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Google Adwords Strategy for ecommerce

Juri Fab, Digital Marketing Strategy

Google Adwords Strategy for ecommerce

Juri Fab, Digital Marketing Strategy

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8 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Affiliate Marketing with Google Editor

    • 2. How to start with Google Editor

    • 3. Create Google Ads Account

    • 4. Add account to Google Editor

    • 5. Preparing Excel file with Google Ads

    • 6. Create first ad in Google

    • 7. Importing Keywords and Google Ads with Google Editor

    • 8. Updating Google Ads

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About This Class

If you are starting in Digital Marketing and want to promote your affiliate links or own eCommerce services / products then this course is for you!

We all want to get targeted traffic what will not cost you anything or not cost so much. In this course I will share my strategy what will gives you an idea:

  • How to get targeted traffic what will cost you 0.01 USD per click.
  • Setup your first ad campaign in Google adWords.
  • Learn how to upload your campaigns in bulk by using Google Editor.
  • Get idea how to promote affiliate links massively.
  • Understand how to make mass modifications to your Google AdWords Campaigns.

Meet Your Teacher

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Juri Fab

Digital Marketing Strategy


Working full time as an Affiliate Marketer. I'm creating niche websites and rank them in Google. I have created many successful projects already what bring passive online income. I have tested many marketing strategies and know what works best. Here on SkillShare I share my ideas and strategies in order to help other people become successful in digital marketing.

