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Google Business Fundamentals - For Entrepreneurs

Seth Van Rooyen, Entrepreneur Trainer

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48 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction - Create a Google Business Account

    • 3. Gmail - Why do we use it

    • 4. Gmail - Advantages of Using Gmail

    • 5. Gmail - How to Use Gmail

    • 6. Gmail - Create a New Email

    • 7. Gmail - Reply to, and Forward Emails

    • 8. Gmail - Delete, Archive, Snooze & Mark as Read

    • 9. Gmail - Starred Emails

    • 10. Gmail - Organise Your Emails Labels

    • 11. Gmail - Organise Your Emails Priority Inbox

    • 12. Gmail - Bulk Actions

    • 13. Gmail - Search for Emails

    • 14. Gmail - Gmail Settings

    • 15. Gmail - Switch Between Accounts

    • 16. Gmail - The Nine Square Icon

    • 17. Google Contacts - Why do we use it

    • 18. Google Contacts - Advantages of using Google Contacts

    • 19. Google Contacts - How to Use Contacts

    • 20. Google Contacts - Create a new contact

    • 21. Google Contacts - Edit Contacts

    • 22. Google Contacts - Merge Contacts

    • 23. Google Contacts - Contact Labels

    • 24. Google Contacts - Starred Contacts

    • 25. Google Calendar - Why do we use it

    • 26. Google Calendar - Advantages of using Google Calendar

    • 27. Google Calendar - How to use Google Calendar

    • 28. Google Calendar - Create an Event or Meeting

    • 29. Google Calendar - Set a Reminder

    • 30. Google Calendar Sharing Calendars

    • 31. Google Drive - Why do we use it

    • 32. Google Drive - Advantages of using Google Drive

    • 33. Google Drive - How to use Google Drive

    • 34. Google Drive - Create Files & Folders

    • 35. Google Drive - Upload Files & Folders

    • 36. Google Drive - The Right Click Menu

    • 37. Google Drive - Download Files & Folders

    • 38. Google Drive - Sharing Files & Folders

    • 39. Google Drive - How to Share Files & Folders

    • 40. Google Drive - Starred Files

    • 41. Google Drive - Recent Files

    • 42. Google Drive - Move & Organise Files

    • 43. Google Drive - Adding Shared Files to My Drive

    • 44. Google Drive - Make your Drive look like a file browser

    • 45. Google Keep - Why do we use it

    • 46. Google Keep - Advantages of using Google Keep

    • 47. Google Keep - How to use Google Keep

    • 48. Google Keep - Create a new Note


About This Class

In this "Google Business Fundamentals" course, we will arm you with the tools you need to start a successful business.

In this beginner training course, we are going to show you how to use 5 of the free tools that Google offers to plan & manage your new start-up business. The free tools we will cover in this module are: Google Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive & Keep

Our course is designed for the beginner entrepreneur and structured in a way that will teach you how to use Google's tools even if you are not tech savvy. Our team are professional trainers, our videos are professionally made and you can expect a high-quality training experience.

In each of these modules, we will teach you why these are the perfect tools for an entrepreneur, the advantages of using them, how to navigate the tools and how to use them effectively.


Google Mail (also known as Gmail)
Gmail is a very powerful application, although a lot of its features are not immediately obvious.

It is important to Remember that Google is an ecosystem, and as far as we are concerned, Gmail is the centerpiece to this ecosystem.

To make sure you are not overwhelmed by the vast amount of emails that can accumulate within Gmail and to keep your business running as efficiently as possible, our course is designed to help you establish a new way of thinking about how you approach running your business with Gmail.

Google Contacts
Google Contacts is a relatively straightforward and simple application, but if leveraged properly can have a powerful impact on any business.

In this module we will teach you how to create new detailed contacts and manage your business contact list, as well as how to ensure you can access that list from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar is the primary application that will become the heart of your business and is a far more effective tool for managing a business than it may look on the surface.

It will allow you to plan your business’ time effectively, from scheduling out your day and planning meetings, to coordinating your employees and managing interactions with your clients.

In this module we will teach you everything you need to know to make Google Calendar your daily time & task management application.

Google Drive
Managing your files in a new business (from new clients proposals to supplier invoices) can be a daunting task if you don’t know how.

For businesses today, accessibility and collaboration are essential to success, so knowing how to use Google Drive effectively will not only change how you do business, but save you countless hours of admin

In this module, we teach you how to navigate Google Drive, how to create, upload, download, edit and share files with your team, your suppliers and your clients. We will also show you how to backup your data, how to use Drive to ensure your ideas are kept safe and how to attach files in other Google apps directly from Google Drive.

Google Keep
Keep is simple application that mimics real world sticky notes.

Designed to work on your mobile phone so you can take notes quickly on the fly, it can be used for everything from making a quick shopping list to jotting down evolving ideas for a business project.

Used effectively it will become an incubator for your best ideas, projects, goals and plans.





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Seth Van Rooyen

Entrepreneur Trainer

Seth started VR Squared in 2012 with the goal of creating a search marketing agency that not only provides a personalised experience but is also a fun and energising place to work. Seth’s passion lies in training entrepreneurs & building local businesses up into profitable enterprises through Google & AdWords marketing and has proven his abilities on high-profile, local & international clients in the automotive, finance and FMCG industries.

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