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Google Advanced Search: Start Searching Google Like a Pro

Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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8 Lessons (46m) View My Notes
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Understanding How Google Search Works

    • 3. Google Quick Searches with Unique Result

    • 4. Some Basic Features calculations , map and directions

    • 5. V5 Using Site Operator and Filters to Dig Deeper in Google Search

    • 6. Combining Search Operators to Refine Results

    • 7. Search for a Particular File Type with Multiple Search Criteria

    • 8. 6 Advanced Search Operators


About This Class

Google Advanced Search
In this course you will learn how to use google Advanced Search operators to search the web in a more efficient manner. You can save a lot of time by knowing how to use Googles search operators. Google provides logical AND and OR operators and in addition to that many other search operators and filters for videos, images and text based search. Most people just through some keywords in Google search dialog box and then get lost in million of results google through back on them.

Video Lectures:
1. Introduction to Course
2. Understanding How Google Search Works
3. Google Quick Search with Unique Results
4. Some Basic features, calculations and Map
5. Using site operator and filters
6. Combining Search Operators to Refine Search Results
7. Searching for a Particular File Type with Multiple Search Criteria
8. 6 Advanced Search Operators


1. Course Introduction: Google is worse largest search engine, and when it comes to finding information, this is our cost destination. But most people use Google in the simplest possible way. Deport a search query in Google's such dialogue box and get some results. The problem is that sometimes there are too many reserves, millions of reasons, and it is impossible for us to even scroll through all those lasers to do a more efficient , such in Google. We have to use Google's at last such operators. Google forwards many. It wants such operators. These operators are logical operators like end operator or operator. You can find exact matches. You can find a specific such done in the title of a Web page. You can find a specific search term in the U. R L A over page or the Web address off webpage. There are some quick such terms, which you can use to find a single answer. What is number time at a particular location are the population are the weather report of a city. Even you can do some geometrical tell collisions were being trying the parallelogram. So Google has become very it wants no, and we have many operators which we can use through efficiently search in Google. So this can say waas a lot of time and effort and we get a wide frustration. Using these Google search operators is very easy. You just have to learn how to use them. There are a lot of haters available for you to such within the videos. For example, you can figure out videos off a specific duration are a specific quality. You can start images which have been uploaded only within the last month. You can search what images which have been uploaded by a specific website. For example, National Geographic Special. You can start a specific fire type. If you are a teacher, you might be looking for some flesh boys, which you can demonstrate to your students are some people defies our power point presentations, which have creative common license. But you can use without any problem. And I assure you hope to find a license type of any fire. So these kind off things you can do in Google at one search. So in this court, what I will do is I really first put their description after war. Three examples are the scenarios in which we are trying to find the information and then I will demonstrate hope we can find information in this scenario. And in this way it will be very easy for you to quickly learn Google at all search operators because there can be unlimited examples. So it's up to you toe. Then use that example in your own situation because it is impossible for us to cover all those examples. But using these adverse search operators, you will be able to efficiently searching Google. This course is designed for beginners to intermediate level. But if you order it wants user, you might get something useful in this course as well. So I hope that anyone would be able to get benefit from this course and I will see you inside the course. 2. Understanding How Google Search Works: No, this is Ah, basic video about hope. Google search works. If you know this, you can skip this video. But there could be some bigness watching this course s so I had to include this in my course. These are some of the important points everyone should know. Well, the first point is that Google search is not case sensitive. Whether you use a lower case letters in your such pretty are the upper case are a combination of both. The search results will not change. The second point is that whether you use singular words are plural. For example, whether you use get our kids, the results will be same. The tart is an important point that by default there is a logical operator and which is used by Google as part of your searched. For example, if you are using two words in your search query so Google will find out that is theirs in which both the first word and the second word is present. So this is how this end is by default present there. So if you use three words and will be applied toe all these three and Google will find the deserts in which all three words are present. The