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Google Analytics: Key Insights To Increase Your Conversions

teacher avatar Irfan Aslam, Entrepreneur, Online Course Instructor &

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 5m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 Introduction To The Course

    • 2. Lecture 2 What Is Google Analytics

    • 3. Lecture 3 Terms And Phrases Explained

    • 4. Lecture 4 How To Install Google Analytics update

    • 5. Lecture 5 What Is THe Basics Of Reporting Updated

    • 6. Lecture 6 Analyzing Ads Based On Location Updated

    • 7. Lecture 7 Analyzing Ads Based on Placement

    • 8. Lecture 8 Analyzing Ads Based On Mobile Devices

    • 9. Lecture 9 Analyzing Ads Based On Performance

    • 10. Lecture 10 Creating Goals And Funnel Setup

    • 11. Lecture 11 Bonus Insights And Techniques

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About This Class


  • Is this causing you to not quite know who to target on ads and campaigns??
  • Is this¬†causing you to spend money on ads while only¬†making mediocre returns?¬†
  • Do you find yourself wanting to kick on to the next level on your website performance but failing?¬†¬†
  • Are you finding it difficult to decide which E-commerce products to focus on with new ads and which to cut?

If any of these questions sound like something you would ask yourself then you've come to the right place.

I show you an in-depth method on how to use Google Analytics expertly. In this course, I identify the reporting sections within Google Analytics which have the greatest impact on your store performance. I walk through the steps required to get to the relevant data, analyze the data and even exporting this data outside Google Analytics to investigate further.  All of this is done is a proven systematic way. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Irfan Aslam

Entrepreneur, Online Course Instructor &


Love to teach and & share my knowledge

Hi, I'm a full-time entrepreneur and an online course instructor.  I love sharing my knowledge and ideas with my students who have given me wonderful feedback ensuring my courses are always of the highest quality. I believe knowledge should never be kept hidden or only known to the few so I have made it my mission to teach my students all that I know and so far the response has been truly great.

Irfan Aslam, BEng (Hons) in Electronic & Electrical Engineering and MSc in Business Information Technology Systems. Worked in the Banking and Telecomms industry over many years as well as Project Managing medium to large projects for an electrical engineering company.  Founder and creator of Gamif... See full profile

