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Google Chrome 2020 - Learn Everything You Need To Know

Kevin O'Brien

Google Chrome 2020 - Learn Everything You Need To Know

Kevin O'Brien

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19 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Download and Install Chrome

    • 3. Chrome Sync and Profile

    • 4. Chrome Menu Options

    • 5. Auto Fill Settings

    • 6. Themes

    • 7. Appearance

    • 8. Search Engines

    • 9. On Start Up Pages

    • 10. Incognito Browsing

    • 11. Privacy and Security

    • 12. Language and Spellcheck

    • 13. Chrome Downloads

    • 14. History

    • 15. Chrome Web Store

    • 16. More Chrome Extensions!

    • 17. Chrome URLs and Shortcuts

    • 18. Touching on Developer Tools

    • 19. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hi there! Welcome to my Google Chrome 2020 course. My name is Kevin O'Brien and I'll be your Chrome Coach! Become a Google Chrome Whizz! Learn everything you need to know about Google Chrome in 2020 with this complete guide!


Interested in learning all about Google Chrome? Then you've come to the right place! Whether you're an absolute beginner or just looking to freshen up your current Google Chrome knowledge, then this is the course for you. I'll guide you through all the steps required to get up to scratch in no time, most importantly in a fun and helpful way. 


Web browsers can come in all shapes and sizes, but since Chrome has become the industry standard browser it's become more important than ever to know the ins and outs. I'll take you through the most vital functions of Google Chrome to help you become a Chrome Genius! Together we'll cover some of Chrome's most useful functions:

  1. Downloading and Installing Chrome

  2. Appearance and Themes

  3. Incognito browsing

  4. Startup Pages

  5. Chrome Extensions and Web Store

  6. Chrome Sync across different devices using Chrome

I've divided this course up into bite-sized video lectures to help you get on track easier and quicker. Before you'll know it you'll be saving so much time using Chrome so you can spend more time on other projects. So put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of coffee and let's get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Hi there, my name is Kevin and I'm from the small isle of Ireland. I have a background in Technical Support for Google products and I've a wide range of knowledge and experience with Gmail, Chrome and Drive.

I thrive on teaching and coaching others to reach their full potential. I hope you join me on one of my courses. I look forward to helping you save time and to get the most out of your Google products. 