four point is about space. Space is not a searchable character, so if you pour something like simple letter A B R C, you will get somebody's there's. But if you pour spaced and press enter, you will not get any results in Google. Know the fifth point is related to this fourth that sometimes Google ignores this single letters in your searched her. And this is the time when Google thinks that it will slow down. Ah, the result process and it will not improve the quality of the results. So in that case, Google also ignores single letters. So these were some points about Google search, and no, we will see how you should proceed with Google sells. The first point here is that always start from the best. Except so this is a recommendation by Google that you should always start from the way Normally people start. Just put the search query and center until you are very comfortable with using the at worst operators. The second point is that you should know how Google search works, which we have already discussed in the previous light. The type point is that there are certain queries which have single answer. For example, you are looking for a time in a particular city are the pronunciation of a word in the dictionary. You should think about that. Whether you are looking for a single quick answer, Are you looking for some reserves? So if you're looking for a single and quick answer so there are certain commands available which you can use to get this answer very quickly. And I have a separate we do in which I will discuss these quick search terms and how you can find a single answer against your search query. Know, the fourth point is that you should always use the appropriate keywords. No, this is a skill you will get with time. And as your vocabulary improves in any particular field, you will get this escape because keywords are the input to your search query. If you are not putting the appropriate keyword, which shows your intention what you are looking for, the results will not be a very high quality. So using the appropriate keyword is absolute essential and critical for you, because whatever you will learn in this course about the operators about doing at one such , If your keywords are not correct, you will not benefit from this. In particular, if you are searching anything for your research, are a za graduate student. It's very important that you use appropriate keywords. No, there are also some such options available, and when you such something, you will see these few options at the top maps, images, videos, news and some more options. So if you are searching for images, you should be aware of these options, and you should click on images after putting and entering your search. Query. If you're looking for videos, click on videos. So be aware of this, because otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time. So these were some of the basic points off for doing research and how you should proceed. Video such queries on Google. 3. Google Quick Searches with Unique Result: in this video, you will learn some methods toe Find quick answers on Google such there are a few questions which you can immediately find answers on Google Search and I will show you hold. These are some of the examples where you can literally find a unique answer for within a few seconds before I start doing searches on Google, I will walk you through some of the examples which I will be doing. For example, if you want to know what is the time in any particular city you can immediately find just by typing time and the name of the city. Similarly, weather report for any city weather and the name of the city. If you want to get the pronunciation of a particular word, I usedto go toe dictionary and then type the word. Then there is ah speaker, but I'm click on that and then I get are used to get the pronunciation. But no, I found there to just tie pronounce and then the word and Google will show you the pronunciation. No similarly population you can find the population of a country out off a city doesn't matter if you want to find the definition of a word you can use operator define, define colon and then the world. So you don't have to pull this quotation marks. I'm just putting this because to make it prominent within the sentence, no. Similarly, when is the next sunrise in any location just type sunrise and the location. Similarly, in order to convert any units from one unit to another, it's very simple here. I haven't given you one example that how many centimeters air there in a foot so you will see how easy it is to find all these information. So let's see, How can we do these queries within few seconds? So the first waas time in Toronto So I just type time to run toe and enter. And Google immediately shows me the time in torrent. So the next was whether in Sydney So where the report absolutely will be immediately a real ableto us on. As you can see that it shows me all the weather report and also I can see this forecast from government website which is not Governor day. You So all this information within just a few seconds? No, let's pronounce the word. What about them? I know Google gives us this speaker icon here. And if I click on this that show me the pronunciation of this world, the next was population of China. So just type population and China. It is simple and it will show us the population. So elect, we want to find the definition off Entomology. So we use an operator, define and with a cooler and then retype the world. And then we type that word. And it defines the word here, the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed the world history. No, If I want to get the Sundays time for Sydney tomorrow, I can immediately get it from here. Sunrise and any location and the last Waas Hoboken weiter unit. So we were looking for How many centimeters are in one fit, So we will say fit in centimeters in is the operator. So we want fit in centimeters. So instead of writing the whole fit, I can even write f t and then emit operator and then centimeter, and it will show me that one feet equals 30.4 year centimeters. And if, for example, I want fit in inches. So one in is the operator. And then I put another in four inches and it will show me one inch equals 0.83 fit. So this is all you can find answers toe these simple queries within a second or two. And there could be other queries, for example, Sunset and I might have missed something here, so you will learn with the experience. 