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Google Analytics for Beginners

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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating a Google Analytics Account

    • 3. Working of Google Analytics

    • 4. Deploying Tracking Code on a Wordpress Website

    • 5. Deploying Tracking Code on a PHP Website

    • 6. Debugging of Tracking Code

    • 7. Importance of Filters

    • 8. Goal Conversions Tracking

    • 9. Tracking E-commerce Transactions

    • 10. UTM Parameters

    • 11. Custom Dashboards

    • 12. Linking Search Console with Google Analytics

    • 13. Linking Google Ads Account with Analytics

    • 14. Sharing Account Access with Friends/Colleagues

    • 15. Realtime Reports

    • 16. Audience Reports

    • 17. Acquisition Reports

    • 18. Conversion and Behavioral Reports

    • 19. Comparing Custom Date Ranges

    • 20. Defining Audience for Remarketing

    • 21. Creating a Remarketing Campaign on Google Ads

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About This Class

Google Analytics is a free tool which are used by millions of webmasters and online businesses to track and analyze their website traffic. Web and Marketing Analytics are very these days to know how your  audience behave in your website. This class a comprehensive package of Google Analytics especially for beginners to get started with Analytics.


1. Introduction: throw them. Welcome to the pool and expose myself. Hit Not on board certified analytics Expert. So here in this course, your bento long gold 100 pics on a business model I want to show you how to set up remarking, Camping on gold That section of Google Analytics You will learn how to set up Goal analytics on the outside by deploying the docking court. And after that, you will know how to configure Welcome questions E commerce transaction Tracking Setting a filters to white unwanted data on your Google Analytics account. You Jim parameters on generating different hats off reports like organ support. Trail 10 report on So so it's a bar this morning in Google ads section. I enjoy your photo link your Google analytics heart, but we will ads on trading audience for I said, Yeah, but you're not gonna campaign on cool at. So before going on to this, I want you to, and the four year simple question. Why should you learn we were elected the ones for this. I wanted a simple court by Mr Peter Drucker when I would get US management consultant off all time. He says, If you can't measure it, you can't in three. So it's obvious that if you don't measure your marketing data, we don't know what your customers like or don't like on your website on. Without this knowledge you can get would return on investment from your digital marketing camp. It's all right. So Google Analytics is an free and clear tool to measure all of that data up on with this tool. You can also, I don't feel your location on your audience behavior on your website. All right, so this course is for all people want to on Google analytics, you on college student business winners or a marketer. All right, so just go ahead on Don't, because on I'm damn sure you would extremely satisfied with the course content. So that's it for this video seeing the next one. But I 2. Creating a Google Analytics Account: Hello there. In this lecture, I'm going to show you how to get a brand new Google analytics for that. Just going to go well on. So for Google Analytics, So that's click on the bustling share, which really particularly this page where you can see different lights off. Exports are a ghoul. Just go ahead and read a book, the different for its sinister Here, for example, going on things, excuses for advance solution for large companies. But for now, they're going toe driven. Except for that just goto signing here things. So it's legally long video here, so you need a Gmail account to tow him to be good. So I'm going to use one of my ladies, so just and put, my boss will be here. So if you let me for going on for the first time, if you take, you know, like American country will send information out of digits. So find out for next year people insane up. But you ask, you toe interact with him. So here my funding will be like hiding technologies. Just for example, I'm using one off a business. It's a cheer. So even these will also be singer from the scoping you, Dan. Listen, So next year you might be sensitive sites here. So, like research for my basically anything spaceport for the potato basic. So just coping this and fishing So be careful when we were babies at radio its treaty with unnecessary right, So my listed as columnist certificate. So I'm just one at Studio B s. So select industrial really like this is not much involvement, but I want you to, you know, in the car category. So my really like I'm under jobs in a relationship. So next will be the reporting time. It is very, really important for you to use the correct reporting time zone. If you give it wrong, you will get the data. Correct. But it will be, you know. So here I am from getting in the area. So what, you think the 20 best point off what's head off? Excuse the data showing sittings. So this Go ahead and read. If you want to know the reason for this off on with the single Google and picks up what you can, you know, add up 200 Franzia. So getting tracking. So that's OK. The Google analytics happened and the next step is to place the Dragon Corner website that I will be discussing in the extra lectures on Hold the Basij on a repressive type and also appeared you fit or it's similar. All right, so just school on. He's one forward to redouble this data if you want to know what Google tracks in a website and chats. So I think I discussing the process. Toothpaste Auriemma Cutting cold Are the Koran upside the upper Alexis dizziness? 3. Working of Google Analytics: Hello there in this? Like I'm going to show you how cool heretics works. Our discussions last like the city cracking. We need to paste your website. So this is nothing but piece of Java script Court being to base your website which check all the ones you know, like who isn't too upset from which country? The end of the visitor, the time they state basically spending on our side. All that stuff. So you can see this is dragging 80 up for your rule and property. If you are using it at a Boston for you like four prints are already well into for the inspection. Split up. Go. So in the next two like that, I'd be showing how the base, the striking gold on Prince website and also toe based it on the PHP or someone upset most of the businesses. That may be a big donna. My dear blogger, you know You know Hilary attended for breast side. So I shall. How do basted in What are these? Practicing the next bullet right through there by 4. Deploying Tracking Code on a Wordpress Website: Hello there. Discussed in the last lecture. I'm really show you how to base this fragment. Going nowhere. Fast on then. Next photo bases. Right. So what? That you need to bestie. Our company is called back in court and based on your right, so fatherly logging to work to subside. So just we're gonna talk me. So this is the long window. Just go toe on a log in with your credentials here. So this board so you can do it by in time to pregnancy. I mean to talk methods. One is vanishingly golden displaying for just goto leggings. Pecan had new So the search for six on you got from good looking here. So something just in one place. One million active since it would review or 4.5. So it doesnt starting to hear and click on 100. So the program since just mean activity by keeping one settings here. So just pick another exploding. So you need to get back to school from German. I mean, going on it takes Just choose the one shell. Okay, call. Hello. So now that