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12 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Google Ads Intro

    • 2. Intro: The Magic of Google

    • 3. Important Search Marketing Terms

    • 4. Elements of Creating an Ad

    • 5. Project: Create an Ad!

    • 6. Display and Retargeting Ads

    • 7. Leading to an Effective Landing Page

    • 8. Setting Up a Campaign

    • 9. Part 2: Setting up a Campaign

    • 10. Beta + Ad Approval Process

    • 11. Activity + Keyword Creation

    • 12. Analyzing & Optimization

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About This Class

Are you looking to dive into paid search engine marketing and target quality web traffic to a product or business? Learn how to fully utilize Google Adwords including keyword selection, budgeting, bid strategies, testing ads, optimizing, and more! Brittany Whitlock, Google Adwords Certified, will guide you to confidently setup and manage Google Adwords campaigns to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level. You’ll effectively begin to reach customers closer down the purchasing path leading to conversions and/or lead generation.

Who should take this class?

Whether you are interested in the inter workings of paid search engine marketing  or ready to setup and fully utilize Google Adwords this class is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

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Brittany Whitlock

Owner of Big Mood Digital


Hello, I'm Brittany, my passion is the art of digital marketing and Ecommerce. From English dinnerware to German housewares, superheroes and wizards with Warner Brothers to marinas and storage; I’ve ran over 10 websites digital marketing efforts over the past 12 years. No matter the industry, B2B, B2C or non-profit  marketing is marketing and you can take inspiration and ideas from anywhere!