4. Some Basic Features calculations , map and directions: in this video, we will see how we can do some quick searches in Google. The first thing I would like to show you is, for example, if there is some calculation and decimals are involved in that calculation. So it's a bit hard for us 200 there decimals, but you can do this calculation instantly. In Google Search Bar, for example, I like toe No. 56% off 675 and as soon as I entered this here, it will show me that. Is there that 56% up? 6 75 378 are you can't go any other calculation as well. For example, let's say 5.4. Marty belied by six, and it will immediately show you dancer. So this matter is faster than opening. Any calculator app in your mobile phone are on your desk top, so you can immediately lose this type of calculations. Also, you can solve our triangle. So a few types soul triangle and let me put some wrong spelling here. So as you can see that I have pulled the wrong spelling here. But Google can understand, and Google is showing me the results for solve triangle instead of the world, which I have time and here to have some options, you can find the area of the triangle by providing the base and height. Values are. You can find some other values as well. For example, if I click on height, no bubble will show me that in order to find the height, I have super wide base and area values. And if I entered the base value, let's say 5.6 and area value off 67. I can immediately get that high it off approximately 23.51 I can also calculate the very meter of the triangle are even one side of the triangle if I know angles. For example, if I want to tell cleared one side of the triangle, then you will ask me to poor white area. Value it one side, the really would be, and also the angle this angle I have to put white. So in this case, if you know the area value and one side in the angle, you can find the other side of their trying. So this is very interesting. If you have any particular calculation to do. You can do this. You can also solve for parallelogram as well. Any other powerful option in Google is that you can use the key wide near me. So, for example, food near me. If I entered this phrase, it will show me all the restaurants near my current location because my location is known to Google. And no, if I click on any of these restaurants, for example, on this one, it can show me a few more details and also a map. And it also shows you the rating of the restaurant for why did by 427 reviewers. So this is very helpful. If you are planning to visit some restaurant, you can see how many people have rated that restaurant lower, higher, whatever. And you can scroll down here and you can see some more details and let's go back. And if I click on maps, then I can also see the directions. And there are also some features available here for any country specific food. If you want, you can slick and select any of these. For example, Lexus like this and press done it will show you all the Chinese force. No, this near me is a powerful search query. This is applicable to guess as well. So if I enter gas near me, it will show me all the patrol stations near my location. And I can also get the directions if I want. For example, if you are at unknown place and you want to know the gas station near you, you can find it quickly and also get the directions to go there. Another powerful feature is for example, let's say I want toe go from one location in Sydney Ridges Ball Die Junction Toe Opera House, which is showing me here. So let's say I clean this. No, it will show me the time, the distance and also their directions. And you can also use this direction feature between two cities. So let's say I ask Google from Sydney Toe orange Orange is another city in New South Wales . I know it will show me their time from Sydney Toe orange, three hours, 49 minutes and also I can see the direction. If I click on directions, it will show me the map and all the actions. So there are two possible routes And if I click on their details of this shorter route, I can see the for their details off this since existent former roots. So we only have these toe parts of this route. But this way you can find the map as well. So these were a few more options, which most of you already know, but I just wanted to mention in this course as well. 5. V5 Using Site Operator and Filters to Dig Deeper in Google Search: in this video we will learn and had lost Google such operator which is site you use site operator when you are concerned only about a single site or one type of websites. So this is when you use this operator and I have returned here three different scenarios rich I will demonstrate in Google. So the first scenario is that I want to find what is latest about Australia on CNN. So as you can notice that