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Google Classroom for Students and Parents

teacher avatar Alex Nussbaumer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction and Overview

    • 2. Stream

    • 3. Classwork

    • 4. People

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

Being a teacher in 2020 led many teachers and students alike to the implementation of Google Classroom.

Especially for children and people that did not grow up with modern technology, being confronted with new computer program equals stress and a time consuming effort to master the new skill. 

This brief course showcases just how easy to use Google Classroom is in reality. The user friendly interface in combination with all the necessary functionalities allows teachers to implement the platform into their everyday lesson plans. 

It is understandable that students find it hard to stay organized and keep calm when navigating on the platform. As various teachers use Google Classroom's functionalities in different ways, keeping up with all the assignments, materials, and quizzes can be dauting. Exactly that is why I think it is so important to understand the different possibilities that Google offers in great detail!

Google Classroom grows to become an essential part of the Google Suite and aims to become the standard in digital classrooms. 


For a detailed look into what Google Classroom looks like from a teacher's perspective, visit: 

Meet Your Teacher

I am a passionate foreign languages teacher, holding a degree in Education with several years of experience teaching in Elementary Schools and High-Schools.

Throughout the years, I have worked in the US and multiple European countries, broadening my skillset along the way.

With the implementation of Google Classroom in various schools across the globe, the need for instruction for educators, students, and parents started growing. In addition to giving lectures using Google Meet, I worked as a technical instructor for all things Google Classroom, guiding students, parents, and teachers towards a better understanding on the platform and the power of cloud based classrooms.