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1. Affiliate Marketing with Google Editor: 2. How to start with Google Editor: So, first of all, what we need to do is finding who go cover or what called Go editor. Click on the earthly That's which language to English. So here it is. And here we can weaken down with for three years, he concedes. Free obligation for managing Clark Edwards accounts. So, uh, that's Quicken down with No. And here we can see that Don Wood started when ready, simply opening in. Run the set of file so it will connect to Internet. And will Donald latest files for a Google A sitter. Here we can see also another do toward to go over. For example, keyword planner. It's, uh, powerful Do toe find, uh, keywords friend trending fjords. What keywords using your could be teachers. Well, uh, we can click a managed accounts and here we can see that we can add many Google Edwards accounts to your Google aided Durand start. Uh, anything different ends. So one Google Edwards count limited to 10,000 ads. So using one account in Google Edwards, you you'll be able to great maximum then down at so why I wish to use go go key work why we should use go Editor this is because if you really want to get Mason results so, guys, if you want to get really Mason results you never liked marketing like this example. So you should use a lot off cos for example, in my case, uh, I'm using correct quitting marketing and they got here almost 180 cos what I promote in different methods All my another strategies you can check by clicking on my profile on you Dimier And there are a lot of strategies What? They published their and, uh, this, uh, these course I will show you how to use your how to use Google Editor. Great. Almost great ads. What will not spend a lot of your money and bring your results. So first of all, it's I told before we need to install Google it or say, Theresa conceits already completed and stop. Let's, uh, let's open these programs. So here it is. Have a great shocker here. So first around, words like that language click on next. Okay, so let's scroll down and accept. There's no conditions. They were considered language legation, I believe. Like, let's genius locations, my Corp location, and gives off councils. They will not ask me out a little precious. Why? Location is different. So languish English Location. My location. Okay, so here is thes how it looks like here. We can add new account before I think before ending in the account here, we should, uh we should have active. Jimmy. Look out. And, uh, using Gmail account, we got great endorse account. How great it was. Accountable show next venture. So, well crazed Edwards account. And, well, it ended here. So this is called forth like this. 3. Create Google Ads Account: Okay, so next step. But we need to do is, uh, go to go, Dad Ford's. So it's going to read words. So each language, English And here we should quicken signing If you do not have a Gmail account if you have one. Simply died here. Your email in Quicken Next. You could do not have any account. You can click a great account. I hear your name. You're working with Chris. Your bus board. Make sure you see your passport in Greek on next here. We should receive our activation called. So let's go to your email Here. In these here is the gold. So let's copy it, please did here and click on the very fight. So here we should, uh, enter our details and click on next. I will enter my details and become next. Now, in the next step, we should bury by our phone numbers. So let's quit consent and we should receive our message. I'm here. Got what you received when your form this week on waited buying let's grew it and excepto there's we can create account and Greek on computer. Okay, it will take some time and here we can see that everything is created here. Let's type our website here. Carrie Kahn, select If you would like to receive personal steeps to improve your ads for, uh if you do this without steeps Quicken? No. After that, we can continue, so we will not. You are dead. Bored now. So here it is. So what's, uh, here? We can select our course campaign. We'll leave it for later. What simple. We can go to my account. Let's check it out. Go ahead towards here. Signing. Yes. And here we will be able to and our new company, but we'll leave it for later. 4. Add account to Google Editor: it's complete our set up. So here you can see Go ahead or task us for specific How much we would like to spend 30 day . By the way, we can change that later. It was, uh, time here. Bring them both by box locations. Make sure to make sure to select your store countries and territories later. We can change that as well. Or if you are promoting specifically to a program, what are, for example, targeting Conley here safe? Then you should suspect here Simple USA for any other country. What? Your program we start getting. So it's, uh, first of all, we need to complete the set up. So that moment a little time here. Standard stairs for all complaints. So this is quite property for countries and territories here. We should select sorts networks only. Here we construct keywords. Okay, lets us keywords are displayed. Pretty building. So go check my website where they have mentioned. And the chick What keywords are good for? Disease website. Okay, someone select around then keywords. Okay, let's let's, uh, become safe. It's type simple headline here. You can see how it will be displayed. This is just under We can change everything. Great there. It's quick. Safe. Okay here Wouldn't see that racial looks like When you do remove these time, we can try to say yes. No, it's OK. So it's good from statement. Continue here. We should select the billing country. What type of information? Here I recommend you just like many of the animals here. We should select something smaller. War here We should complete the heart number and name address. See God! And after that, quick on finishing grade. So after creating that, we should disable it and we will add the's account. Who go waited there. So I bet it here. My card number normally hear my information. Okay, so when everything is completed could make sure to quit here. Do you agree? Terms and conditions and we can finish and create. So it's sorting. I guess you consume our account. Now he's