you really want, you should copy this. And basically now for rescue corn after school and future. So just click on Sarah access Code Asia. So now that you need to give the V one track off site So I'm going to skip the steps inside ordering Stradley, and it is cold outside. I can't do that because 200 scored will bring problems from. All right. So the law step is like that. You can just go ahead on here. Since it is only one property in the phone, you don't need to change anything here. So after take on sale changes, the analyst called will be successful instead of a website. You did not change anything. All right? This is one they often selling well dying. According your website on next. Just using a different legging which we can use toe, you know, based on technicals, use it is a single big enough that so in selling more number against that, they will eventually stolen upside because on the spit. So I commend the second for you to do so. I'm just going to understand this plugging first on show you how toe you know what shall leave good with another I don't want Oh, this sets in the second so the next thing I speak with words like instead had doesn't food this so you can use this planning to basically tracking would sure so unsure how to do that . So just goto sittings and seeing that. And for this year Sawyer vacancy the water inside the technically right. So they said the triangle I Well, speaking of wood earlier, So I did a Google analytics here. So this is the end of what? Honesty for the court. We need to place these. According the report, I'm tangled from the where Were should be tested in the what? I already instructed the tracking. Couldn't stay here. I don't want toe talking. And so I'm going to skip the steps so you can use this leg into You know, there's all the second course at using single bleeding. If you go far looking for each striking gold that will eventually started A I don't want to use that. You can use this plaguing which will make the job easier for you. All right, so after placing you know, the time for the American consul on the tango will be successfully. So this is all we can install Your second website just following any other anyone. Step one leg into instantly this court. Don't do it twice. Like I'm depending on what I'm wanting. You just He was one plating based on the best foot for you. All right, so I was in the next lecture, but I 5. Deploying Tracking Code on a PHP Website: Hi there. So this, like I'm going to show you how toe base the Google are striking for an appeared too upset. So in the last in the last time we saw how toe is this track and going on site. Hope you want something that so far Now wait business Coordinate. You upset? So just copy this cordon Andi, you really don't get finally we needed soft recall any extra just off. It's like sibling actually, you can just google it on border If you want to do itself, it's the next step usedto haven't interfered with you. So invertebrates we can use a plague in tow faced the court And if you go down headers off site pages. But if you go appeared to side, you know, based on the this court thing this tank on each and every bit of you said u under flag, right for no For the moment, I'm going to be the single beds, so just go ahead and open the pantry. Find you wanted business court form so you can open file and put such for If you just broke , mine would be created An extension for this kick on open here So we need to base this tag board between the headed that that's so here it is. Get it starting year and it's going to close. So here we are, closing the So you know, the Disney court, including that that excites. So just to call you on, face it, you know that the place and the courtship in the next two weeks ago pixie. So now that the finest ended with the the try and go and study to be reported in the FDP again repeating, you need to pace the striking called on each and every page. If you're raising a Patriot site or an estimated said, the process is the same like this are shown. So the weapon and I paid you find people excited himself. Record friendly. Now are anything for that matter? So I personally prefer finding that oh, you know, access. Oh, my f tibia off this hour so you can just go to Google and search for files in I already saw for the three of capitulation access the ftp off of sour on. You just need toe it all this. Find out what you want. Tracking single analytics afterward to yourself, so know that you have seen how inside the goal and the second called on President get you upset. So the process is simply the same for all of the platforms used. I have shown this stuff for most families present. Pete's feet are right. So in the next letter, I will show you how this but the talking It's working fine. See there. 6. Debugging of Tracking Code: Hello there. I'm going to show you how to correctly on talking. All right, So that district and simply website with directly on corn big source here, it will take you to this. Just go in and see whether the tracking Courtis instruct. Here you can just click on so I can see here The technical with the electric stagnated is present year. Just click on control F C whether it is all right. So now we can see the jacket go The address second called on the starts. Right? So that is one way of checking the court just outside call. Sorry, Just don't call. So just go ahead and copy the your love to your website on Basic in the Columbia and click on 400. Doesn't only talking about another information off your website at one place. So now we can see the rule under tracking for this presentation website the Facebook Pixel court from weapon purposes booed for motion tracking for rule AdWords. The cool side tag on the US plaguing develop applications so you can see the frameworks like wordpress is made up of P a G string on other starts like the content management system. The plus is the condiment insisting that I made and so on. Right, So this one a notation So we can either do These are the biggest thing for the get all these leaders that I want very good toe. Unless this stuff on protect whether the site that is working probably you need toe just going to the That's board here. So I'm just going toe calm analytics door and see whether my track record is striking the right. So it against does no visitor and real Democrats for what I always I just received the about saving my my iPhone and see whether athletics is striking. My I wasn't sure the summertime hoping they're depleting my way for me. Yes, the British loading now again see astronauts. I will phone the tracking code is tracking the one on showing the does real time for here and from India on my city name is Charlie. That's going to take whether it's tracking the location, you to transfer, so just go to locations here. I know that I am from India, right, so on exactly the city from the swing. So let's go ahead and do a check up with the proxy together, and my court is striking the tracking. The visitors from all said, Just go toe, Let me angry is a proxy. So where and brought from another country, check whether technical is tracking the location properly so you can be seen from USA. So now that you've finished loading shirt on, let's go to, well, understand check whether instructing the location we can see this is right when it's me and the next reason the progress of were used for Let's go ahead and take the occasional that forces our views us a box somewhere there and let's go and check whether as Magistrates, ensuring perfect So you can. Also, unless the traffic sources on the traffic you're getting in drilling. So it's on nexus differences over we always had that means the on destroying it. So this is again whether you're talking Tate cities in hurricane walking, so that's it unseemly. Next one 7. Importance of