think it was real. Now we can't run away from fake reviews. I mean, can't remove them on our own accord. However, what we can do is respond to them and making evidence everyone else that that review is indeed fake. If you're unlucky and acquire some fake reviews, the first thing to do is to reprise to them on highlight the fact they are fake. It is all about what you can say. You could say Thank you for leaving review. We take feedback very seriously. However, I'm afraid we have no record of you ever be in a customer we have never provided, so service would be the service you provide to yourself, so it greatly appreciate it. If you could remove the mislead interview. This makes it super clear to everyone that this review is suspicious. Once you responded to the review, you can notify Google about it and request him to remove it. However, they weren't aware to move it, so don't place any bets on it. However, Google do provide you an option, so it's best to report it. I'm gonna show you now have to report any fake reviews. You get good will make it very easy to actually report fake reviews. You simply need to be logged into that email account, which is registered with your bugle. My business account. So I'm looking to that email account right now attacked in level finish together. My GMB listing so we're gonna do is find the negative review. So let's just imagine that this review at the top was gonna be a negative review. Delicious. Imagine that. Christine said level finish was terrible. They broke my TV and they stole my microwave, for example. So what I wanna do is first find the negative review so you'll see if you hover over the text. A little flag appears. It's flat right here. So this is a flag. You want to press the report on the review, so hover over the text and then click the flag. This will now open a page where you could report the policy violation so essentially need to pick what type of violation it is. So you can read through all of Google's that policy requirements right here. So essentially there were only removed a review if they deem it to be a fake review. If it's abusive, is it contained the virus, for example, and so on and so on. So I won't bore you every one of these. You can check you later on in your own time. So essentially what you do is pick your violation type, so I typically go for the top one. This pros contains hateful, violent or inappropriate content as there's no bond to give you a choice of picking a fake review, so inappropriate content to me classifies as a fake review, so you can play around with this and I go back and forth with Google. How, essentially want a basic pick your violation type parking your email address So the email address you wanna put in should be the one associated with Google, my business listing. So plugging your email address, click your violation type and then click submit. So Google within review your violation or what you're saying is a violation, and then get back to you in five days with an outcome. I'm pretty sure of returning. They stopped even getting back to you, so it's only forgets removed that get back to your pre show right now. If you don't remove it, you don't hear from them a tool, but you will need to submit this, and I'm sure you get information in email. However, I'm not going to submit it as obviously This isn't a fake reviews, actually, every one of you and it has a five star. So that is how your report on a review on Google. But just like I said, everyone is no guarantee it's going to get removed. However, there is a fee charter report it, so you might as well go ahead and use it anyway on hope for the best. 25. Creating Local Ads Within Your GMB Dashboard - What You're Going To Learn: ads for local businesses. In this section, we're going to cover ads for local business owners. The reason I'm going to cover ads in this course, although I know it's a GMB calls, is because you can actually create ad from with in your GNB dashboard. So I'm going to walk you through. Why should instead of running ads for your local business? And I'm also going to show you how you can set up a Google ad for your business in a step by step Live, walk through. A lot of people aren't actually a fan of ads, as it could be quite costly. However, I'm going to show you how you can avoid spending a lot of money on add daily caps on your heads. Without further ado, let's dive into this section. 26. Why You Should Consider Running Google Ads: why you should consider running ads as we know. Yes, you can take quite a bit of time to kick in, which is why it's often viewed as a long term strategy. You can get results pretty quickly, however, not as fast as you can in comparison to Google. That's Google. As gives you the ability failed to generate results and leads instantly. The whole purchases a little bit different, as when we run an ad. We are essentially entering an auction on bidding on a keyword. As a local business, you want to bid on a local keyword, which are typically defined by two elements Service on the location. For example, carpet install up Richmond so carpet installer would be the service and of ricin would be the location you pay Google Every time someone clicks your ad. That's where they get in touch of you or no, The amount new paper clip is dependent on what your competitors are willing to pay for a click, but it's essentially an auction that come in. Who gets the top spot is a company who are typically willing to pay the most per click. So as I said earlier, Google ads allowed to generate results almost instantly that also super targeted as well. If this up correctly, there is. For instance, you can create Google ad until Google only show this ad two people in a certain city. You can also target a specific marr greatest around the location as well, which makes it a great option for local businesses. My