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Google Meet 2021 - Learn to Teach Online or Host Meetings in 30 minutes!

teacher avatar Kevin O'Brien

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Requirements and Getting Started

    • 3. Starting a Meeting

    • 4. Meeting Options

    • 5. More Google Meet Settings

    • 6. Schedule Meetings with Google Calendar

    • 7. Course Conclusion and Thanks!

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About This Class

Hi there! Welcome to my Google Meet 2021 course. My name is Kevin O'Brien and I'll be your Meet Coach! Learn everything you need to know about Google Meet in 2021 with this complete guide!


Are you giving online classes to students or holding meetings with your work colleagues? Then Google Meet is the perfect solution for you. Whether you're an absolute beginner or just looking to freshen up your current Google Meet knowledge, then this is the course for you. I'll guide you through all the steps required to get up to scratch in no time, most importantly in a fun and helpful way. 


There are a lot of online video applications out there on the market for teachers and at-home workers in need of a tool for holding work meetings, but Google Meet is shining through as the most efficient and user-friendly application of them all. if you're usually a Skype or Zoom user, then you'll love Google Meet. 

Together we'll cover Drive's most useful functions including:

  1. Getting Setup and Requirements 

  2. Starting a Meeting

  3. Inviting Guests to Meetings (Students or Work Colleagues) 

  4. Google Meet Settings 

  5. Present a Tab or Document to your Meeting 
  6. Creating Meetings via Google Calendar 

  7. Camera and Microphone Settings 

    Plus much much more...

I've divided this course up into bite-sized video lectures to help you get on track easier and quicker. Before you'll know it you'll be saving so much time using Meet so you can spend more time on other projects. So put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of coffee and let's get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Hi there, my name is Kevin and I'm from the small isle of Ireland. I have a background in Technical Support for Google products and I've a wide range of knowledge and experience with Gmail, Chrome and Drive.

I thrive on teaching and coaching others to reach their full potential. I hope you join me on one of my courses. I look forward to helping you save time and to get the most out of your Google products. 