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1. Lecture 1 Introduction To The Course: Hi, My name is orphan asylum, and I'd like to thank you for purchasing the Google Analytics Course, giving key insights to increase your conversions. I hope you're able to use many of the insects laid out in the coming lectures to based on link performance. So in this course I will be teaching about the basic functionality of Google analytics to give you a detailed look at how it works and how you navigate tyrannous Web analytics to. I will be starting from the basics so no prior knowledge is required and I will show you how to go straight to the key. Deter as it's very easy to get lost on a mountain of data given. And finally, I will show you how to use this data on the reports generated to directly impact steals, which, as the end goal, no be assured. All of the insights laid out are extrapolated from real data gathered on an e commerce store. You get a life team access to this course as well. It's all future updates for absolutely free. Now here's an totalling of the complete courts. As you can see, instruct slowly with the functionality of the software in the lakes and then quickly ramp up to the good stuff, such as creating new ads based on placement. At the end of all of this, you get a metaphorical trophy for your achievement, as I really hope this newfound knowledge picture all onto a winner now feel free to go over each section as many times as you wish. But for maximum effectiveness, it's best to go through each of the lectures and order the common. No, let's move one swiftly. So first of all, come to the introduction. So just like to say congratulations and give yourself some applause, OK? No, that's enough of the self congratulating. But on a serious note, you've really made a great decision. The steps laid it in this course can be the difference between your slogging tote making, a decent earning or another hand smashing it right out of the park. There's no reason why you can improve your website performance. There really is no ceiling and the best. But as anyone can do this, it's quick and easy to get the hang off, and you don't need to have any prior experience. As I mentioned now, if you didn't already know Google analytics is free. That's right. You don't need to spend any extra cash to retrieve this information. Google gives you this for absolutely nothing as its detail. Gandhi gathered by your own website and from your own users. So it's like saying there's $100 just sitting in this disc and it's completely free and yours for the taking. Now a lot of people can't get to it as it don't know. It's actually in a drawer within the desk, and most people won't look in state. You can see the desk itself represents statistics, which most people find quite boring, like a plain old desk. I think of Google analytics is being the equivalent of understanding required to firstly, no to look in the drawer and an action required to open the drawer when talking about Google Analytics is knowing what to do with a report generated that makes all the difference. So we have $100 bill all because you looked further and persevered, just like Google analytics let you do, enabling you to reap the rewards. Not using this to make key decisions on your one lane store traffic is like leaving money on the table or in this case, in the table. Work in a That's the end of this lecture. I will see you on other state. 2. Lecture 2 What Is Google Analytics: hi and welcome back to Google Analytics Key and Sage to increase your conversions. Now we have gone through the introduction. So let me briefly tell you what exactly Google analytics is for all those that don't have much experience using this. Now to explain this filly, let us step away from Google Analytics just for a few seconds. Number one aspect of a successful e commerce store means tracking all of the people that go into your website and actions they perform and your website. Now most people are familiar with us through e commerce websites. For example, Shopify, where you're running Facebook adverts to get traffic to online stores by adding a Facebook pixel on your websites, Facebook can track a large number of characteristics about your audience. Like what country they're in their age. The mobile operating system used what interests they have, what pages they violate, what type of food to prefer or kill. Stop there. You get the idea. Now, when she get the results of a specific ad campaign, you can analyze the data to see the ages Sex, mobile, debases, etcetera for audiences. Then you can use this data to target a more relevant audience on for ads. Now this is a super powerful method, and this closure to drive down aggregate cost pair desired conversions. You will know that any conversion that happened through your paid Facebook address will be caught by the pixel freak until the aid six etcetera of your traffic. But what happens when a person visitor add or state that wasn't targeted by her Facebook ad ? For example, someone that was targeted by add shared add to their friend who visited your state. Now the Facebook pixel role still collect information about this person, but you can't see this person, but then within your ad results. So this means if you have a large audience and a considerable amount was organic traffic to your website, you will not be able to tell the key details about them to help in your decision making on scaling ads and full up ads. Depending on the volumes of traffic, that can be a large chunk of data that you're unable to use. So let's leads me nicely to the solution. So there is another way to track and identify characteristics of your say visitors, which is through Google Analytics. Of course, So it's the most widely used weights, the analytics to which more than 50% off all Web sites on Internet utilize, which is quite amazing. No, just like the Facebook pixel. You can also add Google analytics tracking i D to your website. And through the vast power of Google tracking algorithm, you will be able to see a whole heap of information about the user. No, only things like location, ages and debases, which attract but also other information, not phone on Facebook ad rates manager like the website the other person came from. No, this amazing when working, which were a federal state the user came from and so much more. And that's ties in with Google AdWords very nicely no one used in conjunction with Facebook pixel deter. It will allow you to faint it as much as you can about anyone that's been on your website. When done right here, watch source or will No, I have to admit, and my better a statistics geek. But I wasn't always like this when presented with a goldman of Did you quickly catch the data assimilation bug as I call it? No, Before I go further, it's important to take a quick look at Google analytics Mean dashboard, so you can see there's five key sections on the left hand side within the highlighted area that you will be able to use for the majority of the time. So first up you have real time unless shows you real time traffic to your store. For example, what location? The user is that? What specific page on your website there on that moment in time, As you can see, there's no one currently on the state for their Cotner. The screenshot was taken from the next stop. You can see audience now. This is one of the main sections that you will be able to gather the majority of your user data from. It shows your details of your users for a given date, all manner of data, such as how many users the length of time on the Web, say what locations they were from what mobile operating system they used. There's just so much data here, all sorts of useful, and this will most likely be a first port of call with accessing Google analytics. It certainly has means they blow that you go actually acquisition This is a great section to find it where your sake traffic originates from. You can tell what you're a fertile path. Work the best as well. Azad words Key Deter Below that you got behaviors that she was exact pages that users visited with all types of information on the pages, such as Total Page Views, Average time, one page entrance to state through specific Pidge. This also gives us state speed for pages. So that's let you see Page Lord teams are high or just rate for your website and also giving suggestions and her to optimize your pages for better performance. And last but not least, you've got conversions. No, this is great section, allowing you to quickly visualize your performance with detailed information, such as goals that you have set up where you can see where most of the users have dropped off. You can also create some great funnels, which is great whale viewing key points where the users drop off. You can see other user characteristics such as shopping behavior, where you can compare users that checked to those that added to basket, which is just one example amongst a number of really useful things you can check. So this all makes Google analytics work extremely well to analyze user data for e commerce shop key performance indicators such as number of purchases, revenue conversions, product performance. By the same time, it also works a very real for lead generation, like gold tracking video. Please don't lords and contact, etcetera. So, to sum up Google analytics gives you more data. A leisure, more analysis, ultimately making you more money. Okay, so that's the end of this lecture, and I will see you on the next lecture. 3. Lecture 3 Terms And Phrases Explained: hi and welcome back to Google Analytics Key and Sage to increase your conversions. Now, before I go any further, I should explain what the terms and phrases mean When the key data on a Google Analytics platform I will cut through some of the jargon used. So this is just a quick lecture on the words I will be using throughout this course used within Google analytics. You may have heard or know about these, but it is a good introduction to others that men off hedge all of them. And the last thing I want is to be talking about points that you haven't information overload on. Okay, so here we go. First of all, we have session. So a session or visit to your website when Google Analytics tracking quarters triggered everything within the station is tracked until the user leaves. So you have users, and this is simply the number of visits to your state, and now this will usually be higher than new users showing on your website. As these are unique users and sessions is every visit to your website. So if the same user returns to your say, it will coat as another station. Next up, we have page views. A page via is a view of our page. So when looking on navigation, this is triggering multiple page views off the same page in a single session. Google Analytics has statistics off unique page views, which is the number of visitors to your page, rather than a number of visits to that page on average session duration. So this is just the average of how long the user stays on your website. Next up, we have bone through it. This is simply a person that exits your state after visiting one page only bones. Bone Street is a percentage of people are left after one page compared to total visits you want, typically between 30 to 50% bone street, which is a good number. And we have traffic sources. So this is traffic is basically visits and sources. Is the origin of the visits to your state simply put where they came from? Twitter api, Dad's etcetera organic is basically traffic through nor paid address, but natural means and referral. Just visit to your website throughout link from another state, for example, Facebook. Okay, so I hope this quick refresher helped, and I move on to the Google Analytics dashboard in the next lecture 4. Lecture 4 How To Install Google Analytics update: Hi. And welcome back to Google Analytics Key and sage to increase your conversions. Now, having spoke about the terms and freezes commonly used within Google analytics, we know Look at how to install Google Analytics. So we'll take you through the steps required to generate a tracking court and how to add this to your store. Okay, you know, So we start the ad in a current page within Google support. So that's basically takes you or tell you what steps you need to go through to other Google . Okay, so just a couple of give you a glimpse of this. So you're saying in tow your analytics occurrence for that you basically just need a Gmail account, nothing more. Yeah. And I said you go to admin, creating your current collect webs their mobile, which most likely is a website Set up a new a code enter account, name a name importantly, and step sex you enter in your website name and again, you're feel webs that you are ill category doesn't really match about. You feel something. And for that again, times on Andi. Finally at the bottom, you get your tracking I d Cedars. It's like get tracking, I d. And I'll give you the little snap it off court. So if I just log into my Google analytics, I can just assure you within Google analytics. Okay, on, let me just quickly log in to my Google analytics account. Kids just just a bit logging. And so that's me on the main screen of Google analytics so late. Let's see what it said year. So first of all, we go to admin. So we go to admin. A magic can see. I'm already and one of my occurrence. If I just click here, you can see I've got quite a few account already. Sale basically different websites under different accounts. If I go into just before I do, this just doesn't example if I go into one of these a current. So we'll go into this one Onda click on real time, so we will come back to this later, but and it's just to show you that as you can see, there's currently no one on that particular website right now, so it's not tracking anyone. So as I was saying, we go down to admin and normally air. What you do is you just select create an account. So, as I was saying in here, you put in a carrot name, a web, say name on grapes, that you are ill So you just go ahead and enter. What will those