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Google Forms tutorial

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Google Forms tutorial

Een jeen -, Learning anywhere

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15 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. Why do you need to take this course

    • 2. Contact us form

    • 3. Subscribe us Form and Challenge

    • 4. Solution to Challenge

    • 5. How to copy questions, sections and images

    • 6. How to use Titles

    • 7. Feedback form

    • 8. Dividing the feedback form into two parts

    • 9. Conduct college elections

    • 10. Creating a Quiz

    • 11. Conduct a Photo competition

    • 12. Survey Form

    • 13. Appointment Booking

    • 14. Creating a page for Summary and Charts

    • 15. Form Director

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About This Class

WebForms provide true power to establish a relationship with people on the internet.

It is an important tool for any business.

Earlier we need to use programming languages to create a form and a database to store the responses.

But, due to this amazing app from Google called Google forms everyone can create any kind of form without any programming knowledge, without maintaining a database and that too for free.

I will teach you about creating different forms using this app in the course.

We will create forms for Feedback, for a Photo competition, polls, Surveys, quiz and more.

I will also show you how to display the reviews and ratings received from a form directly on your website.

This course is very different from any other course because here you will learn everything by doing. Instead of just discussing the features I will explain step by step procedure of creating different forms. This course is literally the easiest and fastest way to become a master in using Google forms.

Hence, to become a master, you have to just complete this course.