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1. Course Introduction: Hi and welcome to my course on Google. Meet 2020. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know from creating meetings with your co workers or students to present information on to scheduling meetings, using Google calendar and configuring all of the settings that calm waters. If this is the course for you, then I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. Requirements and Getting Started: Hi there. And welcome to our first class on learning everything you need to know about Google meat. Basically, in this video, I'm just going to give you a quick run down on want You need to get started. Okay, So first of all, Google meat is ran off the chrome browser. Now you can use safari. Um, you can use Internet Explorer, but I do recommend that you use Google chrome, and the second thing you need is a Google account. Okay, so once you have chrome installed are opened. Essentially, you need to create yourself a Gmail account. Now, you might already have a Gmail account, and that's absolutely fine. Now, if you don't, what you need to do is you need to go to the sign in button on the google dot com home page . This is a quick way to do it. And when you kick sign in, it will give you the option to create an account here by adding another one right here. Okay, So if you don't have a Gmail account, the best thing you could do is jump in here and create one for yourself. Um, all need to do is put your name in and your email address, the one you'd like to use. Now, if you do have an email address with Google, then only to do is sign in first. Okay, So as you can see, I was previously signed in with this address here, but I have it down. Is learning classroom teacher at gmail dot com. It's just a test. Accounted a use for this eso. Once you have chrome opened, sign into your Gmail account. Okay, so I'll just sign in here. And once you're signed in, you basically are brought back to the Google page. Okay, so you know, you're signed in because your icon on the top right will appear with either your profile photo on and it will show your name and email address as well. Okay, so if you have one Perfect. You probably done this already. If not, you just need to create an account. Okay. So you can pop back to this later. Okay? So since we have chrome and we have our Google account, then we just need to go to Google meat. Okay, so you can do this by searching for it here. Um, and you will find the results for Google meat. Now, the best way to do it and the quickest way to do it is to go to your your l A bar at the top of your browser and type meat, dr google dot com. Okay, so that would always be the same. That's not gonna change. Okay, so when you type in, meet Dr will dot com and hit, enter and bring you to the Google Meet homepage. Okay, so this is basically the tool that we're going to use. We're gonna learn all about this. Um, just a quick note here, OK? Google meat is what it was primarily for G suite accounts, which was the page. Google accounts there are rolling it out to all Gmail accounts as well. So all these free Google accounts that we use everyone will be able to use it soon. There are some limits to the free version, but they won't be enforcing them until September 2020 s o. For now. If you see this screen perfect. Okay, then you have access to, um, Google meat. If you go to meet Dr with a calm and you sign in with an address and it says, You know, um, come back later. We're rolling it out. But you haven't got access. Yes. Then, unfortunately, you won't be able to see this to at the moment. Okay, Uh, you might have to come back a little bit later because Google are slowly rolling this out and making it available for everyone. So you might just have to wait a little bit, unfortunately, um, What I did notice, though, is my old Gmail account. I didn't have access, but when I created a brand new test account, it did have access. So I'm not sure if Google are given access to new Gmail accounts. So you could try creating a brand new one as well. Just for testing. Okay, so this is the Google meat home page, and this is basically where we'll get started. Okay, So on the next video, we're just going to look at how to start meetings and get going from there. And I look forward to seeing you, then 3. Starting a Meeting: Hey there. Welcome back. So on this video, we're going to start a meeting. OK, so this might be your very first meeting. If so. Great. Very exciting. If not, then you've been here before and you're looking for a quick refresher. Okay, then. That's absolutely fine. Um, So what we're going to do here is start a meeting by hovering over to the left hand side of our screen here and clicking this bottom that says, start a meeting. OK, so we'll just click on that. And what it's doing here is it's creating a meeting for us. Okay, So, um, by creating a meeting essentially a video call for a group, whether it's, ah, 1 to 10 or 20 people. Okay, it's creating a video call, but just before it allows us to join this meeting, OK, it's firstly, it might ask you this. It will say Google wants to access your microphone and your camera. Now I'm going to click allow in this instance. Okay, now I've got a default screen. Here s Oh, my camera is Ah, just not showing anything at the moment. I might look into fixed now for the next video to show you, but my microphone is being recorded. As you can see, it's kind of moving here as I'm talking. So I've given Google meet access to my camera and microphone and you can tell also cause Google chrome shows. This little red tab here is Well, this is a record button. Um, OK, so this is the screen your presented with were signed in with our address. Our meeting is now ready and under here you have a very unique euro. Okay, so this is the euro for your meeting that you've just created. So this is useful if you have some colleagues or friends or students or teachers or anything like that, where you would like them to join the meeting with you now, later we can invite them using their email address. Or let's say, if you want to give them a quick Facebook message or what's that message you could send them? This u R l at all they have to do is copy it at, enter it into the top. You're at a bar here and they will be able to join the meeting. Now, as you can see, it's actually the exact same one That's up here. Okay, so it's very unique like that. Now all we need to do is click joined now, and we're in. Okay, so the first prompt that comes up says, Do you want to add odors? And as we just talked about, you could share the U R L which your colleagues or friends on you can click Join our copy joining info here, and it's just copied it basically the