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1. Introduction : Hi and welcome to my course on Google Chrome 2020. Everything you need to know in this course that we're going to cover everything from downloading Google Chrome getting set up with your Gmail account signing in sinking up bookmarks, history, chrome extensions. If you're interested in learning more about Google chrome than this is the course for you. My name is Kevin and I have a background in technical support for Google, Chrome and many other Google products. Also, I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. Download and Install Chrome: Hi there. And welcome to our first video tutorial on getting started with Google Chrome 2020. In this very first video, what we're gonna do together is download Google Chrome, the browser and installed browser. Now, for this tutorial, I'm using a Mac. Okay, some using the apple machine. So if you are using a Windows machine, steps would be very similar. But you just install it in the windows fashion. Now, I'll try and keep in mind boat operating systems while I do this. Okay. But essentially, to download Google Chrome, you need to use an existing browser. So on a Mac, you can use safari, which comes with the machine. And if you're on Windows, you can use Internet Explorer or perhaps Firefox. If that's installed. Also now, you may already have Google chrome installed. If so, that's absolutely fine. You don't have to follow this tutorial. Decide you can skip to the next video. Now, if you have, If you don't have Google chrome installed, we're just gonna do it together. So currently I have a window off safari open, so I'm just going to type in here. Down load Google Chrome. The first result for me. It was brought to a page. Now the 1st 1 here is an ad, but it's exactly the one we're looking for. Download Google Chrome. I'll just click on the 2nd 1 here just in case. If you're on Windows and you see the same thing now, it brings us straight to the download page. Get more done with Google Chrome, and it's telling me to download for Mac. If you're on a Windows machine, it will say Download for Windows and that's fine. So I'm just gonna click download and it's beginning to download for me right here. So it's just taking it's time now it's telling me what I need to do to get it installed, which is very cool. Thank you very much, Google for Tell me if you're on Windows. This might also give you steps to downloaders and to tell you what you need to do next. So it's telling me here, I'm just open this up. Um, okay, it's just verifying for me. I'm just gonna skip it because I have used before, so that's fine. So I might just take a few minutes to do this. But once this is done, it's ready to go now. This popped up. I have two monitors open. So I'm just gonna drank this back over here. And it's telling me to drag the chrome browser to my applications folder. So if you're on Mac, this is what you need to do on Windows. You don't need to do this when you install it. It installed. That's it. Plain and simple. Now, as you can see, it's large enough. It's 230 megabytes for me. So it's just copying it over to applications. And when this finishes, I'll be able to open it. So it There we go almost there. Five seconds. Like the final countdown. I should play to find counter music. You know, um, cool and rhythm. So let's pop into our applications folder. What I can do is pop into it. Here. I have this open in another window. Um, and in applications, we should see Google Chrome. No, Maybe it passed it out. Maybe I did. Let's go to the top again. I just do this by name. Did away around Whereas g a man a g g. There we go. Oh, that took me far too long. I think I need more coffee. So there we go. Google Chrome. Okay, now that we have the browser with double kick on Google Chrome right here and there we go. So chrome is open. If you're on a Mac, you can ah, pin it here by right clicking on your chrome browser icon here and you can say options keep in duck. So that means it's going to stay there. That's OK, so we can have a short cut the chrome and this is our chrome home page. Now, if you're using Windows, it's probably gonna ask you to add a short cut, and that's absolutely fine. And, ah, we'll bring it to the same place just Google Home page on the Chrome browser. So that's it for this video. In our next video, we're gonna look at just a few more options with this and make our way through. Um, in her next video, we'll look at chrome sync and profiles have to sign into chrome browser and all of that kind of stuff. So I'll see you then 3. Chrome Sync and Profile: hi there and welcome back. So in this short video, we're just going to briefly look over chrome sync and profiles. Okay, so essentially chrome can have profiles, and what that means is you can sign into chrome browser and then make settings and changes , and it will save to your profile. That way, when you sign out of your profile, using chrome sank, you can sign into another chrome browser on a different machine, and the settings will follow you, so it's very, very useful. It just means that you're chrome settings can follow you into includes your extensions book Max and all of that so just briefly will jump into signing in now on the top, right of your browser. You'll see an icon here with a little face and a head, and it says, Current user. Now we don't have anyone signed in at the moment, so it says, not signed in Turn on sync. Now we will. When we click, turn on sync. It'll say, right, turn on sync. We need to sign in with somebody Now. Here, you need to sign in with a Google address like a Gmail account. So at gmail dot com, something you use Google products with. Okay, if you have one, that's fine. You can get Type it in here. If not, pause this video and click the create account here and follow the steps. It's very, very straightforward. It will only take you a couple of minutes, max, and want to have that occurred. That account created You can resume this video and continue with me here again. Now, if you have your Gmail account already created, then we can just type it in here now. I created one just earlier for this, and I called it Kevin. Skill. Share that gmail dot com. Okay, so when I click next, it'll say, enter your password and I'm gonna type the password I used for this account and click next . And now it should sign us in to chrome. Now it's coming up here and is showing my number. Now, in show your number and recovery my address, I may blur disseminator. Okay, but whatever information you entered here when you signed up for the account will show No, I'll just click. Confirm. So once you have your account created and you're signed in, you might get a notification like this saying? Hey, okay. Know that you're signed in. Let's synchronize your account with the Web or with this cloud, and that's a good idea. Okay, so turn on sync. Say yes, I'm in and that means all the changes you start making. The chrome browser would follow your profile. So when you sign into another chrome browser with the user name you entered, it'll follow us well. And what you can do is hover over here in the top price, and it will say your name and email address and it'll say sink is turned on. And that's all you need to know. Ready to go so excellent. So that's only to know. For now, we're chrome sync and profiles. In our next section. We're going to look at chrome menu options. We're just going to go over everything in the settings, appear on the right, and we'll work from there, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video 4. Chrome Menu Options: hi there and welcome back. So in this video, we're going to just have a look at the settings up on the top, right hand side of chrome here. So when you hover your cursor over to the top, right, you'd see three dots here in a row, and basically this is in charge of customizing and controlling Google chrome. So when we select that, I'll just kick that there. We have some options, so just briefly run through these. We have the option to create a new tab and a new window and a new incognito window. Now, just over here on the left, you can see we have a tab here, created this, so whatever we do on this tab will stay independent to this tab here will stay locked to it . We can control many more taps, so each of them will have different things going on inside them, you know, very straightforward. Now I understand toes those times what we can also do is create a new window very similar to create a new tab. We can also create a new incognito window and essentially, what that does is it allows you for private browsing. Okay, So as you can see here, when you start an incognito window, it says anything you do from here on it won't you have saved in your browsing history? You won't be storing cookies inside data and all of that kind of stuff, But it doesn't mean that you're protected and completely safe from everyone. I mean, if your ice p or your ah school or employer or Internet service provider, consider track your traffic. Basically, the biggest thing about incognito is that it doesn't save your browsing history. Okay, so I'm just gonna close this again, just over over this type appear and hit X, and it resumes back where we were. So just hovering back over the settings, we then have history. So any tab you start visiting, it will start being recorded in your history. Very useful. If you need to find a webpage that you've lost and you need to go back to again, downloads basically opens any list off items that you've downloaded from Google Chrome. Nothing there at the moment. So we just go back to our settings bookmarks. So if you start book American pages, they'll start showing up on a list of bookmarks. So, for example, let's go to your alibi are here. And I'm just gonna type in our T die, which is an Irish news broadcaster. Okay, so I'm going to hover over the Ural Bar on the top and on the very right inside I'm gonna click this star. I can. It says, Bookmark this tab. When I click that and click done, I've now created a bookmark. So let's go to our settings again over over bookmarks. And as you can see, it gives us some options that says, Do you want to bookmark this time? But what we already did that that's fine. It says, Do you want to show the bookmarks Bear weaken due to us? No, no, it's There's nothing on the new to world bar here. When we click show bookmarks, we get our bookmarks Buyer. It's an extension to the top where it would list all of her bookmarks. No, currently we only have one. So when you add more, they will be listed here too, going back to a bookmarks. Then we can see that we have more options as well as the bookmarks we've actually made. Now zoom here allows us to zoom in and out of the page for accessibility, so fear, you know, unable to see text and read text. Then this is very useful for you. Print allows us to print our current screen cast works with basically ah chromecast, so you might not need to use this at all. But if you need to cast this window to a chromecast, if you have one, then you can use this option. But if you don't, you don't need to worry about that at all. That's absolutely fine, find and I would say, Installed or t e online. Let's ignore that. That's only showing because we're on this page. If I go back to a normal chrome page and click on this, it's gone, so we don't need to worry about that. One more tools is just gives us some or developing tools that we can look at later. EDIs just means if we have things highlighted and help for, you know things about what version of Cromer looking at the help center. If you want to learn more orphan once report report an issue now, settings here is one that we're gonna look at quite a lot in the next couple of videos. When we click on settings, it opens up a whole new thing about chrome, all of the things here on the left that we can change and all the settings and configurations we could make. So in our next video, we're going to be jumping into some things like this here. Okay, um, or over the course, the next few videos. So just for now, that's all we need to know about the main menu of settings appear. And I look forward to seeing you in the next video. 