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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 2 Installing Google Analytics

    • 3. Lecture 3 A Good Place To Start

    • 4. Lecture 4 Analyse Traffic Time

    • 5. Lecture 5 Track Those Exit Pages

    • 6. Lecture 6 Analyse Product Performance

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About This Class

Here's a course for you all out there wondering what exactly Google Analytics is and how it works

  • Find out how to install this free software and start tracking your website traffic.
  • Find out what the main reporting sections are and their functionality.  
  • Analyse every page on your website your users entered and exited from. 
  • Find ways of improving your online store performance through key tracking.
  • And much much more...

Start using it immediately and be blown away by all the data that is available to you on your own website users that you just didn't know about.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Irfan Aslam

Entrepreneur, Online Course Instructor &


Love to teach and & share my knowledge

Hi, I'm a full-time entrepreneur and an online course instructor.  I love sharing my knowledge and ideas with my students who have given me wonderful feedback ensuring my courses are always of the highest quality. I believe knowledge should never be kept hidden or only known to the few so I have made it my mission to teach my students all that I know and so far the response has been truly great.

Irfan Aslam, BEng (Hons) in Electronic & Electrical Engineering and MSc in Business Information Technology Systems. Worked in the Banking and Telecomms industry over many years as well as Project Managing medium to large projects for an electrical engineering company.  Founder and creator of Gamif... See full profile