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Een jeen -

Learning anywhere


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1. Why do you need to take this course: that forms provide true power to establish a relationship with people on the Internet. It is an important tool for any business Earlier. We need to use programming languages to create a form and a database to solve the responses . But they do this amazing up from Google called Google Forms. Everyone can create any kind off form without any programming knowledge without maintaining a database, and that, too, for free. I'll teach you about creating different forms using this app. In this course, we will create forms for feedback for a photo competition, polls, surveys, craze and more. I would also show you how to display the reviews and ratings received from a form directly on your website. The schools is very different from any other course because here you will learn everything by doing. Instead of this discussing the features, I will explain step by step procedure off, creating different forms. This course is literally the easiest and fastest way to become a master in using Google forms 2. Contact us form: Hey. Hi. Welcome to this. Goats. I'm very glad that you have enrolled into this ghost. And ah, I promise you that I will do my best and work as hard as possible to keep this goes up to your expectations. And moreover, I'm very focused to they were a content that can be smoothly and easily consumed of gold of goes the will form. It is a very easy concept and you need not hassle are you need a fear about that. You may not be able to understand what I will be saying. It's a simple app. And the goal off this course is to just help you learn about all its features as soon as possible. There are so many closes out on different platforms. But this couch is way too different because here we will be learning about Google forms by creating. And that's why that I'd love this calls is cool forms tutorials right from the starting. We will be creating forms and meanwhile in the process off creating different forms. I will introduce you with different features off the app. And by this way I'm sure that it will be very easy for you. to understand about Google forms and use its features for different purposes. So that's all about what I will be giving you in the coats. Uh, now let us start creating a form. In this video, we will create a simple contact information form. We will be creating the form using one off the templates from Google forms. And this way you will get to know about how you can use, uh, template in global forms and how you can publish it with your own account. So first of all that is open from the Wolfram stop and in or the open it You have to go to this Ural, which is forms dot google dot com. So this is the website off Google forms app, and, ah, while you visit this u r l you will be landing or a page like this. This is the dash boat off Google forms app, and here at the top, you can find a template gallery and ah, below the template calorie. You will find the recent forms section in the reason form section. These are the different forms that I have created, and it will allow me to edit that form again or ALS. I can also duplicate that particular form to use it again, So we will start by using one of the templates available from employed calorie. You have to click this button in order to expand the template gallery, and here you can access even more templates that are created by Google. The major application offer template is that it already can pains special attendant arranged for you. So, for example, this contact information template will contain all the cushion and as the types arranged in a format which can help you to gather the information from a particular customer and ah, the even feedback template will contain different question and answer types that can be helpful for anyone off us. Do get some feedback about particular, even from different respondents. We will try to use this contact information template, which is the simplest one, and I will explain you how you can send this template to others and gather their contact information. So let me open this After you have open any particular template, then ah, you will be landing over a page like this, which is a former editor, right? So a for military is a place where you can add different cushions. Change. Ah, the answer types. You can also manage where your responses should be stored. By default, all the data regarding the form and its responses will be stowed in your Google drive. You can change the location off the storage off the data off a particular form by choosing this option called Motor Folder. So when I was when I will just click this file icon, it will open box where I can choose anyone off the different folders that I have created in my global rife. Or else you can create a new folder in order to add the date off off this form toe that particular folder. But now I'm leaving this as it is here. This is the title off this form, which is contact information. You can also change it as contact as form. And below this you have, ah, small text books where you can add the description about this form. So I have just added a simple description and you haven't died the user about how he has to fill the phone. Well, the description that I have added is not so appropriate, but I'm just trying to show you an example how you can use this area. Uh, here at the top left hand side, you can find the name off this form, which is contact information. While the title of the form is something written here, the name off the phone can be useful for you to search in the dashboard or search in your Google drive. So whenever you a whole search for contact us form as I'll change it right now in your Google around and this form may be visible to you in your car will drive up. The form has two sections. One is the question section and another is a response. A section in the cushions section. You can add different cushions. You can it it. Ah, that ideal. You can add the form description. It can change the answer type. So I'll discuss more about responses section later in this video. First, before we talk more about the cushion section, he already don't we have our first question saying the name. So we are asking the user to add his name while I Celik this question. I will find the option to choose an answer type on the right hand side. So while I will open this drop down, I will find different answer types from which ah, I can choose anyone for this cushion, which is named their 11 as a type, will be. Of course, a short answer using a paragraph answer type for name will long be suitable because most of the times no one will. How a name that camera and in more than two lines and the hence it's better to choose. Short answer for this while you select anyone off the question, it will highlight it in the form of a box here in the hope you can find a drag button and you can just hold it and drag it down in order to move this cushion below some other cushion, right? How does use this in order to move it? The name caution below the email discussion because I guess e motorists should be sequentially about the name so you can use this drag but into the more particular cushion below are about off it. And here you how an option to duplicate a question on decided you have a delete option. You can also change whether you want a particle a cushion to be required or not. If you just uncheck this option, saying required then the correspondent off this form may or may not provide an answer to this question. Before this require option, we have more options available on. I will click it. Show the different options. Here we have the option to add description for this cushion alive that check this prescription option. It will add a text box for me where I can provide a description for particular caution. And ah, I'm going to uncheck it. And below the description, you have a response. Validation option. This response validation option will be available for a short answer type. You can use this. Ah, response. Validation option. Do manage the type off. Answer that the user can add a lot more about it because it's not religion for this particular video. You'll get no more about it in some other tutorial. Okay, so for now, I'm just ah, going to close that. And here we have options saying, Iris, as I replaced this contact information template with contact s template, Hence I'm going to remove this option and to remove it. First of all, how to select it and then I have to click the delete option. You can undo any off your action by simply clicking, Control said. Our command said you can also radio the action by simply holding the shift key, the control or command key and then the Zed button. So this is how you can undo and redo. It's very simple as we do it in any other app or software now below the named ocean. We have phone number and the this is not required by default. If you want the phone number off the particular person who is contacting you for sure, then just check this option saying required. And if you don't want, then uncheck it below the phone number. We have the comments, question available and insert off comments. I'm going Teoh add. I'm going to replace the text as message. Yeah, as it is a contact US form. We need our user. You add his message and, ah, by default the answer type for this one East paragraph and has I'm going to live it as it is. If you are observing whenever I keep my custom near the cushion box, you will find this icon being enables ridges and image icon, so you can use this option in orderto add an image for any cushion to this contact US form . Usually it's not necessary to add an image. Hence we will discuss about it later, so we have our simple form but email name, phone number and message as cushions. Now let us move the response of section in the responsive section. We don't have any responses because we haven't shared it with anyone by default. If you don't want to add all the answers, toe a particular Google sheet and said, If you want to access all the answers or responses to a form by opening this form, then you need not create a sheet or you need not connect any existing sheet to this form. But if you want all this information available in the form of a sheet, then it's better to connect a sheet. There are so many other man ages off connecting off form Google sheep. Just click this icon and you'll find a pop up where you can select whether you want to create a new spreadsheet or else you want to select anyone off the existing spreadsheet. If you want all this data that you will be collecting using this form in existing spreadsheet and choose this option else? Go with the first option with the help of which you're going to create a new spreadsheet, and right after that you have created a spreadsheet. It will open the spreadsheet in a new tab where you have different columns as timestamp, email name, phone number and message. All the responses to a form will be added in a neuro, and in a particular column here we have more options available from which the first option needs. Get email notifications for new responses. If you want to be notified with an email about new responses, then you can just click this and it will be enabled and next. Other options that are available here are select response destination. If you want to select a response, this nation are you want. Just change the response. This nation. Then you can use that option at any time, and, uh, you can download responses in a CS free format. You can unlinked this form so you cannot link this form as it is connected to a particular spreadsheet and when you will do that, then all the new responses will not be added to that spreadsheet. And again, if you try to link this form again to any other spreadsheet than all the responses right from the first response will be added in that spreadsheet. You can choose this option saying parental responses, but it is disable for now as we don't have any responses. And below that we have option to delete all the responses. So this is about cushions and responsive section now, as we how edited the form and we how choosed the response destination. I'm going to test it in order to does the form. You have to use this button called Preview. And when I was just click it, it will open the form for me in this new job, and I can try adding the information so you can just play here and check whether the form he's working in a way that you wanted to or not. I can't Ademas each year. Actually, I think I should make this lost options, seeing message as you're quite I don't want a banqueting, and in time I will be changing that I can add a phone number here. I actually at all the information in the form and I hope click the summit. But, um and this is what it is going to show me after I have submitted the