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Google Ads SKAG method for search ads

teacher avatar Edgars Boitmanis

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Course Overview

    • 3. Relevant Keywords

    • 4. Keyword Planner

    • 5. Keyword Match Types

    • 6. Build Out 1st Sheet

    • 7. Ad Copy Writing

    • 8. Landing Page Dynamic Text Replacement

    • 9. Build Out Prep For Upload

    • 10. Cross Match Negatives

    • 11. Google Ads Editor

    • 12. Location Settings

    • 13. Ad Extensions

    • 14. Unbounce Laning Page Builder

    • 15. Conversion Tracking Setup

    • 16. Negative Keyword Lists

    • 17. Bid Adjustments

    • 18. SQR

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About This Class

This Course Teaches You the Google Ads SKAG method. In this comprehensive course you will learn how to:

  1. Find the right keywords

  2. Set Up The Account in SKAG method in a spreadsheet

  3. Use the Google Ads Editor

  4. Effective Ad Text writing

  5. Build effective Landing Page

  6. Set Up Location Settings and Ad Extensions

  7. Bid Optimisations and SQR

Everything you'll need to set up and a successful Google Ads campaign.

If you would like to have my help to set up your Google Ads account. Please email me at [email protected]

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1. Intro: Hi, My name is Ed. And thanks for checking out my course in this course I'll teach you. Really? The best kept secret in digital marketing world is this. Google Ads SCAG method this method it's been around for for a lot of years, but it's really been a best kept secret in the industry. There's very little information about it. I think there's one article by Neil Patel on this on the SCAG met that single keywords add movement it and I think there's another bloke post on Ward Stream on. These are only basically to resource is that can't describe this method. But this met. That is really how all the Google ads account are set up in all the big agencies where I have I had a chance to work with for for for many years. And I've learned this method inside out, and in this method I explain it to step by step, how to set it up. You have seen this course how to build a spreadsheet, how to build a list of keywords, how to upload them to the Google Ads editor and helped him then make optimization is in the in the account once you have the scag matted implemented, and you will see the improvement in the quality score. So if you're if you're if you're new to Google ads in general, this course will also be helpful because you will learn how to do them right way as well. On if you are seasoned or even have some experience with Google ads, it will be really applicable paid for you cause you gonna learn how to effectively used spreadsheets to upload the keywords and add groups and campaigns to the Google ads account . So it's it's all around, Great course, please take a look further. 2. Course Overview: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this free training where I show you Google ads once one method or simple keyword, add group Method Scag for short, quick note before we start. This is not for applicable to e commerce sites for most of them the ones that use Google shopping. This is only for Google Techstat, just like that. So before we go into this, I just wanna have a few screenshots that I made just looking at for something. So whenever you type in something in Google, you can expect to see exactly what you typed in there. So let's look at this, for example, type in rumor. Rupert's Manchester and this these book of these to add, they don't even they're not. They don't mention Magister at all. I typed in for a roof for in Manchester, but there's like in Stockport that's like miles away from Manchester and Rosen there. I don't I don't even know where that is. I I live in Manchester right now, so these add the's ads are probably paying Mawr because of the Googles quality score. They paying more than these acts but click. But they are on top because of the better quality score, and our method make ensures that it's all nice and the quality scores maximized. Let's take a look at this. Another example. Plastic surgeon. Manchester Look on Lee. These two ads mentioned Manchester in their in their ad, and these ones don't so they paying huge amount of money on this. This is a very expensive cost per click. £3 in 10 right? They're probably paying like I don't know, like five or six. And these guys are paying, I don't know, £1 or £2. It's something like that. And then and then look at this ad on the bottom, this one where we go like this that it doesn't even have, Ah, full description like you can put 90 characters, but they only put like 20 characters. There's so many bad ads out there. It's unbelievable. There's just so money mismanaged Google ads account, and in this training, I'll show you how to set up your Google ads account in a way that makes sure that you maximise us and they're maximizes your money that you put into the account. So how this my method works from the user's perspective because that's what's the most important Think we want to provide the great experience for a potential prospect or for our users. Right. So the user types and something in the Google, we just call it the keyword around. So it types in expects by our method, we would make sure that in the headline they would see exactly what they've typed in. So they would see that keyword, whatever they talked. Then they would see that under our method, right? So and then apologies for my bad paint job. But this this is just to show you an idea, right? And then, after the click, they would get on the landing page that would have that key word that that search them with adopting right on the page. So it's like a smooth transition from this search term to the search engine results page and then to the landing page, all matched up. It would look lovely, like I've gotten to the right place. Now I can submit in my details because this is the page exactly that I was looking for. Okay, so how does it look like from the account performance perspective? So this is just like a screenshot of one of my clients account at the time. Work it So they came to me, They were running the Google ads account and it wasn't really well, they thought it could squeeze out more on delicate. Heck, yeah, we can squeeze out Ah, lot more. So this over here on September 22nd we implemented the Google ad Oneto One matter. So could this. That the green is is the cost like how much they're spending and the red one is conversions . Look at that. Look at that. So So what happened after we implemented the method? Look at the cost went down. Actually, it went. Won't say this nice actually went down. But look at the conversions. Up, up. Look, look at the before and after comparison. Like the cost for conversions before that, September 22nd was £80 for conversion. After that, £24 been conversion. Look, look by how much they went up. But the cost cost was about the same. It's it's just phenomenal. And let's let's take take a look deeper. Why wide? Why did it happen? And like what? What were the underlying trends there? So for that, I have this where I have this graph in the data studio that I compiled. I really love this graph like So you just want to explain a little bit more. You? Probably if you don't know Google's quality score. I'll go a little bit later in the paper that but it basically on a scale 1 to 10. It assigns how good of an added is, and there's a couple factors. So in this graph, I compare ah kind of graph. What? What is the spend for? Every every quality score keywords. So like that £300 were spent on the quality. Almost £300 were spent on equality on the keywords that had a quality score off 10. That's what it was. And you can see the correlation like the better your quality scored, the lower your cost per click. I look, look at this account. This account wasn't that wasn't badly managed account like, you know, You see, the most of the spend was really on these high quality score keywords, right? So it was doing well. It wasn't like a poorly mismanage account. It was ah, pretty well set up account like by using, like, conventional method. Okay, Let's take a look. So that's between September 1 22nd. Let's take a look. So from September 23rd up until, uh, to do well, just look at October October 6th Fly and we'll look. Look at that. Look at that. So it was point for we were paying for those quality school. Now we interim was 40 cents. Now it's 31 cents. And look, the span here is minimal, like all of the spend now is on the keywords where the quality scores that that that's after implementing this one toe, one method. Look at that. Look at that. Like I would really love these graphs. It really shows like the health of the account, right? Nothing. All industries. You're going to get 10 out of 10 you might, but you still want that switch from from these like a bad quality scores to like a better quality scores and could get the closer Stannis possible where the cost per click is lower right and that correlation is so clear. All right, let's go back to our presentation and go a little bit deeper into that. So here's Here's what How the quality score affects your CPC This is just an image I found on Google. But this this is true based on the graft. We just start from the date studio where I pulled the data from from Google ads, and it's it's a great tool. I highly recommend you for, like, reporting and discovery. So if you get if you're quality scores, that Google likes you because Google is interested in showing at the users that bring that , bring them what they want because they interested that users actually spend their time on Google and use that as a default search engine. If they wouldn't do that, they then we would all be using being right because and we use Google because it gives us what we want, and it encourages advertisers to give use. That's exactly what they're looking before. And that's why they came up with this quality score a system, and that's why they give huge discounts those that have great quality score while they look . Look at that, penalizing it. If your quality score is terrible, you would pay Allah lot more. So like all these ads that where they were saying plastic surgeon somewhere else? Well, well, the user typed in Manchester. They're paying enormous amount if even if they get that click. So quality score is based on the three main pillars. So the first thing is relevant, which we are maximising basically, how how the ad copy is relevant to the keywords and the way we do that. We just put the whatever the in the search. So we put that in a headline one. And that's why we get the max point for the relevant and then also in the description text we try to put strategically that the keyword text. That's how we get there. Darrell went up the click through rate. Obviously, if someone we give user exactly what they're searching for, they're more likely to click on it because it's exactly what what? They search it, exactly what they were thinking. They see an ad, a search result without specific text. Obviously, they're going to click on it, and, uh, the click through rates are going to be