link to my clipboard so I can pace that somewhere else. You know, now you can also click Add people here as well. And what that allows you to do is it allows you to send, um, note Ah, notification essentially to another Gmail account to join your meeting. Now, you have to have a Gmail account to create these meetings, and you have to have one to join these meetings as well. So everyone who wants to join this meeting must have a Google account off some shape or form, you know. Okay, so that's how we start our meeting. That's how we invite orders with earthy You are l or with their email address. I'm just gonna click X here. Okay, um, if you close that and you're still curious And how to invite people. You can also I think, is over here. Perhaps. Yeah, so you can click on the top right inside screen, All right, hand side of the screen and click on these little people. I can't. And it also allows you to add people here. Okay, on. That's basically all there is in adding people to your your meeting. Okay. Brilliant. So, um, that's all we need to see for this video on how to start one in our next video. We're going to look at some settings and options. Okay? We're gonna start diving into all of the things we can do on Google meat, so I look forward to seeing you soon. 4. Meeting Options : Hey there. Welcome back. So on this video, we're going to look at some of theme eating options that we can change and configure and all of that kind of stuff. So here we are on our meeting that we've created. Now, this big picture here is where your face would show up when the cameras turned on or your colleague would show up here. Okay, Um and you be able to talk to them and see them. Now. I actually have the camera setting incorrect for this tutorial, but it's worked out perfectly so because Well, actually, look into changing which camera amusing shortly, which will help us also learn how to use this to. So you see, it'll make more sense soon. Okay, But first of all right, let's jump in. So on the bottom buyer here we have a few options on the very bottom left. We have meeting details. Okay, Now again, if we've lost our euro, you can click. You can copy and paste this year and send to some colleagues that you want to join your meeting. OK? And you can do that by just clicking. The joining info copy joined info and it'll attach it to your board. Your and it's also appear as you'll see. So it's quick and handy. There's lots of places to get that. Okay, now Attachments. This is where let's say we look into the soon thistles where you're meeting very sickly. Could have some attachments to your meeting. Like a like a spreadsheet or ah, graphic or P D efs. Um, when you create a Google meeting using Google Calendar, if you attach documents to a calendar meeting, they show here. Now, if that doesn't make sense to you right now, I'm going to do that very shortly, Okay? I'm going to create a meeting quiet just very soon using Google Calendar and it will make sense. OK, so we'll have a look at that in a moment now, in the bottom. Here we have our options for our microphone, which we can enable and disable. We can leave the called, which I'm not going to do, and essentially clicking this would just leave the call completely. We would leave it and exit, and no one no one will be able to see us, and we won't be able to see anybody else, okay? And on this year we can enable and disable the camera. So currently I am talking and my voice still going true, but my camera is not sending any information. Okay, so I'm just gonna re enabled us, okay? And here we are, um, down here on the right hand side and I'm just gonna cover that they're now because it's after. How do I get rid this? Okay, I just If this edits, then you'll know why. I just might to a bad start coming in the way. But I've just shifted this up a little bit, okay? Just looking at our camera there. We can turn that on and off as well. Okay, Just like that. Now, on the bottom. Right inside. We have options here for turning on captions. Now, this is very cool. When I click, turn on captions. So what it's doing is it's listening to the conversation we're having, and it's actively converting it to subtitles for us. OK, so as you can see, it's it's quite, uh, accuracy. It's even picking up my my Irish accent, which is quite cool. Um, and this is very useful. Let's say if you are not sure what I'm saying. Maybe they have quite a strong dialect. Depends burner from Or maybe they're they're audio isn't coming across. Great. This is just a great tool to assist you on. This is not just for you. This is for whoever is talking, so you can turn this on so everyone else in the conversations conversation comes up here. Look at that. It's still picking up what I'm saying, which is very cool. It might go a little wrong. It might get a couple of words wrong, but it's doing its best, you know? So that's not too bad. Okay, so I'm just gonna turn off captions for now. It's really cool. This is a fantastic feature for Google meets compared to some of the other, like hang out to resume or all. Like our Skype. I think this is really cool. Okay, So what we can also do is we can click present now, and that allows us to present something to the group so I can present my entire screen. I can present a window and I can actually present a new chrome tab. Okay, so I can pick on another chrome tab that I have open and present that Okay, so it's really cool. Let's say if you have I don't know. Um uh, picture off a cat, All right? And you want to show your group this picture? Um, that's to say, this one you're like, Hey, career Google meet. Look at this cool picture of this cat. What you can do is come in here and click present. Now click a chrome tab and the picture of a cat tab is coming up, which is right here, and you can click share. And what this is doing is your shit. I'm now sharing this tab. So as I scroll up and down this type, I'm showing this to the meeting, so make sure not to do this by accident, in case you share something you don't want. Do what you want your colleagues to see. Um, but it's a great way to present information. Okay, So what we can also see here Is it saying sharing this tab to Google meat? It's actually saying this at the blue line here, as you can see on the outline of the screen is being shared back to this and it's telling me here I'm even presenting to everyone now I can go back here and click. Stop presenting and it resumes back to normal. Okay. Doke. As we saw earlier on this is where you add people appear and you'll see the list of participants. And this is where you can actually chat with everyone in case someone's audio isn't working , for example, or you want to add you are red or something. Okay. So very cool. Right? So that's all we need to see now for these options on the next video, we're gonna jump into Mawr off the options here, and I look forward to see new things. 