5. Auto Fill Settings: hi and welcome back. So on this video, what we're gonna do is look at the auto fill section off our chrome settings. Okay? Now I'm on the settings page here. Um, if you just want to know how to get back to this page from our last video, hover over to the top right hand side off the chrome browser, appear nearly three dots, click that and then scrolled on and select settings here. OK? And when you click on this, it'll bring to this page right here. Now, just in case you want to know, I just had This is a side note. You can also go to chrome settings by going to the your El Bar, which is this buyer right here where you enter the websites. And if you type in this this you are right here, it will also bring you to the settings page. So that's chrome colon. Ford stash forward slash settings. Okay, cool. So here we are at dissidents Page, we're gonna look at the auto fill parrot here. Okay, So what chrome does for us is it makes our life very easy in many, many ways. It can also fill some information for us. Let's say when we're buying something on a website or logging into Social Media Page or even, you know, maybe filling in your address on a form or something like that, Okay. And what it chrome can do is it asks you when you feel in your information, let's see on a website it says, Do you want me to say this information for you? You know, so you can use it for a future time. So where we can basically control all of that? Um, those settings is here. So, for example, let's click on passwords. Okay, Number one passwords, right. So wanted to allow us allowing us to do here is wait. A chrome offer to save parts passwords for us. Excuse me, Passwords. So, yes, we have it switched on. You can switch that off and switch to them there. So at the moment, if I go to a website and I want to sign in, it will say, Hey, do you want me to save this password for you? There's also an Oto sign in option here which automatically signs into websites using stored credentials and if disabled, you would be asked for confirmation every time. Now. Currently, I don't have any saved passwords here. Okay, So, um, for example, let me see if I can go. Let's go to just try to think of something I could sign into that I would remember, You know, um, let's try Twitter. Okay. Okay. So let's try. Can O brien, I think this is my twitter handle. Haven't used Twitter in quite a while, so let's see if this works. Okay, so it's signed me in. I'm on Twitter right now, and as you can see up here on the top, right inside is the user name and password. Okay. It's saying, do you want me to save this password? Do you want me to save this user name and the password you entered as the password? So what I'll do here is click safe. Okay. Okay. So what it's after doing now is saving the information on this page for logging. No, Let's just go back to our settings type. And as you can see under the saved passwords area here, we've got twitter dot com is the web site, the user name and my password. Now let me sign out of Twitter. Do we start looking less, I knows. Yes, I want to. Lagos. Okay, No, If I click log in, it's going to say, Hey, do you want to sign in as this person that you previously saved the information as And it's also actually pre filling the information here for me to. So what I can do here is I can click sign in, and it says chrome is automatically signed. It would sign you into allegedly websites that you've saved. Now I'd say, Okay, got it. Cool. That makes my life much easier. Now if you feel that, um for example, you don't want that to happen because you might be sharing a computer with other people. You can also always disable this, okay? Or you can tell chrome not to save the passwords. So there we go. Basically, if you use Facebook Twitter, other sites, it'll list here is well okay. And if you said no, I don't want to save this password and I never want to be asked again. It will appear under this list here. So that way you can remove them so I can ask you again next time. It's very, very, very cool. Feature there. So that's passwords Now going back to her settings page. We also have payment methods. So here it will say, Do you want Google to save your payment methods? And you can say yes. And what you can do here is you can add your card number, your name and your expiry days. Okay? And what that will do is next time that's eagle toe, Amazon or eBay or anything like that. It can fill in the information for you. It'll fill in the card number for you. It'll fit in the the expiry days, but it won't fill in the CCV number or the security number on the back. So it will kind of do the heavy work for you. Remember all of the long numbers for you, but it requires you to take your card Oh, and fit in that specific specific. Excuse me, specific information. So that way the purchase can be complete because chrome will never ask for all of the card details. If you know what I mean. You can add them here and you can remove them here and basically what this would allow you to do his next time you go to a purchasing website. It'll offer to enter the details that you entered here, which is very, very handy and cool. And then finally we have addresses and more. So you can add an address here. Do you know, looking at my name, I could say I don't know. Garc. I only noticed that you're going here. The fair city, of course. Um Cork Ireland on safe. Cool. So next time I go to a form and let's say I have to fill in a billing address or a delivery address. Crow, Mencken, detect If it's asking for this sort of information and it would say, Hey, thank Kevin, instead of filling all these boxes, which is boring. Do you want me to put in this information for you that you have saved? And I'm like, Yeah, cool. That sounds great. Thank you, crew. So it's very, very useful. And you can also enable and disable that and remove thes if you'd like and edit them. Okay, so that's everything in order, Phil, it's a very, very cool way. The best thing over there suggest is to mess around with us, lugging some websites at some information and ah, try using the auto fill on those pages yourself. And if you ever want to remove them, come to chrome settings taking these and I can remove this Twitter password and log in information. Here. I can go remove and it's gone. And that way it won't ask me next time. So if I go to Twitter here in the top, I go to the lockout. It won't ask me. See? They won't fill in. You remember this because that's my cookies, but it won't remember the log in information so no one else can just walk in on my computer and knocking for me, you know? So there we go. Fantastic. That's everything, Really. For auto fill on chrome settings, we're going to have a quick look. Other themes in her next video, and I look forward to see new then 6. Themes: hi and welcome back. So on this video, what we're going to do is look at the appearance section. OK, so we're in our chrome settings page here again. If you have issues getting to this page, go to the euro bar type in chrome settings or hover over the three dots on the top right of your chrome and click on settings here also. Okay, Now, there actually is a short good here. Also, if you do, if you're on Mac use Command and the Kama So let's see if that would work for me here. Command and comma very cool. Or if you're on Windows, that would be controlled Control comma. Okay, so, um, when we have our chrome settings page open, we're just going to scroll down to the page until we see appearance. And we're just gonna have a very quick video on our themes. Okay, so when we click on themes which was just right here, it would bring us to the chrome Web store. And essentially, the chrome Web store is like a shopping America, like a supermarket shop for your chrome browser. There's lots and lots of really cool free themes and extensions you can use to make your chrome Ronaldo cooter smoother. Now we're specifically looking at themes, and as you can see here, we have lots of different options that we can make our chrome look really cool and snazzy, you know, and fancy. There's some recommended by chrome, so chrome made. These themselves would love from the chrome team, they say, and you can view all of those some really nice ones there minimalistic style, if you don't know. Personally speaking, I think it's really cool. What you can do is there is the dark and black teams here, so they're certain themes that people like to have space exploration themes. People really love this stuff, too, if you're into space exploration, minimalist themes, so they kind of categorized them. And there's so many so you can pick whichever one you'd like. Um, so just for the purpose of this video, I think I'm going to go to the top, and I think I might pick the slate team here, which looks really nice, someone of X late. And when I select my theme, I click on Add to Chrome right here on its added, and as you can see my themed. The color background of the chrome browser has changed, and it's saying that I want to undo that. No, I don't. I'm going to click X that. I'm going to keep that theme. So now when I open in new Tab, look my background in a nice theme here. It's after changing the background colors for the very top buyers that's making a darker abyss. It's nice. I wouldn't say I you know, maybe I might go and pick another one. Actually, you know what? Let's go pick it with Oh, excuse me. My microphone nearly fell. So what we can do here is when we are in this, that you want to go back. You go select other themes here, and you can scroll down the page and let's say I don't know Let's go for another one. Let's look at this high contrast, colorful districts, but crazy in that cell to do this one I had to chrome And what? Ah, that's the yellows. Intense, isn't it? Now maybe let's try a different one. I'll go back to themes. Um, rooming Earth and moon. Let's kick in this one at the crew checking. It's added to chrome. Okay? And it's open a new tab. Well, so there we go. Some really cool stuff there. Okay. Um, so there we go. That's essentially everything we need to know for chrome themes. And next, we'll just go over some appearance settings in our next short video. Okay, so I look forward to seeing you then. 7. Appearance : Payne. Welcome back. So on this video, we're going to go back to our settings page, and we're going to look at some appearance options now just to tidy up our chrome a bit. That's close sometimes. So to close the tabs, we will hit the little X here on our tab. So would hit X there. Let's close this also here. No, we have her settings page, and we have twitter. Now, just that, you know, you can always rearrange your types by clicking on the tab holding this, and