details in there again? Category doesn't really matter. But you can feel women on just waiver times on your end and you can leave them or checked. No, Normally, what will happen is when it you just select because I wouldn't do this because I've already created few account. You just get tracking, I d. And I'll give you a snippet off court. So if I go into one of my currents already there on this is what you should see when you see get tracking i d. So this is that you'll see that little bit off snap out of court here and then in some places or some Web seats, all you need to do is put in an actual tracking. I. D. S were just that one laying there. So let me just show you a few different tape of website builders and where you put in this court, some of them you put the full snap up court other ones. You just in that one lane of tracking I d. So I'm going to my shop if I store is actually closed. No. Well, I've just password protected it because I was testing a few things on it. So from the main screen A you click, like on lane store, have clicked here, and then you click on Preferences Skin as you can see him actually already in preferences and you scroll don't actually sees Google analytics. And all we do is you just copy this court. Actually, copias edged one click, and then you just pasted to hear Simple is that click conceive and you're good to go. And if you want to look other such websites or Web site builder's you can, For example, when we believe any of youse use that I'm here is that we believe Web, say that created you just go into this is a website builder section. So you just go into settings you go into s your on the yard, Google analytics. So under the fit record, you just put that same little snippet of court and here, and that's all we have to do, just doesn't added extra if you were also placing your facebook pixel. You put that and the head records here, but we won't be doing that today. So yet So the tracking i d for Google analytics just goes into the fit record. And while we're at it, to show you wakes is will. So if I go into so going to the main menu and for again this is a website builder Within weeks, you click calling manage website and you could click on tracking and analytics. We'll just wait for that to Lord up, kid on here. You can see I've already place my tracking i d for Google analytics. If you haven't pleased anything, you'll just see ah, whole host of different tracking. I did. You can put and like Google analytics fix Big pixel. And so once, you just like Google Analytics. So what we look like is, if I go into it, it so that's always so for that. You just simply put in that lane one lane of tracking. I d do enough to anything else. None of us snap out of court, so just stop off year. So just start tracking, I d. So you just place that into there and I said Quick conceive and I should please You're tracking I d. So again, I mean, if you have different website different stores, you wouldn't. You need to create either three different parents or you can create all under one account. Let me assure you, you can click create one a current on just multiple properties and its properties. If you go into that, it's like being on a coat. So it's the same tape of details Ask you for your website website name, website. You are ill so you can just create them all under when I can't Ah different Google and tracking ideas for different websites and you just click on the top left. If you want to quickly select them and you can just go through them and you just select which wouldn't you're looking at. So as I was seeing, I went into rather start this with you real time and you could see there was currently no one on that particular website so quickly go into again to show you so if you go into real time are in. But that going into real time, you can see in this area here When someone's on your story, you'll see it. You feel them register there. So again there's currently no one on this website. So if I just go into the actual website, just assure you it worked in real time. That's a story they like. I said It's possible. Protected does. They're just a taste door currently trying a few things with it. So the main thing is, I'm actually in that particular rep. See that? The Google Analytics tracking ideas on So if I know, go into and there we are. So that's me there, and it's showing that I'm currently using my desktop oranges. Always Modesto, you say green color. That will be someone on your website through their mobile phone, and it just gives your active page. So it's the password page and you can see there. Scroll down here and you can see the location where I am or wherever else is when your rips it where they are. So if there's multiple people on oversee that 12345 many people are on and it was all Pano . If they're all across the world and you can see the different locations on currently, I never came from any particular a federal source Web, say, or social traffic. Oh, are taped in a keyword search, so these are all just blank? Uh, that's basically it. So that's simply hurt. Your idea. Google tracking 80. And then here. You can see that when someone is actually on your website on. That's the end of this lecture on. I will see you on other state. 5. Lecture 5 What Is THe Basics Of Reporting Updated: Hi and welcome back to Google Analytics Key and states to increase your conversions. So we've already looked at hotel and stole Google Analytics? No, In this lecture, we look at just the basics over reporting. Okay, so here is the main dashboard of my character, as you've already seen on the earlier lecture on You can see, right? No, it's on riel, Tame. There's no one on the website right now, Andi, as you remember from previously a real time, which is the people on your way to say, at that moment and tame, you can see the federal past where they came from, traffic sources and location where they were there at, and audiences being go to section you'd probably go to and 80% of the time in Google Analytics. So that says all of the stored information about it history off your users for a given date that you can put in. So, for example, the technology they use desktop or mobile for and and behavior, location, demographics. It is just everything really like you would need to know one name acquisition was a basically the source or medium. And so if you're running ah, particular campaign from a Web Say you can tell which Web say they're coming from and a whole host of other things. Also AdWords Israel. Yeah, behaviors. And again, just quickly the the old information about what they did on your particular website. What pages they're went on her longer on the pages and so on on. This is where you can see your one ST speed and you can see her to improve it. Conversions was like gold paths and funnels and everything yourself it just to find it. The your customers were buying something, or what's your conversion they were making for you on, so that I was just really just a quick refresher on that. But the main thing I wanted to show you was it the first thing I normally do on my Google analytics? A coat when I go into it, Andi So what you're going to want to do is go into acquisition and then you go into old traffic on then source medium que. We'll just wait for that to Lord up. Andi, Before I go into that, I need to change the date, of course, so because this is a testicle and I was running. I will just go back to the debts that was running. So let me just go through. There was quick for back to April, and I'll just do great, too. Did Twitter stopped? Or you could just put in the dick to their from and to normally, what you should be doing or what I used to do was, you just go back about a week or a month. This is on a current account, and while you're running your ads and but because ah, quite far back, I will just select that did. Yeah, and then you click on a play, right? So here's the data here. So the reason why you want to look at this every deal on a daily basis is because any promotion you're running and if it's a fistic ad campaign, it may be through. Maybe these organic good organic through us. You'll and it could be before I continue, because this only goes up to 10 lanes and you can see there's about 44 entry. So it's always best to get the tool number off entries with its growing to the next page so you can see there are a whole host over the federal paths here. So this is it gives you a very good idea. Which ones working the best. A lot moment and tell you, Andi, you can quickly caught Sandra Federal Pass and on a daily basis. So what if they're not performing and we've already discussed so user stations. Bone tree will all of these means. And then you can see all the detail here and I and so quickly from less, you can see the main, the main columns. I really want to look out conversion rate track, try transactions and revenue. And so you can see that the most was made if you go right. But there was people referral. They'll come back to this because this is a little bit misleading. Um, so we'll see where the next one came from. So that was gadget beer fail, Which was the website Andi Think it was Google Organics, which was just a issue, wasn't any particular paid address. But what you want to look at here is the conversion rate, so you can see the average is very law. So again, before I go further until it's because this is a test, I can't. You can see the sample deters very law. So this is just short to show you what sort of deer patterns to be looking at, Aunt have it appears on the Google Analytics dashboard within the software. Andi, basically, how you get to the seven sections that you're looking for, but the data itself and we didn't go by the data. It'll for example, you can see here that from over here mid $80 there was only two transactions and that was from Google Organics. Andi, you see the conversion A is a lot higher than the average conversion rate. Again, it doesn't mean just because it's a lot higher and you've made some revenue on that, then that's that. You start Skilling on that particular address because this is the test ticket in these sample rates are very law. You're typically going to want to look out hundreds of no stations off actions before you want to make any decisions on scaling a certain add on that basis. But by this basically just gives you the idea of what to look for and have it appears on this platform. So, for example, if you saw on the Google organic. Elaine here, let's say that 2000 users and again, your conversion. It was a lot higher than the average on average, you're probably looking for between two and three or more than that. 30.41% average is variable. You didn't really mean. I mean, that wouldn't really be a good campaign. And if that was above very ah, good average, then, yeah, you would skill What further? Because you can see straightaway this particular detail. Overall revenue is good, but the best thing you until it is conversion on you can go beyond that Israel ritual talking on the leader lecturers hoe to dig down further into that. So this was just assure you on a day to day basis. If you just go here, Andi, you look all of the federal past, See which ones working well, which ones aren't more king and you can cut those odds. Andi, skilled other ads are doing well on basically that soul. So if you just come back to people, I didn't mention him. This was it looks like it's the best performance. All that is is because people is on an external payment path. So if someone wants to pay through PayPal. It will need to leave your website to complete the transaction, and then once it complete the transaction, they will come back most often. No back to your website. Google Tracking thinks that that is the fatal say they're coming from. So attributes the steel to PayPal. So obviously that's very misleading because that wasn't there. A federal state where you got the seal from it was It doesn't show you that a fatal See what? What what particular say they came from into your store. So if you just beware of that, I mean, there's not really many ways I wrote it. I mean, what you can do is not have a PayPal payment option, and you just have the direct payment optional extract, for example, with just they don't leave your Web. Say they're just putting their credit Debit card detours on your website. But then you're limiting yourself, and there's other little things. You can try to do Israel by them if you go, but then PayPal, you can go into settings and you check you. You can change a setting where if someone buys, pays or something through people, then you. Can it want to my until you takes him back to a specific You are ill that you can tape in. So because sometimes these the people showing on this paper, our federal are the people. I went to people and then went back to your website. Some of them don't even go back to the website. They will just leave and go on to do something else so that make sure they all come back to the website. So at least you can like to see them on this. Otherwise, you wouldn't really track them a toll. And but yet that's the end of this lecture. So we're just really too sure you The basics are reporting and what I normally do the first thing I normally do I am on a day to day basis. And also it just to introduce you to the means reporting element. Okay, so that's it for no on. I will see you on the next lecture 6. Lecture 6 Analyzing Ads Based On Location Updated: Hi. And welcome back to Google Analytics Key and states to increase your conversions. Okay, so we have looked at the basics of reporting registered you the dashboard and her, the details, lido it and little things you can do to feign seven deter. So, no, I will be focusing more on creating ads based on the location. So this is basically looking at the data on where your customers are coming from, what particular location and how you can maximize a revenue using that particular detail. Okay, so, no, I'm back on my you mean dashboard, which you're no doubt familiar with. By now on in this instance, what would normally do is I would go into audience. As