high. Quality scores are gonna be high. And the last lead at least the landing page experience on the landing page. How we do, we're going to do what's called dynamic text replacement, where we re match the headline off the landing page to that same keywords. So, like, once they get on the landing page, they see the same thing that they clicked on on the ad. Like, All right, I'm in the right place or keeps crawling. I'll keep reading. I'll take actions from this landing page. So that's how with this want to one meant it. We hit all these three main pillars of having a great quality score. Okay, so let's go into In in. Actually, this is the most interesting part. So how we actually structure account. So this is the old structure on all, Really? All the Google ads courses are advocating this that you have must have multiple keywords in one ad group and then you create an ad like like really everyone. And then you kind of group them and you have 2030 keywords per ad group on and so forth. And then you put a couple eyes U A, B A and B test them. Yeah, that's all good, But no, Here's the method that I favour. So, firstly, you only have to match times exact match and broad match modifier, right? No phrase match. No, broad match. You never use them like these are pointless. You want to get most of your spend through the exact match, then also, you split all the campaigns. So you group your campaigns by by some topic, right? If you're a law firm you have on immigration lawyer, and, um and then you might have some conveyancing. Right? So you group these two, these two campaigns also, you can group the campaigns by location. Right? So you have location campaign where actually the keyword they type in Manchester, they're, or Bristol or London, right? And that's they can type in anywhere in the UK and then you have a some specific complain. If someone types in, for example, immigration lawyer Just that right. You wanted your ads only to show in a second area. So you strict the location for that. So that's how you split up the campaigns, then the ad groups. This is where the ones who want comes into place. It's one key work, one ad group, one key word, one at group, and that's it. Right. So all all of the and both of the keywords will be duplicated twice, and that groups will also be twist. So if you have a keyboard, for example, immigration lawyer, right, you have it as an exact match in an exact match campaign, and you would have it as a broad match. Modify with the pluses in front of the immigration and in front of the lawyer in the broad match modifier come pain. All right, so and then, obviously you would set up multiple ads, but the ads and it for every ad in that ad group the headline one will be exactly that keyword right or you can. So, for example, if it's immigration lawyer London, you might put the headline one immigration lawyer in London, right, if the character limit allows you to do that right, so you customize it based on based on that. But it has closely matched to the keywords as possible. And for all the ads, the headline one will be the same. And then a headline to and headline three and descriptions you can rotate. I always put like six of them, and then they all rotate and you figure the Google itself figures out which one is the best one, and it wants to use right and then obviously you have the landing page with that same keyword? I use the dynamic text replacement with an ad unbound account where wearing them in the U R l you put like a question mark. And then your perimeter name Andan you type in equals to whatever your keyword is that your final you're out. So and I build this all out in a break spreadsheet, and then I upload it to the account. It works great. It works magic. We really maximize that quality score. And also, your account is really well organized. So take a note of this slide. You might screenshot it. You might write it down. This is the most important slide in this training. Okay, I hope I'm giving you tons of value so far. And you might have some questions. So is you. Do you think is this Hearts implements grating One ad group for every keyword, you know. Obviously, if you do it manually, it will be a super complicated. Right? Because you would. Yeah, if you could Google account the way I do it, I build it out in spreadsheet use formulas and then upload with the Google ads editor. It takes like 23 hours to restructure, account with, like, 300 keywords, right? And then when it comes to bid optimization right, you might think it's gonna be difficult because you're gonna have so many keywords, so many ad groups. But now it's It's actually easier because your account is very well structured. It's it's really working a system, right? And and then you can if you get a lot of conversions at a good rate, you compare around smart bidding on it works great with that because it can bid on a such a granular or level right with all these different keywords. Build out with a specific ads. So it works one there, so I'm giving you tons of value. I hope. I hope I gave you good ideas on, and you could understand how this could work. So I have, If I may ask, make take a minute to give you like to offers that you could do as a next step. So one I've created this online course, its comprehensive but at same time, concise. I think it's a little bit less than two hours off like recordings where I share my screen, and I covered this everything. A from Z on how I build out an account starting from the keyboard research on how to build out the spreadsheet, even give you the actual spreadsheet that I use with all the formulas in there. So you just need to drag it down. Copy. Um, and then how to upload it all to the Google ads editor? How to write effective ad copies. How can you develop an ad card a log and then manage it right with with the real call to action and having a right hook, that kind entices users to click on it. I teach all that how to build the landing page with, Ah, I use our landing page building on bounds, but you can apply to anything you can apply the also to your website if you want to use that. But I always recommend using the landing page so that user is geared towards that call to action and pigs that action. But it's something lead form or whatever you want to do. Also cover how to set up them at the tracking because that's really key, right when it comes to the optimization and I cover how my method off optimizing the bits based on the metrics like search, impression, share on top and obviously the cost but conversion average position before it gets deprecate ID by Google. So that's one thing I'm selling that course for their cheap at the moment, right? So take advantage of that before the prices rise for that course, because it it will really cover the U Also, if you if you want help from me, you can schedule call with me absolutely for free for 30 minutes. We're gonna discuss what are the best steps to restructure your account or how I however, I can help you on dykan give you like a purse. We can discuss how I can personally trained you because you probably are the best person in your business to run, like not someone in the agency who knows who maybe doesn't know as much about your business as they could to make sure it is invested enough to optimize your account through the best because because because Google ads, it seems it seems complicated at the beginning. Once you kind of get the grasp of it of the main concepts, it's actually fairly simple, right? So I can give you this personalized raising training over one day, and we can actually restructure account videos side by side. And I can give you training on how you can how you can optimize further to make sure that you your investment in the Google ads, is maximized to depict. So by the course or schedule called with me or you can do the boat. So, uh, so thanks for tuning in. I hope we, uh I hope we get to speak in person as well. Thank you, cow. 3. Relevant Keywords: Welcome to this. First, a lesson of this course, and, as always, it always starts with keywords. In Google ads, everything starts with keywords finding the right keywords, finding the most relevant keywords. So can you find the most relevant keywords? For example, it's imagine you're an immigration lawyer so that a relevant keywords would be an immigration solicitor, an immigration lawyer. Manchester. A lot of people search with the specific service than they need in town on their in. Or sometimes they even search immigrations listed near me because they expect the device to know where they're at and Google does that really well, How are your spouse? Visa Solicitor? That's one of the services that immigration lawyer offers. But here is important to know which are not relevant keywords to something that partially well relevant is actually not the good keywords targets. For example, Solicitor Manchester, it could mean a lot of different types of solicitors. It could be poor conveyancing for for wills and probate or anything else. And also, if someone is searching, for example, you case powers visa. Maybe that person is not searching for a lawyer to help them to gets polities. Maybe he just doing research and searching for information off the UK spouse Visa is and how to obtain it. Maybe some of them need services of a lawyer, but not necessarily. So you want to focus on those were people are actually okay. I need a lawyer to get the spouse visa keyboards like that because out of of the 51 of them will click and convert while here only Probably one out of 20. Another business that feel like to use an example is a plumber. Eso, for example, keywords like 24 hour plumber or plumber in Manchester. These are all really good than relevant keywords. 24 hour plumber. Is someone okay? The part of a burst me the Palmer that works at night as well to fix the leak. This is what people with type in Google or specifically Palmer and specific town well, less relevantly, obviously, on these ones, you want to block out its plumbing jobs in Manchester Bomber jobs and Magister because because this would show as well. So you want to block jobs. That's a negative Keywords or a plumber's equipment is also the less relevant keyword because it's someone looking for equipment trying to do it on their own. Oh, our bombers tools. These would be types off, um, off a non relevant keywords. 