you could move it around. You can rearrange your types too. Okay. Someone put setting said left and just close Twitter on the right. Okay, so on her appearance area here in chrome settings, we have our theme, which we just looked at. Now we have a show home button which we can enable here. Now, currently, it's turned off. So keep an eye out and see what changes when I click this 3 to 1. Here we go. Anybody notice anything? A little home icon appeared up here. Okay. And what that allows us to do is it returns us to the home page, which basically is said to google dot com. Okay, so I'm just gonna back so you can click the back button up here on the left to bring you back to the page before and in the forward button also, but we just would go back at this stage here, So let's scroll down and we have the home button is enabled. So there it is. It's very useful. If you kind of want to get back to the Google search bar, type it in anything or opening a new tab, you can just click the home button. Now, what's also very useful here is you can set, um, your custom Web address for home. So I'm going to say okay to custom home address for home For me will be 82 p s going for such force last w w dot facebook dot com. Okay, so that's my home button custom mural. So when I click, let's open a new tab here, actually, and I kick home. Let's see what'll happen and bring me to facebook dot com because that's what I entered in here. Destroy, warm or or t dot i e. Okay, saved. Let's go to a new tab and test it think like home. And it brings us to the homepage that I set myself so very cool. So if you work in a company or you have your own blogger website, you could also set your You were out here also. Now show bookmarks. Buyer. I think we touched on that before. Um, As you can see, we have a bookmarks bar here with a bookmark. Your saved. We can show it and hide us. Okay, Fun sized at the moment. I haven't medium. You can set it a very small. As you can see, everything's gonna be too small. You consent to very large if you need it like that. I do understand That's an accessibility setting also. So if you're hard of you know, site and you can have a tough time looking at it, you can set a large, very large or medium. I'm just gonna leave it on medium for now. Now we can also customize our fonts. So I'm not really gonna touch much heat more here. But we can actually change the fonts in which chrome types air text. Okay, we can change. The font size at the moment is to 16 It's kind of like the zoom, but it's a little difference. You know, I'm just gonna go back to 16 and our minimum fund size. No, I just know that six. Was it sugar? What did I do? I forget what that was. All set that back later. Okay. I might leave it zero, you know, Should I? I live in 10. Maybe that's okay. Well, what do they do? Okay, cool. It's a jump back here. We have our page zoom. So we consume into the page 50% if we need to. We consume into the page 100%. You know, for some reason, I'm kind of scared to human 500% but let's try it. No sugar. There we go. After completely. Let's go back here in train. Change this by 2 100 And there we go. So just in case you need that, um, we also have pressing tab on a web page highlight links as well as four fields. That's okay. That's fine. That's really affect. You show warning before cuisine with command Q. So that's a good, very good point. You can I'm not sure what the shortcut is on. Let's see on windows windows. Ah, a short cut. Um closing? Yeah, closing window. Let's see what that is. I think it's a controlled control W So when Windows Its control. W on Mac. It's command. W Okay, so if you want to close, just close Chrome completely. You can hit command or Sorry. My apologies. Command que So it's a little different. Okay, we'll cover short cut to the different video, but I just want to keep in mind our our Windows users as well as Mac users. Okay, so, um, control w And for Mac, it's command que so this These are just a few things you get used to. But if I had command Q Right now, it says hold it a bit longer if you want to quit. You know which I just said there. So I just killed us Chrome completely. Let me just open chrome again. Then we're back. Okay? Ultra back into settings. So it showed me that morning and said, Hey, you better hold it if you want to close it in case you hit this by accident, for example, because that could be quite frustrating. Okay, cool. That's everything on their appearance will. Ah, to you in the next video, where we'll just look up about setting a default search engine. Okay, so I'll see you then. 8. Search Engines : hi and welcome back. So in this video, we're going to quickly look at the search engine area here off our Google chrome settings. Now, the search engine is what we use to search the Internet. Okay, so we have Google chrome installed. So by default, we'll be using Google as thesis er Chen jin. So you know, let's say you open or you want to search for something here you can search for I don't know . Um, fish, for example, I get fish. Okay, So what I can do is let's go back there. Um, let's girl down to the search engine, and that's try being okay. So being is a completely different search engine to do things slightly differently. And let's search for fish now. And as you can see, the logo is different here. It's the being logo. It's saying, OK, you're searching for fish on the Internet, but you're going to use being instead. So when I click go As you can see, it kind of looks like Google isn't that? But we better be here, so it's using being to search the Internet. Okay, let's go back. Um, let's go down here and change it to Yahoo, which is quite popular, and we'll go here and go fish on. It's going to use Yahoo this time. So there we go. Um, is actually a Scottish singer, lyricist and occasional actor Goldfish. I didn't know that. So we're using Yahoo in this instance to look for answers here. Okay, just click back. And just to make sure we have the set up for future, there's also Duck Duck Go, which I'm not really sure. No, never used this often. Let's look at fish for here. Um, and doctor goes in the bone. So there we go. Um, I'm just going to go back to our settings, scroll down on a just if you want to, just to go back to Google and said it to Google. That's fine Now. You can also manage search engines by clicking here. You can add search engines. You can add your own. You can complete, Let's say, like, because there's much, much more search engines in these four of their does. Lots more, and what you can do is you can add the search engine also, you know, and that way it will go to default. If you want to use one of them instead. Um, and you could do things here like remove this from the list editors or make a default, But we have Google set to the default currently so brilliant. So just in case, let's say you need to change to search engine. That's everything you need to know. So, um, there we go and I look forward to see new in the next video, and we'll talk about the start of pages for Google Chrome. 9. On Start Up Pages: Hey and welcome back. So on this video, we're going to look at the on start up section of our chrome settings. So in this area, this basically allows us to configure what chrome will do when you open chrome. So at the moment we have by default theseventies set to open the new tab page. So let's say chroma slows completely. You click on the chrome icon and, for example, here and chrome will just open up. But it will just open on a blank page saying Hey, tell me what to do. There's also the option off. Continue where you left off. So if I had lots of tabs open here, let's go back to our websites. Let's go to Twitter. All of this it can say continually left off. So if I close chrome right now and I reopened this, it would reopen with these pages right here. Okay, so very cool. So it allows you to go back from where you left off, and then our last option here is on Start up. We can have chrome open a specific page or set of pages so we can actually set like, let's say, chrome toe open default pages every time, rather than where we left off. It can open the same pages every time that I wanted to open. So one could be your company website or your personal block. Or, you know what, social media. The other one could be a YouTube page. It could be anything that you want by default opened every time you open chrome. So here you can click and add a new page by putting the u R L in clicking at or you could say, Use current pages, which is what I'll do now. So use current pages. It saves me from typing all of the same. I open all my links and it will add them here. Now it's not going to add the chrome settings page, cause technically, this is settings dialog that we have open. It's not really a website, so it's not going to put it in this list here. Okay, um, so we have at the moment Chrome should open all of the's first. Now, let's just try it out, Okay? So I want to do is I'm just pumped back to set teens again. Score their own. Make sure it says that. Okay, it says them fantastic. Close. What I'll do is I'll actually close chrome and a quick chrome. Now go down here, not click Google chrome and look what it's done for us. It's open the party like we said, an open twitter as well. So it is open the pages that we've asked it to remember for us. Okay, So very nifty stuff all together. Very cool. And that's everything you need to know about the start of page. No, I've just come back to her settings and scroll down here and you can add and remove these as you wish you could add a new one and remove them removed. This one. Let's say I want to remove the or tea. I just want to keep Twitter. That's close. Chrome quitters Now in Windows, you would just hit the X in the corner of the top rice. But I'm gonna have to quit chrome here in Mac. And when I click on Google chrome again, it will just open your ally us with safe. So very cool s that's already to know really about the start of pages. It was just one more note inside there. I'll just go back to settings. Scroll down. And one more thing is Theo the default browser so we can actually make chrome our default browser by clicking. Make default now for me Because I'm on Mac. It gives me this morning. It says, Hey, I have safari. Do you Are you sure you want to use a fire? Your chrome? Now, if you wanted to keep use chrome, I would take use chrome or keeps a fairy. I'm actually gonna kick keep safari for now. But for you um, you can totally use chrome and make Rome your default browser just for the videos are making This is a test environment I'm using. So I'm currently going Teoh, you know, not mess anything up for myself And I'm just going to keep my safari at the moment. But I will be using chrome when I finished these videos because I think it's a great browser. Um, so just for now I'm going to keep say very so that's everything you need to know regarding the default browser and on starter page. As you can see, we've covered quite a lot so far, so we're really getting through it at a good pace. Um and I look forward to seeing you in the next video where we will touch a little bit on incognito browsing. So I'll see you then. 10. Incognito Browsing: Hey there and welcome back. So this is going to be a very quick video on in Cook needle browsing. So what does that mean? Essentially every browser has a version of this, and it means private browsing. So when I log in to or when I open chrome right