I said before, you're probably use audience more than any other reporting section here. Just for good. Still much information on it. And in this instance, you would go to Geo on location. Okay, So the shows, all of the countries where ah user came from on went on to that particular website. So you can see the 73 different countries there and you can just see the top 10. I always recommend changing that to 100 or 50 just so you can get all of them and one screen without having to go on to the next screen. But I'm really just going to look at the U. S. Since that's where 90% off my users are from. Know what a lot of people feel to do is and when they're, for example, in Facebook ads and what they do is the target, just one particular country, which is USA, where they might talk a number of countries, but they don't delve deeper. So in USC, you always find a ah lot of your users come from possibly a few states and maybe the table product you're selling of the tape off a story you have. But you will always have the predominant number off users coming from one or two states. And so what you're basically doing is your address, your sim. You're creating ads, you're spending money and you're just throwing them all over the place, all expressing all across the country where all those people will see the address won't do anything with it, but you'll be paying for the address. But I mean, there might be clicking into, but you'll be paying for the address on you won't get much response. So I know just leisure forecasts are usually than focused it horn and or not that particular location, where most of the people are interest, that particular added, engaging with the odd and going into your website. And obviously this increases your revenue, reduces your ad cost and just gives you a much better performing AM online store. So if you go into United States, we click on that just to deal deeper and again, I will go to the top. Nick Top 100 should catch them all. So here you can see all of the states, all 52 of them, and there's a few things you can see straightaway again. As I mentioned earlier, this is a test accounts. So don't be looking at these particular stats and thinking that is what that is the tape of Statue should be looking for. I don't mean the patterns by mean actual volume so typical you want at least 500 or even very one at least 1000 users before you can see apart and then before you could make any decisions based on that. But if you just look at a transactions revenue on conversion rate less possibly the main tape of or the mean columns that you would be looking at on. You can see if you click on any one of these, you can distort it with the highest for still, if you look at transactions first, just wait for that to come up on. You can see that, say, three transaction were from New York, which is the most of any state on if you go to revenue. And again, that was also from New York. But if you go to conversion rate, you can see that was from Alaska again. There's really like one seal there. And like I said before, you'd probably want to see a good number of conversion re or sorry if your conversion is well above the average, the average a good convergent would be about 2 50% African regiment. It was run a Bentley or above that, then the next thing you look as the number of transactions on the revenue or the number of transactions on the amount of user jihad, and so if you're Commager, it was good you had a large number of transactions, so if transactions way. See, you had a bit 5200. Andi always had good revenue. Then you would say that's potentially a winner. You could potentially scale up for other. So you just look at whatever state that is. So in this case, if you went to this transaction, just two conversion rate is 4.17 which is well above the average. And then you look at the state of Alabama. So what you do is you were just a release. A figure on Facebook and you release add purely forcing or targeting Alabama, and you could even go for there. But we'll talk about that later. But this is just basing it on location only right now on him. So what you do is you can do that. And you started all the way through Kid Region re purely. I mean, some people say that you can look out a conversion rate transaction or we want, but all of it revenues. It's hard cash. You know what you're actually making, so you can clearly just do on revenue the highest performing state based on revenue. You just skill them ads. And again, there's no wrong way. I mean there's there's definitely well, you shouldn't be falling are wrong ways you could see But there's no exact rate way that there's There's many different paths that lead to success, unless instance So you just pick one of them. I mean, no one can tell you that that's wrong if you just do on raving you or that's wrong if you just did. Conversion is whatever works for you. But Angel di, you're doing this on good, solid information. You're not just doing it so blindly saying, you know, you got feeling that Iowa is going to be performing the base or you're just really skill adds there or so once you're actually doing is on data hard facts. So let's see your hod explosions of dollars. Revenue can regenerate. It was like double or triple against the average. Then yet definitely you would. You would focus, you would skill, and just in Iowa and the big chance off success. So, yes, if you just go across all of your states and you can you can see partners here. I mean, you may find that Syrian states you can maybe take a chance on some of them. They may have a variable number of users like 50 to 100 maybe 200. But you can see that disquiet about revenue in them. Andi, you mean you quickly start in Parton's, I mean, if you do this long enough, and you won't always be right, but you'll quickly start spoiling little Parnes. And you know you don't know what to do, basically will become second nature on. So what I normally do is eso. We go through, you go through all of the state's music, a key data you can even look at like bones three and concessions and so one. But what I normally tend to do is look at bones to when it comes to the policeman. You know, if aside, a stop more bell and so on, but I'll speak of it. I'll talk about that later. And so that this instance in Google analytics mean the columns that gives you so much data on each column. I mean, it gives you a large amount of data if you add up all of the information on the columns, but sometimes you want to go a little bit further. I mean, you can't manipulate the start this data any further. And but there is a way you can't if you export Google Analytics. So what I normally do is so, first of all, just make sure you've got it showing all of the rules, right? So you go right to the top, you click on export we can export to pdf, which you can really manipulate. Couldn't Alex nation pdf. But you can't really do much for that. Or what I normally do is put on Google sheets or Excel or even see SV. So for this example, I will export this too. Maker Soft Excel. And as you can see it, it's just loading up down here. So I will wait for this to load up, man. Let me just open night up. Aunt shouldn't be that long. Okay, so that's it opened up years always going to the data set. One which is a little information is. And you were here We are. So everything that was on that page, you can see it all the way. Don't To Wyoming. You've got all 52 states there, Andi. So you've got your region users, new users, stations, bones. Rick. So everything you had on that page average station. So the good thing is, you can manipulate the data farther or when you said manipulated you can. You can quantify a barrier you can you can. And because other formalized to find other partners that you couldn't see from the date on Google analytics. So what I normally do is M Can you call them for revenue? Do aided by sessions Andi, We'll do is I'll put this in and the decimal form to use your treat on. We can just copy that all the way down to the bottom will be going up to the 10th 1 but you get 80 aged school it to the bottom. So from here, if you want to look at it, you can see that. Let me just open this further so I can see right, So that's New Hampshire. So what you can do is you can see that New Hampshire the conversion is a lot higher than all of the other states. So I last did not too bad either, so you can see so obviously you couldn't see this in Google analytics. You could probably come to this conclusion, but actually seeing the exact regiment for yourself, so you can see in New Hampshire has got the based conversion of the ones I've done so far. And you could use that data so you could just the right. I'm going to just focus on New Hampshire right now because a number off you're just looking at revenue versus number of users. You know, what about conversion rate right now or or any other data? But obviously there is a correlation because the biggest conversion rates usually will have the best. So data for revenue debated by the user. So you can see that's a very high conversion re and again that while there is quite high, But this is shows you that I am just just one particular column. Ah, you may know off being focusing on these particular you remember anything from before. We're looking at New York and some other ones, and but New York's in this instance only 0.14 and you can feel us obviously a lot higher and again, I keep stressing it. You want this value here to be 500 plus, ideally 1000 if not more on Ben. Basically, you're just giving yourself every chance for success when you're Skilling at when you're releasing it Just based not particular area. So this is like a super amazing were to skill Adds. And what people? For some reason, I still don't understand why they don't do this. And they will basically am start running ads on the USC typically. And so this could be AdWords. Israel doesn't have to be Facebook, and so they'll just start running ads across all of us. See, they get sarin success. I mean, they may get moderate success. They keep running them, Andi, because they saw their break even. Or they do it little by Barisal will just keep running, Keep running the USA and any sitting a last quick it well, do it instead. Off Skilling on location or anything else are going to interest again. You know, we're three Facebook, so I'll split the interest. Or, you know, they may have stacked all the different interests and so on on dso they start splitting the interest, doing a B testing and on one freeze and tracing someone when you've actually got the data here showing you which state is doing the best. Because when you're when you've stacked up all the interests and you're just running ads on the interest. You can't really tell where most of your users came from. What interest? Ah, the, um what interests me basically had on their account for lakes for waiver Facebook group that you're targeting, but less. You've actually got the detail in front of you. So I don't get why people don't do that mean possibly people don't really realize how you could use Google, Alan Lina latex for less. But this works so well. You will. Definitely. If you do this rate, you'll bring down yard Rick course, and you increase your revenue guaranteed. So that's basically the end of this lecture. So hope this was useful. Andi, I will see you on the next lecture. 7. Lecture 7 Analyzing Ads Based on Placement: hi and welcome back to Google Analytics Key and states to increase your conversions. Okay, So am we've looked at creating ads based on location where you can look at the data purely based on where your users are coming from, and you can use that data to skill. More ads make decisions on targeting seven people from seven locations and so on. So, no, we will be looking at creating ads based on placement. So this is looking at with devices and platforms. Most of your users are visiting your site from rather than the geographical location, right? So back at the mean dashboard for Google analytics. Andi, For this, what I normally do is a on the left and stayed on the mean reporting headings. Again, you go into audience and then your scroll down on you go into mobile at overview. Kissel's tweet for that to Lord, and here it is. So now you can see em all of the performance, all of your users, whether they used mobile, desktop or tablet. No. The way EMS online business going. Most people you probably find use a mobile phone. M tracks. Is your Web site specific? Especially depending on what type of Web se, as it doesn't always mean you'll get a seal from. I mean, they may just click on to the website, and but that number will normally be bigger than desktop on in this instance. Always laters. So we go to the main performance indicators, of course, transactions, revenue on conversion rate, and you can see from that without storing it. The convergence is actually better and more vileness. Instance. On a desktop, it's alot, but lore also surprisingly tablet is quite good Israel. But you can see that not many users off come via tablet, but the conversion Eri is quite good. And again, as I've said a number of times, you want your you want the violence to be a lot bigger than this. Like for transaction joined at least ah 100 I would say, and revenue always a lot more before you can make any decisions. But if you just look at the patterns and if you look at the headings and what you would typically be looking for Andi. So if you see this year so users again a number of people were going on your web, say it can see number of stations, so I just want to point out bones three. This is where it comes more than plea. You can see a bone street is basically if someone goes on your website visits one page and exit of your Web, say so that's what bones tree is. So the higher the bone Street, meaning the more number off percentage of people are exiting your Web, say, after only visiting one page for what you want is a law Bone three and you can see a desktop is nearly half off mobile, which is what you would expect because when people are browsing your Web, say, through