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Google Local Pack: Achieve Top Google Local Search Rankings

teacher avatar Christine Maisel, Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Lecture 1: What We're Going to Cover In This Course

    • 2. Lecture 2: The 3 Types of Local Search Results

    • 3. Lecture 3: The Google Local 3-Pack & Recent Changes

    • 4. Lecture 4: The Benefits of Optimizing a Busines Google My Business Page

    • 5. Lecture 5: Using the Google Pigeon Algorithm to Your Advantage

    • 6. Lecture 6: The Information You'll Need Before You Get Started

    • 7. Lecture 7: Section 2: What We're Going to Cover

    • 8. Lecture 8: How to Determine If Your Business Is Already Listed

    • 9. Lecture 9: Adding Your Business If It's Not Already Listed

    • 10. Lecture 11: Section 3: What We're Going to Cover

    • 11. Lecture 12: The Google My Business Dashboard Overview

    • 12. Lecture 13: How to Correctly Optimize Your Google My Business Page - Part 1

    • 13. Lecture 14: How to Correctly Optimize Your Google My Business Page - Part 2

    • 14. Lecture 15: Adding NAP to Your Business Website

    • 15. Lecture 16: An Extra Tip for Your Website to Help Boost Local Pack Rankings

    • 16. Lecture 17: Section 4: What We're Going to Cover

    • 17. Lecture 18: Where You Will Rank in the Top 20 Listings

    • 18. Lecture 19: The Importance of Citations

    • 19. Lecture 20: Citations vs Links: Understanding The Difference

    • 20. Lecture 21: How Many Citations Do You Need?

    • 21. Lecture 22: Find Out Where Your Business Is Listed & If It's Listed Correctly

    • 22. Lecture 23: Where to Find Citations

    • 23. Lecture 26: Which Sites Should You Get Citations From First?

    • 24. Lecture 27: Section 5: What We're Going to Cover

    • 25. Lecture 28: The Difference Reviews Can Make On Your Ranking Position

    • 26. Lecture 29: How Many Reviews Do You Need?

    • 27. Lecture 30: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get Reviews

    • 28. Lecture 31: How to Indirectly Ask Customers for Reviews

    • 29. Lecture 33: Showing Off Your Reviews to Entice New Reviewers

    • 30. Lecture 34: Rewarding Your Reviewers (Unexpectedly)

    • 31. Lecture 35: Responding to Reviews

    • 32. Lecture 36: Section 6: What We're Going to Cover

    • 33. Lecture 37: What to Do When Your Rankings Are Not Improving

    • 34. Lecture 38: Common Mistakes When Ranking in the Local Pack

    • 35. Lecture 39: Options for Selling Google Local Pack Rankings

    • 36. Lecture 41: How Long Should It Take to Rank in the Google Local Pack?

    • 37. Lecture 42: Pulling It All Together

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About This Class

Local businesses have a bit of an advantage when it comes to ranking at the top of search results. That's because Google has created the Google Local Pack listings (also known as Google Places and Google My Business). 

What's particularly attractive about the local pack is that local businesses can rank easily in the local pack and increase the number of leads they receive for specific keywords. 

Join me as I work on a real local business to help them rank high in the local pack, sending them more traffic and leads. And don't just watch, begin applying the strategies we cover for your own local business so by the end of the course you will position yourself to start seeing ranking improvements in as little as one to two weeks.

Inside the course, we'll cover how to:

  • Correctly optimize a business listing to achieve top local pack rankings
  • Make small changes to your website to increase rankings
  • Use citations to outrank the competition (incuding how to find them and which ones to use)
  • Get reviews for your business
  • Make changes to your campaign if your rankings aren't increase
  • and more.

If you want to rank your own local business or your client's business, this course will walk you through the exact steps you'll need to take to make that happen.

This is a complete step-by-step guide for ranking in the Google local pack. And I'll be inside to help answer any questions you have so you can achieve top rankings for your local business. Think about all the leads your business (or your client's business) will receive. Enroll now and let's start ranking your local business!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christine Maisel

Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur


Christine is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services. 

Christine has been a web designer for nearly 15 years - 10 of which she has been self-employed. Her work has taken her from working for some start-up dot com companies in the early 2000's to working as a contractor for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to her own home office.

In her time, she has built 100's of websites and blogs primarily on WordPress and Joomla. Christine has also provided training to individuals and businesses to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of web coding.