here and I start searching for some things , it's basically keeping the track off cookies as well as my browsing history is the big one , Really? So I can always go to my browsing history by clicking on these three dots here and go into history. And by opening the history tap, it will tell me everything I've been searching today. You know, all of the U RL's everything have been put into Google Chrome, all of the T tabs and hyperlinks that that have been open. Essentially now I can always click clear browsing history from here, you know, And then that would empty the browsing history for me. You know, I could decide the last hour 24 hours, all of this or, um, what I can do is use incognito, incognito browsing, and what that allows us to do is search using Google chrome without saving any of her history now To do so, you would hover over the top right inside of your chrome browser. Click thes three dots and you would say, new incognito window. Okay, on Mac, you would use the shift command and end button, and on windows you would use the shift controlled. See, that was it. CT aura. And in when you select this, it opens up a brand new in the verse and it says you've gone incognito. So now you can prowess privately and other people who use this device so your computer won't be able to see your activity. So what websites you are on, However, downloads and bookmarks would be saved. So if you do make any bookmark savings or you save it, you make a download that's going to be on your computer. So it's going to be not on the browser anymore, but it's not completely private. Okay, so chrome won't save your history or cookies or information. You've entered into forms like addresses and stuff. But any activity you do, an incognito jewel would still be visible, You know, from that website that you visited, um, any. If your it's at school or you're using a network That's not your network, um, or your Internet service provider. So don't think that you can tolerant movies using incognito windows, because that doesn't keep you private. What you need is some kind of VPN, but that's a completely different story altogether. Um, so you're not completely private using this? The only thing about incognito is it won't save your browsing history. So either known, it's a you share a computer at home and you want to buy a gift for somebody online and you don't want to be. Ah, you know, even a trace that you're looking for their birthday presents or something you can use in Coney. So for that, a swell as may any other things that I will do. So what we'll do here is we will select X just to close it, and that way it will end this session. So once that window is closed, there's no trace. So if I refresh history top here, it didn't show anything about me opening, and it could be two window at all. Um so that's really all no need to know about the incognito window. It's a very useful way just to surf the Web and not have your history or cookies saved. Also, if you sign into a website on Cruel, like Twitter, for example, let's say you signed Twitter on a normal window and then you open incognita. It's a completely different session. It won't remember that you log from the Twitter. It's completely separate. So that's why a lot of people might find this useful. Let's say, if you have to social media pages, you have your personal social media page and let's say your business one. If you're at your computer and you're sick of signing into you know your personal morning Sun Yunos decided to your business. One. You can use it incognito window to sign into your business one. And that way you can have them simultaneously signed in without them affecting each other. So that's another very useful way. The to use D incognito window, which is something ideas quite a lot for testing. So there you go. That's everything you need to know about incognito browsing on Google Chrome and in our next couple videos will be looking at some of the events advanced settings on our Chrome Settings page, which would be underneath this top right here. So I look forward to see new then 11. Privacy and Security: Hey there and welcome back. So on this video, I know I said in my last video that we will jump into, um, some advanced settings. But just before we do that, we should really skim over privacy and security settings on chrome. Okay, so just going over over here, open up our settings page as usual, scroll down here. And so, like that Onda, we've covered this area here so far, but just right here. Privacy and security. We should really, really have a look at this. So just on our last session, we were talking about incognito browsing. Um, let's say too late. Did some searching and you forgot to use incognito sugar. So what you need to do is removed some browsing history from here so we can go to clear browsing. Excuse me. We could go to clear browsing data. Click on that, and what it will allow us to do is delete some browsing information. So we have a basic form and an advanced form. So basically, we have the option to remove browsing history cookies, such as things that for Cokie essentially is you know, you visit a website and they're going to remember your i p address. And you know where you visited from. So some websites would look at this as a personalized in the experience for you. So I don't know. You visit a website once and you start to search for. I know you go to eBay and you search for, um, hats for your dog. So next time you go to eBay, You know, a couple of days later, eBay might start showing you some advertisements saying, Hey, I know is Do you like some hats for your dog? You know? So what you gonna do here is remove this so we can remove cookies in your browser, and it might help clear that up a bit. Um, what you can also do here, then, is cached images, files. So what this means is, every time we visit a website, I know let's go to the classic or t, website again. Um, sometimes the images here, These are all individual images that have to be downloaded to the computer in order for me to see them. But chrome is a very special way of saving these images for a little while. It kind of holds onto them. So next time I You know, if I close this and I come back to the website, it will say, Hey, I don't have to download these images again because I already have them saved. So it, you know, Lord websites faster for us, which is always very good. So that's something that's very useful. So but if you want in your, you know, spaces filling up quickly, um, you can essentially clean these. Clean this out to my own checking that are checking that. So you concede. You know, if you believe thes some sites may take a little slowly to visit next time because you have to download those images again. But we can clear all of this within the last hour. 24 hours, seven days or all time. So what I might do is I'm gonna kick all time everything and click clear data shouldn't take long. There we go. Completely gone. So if I go here on top, ride and I go to history and then I open history here. There should be nothing here. Your prose in history appears here and there's nothing so I just need it everything. I go back to the settings tab just here on the top, right? And I will. Let's just Ah, go here. Clear browsing data. Let's look at the advanced tab this time. No, this is just getting a bit more specific. You might not need this. Um, basically, it's another way to clear your data, but it can say all right, browsing history, download history. So history of things you've downloaded also cash fired passwords and other sign in data. So we removed all of them, remember? So there's nothing there. But it's telling me if I wanted to delete all of them at the same time, I could also form. Remember that address I put in? I put in a fake address. I could put that data too. Site settings and hosted. Opt out all of that kind of stuff. You can just clear here. It's like your data again. Why not cool beans. Here we have site settings control what information websites can use and content they can show you. For example, Do you know sites will take cookie data from you? Um, we cleared all of that. You know, sometimes the site will say, Hey, this website would like to know where you're located That's a That's a form off them, trying to, you know, maybe give you specific advertising on base in your area. But you you can disallow that, um, we have that set to ask before accessing, so we can turned it off and they can use it automatically. Or chrome can ask us first, for example, your camera so you might have a camera on your computer, your laptop, including the microphone, and you might go to That's a Google hangouts or Skype. And when you you sky it will say, Hey, are you you know, Chrome wants to use your camera for this website and then you can allow us. And that's because we have asked before accessing, turned on no weaken, turned it off, turned it on. Pick which camera we want to talk about, you know, and that will allow us to do it. But I'm gonna leave the recommended setting on, which asks before accessing. So there's basically lots more information here that you can do you really, really, really get kind of specific and detailed about this, which is really, really cool. So have fun. Play around and see what you would like to change Now, let's go back here. And there's also a more option. So as you considers a lot here, leave safe browsing on. I would just leave a lot of this really to whatever default settings to run. Unless you wanna have a bit of an experiment in time with this, just leave. Whatever is as default here. Um, this is kind of just basically allowing you to make some changes if you'd like to. Eso feel free to jump in and have a look at some of this. But, you know, the most important party really is knowing how to clear your data and cookies and also the site settings. But, you know, safe browsing is very important. I would leave that on. Um, if you think chrome, I think your password is exposed in a data breach breach, for example. Um, for example, the website might have still some website. Might have told her password, for example. And they, you know, you want them to warn you. So chrome is very good at detecting that malicious kind of stuff. Um, yeah, I would just leave all of that the way it is, to be quite honest, you know, But feel free to jump in. So that's everything we need to know about privacy and security. We've looked at appearance, search, engine default browser and start up. So we're gonna look at it. The advanced section down here next in her next video. And I look forward to seeing you then. Okay. Um, so talk soon. 12. Language and Spellcheck: Hi and welcome back. So, um just honor chrome settings Page here. We're going to click on the advanced link right here, and it's going to expand now. I know. I just closed up there. I was Just want to show you what it looked like beforehand. So we will expand it. Go away, are to be premier. I don't see you. OK, good. So right here just quickly on this video, we're gonna look at languages and spell check. Okay. So, for example, that language set on chrome for me is English United Kingdom, Because I am based in art and myself. But we use the United Kingdom English here. So there's also English, United States. Some of the differences are disease and Z s is and just the way some words are spent slightly different, but it's very much the same. But if you are based in the United States, you move this to the top. So