4. Keyword Planner: for the keyboard. Research starts with the keyword planner in the Google ads account. For that, you need to head out to your Google ads account, and you can find this he would planner. If you go click on tools and settings and then you click on keyword planner and you will arrive at this screen we also got Make sure your Google Ads account is an expert mode, because by the end of this course, you will become a Google at expert, and you will need to use the expert mode to take advantage off all the functionality at the Google ads offer. So we're here. We just need to type up some of the key words key lords that are applicable to your business. So I just thought, What exactly is Immigrations Lister immigration lawyer and this one? You can see just his immigration slice that Magister. So you should be your service, plus the town you're in, and then couple names of the services that you offer like you case powers, Visa lawyer or thier one visa, which is actually not a key word that we would target. But it's a good one to generate some keyword idea on Let's click on Get results. Ice over here chose all there average monthly searches for the specific area that we specify. It's best to go in and specify it. An area eso I've specified Greater Manchester because this is where most of our clients will go here. We can see our average monthly searches. If your account is new, you might not get this information. You must be a paying Google client to see these exact search volumes. It's a quite interesting information. You can also see the trends. For example, immigration Solicitor may just there. Most people searching October while in December there's a search. Following is very little in July, for some reason as well. Well, maybe summer months or so. These are the types of insights you can see from this store. What I usually do. I just don't know it. All the keyword ideas, uh, to Excel spreadsheet. That way it's easier, and there's two things we need to do once we go through the list. 1st 1 is we wanna look for those relevant keywords that are applicable to our business. We must keep them. We also need to look for for key words that are not applicable to your witness, and we should be added to the negative a keyword list. So those are the two things that we need to look for. We're not gonna go through the list just beginning severe wannabes. I put that in its not really applicable generate. Good it wanted entrepreneur. That's the immigration lawyer near me, really middle of keywords, and we'll see immigration lawyer. That's the tricky one, because that is a competitive er eso I mostly stands for. It's up to you when they're you. Want target competitors or no, um, if you start aggregating competitors, they are. Get your names. That's it's always a bit tricky. One. It's fun, actually Get scored a lot of searches, but this will be argued that you want entrepreneur extension that would be relevant depending you use. An expert should decide where that relevant e immigration law minister here we had spliced a bunch. Generally, keyboard. I practice just to include this one as well. Graciously sits near me. That's good here. One entrepreneur visa it if he but we'll keep it on this one congressional from We just need to keep both through and see what? Which one is applicable and which ones in the mud. There we go. Canadian Immigration Lawyer. If my information lair service is only to provide me, uh, the services for immigration to the UK this Canadian is definitely not applicable. So But I would do is we just pop it a civic ward and everything you need and here with we gonna hide it There's a praise manage. Can I get the key word? But that will do that later. And let's keep going, who you want to go through all of this list. It's usually a lot of words and find Look for negative keywords and the killer is that you wanna target relevant to your business. So once you have and ice list all the key words that you want, it will proceed. 5. Keyword Match Types: Okay, Now we have whittled down or list off keywords down to this. Obviously, you'll have a much longer list. You want to build a really compensable list for the purpose of this tutorial, we just gonna use this list of keywords and this list of negative keywords before we do Going to the building out those keywords. Let's do a little bit of theory to cover keyboard match types. If you, you know, now allow about about Google ads. You probably this is familiar to you, but this is really important topic to understand. And in our model, we gonna use only tooth to match types for the keyword targeting. And we're gonna use phrase match only for negative keywords. So if you put just the keyword in without any parenthesis or just specifying it is broad, it's a You should really never use that because then any word contains, for example, if anyone searches for a lawyer or if anyone searches for Manchester like matched the restaurants, it would appear as well. So you don't really want to ever use the broad match keywords type. What do you want to use is want all your keywords will not all but the most off your traffic come from exact match keywords, and for that you need to put thes square perent. If it's around the key word for it to be. We use the adverts at a terrible. We just specify directly that it's an exact match. Keywords. Basically, it would mean if you type in on Lee. If you type in immigration lawyer and then your ad will appear are also lawyers in the plural. It will work as well. Um, then brought much modifier is a match type where a search query that it's type thing needs to contain whatever the words that you have here and the way you specify it with these boss signs before every word. So, for example, if your keyword is immigration lawyer A Magister as a broad match more than fire, then if someone types in Google immigration lawyer for Spouse Visa in Manchester, it will appear because it contains all of the boards that are here. Plus, it includes this one, so it's not gonna peer for the exact match, but it's gonna be a for this. I'm brought match more the fire phrase match. If if there is a war. That's because contains a specific phrase. So we had immigration lawyer Magister in parenthesis and it wouldn't show. But if we had, for example, cheap immigration lawyer and Magister in parentheses as a phrase match that includes Shell . So I hope this makes sense. This is just the clear theory, and from there there's there's more information online about this, but the ones that we will be using. Mostly, it's just exact match and broad, much more than fire. And all of the key words that we built out in the other spreadsheet will be uploaded twice won its exact match and one time as a broad match. Modify it and all the negative keywords will be uploaded a sprays match in parentheses. So that's that's a little bit of theory. I don't let's go in. The next lesson will do actual building out and spreadsheet, and that we will upload to the glides account 6. Build Out 1st Sheet: Now it's time to do the build out, basically taking or keyword list and building it out to campaign ad groups, keywords and adds. Also the negative keywords Cross match negatives Clear later. We'll set up the locations in the Google ads account, but everything else will happen. And the simple in the spreadsheet with a couple tabs that we have here on this is where we gonna work. For most of this course, everything is gonna happen in a spreadsheet. And then we're gonna upload it all to a Google Ads account and then do some final tweaks there. But the whole set up, I would say 80%. I will happen in this in this spreadsheet. I'll have this in the course materials spreadsheets, so you have it for the use. You can. You have the columns, but I'll go over at all the formulas and everything else that we use years. Okay, let's begin with copy or keywords that we just generated from the keyword planner and paste them here. And also, let's let's take those negatives, um, from here and, uh, and paste them ingested negatives, negative que words. Now, first thing we need to do on this spreadsheet is go through all of the key words and place them into a campaign. So basically we need to group them. And remember in the 1st 1st lesson, I was telling how we can order me to organize them by topic or by by a location. So this one, all the ones that meant mention our location name should should be placed in a campaign called location. Because it's not gonna Geographical traffic at targeting is not going to be restricted. This one will be generic or you can call it a lawyer, but this one will be location. Some will also begin there. Rick. It's a lot of this is gonna be quite repetitive and so forth, but it's ah, it's a good practice to do it because it's it's a lot of work that you do in front. But then it's gonna be really easy to manage their count. Spouse. Visa lawyer is something that I would set up a separate campaign because then we can customize the add text for that keyword. Specifically that this lawyer is good with spots visa. We can put the headline to our headline through as 99 percent spouse visa rate win or highlight any other unique selling positions off off that specific keywords. So this will be I spoke. Visa Campaign Citizenship lawyer. That's another one that we could set up a citizenship campaign, but we'll keep it. Keep it is genetic or this one. Immigration or generic? Um, all other ones are generic, especially the ones that are near me, because we want your ad only show where there they actually searching near me in that area , Whether it's five or 10 miles radius, then then we need the next column is a group name, and I already have, ah, have a formula there. It's all start with the B two, which is the campaign name, and that's would be end. And we wanna add, uh, space. So and then we putting attack. So we need to put parentheses space slash and then we, including the actual keyword name and we're using function proper and proper, is a very useful function because it capitalizes every word in the in the sentence. You can see we have location. Immigration lawyer. Majesty, this is just an ad group naming our custom that I use Okay, the next one and probably the most important one. Part of this whole method is the headline one and it all. As I said in the first course, it must match whatever key word there is. So if someone types immigration lawyer Manchester is an exact match or immigration lawyer for Spouse Visa in Manchester, and then this one triggers one. The headlines kind of Match B is closely relatable to that. We have to keep in mind that we have a character limit kind of speed things up. What we can do. We can use the same proper function and place that there so headline one will be exactly that. So there's ah firstly, why we why we want to capitalize the first letter. It just Google ads that just a custom. The ads that have first little capitalized resonate better with people, and they have a back there. Click through rates. So that's why it's being used all across the board. And if that there is an ad does not have that's couple of capitalization, it looks a bit weird, so it's better to use it. We see it's exactly within our character limit for this. We actually using a function called equal Ellie and and then parentheses. Whatever. Um, cell that you want a measure that the character like, So it gives back the character length off this self. So it's 29 we just drag it down, uh, to have it for all of them. Um, we want to edit it so that we highlight all call them. We call pit. And then we paced the values only because otherwise, like, here, we can't at it the text, because it's a formula there. But they were here. We don't longer her tie to the formula, so we can actually edit whatever we have here. So we got immigration lawyer Manchester. The next one is just if someone types immigration lawyer, but because of generic, it will only be shown in the area off the location. So in Manchester, so we can actually display the same thing. And we always want to take up as much space as possible. We have 30 characters, this one next to a little bit tricky because