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1. Lecture 1: What We're Going to Cover In This Course: getting ranked on the first page of Google is obviously great for business. And if you have a local business or serve local business clients, you actually have a bit of an advantage. While it's important to rank your website organically, that can take time to do. And if you provide local Seo services, potential clients aren't always willing to wait around to see if you can produce results. And this is why getting founding Google's local pack is a strategy all local businesses absolutely should be doing to bring in more business and establish more authority. On top of that, it can often be done faster and easier than waiting for results from your other s your efforts. Let's go ahead and take a look at the Google local pack now. 2. Lecture 2: The 3 Types of Local Search Results: in this course, we're going to be using Google my business in order to get your local business website ranked in the local Google pack now. Previously, Google had what was called the seven Pack, and it now has been condensed to three. So Google is doing some plane around here and trying to see what is gonna work best. They always do testing. They changed their algorithm, as you know, and they do this so that they can produce the best results for the searchers. So let's take a look at a typical search are three things that you will always see. So if you go into Google and you put in any search, so let's pick a local search, let's say, a New York plumber. Just as an example, we're going to see three types of results. The 1st 1 is going to be the paid advertisements through Google AdWords that you see here the top in on the right hand side, scrolling down a little bit. You see, the Google maps results, and this is what I'm referring to when I say the Google local pack or the Google three pack . This used to display seven results for local businesses that had a little bit more information. They've definitely made some changes here. Now this is a three pack, so that means there are three businesses. There are three local businesses that are going to appear for the area that I searched here . It shows me the hours of when they are open until any reviews that they have and then it allows me to click through to either the website or if I actually want to go visit the location. If this particular business has a physical store front, I can get directions to do so. And lastly, of course, there are all the organic search results that are listed below that. So here these are the 1st 2nd 3rd and so on organic results. So all businesses are always trying to get ranked in these organic search results, and that is definitely a great thing to Dio. But as I mentioned, it is easier and faster, often times to get ranked in this Google three pack right here. And as you can see, this is what is listed first. This is what's going to catch people's eyes. It has reviews. This really can drive a lot of business and it's an easy way to get listed at the top of Google's, so that's what we're going to concentrate on in this course. 3. Lecture 3: The Google Local 3-Pack & Recent Changes: Google recently made the change to their local pack from the seven pack to the three pack in early August 2015 and some are actually referring to this. Now it's a snack pack. Local result because there's only a limited number of spots now. This is why it's more important than ever to know how to rank your site in this local pack as more businesses will be competing for these top few spots. So when Google rolled out these changes, they actually rolled them out in the United States and internationally, which doesn't always happen with local Google changes. So this is affecting everyone right now. Now, if you ever did any local search, whether it was for your own business ah, client or just in looking for services, I'm sure you've seen the previous seven pack. But now that they have the three pack, there are actually some other changes that they've made. In addition to just reducing the number of slots available previously, you'd be able to hover over any of the local businesses, and on the right hand side, you be able to see the business card, which included a map of the location in some additional information about that particular business that was being pulled from the Google My business page that the business set up. However, as you can see when I hover over a business that no longer happens. In fact, what happens now is when I click through toe anywhere outside of these website buttons here , you'll notice that it brings a full list of all of the local businesses, so now you'll see a lot more than just the three that are listed. I think this is about 20 or so results on this first page, but then you will now see the local business card that has their name. It has the reviews. It has their actual location, their phone number there hours and a button for visitors to go ahead and click through to the actual website. But going back to the pack, we can also see that the business is no longer show the exact address you notice here. The 1st 1 doesn't have one, so they may not actually have a physical store from for people to visit the second and 3rd 1 It shows First Avenue, Jamaica Avenue. It doesn't give the exact address So in order to find that visitors actually are going to have to click through to the website to see the same with phone number, you'll notice that there's no phone number listed here, so users will actually have to click through to get the full phone number. Or they will have to click through to the business website. There are also store hours that have been added. Sometimes you'll see the specific store hours. Other times you'll see it says that they're open till five, for example, or that they close at a specific time. This depends on the time of day that the search is taking place. You also noticed that there are reviews, and now it says the number of reviews previously said Google reviews. Now this is just being Jordan to reviews. The only other changes would be on a mobile device. If someone is doing the same, search is going to look slightly differently again. They're not going to show the phone number, for example, but they do now have a call button, so I would recommend that you go on any mobile device. You do the same search as you do on your desktop and just see the difference in views that you know how this looks and know how this works 4. Lecture 4: The Benefits of Optimizing a Busines Google My Business Page: there are so many benefits to being ranked in the Google local pack that it really just makes this a no brainer about why you want to do this first and the most obvious is you're going to be listed at the top of search results and you know that can open up the door. Says so many opportunities. Searchers are now able to visually see your location where before they can Onley see your website, they can Onley click through, but here they're able to see your location. They can see that you're close to them, and that can help encourage them to click through. They can find all your contact information very quickly without having to search through your website for it. They also can see your business hours. So depending on the time of day, who goes going to let them know if you're going to be open if you're available for them and that can encourage them to call you before you close, or to be ready to contact you when you open. It's also good for you to be able to see what others say about your business, and they you can learn about that through reviews. And obviously there's the flipside of reviews where others can see what your customers are saying about you. And of course, we all know how powerful that social proof is. If you have that social proof, it encourages others to get on board and to contact you and use your services as well. And we're gonna definitely be dabbing Maurin to reviews the importance of them and how to get them as well. One neat feature as well is that you can add photos and even videos to your Google, my business page, and that will really help customers see what your storefront looks like. It will help them see some of the services that you provide, and it just gives them more information about you, helps them to feel that you are a real company, that you provide good services before they even reach out to you. And, of course, you're going to be able to link to your website so searchers can quickly click through to your website. And this is so powerful, as we all know, because achieving top rankings can be difficult. But even if it's not really that difficult, there's not too much competition. Let's say it still is gonna take a little bit of time where getting ranked in Google local pack can happen often a bit faster. So this really is a great way to increase your exposure to generate more traffic to the website that you were working with. And you're also gonna have full control of what is going to appear in this local pack. You know how it's displayed and you have full control of uploading what you want to show up . 5. Lecture 5: Using the Google Pigeon Algorithm to Your Advantage: as you're likely aware, Google is constantly updating their algorithm and that effects how websites are displayed in their search results. And in July 2014 Google rolled out a new algorithm update, which has been called Pigeon and that was originally rolled out in just the United States. But the pigeon update really connected. Google Maps search with the Google Web search. Before those were two separate searches. They produce different results, and now it is linking those more. And it also really affected how local businesses were displayed in search results. So in a lot of ways, pigeon actually makes it easier for us to rank at the top of Google because we can rank in this local pack. So if you're just starting out and you want to get started with S you where you want to generate some faster traffic, you can use this to your advantage and start by trying to rank your Google my business page at the top of search results so that you can see some faster results and then you can continue on with ranking your local business website as well 6. Lecture 6: The Information You'll Need Before You Get Started: Now, before we move on to the next step, there's something that I want you to take just a second to Dio. I want you to create a document, and I want you to go ahead and write down your business name. Go ahead, spell it out. Spell out the full business name, Then write down your business, you, Earl, making sure that you take note of the www or non W W You are all that you will be using your full address and make sure this is address that you want to use that you will be verifying. This is the one that you've already put into Google that you should be receiving the postcard at if the street name ends in something like street court terrorists decide if you will be spelling that out fully or if you will be abbreviating it. If you are abbreviating it, will you be putting a period after the abbreviation or will you leave that off? So make a decision. Write that down, write down your phone number Also followed that by your description. We have talked about adding the description into your Google my business dashboard, so you should have that ready? Also, enter in any key words that you would like to rank for. So in this case, this could be landscaping, lawn care, lawn maintenance, weeding, etcetera. So just keep everything the same. Consistency is going to be key as we move forward. So right, all this information down save this document and keep this handy as we move on to the next step. 7. Lecture 7: Section 2: What We're Going to Cover: Now we're gonna dive straight into Google my business, and we'll start off by checking to make sure your business is not already listed. If it is, we're going to fully optimize it. And if it is not, we're going to go ahead and set it up so that you can begin optimizing your page and move forward with ranking your listing. 