form, which is a small tanks message and, uh, at the bottom, I how? Edit your response option. Okay, what should I do in order to edit this? Thanks. Message. I will be explaining you about how you can edit this message. And before that, we're going to make this message cushion as required. And in order to change the message that should be shown after submitting a form you had to go to the setting section on in the fitting section. You have to go do this presentation tab and the in presentation top the bottom. You can find the information message. So it's thanks for submitting your contact info as it is a contact us form. I will be changing this message. So I expect this as a relevant information message, which is Tanks were so meeting inquiry, we will get back to you as soon as possible of for making any changes in the setting section. How to click the sale button. And here you can see that the responses section is highlighting one and let us go to the response of section. So now, as I have tried adding information to the form here we have the details rewarding that response. The 1st 1 is we have a summary here and we have the email. You have the name. We have the number. We have the message. Right? So this is how you can access the information. Ah, as summary for all the available responses, If you select Aaron in reasonable option, then you can see all the responses in this format one by one. At the bottom of these, you can also see the time and date when this form has bean. Ah, submitted Now you can also see that we have print responds button enabled. And using this, you can print the response. So we have created a simple contact as farm. I guess this is what is necessary for any website too. Add a simple contact as form. Now I'm going to show you how you can use this in order to send it do. Your respondents are how you can use it in order to add it on your website. All you have to do is just like this. But I'm saying send and it will open up, up, up Here we have the first option saying email so you can send this form. We are email. You can send this form via link or you can use this cold toe. Embed this form on your website. You can also shorten the you Earl by using this option. So this is how you can create a simple contact as form, using one of the template off the goal forms app. I hope you found it easy. And I also hope you have learned a little bit in this video. But there are even more and plenty off options available in this up. So if you want a leverage, all this features than be sure to check next videos, and until then, but by 3. Subscribe us Form and Challenge: Hey, welcome back. So in the previous video, we how used a template and created a contact as form. But in this video, we're going to do something very different. Earlier we how used a contact information template from Template Gallery. But now we are going to start with a blank template. So you may ask me what is a blank template? Bank template doesn't contain any kind off, uh, cushions or answers already added, Ah, visually, it is something where you're going to add all the questions and solid answer types right from the beginning. So let me open this blank template. And, uh, after opening this blank them played, you will see that its name by the Fault East untitled form. You can change it. I'm going to change it as subscribe. So in this video, I'm going to teach you how you can create ah form from a bank template. I'm going to create of subscribe form with the hope of which I can gather email addresses off different people who are visiting my site. And I will be using these email addresses for further marketing, and, uh, I will be sending them all the block bows and other news providing my website and, uh here the dob as how Just click there that I lost. The form has been changed. Now, for a subscribed form, I should have a cushion which is email Aarhus. So by default, here we have one question which is untitled cushion and its answer type is multiple choice Answer type I'm going to replace this cushion with e mail address and ah and all for changing the cushion name. Now instead of the multiple choice answer type, I'm going to choose the short answer I for this cushion. So it was very simple to create this form and offer that I'm going do are the responsive section I'm going to create a new spreadsheet where I will be storing all the information about the responses off this phone. So this is how the spreadsheet off the form with the and now after that, let me just reviewed this form and tried adding any details. So this is how the form with B and here I can add ah, email address. So I will try adding it. So instead of adding any Millrose, I have just added name and let me check whether if I will click Summit, it will show an error or it will accept. Well, it has accepted that response. But it is a kind of a problem for me because as, ah, website owner, I don't want contacts where some of them or Jin Yoon email addresses and some of them are just fake. So in order to authorize whether the person has actually added an email address or not, we are going to use the response validation option. So back to the cushions tab. And here we can find the response validation option. When you will click this button, here we have it. And when it will click that now this is what response Validation meats. This helps me to manage the answer that the respondent tries to add. And, uh, if it satisfies a particular condition and for the validation is satisfied, then only the respondent off the form and proceed to submit it. So for this particular potion, I want this ah, app to validate whether it is an email address or not. So let me just ah installed number. I am going to choose next and here when I will click. This contains drop down There is an option saying email address. So I will just click that it will actually check that, whether the particular text that user has added is an email address or not. And here you can add a custom Attar message if the user has ah, just accidentally tried to add something else. So let me just add a small custom, enormous age, how just started a small of enormous age, which is, please had a valid email address. Now I have even fought to make this cushion required. So let me just us enable this cushion would be required. And, uh, now, let me try filling the form again. Should this is it? And ah, here. I'm going to try adding some other name and check whether it will actually accept the response on what? Now? Yeah. Now, as I just clicked the submit button, you can see the error message is being displayed saying please are allowed email address. Okay, that seems pretty good. What? This was one off the way. You can collect email addresses you can easily collect. The email arose is with one of the options available in the setting section off the former editor. So let me click the settings button, and here in the general section we have the option saying Elect email addresses. So while I will just check this option and click the save button, it will automatically add the first cushion off the form as email address, and you need not had a question. And using the response validation option, you need no check whether the particular answer that the user has added is valid email address or not. So I can just delete this, and I can just revealed this form again and let me try adding a text, which is not an email address. So whenever the kick Summit button it is showing the enormous eight seeing must be our violet email address. So the second method that I have shown you is the easiest way off creating a subscription form. And now after this video, you have to complete a small assignment. On assignment is you had to create a contact US form, as we how created in the previous video using a template. But here the real task is that you have to create this form using a blanks template. Apart from this earth, OSK I'm going to give you Ah, more important challenge in this form. There is a question saying phone number. If you can observe here, there is no kind of validation to this. So a person can randomly add any number which is not his phone number. And if you are going to use this, contact US form globally. In that case, you should also know the country code. Hence, you should also add another cushion. There, the person can either select the country code or select the country. Right. So this is a small challenge for you should try something smart enough so that you can allow the user to provide information about the country. That Helios I guess the challenge is very interesting. And if it is, then first of all, try. And if you are not able to figure out how you can create a form, very you can gather genuine for numbers. Then I would recommend you to watch the next video well done by 4. Solution to Challenge: Hey, welcome back. Hope you have tried and, uh, created a from with a blank template. And if you will not successful, then please do watch this video And I will also reveal a solution for the challenge that I have been for you. So first of all, talking about how I can create Ah, contact us form from Langton Plate. Before we do that, let us have a look on the form that we have created earlier. So this was the contractors formed. We had the email as the first question and there was followed by name. And ah again we also how ah phone number as a cushion and and we how ah, message as a cushion. So I'm going back and that will be creating the form using a blank template. It's quite easy and I'm very sure that you have created it. But however, if you haven't, then please lost this video world again. Skip this video. It was the solution for the challenge. Okay, let's get started. I will open a new bank template and after that I'm going First of all, changed the name off this form. So I have just changed that idol and offered that I'm going to add the first question. I will add the first question as a name insert off the email address and while I was just changed the caution as name and we'll just, uh, change the answer type. Insert off multiple choice. I will select short answer as the answer type and offer that here. How do you check this option saying required? Because I need the person to add his name in the form and, uh, in order to collect the email, address the easiest Middle East to open the settings and, uh, selling this option, which is collecting email addresses. And I will click sale now automatically re how, ah, default push in all email address. And after that I want to ask the respondent for his phone number. It's off clicking this ad cushion button. I can easily add a new cushion by just duplicating this cushion, saying name because answer type is so similar, I can use the duplicate option, so I'm just changing the cushion as phone number. So while I was just adding the cushion, you might have observed something being displayed in this area that waas the response validation automatically. Ah, Google has read the cushion, and it has added a response validation for this, which is a number right. It has automatically added a response validation to check whether the answer that is being provided by the respondent is a number or not. But we can use responsible validation more efficiently here in order to check whether the given number is four number or not. So the one thing that weekend check further, apart from just a taking whether the provided answer is a number or not, is that the number of digits being added by the user. So in my country, the phone number has 10 digits, so I can validate whether the provided answer he's a number within in digits or not. And for that, instead of greater than as a validation option, I'm going to choose between as an option. And here I will, first of all at ah, smallest 10 digit number. And at the end of all, add the smallest 11 digit number. And, uh, I can also add a custom hit or miss age saying please odd. Ah, valid phone number, right? So this was the solution for one off the challenges that I have given for you. It was quite simple. All he had to do is just add response validation and check whether the given number ease at 10 digit number or not. I don't know. But if the number off digits in some other country, maybe less and in our maybe credit and then And if it is the case, then you can are just the provided numbers here and allow the user to choose from different digits whether it maybe 10 digit, 11 digit or nine digit number. Okay, so going on to the next question, the next question here waas message. Right? So m e s as hey G a message. And for that I need a paragraph and some type. And there is a small change here. As I just duplicated this cushion by default, it was required earlier how to just uncheck it because I want the user drive his phone number only if it is okay to him. Now, let us talk about another challenge that I have given to you, which waas to add a cushion with the help of which