it takes us over its 33 so we could remove the S. But that wouldn't help much. So there is no really other way. So sometimes We'll have to scratch our head here. But I think this is the the best way. Just remain solicitor to manage just there, because mention it's important to still have Manchester in the in the text in the ad text because it showed the relevance at the location for this one. Um, it's probably immigration solicit there. We can just keep it like that. Suppose visa lawyer. Let's see if we can type in Manchester in it. Yes, that works. UK citizenship lawyer s what we want. Capitalized the k and add Manchester. That's a little bit over. Did you do with it? Sure. Oh, yeah. I guess then we You won't have to. We won't put anything there. So this is like a little little E. Well, thinks that so near me. We don't want to have that. We were just gonna put Manchester. People were great. They won't near me. And then the ad will come up. Oh, I recognize where you are because of the location targeting. And I'm giving you immigration lawyer in Magister best immigration lawyers. That's good. Immigration attorney changed after much. That's a tricky one. It was plumber. It would be a lot easier, I would say the offices in Salford, which is a town right next to demand sister. If that's not the case, then obviously you shouldn't say that. But it's it's up to your unique situation, and, uh, we'll just change the immigration lawyer man just there for that. Okay, so that's the headline one in the ad itself. Now we need to set up what is gonna be for the title on the landing page here. We don't really have any restriction. It's up to the design of your landing page, but therefore that its distal cannot be too long. Go, go ahead and do the same. We'll use the proper function, and so it's drag it down. You see, we cannot add it right now because it's the function. So we call paid and then paste is the Allies only. So now we're able to edit it. So here we can expand it and say, for example, immigration lawyer in Manchester immigration lawyer in Manchester. Because we don't we don't have the character limit on our landing page. Can we can make it more descriptive, Uh, because we want to be wanna we want user to type in the keyword See that ad with this headline and then arrived to a landing page that has the kind of the same headline How that resembles the key Worth kind of reinforces that three step process here. We just got Manchester capitalized death here. We could go even longer and save based immigration lawyers in Manchester till death. Hopefully this. Here we go. So we have the title for our landing page is set up and the last thing we need is the path one and pat to So for these ones, you can also customize it to make sure it matches. But only I usually customize it only by campaign. Uh, so it's just sort a to Z support. All the generic ones will just put I mean, gration a lawyer. And keep in mind that the character limit for this one is 15 so that's not a lot of space to work with, so I'll just keep keep it same for all that genetic once and for the location, I'll just say, um, just Lord there can reinforce that this this is in Manchester to kind of mention the town again, and here we go foot spouse. If Visa lawyer an important bit this that you cannot have spaces in path. So I either use Underscore war or a hash. And then we need to put the final euro, which is, whatever your landing page, jorelys. It's probably gonna be something like Make sure to use the secure version of the site so it will be your home page dot com. Been slash. Always used frequents. Well, Alec choose free consultation, but it's whatever hook you're going to have. Another bet Is that the way it works in unbounded? My work a little bit differently is that And the way you set up what title it's going to show on the landing page is why Why Custom apartment firm either from the URL. So the way the way you set it up, so we gonna we're gonna set it up was a formula coming into the first part of the U. R. L. It's going to be in parentheses and then we gonna need to also add so slash usually a question mark, and then we can list or custom parameter name, which I just set up with an X or it could be anything else. And it's equal. And that's where this one is going to be entered. You have to look whatever your landing page builder is. And what are the rules for the dynamic text? But here, here, here. That's how it works with un bounds. And if it's not the one that you're using, please feel free to sign up for an account. I have, ah, referral link in the description for this course until also enabled out we will, we need to do. We can't use the space. The spaces are replaced with pluses to easily done with this quick break. So we highlight wherever we want to replace it are the spaces with pluses so we could and find and replace. So we want to find what this face and replace it with a plus side. There we go and replace all and would come back here and here. We wanna stick whatever that title is there with with and sign. And then we want to incite dot and that's that's how it works. So we've finished the build out. I'll show you a one quick example of how this actually works in real life. Since you understand 7. Ad Copy Writing: in this lesson, we are going Teoh, go over how to write an ad copy, Basically and a text. Here are the two things that we need to think about things like, What is the hook? Basically, what is the reason why someone should click on our ad? Could be like an enticing offer, 50% off or free initial consultation or something that stands out and gives really big incentive for potential prospects to click on an ad and get through your landing page. So we need to think about what is our hook. And then, obviously we need toe call to action, like inquire now or if it's a product and by now, or request free consultation or ah, or a book up book of free call or things like that, whatever is applicable to your business. And also you need think about what I like your unique selling positions. Basically, how are you different from the other? Their services providers cause, Ah, the user will C four ads on top most of the time, and you need to separate yourself from this crowd. It failed because you're competing for their attention off the potential customer and you need to grabbed at the tension with something unique. Eso here, you can highlight that you have great reviews. Here you can call highlight that your fees are fixed and affordable. You can also highlight your experience like, what are your unique selling positions that make you stand out from your competition? So here's what a regular ad looks like. We help us. They have headline one which would match the key, or that which we already set up in a build out. I didn't headline to. We need to come up with that hook and have that call to action and then headline trees where we usually highlight or unique selling positions. Headline three will not always show, So that's you need to keep in mind sometimes. Just headline in one headline to only show This is Where would you see the path Juan and Pat to that we set up in them in the build out spreadsheet. And then we need think about description one on description, too. Both these at the 90 characters long there we have a little bit more space to both highlight the unique selling physicians, highlight the hook and call to action within this space description to is also important. Well, not always show you would always need to set it up. And this will be called an expanded text at In the Adverts editor in Google Ads interfaces . You just called techstat. Okay, so without further ado, let's go back to our build out sheet. So from build out where we did this, let's go to the next stab or we develop or at cattle. And here we just want to write a Siri's Off headlines, which are under 30 character limits that would go in the headlines to and headline three. I feel just It's kind of like a free flowing. So here you can see for the immigration service there, we have free legal consultation for initial consultation, previous assessment and so forth, and also some of them could be descriptive, basically describing who you are. Headline. One would serve really well. You've developed a really good keyword list, but in Headline to and headline three, you can also reinforce off who you are like, for example, like immigrations listers, Croydon or or London or whatever your location is or Manchester, I could be a good one that, but put that our, for example, award winning lawyers. It's spelled. So whenever you develop this list, you can dio a spell check in Excel Google Sheets. This is the way you do it. You go in spellcheck, and there's no spelling. So you need to think about We set up a multiple campaigns, right? We had we had generic location and spouse visa. So for spouse Visa, you want to find something more specific. Like, for example, high spouse visa success, right? Spas in France, a visa on one day spas, Visa decision. So basically, for that topic, you can great specific ad copies towards that. Then the next step would be to place them in ad copies and combine. I always recommend to have more than four ads because they would rotate so one person would see at number one. The person would see at number two and then go over optimized, which gets better click through rate, and that would get shown more often. But start label, and this is gonna be generic one path, and then we'll come up with four ads now for not five for generic campaign, and it will come up with some ads with your spouse Visa one. So let's just take these and copy these into their Skopje days into headline, too. And you can see these services as a cook, and then these could be a good ones to place in here. And they could also be repetitive Self, for example, Free initial consultation. When that ad will have headline one will be whatever the keyword is and Headline two will be this headline. Three will be this. So I think that that would look good. And then for descriptions for descriptions, same principles with work. Here are descriptions that I've written out. They all meet the 90 or less character limit so you can just take these and based them in description. One. Place these in description, too. So here, when you look at this, you don't want them to be kind of repetitive you want. If headlines highlight one thing, you want descriptions to highlight that other thing. For example, if it says no risk free friendly advice, you don't want that to be saying here. You want something? It's a bit repetitive here, so it's put that that there. So we had speaks on immigration. Okay, that's also but so we wanted something that highlights something that highlights are us, P said. This one would be a good one, so that's a good combination. It's called to action and highlights and USB You provide sport so and this is very call to action in number two at a great it doesn't say called on foot by solicit there that one would work right there. Let's go it just in different combination. So those are ads for generic campaigns, and you can obviously make more. I sometimes make six, but for the purposes of this day, Mobile will stick Teoh Or and for the location campaign will use the same