8. Lecture 8: How to Determine If Your Business Is Already Listed: Now we're ready to go ahead and start setting up your page on Google my business so you can get ranked in the local pack. The first thing we want to do is set up a Google my business account. Now the business already has a Google account. You can use that. So once you've done that, go ahead and log in. Once you log in, you're going to be presented with a map and a search box. This is where we can go ahead and see if the business is already listed. Now you may be saying, Well, I never listed the business, but others can actually list the business. And if that has already been done, we want to make sure that you take ownership of that listing. So you have full control and can begin the ranking process. So the first thing we want to do is go ahead and search. In this case, I'm gonna search for business called J and M Landscaping, and you'll see that there are several results already popping up from all over the United States. So I'm gonna keep typing. The one I'm looking for is located in Centerville, Virginia. I'm not seeing that coming up yet. So what I'll do is I'll go ahead and hit Enter. I'll see if there are any others and it is popping up here now. What I can dio is if I did not see my enlisted, I can go ahead and continue typing in the location, and that will help me see if it's already been listed. So just because you don't see it in those first few listings, there could be other businesses with the same name. So make sure that you type in additional information to make sure your business isn't listed. So if that was my business, I can see that is already listed on Google my business. Now I'm gonna look for another landscaping company, and if you're my other custom, s e o. Course, this is going to be one you recognize. But we're gonna look for live long and prosper, and we see that that is popping up. Now you'll notice that when I click on it, it says that they could not find it in Google maps. So this means this business is actually not listed. So now that we've seen a business that is listed with Google in one that is not. Let's take a look at what the next step is going to be. 9. Lecture 9: Adding Your Business If It's Not Already Listed: for this example, we're going to be working with the live long and prosper business in Central, which has not been listed. So as we've done before, we pulled this up in Google my business, we clicked on it and we found that is not there. So it's asking me if I have correctly entered the name in the address, then it's telling me I can go ahead and enter the full business details in orderto have it listed. So I want to click there. And here's where I can go ahead and enter all the information. So I'm just gonna take a real quick break here, man. Enter all this information so you don't have to watch me fill it out, okay? I've gone ahead and entered all the business information. One thing that is very important is that you take note of how you are entering your information. For instance, I'm spelling out the word and and not putting the symbol for it in the name I'm abbreviating in ST with S t not S T period and not spelling out street. So make sure for the zip code you are able to put four digit code behind the ZIP code as well. But here I'm only putting the five digit zip coat. I need to make sure that I do this the same across all the places that we're going to be discussing in this course, I'm choosing lawn care service as the category. We can add some more in later and at the bottom. I'm checking the box that says I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location. Of course, this is going to depend on what the business does that you are working with. Not all businesses have a storefront, so if they do, this is not a box that you want to check. In this case, this business is providing lawn care services. So they go to the customers. They don't want people coming to them. So we want to check that box and we'll look a little bit more at that once we get into the dashboard here. So now that I have all of my information felt out, I just want to do a one last check. Make sure the the name, the address, the phone number all looks good and that I have taken note of how this looks because with Google's pigeon algorithm change, which actually it hit in July of 2014 for the United States. But it went international in December of 2014 is very, very important that everything stays the same. Everything has to be consistent. We don't want any small changes and we'll talk about that in a little bit. But once you are done, you can go ahead and click. Continue at the bottom, and it's going to continue to prompt us for more information. Now, if you've selected the box that says you go to customers, you serve them in their location. You will be able to add some different zip codes or different cities here so I can go in and I can type in some local cities as well. And I can always go back and add. This summer is gonna add in a couple local ones that I know this particular business is going to be serving. I can also say that I will serve them within, let's say, 20 miles of my business, if that's what I want to dio versus adding in a specific city, and if you also serve customers at your business. Address them. You want to check that box because this is going to determine how Google displays your address. If you're not supreme customers at your location, they don't want toe. Put your address there. Now, as you'll notice we're back on the screen, where if your business was already listed, you have to confirm that you can receive mail at this location. So it says I am unauthorized to manage this business, and I agree to the terms of service will go ahead and click. Continue, and it's going to set up the Google my business page for you now. Now, what's gonna happen is Google whether you are claiming your listing as we looked at in the last video or you're setting up a new one. Google needs to verify that you are who you say you are. They're going to do this by mailing you a code, so it's gonna take up to two weeks for you to actually receive ah postcard in the mail. And when you receive this, it's gonna have a pin number you're gonna put in that pin number, and that is going to verify your listing and verifying your listings will be very important for ranking, so make sure that that happens. So make sure that you're setting this up with an address where you or your customer can receive mail and do not use appeal box. That's something I didn't mention already. You need to use a physical address. Ghoul knows that people just set appeal boxes because they're trying to rank in certain locations. Even if they're not there, they don't accept those. You're not going to rank with the peel box. So forget about that idea. Use a physical street address. All right, so we'll continue on will verify that later. Now, the good news is that although it can take up to two weeks for your postcard to arrive in the mail, you can continue optimizing your page in the meantime, getting it set up and doing the other steps that we're gonna talk about in this course. So once your page has been verified, you'll be up and running and ready to go 10. Lecture 11: Section 3: What We're Going to Cover: in this section of the course. I'm going to walk you through the Google my business dashboard, so you're familiar with all of the different pieces of it and can use them to your advantage. We're going toe walk through how to correctly optimize a Google my business page and you'll see me actually optimized a reald Google my business page. Also, throw in a couple of extra tips that can help give your listing and extra boost in ranking . 