Filters: Hello there. In this lecture I'm going to show you how toe had different types off Filters toe a wide Internet traffic for a second from your website. So what is in the traffic? The traffic would come from your one system to upside. If Colville traffic You don't want to see the equities off you are Speziale Stop easy from So it just means that you want away. They did up. You want the data for this? Who are we sitting room set apart from you? Soto, Why did we need add some filters in your goal and what I mean for that Just goto the get somebody that is admin and click on or focus so you can see a six filters here. So this is my home. I me define my home I be exclusion my point of the exhibition office that the explosion I faced hospital right. So we cannot defend the freedoms to feel that the Internet traffic from BC so this click on the add filter option here. So first I'm going to teach you a whole to add on the filter right? For that you just need to find what does your life I beast. I mean, I be arrest for just Goto Gruber on third for my I be address. So trying as this sort in some cases, it's, I mean, most of the cases, the idea here in the Atlantic address admitting you can't go into a new Internet. The evidence keep on changing so we could go on at this idea. Let's share today the traffic that comes from the reverse. But when you discovered the internet and kind to a new intellect tomorrow it will be The iPad hasn't changed. Most of the cases the dynamic, idealistic keep on changing. But if you're sure that might be distracting, you can add this. You can copy this. And I first these villages that is wanting to do point ones under four. So they get it started this digital blocker on the I mean, they did I would be blocking. They don't be shown the goal and follow this. I'm going to show how to on this filter if you want more. I basically didn't just go ahead and see what is the strategy. I get us off your system, right? So now we are basically it here on selected the type with me. Exclude on select source or destination for the study. Four Options available for the basic pre defined filter traffic from the ice domain Traffic from the appearances to the subdirectories are trafficked for the offering. All right, I'm gonna choose traffic from the I process. The same will be like traveling from the hospital. Just go to Google on search for my ESPN, the one but it is. More number of people can have the same Internet service parade, so it is not recommended to do my. Since the iPod, let's keep on changing. It's really difficult to track this. Why it's just you are beautiful at its 1st 2 digits. Even some people cannot. The I better starting with this numbers, but this is the best tomato filter. The Internet traffic upset. But can they? Recently, I yourself he was someone. Keep on changing the white, the Internet traffic and you're right. So that's it. You can just click consulate expression. If you keep that that are equal to means, it will take the exact they were just toe the traffic unless things that begin with so we can just that is the this 1634. And you can leave this 1 to 2. Run 1 24 Based on your right, you can also use this kind of thing. So they start different expressions available to filter the Internet traffic. And after these, you need to select which take off. I mean respect, which probably starts to grapple with this. I mean, so I currently I have our own six website data here in six properties. Like an ad the rich, The filter has to be up late. All right, so if you want to we are playing all the properties. You can select everything on. I didn't hear. All right, so after looking on said Sally, traffic from just like this Copy and see if you can bring in the ideas on different learning If you want for dinner bubbles, I'm using that. I be at us. All right. So just go ahead on gone savior repeating a static Beatrice and David waiters. We should find the Divi peas Danic started. If you just dynamic, you need a change. The idea That's everything. You log in to the rule and residency traffic will be affected on her. Let it rob. Right? So now. Just concierge. No, that idea rest is B block from for future traffic from your what's it? But it will not be sorry later. Say, if you are in the last week, even it cannot be. You know, someone from the data already in going All right. So the next time offender, I'm going to show he's Hold that and let's get right. I just need us loyal kiss. So wait to click on custom on Click On which type of feel you want to filter like a question What a estatal or anything else for that matter from your say so I'm going to use campaigned already early here. Pecanha Where is so a pregnancy? Gulas Going an explanation Like in some cases, the your American thing, Captain in. But we need to loading, which will be related to the small addressed by Google Analytics will take them a separate players and give some data which is not know, create so white that you can use the largest field that the euro step Littlefield become ordered us founded as a lawyer. Right, So just need to go ahead on click on this, don't you, um, sick and after adding, You should say that type. So the finger food with me. So that is kind off types you can make yourself and they say so now that being added, that's here, so you can just go ahead and I other days of protest, everyone. But be careful reading data. You have been here so I can go toe this idea indisputably a reality earlier on. You can click on it if you want you all right, so I'm just keeping one filled up. So that's why you had different flavors going medics to filter in traffic. So I haven't seen the next lecture by 8. Goal Conversions Tracking: So there, doing this like I'm going to show you how to set up Gold's golden, I think. But I never said that's a particular option. Your, like visiting a particle page are performing an action like watching a media world filling with subscription for anything for that matter, say, for example, you are on your side, so after payments you use, it will be a little bit like actually that dot com slash Thank you, that's tremolite. So in the pain you could have mentioned by thanks for the payment. You are to be shipped soon, and we will be sitting next five based on for something like that. So you getting set up a booth like Chris paid after finishing the payment can be attracted . It's a goal so you can set up different afterwards, which I am going to discuss in this lecture. So whether to set up goals just goto the year single that this had been symbol here on Goto the view section and pecan goals so you can see audio out of them go like makeup. So whenever the user make a payment on the city, thank you paid off excess space after payment it can be like I said, All right, so just go toe conversions here and you can see your money goals. This is so you can also set up gold values. If you want to drag the value of the gold, watch it. But the bottom of this is I didn't say I washed the continent with it. What? You have said that I can't track gold, but it's since you believe it's a different kind. Off amounts, like $118 are $6 so this get off on a goal. Values cannot be. You know myself back, you ejaculate, uh, values. So I like that toe, given the gold value. If you disagree from, I mean the gold prices inform you can give it a value here that I am. But it's getting later in this video so you can see there are different myself. He was caught. The fact is the same for all the world's but the, you know, number off this intended keep on checking for everyone, right? So that's the problem with goals, but it can be reanimated in e commerce, striking that I will be discussing the next lecture. So far, no agency has set a course on God tightening completion school compressions in this week, off June 82 