a desktop, they've got more tame, typically and where they're sitting down in their home, maybe and then offers maybe somebody say. But when they're on a laptop or a home computer, a PC and they've got one more time so they can slowly scroll through your website and also the Web se itself will be more will be more information visible because they're on accessing it through a desktop instead of the mobile version of your website. Which one? I was much information or you'll need to. It won't all be on the one page and magic you normally see. So the largest all verifies. That s so What you can do is in this instance, the conversion isn't very good on desktops. So you can make a decision based on that to say that there, as people are spending longer on the website when they stop, but they're not purchasing anything or make you're not getting any desired. Conversion is not purchased, some sort of a lead or anything else. And so you can optimize your page more for desktop or improve the optimization on desktop. And it may just be that the mobile you have paid more attention to the mobile version off your online web, see optimizing it purely for more bowel. But when it comes to desktop, you've not really paid attention. For example, certain sizes off images and text and so on. You made sure looks great and mobile, but you've not really bothered about desktops or, you know, the the picture may focus or no Elaine Door. So on on their stop so you can you can make seven decisions from that. And so what you would do know is so you can see mobile desktop tablet, but you can delve into this further you can. What you can do is if you look at the top under a secondary dimensions, you can add in another variable into this. So for this instance, if you just click on the top one, which is users, and you can see what country the people are from, or what from much country, what device most of the people used. Of course, United States will be at the top, since most of the ads or most of the ads were based or were targeting people in the United States. And so what I'll do is I'll go a little bit further in this because there's no point just looking at states. I want to see the actual region. So if you go down there, our story there, click or on users again. So instead of country, you select region. Andi. If you see here, you can see every single state what the detail was like for each mobile and desktop debase so you can see across year again. Andi, as best you would sort it based on transactions, revenue or conversion rates. So if you just look at conversion rate as an example right now, dismissed 100% and obviously, because the users are very law. But if you go Teoh, let's see Alabama because there's 30 users here on if you scroll across and the convergence is good, well above the average. So you could say, Well, Alabama is performing quite well when mobile or very well on mobile. So you could choose to just target Alabama on on ah, for ad or when you're scaling at purely on mobile on that will do quite well. Um, if you so, as I normally say, it's probably best to go to the top, I would say the top 100. You don't need to go over to 339 in this instance. And so it is really just the top states. Andi, for example, New York If you look a lot that still above still, I would say double what the average is for conversion rate. So I mean, if your numbers are a lot better, like volume, which stressed quite a few times, you would skill in New York, Israel, Andi, so you can see is very powerful that there's so many things you can do in this, but there's another way you can get to this Israel. So when I went into audience on one of the previous lectures, you when I went into geo and location. So you can see in all the countries, Andi, as you remember, we went into us. And just to go into each state, Andi, I would just click on conversion just to get the highest performing first on again. You can go into secondary division on this team if you go into users under more dimensions rather than recommended on if you go down to. So just trying to find it yet. So you're going to device category? If you're not sure what each of these Exactly. Instead of waiting for all the data to come up, you can just click on here and quickly tell me what it means. So debates category again is finding the previous detail that we were looking at it differently. So I will go into stem are going to going to the top 100 again on you can see again similar data. But the primary data is the state. This time, rather than the device on the secondary data is the type of device. And again you can see from here Alabama Mobile, which we phone before performing. Well, you can even deal farther into this. No. So you can say that you only want to look at mobile and you want to dismiss am tablet on desktop. So what you do is on the top, you click in advanced on you just tape in mobile. Andi, you click on a play so there. No, you can see Ah, just mobile. So this is MF Your what's your store was my is purely for mobile. And you went really concentrating on desktop And you knew most of your sales were from mobile to you. Really? Just sort of interested in mobile. So you can just look at mobile here and find the key data. You can go even further than that. Israel. If you just want to look at one state, for example Um, if you want to pick up a few states, you would just click edit here on you were clicking. Add a dimension or metric. Andi, you would click on dimensions. Andi, you rude click Oh, on region. Okay, so let's say we just want to look at New York. Andi, you click on a play. Okay, so there you to see New York. They're single that, and you can see all the metrics here for that. So you can just like limitless possibilities, Actually, so much you can do. So if you just, uh let me just close these filters. So if you're just looking at, like, other secondly data, so actually, we need to click on apply first. Otherwise, old stay there. So there's still many others. So we were the primary latest. All of the regions, your second detective be so many different things. I mean, you can look, I just users the age of the people. Willbros er they were on Gora into the city there from a gender, depending on the type of products you're maybe just targeting for men or women instead of both and acquisition, you can look out what medium referral path like him from, and you can look out behaviors. Ah, you know what? Up there, What am landing page that came from? There's basically destroyed much information, and it's best I play around with it. But these are just the main things that are normally look at and so like I was seeing on the previous lectures. So once you've got all of this detestable, let's just go into mobile. Yeah. So Advanced Mobile Andi clicking a plight Andi, I just want to make sure I've got enough. Did, uh, yeah, some gold. 52 states. So as I did on the previous lecture, no one should go of this. If you want to analyzes data further and you want to find other key indicators that aren't shown here so again, you're going to export on a pixel. And we just wait for that to Lord up. Andi, once it loads up, we just opened that top. Excelsior is basically to see all of the data. Were you conform? Other functions on that on the other, data reveals. And so you're going to data set on again. And so there's a lot information there. So you can like I did before. You can take the revenue, but less time. You can repair years old rather than Paris sessions, which is what we did before, so we can do it for new users. Andi, in this instance, I will make it number so you can see what that comes to you, and you could just apply this formal for all other rose them all the windows so you can basically right now is just a number, and you can put it into a currency if you wish. Because as revenue against users, eso I would put this into currency. I think it's set to bones, but you bring $2 or anything you wish. And so this is super super way off seeing analyzing your detect, quickly analyzing it in a way that Google Analytics wouldn't let you analyze that. So this is just one simple formula revenue version user. You can think of any other formalize that you can apply to this and basically it find other well hidden patterns. Another other data that you can't see immediately, which will help you to make key decisions. And it's not just for this mobile or desktop. You can apply this to any thing, any sort of variable, and as long as you're able to export it into excel. And but the main thing off this lecture was due to assure you how you can split a mobile desktop tablet Onda, look at the data phone within each of those rather than just as a whole. But then you can apply it further on. You can mix it with the state, Israel or the region. Andi. So yours or of focusing? Or you're using Lee laser folks again on ah, few parameters or a few variables. And you're packing the base performing ones on your Skilling address purely basically releasing full AdWords based on that. Like you said, it doesn't just have to be Facebook ads could be good, lads. Or it could just be organic data you've gathered, you know, using search engine optimization, anything Google will track everything. Um, Nomar, what's off campaign? It was address you released. It will track it as long as you've got the Google tracking I. D. So that's the end of this lecture. Hopeless was very useful. Teoh and I will see you on the next lecture 8. Lecture 8 Analyzing Ads Based On Mobile Devices: I welcome back to Google Analytics Key and sits to increase your conversions. Okay, so having looked at placements, let's delve deeper and look at specifically mobile, divisive, since the majority of your users will be accessing your state from their mobile phones. Great saw again. We're back in the mean dashboard for Google analytics. So let me, just without any deal, it go directly into audience on for this one. We will be going into mobile on overview kid Andi, right just before I continue, I actually need to change the debt as they did previously. Just to go through the details were this particular store. The ads were being round, so I will go to the specify deter range on what may just all right up to there, and we'll play that there so you can see em just quickly, as I mentioned, most of users will be. Using mobile phones doesn't necessarily mean all of your conversions, or the seals will be from the mobile phones. As in from this particular statistic, you can see a desktop is about 1/3 off mobile phone usage on, so it doesn't necessarily mean that your steals coming through desktop will be about third . You actually faint, possibly desktop. You might have more sealed just based on that, because it's a desktop cleared the your user a lot more time if they're using it from their desktops so they can screw or never get your website and with more time on hand on the bone three always there will be a lot lower. But we're just going to be focusing on mobile because there's a lot potential with just mobile. And so before I go into Mobile actually want to just quickly go to audience a behavior and you and returning because just to touch upon this. So this is just the all of the users for the field detail range. Where I was testing this so you can see a new visitors is a lot higher than returning visitors. Now, this number here very important. This is where you're going to be making most of your sales. I mean, no one would really go into a store for the first time and purchase something or make a conversion off some cane. If it's just a lead magnet, they're going to come back. They're going to be a returning visitor 99% of the time before the D say to purchase Some things always keep in iron for this one of the first things to do, possibly a few. When you log onto Google Analytics, this is to check this, and if you want to check your regularly, maybe once every few days, once a week, but you want to get this number up is very important. So it is the number of ways you can do the obviously just ah bear optimized web, say a key targeting retarget your customers. So there's so many ways you can do it. But you want to get this number up for this percentage so you can see 94%. We're new visitors, and only five or just under 6% were returning residents, which is a very little volume. You want to get this above 20% possibly 30 but between 20 and 30% and you're doing very well. Okay, so just digressed a little bit, so I'll go back to at the mobile section. So as I was saying, we went into mobile and overview. Just do just to make my point that most of the users will be coming from their mobile phones. So let's go into specific devices, which is what I want to talk about in this lecture. So this quell of information here Firstly, Aziz, we always do Well, we'll go to Ah, 100 pair Page because they're just already for this crazy the mental forms that they're I mean, there's 448 different types of Ford reasonably were not here, and I will only go up 200 since if you go beyond that point with gathering that little deter or looking at that deter. So with these em for you, really just concentrating on, let's say, the top 30 or top 40 possibly even the top 50 Um, just to see what tape of fortunes are performing well, what mobile phone operating systems are performing well. So Australia from less you can see that most are users are using Apple iPhones no less doesn't mean that people on apply phones are more likely to visit your website. It just means that because his campaign was run through Facebook ads, Facebook has decided that there's more chance of gang in engagement from users or customer potential. Customers are using their iPhones or the first few people that engage with your ad and the fistic algorithm sees that they're using apply force or decides to just send most of your ads to people on Apple iPhones. And it's neglects, neglects and other forms a little bit. But what you want to do is look beyond that. So I mean, you wouldn't just look at the volume and think, Oh, yeah, that's good. I will just said my direct to our polite foreign seven