view on Google and is that they are great to utilize in the early stages while CEOs in the background kicking in. However, as soon as I start to get some Rankin's and leads organically, I switch my bugle as as a not really needed anymore, making them more of a short term strategy. However, if you find that working really well for you, you can just let them run in the background in tangent with your S CEO and generate even more leads. So now we've gone through the pros and cons of Google ads. I'm going to show you how you consider a simple act for your business. I'll see you in the next video 27. How To Set Up Ads From Your GMB Dashboard: welcome back. So as you can see, I'm now in my Google my business dashboard, and you're probably a little bit familiar of all this stuff already, as we've gone through it, who got post info, insights reviewed and so on. And so one. However, down here we have the option to create an ad. So let's give that a click. Creighton ed and, as you can see, is gonna open a new tab. And it's gonna give me free, different options when the page loads any second. So here we have. What is your main advertising goal? Get more cause get more website cells or sign ups, or get more visits to your physical location. So for me is going to get more cools. It's probably gonna be this the majority of you guys as well. So let's give, get more calls a click and then go to next. Where are your customers? So now Google is asked me. Where are my customers base so you can actually go to self of radius around your business. Your business addresses off the base on your GMB listed, so I from Target every customer in a 50 mile radius around Richmond or Aiken lover that you know it's a 10 mile radius, even nine make it really, really granular. Or I could go super wide and say I want a 31 mile radius around the whole of Richmond, which means I'm gonna be visible to all of these people in the wider areas as well. However, I don't like to do that. I like to get really specific and target people just in my city. So instead of just talking to a radius like that, getting smaller and smaller, what you can actually do is go to this option right here. Give that a click, and then you can see it's got Richmond there, which is based on my location off actual business. You can actually add more locations in here as well, so maybe you can add another town in Richmond, Virginia. Maybe you can add something like this short pump, which is a little bit up here. You can see so you can see it's now called in on the map. However, I always recommend Start with just your city and you want to start on a smaller end and make sure your campaign is really need down so you don't attract clicks that too far out from your business. So let's take away short problem. Just leave Richmond for now. So once you're happy with that, you can also see Google give your potential audience size pretty good. Let's go to next. So now you can see Google has asked me to target your ads relevant to Google searches. So essentially, these are the key words I want to bid on. So I got carpet installer, got carpet, sells commercial carpet installation, residential. So given what you wanna do is add in the services you offer. So for me, I'm gonna leave my injustice carpet installer Now. However, if you have any more services, go ahead and add them in here. Maybe like wood floor installation right there. The united be a pinch, Another service. However, like I said, I want to keep things pretty basic. I don't go too far and too detailed into Google ads as it's obviously not a bugle that's cool. So let's just remove that one. Leave it is carpet installer and then click next. And now I need to compose my ad so people has actually very conveniently already orto populated or the fields. How it hasn't what you want to do is just go in and put some information. So the headline is obviously the main headline at the top. There is free option for free. Different headlines headline 12 and free. You won't make it appealing. People actually click over to your ad. However, in this scenario, we have experienced carpet installer. That's pretty good texture. Having your ad. Then we've got a second headline off level finish, which is our brand name. Then we have a headline Free working Enrichment so you probably can. It is a little bit better. Something like this, I would say, is that carpet installer? Or maybe but reliable in there as well? It's front, reliable carpet installer. I've got five more spaces left. Oregon. It's fine. Reliable Carpet Store Law on headline to service in Richmond. People know it's added, definitely targeted to them. If they see it on for the last pit, it may be trusted by hundreds off customers. If I have 100 customers, for example. But you know, the reason I've gone for this is because I'm reliable, so that's what people want to see. I'm service in Richmond, which is a city that person's gonna be in. AM I have a trust element there saying, trusted by hundreds of customers. So again, it isn't a course on Google as and your copy, but just given idea. You want to make sure you convey trust why people should pick you honestly, let in the way of service and as well, just together more of assented to go over to your at so description. Just the little part right here. So again, you could make this suit your company. So currently, Google have given me professional on cost effective carpet installation. Cool for a quote today and description to says that let a skilled and competent team install your carpet, visit us in Richmond. So I'm gonna take out this last year as I don't want anyone to visit me. Typically, if you want your carpet installed, you Corson and they visit your home. So I'm going to just remove that. But now I replaced that with toe. Raise it in stolen like so that's a bit better. And then click on your