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1. Google Ads Intro: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my Google AdWords class for beginners. You might have taken my conquering digital marketing class. Also unskilled share their We talked a little bit about Google. AdWords. What goes into it? What should you look for? Some search terms, but today we're really going Teoh, dive into Google AdWords. We're gonna go through all the elements from setting up an ad, recognizing things how to pick keywords. We'll have some fun activities around that picking keywords, picking negative keywords. Also do an activity to build an ad. So you really build your first ad. I'm start to build that confidence there. The big thing is, you know it's not about perfection. It's about learning how your customer is through your ads, how they perform, and that's how you're really going to optimize, so we'll walk all of those things. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments, post the projects. I can't wait to see everybody's responses, but let's get started 2. Intro: The Magic of Google: So why Google? AdWords AdWords can be a true asset to any digital marketing strategy because it allows customers to find you when they need you. So that identifying in need here some different types of advertising. And I'm not saying that they're bad. Uh, people aren't really looking for you at the moment, which is fine, because, you know, you want up up in their every day activities, but this is important because you could be found when they're looking for you. But just now, Edward is never a set it and forget it. Type of thing. No, it's really like having a baby or pet. You really need to monitor it because I don't wanna waste budget. You don't want to neglect your campaigns. So let's jump in what we're gonna go over today. We're gonna recognize paid search that's very important. Understand the meanings of search terms, which can be very term heavy. Don't be intimidated by it, though, because as your unit, things will really start to make sense and will be more approachable. We're also going to go through setting up a campaign this some of the basics that you want Teoh hit and go through enhancing a campaign. Of course you want to optimize. So how can we achieve that? Um, and data and analytics. We always want to close the loop. What are some things that we should be looking at on a daily basis? Weekly basis monthly, bi monthly. Whatever it is, uh, what things should we look out for? What things will help us learn more about our customers that we can optimize their ads, learn more about the region, were in, um, and how people are interacting with your ads. So gonna go through a lot of these different things. First, I'm going to talk about Google Magic because Google is a magical. They deliver us this great result. We just have something in. It's already predicting what we think on. Then, boom. There's the link that we need so is great for your customers. For advertisers, it's a little bit more complex, and I want you to know you have someone ever says to you, Hey, I can get you at the top of the Google paid. No, there's a lot that goes into that. Um, it's a very bold statement to make, and I wouldn't trust anybody who makes that type of statement to you right off the bat. Uh, but what is Google looking at? So it's looking at the person's demographics, their age, their location, no male female, their previous searches. Whether has anything to do with what you're searching or not? They understand how you type certain strings of words in what you're looking for in which other keywords you you're typing in there, doing a whole different thing. Looking at what type of person are you? Are you a clicker? Do you convert a lot? If you click on an ad, you tend to convert more thoughtful in your searches. School was a lot about you by your in customer behaviors, and it's really creepy thing. They're just trying to be the best, you know, service they can be for their customer and also the best service they could be for their advertisers. Um, so if you search something off Dan like storage near me once a week and Morningstar shows up, but you never click on it Google me start to switch things around and serve you different ads. But if you always search like something about storage and Morningstar shows up and love to click on it. Group was going to try to make sure that the advertiser shows up as long as it's within their budget. Uh, so have this cartoon art Harris. Isn't that in simple terms? How you increase your ranking as their agenda is? We're gonna talk about some things to really help you do that and how make you have a quality campaign. Next, we're going to talk about search terms. 3. Important Search Marketing Terms: So I'm going to read some of these and you take your time as I'm talking through them screenshot, Whatever. Maybe Teoh all the terms there for you. We'll pick searches the whole his appetizers Amapa treaty, Google AdWords to show add to relevance of customers about bidding on keywords. We're gonna go through this, but organic result is more of your CEO area, that search engine optimization area Google just crawling your site here and it's not feed ads and advertiser is putting out there. Keywords, words and phrases off it on by the advertising at two, you know, relate to specific searches, but we're gonna break down those keyboards for the advertising. You can put them in the system in a couple different ways to people. So we started. The most basic is a broad match similar to what it sounds like. Best example is if you type in cool shirts in the background is going keywords. No food, you know mutations, and I'll talk about that in a second. You're setting cool shirts as a customer. They might get results like cool T shirt, school sweatshirt specialists, exceptional single, wide variety of results. It's not very exact but that's OK. Might want to track this customer. I know that people accounts from misspellings so you don't have to bid on this phrase minutes. I've been a little bit more Find out in the back. And if you put in bought by keyword by man C shirts, Newport quotations around us, that would be to people I'm buying. Freeze match. You were getting a little bit more fine and now we're gonna see results. I managed to shirts, new arrival man solutions, men's T shirts on sale. So getting a little bit more down Exactly what the person may have searched then exact match. Exactly. Literacy? Exactly. Have a town on the back and you're going to put brackets around keyword as an advertiser on the front end of someone searches wedding dress. They only show results for what did us not cocktail dress. Not even this a part of this just wanting just because I'm not because you're saying I only want to show up when they type in music. And then there are modifiers. So this is really important and especially incentive trees because you have a boss I in next to assist Sica poured so I'm looking