11. Lecture 12: The Google My Business Dashboard Overview: Now that we're waiting for a postcard so we can verify our business, we can go ahead and go into the Google my business dashboard and begin setting up and optimizing our page. So the first thing that were presented with is this pop up. But this is where you're going to be able to edit all of your business information. It's going to allow you to connect with your customers, and this is done through Google. Plus, if that's something you choose to dio, and you can respond to reviews here, unlike some other platforms, if you do receive reviews for your business than whether they're positive or negative, it gives you the opportunity to respond to them, and you can find out how customers are finding your business. So let's go inside here. Obviously, you're going to see your verify button. So this is when you get your pin. This is where you can go. Now. You'll see that there is a big red edit button here. This is what we're gonna want to click to start adding your website in. You can add in your hours you can add in other areas that you would like to serve. If you want to add a little introduction about your business, you have photos here. So this is where you will be able to complete a lot of your profile scrolling down. If you have a Google AdWords account, just as this particular business does, you can go ahead and connect the two here, and this is where you'll be able to also quickly share an update on Google Plus, so you can do this all from your dashboard here. Now you'll notice that insights and reviews are locked. Insights are going to allow you to just track trends and kind of compare trends for your business and reviews. Of course, you're going to want to be able to read and respond to reviews. You're not gonna be able to do that until you verified your business. So especially if you would like to go out there and connect with your viewers, you must verify your business. I can't emphasize that enough that has to be done, but we're going to talk more about reviews later and also gives you opportunity. If you want to do a Google hang out that you'll be able to do that with your followers. They're a swell. So this is kind of all in one dashboard, as you can see, but let's go ahead now and take a look at the specific information you need toe optimize your Google business page. 12. Lecture 13: How to Correctly Optimize Your Google My Business Page - Part 1: Now that we've looked at the dashboard, let's go ahead and start setting up the actual page. There's two pieces of advice that I'm going to give you that I want you to use throughout the course. The first is consistency. We want everything to be consistent, and it will make more sense as we go into the next section of the course. But for now, take note of how you are listing your information on this page because we're going to be using that on other websites. The second is whether you are setting up this profile or profiles that will be using in later in the course. Fill out everything. If they give you the option to add information, fill it out, complete it fully because full profiles are going to help. Frank. Your listing is going to help Google take you seriously, so if they give you the option to do something, take advantage of it. So let's go ahead and start by clicking the edit button. We'll see here. We've already entered the business name under the address said there's a problem. Please update. It says they cannot find this address. This isn't back the correct address that actually looks right about where it is located. So we'll click. OK, and this looks a lot like what we did in the beginning. Here we can go ahead and obviously we didn't add in Central, which is where the business is located and click Save now let's go down. We have the phone number here. We want to enter the URL. This is very important to note this particular website. There you are. L is live lawn and prosper dot com No notice. I did not add the w w W because that is not their website. Your website could be http semi colon to Ford slashes www dot live long and prosper dot com or following the http There will be no Www and it would just have the domain live long and prosper dot com. Go to Google, type in the URL, see what shows up in your browser. This is the girl that you want to use consistently because search engines view the W W W version of a Web site and the non www version of a website as two different websites. So let's make sure that we're using the correct one. They give us the option for more contact information. If you have another phone number, you can add that here. We're just going to leave that one alone. So use your main phone number and one that you feel comfortable using across different directories online. Also just jumping back to business name and address for a second business name. Make sure this is your legal business name. Do not add any other keywords here. For instance. In this case, live Long and Prosper is the name of the business known as I did not Say Live long and prosper in Centerville, Virginia, or add in landscaping Centerville. I did not add any keywords. I'm Onley using the legal business name. If you start stuffing your keywords in the business name or you use the name that is different than you're going to be using on some other directories. This will cause Google to flag your page, and it's going to hurt your rankings because it's not going to match what else you have online. So don't do it. There's no reason, really to cheat the system. You absolutely can rank, so let's just stick with what works and not do anything Spammy here, you're gonna want to enter your hours of information. Here they do. Six oclock a m to 10 p.m. Is what they have listed elsewhere. I'm gonna add in Saturday's they do the same thing. Six clock a. M to 10 o'clock PM and I'll do Sundays as well. 6 a.m. 2:10 p.m. So again. Go ahead and save those engines. Double check. All that is correct. And when you're listing your business hours, remember that when your business shows up in the local pack, it will display your hours. It's gonna show if you're close. It's going to show if you're open, so people will be able to see these hours without clicking through to your website to make sure that you're just listing the accurate hours. Now, in the introduction here, you absolutely want to include this field. I recommend that you write about 250 words here that gives an introduction to your business . Do not copy and paste anything from your website and paste it in your introduction. Make sure that this is unique content. It could be similar. So what you have listed, of course, you're still gonna be talking about your business, but make sure you completely rewrite it. 250 words is not that much, but it can really make the difference here, so make sure you're using unique content at the same time. You do want to include some of your targeted keywords that you believe people will be searching for keywords that you have researched. But again, just like you wouldn't keywords stuff on your website, you wouldn't charge us to throw in a whole bunch of different keywords just for ranking purposes. Make this natural. Make this nice for searchers who are going to be looking at this information. So don't be afraid to list out your most popular services that people might search for and just make it easy to read. So focused first on the user and second on search engines rather than the other way around . You can also include a couple links here, so if you have links to a popular page on your website, say your list of services or if you have other links that are external to your website. So if you have ah, the Better Business Bureau, let's say, or you already have rankings on Yelp. Go ahead and add a link directly to that in your introduction. So again, about 250 words. I'm going to come back and add that in here s so that you don't have to just watch me come up with my whole introduction. So we'll move on and all click done editing. 13. Lecture 14: How to Correctly Optimize Your Google My Business Page - Part 2: Now you'll see we are about 70% complete here. It's telling me that I need to add a profile picture. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that. Okay, So I'm gonna go ahead and use this star that's from their logo, and I'm gonna add that in. You can resize that any way you like, and once you're happy, Click said his profile photo All right now you see were 85% complete. That looks really nice there. It's starting to look like a professional page. You'll see right here. This is where my introduction is going to appear. Once I add that in, and now I can go ahead and manage the photos. I can go ahead and add those photos in. Now you'll see here, Google has greater categories for photos. So if you have identity photos, this would be like your logo. For example, you can add those in here. If you have specific products that you sell, you can add those photos of your team or your management. You can add those here and then additional photos of your business if your photos don't really fit into those categories, So I know I don't have any team photos. I don't sell products. I do have this identity photo, but it's not the full logo. So I will go back and add in the full logo here. But I'm gonna go ahead and choose additional photos for now. So if you are selling products may just make sure to go back to that products category and add those here. So I'm gonna select my photos. Now you'll notice I have several photos here and I'm gonna upload all of them. But one thing I want you to note is how I have looming Large is a bit how I have actually named the files. I have brush removal. Centreville, Virginia Bush trimming Chantilly, Virginia Landscaping, Centreville, Virginia Lawn Care Services, Centreville, Virginia and so on. Now I don't have all of these name the same. I am using different keywords for all of the services, and I'm sprinkling in a few different locations. So if I'm serving Centerville Clifton Chantilly, I can swap out some of the locations for another. So just try to use some of the key words that you would like to rank for some of the search terms. You would like to rank for. So use your city name, plus your state or your province. Plus your service. Plumber, landscaper, florist, whatever the case is, and then go ahead and upload those. So now I have all of those uploaded. The only other thing that I would like to do is come back and on my logo, which I will do, and then we'll go back to the dashboard here. Now you'll see my little icon here is done. I have completed my photos. Okay, Once you have fully completed your profile, you've added in all the information you've added your introduction, your pages fully optimized. And now we can move on to the next step to start ranking this page. 14. Lecture 15: Adding NAP to Your Business Website: as we create citations. We also want to take a look at the actual business website to ensure that the NAP information is listed on the actual website. That way Google can again verify that this business Israel and connect the website with all of these citations. Now there's debate about whether to list this information on all pages, so you would put this information in the header or the footer of the website. That way it appears on all pages. Others prefer just to put it on the contact page just from playing around with it. I don't see a big difference, really. So what I tend to do is think about what's best for the actual business. If this is a business where you're not really going, toe have clients coming to you as much. That's not your primary business. I think just listing in one place on your website, such as your contact page is, is fine now for other businesses that have a storefront, for example, and customers actually going to be coming to you, you may want to have your address in the header or at a minimum in the footer of your website across all pages. That way, customers don't have to search for your location or search for your contact information. Just those couple of things will help give the ranking a little boost a swell. 