this is a website so I am only concerned that what this website is showing us about Australia, it's a news website. No, The second scenario is that I want to see the images of big gets and I don't want to see these images on any website. I want to see these images on National Geographic website, which is Ah, fantastic authentic website. Another condition is that I want to see the latest images which are not more than one month or so. These are the two conditions, one website and latest images nor the third scenario is that I want to find latex tutorials and litigate the typesetting software just like Microsoft Word. And I want to find these tutorials on YouTube, which is, Ah, video hosting website, and I also want that video quality should be high. So this is one of my conditions that we do. Quality should be high, and I am imposing another condition there. The video must be more than 20 minutes long. So this we will accomplish by using filters available in Google such and these filters are available for images. This winters are available for videos, and these filters are available for other tools. No, every category has different filters. The filters, which are available for videos, are different than filters available for images. Because in video, we want to know how long is the video and images we want to know. Whether it's an art are, it's a photo. What kind of images is so These features depend on the category, so know that. See how we can do this task on Google. So first we will be finding information on CNN dot com. So side colon CNN dot com a boat, Australia. So this is the world's first query. And now, as you can see that I can immediately find the top stories. One day ago, 11 hours ago, two days ago. And if I want news, only I can click on news and then I can get all these news. So using site operator is very simple. Just type site and then cooler than the name of the website. And then what is your search query? So this was very simple, nor let's do the next one. The next one is that we want to find Big Cares images or National Geographic Website. And no, in this query, let's type the keyword big Cares in the beginning, and then we type site colon national geographic dot com. Let me check the spellings and no press enter. I know we got images off these lions here, and no, we will be using filters. So the fast food eateries, of course, images. I just click on this so I can only see the images and in a big, bigger form. And no, I want toe see only those images, which are latest. So to do that, I have to click on these tools. And as soon as I click on these tools, no, I get these filters. I can select any further. For example, predominant color of the image are some other user rights type off the image, whether it's ah clip art are start drawing our gift. So all these but I want something related toe the time frame off this image. So therefore I click on time and then I click on past month. So this was my objective, like click on past month, and now all these images are less than one month or, for example, this image is just three days old. So this is how you can filter down the images. I have just given you one example, but there could be many other scenarios and not let's do the next two scenario, which is finally attack tutorials on YouTube. So I just type latex tutorial our tutorials. It doesn't make any difference. And then I type side colon, youtube dot com and press enter. No, it is showing me all these tutorials available only take. But the best approach is when you want to use filters on videos because we're putting some other conditions like Gator than 20 minutes and high quality so far that I click on videos and no, we can apply freighters. And in order to apply filter on videos, I click on tools just like we did in images. And then no, We have different filters, for example, duration, filter time filter which we have used in images and quality filter. So I just click on quite different that I select high quality from here, and some results change. And then I applied this 20 minute plus filter for the time duration. So I applied this filter as well. And no, we get these tutorials which are more than 20 minutes, as you can see, that some are 20 year 2029 1 hour. So these all these video tutorials are more than 20 minutes. You can see the time here written here, and these are all high quality videos as well. But this is how you can use this side to operator in these kind of situations. But there could be many other situations, and many other filters are also available, which you can apply 6. Combining Search Operators to Refine Results: in this video, we will learn hard to use these Google and one search operators to quickly find the search results and such reserves which we can manage. In this video, we will be using these three operators. The 1st 1 is card related. The 2nd 1 is the aesthetic sign. This is also an operator and the 3rd 1 is site which we have already discussed in another video. So these are the example scenarios in which we want toe do the search. But the first scenario is that I want to get information about a search term about this word processing keyword. And I want to get this information either from woman websites off Australia or the Australian Education Minister jokes. So any one of these will be fine. Well, the second situation is that I have for border in the name of a book. But I know that the title of the book contains this keyboard. So this is the key word which I know they're the title contains and I want to search the book on Google. No, the Constitution is that ever noticed an application which is