for fitness and Shailagh, but I'm a bully. I don't want my boot shop on the fitness. Or maybe I do. Maybe I don't if I don't want to shop on the fitness because it's a very balm. I'm gonna put Paul sign that's or food. Which to note that I need that word. Could be in the surf with the word shot as well to show up in certain peoples. Now you can't remember it. Is this the White Book? Live with them. Remember, negative keywords Because pop culture can influence your You're a few words. So I have an example during the Boston bombing, Unfortunately, years you don't want because of the bombing in Boston. You don't want your business showing up. People are researching why that happened. So we're gonna sets a negative bomb with Hamas. A negative Americanas innegative Boston as a negative and doing much better because you don't want to associate it with something. So or investment has not been that drastic. Overpopulate influence things, maybe just something that's a little bit So violence sound storage units. I don't want cloud storage to show up a phone. Stores have been set those is offy words on them. I would think that as the base system by bid $3. That's my max bid. People ask people but $3 for this keyword. The person or company blow me says they're actually dollars from five cents. I'm only going to pay a dollar 26 cents over $3 model. Yeah, some more turn. So with the, um, Google out of Woods, he was on a cross booklet and you're gonna pay one from inputs. So someone sees that the sober and oppression No, that's a big thing. AdWords Just in search of a whole still brand impressions of comic, consider that your budget as well. You also may see out there paid search CPM just possible 1000 to every 1000 impression that eyeballs eyeballs on the ad. You're gonna get charged every 1000 cooks already, but impressions, eyeballs on ad at drank, talked about rank if someone calls you, but I am getting top of period. Good luck, private. Because I have all been talking about maybe ever get paid. I don't know what you're paying for, and honestly, we will, as it's not how much you pay it. A lot of things cleans the quality score moving down. Yeah, he considers you cost per plate with food. Are people engaging with your ads? Are your abs at headlines? There's a lot of things are going through it. You can't just pay to be on top, and it makes sense because he wants me best. Well done. Everything is built on campaign level. I think that is a top here with your most broad category. So, for example, if you're selling apparel accessories, you choose to be maybe three campaigns and absolute under Carl's from subcategory it would be shirts, sweatshirts, pants, dresses. And then you're gonna have no I havent towards in and adds within those groups. But no every ad campaigns. But so you want budgets? Reason. All I have to separate the mountain didn't campaign. So, in fact, more accurately. Accenture's gonna go through this later, but very, very important. Use it. Real estate still pains in cost per click on the keyword search. A lot of different add extensions used, then go into detail in later lesson. You can edit your settings. We want that to a little later, but geo targeting already touched on, so you can drill down. Does it go table? It's town states, radius countries. Whatever it is, don't put in the entire country state. Start with small town area. Don't waste your budget. United States in them to put it to good Chatterjee Republican charges out there. We're going to that as well. But it basically Gruebel, you said a budget daily budget on day averaging out over 30 days and what I mean by that averaged out. That's not quite the right word. What they do is my budget is $10 a day. And, um, I've already spent $9 cents in one day and they see for 21 cents I get. They give that. Now I'm one sent over, but that's OK. You can have a throughout the month. They're never going to go over a 10 15%. Never go over that in the daily budget and never go over your monthly. But they consider as a mom when they're doing things like that, seems thinking your next book and optimize it for you know that you're safe, not people 4. Elements of Creating an Ad: Now we're gonna talk about elements of and had. So you have had lied, one which is going to show up in the first portion of your headline. That's 30 characters, Max. And when I say characters, I do want you to know that includes spaces and any punctuation. But in our headline, we really want to avoid punctuation. Um, such as exclamation points periods, things like that. You just typically don't find them there, Um, and so Headline one is 30 characters. Headline two is also 30 characters, and you'll see it's divided by a dash here that Google is going to insert in automatically . Sometimes I like to do, you know, brand name and then maybe offer or, like, been switched them back and forth, which would be a good A B test. But you can also say brand name and kind of what you're known for were your message that you want to get out or official site things like that. Your domain neural Google is going to insert this automatically, so it is not something that you are going. Teoh have to enter every time it's going to generate that for you than your description is 80 characters, which is a good length, Um, and you again that includes spaces and exclamation points or period or whatever. Here's where you can start to use your exclamation point or other punctuation. Don't be excessive with it because that is an element that could get your ad disapproved. And we don't want that now in a format in your ad, there's some important things that I want to note. So I have a Nike example here. You'll see that there's a lot of quick buzzwords, note taking type form of words were not writing full sentences. When we're doing ads, hold back on those adjectives, those very descriptive words because typically people are not searching that way. Ah, something that would be a descriptive word. This is a good example. To use is lightweight comfort in a sneaker or lightweight shoe. If someone typed in light, which shoe, then it would show up. But if it was like you know, very you don't say very a lot or anything like that, because that's really not descriptive enough, and it's not too much of a buzzword. Also try to include some type of call to action, so they have shot now here. So that 80 line I'm sorry, 80 character description is actually from Nike running shoes all the way to shop. Now, Um, this right here is an ad extension, and so are thes thes air at extensions. So we have headline one and we have had lying to my next example is actually an organic result. And that's where you start to see more sentence structure because people are more invested in the page and finding their results. So as I scroll down, they're willing to read a little more. But at the top of the page, we gotta stick to our buzz words are keywords, um, and just really getting to the point of what we're selling on that page that