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1. Lecture 1 Introduction: Hi, My name is Orphan Aslam and I will be talking about Google Analytics. Basic principles. Okay, So just to give you a fuel off the holes or web this way of analytics to, First of all, I'll be teaching about the basic principles of it. If you don't already know, Google Analytic is away on online Web two, which let you see your traffic on your own lane store. So there's a little about what chord or a snap of cord or a tracking I D that you get from the Google Analytics platform. And then you attach that onto your particular website either an accord or in a separate section where you put in your I D. The Google analytics I D. And one should put that their Google analytics can track all of the people that came to your store. So all manner of information, like the location there at what type of device they're using the placement, and they're just so much information that you can get from that initial fee. Of course, there's no charge for this, so I will be going over just the basic principles of it. I'll tell you to install it detects functionality. Teoh Start offer that. I'll talk about how it's a free to and can be directly related to seals, which is the end goal and using anything like this. And I'll give you hints and tips on the best practices for this tool. And, of course, you got a lifetime access and future updates for free. So it is quickly moving on. And I thought Jumper ensure you the main dashboard off Google analytics. So on this is just a snapshot off the main dashboard I am of a particular store. So this is on the screen real time screens where you can see the people on your store at that particular moment and tame. So in this snapshot, there's no one. There ain't no so you can see a big fat zero there. And normally, if there's more than one person you can see, you know the number moving up incrementally and blow will tell you after, or they're using a mobile phone on a desktop on below. The under the locations you can see their place on the map to, you tell, exactly, were in the world there on your store from gives you some other useful information there just under that where zero is his top of Fed also shows you what a federal say they're from on the top social traffic where they're coming from. And but the mean reason I'm showing you this for is a mean sections on the left hand side. So specifically the reporting section. So just highlighted the five million areas that you be using that you will be using probably on a daily basis almost when you start using Google Analytics. So first up, I've already mentioned real time. So again shows your real traffic to your store. Really, users are you know what specific specific pages in your state there on and and also you can see currently on this example there's no one there, so a next stop underneath that we have audience. So this is one of the main sections that you will be able to gather. Gather the majority of your data from its use your details of users for a given date, all manner of data structures. Herman users the length of time on the Web. Say what locations air fraud, mobile pring system they used. And so this will likely be the first port of call in accessing Google analytics. Below that, you go acquisition. This is a great section to faint where your sake traffic originates from. You can tell what you're a fair old path work based on the works or AdWords. Israel on Key Day turns to one below that you have behavior on that. She was exact pages users visited with all tapes for information in the pages, such as Talk page Views Average Tame on the page entrance to say, through specific page, Your Landing Page them and also the exit page before they left your Web. Si and finally have conversion. So another great section quickly let you visualize your performance With amazing information. You can sell goals. You can see where most of the users dropped off like it funnels. You can see shopping behavior comparisons, and you could see who added to basket and on added to basket compared to through the people actually viewed your product page and give your manner of data. So, basically, to sum up Google analytics gives you more data at leisure. More analysis, ultimately making you more money. Okay, so that's the end of this introduction on. I'll see you on the next lecture 2. Lecture 2 Installing Google Analytics: I welcome back to Google Analytics. Basic principles. Okay, so in this particular lecture, I'll be looking at installing a Google Analytics tracking I D. A. On a website. Look, you know, so m were up at the mean dashboard of Google analytics. So this time this is the life a live dashboard or in an actual store again, you can see in your and say they're zero people in the store because it's just a test or just like an illustrated my point. And so the very first thing you want to do is create Google Analytics A coat. Basically, all you need is a Google I d. So you just get a ah Google I d. And then you go into the Google Analytics platform and you'll be able to logon. So it's a simple is that so once you go Google, I d on your in Google analytics. This is what you'll see, but you won't have any particular a current attached to it. So it wouldn't be tracking any particular website until you Until you go through that this process I'm about to show you. So any first thing you want to do is go to your bottom left hand corner and click on this tools icon here on. You'll get something like this. So because I'm already in on account, you may see certain information you may not see the very first time you come to this. But the mean things are you'll be able to create an account so it's ready. First thing you want to do so, you simply go into creating a code on your most likely you want website there. So you just put a coat names, whatever name you want to call that a coat on a website names. There's not you ideal, just a website name, so don't blow it. It's his website. Uriel. So this is exact you, Ariel for your particular rape. See that you went to track end industry categoria That could be anything. Just find the nearest one to it and select It must have to do again. Put the teams on GM to ever tame is when you run and that's all as I mean, you could leave them all checked on. You had get tracking i d. And that's all there is to it. So I won't do that because I'll need to create an