5. More Google Meet Settings: Hey there and welcome back. So on this video, we're going to continue looking into some more settings that we can change on Google meat. So on the bottom, right hand side of your screen, you're going to see three dots right here. Okay, so it gives us more options. So let's kick on it there now. First of all, we have changed layout. What that allows us to do is change how we see the other participants in the Google meat. So, for example, at the moment it's on an auto layout. So eyes showing the most active person, which is currently me and nobody else. But if there was, let's say, 20 people in this conversation, we could do something cool, like clicking this, going to change layout and clicking the tiled option. Now, it's not gonna work at the moment, But what that would do is it would show everyone's video feet in these little squares here across the screen for you do not want. Actually, let's invite somebody. Okay, um, I am going to I created a test account before for another class. Um, let's see if I can add them here. Um, what's my just check one quick thing. Okay. What? One quick thing right there. Also White away is you can pin somebody. So do you see this pain icon? Um, that means I wanted them to show up on my screen all the time. And if you had 10 people here, you could pin somebody. So their video feed is always showing that say, they're presenter or the teacher, and you don't want anybody else showing up. Then you can pin them. But let's just find that, OK, Ok, so I'm going to add someone here, Okay? Test account that I've I've made before. It's called Learning classroom student, because I'm currently making a another course on using Google classroom, which I hope will be very useful. Um, and here we have add recipients. Okay. And I'm going to click, send email. So what I'm doing now is I'm inviting this email address to this Google meat. Okay? Okay. When I'll do is on open a new tab, go to Villa com. I'm just gonna add a new account with at another count here. I'm going to sign in learning classroom student, So I'm gonna sign in as that student. Okay, so this is probably just a good way to show you what it looks like. More than, uh, one person in the meat. Okay, so I'm signed in. I have to account Sign into Google Here. Um, right message. Go over to their email address, which is where the notification got sent. Okay, so I'm logging in as the student here just to show you now it's after opening my teacher once, so I'm going to go to my student one. This is You don't really need to see this, but I'm just kind of showing you for just a bit of insight, okay? And look at number one here happening right now, Kevin O Brien is inviting you to the meeting. So let's click joint meeting. And I'm pretty sure I'm not sure if it would let me join the meeting as the student in the same browser. This could be a test that won't work. Would just have to see how the schools it's cooked. Joined now. Okay. So I'm just gonna mute myself here on Botham. Okay, So can I. Was getting some feedback there. So this is what it looks like when you have two or more people in the group. Okay, As you can see, they're coming up on the list. So this is me and this is the teacher. And any hope back to the teachers one. So this is me signed in, and I am gonna pain the student, which is t for test my test account. Now I'll show you something. Here, let me turn on. Let me go to the next stage. Okay? We'll go back to deciding some after taking a big detour. Um, right. We're in the teacher account again. That's kicking the three dots. Let's go layers tiled. Okay, let's go. That's our full screen. That's our captions, which we've already done before. The big one here is settings. So currently, the microphone Firdous chat is default. I can basically set this to my internal microphone. So, um, what that would allow me to do is essentially use my laptop microphone, and that might be something you guys will use when you are having group chats. So if you're having audio issues, jump in here and make sure your microphone is on. Now, this is showing off for me. But that's fine. It would work for you and your speakers should be set to your internal speakers. Okay, They take you in here. Not next to me. On we kicked that. That's basically our audio settings. Okay, you can switch your microphones. So if your microphone isn't working, jumping here and have a look video now, currently it's set to can twist. And I'm going to change this to the camera here in my Mac book and you'll probably see me right there. There we go. And you can actually set the resolution that you want to send. So let's say you want to say in the tree 60 or a high definition if you want. If you want your colleagues to see you in high definition, then this is the one to pick. It's it's heavier on your broadband or your Internet. But a day will receive a higher resolution, and you can also do the same. I'm gonna do receive resolution, so I will see my students in 7 20 if it can get the quality across. Okay. Oh, did I skip one? I'm gonna go back in there and go to settings and click on general. Sorry. So that's our video settings. And it's kick in general OK, It just says report additional diagnostics. That's fine. You can t detect. And that's our settings tab. All done. Now, if I go up here, I can pin myself and here's what you see. So this is me as the teacher showing, and I'm looking at a different monitor right now. So that's why I'm sideways. Um, and that's what the students will see essentially when you're having your meeting. Okay, so, uh, that's all we have for this video up next. What I'll do is we'll create a meeting using Google Calendar, and I look forward to seeing you then. 6. Schedule Meetings with Google Calendar: Hey and welcome back. So on this video, we're going to look at creating a Google meat meeting using Google calendar, which is very, very, very cool and useful. Okay, So what I've done at the moment from our last video is that I've click clicked, hang up. So I've edited of left the group chat, and it's brought me back to this screen, OK, It's telling me, do I want to join back in? And I just hurt disabled my camera here and my microphone. Okay, so I'm just gonna disable them again. Um, why I want to bring you back to this screen is there's something very useful about the cold . Essentially, that comes after meat. Doucoure Lacombe. And as you can see, you have me. Tucker would like arm forward slash And these did these letters here. Okay, now, that is essentially the cold for your amusing. So every time you