activated. Let's quickly go to your account. Here's our customer. I d. Here are the words Here is campaigning what? We have just greed. But we need to do it always raining. Teoh Swee Jobs. He's campaign because we will promo something different. So it's like the said group Big Gun bowels. Yes. This country now displaying ads is three stone. We'll go. Teoh could come here. Quick. Billing and payments. We can see that. Our great it was charged for $20. So this is our This is our beauty. It what we will use in order to promote a particular things and simple calculations. What will give you? Uh, so, uh, $20. We will use only one stand per week, and we got $20 so it will bring us 2000 weeks so we can get to Dublin leagues. And if we will get at least, uh, before if you promote brother, but will cost, for example, $100 in commission and we will get I'm sure we can get a police the one sale. And so our dental broke. It will be $80 or more. So this is how you go there? Trash system works. And what we will do, we will. Great. Dan 1000 asked by using these, uh, straight, Did you? So now we have, uh, they go. Victim waited here. Our first complained was false. Does it? Go see? And now we will. Who was quick on Google and for Senator openly Greek on it That's signed up here. So your account But you could just greed. And the hero concedes in Google and Senator new alot access school here is the gold. Something corporate based. Here we come looking here. We can see that Edwards Editor Will Donald one account and all campaigns so quick. Oh, okay. Here we can see our complain. He worked. So now we can modify everything from here. And I will show you how to do this in how to import here. Basically all Oh, it's great links. You include here in promotion and we'll spend on Lee One sent directly. So this is how it works, like 5. Preparing Excel file with Google Ads: so my recommendation. First of all, you should build your website on the workers. Then it will be easier to and all these products to Google Eyster. So, for example, we got following websites seat to that camp. This website promotes Udine courses. So, uh, how it's built, So does he know I got one? Were course on the new demand. If you'll simply I've hear my name on you nimir jury pop, you will find all my courses and here is how to create it till it Webster work these courses about how to create the inflate Web store on the board press and I show step by step how to grade such website and import products in book. So when when you have created your excellent web store, uh, and used sail black and cold just but here we use keywords all these courses so usually outwards. For example, I would like to promote these courses or any other product. So, uh, thes is course name. So people usually who want to get the scores for tempo, they got a course name and search it in Google. And so this will be our keyword Same before other products For example, I got website begin that come. And here I promote, for example, these software Major, let me show you. Was this so far? So, for example, people would like to get the sound porch every hour. Just studio. He's one. So what they do? They could be a product name. And with searching Google. So if you would like to promote these over, we'd like we should use these keyword product name. So what you need to do is, uh, you need to to adhere, create pages with all these brothers and you Same product name here in your product link. This is why? Because if you will type here start may seem well your website you'll find your brother, for example. I would like to take, uh, private brought excitement here. So great now, And it will generate me all so someone show me side map with all products sold. 1000 links here. So if I don't take, for example, this links go to no part, my legs ease first with first, we need to go to excel, to remove these one. So I will open. You should hear I so I will simply Corporan We can copy all these if you like. For demonstration purpose. This is what exactly you need to do. So, uh, when you have generated imported products to your purpose website, you should copy now wings from here. So it's easier to use those in green plays them. Uh, like these Go scorpion opening your now, but placed into, like, disease. And you will see you will see, um, destination wing destination link for every brother. So now what? We can do it now we can take from here your promotion text. So product ICS So let's now quote business destination wings. So this will be final final ing where we will redirect people. And now we need to take from from all these links brother name. It's also easy to do. We need to work in a no parking. So here we can see that this thing can be removed So it's coated type in your keyboard control age type would like to change. Put it here Nothing Greek on replace you can see and we have removed the swing. Now we would like to remove these slash So let's do same and last thing What we need to do is Remove these able and type your space we can replace. So? So we got decks? No, for every brother. Let's copy. Go to your excel. That here, uh, there's less basted. So we got the final link. Good text. Uh, this tech schools can be like G work, and we should generate pages. Lang disease. So for every product But we have imported on our wordpress website, we should generate Xel file Lexie's. This will be required for Google. For Google. We need to create company and great different head groups. Keywords, headlines, description, Final wing. So we got now, Finally, we got a group headline headline to We Will use if it will promote Cooper Got so little scoop in court. You contract anything here like discount or something. And descriptions of description we can use same, uh, text as we have taken already. And it's something like after 99% off or special offer or something like these. Okay, so this has been done when you have generated your file. So we need to at least to get linking from here, and you need to take a product name and you have generated it. We can move to the next step. So if you are not sure how to generate these, uh, websites, we's all these products. You should check my detailed course out to great definite Webster showing you step by step produces, but in brief. What you should need to do is, uh, on your WordPress you should