actual. Okay, So? Well, this I'll show you what the next green looks like if I go back into my account double already got If I cook on tracking information and tracking court so this is what you'll see if you have to get tracking I d. So these two bits of information that you need first you need the tracking I D, which is a start. But right now and then you need this tracking court here. So it depends on your web. Say some of the web states, you know, the website builder that you made your website from, some of them will. You'll need to put this feel, snap it off, cordon and to the head or tag on your court. Or you just put the tracking idea. Sure. As an example, I assure you. Shopify weap. See, that added this onto So let me just go into that website. So this is the the back end of my Shopify store on my dash sport. So if you're using a Shopify, say all we do is you go into online store, then you select preferences on your scroll toad and that's it. There. So you can see that exact tracking idea that was appear the snap of court. You just cut a piece to a copy of Peace to you and that's all we have to do it and hit, Save. And then, from then on, Google Analytics will be able to track anyone that went to your shop if I store. So just assure you this in action and we'll do is we'll go back into the Google Analytics. Andi, I will go into reveal tape. I'm going to overview. It's a little bit Fatto would up, so you can see there is currently no one on the story, which is what you would expect because as a test or Andi and it's password protected. So dust as far as anyone will get after Taper. And so I will go into that website right now, kid, right to last, me in the front end or the front page of that website. If I go back into Google Analytics on did as just as I wait in there, you can see it suddenly went Teoh one, and don't Here you can see it's on the password page. So if your school day for school doing you'll see that's were I am on its tracking me so soon as I went on that website because I had that little snap out of court on from Google analytics or in my shop fight store. The minute anyone what goes onto that? My Shopify store, Google Analytics, tracks them so you can see this is live right now. If if I came from a spit, specifics or referral say campaign and so on, you'll see the information. Here you can see some word from traffic sources and lifetime say, But soon as someone's on and then they're off again, then all information will be stored under. Audiences will show you that later. So that's it from this particular lecture. So I just assure you the basics will head to install it on our store. And you hope you can see the the functionality of how it actually works and you can see it working in real time. Okay, so that's the end of this lecture on. I will see you on the next lecture 3. Lecture 3 A Good Place To Start: hi and welcome back to Google Analytics. Basic principles. Okay, so, having should you have to install Google analytics, the next thing to assure you would be just a few of hints and tips and ho twos over. Get your navigator aloneness. Andi was off sections that are normally look at a on a daily basis. And so, if you if you hear, see your that such mark test account again, you've already seen. And so when the left and said What you're wanting to go to, ah audience on one shouldn't audience you wanting to go into behavior on new versus returning. No, there's so many number of sections you can go to first. But this is just something that I like to look at because it's like a key indicator off how your online stores performing, especially if it's and you calm air store. And so before you do anything, you're going to want to make sure that the date to sit to the crypt segment that you're wanting to look at. And so if it's just for like, the past month and you want to set it to the past month, or if you wanting to look further back or register certain tame period. Then you can do that, Isil. But all you do is you just like that. So my particular store, when the test was running with were backs, or I will change it to From first of April 2017. Two. There was a bit. February are you have February 2018 and then you just apply. Alternatively, you can just put the debt and they're from true and sure And then you just set a play there . I'm not. So they're just so you can see some better figures there. So what wanted to show you was new versus returning? So and always a new visitor is someone that only goes onto your website once. Doesn't come back. Returning visitor is someone that goes onto a plane, returns or comes back to it. So returning visitors are where you'll make the most of your income absolute valuable for your store and could do your loyal customers. Abel's one will be the ones that keep come back, and they're the ones that you should be retargeting. Um, so the suture quick snap show. Every time period you choose, magic continues 94%. Only 5%. Returning visitors us a very low value. You're wanting that to be at least 30% and so you can just take a look. I mean, this is one of the first things that normally do. I just take a look at that. They see what Ma figures are like for that. And then beyond that, you can start making decisions on how to attract returning visitors and could be running more loyalty campaigns and giving away giveaways, rewards. And just making your website more attractive may just be the take one look at your website and realize that it's not for them. And so you definitely want You want to look at that at least a few times a week, Andi. Then just keep on top of it. So this is all I wanted to show you for this particular lecture? Andi, I will see you on the next lecture. 