we're taking them to. Okay, you're some examples and some effective element. I feel like I have a good ad. So, like I said, right in note form, emphasize the keywords instead of adjectives. The first letter of every word should be capitalized. Whether it's your headline here or your description or any part of your add extensions, it just very readable Way toe Look at the ad and process information quickly include popular amenities and features, you know, tout what you're known for. If you're them most awarded SUV, that's gonna catch. Catch my attention. Okay, What else they have here or, you know, Jeep really want you to know that there the official site. Sorry about that. They're the official site. So that's important too. And use addict sentence as much as possible. It's essentially free real estate, because just paying the same cost per click that you would for the search keyword. Nothing additional because they're clicking on any of your add extensions. So it supplies to your business. I highly recommend filling out all at extensions that apply. And you'll see here like, so supposed almost searching birthday invitations. And you know what they for have to type in trains and cars. Um and they say, Oh, trains and cars. You know what my son would love? A training car? Birthday invitation? That's the theme of the party. You've already answered the question there that you do have it available. So again, tout your known four things are gonna get people's attention. This types here is a type of extension and at extension and began these air condensed at extent sen chan site like extensions and these are expanded. So next we're gonna move into activity 5. Project: Create an Ad!: you know, we're gonna move into an activity. So I'm excited for this. You can post, um, the activity and your results in the comments for the class. And we're going to build our own ad and just know before we get started that it's not about creating the perfect add we're learning here. We're learning bar customers in the behaviors and said We contest different versions against each other, but the premise is going to be the raw under armour. Now, your search term that someone talked in all they know is that the rock has something to do it on drama. If you don't know what the rock is, the was indubitably e. And now he's an actor. His full name is doing Johnson, but we don't know all of that in our search. The person our customer just type in the walk under armour. So I want you to take a look at this page and I don't want you to Google what under Armour already dead. But they already have an ad for Just take a look at this slide as it scrolls and but with the items at their cell, and look at the words that they're using and then include these elements in your ad. So I used the 30 character headline 1-30 character headline to an 80 character description . Remember, that includes spaces. And so when you submit it, I'd love for you to submit it in the form of what you want your adult like So include first letter of every word capitalized and great you're at remember, is not to be perfect. We're not going to add extensions. I just want have led 1 30 characters have lined to 30 characters and description 80 characters. So good luck. I can't wait to see what you guys submit. 6. Display and Retargeting Ads: next up is display network. So through Google AdWords, you can also pay for display ads. And despite ads, all ads that show up on the blog's a website that support the Google ad network on these can show up images or that they also show up in tax ads. Also, various size images. You want to upload some different images there, and these are These are all things that you know relate to the page in some way. So as an advertiser, you're going into the display now we're Tab one on the placement and you're saying, like for example, Macy's said, I would like to shop on women's blobs, possibly about fitness and these other topics. So you're saying, I want my after shop but this type of audience website and sometimes you could pick particular websites like, um, weather dot com, NBC dot com On major sites you can put in particular sites, otherwise you want to go. Topic based. Next up is something that you may be very familiar with. You may not know that had a name, but it's retargeting and I love retargeting. Um, because it's somebody who's already been to your website. You already recognise your brain in some type of way, recognize a product that they're interested in. Now it's time to bring them back. We can recognize sometimes we're targeting ads because placements don't always match up with the subject. So here you can see out on a sports related website. Um, at a Pottery Barn ad comes up. Now I know have been two parter bond dot com before, and I was looking at this bench before, but it has nothing to do with sports, so it's a clear retargeting ad. Um, now people are gonna know that because they know that people but things and items and brands follow them around the Internet. And this is basically the pure example of you're looking at a shoe on the website, and that shoe follows you everywhere you go. The brand is trying to re engage you, but these have won the highest voting campaigns, is a retargeting campaign. So I suggest she set up targeting campaign on display and a retarded campaign for Google search, because again it's recapturing. People that showed interest hardly identified you that already know they like you in some way. So these are two great ways to show an image. Add versus maybe test 7. Leading to an Effective Landing Page: next, we're gonna talk about successful landing pages because every ad needs to go somewhere. Uh, and I'm gonna go through e Commerce page information based page in a location based, paid, but one. A few things because we are telling a story. Here we call informant, ad toe landing page and Adam Landing Page tone. Same story. Have words that are similar to know for the customer that they've landed in the correct spot. So some successful landing pages have a header that relates to the other. They looked on. So they're looking for Mother's Day gifts and see Mom and they see mothers does on Sunday 14. This is perfect for them. Okay, I've landed in the right spot. This is where I want to be. Word on the top of the page. It directly relate to the main idea of the user search. So again, Mother's Day gifts. We're seeing that here all their supporting text that verify their android spot and the items and or topic you are selling. So I'm seeing a list of items here. We'll scroll down this page a little bit. Most of items here that Mom made love, um, that emphasize the search again. Other supporting words All right. Gift cards are, you know, gifts under 25 25 to 50. So you're you're curating their experience and make it easier for them to navigate. Next. We have location based pages and what's important with fusion these pages talking about where you're located because boule highly recognizes local keywords