hit the tree dots on the right inside, moved to the top for you. And that way, English United States is your number one and English. United Kingdom is their number two. Now for me, I'm just gonna pop that back It's probably gonna be like this for you by default. You can also add languages so you can add, you know, list them in your preference. For example, Um, you can let's say anything here. Um, that's a Russian, for example. Why not? And you can have Russian here, and you can put Russian to the top two. And you can also make chrome offer to translate websites in this language for you, you know, which is very cool. Um so excellent. This is how you add down, which is to google chrome. So you can use chrome in different images. Offer to translate pages that aren't in the land which you read, of course. So, I mean, if Russian was my number one, you don't. Then it would say, basically, this is the language used when it wants to try and stay websites for me because most websites to be in English. But sometimes they basically you know, someone who speaks Russian but doesn't have good English. Might need to use this. Now. I'm just gonna remove Russian since I moved it and put that back to its default. Now we have spell check. Okay, so I need this all the time because I should really read more eso or at least learn how to spell. So spell check is very useful when you are typing an email, for example, and you're on Google chrome and or anything else you know on a website or whatever. And it's But it's checks your spelling for you. So it will do the spell shack, depending on the language you're using. So I will spell things in the same way people in the United Kingdom would spell them. Um, Andi, basically, it will check and be correct for that, you know? But if you spell things and in an American way, eso somewhere is a slightly different, it will check. It would say it's actually incorrect. So you want to stop these? You know, Um, so that's my basic spellcheck. And then there's the enhanced spell check. Ah, but that's fine. I mean, the basic is absolutely fine. Ok, cool. So that's our language and spellcheck section. Okay, that's really all you to know. On our next video, I'm going to be looking in the downloads section, and we're just gonna talk about that briefly. So I look forward to seeing you then 13. Chrome Downloads: hi and welcome back. So in this video, we're going to look at chrome downloads. Okay, so on the last video, we were looking at languages. So we're just gonna scroll down a bit here and look at the download section. So it's gonna be a very quick one. Basically, here is where we can set the default location for our downloads on crow. So let's say you're on a website and it asks you to download a pdf or, you know, an image or something like that. We went down with a video or a song. Uh, this is the default location. Currently, I have it set to my computers Defaults, downloads folder. Um, and you can change that here by selecting change. So what that will do is it will allow you to I do know, save it to your desktop. Maybe you're hired Dr all that kind of stuff. OK, but I haven't said to my downloads, so I'm gonna click. Cancel now. You can change that to whatever fold you you'd like. Also, um, you can also, um, ask where chrome would like to save it every time. So let's say a website says OK, let's do no. Download this. Pdf, to study or something like that, you can select this, and basically, Chrome will ask you Where do you want to save us instead of automatically download enough without asking you? So when you click download, it will say Okay, where do you want me to put this file? When I have this switch done, when I have this switched off, they won't even ask you where to put the file. It will just put it in whatever location you have set here. So that's pretty much downloads. That's everything you need to know right there. Um, it's very useful. Let's say if you use chrome toe work on a project and you know you're going to be downloading a lot of different files pop in here, maybe create a new folder somewhere and changed the download location right here, and it makes things a little bit easier, you know, So could that's downloads and everything you need to know about downloading paths and locations in Google, chrome and up. Next, what would look you're looking at is history will be briefly touching on history one more time. Okay, So I look forward to see new then 14. History: Hi and welcome back. So, um, over the last couple of videos, we've bean touching on chrome history quite a bit. So we're just gonna look at that very, very quickly in one last time. Eso first of all, how do we access our history on grown browser? So the easiest way to do that is to hover over to the top right inside off our chrome browser and selected three dots for our options menu and then go to history. Now I know the window will pop up. It will give you some brief, you know, pages we currently visited. And we also have the option for history. Now, the option or the shortcut for the keyboard shortcut on Mac is command. Why? And on, um, Windows. I'm pretty sure that is controlled. Why? But you know what? We're together. And let's just check this together, okay? So, Windows, a short cut Google Chrome history to see that. Okay, So to open the history page in a new tab is controlled. Hey, h. So it's slightly different again. Okay, So control and hate. So take note of that there. I just want to make sure that everyone is covered If I was on a Windows machine, I'd be saying the same for a Mac. I'd be searching as well, so it's control and hate. But as we're on Mac, the shortcut is Let's just have a check here. History, command. Why, Okay, So if you hit control and hate or commanded why, depending on your machine, you would open the history tap like this. Okay, so it lists our history, for example. There's a few things we can do here. It, you know, it says today this is what we searched. I can highlight a couple of options and maybe delete them, you know? And if I would just want to cancel that, I can close it out. I can hover over on the right inside of each of these, select the options and maybe remove specific instances from history, you know, and I can also ask for more information on some of those sites on what we can also do here on the left hand side is it will give us some information about other devices that were signed in with our Google Profile member. We did that at the very beginning, and we could also clear our browsing history here. And I think we've touched on that previously as well. So if I select on this, it just opened up the clear browsing history tab again for us. So I think we touched on that last time how to remove history. So that's essentially everything you really need to know about history. If you want to open a link, you can click on it and it will actually open. You are that we had at that period of time. So there we go. That's history. In a nutshell. Um, the history is backed up with your profile that you've signed in with two crew. And when you update information by clearing their settle, also update the sink profile. So next time you sign into another chrome window or chrome browser on a different computer and you sign in with your email address, it would remember everything you've done here also. So that is chrome history in a nutshell. Cool. So what we're gonna do in our next video is something really cool. We're just going to browse and look over the chrome web store and some extensions. Okay, so that's really fun. And I look forward to seeing you then 15. Chrome Web Store : hi and welcome back. So on this video, we're going to look at the chrome Web store. Now the great thing about chrome is not only is it a browser that you can open up and set your settings for and search the Web with, but you can also add extensions that kind of enhance your experience. Okay, so a century. The chrome Web stores like on online supermarket for, ah, cool ways to make your chrome browser work better, faster and do different things with OK, it's like a super America. Get your shop mask edge Adam to your chrome browser. Most things are free, if not all things on chrome browser free. I think some of them might be paid. I'm not sure, but we'll dive in any way and have a look. Now. We did look at the Web store a little bit earlier when we were adding the theme to our, um, browser, but we'll jump in again anyway. So the best way to get to the chrome Web store, for example, is it might be on your home page here where you can click it. But just in case you don't see that you can literally type in chrome Web store, and it will come upon Google chrome because it's a website. So it's the chrome Web store Google Chrome. Let's click on this, um, and have a look. So essentially we have. The Web store is divided into two different things. OK, bye extensions and themes. We looked at themes earlier and again, If you want to change your theme, you can come here. But we can also look at extensions, which are the really, really cool thing about Google Chrome. Okay, so, for example, Google Chrome allows us to, you know, have different extensions here, like this Google translate extension Honey is a very, very popular one. For example, I just opened this. This is a huge extension. Very, very, very populist. You can see it's got more than 10 million users 150,000 very, very highly rated reviews, and what it allows you to do is it will scan the Internet for vouchers and discount codes when you're making purchases on websites, which is very, very handy. So if you want to add this to your chrome browser, I only need to do is click add to chrome right here So when I click on this, it says, Yeah, add honey is going to do some of these things is going to say, Hey, I'll be able to see one information you see in your website just briefly you be like, Yeah, okay, no problem at an extension. And it just open up a new page for me to say Cool if you want to get started joined. Honey, this is how you do it. I would recommend having a look at this, but let's just go back to our Web store. And as you can see now, it says, removed from chrome. So it's already here on the top, right of our chrome. We will see a little hate your it's the more extension to add. They will all appear in a list on the right hand side appear And basically I think we need to sign into this extension. Before we begin for more information, you can just click on it and it'll open up some things. So, honey basically works with all of these websites. Where do you know? I have heard friends, you know, uh, lug into somebody's websites make a purchase for 200 euros and it turns out, then Honey found the discount code, which knocked 20 years off. So why not? You know, it's very useful. So that's an example. Let's go back to our extensions page here. Let's click on the chrome Web store home. Icahn here There's other cool things. For example, the custom cursor for chrome. This is a bit crazy, but one for a bit of fun. If you want, you can basically change your cursor, which is this little our that I'm moving right now to something crazy. Let's at this the chrome. Okay, we'll just say an extension and this can allow you to have a bit of fun as well. Okay, again. Every time you add an extension, it's going to just open up the home page website for that extension. Um, so that's how over over here, click on this and see what we can do. Okay, so let's select. Ah, this