don't for him. All right. So did not understand people up made payment this week on which is detained. You have the stomach pains are similar gets all right. So just jump onto the bed and I'm unsure how to set up Going to hear for Just got to go into here. I looked at the Ali set up gold You make a payment. So just going on and see whether so, Gould template that you can select this number off templates here so far. No, I just started to make a payment. That's the goal. Now, Andi last me as the next step. Like you can also click on custom beige anorak Chairman 40. I'm living in another no toe with this kind off creating a bullet in the next step Before going under that Jordi Pretty find gold, which was so there would be screeching like name will be make lemon. The destination will be example like thank started Similar success started streaming anything for that matter so that I was like destination articulation. You can also set up the reason that's cool. So next gold delays. So after May, home badly to this flag like condos God slash successful, it's like so I have given us Begin street, right? So simply values after success, Clinton for each, either I don't want to give one equals two are never the Ural started courts last success. If you become a complex and gold right, so you can also be value for one, you can see the value here. But since I have already explained like I got, you know, this kind of girl, because the price of the product will very each other based on the commission's that since I've already started subsiding 1/3 party upset, it keeps on changing. So I got attracted, but they can do it. Any comments tracking so you can also set up That's busy spat toe extract. Traffic business was German, so just use an app skin named shingle repair. Legal for each step, for example, use my screen format on thank you, Chairman. He's got a substantively using for you. So you click on relief at this court. But it's looking are yes. The goal would have less explain to open. Wasn't Rabies on a laid off in the past seven days that I was shown in the for this hour lower set up aboard. I was sure none of this stuff. So you can just que consolation on Lena's attempted here on Click on Continue. So here, if you want a toe tag relations save user as general said by really about post on your reports for five more minutes, you can set up this as the gold and click on next. So the relational Blake the US are one or two minutes based on a common and seconds. So whenever you said uses religion for more than this, more than or equal of this three different times it would be contestable. So after consent should be saved us the gold. So let's kick on the dependency. But so the school would have got to find fire conditions for my product. That's all right. So out off 100 people a day. 15 people out, you know, standing everything more than one need. So that's good for you. So you can sit down all right. So I think the next, like chewing, holding black mass conversion to go and rid X. So that's just like assistant. I didn't see the next one 9. Tracking E-commerce Transactions: Hi there, inflict. I'm gonna troll how to set up becoming striking on gold digs So said that setting up a stocking No upside. We talked developing knowledge. I mean website DARPA knowledge is very, very difficult for you because it good when I don't know how to set up this court, I mean, the second chord in appear to settle its my friend is very tough for posing with the non dollar the government knowledge But if you're you know, also the rope sitting there contemplating the construction like magenta o r Akamas Anything like this kindof Shopify our get out free commerce platform. So it's easy for you to get a plug in and integrated like so this is an my dental explaining that we can integrate you imagine Tony committed said with the cool and I'm so it will be easier for you to, you know, kind of the comet striking on your website so older set up You can just give the court from the commotion stab year under the commerce tracking just go towards you So I think they put it Really I say the earlier I also be contentment that said that I can't go on to implement this kindof deaconess tracking on their upset. Right? So if you or anyone upset, I mean, come on, separating black time like PSP or its chairman, we can just go ahead and there's this kind off become a second quarter, said the deal's off, repeating. If you're not, just play along with this kind off tracking. If you give some wrong metric for you, wait because his they called us to be implemented with some, you know, notably knowledge. Because come on T may have different partners with prices different picked off costs, right. So the transaction should be attracted with dynamic court. So you can see different apps off track unquote for go. We can set up with gold tag monitor set up for Web, and you can set up right, So you feel want on a set of basic talking about. You have to do it first so we can just click on e commerce tracking documentation and here you can get the court on hold. So which is not understand Bayan undeveloped, but like me are you feel? No if you don't know anything about development. All right. So, saluting the comets, plugging and you can see at a transaction at the entrance section unit based thescore. So this is Daily said earlier, this aerodynamic values not starting. You need to get the assistance from the Web developers who made this video concept. If you're this may, also, it may appear to be our A team. In fact. All right, so that's how we came in second in Pool Analytics work. Many of the states without bloom under using my dental Shopify, our stuff shop or anything like that. It's easy. It's easy for you to get the planning for the official you can integrate with. It's pretty simple, like basically the technical name here. Like this rates for some blast, dad. So this, like change? You got an idea holding women deacons striking in your website under get the data from the toe is a country. So that's it. I haven't seen the next one by 10. UTM Parameters: Hello there. Saying this like I'm going to show you how you compare this works. So what are you, emeritus? You didn't. Family is nothing but watching. Tracking modern. So do toe Golden hundreds are called Arjun Find goal equipment company and no accidents Golan takes so that ministers No westman so we can build you been there would impact us with these. You're gonna save your green. You said you're settling in different traffic Medium sexual sin media email in from other websites to get dry traffic from all these channels where this beauty, um, parameters by hiding behind the perimeter story. Well, I enjoyed out so as a show you just go to school and for your temperament simply can t sleep. All right, so this will be dealing with sharing different traffic mediums so they can be so camping sorts will be the difference. Kind of feels like social media Are anything for that matter, which means trafficked like from reputable sects. Like I said, I don't mean anything for few. One to pinpoint traffic from where it's coming. Teoh link. You're sharing at the same time. You can use this. Get off your temperament. Dueling So I'm just going to read the campaigns in such crucial. So if I'm going to share the Lincoln my coaching with God, each of them so coming sort of social, this combination will first make sure Onda camping will be in the sources. All right, so you can see the the data out of the areas. That's to the link here. So you can just copy the link and child your facebook. So if you want to share this Lincoln Twitter you can just made in a meeting us, kiddo. Similarly. So ladies was really up in India and just go ahead and copy this link and based on the expected 40 media, So if you want to share it in my district, this