a no taking application, and I want to see whether there are some other companies offering the similar kind of applications are services or there any competitors off Evernote. So this is what I want to search for. So we will be using these three operators. And before I do the search on Google, I would like to briefly introduce hold these operators work. No, the related operator only works with a root domain. So do domain me the top level domain, for example, Gougar dot com amazon dot com Ever know dot com, which we will be using and this will find the related companies for you but a word of caution that sometimes it doesn't work. I have checked this with the negative operator, where you want to exclude something from your such and it you don't work, so you should keep this in mind. But in most of the large companies, it works perfectly fine. For example, Amazon, Google, PayPal, eBay. So these kind of companies you can find the relevant companies are other computers off. These companies know the next is aesthetic. This works just like a wildcard corrector, which you can use anywhere where you think that something is missing. Some words are missing so you can just put Aesthetic and the Google. We understand that there might be some other words in this location. No, the site we have discussed already. Another video. You use this site operator when you are concerned only about a single website or websites off a particular type. For example, in our scenario, we know that all government websites off Australia, they have dot gov and dot a dot gov dot age where the ANC and All Australian Education Institute they have dot edu dot you know me. So these are the two domains which we will be using in this operator. So no, let's do this own Google and see how it works. So I have just pasted the query here to save some time. So this is the query which I will be making on Google search dialog box White processing is the key word site. Colon is the operator. And inside the parentheses, I would say Got got got a you or don't you don't you? So this will give me the desired results. So if I press enter, No. And as you can see that we have this word processing appearing in most of the pages And also all these bridges have thought it is you at the end Art we might get some door. Governor, did you as we go for their down And as you can see that this is the the Australian government website So this is all you can find this But the problem is that these results are too many. So what we can do is very is quickly we can put the petition Marciel. If we are thinking that only we need this exact Frist and no, we have 2.26 million And if I pressed enter no, we get only 350,000 deserters And no, If you want to reduce that is that further Then you can use their techniques like entitled our in Ju Oral which we have discussed in another video. So this was the first example? No, I will quickly paced a query for the second example No, over a second example is that I forgot the name off the book but I know that I The title contains online entrepreneurs. So, in orderto find these type off queries, I will just put aesthetic and then online enter but you know, very simple. And I will just click enter So this is the first step. But because I want to search only in books then I have to click in this more and inside this more We have books. So if I click on books, I will get all the results. And no, I can quickly recognize the book that this is the book I was looking for because I have seen the book before. So this is how you can such queries when you don't know something, just put a steady you can put on either side. You can put in the middle wherever you want and to do the third query We want to goto all again because novia in the books area and no, we just type here related and then colon and then ever know dot com because it only works with the root domain. So no, If I press enter, it will show me all the related websites such as Dropbox because ever notice a note taking app which saves our notes on cloud. So this is the cloud story. The company then Wonder list is also a note taking app de II Geo pocket is a north taking AP Televisa Project Management APP, which is very closely related, like productivity. Then there are hopes to it. To do is to do is the biggest computer ever. Note. This is Ah, no taking it. So as you can see that we get very closely related results and the good thing is that we only get 39 reserves. There are not millions of reserves. So when you are looking for any competent enough a company so that you could have a choice , for example, you are buying a product from PayPal and you want to see. Is there any alternative I have. So you can just quickly do this related search at the root domain and find competitors are related companies. So this is how you can do searches in these kind of situations. 