plus off creating You had just targeting Apple iPhone seven points. You didn't really do that. You need to drill down on this particular deter. So as before one of the you have a revenue. Bring that. Don't you have your transactions, revenue and e commerce conversion rates? Or pick any one of them just to sort from highest to also able to equipment e commerce conversion rate First. Andi, if you look quite interesting, what happens you have nine different life is are a android phones before you come to the first Apple iPhone. So you have eight different android phones, and this could possibly be a android, for I am not too sure. But a tent on the list is where iPhone starts, and this is sorting based on conversion. So it's very interesting even just looking at a lot you can see straight with at the best performing phones are the android phones. And so it is quite very interesting when you drill down on this data eso you can make certain judgments here I mean you could do is less if you just pick 14 the I will pick this one here, which is a Samsung Galaxy s seven edge G 95 e. Just because it's called decent amount of users and when as a decent like I said before many, many times, that I don't mean decent as a. If you have, ah, 30 users, then they target them with a new ad. I mean, no, you would ever gentle on messages decent in the context of this particular lecture. But you would want recounting that thousands of users before you make your decisions much larger volumes. But and for this, a lecture will just use this so we shouldn't see. We can see that Samsung Galaxy seven age The conversion rate is 2.94 on average, zero point for it on that, we would say, Yeah, that works. That's very good. People just target. We will. For example, if you're just releasing Facebook ads, we will target customers only use that particular four year. So them number of people you can target may not be that high because you're limiting yourself to just one table for so you may be targeting everyone in the USA, but just to one tape before. So if you want, you can stack them so you can see maybe we've got something Galaxy s seven and then the galaxy J seven just up over and something galaxy s sexually. I mean, whichever, Wherever you prepare, whoever, well, you're targeting your own customers or new customers. And so you could do that. Or if we analyzes data a little further through Excel once again. So as we have done before going to export on Excel en suite for that to load up and still single. Okay, so that's it loaded up. So I will just open this and I assure you, some little interesting bits off deter. They're so just enable editing here. And I will open up deter sit one. So let me just expand all the columns. You can see them. So before I continue, I will do the usual. I will this time Take that here. So you can see make a new column off revenue degraded by users. So I will do revenue rated by new users. Andi, I will make this a currency for this example. Serves to set two opponents again. Consider $2. So go all the way down 2.29% symbolizes zero Andi family worlders. I'll put the average there is Well, so you have something to compare it True, To get to this layer, eso just average or I will leave this one here because there's only one transaction. There's only one user on that, um, and fleets the this particular average. So I will just go from here all the reader into there. So all of the staff formal under for average on Teoh to that There we have one point it. So that's the average revenue per user based on these figures, Not counting the one that's 1999 since that was only one user. So if you look at this year, if you look at the Samsung Galaxy s seven that we used it as an example Previously, yes, it was just when Eugene 935 So if you look at that G 935 a. So, based on a previous data, we might have said yes. We will be releasing at Justin that foreign, since these figures look very good. But then a few years if his girl across year, it can be seen that well below the average that you've you you've taken for revenue versus user. Yeah. I mean, this is something you've done Tell yourself I mean, you can do you can You can compare different tapes of data and make conclusions up yourself , but this is what I normally do. And so I found that last bell below the average for revenue messages there. So based on this, I would probably not releasing the ads and on this particular form. So it just showed your importance off drilling Doan, as much as you can on the detail excelled. Very good. L And you do this, Andi again. You can see that iPhones are well above the android devices. But another interesting thing I phoned was the Samsung Galaxy s seven. The bone tree is very little, just about peculiar. And even when comparing to the other s seven edge versions off the phones, they're nearly double. So you get the old sorts of manner of information and from this AM and as you can see because of the bone Street is quite law that the sessions will go up because they're normally correlated a session. Judicial is higher Israel. But in this instance, what would use from this data will look anything above the average. What normally do is just release an ad for those through every. Take those two. Mitch is leave here. I'm not using that one because there's only seven users again. I mean, the volumes are much lower than what you would use. But if I were just taking this unless there this is, like 1615 100 WCC's. So what we do is I just stuck. Um, if I was on Facebook, add the releasing a new Facebook ad. I would just stack that foot on that phone as fistic lets you specify the exact type of phone and also let you exclude foreign Israel for you can you can select these forms and make sure you're excluding iPhone, Dorian, just like this one. Only wherever you want to do it. Just so you're only targeting people with these two phones. So it's very, very powerful stuff. And there's so much information that you can and being gathered from here. Andi, it really, really helps you make key decisions, but I mean, but that that you could still you may still come to the same conclusions, but it would be a little bit more of guesswork. And as I said previously, a lot of this information may not be available to you if you're doing it through Facebook ads, because the information wasn't from the paid address came from like an organic seo our conversion, where as a person the paid ads targeted, they sent her own, tougher and shared of someone, and they responded to that. You're at so that data wouldn't be visible within Facebook. But you'll be able to see here in Google analytics, So basically, don't be scared to play about with us. Use different combinations. An experiment. If you like me certain deter that jumps out, you will get you excited. It's like unearth a gold nugget or from hard deter. So that's the end of this lecture. M hope you're picked up some more useful pieces of information from it on. I will see you on the next lecture. 9. Lecture 9 Analyzing Ads Based On Performance: hi and welcome back to Google Analytics Key and Sage Drink. She sure conversions. So now, having looked at taking ads based on specific mobile debases will move in a different direction. No, we will look at creating ads based on performance. So here you can see all the products with great, useful information, and we will be releasing ads based on that. Okay, so once again and we're back at the main dashboard for Google analytics. So this time we will go to the main reporting sections. But we go right down to the bottom and conversions, and one shouldn't conversions We go to e commerce on. Then we go to overview and a section. You can see your top products that you're selling em specifically for e commerce stores, and you can see the number one product based on revenue on the percentage of revenue all the way to the least performing. And or you can click on view full report. You can also click or on product categories, so if you go your products under different categories, you can see quickly which category is performing the based. So if you have a large e commerce store where is hard to track everything in. This is a very good place to start so that this just gives you a good top. Don't dolls overview off the field performance, but to drill down into this a little bit more, and what normally do is good to product performance. No, in this product performance again, you can see your and top more selling items on not so good selling a terms as you go down. And but we can see other key information. And this also so first that you have your revenue, of course, unique purchases, quantity and your average place. So if you're constantly changing the place off each product, you can see the average praise over a certain period of time. You have refund re Israel, the re funded, and what I want to point out is the last two columns. So what? Basket to detail rate and by to detail rates. These are quite important. So basket to detail rate is the number off customers or potential customers are added a item to their shopping basket compared to the people looked at the product details on you can see this all the performance you're getting there and by two detailer it as the number of people up artist a product compared to the ones that just looked at the product details or we see the US war. So these are key. Call them that will determine who will you're performing. So the good performance indicators. So if you just take an example again, you want something with a large number of purchases. And I mean you wouldn't use these type of volume to make decisions again. It's just a test. Accounts will use us and as ah, just to show you this particular example. No, if we take this year, this particular product and so unique parts is air sex. Onda by two detailer is 1.91 and the basket to detail is nearly 10%. So that's quite good. Basket deteriorate. So that means that for every 10 people that view the actual product details, one of them will be adding it to the basket on unless is, the people actually purchase it. So for every this is nearly 2% so that that's like for each of every 100 people that view the product details nearly true will actually purchased that product. So typically you want less basket to deteriorate on the buy to deteriorate. You want that to be around about 1/3 off the basket to detailer it. So for every three people, the ad, an item to the basket, one of them actually go ahead and purchase the product. It's always you can see none of us are particularly meeting that criteria. I mean, you can set your own standards and performance indicators. Blast. Just what are normally feigned works the best. And, of course, that one is very low. That one is very good, although there's only one purchase. But if this was like, a large number of parts is under the purchases, and you saw something a lot where exactly? Half the amount of people that added it to basket went on to purchase it. You looked like that would be a good particular products or if you weren't really focusing on that particular product anymore. And for whatever reason, and you go to and drill into these particular stats, this may make you think 20 same. You mate, you may bring that product back into your store. You may optimize. Appeared better, make you more attractive ad copy a little bit. Better try to push it more in your promotions and and so many things you can do with that just with that little bit of detail. And so it's very good. Of course you want to see the full page at the bottom, which forgot to dio. But the ones Father, don't You won't really get really great justice statistics because it wasn't that many particular products in this taste door. No, not only that, but you can drill down a lot more as usual and with this particular data. So once again, we go to secondary dimension so you can see em. Well, first off, you can see what region most of your buyers were from, and because, Well, if you're just predominately targeting one particular country, then you can go into region to see whereabouts in that country. And they were from so office remains with the U. S. A. Andi. When we drill down into that, I am just go into. So let me just sort this by the parts of ST or even better, I will start this by baskets and sometimes you get better. Yields better results because you got more of a sample size for that and basket to detail, or someone add approach to shopping, basket and purchases. If it's one in three, then they're quite closely related. So we will go to some of these may be about skewed. These particular into cares if you go to these. So what you want to do is you want to look at unique purchases so you can see a few here. I think there was one of to the Arizona, and if you go into that, then you can see that the part history is very good on the basket, Lee added. To basket is really good again. You went much bigger volume, but just know as an example that particular product there, which is going to right now and arrows when I am done quite well for people from Arizona. So you could just you could create another ad only focusing on Arizona pushing that particular product and C heavily d because the details so far come back says that you get better performing in, you get better steels. Now there's enough for that particular product so you can do that with other with all your products I m so well do is no. The next thing I was going to show you, as as well as the state or the region, the customers and you can even find out what day of the week you get most of your cells. You may not think it's a big thing, but sometimes throws up some good information. We're one particular Deeble. Stand out from the rest. So if you go to tell you and then we go to Day of the week on, we go to revenue just waiting for that to load up so you can see Ah, all of these particular products that sold three volumes each and two and Sean and the days were pretty spread it. But Monday, Sunday, Wednesday and again Monday seemed to be doing quite well. So you mate, say, for example, Monday, the end of the week started