one here. It's got the black arrow with the black end. Look at that. So let's see if that works here. There we go. Look, I've got a black arrow and the hand shaped comes up when I want to select on something Let's go here and try something else. That's right. Something that crazy. This one is a microphone. Headphones. So I think it's a look there loading. There we go. Microphone is not my arrow. And the headphones is the finger. I can s o I mean, it's kind of crazy. You can do lots of stuff and what I'll do is I'll just hot awake like this. The default Is this default? Maybe sugar, What have I done? This actually is a good example of how we remove an extension next. OK, so you can turn it on and off here. If you want to remove an extension, you can right click on the extension, appear in the right, and we have some options and you can say remove from chrome When you select that it says, Are you sure you want to remove it? And I would say Remove and it's gone. Okay, so that's the chrome Web store. I would highly advise jumping in here having to look around, and you'd be surprised to some really, really, really cool things in here that it can do. It's not all fun things like this. Sometimes it's like a grammar spelling checks. You know, it kind of works. Which your browser? To make things better. There's some screenshot tools, zoom tools, you know, audio tool. So if you're listening to something on chrome, you can change it. You know, there's like a Facebook chat tools. Viber, um, lots of stuff here to solve solves all many. So I would recommend having a look at this and having some fun with that. Okay, so the one thing only advice that gives you is look for extensions that are highly rated. So, as you can see, sometimes tree and 1/2 4 Styris isn't bad. Um, for as you can see here, the Nimbus screenshot tool has very highly rated. So very cool. Look for something downloaded quite often, you know, So that means that it's reputable. That means the chances are it's works really well. And there's also some information here about the last time it was updated. So this is only updated two days ago, which means whoever developed this extension is updating to make sure it's running smoothly . So that's a very good the indicator that it's a good extension. Sometimes you might find a nice extension, and the update could be, I don't know, 2010 2015. That kind of means it's a bit older. And unfortunately, the extension wasn't updated when chromosome dating, so things might serve to break, you know. So if something starts getting funky, you know, you can come in here, check your updated dates and see if your extensions are up to date and smooth as well. So that's everything to do with the chrome Web store. Really? I would just jump in, have some phone, add some extensions, and if you don't want them anymore, you can right click them appear and remove them as well. Okay, so very cool. Um excellent. So just on our next video, what I might do is we're gonna look at more extensions, but I'm just going to kind of look at some extensions that I would use myself and I would recommend just, you know, the kind of starter pack. Really? I guess you know. So I look forward to seeing you in the video. Next. I'll talk to you soon 16. More Chrome Extensions!: hi and welcome back. So on this video, I'm just gonna quickly run through a couple off chrome extensions that you may find useful . So I'm on the home page here. What I'm going to do is to search for the chrome Web store and go to the Web store if you're not there already. Okay, So when we're on the chrome web store, I'm just gonna be true. A couple that I find quite useful. Okay, One thing that's quite popular is Adblock. So you might have heard of this before. Maybe you use it already, but it's a very useful extension for blocking ads when you're visiting websites. Okay, so it is a couple of ones here. I think we're looking for the 2nd 1 here. Add blocks just not for YouTube, Just General Adblock. As you can see, it's quite highly rated also, so I think this is the one. So what we'll do is you can click on it here and read mawr if you'd like or you can add to Crume Now, basically what this is is it's an extension, but kind of disabled adds when you're visiting etc blog's or music websites or newspaper websites that kind of thing, where you see banner ads on each side and on the top also, um, you may, for example, you might not want to use this either, perhaps because some websites relying in the ad revenue from, um the ads they show. So if you're like supporting a local blogger or something like that, then you can also remove this and not use it at all. Maybe, or you can actually add some. You can add pages where adblock won't work. So you can say right when I visit a certain website, Adblock won't work for the website. Now this is just the page. The page run right now is just a page were shown when we installed it for the first time. It says, If you'd like to, you know, maybe donate and help developers of this application to make more and keep on top of it. That's completely up to yourself. But for now, I'm going to close this time. Okay, So as you can see on the top right of the screen, we have adblock insult, okay? And you can actually click on us and it says, Do you want a pause on this website or do you know Paul's at all of the sites for now, all that kind of stuff? Another, um, extension that I find quite useful just for things I use would be, um, let's see, I think light shot. Okay, so let's have a look for this one. There we go. Light shot. OK, so it's a It's a screenshot, too. Quite highly rated, very highly used on over a 1,000,000 users. Um, it's very cool. You can go and added to chrome here also, these are just some extensions that are used. Okay, you don't have to use these if you'd like to if you don't like to. But it's up to yourself now. Even stole light shot there. And as you can see, the icon for this extension is a feather. The purple feather and it's up here. And what this extension allows me to do is take a screenshot off screen. So let's click on the icon, and it's a select area, so that's maybe click and drag, and then you can move the selected area around, you know, and you can carry out some actions. So there's some things on the bottom right here. that are quite useful. For example, let's say I want to draw a box around things like this, you know? Or maybe I wanna make an instruction. Do you know, like, an instruction J peg for someone to say, This is the box you click on. You know, maybe let's make a 1,000,000 hours went out, you know, very useful for that kind of stuff, which I like. You can change the color of the arrows. You can write text, you can draw on the page. You can do all sorts of stuff. Okay. Um, so that's why I find this quite useful. You can also save it, share it, you know, like, basically printed and just downloaded all that sort of thing. And you can undo us. Well, now you can also resize and crop, which I find useful to. I think I'm on the wrong, too, but it's very useful. Okay, Um, so this is a great tool. I'm just gonna hit this x here to close this, Okay, Because I don't want to keep that screen shot. And then you can return where you are now. One mawr extension I find quite cool is the Google. Keep extension. So if you're like me, you like to keep lots of notes because my brain gets scattered everywhere, so I have to write notes all the time. Um, I find Google keep is a great way to write notes. Now, keep is another service that's made by Google. And this extension allows us to use Google keep from any website or from anywhere page. So I'm just gonna add the extension here, and it's added. So what I can do, for example, is let's say, Let's say I go to eBay. Okay, e bay. And I just want to make a list of things that I want to keep. Oh, I want to save. Okay. So what I can do is okay. Let's check up digital cameras. Let's check up a random camera. Let's check up this camera here. Okay. Um, so I want to take some notes about this camera, but I don't want to open a new tab and kind of get cluttered and be swapping back and forth to know or have another page hanging over this. I can click on to Google, keep icon here, and I can actually create a note on my keep from this Web page, which is really cool. So new camera, maybe on the note will be either. No, let's Let's just put some of this information and for me, okay, Excellent. No, that is saved to Michael. Keep. And I can just click on this to hide us. Now if I go to keep Google, keep Okay. Now, this is I'm not covering. This is part of the course. This is a separate Google service. It comes with every Gmail account for free. So you have this also, So this is a great tool. Um, if you'd like to get using Google, keep it's very cool note to just for keeping notes and shopping lists. You know, here is the note I just made. So I click on this new camera, the u R L from where I created the note, which would be here, and the notes I kept. So, you know, maybe tomorrow or next week I can look at this note and I would have the euro saved Also, eso I know where I need to go. Very cool. I have a course on google. Keep also, if you'd like to go to my profile and you can check up my course on using Google. Keep. I've run true to keep from absolute beginners or people who use it all the time but want to know more about organizing and controlling what they could do on so cool. So essentially, just for now, I would recommend those three extensions. I know it's on a lot. Adblock, screenshot tool and, um, the Google keep extension. The best thing I could advise, really, it's just dive right in and just have fun with these. Okay, try adding some extensions, see what they do. Have fun with it with them, you know, and just basically play with them and find ones that suit you. And you can always search for keywords here. If you have something you're looking for, there's There's so many extensions on the placed under on the store. It's crazy on. And remember, if you ever want to remove an extension from appear, for example, I want to move. Let's say the honey extension and you end up having maybe tae norm or extensions. Here you can right click on the extension and click removed from chrome, and it would say you're sure and yes, I am sure, and sometimes it might open a page saying goodbye. Sorry to see you go. But that's OK. You can just close those pages because it's gone from top right of our page. So Excellent. So that's just a little video I wanted to make about some extensions that I use just a couple of ones I use. But again, everyone's different and everyone will use different extensions for different reasons on. Um, yeah, basically, jump in, have a look and see what suits you. So brilliant. I'll see you in the next video. 