ads. Go to. So now when someone clicks, you're out. So that takes up here or any bit below there, they're gonna actually go on a Eurail. So as this ad is, what about carpet installation? I want to make sure they go to my carpet installation page. I don't have to go to my home page as my home page covers every type of floor we install. So if I go back to you here and I've been level who claro me, I've been a level finished dot com. What I wanna do is go to my carpet installation page and grab that you are, which is just one right here. Go back to the campaign on, go into a webpage address paste in my carpet installation and then click enter. Done. Click. Next. I don't typically do this part so you can actually cell phone calls from your Google ads. So sometimes it's one a mobile, another icon there. Give it a click and then people call you that cost per click. It's pretty different for this as well, however, just to give me a minute background where don't add this option. It's mainly because of these hyper at perform better in emergencies. For example, if your sink is blocked on, maybe you're in a plumbing business. You might win a bid on the keywords such as singing. I'm blocking emergency or something like that. You know, the type of keywords. So keywords. I have a tent behind them, which are all about emergency. And I need two things done. Assume, Of course, of all those ads typically convert better as when people want to call you. It's more of an emergency. So for my ads, I like to direct people to my website. They consume my services. And if you got the phone and give me, of course, if it is, I'm gonna click next. And now we set up budget. So this is amount. You wanna spend her day off per month so you can spend whatever mountain you one I always recommend starting off really small, maybe due to pound a day 500 a. Whatever you can afford. Start with your budget. Have a budget of work to your business's gold. So for me, I'm gonna go into your own budget here as £18 per day is a little bit too much for me into your budget. And I'll go for £5 per day and you could see give what should give you a bit more information. So your typical competitors budget range is actually up here. So the average people I'm competing with an average companies they spend on average of £13 a day, and the companies that spend in the most been roughly £47 a day. So again, you know, don't be put off by this because the average company spending for team holiday it doesn't mean you need to spend that. So I'm gonna go ahead and do what seats me, which is £5 click set budget and then click next. Actually, I just want to go back one step and just show you one thing I didn't actually show here. So actually see up in my budget of £5 per day, which is obviously £152 max per month, and you could see it gives me a bit of information about my budget on how many people I can reach. So it's telling me of a £5 per day budget. I can reach an estimated off 2000 510 people to 4250 people and get 50 to 90 clicks per month. So essentially £5 a day will give me roughly 50 to 90 clicks. So again, that's pretty decent. Again, if you want to get more leader, more enquiries. Obviously, you're up your daily budget again. It'll come down to what suits you on what suits your business goals. So let's go back to the other page and click next. So on this page is has kind of lost overview page. We get to review your campaign, give your campaign suitable names, a reliable carpet and solar. That is fine for now. Again, just give me another overview off the estimated performance. My campaign gold actually get more course for my business. This is my ad. I have the cool I from there. Anyway, I've got my budget and I got my maximum monthly budget as well. You could see it says you've added phone calls to add to receive verified calls again. If you didn't want that you can actually edit and actually removed that anyway is completely up to you where you want to do. I'll click next, and the next day will be 1,000,000,000. So so on the last page, It's all about your payment information. So we add your credit card or debit card to ensure every time someone picture out, the money can come out and Google conflict that amount of money without any issues. So once you do that for her in you click submit and the ad will be lives. However, I will click Submit it just to show you guys how you set up an ad. So hopefully you found that useful. Any questions? Just join the Facebook group would be more than happy to go through things of you guys in a bit more detail. Just dewberry mind this course isn't a course on Google ads it on Google. My business. I just wanted to chuck it in here, as we've in your GMB dashboard, do have option to create an ad. So I know a lot of these are gonna wanna create ads. So that is exactly how you did it. Hope you found it useful 28. Google Algorithm Updates - What You're Going To Learn: Calgary from updates that affect G M B's. So in this section of the calls, I'm going to cover some Google updates that affected G M B's. It was quite a few Google updates have come out since GM bees were first launch. However, I'm gonna go through 22 which I believe are the most prominent on the two that had the biggest train on the biggest impact on local rankings. So that further ado, let's dive into it. 29. Google Algorithm Updates That Affect GMBs: Google Pigeon. The release of Pigeon resulted in one of the greatest shakeups of Google local on local organic results to date. It was released on the 20 of August 2000 and 13. The three biggest elements to know I listed below number one one of Google stated Purpose is for the Pigeon update was to collect the local algorithm more deeply to the organic results, essentially meaning that businesses that right highly in the organic listings were more likely to rank in the map. Pack number