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1. Introduction and Overview: Google classroom is a great teaching tool is seeing widespread adoption in schools of all levels all over the globe. Working at elementary school in 2021st many teachers, students and parents of students to learn everything about Google classroom in a short time . While a platform is user friendly and easy to navigate, learning a new skill from scratch is always a daunting task. This is especially true when it comes to computer programs. When used correctly Google Classroom consume Leslie be implemented into the everyday classroom. Students and teachers alike will face challenges along the way. Throughout the learning experience, we will realize that Google Classroom is full of functionalities that makes it so easy to get work done, turn it into the teacher and stay organized along the way. This skill share quarters is aimed to provide a deep yet easy to follow insight into the world of digital classrooms. In the next 20 minutes, we will learn all about the user interface, how we can interact with students and teachers. We will learn about all the materials, assignments, questions and quizzes that can be posted on the platform, and last but not least, we will learn about how we can turn and work to the teacher. The specific class looks at Google Classroom from the perspective of students. If you are interested to learn what the platform looks like from a teacher's perspective, please find a detailed video course on my profile page. Thank you for choosing this cores and enjoy the learning experience. 2. Stream: the stream is comparable to your Facebook news feed or your instagram feed if you want everything that anyone is gonna post is gonna be on the stream. You will see it right here. And as we can see here, nothing has been posted yet. But things will start to show up as soon as your teacher or your classmates start posting assignments or materials or just information on the stream. So let's say you, as a student, want to type something for everybody else to see. Let's say you want to greet everybody. All right, everyone. So you type it in here. If you want to add something like a Google Drive file or a link or file or a YouTube video , you can do that by clicking on the add button with the paperclip. In this case, we do not want to attach anything, but if we would, we will click Google Drive and here we would see all the recent files in our Google drive. We can upload files from our own computer. We have access to my drive. We see all the shared drives that we might have shared with some of our friends or teachers and we have starred. So in our case, we do not want to add anything. So we cancel out of that if we want to add a link to a resource we found online that we want to share, we would pasty. You're l the link in here I'm clicking. Add link Now for a file from our computer. We're going to file and we click on select files from your device. If we want to do that, we just click on that and select the file and upload it to the Google classroom. The last option we have is to add a YouTube video. Let's say we found an interesting YouTube video on YouTube. We could search it here and selected. Or if we have the Euro link, we can just place it in here and click on pad if we change our mind. And we say, actually, I don't want a post that so we will click on cancel. If we do wanna posted, we click on post and now everyone in the classroom, including your teacher, will be able to see the message you just sent. Hi, everyone. On the left side, we have a section called upcoming on Google is pretty happy. It says Boo. Nowhere could do soon. That means no assignments are due in the coming days, and we are pretty much done with all the work. If we want to see all of the assignments that are due in the distant future, we will click on view all But as we can see, it's empty right now because nothing has been added yet, so we can collect back and up. Here you have the title of the class Italian one a one and a message your teacher can add to the classroom. This picture might be a different one for you. It could be a group photo of your class or anything else that a teacher thought makes sense to adhere. Okay, that's it for the stream. 3. Classwork: moving on to class works. We will start with a brief overview off the tab. We have view your work. We have Google Calendar and we have the class drive folder. In addition to that, the biggest section of this tab is the feed ones again. So our teacher created three different topics. Grammar, vocabulary and literature. And in each of the topics they added a material or an assignment to it on the left hand side, where you can see all the topics and by clicking on any of those, we can quickly hop into those topics. Let's go back to all topics. Let's start with the topic grammar. So we click on grammar, and here we see all the posts under the topic. Grammar. We only have one, and that is this one. It says. Present tense introduction on the teacher said their students please you the attached file and the teacher attached a file called Present tense at a Google slides that we will not open right now because the teacher might or might not have added anything to that for the purpose off this video. So let's go back to class work the next topic. We have is vocabulary, and here we have. This blue color might be a different Carter in your case, but it's not this great. Carter Blue color means we have to hand something in. So let's see what that is like a vocabulary. And and the post is spelling words Group one. It looks like we have to hand something in because here in the right hand side, it says Turn and the teacher attached a little YouTube video that gives us a lesson off the infinitive off the Italian verbs. So on the right hand side we see a section called Your Work and here we see our name J The Miller Spelling Words Group one. Let's collect Kaunda's document, and in this document we see our spelling words on some lines where we are supposed to write the sentences. So let's say we write a sentence here. That's just good rid of all that so you can try their sentence. You could also print it out and upload it, but the easiest way. If it's a Google document where you have access to edit it, we could just delete that. Andi, say something so we don't have anything to say right now, let's just say blah, blah, blah Andi, we can go back. We didn't even have to save it because Google docks does it for us on when we are happy with what we did, we click on Turn in or we can attach another file. Let's say we printed it out. We road on it with our pencil and then we want to upload it. Well, you would simply click on file and select the photo are on Google Drive and select a photo from our Google drive if you have it in there now, I'm happy with what I did. If I wanted to add a private comment like I tried my best, I can get up here. And that's a comment that only the future will see nobody else. Let's turn it in and here and asked us for information. One attachment will be submitted. Okay, turn in. And now we're done with that. If we wanted to add a class comment, that means that's a common that everybody can see and everybody can comment to. We would do that here. Maybe that was easy. Let's send that and up here, we can see this is worth 100 points. Okay, good. We're done with that. Also up here we see the due date. Very important. So this is due June 5th at 1 p.m. We're done with that. So we don't have to worry about that anymore. Let's go back. And now you can see that this turned gray. That is because we handed it in so we don't get distracted by it. Go back to a class word here again. You can see it turned grey. It has one comment and we are already done with it. Let's move on to literature. So here it looks like that's a question. So the teacher asks us Who is your favorite Italian poet? It's Click on that. Let me know what your favorite poet is. Okay. On weaken type are answer here. Let's say it's done. Toe. Turn in. Okay. And here you have the option. C classmate answers. Now the teacher can concern is on or off. So this might not be there for you. Click on it. The only half our own answer because nobody else type anything. Okay, if you want to add private comments, we could do that here once again or class comments in this section right here. All right, let's go back. No. The last thing we have is a midterm literature quiz. OK, so that seems to be important. It's due June 22nd 11 a.m. Let's see what that is about. We click on view assignment to get a better view of it. Okay, let's see what that IHS that is the literature midterm assignment or quiz. Please finish letters requests attached below. This will count towards your final. Great. Okay, so it is important. Let's see what that is about. So we see that the teacher has attached a Google forms. So we click on that quiz. And here we have some instructions and all of the questions with a red, the star that are mandatory questions. So the first question Who wrote Divina commedia? I would say done toe. So this question is worth two points. Then we have summarized La Divina commedia in 180 words. Okay, let's be completely honest and say I haven't write it bad, but that's what it is. And here we have another question with no points, so that means it's not. It's also not a mandatory question and it doesn't give us any points. So it says, Upload your drawing on the Divina Commedia. So if we had a drawing, we will click on Add file once again brings us to our dashboard right here where we can select my drive for we would uploaded from a computer. We didn't do it, so I think that's going to reach for our quiz. Let's see how that goes. We click on submit. Let's see our score. Okay, so the 1st 1 was right. So we got two points for that. We didn't do the 2nd 1 and 1/3 1 wasn't mandatory. So we got two out of four points. It is what it is. Let's close that go back to our classroom and it says, Turn in Because we submitted the quiz on May be a class comment. I didn't know this was be do so soon. Okay? Got it back to our classwork page. And that is it for classwork. And we can see that we are done with everything we had to do. Everything is great. So we are good to go now. If we want to have a look at our work. We will click on View your word here we see that all of our work has been turned in. On the left hand side, we have some filters, like assigned. Nothing has been assigned for us right now. Return with grade. Nothing yet or missing, also nothing. So that's pretty good. We're done with all of our work. So let's go to the Google calendar where? Okay, where you can see all of our assignments once again. So you ever see on Thursday we have the weekly Italian meeting that our teacher added to the calendar on Friday. There's an assignment. Do so always have a look at your calendar to cause Sometimes teachers don't add an assignment and just add it to the Google can enter something like a Google meeting. For example, Let's go back to our classroom and you can click on the class drive folder where you would see all of the files that are in your folder for you. So that will be your spelling words right now. Okay, that's it for a classroom. We only have one tab left, and that is people 4. People: this brings us to the last tap we have. That is people. And for us, there is not much going on here because all we can see is teachers, which is Mr Alex on no other students on your case, you might have more than just one teacher. Or you might be able to see all of your teachers and all of your co students listed down below. Just one more thing when you go back to stream. Remember how it was empty in the beginning. Now we have all those different things that the teacher added. And we can comment. We can respond to different people. We see that Mr Alex posted police. Do not forget to print out all the materials for our next lesson. Okay, let's say got it. There we go. Here was she has been posted. 5. Class Project: for the project. In this kosher class, you will be joining my Google classroom called Google Classroom for students and parents using the code that I have added in the project description below. Then you will go to class work. You will see that I posted a question. What is your favorite animal and color? And I want you to view of the question and type your answer. So for me it is Tiger and the favorite color is red. Then I click on Turn in and I'm done. And when you're done with it, make sure you send me a screenshot of it. So I can be sure that you actually found out how to join a class and how to go to class work and answer questions. That way I could be sure that what I did here was useful for you. Thank you for joining in. I'll see you next time