with on your page Teoh City, your relevant to the search. So they're looking for those neighborhood names They're looking for your address this for you claim to be in an area, but you don't talk about being in the area. All then you will make question. Is this really the closest to this person, whether located where they're searching for their computer raise? So here I have in each one tag that shows the location. South End is a neighborhood in Charlotte, so it's in the south and areas we call South and storage. Then we have the physical address, which again validates for Google and the customer of where exactly we are and to get directions, which is awesome. Assist to Hey, look, it's only down the street, even click on get directions. Nearby neighborhoods. So one of their neighborhoods. Do we serve now? I know Charlotte very neighborhood heavy area were. But every couple square miles has a different neighborhood name now. Not every town or area is like that, but maybe just some landmarks or other things that say yes, you land in the right spot. We also have location sentence here, which really assists the customer and Google as well, to say, Hey, we're in the heart of South And on the corner of this and that on these are amenities again reinforcing. I've landed in the right spot and to Google that yes, we're hyperlocal said. It's an element to think about. If you have a physical location, always an image, just help say yes. So I drove past that before. I know where that is. Next, we have just an informational type page. So this is Charlotte Agendas feed. If I'm typing on my toppings to do top events to go to this weekend, top things to do. This weekend landed on Charlie Agendas Page. I clicked on their ad, you see right away. Oh yeah, that's their logo. It says a bands. And as we scroll here, we're gonna see some different things OK, this is what's going on that's so great. Removed backups of top of the page and you also see different categories are so containment holidays learned things. Music outdoorsy, So open right away, just like Nordstrom lies curating that experience to say, Hey, go here. I'm to meet this such easy for you. And look, we already found 54 things to do this week and awesome satisfied. So there's some type of ways that making landing pages effective now, honey for a customer user before Google, too. When this is a two part relationship, who will want to know your all of your customers want to know you? 8. Setting Up a Campaign : Now we're gonna walk through creating and ad campaigns. They're different campaign types. And you may have heard me, you some of these words in earlier in the class but search network with display select So that search network means what is going to show up on a Google search eso all text at and displaced. So I would be that it's gonna allocate a very small portion of your budget to show up in display ads and those air the image ads and tax ads that show up on different bloggers and websites. You can dedicate all your budget Teoh just the search network only, and just a display network only. I'm recommend starting out with search network with display select. But if you really want to blow out a cert sorry a display campaign and really say, Hey, I want to show up on these websites, Then I would allocate a several budget and separate campaign to just a display network only , But know that, um, if you're gonna do search with display, select that only very tiny portion of your budgets going to go towards a display, it's really going to focus on Google search, uh, results where they type in keywords Saudi Your choice there, um, no to display is mostly for brand awareness, Not as much direct action like click on my website. It's more browned brand awareness than anything else. So some other types of campaigns are shopping. So this is when you know you search and item s civic item, then you're going to see like So if I Sergipe brown coffee table, uh, you're going to see personal brown coffee table show up on the side and your Google search results, and it's also going to have the prices. That's because it's taking an inventory. Feed their using a shopping, um, campaign type. And they're serving you those types of items video is gonna go through YouTube. So if you don't know, Google owns you, too. Onda. A lot of different types of ads there you can do text ads over you. Too bad a B roll even Have you add the suggested on the side panel when they're watching a different YouTube video? There's a lot of different methods to go about their, but again, you have to have the content. Don't force yourself in this section. It is more of a brand awareness again, because people are coming there for other things. Now, the universal APP campaign. You have to have a mobile app. Um, and this is not for them to go to a website is for them to download the app so very specific here. So these top for you're gonna be your most common ones that everybody can use. Next. Um, I will spread us us by saying that I'm gonna go through the campaign set up in the old AdWords, um, interface because it also have a new one that there it's in beta, but it's not completely rolled out yet, So I want you be comfortable both ways. They ask very similar questions. Knew Adam. Would beta ask you be an additional question here and there to get to know your motives of what you're trying to your ad, but nonetheless very similar. Still getting to the same point at the end of the day. So again, this is the old one. Um, but it's what you prefer for right now until they switch over. But they're gonna ask you what is your campaign name, So name your campaign, Remember, that's a bald level category if you're selling apparel, you name it apparel on. And then your ad groups would be like T shirts and sweatshirts and pants and justice or things like that. So this is your top of a category. Your name, your campaign gonna take your campaign type. That's what we just talked about. You are also picked standard, um, there. And you can if you have existing campaign to come nearer campaign like, Oh, I'd like to set this up just like the other one. Kind of the basics. You go in and change some of the settings keywords and what not. Sometimes I do this little bit of a time saver and sat up. You're not doing thing here because we're the subjects. Um, Already selected are certain work and display network, including search partners devices. I like to do all types of devices because I do believe that there are many touchpoints. While yes, majority of us are just using two mobile device comforting and buying things on mobile devices. I think that people still look on the phone and then maybe desktop or vice versa. So I like to just spread it across all devices. Next is very important. You want to put your locations, you can get as granular as a zip code or air radius Is air just helping in a city Just having state have been a demographic area, so sometimes we don't see it here, let me forget. Type in like New York