7. Search for a Particular File Type with Multiple Search Criteria: In this video, we will see how we can search a particular file time in Google. This is a very powerful feature, in particular for teachers. Our lectures want toe demonstrate something to their students. There are some very useful for is available on Internet, which you can use. But one important care should be taken that you must look what type off licences available , which I'm going to show you in this video. You can see that. But first, let's start this video and see how we can find a particular file type. So the first query we're going to do is hope to find a pdf file in orderto find a particular fight. I use an operator called File type So fired type and then colon. After Poland, we have toe enter the extension of the fight. So let's say I want Doc file our doc ex fight and then I have to type my keywords. So let's say I want wider tutorials, word tutorials and I pressed Enter. No, Google will show me only Doc type off boys, as you can see that every search result has docu return on the left hand side. So these are Microsoft word for it. Similarly, you can search for PdF files and people defines and some other boys. So let's say I search for pdf and then mighty word is let X Tutut later get a typesetting software, which is the computer of world, actually, though best typesetting software. So I just want to find something about later and no, I get all the pdf voice. Another format, which is very commonly research, is as the blue reform it which is the flesh forward and no, for example, I search for microscope And no, as you can see here that I have some flesh boys available for microscope, and these flesh points are very powerful. You can demonstrate using these files in front of your students, but the only thing you need to check the license and no, let us see how we can check a license off a particular for type and the very check the license is by using the at last such page of Google. Once you set something, you will see this settings and when I click on setting there is at one such, and when I click on that, I get this page and on this page, you can apply multiple such criteria. For example, as you can see that I have written this key work. So all these words I'm looking for if I want toe exclude something, I can put it here if where I think that this resort will be confusing are misleading, so I can exclude a particular word for my search here. I can also such what exact phrase which we have done using the quotation marks before. You can also use the quotation marks on both side of your keywords, so that will also be exact match. And the powerful thing about this page that one such pages that you can also apply certain other criteria. For example, you can search based on the language you can such based on a region, and you can also such based on a particular site, our website, for example, Wiki PDR. You want any other geographic special CNN, Any website? In addition, toe that the most important thing I would like to show you is this. These are the five times which we can such using the file type operator, pdf PS and there are some others available. Power Point, the human for you except for your flesh for it. And no, let's say there, Joe are searching for a particular topic and you want to the most there something and you want and you're looking for some presentation are some flesh fight, But you want to know what kind of license do you have? And you also want to look for flies off a particular license type because there are many kinds off licence available, and this is very powerful feature I wanted to highlight in this page because normally we don't use this page. We'll use the quick search operator. It wants such operator directly in Google Dialogue box in Google search box. But if you want to check the license of a particular file type, then you can set this criteria here. The most powerful license, which gives you the most capability, is the last one where you are free to use free to share, modify our even get the commercial benefits. So this is the powerful lesson so you can set this multiple criteria you cancer, that I want only this kind of wise I want to as wf eyes and whatever is the language and the keyword corrected, you have, and then you can do the search and you will get some very useful results for your students are for your subject. So this advance space and one last thing I would like to quickly mention if you create a new tab, you will not see any settings tool here. There is no settings. And this is the reason because we can also search in this browser area where we put the web address. But no, If you put the google dot com in this area and press enter no, you will see this Google Page homepage And here on the right hand side bottom, you have this setting step, and if I click on this setting, I have this would want such at one search and no, we will get this page where we can apply the multiple search corrected again. So this is how you can such for our particular file type, you can check the license off that particular file time and if possible, you can use that five for your educational purpose. 8. 6 Advanced Search Operators: In this video, we will learn these six advanced Google search operators entitled, All entitled in general all in your oral and both implicit and explicit Washing off and and we're bait him, which is the exact match operator, which is basically a sort of quotation marks. And we learned these operators, but using an example. But first, I would like to briefly explain What does it mean in tighter is an at once to Google search operator and if you use this operator and I will show you how to do this, what Google will look for is that Google will find all the webpages image, any of the world, which you have put in your search query is present. You want one Word is president are two words or three words. So the very entitled works is I will show you the Centex off entitle in a moment. But if you use entitled, Google will find pages with any of the world are words at present in the title. So if you are using three words in your search term and your search query, Google will see if any of those words is present in the title of a webpage. Then we will will present that result when you use all entitled. Then Google will make sure that all the words included in the search query must be in the title to become