you can find the country code off that particular person. So I'm going to possible at a cushion. I'm going to add the cushion as country and this Google forms has suggested strong answer. Answer 11 answer type, but I want to provide options to the user. I don't want him to type some text randomly. Eso I can choose the multiple choice option with which I can provide the user options from which he can select anyone on our ALS. I can use the drop down option in order to let the user select from a list off options. Multiple choice Answer will serve the purpose, but it will be not so easy but the user or respondent to select a particular option because he has to just find out exactly where his country name is. More about this options with occupy allowed space in the form where has the drop known option will be most suitable? Because user can easily scramble down and find his country name and select it. So drop down is our relevant option, and the way you can add the options to drop down is similar to how you can add the options . Do the multiple choice answer type so you can add country names here have I added about 16 country options. If you want to add all of them, then go ahead and please. To added, I think the country question should bay before the phone number so I would drag and drop it here about the phone number cushion. And that is this. Click the preview button in order to test the form. So this is the drop down at the time that we have at it so that they click that. And this is how we can select the country. And then, while adding a phone number, let me check How many digits does discussion? Well, except so I have added about nine digits off a number. Let me just more into the next cushion. So as, ah, how tried to move on to the next question. It has actually checked whether they've provided for number, ease in digits, phone number or not. So let me check by adding one more digit, and if I had one more digit and now let me more under the next cushion and then you will find its OK, let me try adding one more, Ah, number and uh, now let me more into the next cushion. As you can see, this short answer textbooks is accepting a phone number, which is within 10 digits. So our form works as we have desired. And if you have completed these challenges before watching this video than congratulations to you, because you are way ahead and you're you are learning the concepts very fastly. So that's it for this radio. And in the upcoming radios we will back these Moors tutorials, and you will be solving even more complex challenge just so all of us for you and I. 5. How to copy questions, sections and images: Hey, welcome back. So in one of the previous videos, I have explained you the solution. Do the challenge, that argument for you, One of the challenge Waas to add a cushion where the person can select his country, right? It was a kind of very difficult for us to add such a question. Well, we have to add the list off the country's. So what if this, as a type, is again necessary in some other form? It will be a truly, really difficult task for you to add all the list of countries again and again for every new form. So you need an option to copy and paste different cushions. This can be easily done by using this option, saying import cushions. So I have opened the contact US form that we have created in the one off the previous videos. So we have created this form using the Google template and even here we have phone number as a cushion on. We haven't added the country and the drop down list answer type with the list off countries . So I want to implode that cushion and its answer types that this one let me demonstrate how I will do it. Okay, So first of all, I will click this option saying import cushions and then it will open up, up, up from where I will select a particular form from which I want to import a particular cushion and its answer type. So I have selected the form and I will click select. And on the right hand side, you can see Ah, a chap named as import cushions blow which you have an option to change the form if you have accidentally selected some other form. And below that you have an option to select all the question and answer types they import in this form. But for now, I just need to import this cushion and as a type with say's country and for which the other type is dropped down and it is having about 15 options. So offer selecting this option, I can click the import cushions button, and right away you can see that cushion and Asa dyp the list off options has bean imported to this form. Let me drug it and place it neater the okay about the phone number option. Yeah. So this is the simplest and the easiest way to import cushions. So if you want to copy and paste question and asa types from one form another form, then this is how you're going to do it. Hope you found this tutorial very easy. And I'm very sure you're going to use this import cushions option so many times while you create different forms. So that's it for this radio. Take a small break and moved in the next tutorial until then. Bye bye. 6. How to use Titles: you can add title and description in between off different cushions in a form in order to organize them in a proper manner. So adding a title and description and grouping different portions under a particular title and description will let the user easily understand about the kind of cushions that will be present under a particular title. And moreover, using at Argyll and Description will enhance, look and feel off your phone in order to add a Die Dylan description. In a form you have to click this button with, say's add title and description. And here you can add the title and low. You can add a description and, ah, I'm going to group different questions off this form into two categories. One will be contact details and another group of cushions will be message. So I'm going dog. Include this option zing at title and description. I'm really glad that I idolize message, and, uh, here, I'm going to change the extract the cushion, saying, Add a message, Okay. And again, I'm going to move this ideal about this cushion. And now let us preview and see how our form will be like, so as you can see here the form has titles and the cushions under particular title are related to it. So here, under contact details title be how cushions like email name, country phone number, which are contact details and below. We how another title saying Message and under which we have a question saying Out of message So you can use titles in order to organize different cushions into groups. And this will let the user to easily understand and add the answers as quickly as possible and more where it also enhances the look and feel off your form. So that's it for this WHIO Now on to the next tutorial. Until then. Bye bye. 7. Feedback form: Hey, welcome back to the new tutorial off this coast. Now you have been struggling, the Lord the basics and we have created one form using a template. And we have created another form using a blank template. Talking about this particular tutorial here, I'm going to explain you how you can create rating and review form. Here is ah, form that we will be creating In this tutorial about is the headline which say's review how to use Google Forms Book And below that we have a title for the image and I How ah ah, an image. This is an example image. I really don't have any such book called How to Use Google Forms, but I'm planning to write one and if I do so, I will let you know for sure. And below that, how added Ah, caution called name. There is a reason why I have added a caution called name, even though the person who has filled this form, maybe my subscriber, but there is no possibility for me to track who has provided a particular response, and hence in order to make it easy for me and for the purpose off displaying, I need the name of the person who is submitting this form. And below that I have added a rating bar. So how added? Ah rating Borrow it. One defy hearts as an option. And finally, at the end, we have ah paragraph answer for the caution Gold, Write a review. I haven't made the review as required cushion because some people may not have enough time to add a review. Heavens, how kept it as optional. So this is how ah, typical rating and their review form would be Now I will explain you how we are going to create an exact replica off this home. So I have opened a bank, um plate and as usual, we have an untitled form as the title. I will be changing it offer, adding that although the form I'm just giving the tester hearing auditory name the form and next I will be adding an image. So click add image here and here I look like choose an image to upload from my computer offer. The image has been added to the form I'm going to decrease its size. I will change its alignment to center align. It looks good on offer that I will add a title to the image, and then I will change the first cushions as name and select Danza type as short answer. After selecting that as a diapers. Short answer, I want to make this cushion as required. After that, I will add a new cushion and the cushion will be rate our book so, as I was selected, rate our book as the cushion by default. Google has read the cushion next, and it has selected answer type as leaner scale by default. So sometimes Google do help says with the selection off the answer type by directing the text off your cushion. So this is what I want it in the If, in your case, Google hasn't provided you with an answer type, then you can easily choose lenient scale from the given options. And, uh, I'm going to keep the scale off rating from 1 to 5. But if you want to keep it from 1 to 10 then you can and below Here we have an option to add a label before one, and after five, I'm going to use it in order to add on heart emoji. So I'm going about it the emoji and for every submission, I need a response for even this cushion because I don't expect a form without a rating and without a review, it's OK of the respondent doesn't own you provide a review, but I need a rating for sure. And for that reason I'm going to mark even discussion as required. Finally, I'm going to add the last question so you can access the paragraph and so type here. If you Google hasn't selected in your case about from that, I don't want this question to be required. The respondent of the form may or may not submit a review for the product, so this is a typical form with which we can gain ratings and reviews for our products. And, ah, you know how observed that in this form the background is quite different, and it suits with the team off the form, which is a review off a book. So I will explain you how you can change the team. In this tutorial, click this button called Customized Team, and here you can change the team color, and after that you will be provided with about four options to select a background color for the form and also at the bottom. You have an option to change the phone style off the form I'm going with basic and after that here you can see a button called Jews and Image. When you click this, you can select from the free Henry Majors provided here. Or else you can upload photos for your header image. If you want to find the header image that I have added for that form, then you can find it in the bottom off the work and school section. Here it is third from the bottom and all you had to do is just select it and click the select button. As soon as you have selected the image, your header has bean replaced from the color toe. The image that you have selected and here now ah, have selected this year local er as the team color and how said the background color as this one. So this was the adjustments that I have done the team. So let me close that and after that, let me preview this form and now you can see that it looks exactly same as the one that I have shown at the beginning off this tutorial. So that's it for this video. Hope you are enjoying it. And if you think this course is up to your expectations, then feel free to give aerating and provide a review to this ghosts. See you in the next one. Until then. Bye bye. 8. Dividing the feedback form into two parts: Welcome back. I guess you're following all the tutorials one by one. And if you are doing so, then probably you would know that in the previous video, we how created a feedback form to collect a reviews and ratings for a book, while ah review and waiting are two cushions, which can provide enough information or which can act as a good reaction to our product. But in the loosens, a feedback form should not only act as a reaction. Rather, those reactions should be helpful for us. And, ah, they should form a basis for improving our product. Hence, we need to add even more cushions and off the user to provide hiss reaction toe different aspects off the service. But we have provided you may not feel afraid