the week Sunday Monday. You might want to start some address on those particular days, or you want to start it right in the middle of the week, for example, Wednesday for those particular items. So again instead off releasing those eight times in a particular state or another hand, you can release them on the state, which you just saw previously, which you get most of your purchases from Andi. You can release him on the particular day that you get most of your purchases from your just maximizing your chances off are better performance again. I mean this particular deter, which you see this instantly. It would be very hard to view this through Facebook odds and especially if the particular conversions weren't caught on the Facebook ads manager. And so really, really key, Really great information, and you can really make can really make a big difference to your sales. Bringing Daniel add cost, Increasing your revenue so many more things you can do. But if you can just play around with the different dimensions. But these are the main ones that use region on the day of the week and also just looking for a good basket to detail rate and a bite to detailer it. No moving away from this and if you go into re stolen e commerce, so if we go into shopping behavior, this is a really great little graphic here. And so what that shows you is it's basically showing you each step of your funnel where most of the users drop off. So if you see a large decrease America, you could focus more on that or you could. And then you could try to find out the reason behind that. Eso if you just go through this, Um, before going through that again, you can see your new visitors is 2695 returning users as about 25% of those 30% to 30%. And again, the higher the beta. I mean 30% isn't too bad, but the higher the bear as much as you can, because it's your returning visitors. That going to make most of reports is, as you can see from here. So if the number of people in this is that ones that actually viewed a product so you can see a 787 of them, 119 added to basket, which is 11% and only 3% added to basket the new from the new users so we can see straightaway. The returning visitors are going Teoh, you have much more success with them. Same with the check coats. You have five, nearly 6% off them that adding an item to check it 1.3% from new users on family purchases of 1.76% and 0.19%. So, overall, where you can do you want to turn new visitors into returning visitors? You know why Game the rewards coupons other self schemes just to and keep them in, coming back for more them. So let's particular funnel I was showing you. And so you can see all sessions 4719. And by tame, you get to people that actually viewed a product is down to 397 sex. So this is like this all star over your final like Yes, because if you're advertising a particular product, most of your customers will be going directly into that product page. I mean, the one just come into your homepage and that maybe through organic, clear some other way will come directly into your homepage. So that's it. The start of the funnel now you can see from here to the number of people are to basket is 5.6% over the last 5.6% of the total number of users, not the ones that view the product. But if you start from here and you can see that would be a bow. 67% of people that added to basket again it's lower than what it should be. And I mean, you can see that's a sharp decrease there. And but you want that to be at least 10% if not more, 10 to 15%. So all that means is any address you're releasing. You want to optimize the product page with bear images, bear ad copy, maybe find a sweet spot for your product. Praise I am, and just make it more attractive, given the whoa factor, you know, make it stick, Mitchell. Everything matches from your particular address to the to the product page and have trust badger just so many different things. So you can you can test a few things to see if you get your two baskets, and that you can see when you go from add to basket to check out That's under 3% so and above 3%. Yeah, so you didn't you didn't. Not too bad there. Ah, 13. Honesty is one in. It's about one and 2.5. So it's about, said E. But 40% of its C. So that's not too bad for two baskets to number of Checketts. Again, you went together a little bit higher. Israel. I am so outgoing from add to basket to check her and maybes head on delivery charges and so on to make sure you out front about that and you may see the improving and finally check it to the transactions you can see is variable. I mean, you've almost made it when they get to the checkered page, but they're just not completed. The transaction, I mean, could be a number of things. It could be the methods off that the customer can pay. You don't have enough paying methods as a humane off PayPal, say, or for some other method of the customers expecting to see. And but But I was very lawyer, one not to be at least 50% or 60 to 70% because that is very closely related. That fatal step almost two transaction, and if you see overall 0.53% or your customers actually purchase something compared to the total number of users, that is valuable in a goods e commerce store, and you're looking to see at least 2 to 3%. And I'm just like a decent comments Commerce story. I wouldn't even say that's a very good e commerce story mean the very good ones are 5% and above. So again, I mean that there's a lot off room for maneuver witness room for change. But at least it shows you each step in what stepping me to work on more than others. And you could probably again you could. Finder's did from Facebook ads manager, but it would be a lot harder to gather all together on like everything before. Some of that data may not be there because it was organically the seal or the conversion was organically rather than through any Pete ads. So, as you can see, it's amazing information from here. Forget again. It's free information. It's just gathering data on your own users and your own customers. You you just have to know where to find it, Andi guaranteed. I mean, if you go through some of these little hints and tips and apply them to your story, you both Ian Improvement. I mean, some of youse might see a beggar improvement. Another is depending on your particular stores and what you to say to do. But there will definitely be an improvement on us. That's what it's about. The end of day. If you've gone e commerce store, it's all about him. How much revenue, how much profit you can make from it. So that's basically it from for this particular decision, this lecture so hope again. It's a super super useful to you all. Andi, I will see you on the next lecture. 10. Lecture 10 Creating Goals And Funnel Setup: Hi and welcome to Google Analytics Key and States to increase your conversions. No, for something a little different. Let's look at golds and funnel vigil visualization on her to set these up. Okay, So which is going to look at her to create goals and final set up and where you basically go to view them? So here's Ah, little off snapshot off funnel. Looks like in Google Analytics. No, you may think that this is really similar to what I spoke about on the previous lecture were assured you on, almost like a funnel. But that was funneled given to you by Google analytics off the main components, such as attic, are checker purchased, but with this tape before you can actually create, it is customer invisible, so you can create it any way you want, so you can basically specify what each of these steps are. So in here you can see cart can't profile confirmation purchase or just an example of you can specify this and what you did. You specify when anyone has a specific website that's linked to the cart or the website they would go to after the go to car, then basically registers. And as you can see on this particular example for first of all, you can see car and cart 256 people drop off, and it shows you the actual locations that they drop off and applications. Are they coming similar? You can see how many of them actually go down to cart profile and gives you, like, a percentage off car that go to the car profile and again it should you have any drop off? Andi? What particular page? The drop all fat on again. It goes to car information on purchases like feel powerful because you can set any way you want toe till it to your specific store. Right? So and here we are at the main Google Analytics dashboard once again. So in order to set up this funnel Andi in order to view it once you set up, the first thing you want to do is go into your admin page on the bottom left hand corner. So just wait for that to Lord up once that's lorded up. What you want to do is go onto gold. No, kid. And here is a few gold of created already, But what we want to do is set up a new goal and then set up a funnel visualization within that goal. So all you have to do is you click on new goal on on this period Gold set up page. What you want to do is select custom and then continue. Now you would You want to give it a name so basic Ah, name for the end goal, which is purchase. Or you could choose to call it anything else. So I will just call it a purchase. Onda we scroll don't and you just click on Before I do that, you have to click on one of these four. So we're going to click on destination because we need to select actual u r l for purchase off. If you think of it when our purchases made the last U R L. A customer will see would be the thank you page. So that will be our destination. Well, kid, so no, we just specify the u RL's for that sore. We just set the goal destination and you get a few options here. But we just put that to the culture. Andi, where whichever way he shows up on your store, but it will be something along the lines of that. So that will be They give you an example. Forward slash Thank you Don't teach dear mill. So obviously you know, for your own store have appears when someone's made a purchase and it takes him to the thank you page in hope that particular thank you's you are a real appears. So which every appears You just take that in there. And then what you do is you click on funnel. Andi, you just said that on. You know, these are the final steps that you need to tape in. So each of those steps or this could be any step you want. So the most common one you would probably put end is and this is after someone visits your product page would be ad to cart Andi most likely, and the page it takes that would just be forward slash cart and that's all you have to do. And then you can go to another one. So if someone's added to cart next door Ah, the mate 12 view shipping information so you can just call it shipping. Andi will be something like shipping information and finally, um, and maybe building. So you go to Billy on. That would be billing information. Just go the forward slash So that's all there is to it. So you just put whichever and you can put as many and off these steps as you want to eldest three and as an example on, Then you just click on save so you can click and verify this goal. Israel F. You have information already on your particular page for that oversight. Desist. Haven't had any of these and for quite a while since the stores shut down, or just off password protected password on that saw. If it was still active in the store and you were getting purchases and add two carts specifically the last seven days, I was sure your conversion rate for the A create here that you just put in above there. So we will put well, we will save that, and that's that. And you can see a purchase saved on recording, set to only make sure that's always on kiss. It wasn't set to ordered for whatever reason. Then you just click on on for that. Okay, so what we do is to actually view particular goals for this, a final gold funnel that we've set up. So you just have to click on conversion on you click on goals on. Then you click on funnel visualization. Okay, No right. No, you might think you can't see anything but years after. Make sure your goal option is set to the right one till hours were set for purchase. And just another thing before view that you have a maximum of 20 goals that you can set up . But beware that you can't delete a goal for once it's set up. It's there. Where you can do is turn the goal off. So there's north, according on it, and you can edit it. So if you want to overlay the specific goal with a different you are l. A different path, different descriptions and so on. You can just over 81 that's already set up, but you can't delete it. Once have been set up on the maximum number is 20 so I will just go into the part, just one that we just created. And there it is there, so very nice looking very easy to view the information from quick and simple unless, as I showed on the other page, and you'll see all of the customers of the users coming in from here, and it shows you what pathetic to come into that particular fun. Also, where they came from to go into add to cart and then her, many of them accepted what pizza go to in the exit and shoes. You have many drop off. Uh, sorry. The ones I dropped off a shorter. Which ones proceeded. And the same thing for shipping on the same thing we're building and purchase. Or you can have any steps. Number of steps call any description, and as long as you put in the correct you idle path for that other ways that would belonged . And so this is similar to the previous lecture, where you can basically determine where most of the customers are dropping off, what the reason could be. But this is good. You've customized it to your page. You can find out a lot more detail, the streets a specific step, and you can even go into the Maybe I stayed between shipping and billing or at a car on shipping, and Shawn, I could check it. For example, eso You can see exactly where they're really big, really falling off, and you can analyze that data and make decisions to, like, A said previously. Optimize your page better that particular product page for that product. So many other things bear image and make You may have ah, delivery charger