17. Chrome URLs and Shortcuts: Hey there and welcome back. So on this video, we're going to look at some chrome shortcuts. Now, I don't mean shortcuts in the conventional sense where you hit some keyboard shortcut shortcuts on your computer. I mean, we're going to look at the shortcuts in chrome, the way we can go to chrome history, Chrome about all of that kind of stuff. Okay, now, if you were looking for keyboard shortcut shortcuts, I mean, I'm using a Mac at the moment, and you might be, too. But if you're using a Windows machine or mobile device, shortcuts could be slightly different. Well, especially maybe not on a mobile device, But, you know, um, they're kind of Aryan milk, so it would be kind of long winded for me to explain each shortcut on Dan. Try and, you know, give each of them for each platform. And that might be confusing for you, perhaps. So I think, honestly, the best way is to, uh, hover over the top right here was your tree dots are and the short cuts will always be accompanied by the action that you want to do so in a Mac, it's command t for opening a new tab Onda New Window Command and and, as we looked said before a new Indonesia window shift, Command end. Now that's controlled T for Windham. You know, for ah, Windows users on control and and can shift control. And for these are options to so the best thing to do would be and they vary then so open history is slightly different, as we learned earlier, quitting the browser Slightly different bookmark tabs are slightly different as well. If you're looking, if if you have an idea of a handful off book more off shortcuts, you likely know or, you know, keyboard shortcuts. Then hit these three dots. Find the action you'd like to do and then just take note of what the shortcut is and practice. OK, practice, practice, practice that really, really makes it all worthwhile. And it sticks in your head then as well, you know. Now the jump in to this video we're just looking very quickly at chrome shortcuts, So chrome shortcuts are like this. You type chrome chr lemme colon forward slash forward slash and then you can type in a lot of stuff here. So these air chrome shortcuts as you can see. Chrome is offering me a couple here. It's saying Version, crow murals, chrome settings. Let's tight down settings. Now, instead of going to the dots here and go into the Settings Page, we can type it into the search bar like this, and it brings us to our chrome settings Page Another one, for example, is history. So that's remove settings and type history and hit enter. That brings us to our history page. I think you see where I'm going now with this, Um, there's a kind abilities that are very useful to keep an eye on until they're enough, but hard. We could go to chrome version, and this is sort of a diagnostics page. It gives us the chrome version the OS is running on and just the type of version it is. Okay, so if that looks kind of scary, you don't have to stay here for too long. You know, that's removed. Version. There's one here. Then that's called about. And what this does is it essentially gives us a list of all the chrome euro shortcuts. Okay, so as you conceive, got Crume about like we picked chrome APs scrolling down here we've got chrome downloads, so it's select on that one chrome calling for such forward slash downloads. This is where anything you download from chrome would appear. Let's click back. The chrome about gives us the list chrome help that allows us to check what version it's on , as well as maybe reporting an issue if you need help. Um, let's go back one more time. Chrome help from New tire pages A lot of things here that are very much diagnostics, so a lot of time would be used by I t. If so, if you work in I t and you want to use chrome in your environment, you might need some of these You might not. Um, if you're setting up like a group of policy, you know, and you're an administrator and you have 100 computers that were going to use chrome. There's ways of setting up group policies that all of the chrome's and all of the machines work a certain way. And sometimes you might need to use Thies to test that as well to find some information. Um, but if you're just using this for personal use, trances are you might never need 90% of these, Okay, but just letting you know that this is where you need to go. Okay, so and then some debugging ones here to which I would probably stay away from, unless you, uh, do no need to use them. Excellent. So the most common ones are settings, downloads about and history? Probably. So let's go back to sidings, and it brings us back here. Now I want to go back to home. No. And my home pages, Horti. I forgot about that, but I can click on the cross symbol, and it was the tapas. Well, and there were Okay, so, uh, that brings us pretty much to the end of this course, I believe. I think we've covered quite a lot on Google chrome and everything we need to know between bookmarks, search bars, you know, tabs. Um, there's maybe just wanted to do things. For example, tabs are really cool ity of law. The tabs you can right click on tabs and take some app, you know, actions here. Um, you could say new tab to the right. Which is this guy. Just the very same is hitting a new bottom, you know, you can right click a tab and duplicate that tub, you know? So whatever you are Elytis duplicates, you can right click a tab and pin. That's very useful. So look what I'm after doing here. I'm after painting this tab. So let's go to this one and type in Facebook now, right? Click pain. Not to placate, you know. Look, it's duplicated. That's okay. That's pain. This one. So upend Tab doesn't allow me to move it. It sticks to the left hand side. Look, I'm trying to drag it around and it will stick and I cant hit this export Niedere so I can't even close it accidentally. And a very cool thing about pains taps is when I close chrome and I reopen chrome pin tabs normally would come back to the way they wore, but I don't know. I do believe that if the pain tab needs beyond a certain website for that to happen, okay, so at the moment, that's just trying one more time. My pin temps not saying amounts for default, but pin tabs generally need to have the specific website set. So I think I was on the home page in a Google search page so it wouldn't work that way. But normally, if you have an opening and website and you paying the tab, it would stay pinned. Okay? The grating about pain, Tubbs, is that you can't delete them. That's mainly number one reason you would have a pain to type is okay. I don't want to close this or lose this by accident and hit the expert in, so I'm gonna lock it in place, and I know where it is on the left hand side. Okay, So very cool. I'm just gonna maybe upload a short conclusion video after this, maybe another video to touch and something else. Very briefly. I know that. Ah, honey. Requested area is Thedc Rome developer tools. I just maybe give a little touch on that. This course is mainly focused on using chrome browser as a personal tool or for your business and getting the most out of the browser. Not necessarily. Ah, developers thought, of course. Um, but my touch on Google chrome development tools shortly on, um, if so, I'll see you in the next video 18. Touching on Developer Tools: hi and welcome back. So as I mentioned earlier, I'm just gonna pop in to do a very short video on the chrome developer tools. Okay, So for example, I have my two pin types here. This was close one right click and on pin another, and I'm going to go to CNN dot com. Okay, cool. So I have CNN open all the terrible news. Try not to focus on the bad news, guys. I noticed a lot of it out there in a tire to miss, but, you know, gotta gotta keep detrimental health safe as well, you know? So just a little bit, anyway, before a diver. Too much, um, developer tools. It's a cool way off helping you as a developer. Maybe make your websites and just test websites in that kind of thing. OK, so there's different ways you can go about us. You can go to, um SSE here. Is it Settings help. Um oh, it looks like they might have just moved it. Anyway, it doesn't matter. You are sorry. Excuse me. It's on there. More tools. So if you click on the dots here got onto your men, you go to the more tools. And as you can see here, we have developer tools. Okay, so let's select that. And it's opening up this dialog. Bug the box on the right inside this panel, and it still looks at a Web page where we have this panel. Now, if you're a developer and your website developer out there, you'll understand what a lot of this means. Okay, essentially, it's looking at the elements that make up this Web page, and it's allowing us to do no see right. What's the format of each of these? You know anything If you do something, this is what carries out. These are the actions that happen in the background and also the styles of the page as well . So it's given us some layouts. What you can do as well is you can start to remove some of these styles, Um, and see what the page would look without it, you know, um, you know, there's no padding there. Let's remove the Patti Jean. Um, let's have a look here to give something of starting to break the website, you know? But if you're developer, you know what's Whoa, It's up. That there now, So This is a great way to test your test. Your Web development skills house. Um, because that mess into some things here place in your own colors. So the background color here is white. That's a red. That should update the page. If I was correct, maybe it's that, as you can see here and scroll down, you can see right is appearing up there. Eso It's depends on how the website is recorded as well. Basically got your styles here and you've got your page Lopatin patting border marriage and on the rice again. This course isn't specifically developed for developers as such. I just want to touch on how to access this morning. Anything else? And if you're developer, you're the best thing to do is jump in here and have phone. Does plenty of great courses out there covering the developer tools area. You can also write, pick on any page and you can go to ah view page source and that will, um, open up the hits female of sites. Do you know again depends on the site. How it made, you know, it might not be hitched him earlier. Could be something else could be hidden. It's all here is about, you know, um, cool. So that's kind of the developer Tools in the touch. I noticed. Not a lot of information there. Um, there are some great courses on these on this website to for for extensions and developer to it's, but this isn't really facility focus for that area. So, um, that's everything. Really. Thank you very much. Um, I think I might just post a quick conclusion video next. And I really hope you got great use out of this course. Hope it highlighted some areas May be that you were missing out on before give you some tips and tricks and hopefully make you a little bit more productive on a bit more confident as well. Using Google chrome, which is more important than anything you need to be confident using this to you know, um okay, cool. So thank you very much, Andi, I will see you very soon. 19. Conclusion: Hi. So that's it? That's everything you need to know about Google Chrome 2020. Thank you so much for taking my course. Um, I hope you got everything you need from this course. It's been a pleasure. If there's anything you feel could be improved in this course, then please feel free to leave a review. I'd be glad to hear you of your feedback and how I can improve the course for anybody else in the future. Taking it. Um I hope you got all the knowledge you need to help you use Google Chrome as a more productive tool and to save you time to do the things you like doing. So I wish you the best of luck on your Google chrome journey and adventures in the future. Please feel free to check out my other courses if you're interested. I have courses on Google keep and Google drive so you can find those on my profile if you're interested in checking those out to the best of luck and that's it. And it was a pleasure and see you again