a desert. So until all words are not present in the title, Google will not show the result in your l and all in your l. This time we will will not look at the title of the weapon. Will we look at the Web address off that webpage because you were really basically means rubber dress. You're is the abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator, but in simple words, it's a vibrator. Know, for example, you are using all in Europe, So Google will see that if all of the words of your search query are in the Web address of a particular page, Google will show that page in the results and is by default present in your search query. If you are using more than one words, but you can also use Aunt in conjunction with other operators, for example, entitle in your it and this we will see in the example. So where better means that exact match operator If you put something in the quotation marks some phrase some search term, our search query. Then Google will only show those it is theirs in which it will find that exact phrase. So these are the operators we're going to practice and we will see how we can make use off these operators. So let's do some practice. So we're looking for free Dave courses online. So David, department in Australia, where students can go diplomas, abbreviation off training and further education. So let us assume we are searching for three days courses online. So the first Matadi just start with the basic search. So three here courses online. So we put this term repressed. Enter here. As you can see that regard, 6.2 million results, which is too much to consume, are even look at know what Google is searching for. Bogle is searching for the webpages were free if courses and online all words are present. So what will happen if I reduced this online? For example, three day Of course you're So let's assume that I remove this and I search again. No results have increased because I know I have removed one end condition, so no Google has to see only three words in Conjunction free and Dave and courses. So this is implicit and no, this is not generally true. For example, I have removed the fourth word from my search query and my desserts have increased. But the effect off every word is different. For example, if I remove this free so no, we have 14 million results. But if I remove this free from here So I would expect on based on my previous experience that that I will get even more results. But no, if I enter, my desserts are 11,000,011 0.7 million because the effect of free was different. So this is how it works normally. When you put a broader term, for example, if I put just courses as you can see that no, we have a lot more results because this is a more broader term. So generally, if you use a broader term, you will get more reasons. So this is one thing you should not that the broader the term, the more is that you will get. And if you use longer such queries which are sometimes card long tail keywords, so you will get fewer reserves. So let us put our ordinance search query in quotation marks. No, I have put my original such quickie in quotation marks, and no Google will look for exact phrase if I press internal, nor we only get 13,200 reserves because nor were looking for exact phrase and know the next point is using Entitled Are All entitled. So what is the logic? Why we would like to use entitled? Because everything that the articles are the webpages which have exit this phrase in the title of the weapons. They are more relevant to us because if the title of something is free, Dave courses online. It means that someone is presenting a very relevant information there. So therefore, we want to use Entitle operator now. So in order to use in Titan, we type in title and then cooler and without any space we just enter. And this time we get only 11 results. No. Next thing we want to find whether someone is using these words are this phrase in the urine, because if someone is using this in the u L, it means they're dead. Person might be trying to rank for this world are this phrase, because when you want to rank for something, it's part of your strategy that you put those key wars are that phrase in the urine? So that is how it could be even more relevant because someone is trying to rank for something so it made the information is more relevant and off high value. So therefore, nor we want to check for in you worry. So if I do in Europe, I can go for their from 11 to 9 results and no even more manageable. So this is just one example not every example. You will get nine results even after doing in your you might get some deserting. Hundreds are even in thousands for some keywords. But this is just an example to show you that whole you can use these such operators in orderto reduced started is theirs. If I remove the quotation marks and use all in ur I get 18 reserves because no, I'm not looking for the exact phrase and therefore results are increased a little bit, and sometimes you want to increase the reserved. For example, I looked in those nine results and I couldn't find the appropriate information. No, I want to increase. There is there is a little bit because this is not a hard and fast rule that if someone is putting their in the u. R l are in the title, so know this information is perfect. It is more logical to think that that information will be perfect are more relevant, but it's not a hard and fast rule. This is just a search you method. So you have to look at the information and decide whether this information is relevant. But this is all you can use these operators in order to change the number of search results .