15. Lecture 16: An Extra Tip for Your Website to Help Boost Local Pack Rankings: another simple thing that we can do to help Google. See that your business Israel, and to help give your listing a bit of a boost is to embed Google maps onto your website and more specifically, onto your contact page. This is very easy to Dio, and especially for local businesses. It doesn't hurt anything. It really just can show users where you are actually located the areas that you serve so to do so when you go to Google Maps, simply google dot com slash maps. You can put in the business name and do a search for that. You'll see that pop up here and then where you see this icon for the menu, you can click and go down to share or in bed map. Clicking on that will take you to this map page. You want to make sure that you include the in bed map option because that is what we'll be doing. And you can select a small, medium or large size map. Or if you would like to customize the size of it to fit your specific website, you can do that as well. Here doesn't really matter what size you choose But just make sure to go ahead and grab this code Here. You can copy and paste this here and then you want to go to your website, go to your contact page and just simply just paste that onto your contact page where you would like it to appear and save that. And as I mentioned, that can help give you a little extra boost as well. 16. Lecture 17: Section 4: What We're Going to Cover: in this section of the course, we're going to talk a lot about the importance of citations, as they're one of the biggest keys to ranking in the Google local pack. We're going to talk about how many citations you actually need. Where to find out if your business already has citations where toe actually find new ones. Which ones air good, which ones? They're not good. And I'll point you in the right direction so you'll know exactly which citations to go after and which ones are going to help your ranking, so let's get started. 17. Lecture 18: Where You Will Rank in the Top 20 Listings: depending on how competitive the keyword is that you're going for, you may find yourself listed rather quickly, even without doing any additional work outside of setting up in optimizing Your page in this instance, were looking under landscaping in Centerville, and I can go down and see that I am already listed at which number things is about 14 here out of the 20 that are listed here in the full local pack listing. So I'm already there. But of course, nobody wants to be rated that low because most searchers are not going to click through and scroll down that far. They're going to start with the very top ones. So although listing is great, it doesn't do us a lot of good. We want to get in those top three. Because, of course, we know that Google now lists only three instead of seven businesses, so you'll notice here that I have gone in. I have added a description for the business. I've added a cover photo I've added in all my details. But all of the information that I've added is not showing up here on the business card because it has not been verified yet we're still waiting for that post card. So once that has been verified and the additional information shows up, I'll expect the ranking to start to improve. But in the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and continue working on ranking so that once it's verified, I should be able to see an increase in rankings rather quickly. 18. Lecture 19: The Importance of Citations: Now what we're going to look at is creating citations for the business. And this is very similar to how you would create back lings for search engine optimization in order to improve your rankings. This could be similar to back links and that the more you have, it's usually the better, but just the same with back links. We don't want to just get a whole bunch of links and citations. We want to look for quality here, and we want to look for specific directory. So what we're going to do is we're gonna look for business, local and national directories, and we're also going to be looking for industry specific directories that we can get listed in. The key here is that Google is going to determine if your business is really and one of the things that they used to do This is one. Yes, you have to verify your business as we talked about, but they're going to be looking for that consistency that we talked about, and they're going to be looking for consistency with Net, which stands for business, name, address and phone number, and they want to see that your nap is listed consistently across the Internet on your Google, my business page on all the local directories on your website on industry specific directories. Wherever it is, it's the same. So let's look at where we can find some of these directories and how to know which ones you should submit to. 19. Lecture 20: Citations vs Links: Understanding The Difference: as we move forward talking more about citations, I want to make sure that you understand the difference between citations and links. Because often as we work to rank our website in Google, we talk a lot about link building and the importance of building links on other websites that point back to our own. Citations are just mentions of your name, your address and your phone number. And that information tells Google that your business is relevant to a particular area, whether that's a specific city or a region, and it ties that information back to the website where you also have your nap information listed. Many of these listings are going to include a link back to your website, but it's not very likely that you'll get what's considered link choose. You will not get a lot of link juice back to your website for these particular links, so we don't want to build these listings just so that we can get a lot of links going back to our sites because they're not going to be very powerful. What is powerful here are the citations that name, address and phone number that is going to help boost our listing in the Google local pack 20. Lecture 21: How Many Citations Do You Need?: just as with creating back lings for search engine optimization purposes, when the big questions I always receive is just how many citations do I need to help my business rank in the Google local pack? And just as with the back links, it depends, and I know that's not a great answer, But let me try to help you pinpoint how many citations you're going to need. How many citations you're going to need is really going to depend on just how competitive oven area you're dealing with. If you were dealing with a smaller city or even a suburb, it's likely that you are not going to need that many citations. For instance, we are currently dealing with landscaping Centerville, and if we take a look, this is really a smaller area. You can see that the locations that we have listed here let me pull this up. They don't have a reviews. For the most part, you can see some of these have ah, one reviews, no reviews. One review. This one has eight, so you can see there's not a lot of reviews going on. I know this is a smaller suburb, so this likely means that I'm not going to need, ah, lot of citations, but the more citations that I can get from quality sources are going to be the better. It's gonna help get me ranked. It's going to help keep me ranked, and we're going to look at how to find. Those citations were also going to take a look at how to find the citations that our competitors have if they have any, so we can also see what they're doing, what's working for them and what may be able to work for us. But we'll get to that in a bit now if you're dealing with a larger city, let's take, for instance, New York City. If I look for a hair stylist in New York, no matter where you're from, you probably know that New York City is huge. It's an enormous place. There is a tremendous amount of competition for all sorts of different services. So depending on what you search for, you'll see here when you go down that this one has 37 reviews, 50 reviews, six review. So there are a lot more reviews that makes this competitive, but again, we're looking at citations for now we're gonna get to reviews in a bit. But this already, just by looking at the reviews, let me know that there's probably a lot of competition. And just from knowing New York City, I know that that is a huge place. I can see that there's a lot more competition going on here, so I'm likely going to need a lot more citations. I'm gonna really need to look at the directories that I'm going to be submitting to. I'm gonna have to look at what my competition is doing and really focus on some of these top rated businesses to see what they're doing and why they're being ranked higher. And as I mentioned, we're going to get to that in a bit. So just to sum it up, the smaller the suburb that you're dealing with, the smaller the city, the less citations you're going to need. If you're dealing with some of the capital areas or some of the larger, much larger cities, you're going to need a lot more citations 21. Lecture 22: Find Out Where Your Business Is Listed & If It's Listed Correctly: now about to give you some ideas for which directories you can use to build citations for your listing. But before we do that, let's start by looking at what citations your business already has. We want to look to see where you're already listed to see if you've listed the business there. If you need to claim any listings and most importantly, to ensure that your nap remember your name, your address and your phone number are consistent on all of these sites. So, of course, the easiest thing to do, regardless of where you're located, is to look for your business in Google. Here, you can go through. You can see. Okay, I have I'm on Facebook businesses on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Super pages linked in four square. So as you can see the businesses listed in several places and I can easily go in, let's say I want to click through to the Yellow Pages. I could look OK. The business hours air same that the name is listed as I entered it in my Google. My business page. I have the address. The same phone number website link is the same. I can go down, see what services are listed, etcetera. So this listing looks good, but I see that there's no photos. So I need to see if this particular business owner has already created this account, and I need to go in on one at a photo. I want to see if I can add in a business description, and I want to make sure that this is fully complete. But