two. In many cases, it appeared that the search radius have bean narrowed by a lot favorite businesses that were closest in a physical location off the searcher. For example. When searching for a query like pizza, San Francisco, a user in the North Beach era off San Francisco would receive local results narrow to that neighborhood instead of citywide results. With Matt boundaries redrawn to a narrow radius, many businesses found themselves suddenly outside of the map pack, which were previously in before and ranking highly fast forward. Several years on, goodwill has become a lot better at defining metrics like the distance between the searcher and a business and pigeon may be seen most clearly as a step along that path number free. One of the most notable outcomes, or pigeon, was lost off the seven map pack, which, if you look at it now, is now a free man pack. I'm gonna show you exactly what I mean in this slide right now. So this is the new version on this is the old version. So as you can see in the old version, there was typically seven businesses listed in the map at now. We just have free. It was a massive update. And in my payment, when the biggest changes ever to affect the local landscape Google possum, Google possum was an update that came into play on the first of September 2000 and 16. All the evidence seemed to indicate that this particular update only impacted the map pack on the local finder, which is essentially just a local results or the Google map results. I believe the main purpose of his update was to diversify the local results on also prevent spam from Rankin as well. Based on a dozens of ranking reports I've seen in analyze, I would say this is the biggest update we've seen since Google Pigeon. So there's four main specifics off this Google update. The first is that businesses that for outside of a physical city limit saw a huge spike in Rankin's. If the business falls right outside the physical city limits for particular city, they have a seriously, a hard time for ranking for any keywords that include that city name. These businesses often don't even for into a city. Technically, according to Google maps, however, after this update, many businesses like that saw a massive increase in the local Rankin number to Google is now filtering. Business is based on a dress, and affiliation previously would often see a local filter applied to local results that filter that profiles that share a similar phone number or a domain. For example, you might have a chiropractor officer has free separate listings for individual practitioners and then one listing for practice itself. These separate profiles with all into the same website and use the same phone number. Usually only one or two of these would sharpen the local results on that others will be filtered. This makes sense as Google regularly filters do put content organically on showing their users. Tundra results from the same company isn't necessarily what's best for the user. When you are searching for a new dentist, do you really want to see the same dentist listed several times since its update? We are seeing a lot of businesses filtered out due to the address on the business being the same as another listen in the same category number free. The physical location of the searcher is more important than it ever was before. Let's imagine you have a landscaping business in Texas on your currently in Alabama on a business trip. If you carried out a search like landscaping company Texas, just to see where you are in Google, the results you will see whilst being in Alabama would be totally different. To result, someone else would see if they carried out the exact same search in Texas. It seems that census update it's more important than ever to ensure the search location is near the city. The searches carried out for number four search results very more, based on slight variations off the keyword search. When this report come out, there were tons of people saying that different variations of a keyword triggered different search results. Previously, if you search for something like chiropractor Los Angeles or Los Angeles chiropractor, you would see the same results. However, since it's update each different search for a different keyword variation, bringing that different websites the's just to update, I'd like to go through, which was the pigeon on possum. However, there is tons more updates out there, such as the whole cup day that all had a massive impact on G. M B's and local rankings to however, like I said earlier on, these two I believe are the most important on had the biggest effort in the local landscape . 30. Putting It All Together: putting it all together in this section. We're going to cover why knowledge is power. Just like anything in life, knowledge is power. However, with their CEO is even more important. I'm also gonna cover timeframe. So how long it takes you to see results? It is going very Ah, lot. Based on the key word and a location you're targeting. However, I just want to give you some rough time frames. You know what to expect. And I'm also gonna cover exactly where you guys should come if you need support. So I'm not actually that active on new to me. So if you do you have any questions and you need help. I'm gonna go for exactly where you should come to post your question. And that way you can assure you get a response from me. So let's dive into this section. 