City, New York City, D M A. That means it's not just me of city. Its surrounding here is which may be very large. Do you work for you? But I would start on a more specific basis because a larger area that target the faster but it's gonna go. You can always say that the entire city of Charlotte and hire New York City is your audience. Really? Find those opposed that emulate costumers, income, behavior, all those things to do. A little bit of research about areas that you want to target. This is the way you will. Fine. You can continue to optimize your competing to to we're gonna go into bed strategies. So is the next thing that we're gonna pick you do manual CPC, which I I highly recommend for beginners because you want to stay on top of things, really get to understand your audience with their searching. How much does it cost? Book play? We'll get to know your area in your campaign and you'll be manually entering in the beds and people will not adjust them on us. You would ask them, Enhance cost per click would say OK, it's almost like manual CBC. But it's saying if when given opportunity, Google will stay with your monthly budget but maybe will increase your bid by a percentage that you allow or a bit amount that you allow, but 5% more. If Google really feels like you're gonna get this click, you can up your bid by just that much more, and you may get the clip so it's allowing Google to work for you. Little bit, I would say. Used to a very safe to use again. Never said them for great. You always want to be monitoring hopes. Maximized clicks. Um, some are spice clicks. Is this your clippers? People who like to click? That's you're really targeting. So you can have a little low cost per click, but doesn't always mean that you're gonna be on the first page. But you are going to get clicks because in the service of people. Um, that you help you drive traffic to your site. I would say this is a good short term strategy. If you just get people on your side a little bit. Brand awareness, things like that. Get, get, get going. It running. We maximize books for two weeks. Strategy might work for you. Then we have some more advanced strategies down here. Target plus proposition. So we need data. And your company. That was 15 days weather data in your cow for this tour. So what's it gonna dio is really optimize your cost per acquisition, understand it. But also within those 15 days dating have to have some The versions in there were two. Really understand? What is your possible position? Then try to optimize it on that level. And then you have talking about ranking share. Now, this one sounds really appealing to me. This is I think when people call you up and say, Hey, I'm gonna get you, You know, on the top of the big, you're gonna out rank your competitors. Er great. You spend a lot of money because you're out linking probably someone with a really big budgets. You know what even if you have a really big budget, doesn't mean never in a shop doesn't never gonna be first in the page. It just means you don't want to waste your money s so you don't want to target out here all the time. If you were to do that competitors moving across the street, we gotta be really super on top of them the first week that they open or whatever it may be even want to try. Target out ranking share without a budget. And you and what you have to do is put in the very specific domain. So if Courtney wanted to be John in histamine, Britney dot com needs to be john dot com. Then I would been john dot com as my editor and who will do its best. Always outrank. Then you know, you're probably spending, but that's because again, bigger budget, it's that very strategic in that way, not a long term. Our strategy. And then we have return on ad spend so again needs data in there, um, sort of skinning, return your spend a little bit more data in there to make this work for you. Another one where people say, I'm gonna get you to the top of the page. This'd target search page location again. You're just gonna go a little faster. But Google is going do its best to get you on this off the page now. Quality scoring. All those things are considered. So you may pay a little bit more whatever movie. But it is a quick money spender. Not a long term strategy. All right, Jeremy, from a neck spasm will continue set up. 9. Part 2: Setting up a Campaign: continuing on with campaign set up? Um, no, no. And shoes? Who are we gonna target? So we're looking for people in searching for or who showed interest in my targeted location . I like that one. For the businesses that I advertise. Let me give you an example of maybe a different one that you want to use. So if you just want people to in your target the location of your very local business and you just don't need people necessarily from out of town coming, um are people searching for my target location? A good example of this one same hotel in Paris. I just want people searching for my targeted location because typically, people in who live in pairs are not going to your hotel in Paris, and so I don't want to hit that area. I want people certain for my area sometime. Doesn't always mean they're located directly an area that you're you're getting. But they're interested in those areas which may apply to your business in some type of way . Now you can exclude people in a location or searching feels locations. I typically would just make my targeted location, my dear target location so specific that I don't need to exclude people. But maybe you want to just depends. What, again? Your motive. So we just went over bid strategies. So here is where and to that end match last licks you seeking enable on handsy BC in what was the maximum limit there? Dollar wise. I'm you're willing to go and then your individual budgets. A lot of people ask me, Britney, how do I set a budget? That's a start out with your keyword planner. Start to understand your industry and in the area what those keywords go for. I mean things really very from my 50 cents. A keyword is our industries Teoh upward of $10 keyword In certain industries, it just depends. And not even by industry, about by region to do a little research on the keyword planner within Google AdWords under tools. But then say Okay, I have $200 to play. I want to see how Google was gonna work for me. Um, I'll take that $200 divided by how long? Wonder your test, I would say to the four weeks is a good, good test time. Now you're gonna learn that $200 bill Fast. People really searching my really hitting my audience A J still have 50 bucks up in the month like you don't know because you have to play it out. What can you test with divided by how many days do a test or you're doing your campaign? So if you have $500 with the budget invited by those 30 days in this month, that's how you get your daily budget. A delivery method. I was do standard that's been spread throughout the day. Accelerated would basically mean, Hey, I just want Sousa said Campaign line. I just want you