same generic ads . And for the spouse visa. Let's go ahead and and combined so we can use thes headlines as well. So I guess the same hooks could work here as well. Um, maybe maybe let's use this one there. And this one there. That one has and that we could pick something from here like affordable fixed fees. Whenever you you working on this Ah, good thing to do would be to to just typing immigration lawyers, man. Just there and see what are the existing adds there and like who is? Who is doing the bidding at the moment and what? How can you stand out? It's a part. For example, they say full range of services. That's a bit kind of broad, helpful immigration lawyers. We submit your application. Need UK call now or enquire now fast track. So how can you separate yourself and make your make yourself stand out from this crowded field? And there's there. Some more are on the bottom as well. That didn't make they need their bid enough or here they actually highlight 30 minutes free consultation. So this could be a good inspiration for you. When you arriving, Just check on whatever is then. Okay, let's finish this one thing and let's put freebies assessment there and let's put it there with great And we can just put these there. Let's assume they all work well together, but you would probably double check. So we got three outs for specifically for spouse Visa campaign and four outs for all our generic cats. So so that's That's how you develop an ad copy. It's an important skill to have in supporting skill to master the basic thing to have a successful Google Ads campaign is to have a really good at coffee that really highlights what the business is and what it can offer to the potential customer. 8. Landing Page Dynamic Text Replacement: let me just quickly show you how the dynamic text replacement works in an UN bounce builder . Just just a quick side note. If you're not using on bones, this probably won't be relevant to you. So this is the text that I want our title to show for every keyword the way we do is we just highlight that text and click on action here in the properties. And then there's you see, there is dynamic text, so we'll just change that your apartment meter to name it as an ex, as we specified in the URL. You know, we click safe. So now that's now part of the dynamic text. You obviously don't want it to go a little bit over too long, could Then it's not gonna fit in your page. And that's gonna be specifically applicable, as you can see here in the mobile version, because there's less space. But let's go. Just click safe. Go back today, cancel still safe. Go back to the overview space not published, so let's just publish it. Okay, so here's the Ural that we need to copy secure when yet probably doesn't have a cell installed on it. So Now we just need to just replace it with that pages. Euro over here. There you go. Let's drag it down. So it's Ah, let's test this one whether it works and the best immigration lawyers in Manchester probably want to drag it up a little bit higher. Well, well, well did later in the built there. But, uh, let's click on this one. Yep, Spouse, Visa lawyer in my just there and here's the whole landing page. It's 1/4 where you can check the eligibility and so forth. So that's just a quick note of how dynamic text replacement works in UN bones landing page Builder. If you wanna create an accountant on Bounce, there's a referral link in the course description somewhere. 9. Build Out Prep For Upload: Okay. Now, once we have developed our build out sheet and also we have came up with some ads that evil will place. Now it's time to actually prepare or data that we've have here developed into a form that is upload herbal to our Google ads account. Because basically, we have we have specified pretty much everything we have for keywords are campaign aims at group names. Headline one, we got title for the landing page within the URL. Ah, yeah, path one thought to and in that dialogue had one to headline three description one and description, too. So got pretty much everything we need. Sonal. Its first bit is to copy into their ad groups pages. That's gonna be the first thing we will upload. So it's copy it here. Okay. And here we need but based its value because these up before meals, another important bit is that we gonna have to campaigns. Every campaign will be split into, so we'll have a generic exact much and generic broad match. So for that, we need to copy it. Uh huh. Twice. And also we need to specify that this is actually, uh, broad match and exact much campaign. So we do it again with the good old formulas, so it will be equal and then and will add. So we have faced stash and the way I said it up is just put like this. This will be exact until here, then from there is going to be brought match. There we go. So it's copy and paste as values drag this one there. We don't need this column anymore can delete the whole thing. So we got a campaign or ad groups. The label label is not necessary. Sometimes you want to label some some key ad groups that you think you should start to it as a priority one so you can add up a priority label to does. But that's not really necessary. And the max CPC that's really important. Otherwise it won't let you upload it. I usually start with pound, but if you have only more specific one like industry specific one, then you probably won't go. Okay, so that's our ad group sheet. Be careful with filters. The next faith is the key words, so all the keywords will need Teoh. Place them twice that we can just we just copied this and place it here. We gotta be careful that we haven't messed up the order. Now we can just call me this one Place is therefore the exact match. With all matches up, it's really important. So we have best immigration lawyers, so match type for these is going to be exact. We need to type it out up. We also need to set max CPC Max Gosper click, and it needs to be said a boat had group level and the keyboards level. Obviously the keyboard level is where we going to do all the optimization and where the bid will count. That's comes priorities with what is there keyword bid. Not that hot group it. So I'll put here. Everything is £1 as well. And then the next important bit for the broad match campaign. Well, we'll need to do is remember our lesson about them keyword match types that we need to at the pluses everywhere before every word. So the way we do that, we just put it somewhere on the side and let's click at it, find them replace so all this space is needs to be replaced with space and a plus sign for price All make 20 changes. So we've we replaced all the pluses, But not on the first word. Um, you see that? We need a plus before immigration before the UK everywhere here as well fixed that we write equal in parentheses We're gonna put plus and sign and then this cool There we go. We got it there and let's copy and paste as values and these are all broad. There we go. So we have prepared or keywords upload sheet. This is everything that we need Now the next one is a bit tricky. One will need to upload all the four hats and here it is a little bit more tricky, but we'll do it the same way. So let's copy. Let's start with generic. It's copy all these. Place them here and then from the build out, we need to copy the headline headline one to the at for the ads and Path one and pat to. So that's oh co peed. And then finally, oral, which is really important. That's being set up at the hide level for every ad, and it obviously includes are custom part meter, which is going toe about? We have some mistake here. Go back here. Everything's all right. We just need to face this value. So you always need to be careful how you paste it. Otherwise, you been pasted for Millicent. It's gonna take it from some of these columns. Okay, so it's all paste it here. So these are all our main data from the build out and all day the information here will be filled out from the ads, but we gonna have least four copies for everything. So and we also need to add the broad match in here as well. So let's go to the build out. I'm Terry. Let's go to the at Groups and Copia. All the broad match which got my attention that the order still the same. Then go to ads. We got there and they weaken just cause it's all gonna be the same was it is for the exactly. Just copy all this and place it there a lot. That's great. So now we can make sure filters are on everything great and let's sort A to Z. So that's all sorts by by, uh, by campaign. And then also so every every ad group needs to be needs to be mentioned here four times because it's going to be. You can upload everything. There's gonna be four ads for everything, so it just paste them. So that's two times. That's three times and that's four times. And let's sort eight dizzy again. So let's see. And let's sort this one as well. Eight doozy. So we got four ads for the broad match campaign and four ads for the exact match campaign. Amazing. The headline one is matching to the key word that is also and also there finally or l is matching the keywords. So now we just need Teoh for every ad group set up for ads that are gonna be rotating. For that, we go to our ad catalogue wherever would prefer the generic ones. We just call PDS these four ads and go back to the ads section starting from labels. Let's based it there. So how old is the No make sense so that we have one ad group for broad match for so all ads within this ad group the headline one will be best immigration lawyers, but then headline to and headline three will rotate. It will be one of these. So this is a very big, important part of the method. And then we can just based it as long as it all is generic up until Ellen, including the location once, because we will use the same acts for that campaign. Just paste it placed it here and then for spouse visa. We have separate ads. So for that will just copy this one. And we might also add one generic had just to see. It doesn't mention anything about Father's visa to see how it performs. But if we don't do that, we can just keep three ads there, and we just faced them there. So that's it. That's how we prepared. Basically all these four at three sheets on ad groups. Keywords and ads are not ready for an upload, but without Google ads editor to our 10. Cross Match Negatives: Okay. And now I'm gonna explain your concept off cross match negatives have. This is not the most fun topic, but it's It's somewhat quite important for the 1 to 1 adds mattered to work. And it deals with how we confined that applicable add group for the ads to show. So, for example, if we have immigration lawyer for spouse visa in Manchester, someone types that into Google, all of this as a search term. In that case, well, we don't have an exact match keywords for that, we only No, this is quite unique. Search term to be tapped it so it will have to be served with the broad match campaigns. But then the question is, which one? Because with this keyword would be applicable. Yeah, it includes lawyer. So this keyword with this ad group with this keyword with trigger at the show also this one with trigger as well, because it has a lawyer on immigration in it. We got matching with this matching with this, and it also would show for this