manager So in Google, little on US campuses teammate. So it would be like soft covers are anything. Do you want to name it? Asked the immediate when the captain name would be so similarly, if you want to go and best this Lincoln so you can just copy this leak and place it in your human newsletter or anything for most elements or anything. So if you want to sadly seen glad Absolute PPC, it's all this better arrangements. You just get to death paid and get us, You know, such So they see argue that it's 13 players if you want to challenge in this planet. So this way impairments what? We just need to copy this link and basic value Everyone get traffic from. So once you're done this, you can just go and skills traffic under exposition. So it seems No, I don't. I have not done it for me. Suffered by that, then for my other forces, like much goes on other stuff into business. If it they're not Chad, I'm not building you temperatures. So once you're done sharing on getting traffic from the you don't think you can see different lives off camping mediums and a little camping camping source, can you think they will be soon with different times off? Uh, season division uses are similar kinds off data here, and you can fly any. Secondly, Damon's India, if you want to track the destiny. So this got careless enough for hope you'd embarrass works, and we can use that to get Maxine profit out of it. Right? So that's it for this season. I've been seeing the next one, but I 11. Custom Dashboards: Hello there. In this light, I'm going to show you how to create customized at sports for your Yeah marketing. Did I with customers? They done that. So we know a lot in into the booth. Fasting will see from the leaf or on the dashboard, like the uses which will become by the this week and the last week. So if you want to get a customized desk board, you can see you are one thing quickly. So just go toe commission. I click on best books here on key Cornel create. So just click on blank and was an with him Just test So just you can create dashboard here . So here, so are you gonna do on the measure? Will be country region are anything It's for me She's lying really pick on country on the protection Me repopulated such exit search refinements There'll be more number off options are metrics You can select on team which countries original good are back on You can really think campus based on the value so that it is much number off. I mean ultimately soluble here you can choose anything from that so far knowing when the truth how much moose essence I got from each country this week. I so just comes your on grounds for this. We located the area. If you want to do that so you can also lead these people to any You are our anything for this kid. And within seconds, the desperate would be really sorry. For how? All over the country, so you can see United States has 20.74 point six musicians and God, I saw this person safe ago. Arshad 100 wasn't since our new from Russia. And if you go for in the 86.42 for this so we can create customers dashboards if you go on Aborigine, it also had anything as people. So if you want England so here you can compare to rejects two metrics So just and simple essence and you can save you. So, listen, do you example assiduous its musicians. So this is so we can really different dashboards and see clicking the dashboard ship. All right, so that would be useful if you want. Oh, unless there that are very quick suffering this into this reports and no bruising. All right, So you understand how to create customers that Sporting's goal every leaks and I would assume the next system 12. Linking Search Console with Google Analytics: Hello there. In this letter, I'm going to show you how to link your goal. Makes a point with good such control. So that was in this kind of must have pulled with all of us with Google off. Leave a monster if you want Toe person, you say to Google search the sense on customers our whole of cycle. It's on the surgery, since so here, I mean, the council of May have said I didn't acknowledge dot com on these others tracks like these other such Greece for which might upset. I got sick sleeping the parts one me with the added pushiness 3.0. Andi, if you want to see these diners will only one u should connect this What? Off the second? All right, so just go to our religious boat off the point should be cleared. Interstate 80. So such good opposition. See whether already created the link, but did No, I didn't Really. The feeling now is off. If it preconcert up such concerns Data sharing. If you take this to this on silicon from what do you mean ings on? Come bill here. Click on just such console. So I will ask you to by linking your yes kick on. And here So watching studio presents with the assistance that we get instrument flight. So I'm really concerned here, so golden can combine one once with the website. Right? I know that yesterday So I I yes, the did I know You can see these days in your this passport very soon Keep calm down here on just goto I see. So after someone does time, you can see the data for you mean from the search concept to be under the second. So just cooking try and see whether it is working Fine. So I suffered. There's no door, for instance just coming to the so it's going to get out here, But well, sometimes you can see the data flowing in. All right, so here again See, that is pushing this 11 on a piece, of course, as God 19 clicks 19 sections in the past one week on existing bone said on Citi Pay special . All right, so if you go to countries So I think in the building manager country Very god Muslim go for Bush's one on next least devices would mean for so first Consul and come back Sad day, damning them toe the struggle since the I don't even take Sometimes you get data shutting with this. All right, so this next in the next time ensuring Mahoto link your adverts home with analytics Ondas mentioned in the video using for you toe three morning audiences from my release and then imported. All right, so I was shadowed in for the next lecture. So that's it for this certain had seen the next one well by 13. Linking Google Ads Account with Analytics: hello there. And the lot looked at me. So I think you are a convict going search function. Right. So let me show you how can I go so we can show whether we have already counted the Olympics upon the bad words by keeping on the AdWords under acquisition and keep on campaigns. So now it in kind of my antics account with bad words. So I go and connect it first and see whether they did us coming from Then we're just going to analytics on my phone, Sweden's border thinking here. So click on AdWords linking. Yeah, I got a link with the so you can also create a new link. I like thinking, you know, so all of the other ones that punish interlink already So this is in the so I just need to get access on logging into the thing. So once you have, you can see the report here. But the reason why I'm not getting any stat series, I'm not using these adverts upon tools such a marketing for me. And also many times I met a single upon which they didn't link it. But here. All right, so this is always works began link around the mountain and what I want to get exactly down on more accurately down heretics than the advert. Right? So in the next six, I've enjoyed how to give access to your friends or colleagues. Toe sanded off your consulate. Them. All right, I see that. 14. Sharing Account Access with Friends/Colleagues: Hello there. So this, like I'm gonna show you how to access for your friends are clicks to sell your goal And let's meet up with them for that. You you friends Mito political dialogue Our Jim and I am a lady so just goto these admin here, here, click on use and management So this is the one that one happened That is my clients and