31. Knowledge Is Power: knowledge is power. You now know way more than the majority off local business owners. So at the end of the course now and we've gone through a lot of sections ranging from G. M B Rankin Factors, citations reviews ads for local business owners with even gone through Google algorithm updates that affect the local listings. I can say with confidence that most business owners and again I'm saying it's from experience. They don't even know what GMB ranking factor is, let alone what a citation is. So the fact you now have orders information gives you a massive unfair advantage to go out there and dominate the map pack and really talk to generate more tons of leads and enquiries for your business When it comes. Tosto knowledge is really, really power, just like anything in life. The more you know, the better equipped you are to guard and achieve your goal with their CEO is constantly updating its updates every single year in Google. However, you now know the foundation on the basis of what you can build upon, so it puts you in a really good position. For example, I know someone who runs an SDO agency and never put that much effort into actually learning Aecio. They thought that just got there on Celestial because of really good. It sells and they become a success. However, they don't have the knowledge which is required to go out there and rank in the map pack or rank in the organic sections. So as a result, yes, my friend is really good. It sells. He can go out there and close loads of deals. However, when it comes to the feeling that work is actually not that good and a lot of clients drop off. So knowing what to do is super super important. So again, well done for getting this far into the course. I hope you find it very useful and valuable. I please do urge you guys to take action. It's all good, very well and watching, of course, learning and making notes. But if we don't go out there and actually action it, you will never really truly read the benefits of what you've learned. So please, you go out there. Actually, this promise you guys, you'll be absolutely amazing what you can achieve. I'm gonna go to Google now in to show you some live examples. So if I go over Teoh Google right now and to look at some of the results we've managed to achieve, let's type in one of the key words what's operatives? A flooring contractor? Richmond, Virginia. You scroll down here to the map pack. Actually, you can see number one already. We're here in organic, which is really good. If I go over to the map and click more businesses, you can see we have level finished right here. So we're currently position 12 free for five. So what already in the top five for this big keyword. And again, this is just from going through what? I've showed you guys in the course citations. Optimizing your GNB listing correctly and you can see already what? Being out? All of these businesses down here Being out. All these people better floors, Richman antique floors, uber level Chester's carpet. They got 30 reviews. It doesn't matter because lt don't know etc as well as we do, and you can see how much impact it has. So again, just to kind of finalized, there's over 10 different pages, all competing for the same key wedding Google level finish is in the top five. Just from following the same tactics and strategies that I've showed you out in this course of guys, please. You got out there on makes you implement all of this is going to be amazed by the results you can achieve for your business and your G m B two. 32. How Long Does It Take To See Results: I often get asked, How long does it take to see tangible results? So this is gonna very our lot, depending on what keywords targets in, on also what city you're targeting. For example, if you're targeting a massive city such a New York, it's more likely that you're gonna face greater competition. As it's a larger area. It's more likely is gonna be more businesses also a target in the same key word, which just creates more competition, thus making it longer for you to see results. However, if you talked in a small town, for example, then you can get results of sinners one or two months. However, typically what we say to our clients at the agency is that don't expect to see results until 4 to 6 months. Remember, Issue is more of a long term game is a long term investment. It's not like Google as you just turn on and oversight in your number. One is all about building that long term authority by a citation on stuff like that. So you can't just go out there and create 10,000 citations in one day. You need to build in each relevant citations that year relevant citations on just the general citations as well. So there's a lot to do. Like I said, you can outsource the process. As I just said earlier on in the citation section of the course, however, it does take time. The reason I could take even longer as well is just because you go out there and build 100 citation, for example, it doesn't mean that you're going to get the benefits straight away. Google needs to visit those websites and see their citations to give you the value on the issue of benefit of them in the first place. Dugal might not see that citation for two weeks after you build it, which means if it takes a month to build a citation, and then it takes Google two weeks to find that citation and then give you the authority and relevant you need from that citation, you can see how quickly things add up and start to take months to do. Bear that in mind. Do you be patient and do be consistent and you were destroyed in my last video. The results you get from implement in the strategy is truly, truly powerful, so be patient, be consistent, keep following everything to a tee and you will definitely go in the right direction and get your business higher up in Google. 