I'm just right now checking for consistency so I can go through all of those. If the business is located in the US or the UK, you can use this MAS local tool. Now they have this local listing service that you can use so low one time fee for once a year. But you can actually use their service. The search service for free. You can enter the business name, entered the zip code where it's located, and check the business listening. You can see if it comes up here is the one we're working with and I can click through. Now. Here, this is going to tell me where my business is listed. If my listings are complete, if they are consistent, and if I have any duplicates listed anywhere so I can make sure address. I address those. All of those things are going to play a part in how well I rank in this local pack. So right now I'm scoring out of 54. It looks like, Ah, that's not the greatest. But when I look here, I can see what they're recommending. You're There are some primary sources. It's suggesting that I have the Google Plus Page, obviously, since that's owned by Google and Facebook. So Google Plus, we obviously just set up. It's 95% complete, and we know that what is pending is the verification, which we're still waiting on. It shows me that the Facebook profiles fully complete. Here. Let's see, we have four square super pages. All of these are 100% complete. And what we have here, we have ah being it says that we still have 2% of the profile left to complete. No, there are several other networks here Info group, actual citysearch, etcetera that profiles have not been created on. So these are profiles that I could go ahead now and create to help give me a boost. Now it says yelp and yellow pages. I know just by the previous search that this business is listed in Yellow Pages and on Yelp . So for some reason, right now, they can't connect. But I could see once this comes back up, if those profiles are complete and if there's anything I need to do to complete those profiles further from our search, I did see that I do need to add some photos into yellow pages. Just toe. Make it look complete. So that's something I'll have to go back and do. But I can click here on this incomplete tab, and it's going to allow me to update the listing from here. Ah, and as you'll see below, it lists all of the directories here that it's recommending, and these air some of the larger directories for the US in the UK that you'd want to get on . And you can just grab the link right here and go in and create the listing, so that's really handy. So if you're in the US that you're in the UK, go through, used these links and go ahead and set up every single one of thes using that consistent now that we've talked about fully complete all the profiles. If you have any incomplete profiles, as it mentions here, make sure to go in, see what's incomplete and see what you can do to rectify that now. Inconsistent if there's any inconsistent information meaning, let's say you have a different address listed on Yelp than you do on super pages. It's going to let you know that the information is inconsistent that will allow you to log in and update that information, Duplicates says. I don't have any duplicates, which is great. But for instance, if previous customer had, let's say, signed you up for one of the directories or had listed you on one of the directories and then you didn't realize it and went back and added a page as well, that can hurt your ranking. Google does not like duplicate anything, So if you see anything listed under the duplicate category, make sure to go in and rectify that information 22. Lecture 23: Where to Find Citations: now that you understand the importance of citations and you've seen what citations your business already has, let's talk a little bit more about where you can go and start finding more citations for your business. There really five basic types of citations that you can get listed on, and you want to target all five of those areas. The 1st 1 is data aggregators, and those are sites like local Lease, and you also have expressed update the's websites take your information and they actually send them to other top listings online. It's very important when you use these that you get all of your business information being your your nap information that we discussed exactly right, because if you don't it's going to send the wrong information out to all these different sites. The next area is directories. Now. These air called horizontal directories and a good example of this would be yelp, where they have all different types of businesses, but they are known as very large review directories. This is where people turn to define new local businesses and to see reviews. On top of that, you want to get even more specific and you want to find directories that are related to the niche that your business falls within. So, for example, if you are a lawyer, you may want to turn to this particular website here that has a directory specific four lawyers. So regardless of what your niche is, you want to go out and find one and find directories that are specific to your business. Another type of directory is a regional specific directory estate specific directory, depending on your location. So, for instance, if your business was within the state of Texas in the United States, then you can find a business directory that Onley less businesses within that state. And lastly, you can turn to other sources that are considered unstructured citations, and they're considered unstructured because they are not specific directories. Like all the other options we just covered. These are sites like blog's or even local newspapers or press release sites that can list businesses, but they might cover them in a story, and within that story they may list the name, address and phone number of that particular business. So those air definitely ones that you want to go seek out again if you're looking for your particular business. You can target blog's that cover your industry and see if they may be willing to review you and list your name, address and phone number within the article that discusses you. So as you look for citations, make sure that you're covering your basis. You're looking at data aggregators, horizontal directories, industry specific directories, regional or state specific directories and unstructured citations. 23. Lecture 26: Which Sites Should You Get Citations From First?: with so many different directories that you consume it, your website to it can be quite overwhelming to determine which ones you should start with . So I have to recommendations for you. And these are what I always follow when I I'm working with a company to rank them in the local pack. The first is I want to go to Google and do a search for their keyword or their service, plus their location, the location that they will be serving. So for this instance, I'm going to do a search for landscaping. CENTREVILLE, Virginia. On when I scrolled down, I'm going to go below the local pack and I'm gonna look to see which directories appear first in the rankings. For instance, Here we have Yelp, yellow Pages, Angie's list thumbtack, and those are the ones that immediately appear in the top 10. I will start by making sure that if I am already listed in those directories, that all the information is correct and if the business is not already listed, those air the directories that I will start with first. After that, my second point would be to go back to Mas and I will be submitting to the top directories that they have listed here, that I'm going to go back to my bright local account. I'm going to look at the top citations here, and I'm going to submit to the top 10 directories. And then I'm also going to go back to the potential citations. And from there I'm going to look at the citations with the highest authority and begin by submitting to those. If I see the top three are all submitted to particular directories. I'm gonna go and submit to those. But I'm a start by submitting to these authoritative citation sites these directories, and then I will work my way down from there. 24. Lecture 27: Section 5: What We're Going to Cover: reviews are another important element of ranking in the Google local pack. They're certainly not required. As you'll see, a lot of businesses can rank without them. But they're one way that can really increase your likelihood of ranking highly and Google local pack, especially if you're going after a very competitive area. So working on, take a look at how many reviews you actually need, but more importantly, how you can actually go about getting reviews because that certainly could be easier said than done. 25. Lecture 28: The Difference Reviews Can Make On Your Ranking Position: as you probably can imagine, Google wants to please. It's searchers, And that's why they are constantly changing and updating their algorithms so that they can hopefully display the best results, but similar to search engine optimization. If you can get high quality links to your site that shows Google, your website is reputable and worth sending more visitors to. It's really the same thing here. You need to get as many people as possible to review your page. I mean, let's think about it. If Google sees a page with, let's say, 20 or more reviews, don't you think that they're going to want to show that page in the map listings over a page that doesn't have any reviews? It's very likely that's going to be the case. Of course, there are other factors that are going to come into play, as we've been learning about in this course, But reviews are a strong indicator for rankings as well. Now, depending on the location that you are working with, ah, lot of times you'll see that the top rankings have at least 30% or so more reviews than the bottom listings do, so that really speaks to how important reviews can be. Now, of course, you don't want just any reviews. Of course, this is a business. Of course you want to have positive reviews. This is what is going to convert your listing into customers. 