my dot com present I don't cook on the possible whole year had a new user So you can enter the is your name here? Like so here I will be giving my own humility alive. Okay, Gyma So in order to be centrally, he was a c major. I think I then Mr Typing so senior must have a human to access this data sharing for that's typing the my very carefully here. So now we can see Yeah, it is striking. So here again you permissions For every it can create a native black ones properties we feel just bulls manning This uses so different formations you so you can just you anything they want. So if you do this, you can you know, different people. So that phone So it's up to you to decide on that. And after that, just click on the God. But I'm here, you know, the usual decided and he can access every they doctor, half these on promotions to add manage uses. Right. So if you want to rename the more, um, from our just click on to assimilate more access So accessing, leading would on these I cannot access your data anymore. All right, so this big usefully feel working in an agency on want to share your state of it? We're colleagues, right? So that's it's like I haven't seen the excellent. 15. Realtime Reports: so there in this lifetime, greater show you how alien worlds and I can see your depicted its own real time. So I'm going to visit my website Identical, restored, common more real and see whether we will track them on. And also we can see how the behavior is report around these dashboard off really reports. So the statement I'm going to visit my website on my my red cross up. So it's loading the bridge, handing shortly. We can see you're report to be updated. You can see after visting just by seconds The you said the single issue. So just go to a real demon can see what you hear. So right now they're one uses That is mean for the mobile concert going here. So I'm the one paying. So it's showing is like that. So if you go for locations eventually exact locations on but also the city off. My fortune is the city and India here. So traffic sources like that traffic will be directed Tape of the order Andi going to work . All right, So if I go for content to show you the so big stateless this and activate sisters So let's go for this page and see it was getting upgraded. The what year. But this peaceably course, right? So I'm gonna Was it here? Just know why was he did on its loading up on as soon as he started up. You can see the contents updated here. Right? So that's all really reports, loves with 10 seconds, you can get the day off your presidency in the right. So you understand how really report. Once on, you can deduct using these accidental off headaches. All right, so in the next election, I saw photo get a report from audience peoples here. I've been seeing the next one. 16. Audience Reports: how there and this left. I'm going to show you how to skate. I'm optimized your website, our marketing campaigns by looking at the audience data here. So I'm just going to take on war. You on. You can select the date drinks you want toe get more inform or Montel Inexact. So from June, a true threat on before I got Find the diffuses out off that phone and one is new on 16 to in session's. So it's explanations with number off since period, that is 1.1891 fisheries and then bolted on for 80.92 and advances into business 1.44 meats , right? So if I go to active was this year the graphic chain of being on one day activity senses 57 the activists is is fighting before and 40 if you come back, relied with post Sundays and video. So lot 28 days is told in 18 88. Who says come to my But all right, so this is the activities report on beef go for lifetime than you. Once the users are contemplated for the past 90 days in the revenue a TV that is, lt right. So since I have not set up, you know income is shaking. I cannot see anything here, but as a sitting in the coma striking lecture if you already you can simply set a week in a striking with the plaguing, our building, sitting PHP or any other government for form. It's really difficult for you to set up it if you're not adding any knowledge like me. All right, so you can see here the values we feel already set up the become a striking on the have anybody visits like that the how much I use it as controverted at seven. You in the Boston 90 days scores under the sea salt relation. So if you scroll down percent, you can only was type as a question did. Since it doesn't be the ocean you can expect meaning number off metrics to be added in future goal. So let's I expect that from so you can see gold analysis So the person will be seated on June eighties on robots in the next hold off. The person want to be seated in a one on, but it is disgracing like so that's all they didn't tell you that for your sake, I was like this Did I mean, doing, folding, insisting on They want us today. So this day is not country Today. Once they get completed, you can expect the data to be a brilliant. So it's really interesting. Forget morning, mathematics. Apart from my position, did I? So you can also pick on these and change week by month, so we convict to one another stuffs attention, completion for user kind of stuff. Okay, this will be very interesting topic being future. Thank you. So audiences like enabling this, will you? How much the group off your audience of incidents awaiting before this Tony's 1.50 and political data for a study defined 50 others stuff. So if I click on demographics interest So this is the generally poor family for people on the door here to see the interest category off. Well, I think he carried gallery in sports illegals running, walking a couple of minutes so it will be useful for and you are using Google AdWords toward ratio for visitors. Next will be demographics for this great. And look at all these parameters here. But I will be a short interactions, each one. So the Met office is nothing but the eight off the pretty to just you get traffic from So we have to select a metric here. So who is it going? So you're gonna see fight? The diffuses for 91 euros is on extended Insurgents Hold off it. Getting the data here. I think it does not get aboard Manchester. So next week, agenda on next. It's like just like affinity category and the market calories on joins house. Interesting part off sciences if you go for language here, locations so actually going for languages. So if you just crawled on and see which can be a scary anymore number of cool conditions. So now we're stopped the toe. We can be good condition right off. So we're just very good for So we told transaction staggering, but also check with language. So they started the other different parameters. Like behavior psychology. More will have some on a little bit later. That thanks. So just Gordon school for speaking with us people out. Thanks to dog with ongoing fight to Andi, these are the different languages. If people on the language big the exact aggravation off that. All right, so this is one thing, so we figure for us is presented a scene. So you is. It is for 91 on taking 53. So you can also, you know, look around this data so you can see returning. You start getting more number of conscience than new visitors. I can expect more number off, well, connections in the coming week. As you can see, returning this is just with this will come to the incident for terror, for time and by the tribe. So go ahead and see all this permitted to be easy for you to skin on with this, you can skill whole audiences between a website on even really gonna miss your marketing campaign content, be a you know, unless you are existing data to make what kind of through that black 17. Acquisition Reports: how there in this? Like I'm going to show you how to scare your acquisitions reports. It's a gold on his home. So just go to a Christian year