create a new Google meat, this will change, so that will give us a different code. Now, I'm just gonna copy this for a moment, okay? And I'm going to click on. But since I'm just gonna get rid of us, I'm gonna go to the home page. So just to show us here, right When we started our meeting earlier, we clicked, started meeting. And that means you are initiating the meeting. Chances are you're presented or you host it. Um, what you can do is you can enter a meeting cold for an existing meeting. Okay, so this is something that's quite common when you're using G suite for business or education and such, um, you will get a meeting cold, and you put it in here and joint. So what I just copied a second ago, I can pace here. Okay, Now it's telling me I don't have to include the dashes, so I'm just gonna remove them. And that is the cold for the meeting that I just created there a moment ago, and it's bringing me back. Okay, so this is very unique to this meeting, and it's a great way to invite your colleagues so you don't get any random people joining. So once they have this cold, they conjoined, and no one has conjoined. So chances are someone is never going to guess this, you know. Um, okay, so I just want to start to video off with that little tip there or a little way of entering the meeting Also. Okay, so this video is about creating a video meeting from Google Calendar. Now there's two ways to do this. Number one, you can go to calendar dot google dot com. Or you can just click on this right here. If you see this on your screen schedule a video meeting from Google Calendar. I was gonna take on that, and it's gonna bring me to Google Calendar and save me all the hassle. OK, Now, if you're not used to seeing Google Calendar, I'm just gonna hit X here and show you what it looks like. Ah, would every Gmail account you get a calendar account and this is a very, very cool service. Okay, We won't look into it too much. We're just gonna create an event. What this is saying here is this is Wednesday to sixth of May 2020 and it's giving me a timeline for today. Now, if I create an event for war a PM, um and I click more options basically it allowing me to add a Google meat videoconferencing meeting to this event. So let's say I call this evening lesson. You know, that could be night, I guess. Yeah. We just say evening for now. So evening, Nessen, Uh, it's at this time and it says okay at the details. Okay, I'm gonna make my event rate for my calendar. I'm gonna turn off the notifications and one it allows me to do is at a meeting. So what? This is done here is its creators, Ace. Very specific meeting for us. It's generated a random meeting coat. And if I invite up to 100 people to this calendar event, they're all get connected with this as well. Okay, so if I invite, let's see guests here and I invite learning classroom students. So this is the test the counter was using earlier. And if I invite that person there, then they well, basically get a link to this meeting from the event, which is very cool. So the description is, let's learn, and what I'm gonna do is create. Now it says, Do you want to send an invitation to your guests? Of course I do. Cool. So here it is. Evening lesson. If I click on this, you have the meeting code here, and it's gonna kick off at eight o'clock tonight. And that means everyone who's invited to this calendar event will get this specific meeting code. Okay, so basically it's too early now because it's only five PM But when it gets maybe 7 45 7 50 I want to get my lesson organized later, I'll click on my event and I don't have to go to Google meat. I don't have to remember any code. I could just kick on join the meeting, and C worst brought us. It's brought us in a meeting screen again. And this is a quick and handy way for everyone to join the same meeting at the same time in a unified way. Okay, um, you could leave a note in your description to say, Please come maybe five minutes earlier just so we all get set up. But that's a quick, in handy way to get started. Okay, so very, very cool. I would use this almost all the time unless it was a quick meeting that I didn't organize. I would always you do it this way. Really? You know. Okay, so just a couple of quick things. I just wanted to mention at the end of this was currently, if you're using Google, meet with a gmail dot com account, you can only have meetings up to 60 minutes with the free version. Now that's what Google are telling us. But they haven't exactly implemented that limits yet. Andi, I think the plan on doing is from Sept 2020. Okay, so if you're using this service with a gmail dot com account, then you will have you essentially will be able to use it until 22 September 2020 without any kind of limit. You know, um, this is a quick old block post here. If you have a look at us, jump into Google blogger dot Google and you'll find it's more details here. Is that OK? And essentially, this is Google. Meat is mainly used with Google ah G suite accounts, which isn't like if you're using an education account or a business account, it usually means your email address ends in your company name, but it looks like Google. So if you if you go to your email account for your business and it looks like a Gmail account, but it's actually your business name that means you're using G suite essentially. So if you want to look into creating Google meat and it says you don't have access, I would talk to your administrator. Otherwise, you can just jump in here and get started that way. Okay, so, um, that's everything we need to need. We've looked at creating a lesser creating a meeting, editing the meeting at joining the meeting, how to invite users and all the settings inside as well. So that's really yes. That's everything we need to know now from our video tutorials, and you may just see one more video for me as a conclusion, and I look forward to seeing you then. 7. Course Conclusion and Thanks! : Hey there. And thanks a 1,000,000 for taking my course. You've done us. You now you know everything to get going and scheduling meetings using Google meats, which are colleagues or students, for example. Um, I hope you enjoyed the course. If you did enjoy the course, it be great if you could leave me a review in some feedback on how maybe I could approve the course for future students. And if you have no feedback, that's absolutely fine. Answer. I hope you learned everything you need and you are ready to tackle the world of online video conferencing. Um, I have many other courses on the side as well. Feel free to check out my profile on DA. You might see something you like, and if not great. That's fine, too. I look forward to seeing you next time. On best of luck using Google meet in the future