go two days board, and you should use oh, import Blufgan in order to publish your products. Inflate Braddock's for gambled to your website and you should, uh, up a little using these using deception you can up a little products. So this is our war fight, guys. So what you need to do is to generate these excel file first. Then we can move to the Google editor she considered have added here already many programs you might Google account. So you can. Great fourth, uh, campaign. It's an example. So I look like now see, if you didn't few complaints already ate it. And now we will Apple of these complaints woke. So I will show you how to do this thing next step. By the way, if you have situations, made sure to use this option when you demean to ask me a question and I will help you to sort this out. So let's move to the next step 6. Create first ad in Google: Okay, So before we will upload our campaign mas book, we should have these Xel file ready. First of all, we need to provide complaining. So let's go to Google. Edwards. You can create new complain here manually. We'll show you it's an example. So here is a button for complaint so quickly. Complaints. Here we can create new complaints and here we can see half a radium Great few for my other athletic programs here. Conceive Daily Beauty. It's tattoos off this complaint bits, strategy, type of campaign, and you can see and promoting only insurgents. Here is a number of clicks impressions, and it will go to over you weaken. See how much how much I spend money Quick. I got average price per click and number off impressions. How many people? So my So let's move back to campaigns if you would like to. Great you want because you complain here and here we should select complaint would like to use. Usually I'm so that mean Onley sort so people will see results from search engines only. So let's break what we would like to receive would like to receive sales. Okay, so let's Greek on continue No. Here we can select display network so it will be displayed for people who will see your destroy reality. So usually yes, we can. We can leave like these. This is See if you would like to include search partners like you, too. May be great. Book different search partners. You can either disable these or not. Here we can select allegations, select locations What are work for your affiliate program? So, for example, if you are promoting their flight program What? We were brothers to United States on the sand. You should type here United States and select only 61 If you would like to promote something global than you can click on all countries and territories here we consider the language should complain. Beauty, how much you'd like to spend Faraday by the file? But the felt I put here $10 for every campaign meeting strategy. So here we would like to select mixed mice Number of weeks because we're promoting, inflicting sent. We would like to get this money quicks as possible to our were excellent. Uh, link maximum cost very quick. So it's up to you. How much you like to spend here So, uh, by the Falcon can put something like these three Selves so it will work like these. Uh, so, uh, if you will go to Google, I've here, for example, uh, a little sorts, like by policies in line. So here we conceive search results. So this is played by a great great at. So, for example, this company got beating strategy. Maximum 20 cents bear click, but this one got only 15 cents per click. So means in order to display these air, they will spend more than they should spend more than 50 more than this one. So one spending 15 15 cents. It was in order to displace this one, they will spend only 16 cents Berkeley, but not 20. So this house is beating strategy works. So, um, we will promote brothers in books. So we fell promote from simple 10,000 products. Then it can put here in maximum beat Larry Low, and probably somebody will see my so we can reach this number. When you when your budget gross, you can increase this number. It's my recommendation. Start from something small. After that, we can also it cycling's extensions. So it's like, uh, let me show you again. Look what this means. So this cycling contestation is this one So additional bottles for your pages. So it's up to you. You can have this. Usually it works Great. So you splaying product here and here are additional bottoms. So yes, it's a good option to promote something. So for demonstration purpose, I do not NZ's Let's see a target only one key word here. So like here your complaint name. So you will be able to do find any place there. So it's like, for example, seek to you know, me and Greek on, uh I'm input demo cripple ready, greatest same complain and so remove that letter. So when when you have name it quick on safe and continue. And here we can grade a group ed group. I hear your brother name and keyword. Usually it seems I don't live here. Your you weren't Oh, it's same if you're cured. President, this Group three consecutive continue Great new f and you can type here you at Greek on statements and continue. So, uh, you're a great example for yourself out of this example we can use for future complains. So it will be easier toe. Understand what we need to change in Google. Edwards Editor. So once done, then we can start operating. Complains. For this, we're required to go to Google. Edwards Editor. Well, it's opening. Select your account. So, like if, uh, accounts here like the conflict what you would like to use? I don't use this one. Quick on. Get present. Changes more data Slower. No complaints, Krekar. Lookie And it will start loading all information from your current Google Edwards count. Once completed. Here you conceive Complained what we have just created in red We can see errors. This one is not error, but recommendation. What? We can change. So now we should select complain. Here is example one of his example. What we have and it already. And now I will show you how to import. You were campaigned in books so you should have such file papers. So I would hear complaining At group ed group, it's ah a group of keywords its product name what we will promote. I want to show you how to how to get these brothers names simply go to website, decide my click on around inside my and you'll see link for every product. And from this linker you