33. How To Track Your Rankings: Now they're working hard on getting your websites a page one. It's important he traveled your progress to see how things are coming along instead of googling your keyword every day to see what position you're in. Trying to find your website and see if you're going up or going down is much easier to just use a tool. It's also actually very inaccurate to just google your keywords as a social. See we based on the current location you're in at the time of searching. For example, if you're way out of the city and you give about your keywords, there's always you'll see will be different than what you see If he was in the actual city . Your talked in City eight and over in City B or city see on you give your keywords. There's no if you see will not be a true reflection. This is especially true for the map. Materia as Google's local, our room is based on proximity, so how close you are to actual business and the searches you're typing in. I'll show you two tools you can use to track of keywords and make it completely. Hands off the first tour that's all. Within same rush on the second tour is a website called to Certain Robot. So let's start with seven rush now so ahead of the same rush and click projects and then click position tracking. What we do is enter your domain name, so it should be an actual domain name. So level finish for me it make sure you have your actual domain name and no, in a paid like carpet for good. And for one of your services, just leave it as your main domain name. Once you've done that, click set up ensure you have Google. They're on device. Leave it on desktop location. Put in the CCU target. So for me, the Richmond, Virginia, this is also gonna be the location several searches from to find your keywords. So again, it's just another benefit of using the tool. Make sure you have language selected for volume to show makes you have local. So so much uncertainty, local results as well. For the business name for the local map pack again, it will say a please answer the exact four name of your business as it shows in the local map packs of again this is the name exactly as it shows on your G m b. Your Google my business listing. If you're unsure how it shows, just head over to Google on type in your business name. Find your list in and you see level finishes a capital L on a capital F and it's one word. So I want to type mine in exactly the same. So level finished, like so capital letters in no space if you do at a space in it. For example, What happened is that when so much is searching Google to find your GMB listen, it will simply just skipped part it and say it didn't find it, even if it did actually find it in the first instance. So level finish what you have done that in for dinner or information keywords. One thing just to note before we actually move onto the next step, adding are keywords is as you can see on the screen, I've added Richmond as a location. The only reason I have done that is because level finish is a local business website, so the main location I'm targeting with level finish is going to be Richmond. However, if we don't have a local business website, and the website is more of a general website. Maybe it's in the fillets site. Maybe it's just about health and beauty. For example, you probably don't want to try any ranking down from a location. You want to keep it brought and track it from a country wide perspective. So for location is simply just put in the United States, the United Kingdom, whatever country you are targeting on, leave that as blank again for the business name for the local map pack. If you're not a local business, you're probably not gonna have a Google my business distant anyway to just leave that blank and then click over to keywords. This is where you have opportunity now to add in your keywords. You can actually go over to your keyword research temporary and just copy the key words here. However, I'm gonna copy and fire to keep it nice and quick. Of what it would take hours for this to load in the video. What you put in your keywords click add to project is we, Then move them across to your project keywords. You see a little box here, says semi weekly updates. So if I leave this check essentially, what would happen is some actual semi report every single week on the updates of my keyword . If they're going up that have gone down very useful and again makes it hands off. So I recommended leaving that tick and then click start tracking. So what it will do now so much is searching Google for your keywords in the city you put down for locations. Over mine is Richmond and it seems you're gonna find out exactly where you are in Google. What paid what position of what your role is coming up for all of your keywords on present , the information to you in this dashboard. So this way for its information to load. Okay, that information just populated now. So by the fault, you'll be on the landscape tablet. Just give you a good overview off the keyword. So my average position is vision 21 visibility 8.86%. If not sure what these things mean. You can just hover over. Look, I want and I will tell you. It'll tell you the key was you have in the top fruits on one keyword in the top free about one in the top 10 1 in the top 20. I've got fire in the top 100 total give you a good breaking distribution chart here. Some keywords. However, what I found it's much better just to go to the overview tab. This will show the keywords and position a lot more visually easy. I should say so if you scroll down to see what the keywords right here. But the key word about my position in Google and Gold to the right about the euro, which is actually relevant so we could see straight away for flooring contractor Rich in Virginia. I'm in position to which is pretty good laminate floor installation. I'm in position 21. I've got carpet installation vision 20 free. I've got carpet in store. So a different variation off insulation Addition. 