one as well, right, because it has all the three words and then but the our preference obviously east for this ad group and the ski worth the trigger for the searched her because then we'll have a headline that would say Manchester in it, and it would be the most relevant to the user. We don't want these general want the way we do that, that is the way we restrict. That is by adding a negative keyboard. Teoh these ad groups. So for this one, we would add a negative keyword immigration into this keyword. We would suppress it, adding Manchester as a negative pathway. This ad group would not be eligible to show for this search there because Magister, because immigration would be is a negative for this one, would not show either because the Manchester would serve as a negative. But it would show, and this at group with this keyword with participate in auction. And there was the end user would see an ad that says immigration lawyer Magister for for that person that searches that search there. So how does that work in practice? Let's go to our eso. We only need to call p all of four road match keywords. This is not going to be exact science because ah, lot of it is going to be, um we have to go manually. Go through it. So it's it's not It's not gonna be perfect, but we will do our best. So the best way to do is just sort by a to Z. So, for example, for this one, we want to suppress best, because that's already gonna be served by by that at group. We also want to suppress Manchester same way we did. So this is gonna be our negative key word there that we right. Okay. For immigration attorney, we want to suppress near me, and it's gonna come up with a phrase match. And for so here we want to add my just there and cope it as well. And we want to suppress that one for near me as well. For immigrations list. There's we also in the surprise Magister, because it's going to be served by that out of the group. Got it. And suppose Visa Laurier, and that's it. What is this? Okay, that's it. So we don't really need this column, so we'll just delete it. Now it's sorted. Eight Dizzy Terrian type will be phrase for all of them. So basically we specify we could also put this in parenthesis. These add groups will not have any negative keyword level, so and then we'll we'll upload it to our adverts. A Google ads account with the Google Ads editor and that's with the cross match negatives are. If this concept is not clear to feel free to send me a since send me a message, are sent me an email and asked me for a more explanation. I'll be happy toe explain it in more detail. 11. Google Ads Editor: Now we have prepared our build out sheet so we have our ad groups ready. We have our keywords ready. We have our ads ready. We have our negative keywords ready, and we also have the cross match negative. Ready? So let's go ahead with uploading to the Google AdSense. So once you get into the Google, ads are three only doubt arise. You will need to Donald your account. Quite straightforward. Process has to see that counts quite empty. There's nothing really here. There are campaigns. She's good. So let's first thing we need to do is just make sure from settings, all right, so let's go to tools, settings and let's go to default campaign settings. So here you want to set up your default campaign targeting obsolete one. Set up your default location at the default that works for campaign was always research. We don't want tohave anything else on. There are method like shopping or display. Search and search partners who want always display a disabled and we never want to use a display network. So these must be disable. So let's make sure that these are all set up, otherwise it could be really costly for example, if that display network is enabled and that it will start showing our ads is part of display network and generating clicks that way. But we don't we don't want that. We only want appear in search results. So okay, okay, here. So let's start with uploading. Our first sheet is add groups. So let's just click here and then from or spreadsheet? Let's that's all we need to do is just copy this and click here. Make multiple changes. Make sure May data includes columns for campaigns and add groups and then based for clipboard. Make sure it's the three year on ad groups. We're updating it and process great. So we have. We have six campaigns created and 22 hot groups added, Let's go finish the review changes whenever we have something in red means that there's some issues and we need to check what they are. So the issues are on the campaign's a level, and the problem is that we do not have a budget specified, which is a requirement. So let's highlight everything about control A and said budget just sent to $15 a day. So it's a it's a daily budget. Once you set it up, the error is away and we only have a warning. Well, let's check with our the warning. Your had group contains no active ads and, uh, because it doesn't have any keywords. But we haven't uploaded these yet. Okay, then let's go to the next step and let's update the keywords. So let's go here from a next stop. Everything's prepared. Everything is nice and ready. You just copy this one and we we make sure we're on the key word section. We click. Make multiple changes, make sure that we're on keywords made. Eight. Includes columns for campaigns and add groups. And we based here. We need to be careful to make sure all the headings are correct and they are, and we click on process. Great. It's everything look great. Everything is added. Nothing is a belated, and nothing is skip. That's good use finish. I could the double check here that the key word is this. It goes to the exact campaign at the lawyer. Immigration. Everything's matches. Match type is an exact Mex. Cost per click is one wouldn't don't that's all good. Let's keep all this and last but not least, we needs also upload those negative keywords. The ones that came from them won't cross match negative. So for that, just jump to this stab and copy, copy this information and said, Well, let's click. Make multiple changes Space from quick poured See, it's not import. Think the reason is because it's it's also called keyword. So many select that. Okay, everything's look all right and process and five negative keywords were at great. Keep this and then last but not least, we need Teoh. Add our ads. These are going to be to make sure we don't use text, that this is the weights I called in the Google ads interface, but here in adverts edit there they're expanded. Techstat, these thieves techstars where had the shorter character limit and they're kind of deprecating now. So they saw. We need to use and there's even You were ad for month, which is responsive. So, Chad, which is something you might test out quite soon as well, because it enables you to have multiple headlines. And they would all rotate for that dad to find the best combination. So but we will be updating expanded techstat itself. Click on make multiple changes And let's, um, we haven't copied yet. Go to, I think from that. So this is gonna be the biggest upload. So let's make sure we highlighted all that copy ended with basted. Let's make sure all of them headings are correct. This one's not importing, for some reason, with labels label. So that's why we selected that ID. Like to headline three description line ones. Perfect. They include and process. We have 88 expanded techstat at it. Finishing review changes. Well, looks like we have some problems there with these eight ads. Well, don't drums jumping up. Um, what's the issue here are The issue is that this one is going over them their limit. So let's highlight these old heroines, and we need to fix it. This is probably mistake I made during the build out. I didn't notice that it goes over with 31 that's why it's picking up here. So how can we fix it? Immigration authority. Well, now that's good. We'll just change the lawyer with our that works and and that's pretty much it. Let's click on keep. So we have uploaded everything here to the account I know we just needed today. It's still it's not posted online yet because we need to upload it by clicking here. But everything seems to be set up. It's not throwing any errors. Uh, there is location. Targeting is all set up to the UK now. It's unresolved for some reason. Okay, well, we'll deal with that later. But everything seems to be all right, so the only thing we need to do is go back to campaigns, make sure all the campaigns are paused because we don't want them upload and start drowning . We want to upload them when everything location and add extensions are set up and only dental during the month. So make sure you pause everything when you blow them, and then let's click post. So here we can double check where will be. Uploading is correct, so we got six campaigns. 20 to add groups 22 keywords. Accent. Want to one method? Uh, negative. Five keywords, six locations and 88 expanded Fixed that. So he had four for each ad group. So four times 22 that's 88. That's perfect. And then labels are for for every ad names, it's General Kwan generic, too generic. Three angelic four. And then I think it was. We had spots. Visa wants policies to its policy piece of three. Awesome. And then let's click Boast. And now the changes are being posted to the Google at much quicker than going one by one. Right, So and we're done. 12. Location Settings: this way. There were going to go to our Google ads interface, and we're gonna set up the location targeting. It's the Google ads account. Nothing is running, but let's take a look. You see that the campaigns here are all the campaigns that we uploaded on. Everything's paused a moment, and now we need to set up at this the settings for all the campaign because so things. And if we see all the location targeting is set to the United Kingdom. But we need to change that. The only ones were going to leave it as a Z UK targeting three. The location campaigns because in them, if someone searchers, isn't Birmingham. But they are searching for for immigrations list of services in Manchester. We still want to show them at because they specified out tonight. But if someone searches just immigration Celester near me, which is a key word that three built in in our genetic campaign, we only wanted to show in the area that we want target. More specifically is by if we go specifically to the campaign, for example, this spouse visa campaign and we go to the locations had it, so we just remove these and we wanted to set up the radio star. Everything we want a target five miles around may just go. And that's how you see a good area. Its target. Maybe, Actually, we could, like, expand it a little bit. Include six miles said around them Manchster ring Road to recover it all. I can click, save, and this We would have to do it all for all the campaigns like that. So we go here, had it remove these I said radios around May just there, uh, change it through six miles. Here you go to this very only people that are searching whose devices are currently in this circle, they would see the ad, other practices that you can make a smaller circle around. For example, one mile around Magister, it would be like a city centre. An over there. You wanna bid a little bit more when it's right around For like those clients that are closest to you, that's another option. But that's how you set up location targeting while for for our location targets, it's going to stay asshole UK because those keywords well still, uh, have within the key word, it will be specified. What is the location of your business? So that's That's how you set up the location targeting in a Google ads for your campaigns. 