can generate Braddock name this product name you should put in Ed Group and keyboard. This is first sparked off by a what you about second part contains same complain a group. But it also complains headline and I'd like to in description finally. So you should generate See such file before we will start uploading to Google server Edwards 7. Importing Keywords and Google Ads with Google Editor: So now when we go to following a file rating So that's where you if you remember, we got here come by Name What we have created at group uh uh, work. So for every Edward well, great used on the one key word A key What will be as product names of usual people search for brother name they put in Google. So that's why I will use on the product name Of course we can. At the more keywords and future like for example, this one is for the police is unique. Or send people to consider search like basic baby marketing course or discount code. You connect future. We can add more keywords later. Eso First of all, we need to upwards. Such files complain a group keyword These two columns are saying Second fire lease complain that group headline number one and lying to headline too. As you can see, I will use work coupon code because you usually for my situation. I'm promoting online courses and people are searching for discount or coupon code so I could put here discount or coupon code in descriptions will really use Samos product name and, well, type something like after 99% off coupon court, Uh, grab a deal or something so you can generate it Also easy, like you can combine to line. So, for example, you can type here Headline like these Couple caught and marriage Two lines The lines in the line I will show up with Quantrill. Age I've here agrees. So it's, uh, marriage. Now we can do this in vogue. So here in this description, right, So here it's out and be done in book. So description. Finally, Exel's linked to the product. So to promote an hour from our website. So we are now ready. So for this to our stay single this one just for his need to understand I looked, of course, provides these file example. You condone it destined by yourself. So here it is Part number one who will operate now. So open your account managers alike The account what you would like to open and go Go eighties There Here is how it looks like now it's quick and complain. So I said concedes you didn't complaining. I agree. Coming. You hear any to select keywords? Keywords in targeting key work here should quickly make multiplying changes If it's not the rail, but you should Quick of the year and now it's available. So once against electoral campaign here once creep one selected keywords and targeting Thanks a lot Keywords. And, uh, here we should quit on make multiply changes. Now you see such we know So here we should waken see our campaign here, but we do much need to check in Isn't here We important change what we should do here. We should keep in mind that already good schools for complaint, so make sure to cricket. Now let's go back to over XO file and corporate do That could be 1st 1 corporate from second plan like these Click on copy. So your doctor of course you can. You can add the legs East 1000 2000 And so everyone or just for demonstration purpose Title now 17 ads only. So it will be easier. What's Corp go back to? We know what we were just here. Click on the first row and on your keyboard. Click on control. So here we can see uh, see, such options are hearing it. So it's all of this is campaigning Second Mommy's head group group in circle on these keyboards. Do you work? Don't make sure to sell it this whole correctly in future. If if you do not like, if you do not want to change in its think here. So if you will upwards in same order, complain and grew keywords, then you can Quicken remembers the order off my column headings for future imports. So once completed, Quicken Brat says Pardon, it will start the import. And here we can see that ed Group. But he added to wealth g word. So get it 12. So this is exactly what we are doing. So everything's looks like correct. So let's we can finish review changes. So here we can see that I knew you would send it to complain of the current campaign, a group and state of suspended review and these two lines going Aargh conceived. So let's go on it and let's fix it error. So he worked. When we click on the error, we can see your text has too many boards should, uh, changes. So let's making shortened could become a growing market, so its weight will be the same guest. After that, click on any other line you can see air disappeared. So I guess this one also the same error. So make sure to start the right keywords here. So I guess what was is awesome. So we can make it like low post is also course. Or we can remove these lines and legs make him pro before societies for department as a giver. So now we can see that change is completed And we should Gricar uh, so we should go to the next step. Okay, So next step, we should applaud our heads. So this one is a politic. Let's up with park too. So in part we should go. Teoh, We should select our complaint here we should spine link adds, Let's click on ads. Click on expend ends. Uh, is he gonna tell you come up with a different type, but text it is no longer supported, so we should use expended text ends. But right here you can see example what we have been created. So do examples here. You know, we should quicken, make move to play changes. Make sure to quick here expended ads and then you should make the pledge ins. If it's not a couple we can wreak on you hear now it's applicable so quick on making to play changes. Of course, this before we should. Greek on my data include school for planes and at or groups make sure to click it. And now let's go back to our Excel file Far do also make sure to select old doctor that do not select first role. So let's select know it. Okay, not selected weaken corporate. Let's go back to our field. Take on the first roll. And but in case the data so pricing keyboard control me, I mean sure chick, um, headlines here. So 1st 1 he's complained. 