and click on war you. So this is basically nothing but the traffic sources. You get your tickets just website so the job challenges is like diagnosis moving the visitors another forces are working on this. So if you go on tops of some mediums, you got the statin second years old bag. The people are coming to my website on access first morning yahoo dot com and I get emails another fight. So just keep on here on I had only one condition here, so that does make a payment safe. A ghost on scold on below You can see these jackets fighting for users. He was for 91 out of 6 19 6 20 Concessions extended concessions At the Boston it is sown 80 my nineties, the war a bunch and you can see the gold commotion right on a number of good conditions Yet So if I click on the direct, we'll get more. Did I hear? So these are the being just off which I got traffic for people who are very landing on the space. Getting treatment basically sold off this toe treat that Idris knew was us on with New Reza's You're going on six point along with the bullshit. I mean, the story, the conversion conversion, the all right if you go back on C so somebody you can you know, make sure all of this it's just a 1,000,010. See whether you are getting your opponents great. It's not you people organic. It's not, you know, spending much tenure outside is that the candidates? They learn to me either for Europe's, I believe in the content that might best fit for this kind of forgot to use. All right, so these are some channels you can use. Since we have just kind of the second and third control we cannot get like that starts from them, you can use this kindof socially positions, So social values 39 commotions on next. Use this statistics from tonight Facebook has got more number off sit ins on next to splinters. So we let the more number off options available year just go in and blows it around. So we're ending with a compass stool at first. So when I get back, this would be easy for you to mess up this data on my fear or marketing campaign, that content to get better results out off it. All right. So in the next exciting Julia, be here. Your reports on commission, so right. See that my 18. Conversion and Behavioral Reports: Hi then. And it looks like we're Ingersoll. How really can be used. Toe Various Your marketing campaigns will sit content so this so we can see the since materials here. So if you keep on the fourth lane can get exactly didn't half how your customers bearing you're particularly kicking now. So they're about 5 17 babies for this link, about average for 20 threes. Unique Patris Onda. However, the diamond said, It's for me. It's one that it's almost five teams, right? So fortunately, the entrances that is 400. And is that the statistic? First page they were saying by the link in the email or anything like that being upstate is ended using this link. So that's this is called entrance. If I wanted, It's pretty good my daily or something. It was only good born straight, but anyway, it wasn't this. It's not bad. So if you want more than 85 many Wasn't it really tough? So you can take that? Us. Your customers don't like your birth a condom. Bassett. So the physics dictate and page value is passing. Are you sending the striking discussed enough in the past, So if you go for behavior flow. Yeah, if it's all a graph like this, this is a beautiful thing with Google AdWords But whole people are internal website, so we can just move ahead and see people who are visiting the from the landing bridge, even level or anything. Xanga, lose this 19 year on a mortar on you can get exactly the whole people are interacting To say the different guys represents the interactions here So you can look at what this So next year, side content you're already seeing about this landing pages exit bilious side speed for you . I think your customers here, your website on given drop data can use on my serial campaigns. So let me stink 0.4 seconds out of the 3.47 times 0.5 seconds On this All the stats you can use on this is always looks on different That some posters here something Intermezzo free online Review five ports on others. So if you go for conversions, you can see the onset of the cold emergency, right? So just go ahead and see goals here. So there are good conditions this week I'm talking demons for my on course, with the social conversion rate of six point to deal on, you can funnel system to. All right, this is a fine commotion tree on. Just called with Westbrook, but sections the past your your customer for this is the entrance from the landing rich on directly from there the user company Koch write for these words. So they mentioned Just go ahead and tell students it will take some time to much. But don't see moderate believe Really useful for your marketing cabins. Right? So when the next time you show photo, come back toe during this on scale later, all right, but by 19. Comparing Custom Date Ranges: Hello there. In this light, I'm going to show how to comfort to custom. Great drinkers. So this is clearly is one toe, maybe a marketing campaigns. Like how you're camping for from last month on dissenting off, period. So far, No, I'm Julie. A fascinating from July 14 Foot is meeting. So I'm going to come back the exactly last month for that? Yes. Compared to take these books on, he was custom so we can click along eight year Exactly the same to yet. Like this week. So here from 40 cities, someone is I'm I'm going to see how the market camping for form exactly lost month on the lost. So this click on apply here. So it clearly shows that that has been some graphical changes here. So didn't want eight is the difference Between this month and last month. Gold conversion rates will come from sitting so good. Commotion release pretty much low last month into us 6.46 by this month. Six point I don't worry. Because we can see the gold completions is much higher than Laufman. The reason for the increase in coal consider this traffic be a lot more traffic than last month's or the commercial. It is pretty lawyer here, about 4% and make it on the same rights. All good. Completion saving Canadian. And there s I mentioned, only one girl Come gold compassionate, so we can see the urine spit positives off change here. So this is what we can know. Custom made syringes and see how it for from last month and this month. Or it can come for two months. As for two weeks, today's anything I spell. So you got on basically a whole these companies in the works, right? So I between the next let's enough once re marketing, so am I. 20. Defining Audience for Remarketing: Hello there. In this lecture I'm going to show you how remarking audience for people expect visitors using Google analytics. I mentioned in the for more video. You could have noticed that grilling audience in AdWords at some limitations when combat toe ad analytics. So this is aware ban legal at which have been locally. If you want to learn Google AdWords, you can just go to my course in your any dot com on with it and let it from them. So far, I'm just going to show how to be then audience for immigrant campaign Just good audience manager here. So it needs the remembering camp. I mean, remarking bag, huh? The gold and NexTag only AdWords action being given a website. So just as you instructed on Congress, visited CEO. So we're gonna select list based on this cattle like this is off page. You can just give the I think off the, uh is it is here, except on these on imagining the next is just off the page. You want to three targets, for example, I'm going to jog. It exceeds dot com slash tenderness. So people who are not bought any products have my wondering. The card will be targeted here so we can be the linger on cricket. But you can't, you know, you talk. People based on the AIDS there's on the country are