13. Ad Extensions: okay. In this episode, we are going to cover how to create add extensions at extensions are quite important because they are day. They affect the quality score. So that's why you want to maximize. You want to set up as many add extensions as possible, and obviously they it enables you to grab more real estate on the search results page. So that's why you definitely want to take advantage. You can pick any of the campaigns on, then go to ads and extensions, and then we have to click extensions here so we don't have any extensions. We just going to click create that extensions so we'll go through them all. We can use all of them cause not all will be applicable. But let's start with a sightly extension. So cycling extensions are the ones that are like, so we have our headline, and then there's gonna be shoved times. If we get the first spot, we might get these little CYP links at It can help. So we wanna add them. Teoh. It depends whether you want to add it to specific campaigns or, uh or you want to add it to the account. Uh, you can select whether which campaigns you on add. I just the way we're going to run it. And it is out. In our case, it's just gonna be for immigration solicitor services. I'm going apply those settling to the whole account. If your law firm, for example, that has immigration lawyer services and then also like wills and probate services, then you probably just want apply that to the campaigns that our immigration related but in this case will apply to the whole account. It's quite simple. You set up their cycling text so we can be like free consultation all. And then you add book. Now get recommend any than you or else you can have that that you are l for the landing page. You just change the dynamic texts who book free consultation or something like that. Here you can be like four. The bulls. He's basically the same principles apply as I spoke was we did with writing the ad copies so that site like extensions, you always want to put that least four or more, and they will rotate and see the ones that get more clicks. Google show got more often, so that's a sight like extension. Then let's go cancel this one. Next is a collar of extension. This is basically an additional text. So when you have a description, it will add some some text. And this is also where you need to highlight your U. S. Peace will apply to the account. So it was the same safe. Same thing Works free. They should. Oh, we're 15 years. Oh, periods. What about? But there's a character limit and so forth. You'll know well regards to your business. What are those? That's a call out extension. The next one. Let's go back to extensions. Click on Plus is structured. Slip it extension. So basically, this is kind of like a service catalog supplied to the account where we first select our heather type. We can either use it as a service catalog. Eso basically will say, for example, service catalog, and then it's gonna be we'll hear the off options. The oil change. Smog check tire alignment if you run a ah car service. If you select types, you can put like see there's T shirts, mugs or bag. So for us, probably the most. I guess we'll stuff to go with types, and then we'll just say Legal aid. You gonna say Spouse, Visa Investor Jesus in and anos phone ship. He's this for our immigration lawyer agency. Something like that Click save. So that's That's a structured, slipping extension. The next one, and really important is a call extension. So we would regard to the calls. Basically, you could put have a phone number there on, and it's really, really powerful, especially on on mobile phones. If they search, they can just users will be able to click to call on. They won't have to top the number and that where you can get the call received without them getting to the landing page. So that's really, really valuable tool, and also it would be also tracked. So you just set up converge in action called format so someone clicks on that will count that as a conversion, and you can optimize the words that here you set up that number. I set it up, and you could also go to dead glanced options, and you can only have it to show only if it's shows on mobile. That's it. That's one option, and you can also specify at the dates very wanted to be shown, so we probably want Mondays to Fridays from, uh, from 9 a.m. or whatever your office hours are to 5 30 PM If you have a 24 our phone answering service, then probably when you wanted to set it to all days to run. It's up to your unique situation. Here you type in the phone number so so forth. That's a really good and powerful extension that has a practical utility. Then there's message extension. I don't really use one, but then really important is a location extension where you need to. Basically, if you have a Google my business account, I feel how a PR business already probably have that you can just link it. Then it will display your address. Close proximity to your business, obviously, if it's appliques up applicable to you, so that's that's really powerful. The last thing, but not least, here's affiliate location that met really applies Bryce extension. You can show some prices for your services. You could set up that, like spouse abusers, like $1000. We're something like that, or for sponsorship reasons. If if you want the quotation is complicated, you probably don't want. But if your prices are clear, this is a great way to kind of showcase. What are your prices? It's quite simple that you set up like a night them. So, for example, a pizza car. Services be like well changed $50 and in small description and so forth. So these are also powerful extensions if they apply to you an APP extension. If you haven't ab, you can encourage them to don't load a nap. And last but not least, is a promotion extension. Nobody can say you can have a the percent discount or or monetary discount. Let's say we have $10 off. Well, change like a running If you're running a promotion, you could highlight there within your ad. And that's also really a powerful on applicable to you. So that's those are all the at extensions on that we can have. That kind of allows us to take more a space on the search engine results page and a kind of grab attention off the potential customer and stimulate engagement. So they are I would recommend to use as many as are applicable to you. I said them all off. That's add extensions 14. Unbounce Laning Page Builder: and this session will quickly touch on how to create a landing page within that inbounds. How Landing Page builder. So? So, Basically, there's a lot of teams that you could select from. I will start with Nuland team, which is right here, and we'll start with this stamp. Put its I already used that for the dynamic text replacement example. So we'll go with that. Okay, And there's our team. It's uploaded. How immigration lawyers you lend. The main thing that you want to do is to make sure your form is high enough. It's kind of above the fold, basically, whenever it loads because you want the form to be the front, since cental it, one must be the main call to action. So, like this jet eligibility. And then here, you want to highlight all the kind of reasons you obviously want to put some reviews. A. What, like you can paste somewhere, works even better if you have, like a trust violet, or there's some other ways where you can pull through like there's some plugging where you can pull through like your Google reviews, to show their that's that works even with powerful e. It always helpful to put some pictures of yourself to give kind of like a more familiar touch. Then you want to put up some logos that shows up your credentials. And last but not least, you want to put a map. Why are you are where your business is located for that? Well, it just Google this others see factually what this adverse is that? No, it's there. It's that on bones location? No, no, it's like a Well, let's just pick up, pick a location. Just take the Starbucks. So what you have this Google my business page loaded up with you do to get the address, you click on venue and then share organ bed map and then embed a map and you get this coat and this. Basically, this is what you will be able to put in your on the our landing page. It's quite nice because it has that you can. You will be able to go directions and also see the reviews there. That's both from your Google my business account. So we go like this and then headed the code. Nothing you want to do is to edit the picked and height We'll save it for now, we want to check what sort of it here here in 5 19 and 3 21 So 19 and 3 21 granted safe coat. And this is the but in the Texas back to the top. Also, you obviously want to check out the way you're when you ever make changes, the way your page is gonna look like on the mobile version to make sure everything's right , especially with the dynamic text that we set up that it doesn't go way too too long. Then they obviously want to check out the form fields, whether they're going where they're all set up correctly so so it can go through the name, so make sure it's a required field email address. Mature. We take validate as email address phone number. This is important to make sure this is correct. So you fear based in the UK, and then you probably want to select so that they validate the phone number in the format that is in the U. K. Or in North America. Also, if it's an immigration lawyer, sometimes they they use the international phone number, like from China or the United Arab Emirates. So in that case, I would select generic 12 a phone number that has between six and 12 numbers. Allowing for special characters is is a plus. I can also remove the field that cooperation actually didn't need that being sponsored by a company through of that as well. Uh, probably want to specify country off. You're sit. Thank you. And what are you available? You probably don't want to make it required field. And here are all of the options, so it's gonna be a big drop down. So that's it. Now, we got a little bit more space here, so it's, uh let's drag it up whom? But then back. We also need to change it on desktop like this, that up and like that. Okay, the last but not least, what I like to do with my landing pages, especially on more mile is version is too. Have a one button here, so let's just add Ah, but in here. Yeah, go, like, bigger. And that button is gonna we click to call. There you go. It's like call number, but the number here and then and then and the text would be click to call the clink. That's funny. Click. And you can also put the number that you for make a little bit bigger. Center it. And also we only wanted this button to show on the mobile version. So to kinda here it is. We don't want it to be there on them with the day stop version. So we go to visibility and