off the consequences off adding too many cushions to your form, because we are going to ask the user to provide hiss, reaction Teoh different aspects by using a single cushion and as an example, am also going to show you a feedback form off you. Name me dot com. This is the rating form off your amy dot com, and, uh, while anyone wants to provide a rating toe any off the codes. Then first off, all a single caution will be displayed, saying, How would you rate this coast? And below that there is a rating borrow, which ah, you can use to provide a rating through a particular coats. And when I have just provided a rating using a rating bar right after, then you can see Ah, paragraphs and certain type is being displayed below to this rating bar, which a respondent can use to provide a review to a particular course, offer adding a rating and providing a review. How to click this button seeing seal and continue. And right after that, even more questions will be visible in this manner. And this cushions by your Amy are only used to show the instructors and, ah, help them to loan what their students are feeling about the course So you can see the detailed information about the code is being gathered and they're asking questions to the students like, Are you learning valuable information? And the options available for this questions are yes, no, and not sure. And the more questions, like all the explanation of the concepts clear, is instructors delivery engaging so this. Open off various aspects about which your name is trying toe. Ask the students and they will gather this information as it is very helpful for the instructor to improve the coast are improved is upcoming pendant. And moreover, the important thing that you had to note is that your Amy will make only the ratings as a compulsory if you are going to some of this one. And the reviews and answering these optional cushions is not compulsory, so you can skip or you can save and continue. So this is an example feedback form from uday me dot com. Now let us create our own version off the feedback form. So here I am, back to Google forms. And now, at the end, we how the rating bar and a cushion for providing a review. Next to this, I'm going to add a new cushion, and here I am going to type and as helpers, so help us to improve our product. So do this question that I have added Google Forms has automatically selected paragraph answer type, but in sort of paragraph answer type, let us use multiple choice grade, which is below linear scale, as a type. So after you select this, now we have the rows and columns in the rose. You are providing the cushions while in the columns you are providing the option, right? So the columns off the multiple choice grade well represent door options that are to be selected by the user as an answer, whereas in the Rose you are going toe I as many questions as possible. So first of all, let us fill up the column section with different options. I'm going to add the options like yes, no and then not sure. So these are the three options that I want to provide. And here in the road section, I'm going to add different cushions. I will add a cushion saying, Are you satisfied with the information provided in the book? And the second question that I will are will be Are you satisfied with the author's way off delivering info? And the third question that I will add will be Are you satisfied with the pricing off the books? And finally, the last question will be Would you like to recommend our book to others? Let me click the preview button and, uh, check how our form will look like so at the bottom we have the newly added cushion saying help us to improve our product And below that, we have added different cushions and the user can answer to them by selecting any of the available three options that is by selecting yes, now are not sure. In the multiple choice grade, you cannot select two options for one cushion at the time. Ah, this form seems to be a large enough. And ah, and this may even affect the condition raid off our form. Let us the the wide our form into different sections in order to make it easy for the user to submit it And in order to help ourselves by improving the conversion rate. So back to the editor here, I'm going to add ah section So this option will be available here. You had to clean this and this is the new section. Let us remove the section Daido instead, Let me just hold this cushion here and ah, drag it to this section. So now the last question will be available in another section. Make sure that in this drop down, the options in continue to next section is selector insult off any other option. Like go to section one or submit form. Now let us go to the produce section again. And now you can see that the last question is not available in this section of the form and the size of the form has bean radios. Let me try outing the information to this so offer adding a bit off information in the first section. Let me click the next button. And now you can see how it has led the user to the next section off the form. So this is an off this tutorial. Hope you have found this information valuable in this tutorial, we have learned two things one is using Ah, multiple choice. Great. And the next one is, of course, using a section. 9. Conduct college elections: Hey, welcome back in this video I'm going to explain you how you can use Google forms in order to conduct polls. Are college elections without any paperwork? It is quite easy. But even though it is easy, I request you Dio please watch this video total And because I want to show you how you can show the responses to the user. First of all, I'm going to change that. I do love the form. So how just, ah, change that Idol has exquisite college elections You can used name off your college are began, uh, choose an appropriate title for your form and then I'm going to change the cushion. So how changed the cushion as select your student leader for 2019 to 2020 and then I'm going to add the options. It's ready to add the names of the candidates, but as it is an example form, I'm going to just add options as candidate one candidate dio extra so I'm going to change it. So I have added the options. Now I'm going to make this cushion as required because I don't want the students to submit an empty response. And this is how simple form for convicting holds our elections will be. But apart from adding the cushions and options, you also need to make some changes. So the settings off this form so open the settings and here in the general dab, check this option saying limit one response and then moved with the presentation section where we are going to make a small change to this confirmation message. It sort off saying your response has been recorded. We're going to change it to your Oh has Bean recorded. I will click sail off for making the tennis to the sittings off the form. You can use this form description area in order to inform the student that he should be careful while selecting the candidate because he cannot change his response once he has submitted the form. So how? Added a small message saying Be careful what selecting the option in order to hold for the right person. Apart from that, instead of just adding the names, you can also add the majors off the candidates and you can do it simply by selecting the option. And while you how selected a particular option, you can see this icon add image icon being displayed, and when you click that you will be able to add ah, photo off a person. So as an example of how added three majors for different candidates, Um, actually, how added the Clippers, because I fear off any cooperate claims or any kind off action being taken against my video . Hence how used the clip art's instead off images off real men. Apart from that, you can also add a major off your university in order to make this form even more beautiful . Ah, as an example, I will be adding simple image. Apart from that, I'm also going to just make basic changes to this team. So I'll go to the illustration section and I'll change the background color and about from that, I believe the phone style as basic and ah, after that, let me go to the produce section and try adding responses to this form. You can see that our least efforts to just make some genius to the design of the form has resulted in a beautiful webpage where the respondents allowed toe provide the responses. So we have the imager, and below we have the options to choose from. I also like this first candidate and you can see the image is being highlighted. And then Emel cling this summit mutton. So after casting the old, the user is informed with a confirmation message. This looks good enough. But in cases off form that will act as a whole. It is better to show the live performance off different options. I will go back to the former editor and ah well, first of all, the lead the response here because as I have already added the response, this will not let me to add another response even while I am in the previous section. Okay, so first of all, I will delete all responses and, uh, right after that, let us go to the Settings section again. And here in the general tab, you can find this option saying, see summary charts and extra responses. So while you check this option, the respondents can see summary charts and ex responses off. They have submitted the form. So after making this change, I'm going to click the save button on DA. I will go to the produce section again. Now I will cast my vote again and ah, I will click the summit button, ofcourse submitting the form with the confirmation. There is also ah, link being shown to me saying See previous responses. So when I click this, you can see the responses and in a similar manner all the respondents will be able to see the responses. But this is not enough because we are just learning the user to know the responses only after he has submitted the form. What if he wanted to go to the response? A section again? Then it may be very tough. And moreover, what about the people who haven't yet mastered their old? What if they also wanted to know about how different options are performing? So for that reason, I'm going Teoh, show you how you can provide a link to the user are how you can embed this responsive section in your website. If you go to the form aided or you cannot find anywhere the option to copy the link to the page where the respondent can see the responses, it is not even available in the responses section. So in order to copy link only had to do is just right. Click this text and, uh select this option saying copy, link address. Now I will go to the incognito tab and show you that this link can be used to show the responses. Toe the respondents off the form and let us go to that. You are? Yeah. So now you can see that the edit option is not available because the browser doesn't know who I am. And ah, the responses are only being shown here. You can use this link in orderto embed it into Europe side, or else you can share this link. This marks the end off this video. It was a quite very easy tutorial, but you have got to loan symbol things which are very helpful for you. 10. Creating a Quiz: Welcome back to this new tutorial in this tutorial. I'm going to explain you about creating a quiz using you will forms before discussing further. Let me inform you you're going to learn a lot in this video, especially because there are so many futures related toe quiz in Google forms. App. When you're planning to create a quest form in, sort off, starting with a blank that plate. It is better to open a blank Chris template. I have used it earlier, and hence this Google forms APP is showing this option to me here, but in your case, if you haven't used it earlier, then you can find it in the Template gallery under the education section. Open this template the difference between a blank template and a blank Chris template. Can we simply described by saying that in case of a bank wisdom played in the setting section, another quiz, a stab. You will have this option saying, Make this a quiz already switched on, whereas in case off a blank template, this option will not be switched on by default. Rather, you have to open the settings and go to the quizzes stab, and he had a manually switch on this option. Make this a quiz as the names ages. This mode or this option will enable a signing off point values toe different cushions in your form, and also this will allow auto marking. So auto mugging means it will correct all the answers that the user has selected, and it may provide the answers radically to the user and his car. If you want to rule immediately, release the marks after the submission of the form. So the quiz form will have a feature for adding porn while is to the cushion and also Otto , marking all the cushions in the case. If you want to make any form a quiz later, after you have