based on the languages. So we got some limitations. They mentioned the here living comfortable analytics. But when you go forward, Clinton audience meat here, it's really more efficient for your moderate comments. Right, Father? You should have Lincoln you Tabrizi earlier, as shown in the do is lectures. So just what that mean and click on audience definitions here become audience. So I really think could be click on the next chapter so you can create all these is, But I don't want All this is to be targeted so you can add destinations like boat off this kid on. Okay, so this audience I bricks right? So just school on every year. Just a minute. Having some problem with the system over here and untenable. So now Wallace is being put it, you're under the second. I wanted to be presenting both legs and AdWords. So click on OK, on. Now we should go ahead and click on, and that would so back without in this pitch. This is for losers. Pitch visitors in the post Mentalists. So if you want to get a new audience so you can see this is all you says. But I want to talk to people based on age or any other demographic. So that's awesome. Pretty find audience doing Google here, But I want to create anyone here creating so using this, we can target and filter more exact data here. So if we want to talk to people who are sitting within a day after it into 24 yes, all this with the languages that you can get the language from audience report here and and given your ID, even swing here, right? So I definitely gotta live like con here. And if you show that, think delish food. Next, use this content with this. Conditions like contents are started on. Next is technology behavior data for session and traffic sources. So if you want come, come came from Facebook or Twitter, you can just giving the camping name. As we discussed mute implemented lectures for demographic CIA on a school known. So look at this continent, our country, anything at your wrist and condenses so with these. We can create Onda on the descendants of me saving lives and also get to building the address. So I'm going to name it US 18 to 24 ding 24 click on Next Step. So I didn't dismissing the boat. Edwards. I'm just more se So now that destroyed and see people who are we see that were lost seven days. You can change the date as well. So when I click on, publish the audience to use. So it didn't really affect him in the past. So this is the one story modern techniques I waas discussing you with you in the previous lectures. So you got you know, other people with the reason that all right, so shortly we'll see you are the audience you're reading. Dianetics defected here in the second, and you can make yourself that is list to create a Democrat campaign that I'll be showing in the next lecture. So till now, it has not been difficult in the works of art. But it's six time, I think, discussed earlier. Once the audiences steady, you can go ahead and lending audience Listrik world creating camping in the display. This that's really discussed in the literature. So that's his fault. No, I don't see the next one 21. Creating a Remarketing Campaign on Google Ads: How there inflection going to show you how to create a remark in campaign by losing the audience this year. Catering, using Google analytics and language with words. So the system will take some time to go public the audience list and presented hearing the address a home. So before that, just ask him that thes AGR It's operated this as the audience will be cured using analytics . So let's take some time to get definitely here. Usually take some fighters exhaust to get up there this year. Before that, I want to finish this shortly. So that's asking that this necessity audiences were using adverts on We're going to use this as the sample variance leads to create an argument camping in cool adverts. Right? So just go to camping here, So click on the possible Aurier on you will take him to the new campaign. So you had Really No, it's like gold. We want to do you re going camping. So for most of this will be on central adepts or just one cells, and clicking on display here for standing this campaign is that you can get other people on you, but sites on and going absent tax and subscription Demon camp. It's nothing, but you can read other people on. All right, So I'm just getting my business on site here. Uh, so that's nearly does x rays dot com, for instance, and click on looking here. I'm going to name it as best Andi, you can, you know, dollar people. So we're redoubling should done all over the categories. I mean, countries, people from different countries from residual side, toe toe by our CEO of content Andi, you can also it was different. Countries and continents are human cities. Read your languages and being so it can certainly any language with Google stresses on extra be the building will be Conditions are commercial value quickly. Will impressions are anything since it's a display campaign you can set, man, which family you can you should bear for clicks. So we entered and anybody that So just based on the size of police, you'll under on how much time who want you customers toe Syria, right? Some just you and random. And you here for the offices sassiness you You know, you can see the change acea like almond cakes. We're gonna get boby All right, So this is the with you went so far we'd go for Sandra Books. So I'm branded name AGR appear. So that's true on the most important part of selecting the audience. So just absolutely just being audience here. So, no, we're got the weight of modesty Harding's created earlier in the day, so it takes some time toe public out in size. I'm just kicking on this. So whenever the articles sees already, you can see this charge some shots here. So done on. Now we can just go ahead and click on, please, so you can tell people based on keywords, topics and stuff. But since the remodeling and then you can choose one replacements, so I should add, can happen. So if if my business is about my business is about a California, I'm going to search for more wells here. More wine. Say you, you know, somewhere place solutions are you cannot fight the upside. Exactly. You said your websites and you so you can sell it. All these stuffs Onda, if you keep on sending here and to conduct so you can sell a great number of websites still wish on extra be the YouTube channels YouTube channels like these within this bag. Bang bang. So you can select on those on a selector. Peut videos, abs for that. So it works. You know, you can talk Teoh doing with this. Let's off using this on next is the Hi, Bridget. As a sigh, you mentioned legs purely were mockery marketing campaign and moved you on face off your audience. So just human randomly, like 10 off something like that do you to elicit on that based on the evidence list off. So here you are. The flags like response to add is nothing, but you can have a picture and I ads for that So we can add in May this year like so you can, you know, I had copies here and click on images to 15 he made This are 40. I'm going to search for my website and see whether it conferred someday. Doubled on it isn't sso and starting upside. So just keep on this so we would scan for the website for the images and you can choose anything from that, so just keeping us image kick on country. One set of the, um it's for that amply Kansi So you need to update some text with marketing Campaign more to, um conscript company. Once you've done that, you're ready to go on. See your campaign. Ongoing it just like you. You perhaps and external with cool after subscription. So we got some idea how do 13 marketing with sticks and worse. So just going back, all the stuffs. I'm talking this course You want to get some idea home on exports scale your marketing campaign, but my season