26. Lecture 29: How Many Reviews Do You Need?: So the next question naturally becomes how Maney reviews do I need to rank. And of course, that's going to yet again depend on where you are trying to list your business. What location are you in and how competitive is that location? I like to aim for a minimum of five reviews. And, of course, these can't be any reviews. You want to go, of course, for positive reviews. After all, this is Ah, business we're trying to support. We're trying to drive more customers to a business, so you want at least 45 star reviews and again, a minimum of five. Part of the reason I suggested minimum is that if you have below five reviews, Google does not actually display the five stars. They just say that you have four reviews through reviews, etcetera. But once you hit that five review mark, the actual star symbols will display. And that makes a big difference is well, not only just for your ranking, but more importantly, for the people who are coming to this particular search results page. Your business is going to stand out more so that being said, let's talk about a few ways that you can go about getting some customer reviews 27. Lecture 30: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get Reviews: this is probably going to be no surprise to you, but the fastest and easiest ways to get reviews are simply to ask for them, and I know that sounds very simple, but it really is, and it really is one of the most effective ways to get a reviews. But a lot of times businesses don't do this. They're afraid to do it. They don't want to inconvenience their customers. But this is the way that you can get reviews quickly, and so you really, really should ask. And you don't have to just ask every person that comes through your door. You don't have to ask customers that you don't think are necessarily thrilled with your service or that won't take the time to do it. Start out by thinking about your repeat customers. Do you have any customers that or that are continually frequenting the business and would possibly leave a review for you? These are the people that you want to target initially. If you actually are working with a physical business, you have customers that actually come to your location. Ask them to leave a review on this spot while they're there. Here's an example I recently had to go to a car dealership to get a new car when my just died unexpectedly, and it was really frustrating because I was already without a vehicle. I had no way to get my kids to where they needed to be. I had to go to a dealership that was a little ways out to get a vehicle that would actually work for my family. And when I got there, I was expecting to be there for hours and hours upon end, trying to get everything done and trying to coordinate, test, driving different vehicles with kids in car seats and and that whole ordeal. But once everything was finalized and I was ready to walk out the door, I had had such a positive experience. I was relaxed. I was relieved everybody was happy. The process was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. And just as we were in the last step of the process, the dealership owner asked me to sit down to computer and I had to fill out a form with some information for the vehicle or insurance, and he asked me since I was already there would I be open to leaving a review about my experience, and he flipped to a different tab, and right there on the screen was a place where I could leave a review on a site that is really good for car dealerships. I was more than happy to do it. It took me, Ah, whole extra minute to Dio, and I felt good about it because he had done something so good for me. I was more than happy to do it on the spot, So don't hesitate. If you have that physical businesses, sit down and ask your customers to do it on the spot. The key is just to make it easy for them. Just Azad car dealer did. He could not have made that any easier for me to dio if he had said we would you happen to do this? I'll email you the link. How it has had, absolutely. Who knows if I ever would have gotten to it, though, but that goes to the next point. You really have to go above and beyond. You have to make your customers want to do this, so if this is for your particular business, you have a lot of control over that. If this is for another business that you are working with, that you are trying to rank their listing, you can coach them a little bit and talk to them about the importance of reviews and how they can go about getting them. But you have a little bit less control in this area, but in the end, just don't be afraid to ask. 28. Lecture 31: How to Indirectly Ask Customers for Reviews: now directly asking your customers to leave a review makes you a little bit unease e. There are still some indirect ways that you can ask your customers without having toe ask them face to face. The key here is that you make it as easy as possible for your customers so they don't have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to leave. You review. Once they've made the decision to go ahead, take the 30 or 60 seconds to leave you review. Don't make them have to spend more time figuring out how to do it. So there are several ways that you can do this. You could do something simple, like creating a link inside your email footer, and every time you send an email out to one of your customers, it's automatically going to be in your footer. Of course, you want a word it in a creative way that would encourage them to click on it, but it's right there if they ever want it, or if you are providing service over email. If they're really thrilled, there's a link right there for them to leave you review, Even if that only brings you in a couple reviews. That's great. Other places you could put it are on your website created a way for them to leave a review on your website. You may even consider creating a short right up with pictures and brief step by step instructions for how to actually leave the review. This could go posted on your website or if again, if you have a physical business, you could actually have this printed out. And you could include this and material that you're giving to your customers or post this somewhere for them to take. Or if you want to get even a little bit more creative. How about on your invoice? Are you able to include a link on your invoice or a way for them to easily get to a place where they can leave you? Review. If you have an online invoice or a pdf, you may be able to include a link that they can click on. If you actually print invoices and send them, you can consider using a short URL. That way they don't have to type in the long review your L and it is going to make it a lot easier for them. If you're not sure what to say, just keep it very simple. You can say something along the lines of reviews, help others find our business and know how great we are. Leaving a review on Lee takes 30 seconds, and we appreciate it So much. Could be a simple is that it doesn't have to be anything complex. The key here is keep it simple and get in front of your customers. 29. Lecture 33: Showing Off Your Reviews to Entice New Reviewers: Another way you can generate reviews is to show off the reviews that you already have, and this goes off what we were just talking about with other people wanting to do things that other people are already doing. And so if they again see reviews, it can encourage them to leave reviews themselves once they have used your service. So you can start off by just on your website listing reviews on this website here, he actually lists both his Facebook page in his Yelp page. If you click on on the Yelp logo, it takes us right to is Yelp Page, where he has received three reviews already. All five star going back to his website, you can click on the Facebook page and you'll see here that there's several reviews. He does take it a step farther and has a testimonials page, and he list out different reviews. Here is well and again, linking to the Facebook and Yelp page, so this is how you could lay it out. So if you're using WordPress or another popular content management system, you can also do a search for plug ins to see if any of the major directories allow you to show off the reviews that you've received directly on your website. So, for instance, if you are using more press and had yelp reviews, you could use this plug in to show the reviews in one of your widget areas on your website , so it doesn't really matter how you display them. The thing is, you just want to show them off. If you do have a physical store front, you can show them off by printing them out and posting them on your front door or somewhere where your customers are going to easily be able to see them. If you have paper advertisements or even online advertisements, include a review directly on the advertisement. It later reminds new customers to go back and leave you a review. 30. Lecture 34: Rewarding Your Reviewers (Unexpectedly): one fact that you can use to your advantage is that people like to do what other people are doing, and so you can use this to your advantage by first, starting with some of the other tactics we talked about to generate some initial reviews. And then when you actually have people leave a review, go back and reward each reviewer after the fact, that way they're more likely to tell their friends. Hey, I left to review, and the next time I went, they gave me a T shirt or in the mail. I received this or I got a extra coupon. So I was able to save money when I purchased this product Over here. Whatever you want to do to reward them can generate some talk. There's they may jump on social media and share what they received. You never know what they're going to dio, but people like to do things other people are doing. And so this can generate some reviews that you might not suspect. Now, on a side note, I want you to be careful. Do not take this as give incentives to potential reviewers. You do not want to incentivize anybody you want to make sure that these are honest reviews , you can ask for reviews, but you don't want to say, I'll give you X wires. E If you leave me a review that can get you into trouble in different platforms. So let's stay away from that. And if you would like to, you reward a reviewer who is not expecting anything after the fact and that can in turn lead to more reviews. 