to Bamm Bamm Bamm. Show my ad even a year. Spend your money, You knocking shop throughout the day. I need your doing flash sale something that you just want to get your message out quickly. Then you pick accelerated. So here is going to start to ask you if you want to add extensions. Um, I like to set those up later, but you can set them up now. If you want, it's gonna ask you your domain name. You put that in, you choose a language. Um, then you're much too Well, you're targeting source. I just leave as is And no two when you pick your language that whatever language you're looking, the ads have to be in that one would be good, does not translate. So if we want to do a Spanish ad for people were starting speaking, then you need to set up a separate campaign that is focused on Spanish. Be being language, Spanish keywords. The whole admits being Spanish was off translates. You could put in Spanish the word in English campaigns on. And if they can't read Dad, you're not serving. So anyway, going back to what we did with activity with under number in the rock and learning the element of headline you're putting your headline one have going to and your description and your final your else who finally your l could be, you know example dot com slash page slash products slash 123 Whatever it is, the long mural. It's gonna only shorter your domain, which is gonna be great taking to the exact page that you want them to go to. But it's gonna show just the domain name teething, simple on. And then, as you type these things out. It will generate in the mobile and in the desktops. You can see what your arms up like. And I'll also let you know when you went over, the characters sucked. Pretty awesome, too. 10. Beta + Ad Approval Process: All right, so now I'm gonna run through. The campaign's up pretty fast in beta. So I said in the beginning that AdWords is also has a beta version. It just looks a little different. That's a little bit more questioned. Set up. Basically, it's the same. A little more supporting information, Teoh, especially year beginner. So in beta, you've been sucked your campaign type. It's gonna tell you a little bit about what each of these do. So we talked about that on. And once you do that, it's gonna ask you, Were you looking for looking for sales leads and needs our largest? Hey felt a form called Act to the thing. Here's some of traffic not really looking for lead or a sale a little bit more supporting information to that. Google knows how to serve you ads. So, in this case, epic sales. And I said, What would you like? Your goal to be? Website visits, phone calls, movie downloads, whatever it iss, um, typically, I'll say website visits. I don't like to muddy up my phone calls with my website visits a convergent other convergent because I'd like a clear number on one of the other not mixed together. You're gonna pick your campaign name you saw on the other one. You're gonna pick your search, your networks which one you want to go with and your locations, So same thing, A little bit different. Look, you pick your language. We talked about languages. You pick your baiting, your good strategy. What do you bidding for? Conversion? Think that's an extra question here. I'm your budget again. And now you're gonna start entering a few words. So what I didn't show you on the old adage is at the very end. They're gonna ask you this to just start entering in keywords, and they try to give you some suggestions as well. The great thing, Beta. Again, It's a little bit more supporting information. And so it's like one broad match, keyword. You're just gonna put it? You know the key word. Here you are. Phrase magic. You. Where you gonna put it in with quotations. One exact marriage in there. Put it in with bracket. So a little bit more supporting information. You go through your set up against here, generate over here. Same things can tell you 30 30 baby. And now we've created our ads. And so, in both good approval process, Google proves that's pretty fast. Um, typically have been a few hours, maybe at max 24 hours. But there are some things that can get them caught up on that. Maybe you're have disproved. Don't worry. But this is what they're looking for. Any approval process, you must representing something. You're saying you're one brand you're not. You're one place you're not. Google doesn't like that Counterfeit products well known like that either have dangerous products or services. So weapons, things like that enabling dishonest behavior goes along with this one data collection use and in the booklet content. So basically, I'm saying, Hey, economists, I've a lot. I'm telling you to enter an information like your card information and I'm gonna take it and I'm going to use your card. That's dishonest behavior. People doesn't support it. Google doesn't want to be aligned with that. It's not good. There are some types of restricted content that you cannot buy ads for Any people will not serve ads. Forks. You may show up organically. What was not going to show you in the paid abs to say, Hey, I support. This is gambling medicine of any kind. Political content trade, Margaret, Copyright infringement. They're not gonna deal with that as they should. Not another thing. I said, Be careful. True exclamation points and things like that is when you're out of two general or using special punctuation numbers and letters spell things out, you go doesn't like it doesn't look authentic. So buy stuff here. What stuff? Where? So shop now works by now works but stuff here. And things are a little bit too, general. Um, are gimmicky things so small capital waters was interaction between them using symbols, letters, incessant amount. Exclamation points are punctuation. Who was going to catch that? If he gets approved, Just look it over again. May give you suggestion and tell you to read their terms. Just just fix it. You know, he then there would get to support 20 things. You can always add more ads and, um, test them against each other, which is really great. So get your first ad in. You're counting. You didn't set up that. Add more ads. I recommend lose three ads. That's when people start 11. Activity + Keyword Creation: next time you talk about adding keywords to your campaign, and I'd like to think of key word. I think he was just a stream of consciousness. So it's like one thing pop up in your head and the next thing pops up in your head. So if I was talking about selling mattresses, I like to say Mattress queen mattress King matches full mattress Twin mattress mattress for bunk beds matters for guest room like you just start to think of anything that comes to mind. A really good example. He doesn't go look at Is this video on YouTube? It's from Bang, but the wife basically asked the husband about, like booking tickets, and then he just started into all these things Some of them are related in. Some of them aren't. But nonetheless, it's a stream of consciousness, so check out the video is a great example. I