shopping charger you're not showing. And once you go into shopping, customers dropping off when they see that shipping charge that will show you here. And then you can make sure you change that or make a change on your ah, when you only store to make sure that particular problem doesn't happen. So that's basically for this lecture, just a quick director to show you a funnel set up on also visualization Onda Hope like all other lecture. This was useful, and you can start using it street to a space if you have information already on your e commerce store. Okay, so Well, thanks for listening, and I will see you on the next lecture 11. Lecture 11 Bonus Insights And Techniques: Hi. Welcome to Google Analytics Key and states to increase your conversions. Okay, so we are at the last lecture. There is a ton of stuff to learn and Google Analytics. But let's give you the best possible start. And if you become competent in this than a guarantee that you owe me extra money, the creature error our rely on your ads. So I would like to share with you some other bonus tips and techniques that you might not have otherwise off. It's something I do frequently and found it has had a positive impact on my conversions. Okay, No. So for the last time, we like the mean Google Analytics dashboard. So in this particular section, and first of all, I will go into audience, and then I will go into behavior. Andi, I will go into engagement. I mean, just cruel dead. So as you can see here, um, so you can see all the session durations by up into segments? No, straight off the bat. This immediately shows you that the majority of the sessions are in the 0 to 12th range. As you can see, they suggest that the audience don't have much interest in the products. And this is what you would expect to see when advertising to a cold audience. No cold audience means advertising to an audience that it was nothing about your business. Have never heard of your store. Don't know anything where you're bland have basically had no previous interaction with your your brand or you store whatsoever. So in this a test store, as I was predominantly targeting they're people through Facebook ads. This is what you would expect as I didn't warm up the audience first. So you would expect these tape off statistics. Looking further into this data can be seen that 61 280 seconds on 181 to 600 seconds. As you can see, the sick the third and fourth entry there. So these segments have the second and third more sessions a drastic. So because this is more or less don't to the audience of you'd you absolute desktop. So that's why it z important to focus on both mobile and desktop. And so from this data, you basically what 0 to 12th segment to account for lower percentage over sessions on as I've suggested you want to warm up the audience. In addition to that, you want to optimize your website better. So really, what you want to see is the 31 to 60 seconds. A number of sessions should be roughly about 1/3 off the 0 to 10 seconds not Cissel ruler normally have on Ah, good performing store. So that's basically the counting for dare stop it even for more bail. But with these statistics, you can see easier to 12th accounts for around I would see around for a bit 10% or maybe 15% which is too much you want to be. I mean, it'll still be the majority, but you wanted to be a lot less since the 0 to 12th 2nd session durations were really give you no value. I mean, some of these people viewing and 0 to 10 seconds may come back as a repeat visitors, but it's very doubtful because in these you detain seconds there were made their mind up that that did, nor enough about your particular Web seeing what you're selling the place, that they have no interest in it. So it's very, very important to get that percentage don't. From 0 to 12th session gyrations. Well, keeps us every little tip there. Another temp. I want to. So sure you was that we go into going to behavior. This thing Ondas time We go into state content and many things you can see here. But first of all, we will go to landing pages. So let me just school. Don't. So you can see all of these, okay, so he could see a great amount of data on the line. Landing page statistics. This is the first page that the users enter your website on. So, as appeared adds, took Gordon's direct to the product. Pidge. Then in my particular store or test or these make up the majority of the landing pages. The actual product. Pidge. So, I mean, the majority of customers aren't coming in through the home page or the collection page or or some other about his page, but you'll faint. Almost e commerce stories of running ads. The landing page will be a specific product page so you can see certain products have much better station Jewish in marginal. Better conversions them. So as you can see again, you have the columns that you're probably familiar with by no transactions revenue on you. Commerce conversion rates again See, not the best. But you want to pick it the ones that have firstly decent amount of sessions on the left. And obviously again, volumes are low. You want a bigger number of volumes. So something that has a decent number of stations. Andi has, ah, good soft conversion rate, Andi. So that's basically as the first page that customers come into your store on so you can see an average session. Generation is also very important. So the first particular and page their own. I mean, yeah, this is all linked back to the previous page that you were looking at with traditions. You detained second segments and other segments. So a lot of these law session generations before one to the 0 to 10 seconds segment, or the 1 10 to 20 seconds on because because it's very law that either the product wasn't to their liking the product page itself with ad copy the text, you know, a distant jumper at them. Send it to maybe genetic or it's incredible to them. You know, it didn't didn't tell Mikel. Italy can establish website. I mean, that's the last thing you want to make it look like it's some sort of scam. Lee. Too good to be true. Are there just not enough detail on your Web? Say there's not enough trust badges and just like this from a number of things that may cause that customer I will in 10 seconds to except that pidge. So there were only on this page for like some of them the averages like eight seconds there . So it's not really good at all. So you'll see in the next green that I assure you that what there is always off that if it's very law than most likely that exiting your website very doubtful that they will view this product for a few seconds but still want to go into the rest of your store normally doesn't work. So if you just look at a few of these and some of them are not too bad, there's like, 40 seconds there. Um, there's one minute there, even though there's no steals on that, but it just to show you this particular column, so that's not too bad. One minute there, and so that's basically gives you a law information on this particular on this landing page saw. It shows you which products. So you want to focus on more eso the ones with decent started the decent session generation . And I had good conversion. And we want to just focus on those products more making tweaks and changes that will have ah, post of impact in their conversions and revenue on your station. Jewish in No, as a mention, they're just as important as the landing page is the except pages Q. So the scroll that tone so you can see that so on here. And this is the last page on your website your users were on before they left your state completely. So this means something about said that seven page has no interest at all for the user that I have no interest in bro's other pages. So you want to look at these page and see what you can do to improve these statistics. So this section doesn't have many columns, and you can see there's only three there, but the one shown are all you need. So you have total number of exits. They're tool page views at Exit of the percentage off page views. If you look closely, you'll notice a correlation with the pages are high percentage of exits and also lost session traditions were looking at this product on landing page data. So, as I just mentioned, if you like it for pickets there in product ah, so this year has a very high except in a ratio or percentage re, which is which isn't good at all. So if you go to Atlantic Page, you'll see that that same particular product well, no, don't have a very small ization generation on Yeah, it says When Here. So that's when I was looking at earlier. So that's eight seconds. So there you see the result of that because they were only or not for eight seconds. This caused them know only too. Obviously move onto something else and not really properly. Look at that product, but they've exited. You're completely website, which is lasting anyone, and I mean that that person probably well, the majority of those people probably wouldn't have come back and just never became a repeat. Visitors are returning visitors, which is overall a Judaism injured bad because they're the ones are going to be making most of your giving you most of the revenue. So, um, so this is means as a super important them to make changes on this particular page, as I mentioned already. On the other hand, if you're running average to a particular product page, you may choose to cut your losses and not release any more. Added to these products will this particular product, if you feel that is just the product itself, you have sold reviews coming back, people. How bored, I have said in the product. Just really bad. So you may choose not to run anymore address to this product, so it may not be your actual copy your ad copy or your product page of your praise A major . So what? It just may be the product itself, So just be aware of these type of things. You can also see seven products with the percentage of external law, and so there's potential here so you can see so this product here is only 33%. They accept it, which is good. So it's ELISA said. There's potential here, and you want to focus on these particular pages more. So that's all translate to a longer station tain per user on your state, which means more chance off training the users into return. Visitors I have said many times on This is where you will make the majority of your sales from so it just these two bits of information. So the audience behavior just go back into that audience behavior. An engagement. Andi Then then it was behavior Ondimba State Clinton. So if you just look at those both of those together and you can you can get a ton of data from as you've seen, there's a lot off conclusions you can make on the table products you're selling and how your customers are engaging with those products. And so you should be opt amazing your periods and rich products you may want to address to and which ones you want to focus on more super super powerful and deter that if if you make the correct decisions based on solid facts, that there's no reason why you can't me more a beggar revenue from from this increasing your are away. Okay, so that's basically the end of this course open, giving you enough information that you were going to use and become much more successful in your stores. Okay, so years little congratulations very in your air in this little trophy for completing this course and hopefully haven't fallen asleep. But yeah, I really hope here, miss added value and you have been able to take good sense and tips from and you will be able to apply them to your own websites and e commerce stores or any other type of story you have. So first up, that should be you ready to go now? So the next step is really just to fire up your Google analytics. Andi, add the cord to your pages. You know, to the readers, different types of websites you have and start collecting the data if you don't already have that. So you find the gold nuggets of detest the gold nuggets are gonna bring you the big money or any money or increasing money. I should say so Stop picking a key Data am as I've gone through this particular course. So I mean, there's a lot of data as you've seen. So in all of it, you make fain relevant or useful, but it's a it's a little nuggets of details that will make all the difference. So, yeah, if you just look for them, you know, given your lake, help helpful hints and tips on what to look for, so you'll be able to see them if used to play. Some of this will have gone through. Analyze your state top to bottom so there's nothing on your state that you can't analyze through Google analytics. There's there's so many conclusions you can make for all sorts off aspect of your websites or start start with that can go wrong and then, nor what to optimize on your stores. For having analyzer website, find the key products, websites, pages where else that you know you can optimize to have a better performance and finally increase your are away, which is what it's all about. At the end of the day, increase your revenue and increase your are away. So the less you spend on adverts, the more you'll get on our right. So if you're spending an X amount on your address and getting a return on it, using Google Analytics for free, you will get you in bigger return. So make increasing R A Y, which means you have more money to put towards other adverts. So there's just it's a win win such reason. Okay, So finally just like to say thank you to you all for watching this course on. But I really hope years old, like I said, are able to take some great points from this course. I would really like to hear back from all of youse. You can. So I just like to say Please, please, if you can review this course always I'm not thing to you or can't see. Give me an amazing review. But please give me an honest review and what you think of this and what you think I should add to this. What Maybe is missing. And you expected to see if everyone any questions and let me know so it will be very, very useful to me Will be much obliged for any information. Okay, so that's it from me on Just like to say bye bye, Ferial