31. Lecture 35: Responding to Reviews: Once you have verified your listing, you're going to now be able to respond publicly to reviews, whether they're positive or negative reviews. And you might be surprised at just how powerful you responding to reviews can be. And you'll also be surprised how that can generate even more reviews for you. This will help your customers feel like they are connecting with you and that you really, truly value their input. And you take into consideration what they're saying, whether it's positive or negative, as long as of course, you are responding always very professionally, despite whatever is being said is, of course, this is in the public eye. This is going to make the difference for potential customers coming to this business or not . So consider responding to the reviews that you do get, thanking them for the time that they took to leave it, or if there was something negative letting them know that you appreciate their feedback and you can even take it a step farther and let them know what you are doing to rectify the issue or to make it better for them and future customers to come because of their valued feedback. This makes a huge difference, so consider taking the few extra minutes it would take to respond to reviews as you receive them. 32. Lecture 36: Section 6: What We're Going to Cover: now, Hopefully, as you've been going through this course, you've also been working at ranking the business that you're working with in the Google local pack. If you have been doing that and it's been a little bit of time, it's time to take a step back and evaluate your rankings. Of course, if you're ranking highly and or you see that your rankings air continuing to climb your certainly on the right track. On the other hand, if you don't see that your listing is ranking or you don't see your rankings improving, we really need to take a step back and figure out why it's not happening. There are a lot of common mistakes that I see that can easily cause a listing not to rink. So in this section, we're gonna take a look at what to do when your rankings are not improving and we're going to make sure that you're not making any of those common mistakes. If you are, you can certainly correct them, and your rankings should start to increase 33. Lecture 37: What to Do When Your Rankings Are Not Improving: if you are doing a lot of things that we are discussing in this course and some time has passed and you are noticing that your rankings are not improving and you can't quite figure out why there's three things that I would take a moment to step back and look at the first is there might be some things that you are doing wrong, and we're gonna talk more in depth about that. In the next lecture, however, there are two other areas that can make a big difference. The first is you may not have enough citations, so take a look at how many citations you actually have, and then you may want to continue building on them. This is an ongoing process. You want to be able to rank highly in the Google local pack, but you also want to be able to maintain that listing as well. An additional citations can help get you there. The second most important factor is, of course, getting more reviews as we discussed. This is another ongoing process, and this is one that really should never stop. The more reviews you get, the better off you're going to be and not just in terms of ranking, but conversion is while as more people are going to come to your business, we're going to call you go to your website, etcetera, and that is the whole point of this. So make sure you're focusing on getting more citations and especially on getting more reviews. And now let's take a look at some of the top things that are done wrong when rankings are not improving. 34. Lecture 38: Common Mistakes When Ranking in the Local Pack: when someone comes to me with the business listing where the ranking is not improving in the Google local pack, when I find an error, there are usually just a handful of errors that I see, and I want to make sure that you are aware of these so that you can make sure that this is not happening to you or, if you are not seeing your rankings increase that these air, some key areas that you look at the first and most important is that you have made sure that you have read Google's guidelines that I included in this course and that you are not violating any of their terms. So make sure to take a look at that. It's very straightforward. It's a quick read. It's not very long and super detailed, so just make sure you're not violating any of their guidelines. Another one is duplicate listings. If you go to any of the websites that we have been talking about any of the directories in this course and you have accidentally created a duplicate listing, then that can really cause trouble in your ranking. So if that has happened, you want to make sure that you go back to the site and you merger, you have one of those listings deleted that will help your ranking. Another is just to consider the proximity to the business. Google Local Pack is all about being close to the area that the user is searching for. So go back into your Google my business page and make sure that the area that you are serving is within the keywords that you're searching for. So, for instance, with this particular business serving Centreville, Virginia, if I put that I serve a 10 mile radius. But I am looking for landscaping in Alexandria, Virginia, that falls outside of that 10 mile radius. So I'm not going to rank for that as well. If I do want to, I need to go back and make sure that the area that I serve around my business is wider. Another huge, huge error and this is probably one of the most common errors is nap inconsistencies when you are submitting toe all of these sites. If you enter your phone number incorrectly, your address incorrectly. The name of the business is slightly different. Anything that is done inconsistently with that name address and phone number is absolutely going to cause trouble in rankings. So before you go and submit to any of the sites, always make sure to do a double check and make sure everything is very consistent, as we also talked about in this course in complete listings. If they give you a feel to fill out and it's applicable to your business, fill it out. If you are able to add pictures, add pictures. Whatever it is, make sure to fill out all of the profiles completely incomplete Listings are one of the reasons you're not gonna get as big of a boost. And lastly, you can also run into some issues if you have a lot of website quality issues. If you have a website that is very outdated, that is, Ah, structured incorrectly. As Faras S CEO goes, some of those could really cause trouble with getting ranked. Now, does everything have to be optimizing exactly right? No, not at all. I've seen tons of people rank in the Google local pack on their website. It's just average when it comes to those terms. It's more of the ones that are really bad that sometimes that can get in the way. But that's usually one of the last things that I look at is well, so make sure to go through all of those things, especially any duplicate listings and the nap, inconsistencies and incomplete listings for your business and make sure that there are no errors there. And you can even use some of the tools that we discussed this course to take a look at those issues for you. 35. Lecture 39: Options for Selling Google Local Pack Rankings: If you currently offer s Seo services where you plan to in the future and would like to offer to rank local businesses in the Google local pack, this is something that you can certainly dio for the most part, there are three main offerings, as Seo companies provide to help customers rank in the local pack. The first and most basic is just citation listing. They offered to submit a specific number of citations for that local business. If the customer is interested in finding out why they are not ranking well, but they wish to do more of the work themselves, or they just want to get a good report on what is going on. You can also provide a citation audit, and what this really is is instead of you actually going in and doing all of the work for them, you are going to go in, see what the issues are and report it back to them. They can then choose to hire you to do the work, to make all the corrections, or they can take it and do it themselves. So the audit would include things like giving them a report on how well optimized. Their Google local page is, if you see any issues that might keep their page from ranking, you would give them that information. You can go out and see what listings or citations they currently have and which ones you believe would benefit them if they have duplicate listings. If they have incomplete listings, you can list all of that. And then overall, you're going to give them an idea of how they can go about improving their likelihood of ranking in the Google local pack. Lastly, you can do a full citation service, which is basically just adding together what we just talked about. You can again give them a specific number of citations that you will go out and submit them to. You can also offer to clean up any of the citations that they have if there's duplicates, inconsistencies or other errors that could keep them from ranking and even optimize their Google local page if it is not correctly optimized or even set up. Lastly, if you'd like, you can also include to help them strategize how they can build their Google reviews and help them to implement that plan. So those are some of the services that you can provide. If you wish to offer this to your current CEO clients, 36. Lecture 41: How Long Should It Take to Rank in the Google Local Pack?: how long it's going to take you to rank in the Google local pack is going to depend, of course, on the location that you're looking at and, of course, your keywords and how competitive those are. But you can often get rained and as little as 1 to 2 weeks somewhere in the Google local pack. Now, of course, we want to go for the top position so you can really benefit from the traffic and the leads that that can bring you. But that being said, you can generally rank relatively well and under one or two months, depending on the level of your competition. So this is a relatively quick turnaround time, as compared to some other search engine optimization techniques that can take a bit longer . So this is definitely one of the benefits of ranking high in the Google local pack, especially as oftentimes you'll notice that the local pack is going to rank higher than other search results 37. Lecture 42: Pulling It All Together: congratulations on sticking with this course all the way to the end. I really hope that you're able to take this information and to use it to rank your own business in the Google local pack or to begin selling services to rank your clients in the Google local pack. Every business out there is going to be unique and need something a little bit differently . But for the most part, ranking in the Google local pack is relatively straightforward, and you'll be able to achieve great results using the tactics that we discussed. If you have any questions at all, as you start to rank in the local listings, please don't hesitate to start a new discussion, and I'm here to help you in any way I can.