talked a little bit before and mentioned about the keyword planner, So this is where you can really start to build your keywords, getting my idea what they're gonna cost in your area. So I didn't example here. The sea at upper right says your product or service side put an Apple laptop computer. I'm Mac Mac Book, but landing page apple dot com. I put it's category for this type of things computer, and then you start to put in keywords on the left, all those things and your location. I would just start with basic locational, but broader. I'm so you're looking at Charlotte. Maybe you wanna look at North Carolina or building at Small's Couples have killed. Maybe you want to look at the bigger city like New York City instead of zero Wonder they're 19 So something like that and we'll give you a really good idea of the monthly searches, the competition, the suggested bid and it has any other supporting information. Next. Like I said when we went over turn. But you don't remember anything else. Please remember what Negative cured czar. Maintain your account. You're going to the keywords Tattle on may be key words. This is where you can add them on them. I do global or campaign level and this video is really great too, because very similarly to other being video, this one is even more off topic. When one friend or one person says something, they're going off on a tangent about everything they can think of about that word, and it's not relieve it. And so that's what I mean by negative cures. It's just not related. Like, I think one of the examples is looking for a plasma TV, and then the Santas, plasma blood and plasma something else, and it just keeps going. And so, while I may be trying to sell plasma TV while noodle on people searching for platinum related to blood, all of those things I'm so some of the things we're going to start to set is negative. So this we didn't jump start that thought in your head, So you do cured activity in our next class. 12. Analyzing & Optimization: I hope you're ready for, uh, activity. I think this one is a really great except to get your mind going, thinking I can create keywords and how you can create negative keywords. So here's our example. Um uses Girls Walk Camp based in show with Carolina. They emphasize confident, and then woman from you just 8 to 16. It's a and then the kid's camp overall teen camp. They do different activities to boost their confidence and self esteem and just be strong women. And so they do a deal. What d I y t shirts and create a little band? They understand the history of woman and walk. They do yoga and team building all these great amazing things. So I want you to start just right down the list or you type it in the comments to of key words that you think of when you think that girls rock Charlotte that you would buy for this organization and what I want to do to is time yourself. I want you to only give yourself one minute to think positive keywords. Okay, so after you do that, I want you to time yourself again and give yourself one minute to think of negative cured. So things that are gonna relate to this given obvious one away that always get is on boys camp. Sorry, boys. This is over. You girls, girls, Pam. But that would be an example of a negative a boys, not their show up in ads for that. It's just not relevant to give herself a minute. Drop them down. Submit your list of positive keywords you came up with and negative cured he came up with. So next we're gonna be talking about analyzing some search terms. This is so important. It really tags onto activity that we just did. So you're gonna get some searches that just not related Teoh ads may seem like they are, but they're not. So when you put the keywords and search search term tab, you're gonna get this. So right now I see Regulus and Target. Okay. See, do not really tie Oklahoma City campaign. I'm going to get rid of them and took the Miss Negus. Well, maybe I found something like storage unit. Okay, See, Doesn't really so I'm gonna set then as keywords to my campaign. This is such an important piece. I spend, you know, a lot of time in this every month, I would say at least once or twice a month. I go through these very thoroughly with every account on just well, you know, cleaning up from the lot. The monthly. Yes. You never know what you don't want to be wasting money on as being triggered forwards. It sounds similar to your account but that are not continuing to analyze data here. You and I use data on added your bubble. And on the key word level, you're going to see your foot to impressions. You click theory your average cost per click conversions, the conversion rate, all of these things. Same with your ad extension. So you have tracked the performance and see how it's varying from position to quality sport . All these different things. Then you have your audience tab, which I love. Um, because sometimes you really think Okay, my audience? Yeah, there. You know what my arms is? 25 34. You find out or wait a minute. This campaign is really catching the attention of 45 54 year olds, and it's skewing email, and I thought it would skew male and to start to learn more about the audience on customer behaviour. And this is how you really can optimize campaigns. Is learning about your customer always learning about your customer and understanding the changes in the market? The Mentions Tab report is also an AdWords as well, when she given some data there because you can break it down to time, day, week, month, quarter, year, hour of the day. So you know, if you need Teoh staff up on a certain day or certain time of the day, he's, you know there's gonna be getting a lot of activity on your website or a lot of orders or whatever me beats phone calls. This is gonna give you some insight on your best behavior. Also geographic areas country, state sitting metro area in zip, breaking down your audience where they coming from the distance in miles. If you have a physical location, how far out are there searching for you? That 40 plus miles, you thought there were only five miles ole. So really, you start to learn their behaviors. Put together your target audience even more than you already know, or that you've identified and then paid inorganic will show you. How do you perform when paid ad shows up and organic ad shows up or either Or typically everybody's gonna do better when there's more real estate of paid and organic. But if they break down those steps for you, it's really great. So we did it. Guys, um, got her search terms recognised ad types, the parameters about implementing an effective adage leading to most effective landing page campaign type, setting up campaigns and address driving quality traffic, A B testing data, analytics bad would we did it all. We're ready to go. You have any questions? Please leave them in the comments and I'll definitely get back to you. Thank you so much for joining my Google AdWords class, and I look forward to making more classes for you.