selected a blank template and you have out of different cushions, then all the how to do is just go to the settings section and switch on this option, saying, Make this a quiz. We'll discuss about the options later. For now, that has add different cushions in this form. The fall name for this form is blank quiz, and I will leave it. Ask eighties, but in your case, you'll surely have a name. It maybe a name specifically for the quest. Auras, Name off your school, our college or any other recognized name in acquis form. Another question section. Let us first of all, change this cushion. I'm going to add a cushion saying, What is capital off? UK and I will add about three options under this question. So I have added a cushion. And also how included three options for that cushion. The answer type is the default answer type, which is multiple choice and so type. And, ah, after adding the cushion and adding the options now, as it is a chris form, you should be able to selling the right answer for auto marking. Hence, do select a right answer. You have to click this option saying, Answer key. And here you need to select the right answer. And then you have to assign point values to this cushion. So how added about 10 points for this question? If the respondent Sykes London as the answer, you may also provide an answer. Feedback. You can provide a rich country back or ALS emails or provide a link to ah website where a little information about the right answer is provided, and moreover, you may provide feedback for incorrect dances and also for correct answers. Moreover, you can also sell it a YouTube video for the feedback offer, adding a feedback you had to click sale. Don't forget to click that and back to the headed cushion offer, adding a question and assigning points to it. You can see the total points being displayed here, the Donald warns, will help you to know the maximum number of points that the user can gain if he selects right answers for all the cushions. Now, let me add the next cushion. So how added another cushion and I will go to the answer key for selecting the right option here. Now you may see that the question is having Jiro points by default again, you can change the default points, and to do so, you have to play this more options. And then at the bottom, you will find this option saying preferences. Open that here you can change the default settings. So if you want to collect email addresses for every new form that you will create, then you have to check this option and by doing so every time you create a new form by default. The first question will be email address and talking about the default settings for the cushions. Then we have Year two options that we can change off which the 1st 1 is make questions required. So if you want to make every cushion required by default, then you have to check this option. And if you want to change the default Chris point value, then you have to change it here. So how changed it do 20 and I will click CEO. Right now. It has no change, but I will have a new cushion. Then it will how default points as 20. So, Virginia. The point well is to this. I will add another question, and I will show you that it'll how default points as 20. Well, how just added the question Google forms suggest me with the correct answers as shown here . So it is saying that the right option for the largest country in the world is Russia. So I need to just click that in order to add Russia as the option off riding the cushion and options, I will go to the answer key and now you can see that the default point values are 20 which you can change if you want to. It's better to use a default point value that is very common among all the cushions for this former. How Houston and hence it was better for me while I was just starting the form to said the default point value asked then one. Another thing that you should know is that the default point values will not only apply for this form other. For every new form that you create, the default point values will be applicable. I'm add another cushion and I will explain you water the different as a types that are suitable with a quiz form. So how added another cushion now in the answer types, I made shoes check boxes as the option. I may choose drop downs as the option. I'm a choose multiple choice grade or take both grade and even shot Answer as the answer types, so you may use about six answer types that include multiple choice check boxes dropped down and multiple choice grade. Take both spread and even shot Answer type Well, in case if you have selected short answer type than in the answer key, you have to include all types off correct answers and, uh, in case off multiple choice check boxes are dropped down. In this three cases, you can provide options from which the user can select a right answer. But the difference between multiple choice check box and rob down is that in case off multiple choice, the user can select only one option. Where hasn't check boxes? The user can select more than one option, but in case off drop down again, it is similar to multiple choice where only one option can be selected, so you may have more than one right answer. But in case off drop down animal people choice, the user can select only one off the right answers and talking about the multiple choice grade and tick box grade. Here, every rule will act as a new cushion, and for each row, oil values will be assigned and the columns will act as a common options for all the cushions. The difference between multiple choice grade and tick box. Great. It's that in case off the books read, the user can select more than one option parole, whereas in case with multiple choice where the user can select only one option for each grow. You may use more than one ASA type in a quiz, but it is always better to choose multiple choice as a type because it will be easy for the user. And also it is highly used by most of the people, while other answer types can also be used to improve the interactivity and making a quest more interesting and engaging. So that's about the different answer types. Now I would explain you some of the best practices to follow. While you're creating acquis form, the 1st 1 is shuffling the option order. So while you enable shuffle option in order for a cushion, it will prevent the respondents from sharing the right options with others. The next thing that you have to do is in the setting section. You need to collect email a process if you want to release the marks immediately. So first of all in the sitting section go to the general lab and, ah, checking options saying collect emailer process. After that, it is always whether to limit ah number off responses to one and hence check this option. After that, go to the quizzes, stab where If you want to release the marks immediately, then select this option Minutes scroll down Here you will find Chris options like, ah, deciding what the respondents can see that maybe the Mr Cushions. And here the Mr Cushions means the cushions that how been answered incorrectly. And if you want to show the correct answers for each cushion after releasing the Great, then you had to check this. Apart from that in models, the designers show the total points and the points pursued for each question. This one will be worrying in case if you have done a manual review and if you're provided Ah, Marks based on the review or from making changes to the set in section, don't forget to click the save button. No, let us go to the preview bowed and let us does the quiz form. So offer. I have submitted the form. Now how this options saying we'll score and when I will plague view score, it has opened a new page where how ah response Recep like this were all right and wrong. Questions are being shown, So the total points that I have got our 20 out of 50 and then here you can see the section Scott. So if you have divided the question to different sections than the section score will also be displayed as how provided the right answer. The first question. I have a 10 out of 10 and add the second cushion, which how, add it was wrong and it is it is showing my response. And below that I'm also being able to see the correct answer because we have selected that it will be shown to the respondent in the sitting section. Now that you have experienced how ah Chris Palm will be and, ah, how the respondent will, how to submit the answers and how he can see his marks right after this omission. No, let us talk a little bit about how the process off manual real goes through. First of all, that enable a manual review. You have to select this option seeing later after a manual review while you select this option, saying later after a manual review. By default, it will Doan on the email collection because you need the emitters off the respondents. You send their scorecards later when you want to release the marks. So for making this change. Let me click Seal. And now let me explain you. What are the answer? Dives that are compatible to this quiz form In case off the option where you wanted the user you his cover Right after the submission, there was a need for auto marking. That means the Google forms itself should check the right answers and provide the school card to the respondent. But here, in case off manual radio, you can select any answer type. You may select paragraph, answer, type human Select Selenia scale. Are you mail to select date and time? So the bandage off releasing the answers off for a manual review is that you can use any answer type and make the quest form more in tracked you more engaging and more interesting . So if you select the paragraph answer type, the user may need to write the answer and offer. He's, um it's a form. You will go here in the responses section and you will manually review and provide them marks based on the answer. I'll show you an example off how you can release the marks later. So I will open another form where the number of responses are comparatively more here. There are about three responses and the responses section will be in this manner. You can view the data regarding the responses that you have got in about three ways. Whether you may just well, the date up as a summary corals, you can check the data based on each and every cushion or else you can watch are indivisible response. Recep off every respondent and in the individual tab here you will get to know that the score has not been released and all the responses will be visible in the form off a response. Recep. So this all the responses for the Essen with an email address, we can get in check responses from each respondent. So far, this respondent he has code about in March out off 40 months and in a similar way, if you will next Moulinex response, then the second respondent has got about 20 out of 40 in. The last correspondent has got 30 out of 40. And if you want to release the score, all we had to do is just click this button saying release scar. So as I've said you, you can add the point values later and hence, just imagine if this was a paragraph answer. And if you want to provide a customized marks for the answer, then all you have to do is just edit this here. For example, if I would have provided seven out of 10 then I will just change it here. And don't forget the click sale. And when you click sale, this means that the respondent has got only seven months but off 10. In order to release the score, all you have to do is just click this button saying, Release a scar and it will open. Ah, new pop up. And, uh, it will ask you. You add a message if you want to. And if you want to release goes for all the respondents than this, check this option or else select the candidates into easily and then click this option, saying, Send emails and release. I would select all of them and I will disk like this option, saying send emails and release. And this way you have released a scour to all the respondents off the form. This is the form that we were creating, and in the swarm we have released the marks immediately, and even then you can see this option. Zynga really score. So this shows that you may also change the marks, even in case the student has got to know about his score right after he has submitted the form. But the problem here is that you're releasing the marks more than once, which is not recommended in most of the cases. So it's better to release the marks all at once. And if you want to manually review, then sell adoption, saying man will review. And if you want, do release a marks immediately and will use them immediately. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and if you do so, then please provide five star rating and a wholeness review off your experience with this ghost. If you have any doubts than please try to add them in a Q and A section, let us meet in the next tutorial. Until then, why 11. Conduct a Photo competition: Hi. Welcome back to another tutorial. In this tutorial, we will create a form with help Off which we will let our respondents Teoh submit their entries for a competition as an example that has assumed that we are contesting a photo competition where the contestants will use the form that we're creating right now to submit their entries. While for this particular example, you will exactly learn about how to let the users to submit image. But you can apply the same knowledge to let the respondent to submit any kind of file, whether it may be a radio or a video file or any other files. So let us start the tutorial. First of all, I will change the forms name, so I'm just naming it as photo competition. But you can exactly mention the complete name and the eater off the competition. So after changing the name off the form, I'm going to change the question here. Right now, it is an title cushion, but before that, let us make a small change in the settings of the form, as I need to gather the email address off the entrance. So in the setting section, I will check this option, saying collect email addresses and more as I want to restrict the number off entries from one particular person. Hence, I will check this option saying limit to one response. And, uh, you need to remember that if I will check this option saying limit to one response, the respondent should sign into their Google account before they can submit this form. So off for making the change, I'm going to click sale button. This has automatically added the cushion, saying email address offer that now. I also need to know the name off the than distant. So I'm going to replace discussion as name. And after that I will select short answer as the answer type for this. I will make this cushion as required, because I need to know the name off the contestant offer, adding the question called name. Now we are going to add the main question off this form, which is some meant you're entry after renaming the cushion. Now I'm going to select the answer type as file upload. So after I have selected that answer type, you can see a small message from Google saying the the files will be uploaded to your Google drive. So this message is being shown because it is a caution to saying that the storage space off your drive will be used in order to let the user summit their files. Hence, you had to take care of that. You how enough storage provided in your Google life. My default Google Drive will have about 15 GB off free space. And in the case, if most off your Google drive space has been already used, then there is an option to upgrade the storage off your goal drive. Let is ah, click continue and offer that. So now you have different options here to manage the type off file and the size of the file . When you switch on this option, saying, allow only specific file types, then it will show you different five times to select offish. I am going to select the image file. You can also select any other file at the same time, but I want to allow only image files to be submitted by the respondents off the form and ah , maximum number of files that the user can select. I want it to be one and the the maximum five size. The maximum file size E by default is 10 em bee, and I think that is okay if you want to provide 100 MB, then you had to make sure that there is enough storage available on your Google drive. So for this form, I'm going to select the maximum file size as 10 MB. It's better to add a small description that the maximum fine size will be 10 MB. I'm going to talk about the maximum story it space that you want to dedicate this form where you have file upload as the answer type. So by default the form and accept up to one GB off files and after when G B off files have been uploaded, the form will stop accepting any other files so you can increase this by clicking the change button. And ah, here we have the drop down to select the maximum size off all files uploaded by default. It is one GB you can select n g B 100 GB or won t be based on the number of contestants that you are expecting to submit this form and the maximum file size that you have said for this form, I am going to select N g B and ah N G B off space for maximum file size. Off about an MBI means at least 1000 contestants can submit their files by using this form offer. Changing the setting. I'm going to click sale button, and, uh, I want to make this cushion required. Now I'm going to add another cushion at the end, and I will name that cushion as How so at the end. Off the form, How included another question saying, How did you get to know about the competition? Whether by news through Google, search our Google ads, Facebook, ATS, throw friends are through our website or through any other means. By including this cushion, I can get to know about how most of the people have got to know about the competition, and I can invest more amount off time in marketing by using that particular channel. So this is a kind off, a very helpful question, which most off, as may ignore because it doesn't help right at the time off the competition. But it may be helpful for any other future competitions that you may dentist and more were not only in the case off this scenario off competition this cushion should be included in any other form where the conversion rate of the form is much important to you. So we have out all the cushions. But before trying to prevail this form, I want to just change the team. Ah, I'm going to replace the header with an image. And I have bought an image for this particular form by using X ob, which is a place where you can get so many free images. And the images that you can find here are free for commercial use and no attribution is required. So you need not mention the outer off the image that you have used in places where you're using for commercial purposes. But however, mentioning the others effort is always a good practice, I'm going to upload it. And after making this team genius, let us go to the preview section and best the foam. So as this is the Prevue off the form, it hasn't asked me to sign in with Google. But for the respondents, it will ask to sign in with their Google account. And we have the email address name and submit your image as required cushions, whereas a last question is not required because this is not the main subject off this form , as I left it as not required on. Now here, the main cushion off this phone. Let us try to answer for it. When I click add file. It will open a pop of like this where we had to submit the particular file. And after providing all the required answer the contestant and submit the form. It is a quite easy form. And in the street Auriol you how learned about the file upload and so type hope you are enjoying the tutorials and if you are, then feel free to provide a five star rating. See you in the next tutorial, Antolin. Bye bye. 12. Survey Form: Hey, welcome back to this tutorial. This tutorial is about creating a survey form, but we aren't going to use multiple choice grade, and even we're not going to use it both Great answer type, rather during the use questions with other answer types. In this case, we're going to take our one age off sections. So for each cushion, we're going to add a new section, and in this manner, the length off the form will be reduced more. Or it will increase the concentration off the respondent words cushion that is being displayed on the screen. So we're going to add one cushion in one section. In this tutorial, we're going to consider a student satis location survey as an example. How, actually grabbed a few off the cushions from the Internet for this example, let us start by adding that ideal. And next I will start with the question saying, What was the best part off your experience? So off riding a question, I'm going to change the answer. Type two paragraphs and, uh, let me make this cushion as required. After that, instead of adding a new cushion, I will be adding a new section and make sure to select this option, saying continued the next section from this drop down. So by selecting this option, you're confirming that after a section when the user will be not to do the next section instead off submitting the form or going to some other section. OK, so I'm going to remove that. I didn't off this section and I'm going to add a new cushion. So how added the cushion and, uh, how selected the answer type as paragraph answer type offered that I'm going to add a new section and I will add a few more questions. And after adding all the cushions, I will show you the purview of the form and you will experience how it will be while we are going to fill it. So how completely added all the cushions as a total ocean, I have added ah rating bar where the student will be able to raid the food selection and as the labels have added few off the emerges off food items and below that, how again added a rating bar where the student and write about the living conditions and the form ends Sweat rating bar where the student can provide a rating for the overall. The university experience now offer showing you all the cushions that I added. Let me go to the preview section and show you how this form will be. So here is our first question with say's what was the best part off your experience and let me add something as an answer. So offer cleaning The next button, the student will be mood toe a next section where he has to provide an answer for another cushion. So by this way, the respondent off the form will be able to see only one cushion at the time, and his full concentration will be at that cushion. You must see how beautiful this rating bar looks when it is only a single question being displayed on this screen. The user mail to go back to change answer for the previous cushion. Finally, this is the last question, and instead, off next, the user again happily submit this form. So this is another way you can create a good survey form. You may either use single section with, uh, nose off the answer types as multiple choice grade or big box grade models. You can create a survey in this manner. Both have their owner man ages the choices to be made based on the situation. So in this tutorial, you have got to know about how you can use sections to create a beautiful survey form. Hope you how like it. And if you do so, then please provide a rating. And on Hollis review about our codes. See you in the next video until then, but I 13. Appointment Booking: Hi. Welcome back in this tutorial. I'm going to explain you how easy it is to create a booking form using Google forms up. So let us start with changing the title or for changing at idle. Let me change the cushion name. And in the as a dives, I'm going to select date as the as a type. After that, let me add another cushion over that time as the cushion and automatically Google has selected Dimas Answer type. Now, this is a simple way off creating a booking. But you need to be sure that you add ah, good description where you're letting the user to know that it is not ah, 100 person fixed booking time that you can spare. It's just a request and, um, personally email the respondent confirm the booking. So be sure to add that this east just a request form, and you need to confirm it before they may fix that. They have booked an appointment with you. Let me go to the review section and show you how these to answer types can be used. So here we have date as a drop down and unity just select the year in the month, and finally, you also need to select the date after that in the time unity. Just add the values here. After that, click the summit bottom so you can use a Google form to let other people request an appointment at a particular time. Well, this is one of the way to create a booking form. You can also use multiple choice as a type Teoh create it, but in that case unit to constantly update the options. This was this a simple tutorial where I wanted to describe how you can create a booking form and more. Or you also got to know about how you can use data and diamonds types. Let us meet in the next tutorial on, filled In by. 14. Creating a page for Summary and Charts: Hi. Welcome back to this tutorial. In this tutorial, I'm going to introduce a feature off the will form. Col. Adams. Add owns. Add additional features. Do Google form acts? So instead of just restricting yourself to the features that are provided by this app, my default you can explore and add mobile to your form by using any of the UN's. Arun's are created by some other developers, and ah, and each ad don't sell a particular purpose. There are already so many add ons available for Google forms among those in this particular video. We're going to talk about an ad on call advanced summary for Google phones. First of all, I'm going to explain you how you need to install an arrow on in order to install and out on Click this more button and then click the Arun's option