4. Lecture 4 Analyse Traffic Time: Hi and welcome back to Google Analytics. Basic principles. No. Once again, here we are, back at the main dashboard for the test account. Live occurred and Google Analytics So following on from the previous lecture and we were looking at audience behavior. Scroll down to that on. It was new versus returning. So I just went to sure you engagement no so is closely linked to that just gives you, like an added dimension and some other data from different angles. And so this basically as session duration, split up into different segments on the total number of stations or the very first run as it count the total number of sessions where people have only spent anything between 0 to 10 seconds on your website, and it showed you the total number of page views for those stations. So these are the people are going to give you the least amount of value. I mean, anyone that Spain's 0 to 10 seconds on a website either of the other mobile phone or a desktop is probably made remained operate quickly that it's not something they're interested and they'll move on on. It probably wouldn't come back to your website. So what you want is for this number to be a law. So as you can see, this particular taste store is really bad and that in that sense, because that number is very high as a percentage to the rest off the detail that you have, so same at 11 30 seconds. You want that to be quite wars will when you get to 31 to 60 seconds. US. When you wanted to start being a little bit higher on 61 280 seconds is the optimum amount , and also this sort of region 61 282nd also accounts for most of the people are going to the desktop because it's naturally, they will be on the on your web se a lot longer so you can, when you look at this data gives you it gives us a chance and tips, and it gives you a in states and what you should be doing with your website, how it's performing so you can see straightaway that if that due to 10 seconds really high , then there's something not right with your website. People are leaving very quickly, and you can drill down and find out why into one or another kind of you could see that this so region here there's ah was considerably higher than what you can see right now. Then then the data itself. That means that your story is performing quite well. But then you can also look at other data to back that up, you know, sealed the revenue and and other other data on this Google analytics. And you can also go into paid stepped as well. So this assures you the number of pages that the men of stations where they went and were they went into more than one page. So you can see again because there's a really large amount of people on the segment of 0 to 10 seconds. This is what you would expect that the only went into one page two pages. Israel, I mean view 10 seconds may go into a particular product page one pigeon in the other within 10 seconds. So that's why these are very high. So you can see down here that for some using six pages is higher than five pages, seven pages. It pages nine on all the rest, and so you can, maybe a drill down. I mean, I'll treat the next lecture, just other detail you can look at just to see maybe from looking at this, you can see the way a website fours There's something not right whether and your sales funnel into wanna makes a everyone leave at a certain point. So again, with a lot of this data, you may see that different data all points to the same thing. But that's that's very important what you want. You want to be able to see all sorts of different data pointing to the same thing. Then you know, you've got a rockfall it on DSO something that you can use to make decisions. And you know that you're not just guessing there. There's a belt. Ones are rock solid foundation. So that's it for this lecture, and I will see you on the next lecture 5. Lecture 5 Track Those Exit Pages: and welcome back to Google Analytics. Basic principles. Okay, so you're not be familiar with us. Just the mean dashboard off Google analytics again in that particular test. Okay, so in the previous lecture, we were looking at the segments or the times people spend on the particular website. You know, when a categorizing due to 10 seconds, the thing was 11 to 30 seconds. And Sean and then the other section beside it was a number of pages that went on Andi e mean, you could talk, pick it. I think it was peered sex. For some reason, a lot. People went on sex pages, and that was that. Sure. I was saying that you could probably dealt Drill down on that further to faint toe the floor, your Web state, Andi, your seals funnel into one. So this is just leading on from that. So I wanted to show you wars. If you go in the main reporting sections is we've been an audience. But this time we go into behavior on state content on exit pages. And here we are. So this is e commerce state. This test state s were just running campaigns to particular product pages. So on here that shows you there's three columns. Here is what enforcement exits which years are focusing on No exit. Is it basically the last page? A user goes on your particular rape, say, before they leave your website. So it is the last page that they ever see on your website on. You want not to be very long. And so let's call him your surgery exits. The one we say that is the tool number of pages. No page views on. 1/3 category is a percentage of exits vs the page. You sort what you basically what is this to be a war? So if you look at something that's very high, which 87% so this means for this particular product page. Anyone that went to this Pidge left your website completely, and this was the last page they were on. So you can see that's no. That's not a very good in page. You either want to completely cut that page or change or changer comes change the optical adware or that product place, maybe, or something else or and that's this is like the main thing is wanted to show usual very invaluable data because this and if you're running ah, campaign or address and you're losing money or you're not making very so many steals your revenues. Video winners Not sure you know where that particular problem and so you can. This is one of the things you can come to and you can see straight were that people are leaving your website when they're on that particular product, and obviously what you want is people to stay on your website. You want to go through different products and and she want to you basically the comment. He rapes on a particular product, but they may end up navigating your website through to some other product. Purchasing that, and that's what you want them. So So if you have become across something more or less, where you have 87% of people leaving your Web say ones that look a particular product, then you want to kill that. Or like I said, you just want to amend that product. Praise, emerge the campaign to it. So many different things that you can do. But that's a very important detail here. So just another thing that was leading on from the previous lectures 22 short years old Onda Hope this was am useful for years on. I will see you on the next lecture. 