2nd 1 ad group and Google headline one and went to and lengua going to description and final link description funneling. So everything is correct. You can would here remember in future that we will use same file. So, um, as I said before, I will provide you Zeze file templates where you can simply change all these data calls and you can test it by yourself. So you do not need to grade this file so you will be able to Donald it and simply changed out of yours and using keep this example. So here, once completed, we should click on Princess. Usually I slept here. So remember that asshole in future, it will be easier. Top of do not need to change here every time. So okay, what's quickened but says now start importing. And here we conceive that we will add 12 expanded text at. So let's greet confusions Review changes now. So, uh, here are it's edit and here we can see one error. So let's check it why? It's displaying. So let's Greek on this air. And here we can see that it's, uh to monk headlines so So we can change it a little bit. A little bit looking WordPress from them Full tutorial. Anderson concerned. Now it's OK, so everything case completed here. Okay, Once completed, we can simply let's keep you. Once completed, we can click on force changes. So let's click on those changes and here we can see that we will boast Debayle and groups. We want to includes 12 keywords and 12 expended text. That's what we have just created. So it's Greek on post, and here we can see that this off posting So this Yes, I can see We got three errors here, but all other posted. So let's check what type of Paris we got here. So it's Greek on keywords. In targeting here are errors in keywords. So let's going on it. It's a concedes contains, uh, you know, while it standing signals, people and the last one. So also, you know, acceptable. Now it's OK. And now we can post changes against only two bus now, uh, free changes. So let's post. And here we can see status. So now it's OK. So of course, before posting better do check everything, but it's not always possible. Figure out so sometimes, Uh, we need to fix it so it feels quick here. We can see that status off our eye. It's already are pending. Crave yers are under review, so he's got four guys. So I hope this video was helpful and let's move to the next step 8. Updating Google Ads: So when you have completed all the steps steps we can go to our go go Edwards online account and quick on your complaining. Make sure to quicken re fresh page Once repression, it should start displaying ads. What we have just created sometimes it takes time, but, uh, as you can see now it's a whole operated We can click ad here, we can see an extension so I will quicken and here we can see make a problem for cycle God . So exactly what we have created The only thing what we need to do now it's weight while all our aunts will be route and start displaying car in Google So this is how it works Like if you face any error here you can click on these bellum and it will be displayed in the certifications and doing things like disease can waylay by white great results. We such it's, uh you can create a lot. A lot of ads get a lot of immigrations and sees is how almost free traffic comes to your website. So this is how it works Like ice. I will keep updating the scores with fresh information, so some more tips for you. You can click on if you'd like to change something. For example, we got keywords. You can see everything simply like the one and then re Koshman ship your keeper holding it . And so they as much as possible it's here. Then quick on. Right click. And here we can change. For example, beats Changeling for all group. Uh, so this is about words like, for example, in that group conduce Same. So it saying, for example, change capitalization. So make everything first. Like the first letter. Bigger? No, small. He'd come. Make sure to click here if you see such errors and sure to exam for heresy. Monitor here and everything will be displayed. Oh, errors. What you can fix here. So, um, quick in here complain we can change complaints here, so I selected You can see so oh, complaint Selected are well, that's selected. What are in this complaint here? We concert for the change in Puget Change date with disabling so different type of options here. What? We can still change four simple strategies like so many other options what we can work on, Uh, if you starting If you'd like toe make more changes than simply before every start. Come, get there isn't changes. Crinkled morning, Brickell Oka brains freak. Okay, It's a lot of changes. And only then you should start working. So because if you do not do this brick on both, you will most changes. What are so? You all right? Everything but sometimes make sure before I do any changes, get dressed and juniors from server and then start working on your your complaint. Never concealed conflicts. What you can change. This is how it works. Like I so, uh, you should do these message, Lee, I can show you on Greece. 12. EDS. Oh, you can see that 12 EDS Was headed really quickly. And, um, this was really easy. So use the stamp late and, uh, create your own heads. Generate a bunch of links like these. You can create 1000 ads or even more for every brother. Quit your weapon Website and, uh, target key worked. It's perfect name are getting conley, brother claim keywords and doing things like this. You will start getting traffic stock from disease and you will see how fast you you will be going with traffic clicks every day. And then you can experiment. These, uh, click price bring back weeks off. For example, you will see that, um, for example, here complain cause get to cost me 28 cents only. And I got one sales. Maybe it is worked to increase price point Burke a week, for example. From three cents to five cents Makes room and then you get possibly to sales so you can experiment. This is a bit stratagem and tried to about here. Many campaigns, different companies we do not promote. The same complaints is I'm promoting because we'll be if everyone moved from old saying complains, price per click will grow dramatically and you're competing with each other. So the mind idea here is to promote absolutely different products and make sure to promote different products. Do not promote same product because it will be harder to get sales, not harder, but it will cost you more than more than average. Sabia says he conceived. So this got works like make sure to check file what? I have been good in these