available here. And, uh, this will open a new pop up where you'll find different allowance, which include form, ranger form, publisher form notifications and more. Search for advance summary by our some jewels and open this add on do install it and gain more information about it. You can also read reviews about the adults and Also, you can read on overview in order to get an idea about the publication off This particular Aronne advanced summary by Assam Deals can be used to create charts ables and also to watch the time stamp off the form responses and more where you can embed whatever the summary that you create. Using this Arun onto your website here on the dog, you will find this button called Install Plague, that it will open a another miss age and you had a big toe under new and it will open a new page where you need to log in with your I D and give some permissions to this Arun offer, giving the permissions it will get back to the Google forms, app and click done. So let me close this pop up. Now, In order to launch that alone, you have to click this Arun's icon. When you click it, it will display the list off balance that you have installed for this tutorial. I'm going to use advanced summary by awesome table before launching that Arun. I want to talk about the form that how opened this is a form that we have created in one off the tutorials here the user Gan select Ah, candidate for the college elections. How added About four responses and you can see this beautiful by chart being shown here, which describes the old share off particular candidate. So it has about four responses and let us try to show this data are using the add on that we have installed just now. So let me open this. Add on and after that, click this option saying open our edit summary. This Adam has opened a small top on the right hand side and, uh here. So, like the data for which you want to How? An advanced summary and click this button saying open summary. This will open a new tab and you will have a preview off how the summary will be So this is how you will have a pie chart. And on the left hand side, you will have a time stamp. The time stamp graph shows the responses based on the time are you how ended but unavailable here, and when you click that it will allow you to edit this advanced summary in the view configuration section, you may choose another option saying able and click Update Well, and this will show you the data in the form of what table? I mean, just like advanced memory again and below the visualization tab, you will have the layout tab. Yeah, you can change the layout off different elements present on this summary. And when they flick obeyed real, then you will have the advanced summary where the filters are on the left hand side and the chart. He's on the right hand side when he opened this advance para meters option. Then you will have an option here to allow are not allow the weavers to download the data in a CS reformat. So when you'll switch on this option, then then the user can click this more button and downloaded the data as a CS refile. When the switch off this and click Update view, then that option will disappear in the formatting section. You can make changes to the date format in the date filters are shown here. So these are some off the changes that you can make for a real that you desire and from making all the changes you can either prevue RL's again right of a share. This in order to share. It just clicked the share button. It will generate about dealings. One link is to share this, and another one is to allow others to edit. You can, even amid this summary charts on your website by copying the code available here. So, as in the previous case that I have explained you, you may use the link off. The responses aren't you can use this alone in order to create your own custom eyes. Summary about the form hope you how like this tutorial. And if you do so, then please provide at the rating and also ah, harness review about how this ghost is. Let's meet in the next tutorial until then by. 15. Form Director: Hi. Welcome back in this tutorial, I will explain you how you can add the reviews from this form automatically on Europe's side, using an island called form director. So it would be truly amazing that you're having a capability to use ah review from your form response idiotically show on your Web site so that the users can get to know about how good your product ease without any manual. Look, I'm not going to explain how to install the alone again, as I have done it previously in another video. So in the ad on section how this Adam already available called form director hence I will. First of all, open it. Next, I will click set up. Now, this has opened a small tap on the right hand corner. In this time again, unit do click start set up, after which it will display some off the APs to select. So, first of all, I need to explain you what form Madhukar is this out on healthy you to use the forms response data to make changes for any of the other abs that you are using. By doing so, you can are more functionality toe your form. Moreover, you are also being able to use this form Zeta at some other place. You can see that there are so many APS are available here, which can be used by this out on to make any changes. You may use people, but it is in the middle stage, so this will be something related to the payments. After any condition through the responses has been met, I would explain you in detail about how you're going to add the reviews on a website. In order to add the reviews on a website, you may use cool document ogles Google slight. You should know that you can embed Google Slide or Google document on your website. If you use Google document and the reviews will be available in the form of pages. And uh, if you use Google slight, then it will be in the form of a slide. What about this? You can auto play the slide so that the user can watch all the reviews without, uh, any manual in traction with slight. Okay, so I will select slide first of all, and here you need to get some knowledge about what to do in order to get a desired information onto your slide. So first of all, the selective application is Google Slide. You may change here if you want to go, and below the selected service is by default published slide. So for every new, uh, response if you want to publish a slide, then you may select this option. Ordell's Click this drop down and select another options saying Upend slide. So this will add all the response data and end off a slide. Make sure that this service is activated and you need do how a knowledge that this is a basic plan. There is also a premium bland, and with a basic plan you have only about 50. Google Slide operations are month after that. Here you can see Google slight configuration on A. Which unit did choose a Google's light to represent it as a template, and you need to choose a slide to which you want to upend the response data, and then you need to select a folder from your Google drive to which you want to. Still all this information next comes mapping. By using this, you are going to select through which element is the response data from a particular cushion is going to be displayed. If you have enable the notification, then you will also receive Ah, email. And it will how a slide and a pdf off the response. If you don't want any off that, then just uncheck here or ALS. If you don't want the notification also on, switch off it here Now, First of all, let us start with creating a template. How already opened Google slides up. First of all, I'm going to start with a blank template and, uh, do this I'm going to do are a few off the text elements which I can use as a place to show reviews. Right now, there are about two X boxes. I'm going to divide the below decks, pokes into two. So first of all, you need Teoh. Add the elements by giving them a name. In order for this elements to be compatible with the Iran, you need to specify them. In order to specify them, you need to add them in a particular format, which I will describe now. First of all, you should start with a dollar sign and then you need to open a bracket like this and a close A bracket like this. After that, the field name should be provided between these two brackets. Here. I'm going to name it as a review and, uh, the below one. I will name it as writing. And beside this rating, I'm going to provide the name off the person who has provided the review. So this will act as a template. And now we need to create another form to which we have to append all the forms. Response data. So first of all, that is rename this presentation as review slide template, I will go slides home and create another slide. I will rename this as testimony yells that will remove this below X pokes a lot of simple shape. And after that I will rename this after renaming it. I'm going to close now back to the Google forms app. Another template. I'm going to choose that emulate that we have created just now. Here it is offer selecting it. You should be confirmed that this Adam has directed the fields that we have added, which is being shown with the confirmation message here saying there are three feels in the slide after that I need to choose a slide toe, which I want to upend the response data. And that will be the testimonials slide after this. Now, I will select a destination offer selecting the destination. Now I'm going to start mapping. This is a little bit in a pop up there. Ah, unit is do the mapping. I'm going to start biting that field. So the Arun has name as an app field. The average have selected form field as name. This is the cushion in the form. And I need the answer off this form to be represented as name also that I am going to add new mapping. So for review, I want to select a form field Who's cushion name is Write a review and I will click. Save map. I'm gonna another mapping. That will be the rating for Rich. I need a select the form field and from the cushions I will select rate over a book as the cushion and offer that I will see you. I will click sale and when I will see him and close. No, the mapping has been done well for completing all of this. I need to click sale offer all that work Now I'm going to explain you how you can set conditions for this service to run. All they had to do is click this settings button. Now I'm going glad the condition as rate our book should how ah, value greater than or equal to four. And after that, I will click, save and close. So this has out of the condition that the slide will have new data only, and only if the rating is more than four. I'm going to minimize this. Add on, and now I will preview and add a few responses to this form, so offer adding fuel of the responses. I want to first show you the responses in their responses section off the form where you get to know that there is a three rating ah, full star rating on a five star rating. And moreover, there are about three reviews. Which England Good book with great insides. Another one is excellent and lost. One is not bad. So if if the Iran is working properly, then this third rating and its review should not be displayed in the form. So back to the Google slides up and now I'm going open this testimonials slide. So the sad on has added some information to our slide. Let us check that the second slide has been added and it shows about the rating, the review and the name. And ah, we have another Arabia saying Excellent. And the rating is fire here. So, as we have said a condition hence, no rating. Listen, phone has bean added to our slide. As house said, you you can use this to show reviews onto your website without any man will intervention, Pence, I'm going to just demonstrate it for you. So this is the Google Science website by which we can create our own site. And here's something Teoh Just demonstrate to you how you can use the slide that we have just created for testimonials purpose and I will show you how you can add it here. So here on the right hand side in the third section, it will have slides as the option. When you click that you will see the slides that you have created. Serve the slide and click insert button. Now you can see the slide has been inserted. I'm going to move it to the center of the page. Ah, Now this is a testimonials slide. I'm going to change the settings. I want us to auto play. So in this way you can show testimonials to your side visitors. One thing that I want to say is that I just ah, help. You did a simple slide with no proper graphics are with no proper colors are no proper shapes. But in your case, you can use all of them and create a beautiful testimonials slide so that it looks appealing to your site. Visitors hope you found this tutorial interesting and helpful for you. And if so, then please to provide ah, Honus review and rating to this ghost. See you in the next tutorial until then by