6. Lecture 6 Analyse Product Performance: hi and welcome back to Google Analytics. Basic principles, Right? So again. And we're back at the main dashboard of Google Analytics and for this test account. So all the previous lectures I've gone over him, it was all basically falling one from each other. That, ultimately, missile leads to how many seals and how much revenue you make from the products you have on your website or if it's even just like a lead generation, are lead capture and short so one instead of actual commerce products. But either way, it works Just Israel, no matter which way you do that. So L each two conversions. So what you want to do is click on conversions on the reporting section, a name you into on e commerce Andi product performance. Okay, so one that particular test IC and these but the products that we're selling on so this is very useful is Page. In fact, it's more than useful. It's it's it's invaluable, just like some of those other pages. And so you have, of course, your revenue. The total revenue amount for that for the highest selling product, unique purchases, its total number of purchases and quantity, and you get average place. So if you're constantly or even if you, it changed the place once or twice. Is Georgia the average process? All that and your average quantity. They're selling refund rate and the men's or two columns. I went to really point our basket to detailer it and by two detailer it. So a basket to detailer is the percent of the percentage of people that add a product on into the shopping basket from the going into the product page. And the bite of utility is the percentage of people actually purchase a product from going into the product page. So I mean, you can you can prioritized the party, still deteriorate or basket, depending on what use regard highly. Obviously, we'll regard purchased us what we want sometimes might not have enough purchases to be able to use that data. Onda basket to detail is closely related to purchase, and always you're going have a lot more baskets at two baskets and purchases, and you can possibly just use that data. So also in unearthing Hindus if you just select the particular call image of sorts that by highest first and so in this instance you can see Looks amazing. But there's no parts of what is one purchase here. So what you want is something that can least have some women of Datone. And so if you just do for sort by purchases and here you can see certain products against your average to all these products higher than average, where you can say that these are performed quite well. I mean, it doesn't mean that the average you see there is what you're looking for him in your average or yards off. What you're looking for could be a lot higher than that. But if you just use the average as like a beast for what you're looking for, so you can see some of them are better than others that when they're not, when they're all those only got one purchase. But you can look illustrate way and see and which particular product off be, or me being your main earners. And maybe that you stop selling a product for a waiver reason and you just going back to just a look at the data on that product and this detail just stuck and it showed you that that was one of your base selling products we can possibly go back to that products are promoting again. So one and Walter you can do is drill deeper into this. You can psych secondary data. So first of all, you can go into users on. Then you go all the way down to region, and it shows you what particularly region you've got most. Every steals trumps if you want a droll down into that. So that's particularly commerce stories focusing on ah us predominantly from 95% of the address. So if you just look at the region's states within the U. S. U. C. Adams when I meet two seals from there. So if its signal Scotland and you can tell that he's made one seal, but then you can look further along and what had the best basket to detail right on? You can see that they're tacking HUD. A good basketball DEET eerie Indiana. So obviously the volume is valuable because of the testicle. You want a lot like a volume to be able to rely on on this data. But if Leslie that was truth, those in 3000 and one and yet these tape of numbers. And of course, you would look at 100% 100% 50% even. And obviously these numbers are dealt more because of the more detail you have will be more realistic figures here. But you could easily. But you could just assure you this off where to look for this day. Turn their parents. You want me looking at so you can drill down into region on you can. Based in that region, you can possibly. Yeah. Making you ad campaign. Just focusing on that particular region. Um, alternatively, you can go into going to tame Andi Day of the Week name. So does I. Information you don't never thought, but if you look at it, most of your sales came on started into the week. Sunday, Monday, you have another Monday, Another Monday, then have end of the week. Friday you're one in the middle. So when you could do as you could, just for you can start all their camp people I say Monday, like Monday just after to eliminate or your campaign. Since you can see that a lot of seals came on a Monday or alternatively, you can do on a Wednesday if you want, so you can go further on. You can see that the campaigns on Monday or, for example, like the campaign on Wednesday, You go much higher basket to detail rate than any other day, so you can just purely based on the basket to detail rather than total number of purchases . And just because you may have a lot more volume and like it was mentioned previously, the figures are much bear, so you can. Because of the larger volumes, you can rely more on those particular figures, so there's so much you can do with less on. And we're just to show you useful with Google Analytics is when you drill down into it, and it's all manner of detail that you can feign that you don't think off him other ways on its for years villages your own deter. And so it Xcel so important to have this and to use it, and it's like leaving money on the table if you don't basically use that, so that's basically it, Andi and I hope you enjoy this lecture on and hope you're able to use some of the information or some of the keys off hints and tips from this to further your own a corner stores or in your table online stores. That's the end of this lecture.