27 Tower installation. I've got 15 32 so there's 10 results about page on Google, so I'm at the top of page free for this one toward the top of page free two or the bottom of page three on towards the top of page for for this keyword. So getting pretty good results bearing in mind. It's a brand new site. It just shows you how powerful are the processes I just showed you. If you get the site set up correctly did on page optimization, so will the on page elements on build high quality links. You can definitely get really good results and probably better one than these if you score one to the right. Like I said, you had the Auriol appearing. Do you keep an eye on this? Because, as you know, like I said, you want to produce quite content for your science. So for this keyword right here, I have carpet installation. Richard, Virginia, I have my carpets service page period, which is good. However, sometimes you can't you get one block post appearing, for example, which read a block post talking about how to install carpet. Google could get confused potentially and then actually show your blood post and not your main service paid. So if you don't check this, you won't actually know what pages appearing. So if you want to do this now, using the total which is certain robot this tour, I'm pretty sure they give you 14 days free trial on after that is only $5 a month, so it's pretty inexpensive. It is a little bit slower, and it's not as accurate. But I'll show you how it works anyway. So if you go to my dashboard first, we want to sign up. Sorry. Once you sign up, you wanna go to my dashboard and then you want to click New Project and simply enter a project name. So I, Timothy, just put in the name of my website. The main aim That would be level finished dot com again. Same adjust. Main domain? No, in a service page, the keywords, the keywords I'm targeting. So let's place him in here. Okay, Thing about let's change if you pay, too, all in one go need to goto add keywords in bulk and then we want to do is put a little comma after each one, just so it knows it's a different keyword or alternative. You can just go back to a single mode, which I'll show you in second. We just call me this. You can't just go back to a single mode and then plug in your first key went there and then go to number one about five to do for ease. I'll just paste them all in here. That's fine on global region Makes you have the right country selected. So my is Google us. Make sure if you're in the UK go find UK Ivan tnr l C click Argentina. The next part of this video that advanced options is only applicable if you have a Google my business list in. So if you're not a local business, then nine times out of 10 you will not have a Google. My business list in on the next part will not apply to you. Once you've done that, you wanna click advanced options and what makes you have Google Local selected? This is extremely poor. If you don't select Google local, then it won't actually look in the Google map pack for your business. Such location again gets close as you can, so I'll go for Richmond, Virginia. It just won't be aware of as well with search location. It's also advisor. You should check out the link first. So if you look down here a little link. So if you give that a click that what she load Google maps and want to make sure what you put in here is actually a real location and give it exactly the same name as it appears in Google. My business. So if I go to Richard Virginia on go over here, I put in richer in Virginia, you can see it's actually found it already, so that is good to just make sure it's it's found. If it hasn't, then obviously you want to go back and put in a different name. So once you've done that, put your local business name again is exactly how your business appears in the Google Maps section. So on your G M B. So level finish and then click Add project success. We got out now you'll see it added a project for us for level finish is checking Google. We put in six different keywords. Frequency is gonna check this every 24 hours and is currently in progress. So it does take a little time for it to populate. But essentially you can see essentially the same thing. It will give you your rate in. It was so if you're going up, which will be the change, the latest will be where you currently are in Google, the change will be if you grind up minus so you can see the whole progress and you can actually click into the keywords because no keyword today to come through and it will show you a little charts. At the moment, as no date has come through, I can't see the line chart. However, I want to Data comes through and get some change positions that going up or going down, you can see a same way as you did in same rush of visual chart as well. So again, pick which one which you most prefer. Like I said, Well, you so much. However, this is still pretty good anyway and very inexpensive, So if you are running on a budget, this would be a better option for you. 34. Conclusion.. Bye For Now: Hello now Google My Business experts, or I certainly hope this isn't a goodbye forever, and it's just a good bye for now. I thank you so much for making it this far into the course of me. I'm really taking the time to understand Google My Business and how it will works. Google My Business is super important for any local business and you now know exactly how to run a Google My Business listing hierarchy and Google to increase its visibility, which is super beneficial for any business who was trying to succeed online. I truly sincerely hope this course has given you everything can more you expect to gain from it. I really hope you found the course valuable. So please be sure to leave me a review and share your experience. It would mean the well to me, if you can leave me some feedback. And also, it would be great if you could share that cools on your social media platforms and share the cost of anyone who you think may get value from it. Sharing is caring. Once again, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you loved it. I had a great time making this course and I'm sure I'll be seeing you in another course. Bye for now.