we turn that off and it's not visible on that stuff variant, but it visible over here. So that's kind of quick tutorial on how to create the landing page. The next thing that you want to do is to place it on the domain at all. We're gonna cover in the next section, but that's that's all over here. 15. Conversion Tracking Setup: I s So this is gonna be an important episode because we are going to set up the conversion tracking and glink it back to the Google ads. Well, firstly, we need to define what are gonna be or conversion events. So for this landing page, we're basically gonna have to conversion events. One is would be a click on this button after the four Miss emitted. And so that's a form submitted event. And then the second event is gonna be click on this button where they make a phone call. So we gonna track boat form submissions and phone calls. It's really not gonna work before for this phone number. So if they open up on desktop, and then they would just just dial it on their phone on this phone number, it's not gonna track that There's another way you can do that with Google forwarding number , so that number is being replaced. That's something you could use, but I don't really don't use. And it's quite messy. And most of the phone calls come from this. This mobile version, I think once time when I tracked it, don't like about I would say 10 15% of phone calls came from the desktop version. Everything out. All the other phone calls came from the mobile version. So those are two conversion events. The way we'll track it is gonna be with setting up the Google Analytics account for that specific landing page. So we go to the Google analytics that would go to admin and creating your account. So all we need to do is just create an account, put the URL and everything else, and we need to get a cracking I d. That's the main thing we need to get. We need. We accept all the policies and there we go. We got this tracking I d. So with unbalances quite easy, because you can just base that track tracking idea and they all the scripts ready. And more importantly, they also have their all the event actions set up, and they're ready. So for that, let's go back to overview. Once we've copied, uh, tracking I D and go to settings into the script manager and then add a script. So here we go Google analytics pace that tracking of the and that script details, and we need to link it to that specific page, the one we just set up. So once that's good. Just publish. We can, you know, Scotland just that's all good. Let's quixotic changes and let's go back to are pay. Okay, so we have installed script on our page. We can also double check that fee Republish opened the page and make sure that in a page source, if we have the Google Analytics code, that's well, that's what waiting. Okay, Now we have to set up their goal conversion events. So for that, we go to goals and click on the new goal. First, the event is going to be formed soup, method, gold, and it's gonna be based on an event. And to fill out this, we're gonna take use the help, often unbalanced documentation. So there is this Lexus integrating with Google analytics, which is a not so you can use to set it up like we already did these steps here, and we will scroll all the way down where we have thes that says, what is that event category of interaction and event label. So basically, we gonna click on, uh, on the four so the category will be formed. The action will be submit. And the label. We have to look over here and check it out. What? It's gonna be the label. It help people Pio and but 27. And we based it there. This is our for submitted goal on. Then we need to set up the second goal for their click to call. Button also is going to be an event. Continue. And for that it's gonna be gonna be this one. The phone category's gonna be phone the number I only just set it up begins with. And in my case, in the UK all numbers begin with zero. So all set it up with that and the label will be whatever it is on the form button. Don't shoot me this message again. And it is this but on and safe, and that's it. We've created these two events. Had that do exist here. Okay, but now we need to link these two events to these two event goals to our Google as account the way we do that, first we need to link the Google ads and Google Analytics account. We need to go to tools and length accounts, and then we select Google analytics. Okay, And then once you get this page, you just find the all right account. Have we wanna link the All website, link it an import site metrics and click on Save, So be willing thought. Google ads and Google Analytics account this way. Then the next step is to go to conversions and import or conversion to click on plus conversions. We gotta import from Google analytics to you, and both of them are right there. So just stick it and important continue. And that's it. And now we have both for conversion actions set up, make sure it's including conversions, and now we'll see which keywords are actually generating actions for the form submissions or click to call button. So that's how you set up there tracking within your Google ads account. There's obviously a lot of other ways off. Set it up, especially you can do it with You're not using unbound. Just using your website. You need to use the tag manager and so forth and all that. The tag manager you can do directly with your Google Analytics script, so there's a lot of ways to go about it. But if you have any questions about that. Feel free to reach out to me, and I'll be happy to to help you out. But definitely set up conversion tracking because this is the key to make sure that your count is bringing in a Leeds and you optimize it correctly. 16. Negative Keyword Lists: from our build out sheet, there are two things we need to do. We need to also upload our negative keywords, and they need to be in a phrase match format so that they're being suppressed would need to add quotation marks. But you can use also four mills to place them there. So the way we do, you just copy it instead of using the ads. If there were going to use the keyboard lists. So we go to tools, negative keyword lists, and we're gonna create the new list. And stained will be account negatives or could be anything more than once. Once it's safe, you got a click on it again, and we need supply. So all the broad match campaigns we can also add it to exact much. Well, there's no point because exactly only going to show for exact match a key voice that we want it that's all negatives. And then the second thing that we need to dio we need to block our exact match keyboards from showing up from the broad match campaigns. So basically, if we go to our keywords sheet, so whenever if someone types in immigration lawyer Manchester, so there's two eligible at groups that are that are going to be competing. Immigration lawyer match. There's broad match this one. We obviously wanted to go through the exact match. Then, instead of a broad match, that's what we would block it all over there stood at We just call pedis and we put the square brackets. There we go and then we copy them. We set up a new list. Call it exact match, they get there and we faced there and we save it. And then we obviously need to apply that exact match negatives to all broad match campaigns as well. And let's click done. And obviously, whenever later I'll show you when we manage will be will keep expanding their count negatives list as the key worst. We don't want the phrases in the search terms that we don't want to see or as the show will appear, and then we'll need to keep adding them with an ongoing basis. 17. Bid Adjustments: Let's assume that you have uploaded all of the campaigns. All the keywords, everything set up, right you've done. I think you're done. And you you have launched your campaigns. Set them live today enabled status. So what you will see First, there is a lot of key words will be below first page bid. So that's the first thing you need to do for all those keywords. You would just need to go and put up the bid to the first page off Search results. Just like that, you can do it also on a quicker way if you just highlight them all and then edit and then change. Max. CPC Bid the race It's the first page, a CPC at the beginning. You want at all the key words to be on the first page, at least, and then based on that, give it some time, and based on the conversion data, you want either bit them, push them even higher or lower. Oh, if they get couple clicks like five or 10 clicks and your conversion rate is, we'll just say 15% then it's probably not worth after. After 10 clicks that key world, it's probably not gonna be bringing you any conversions. Betters focus on the key words that are bringing in conversions. So here I've set up the last date raged last 30 days. So there's a couple key words that you can up the bid. That's the first thing after that. If you see that, it bring in conversion. So let's let's sorted by cost. That's the first thing I do not go through because the main thing you want to do, you want us save money and paused all the keywords that are costing you money but are not bringing a new conversions like, for example, this one here. So there's all these seems to be bringing in conversions except this one, because it's spent well, just one conversion for £26 just quite a lot. The average cost the conversion is is 11 £13 but there's nothing with zero, probably this one only. So let's Al to bring without one down to the first page. That's that's the first thing to look for is whether there is something that spending a lot and not converting. Okay, the second thing, what I like to do is just look at the house the main metric that we want to optimize for its cost for conversions. And we want to basically have our target cost for conversion in our mind. So the average wanted to £13 which is quite quite good, quite acceptable. Can take a look. Look at that so these ones would probably want to pull them down. Okay, it's already if you pull it that any lower, it's one show on, which is something like if this gets really, really hide, and it's probably maybe it's it's worth stopping that keyword. Um, but this one's It's all right. These Can we pull this one down for pounds? Yep, I think we need, but we'll just put it suit to 50. So another thing to pay attention is the average position. As I said, there's usually four top spots on the top because you want you want it to be within four Google eyes are going to deprecate the average position, then you. Then the meta metric that's going to stay is gonna be impression. Top percentage. So out of all times, this is how often it showed above organic search results, and you want your build. This one to be higher on this one's is a total. How many times was the impression share? So when the average position is gonna be replicated, these are the metrics that you have to look at. Let's take a look what we have here and then we have problems slee or the cost for conversion. All these ones are really converting really good rate, so it makes sense to push them all up, especially the ones where the positions are low. So get I wasn't applicable. So this one is in position 4.9, and it converting really well. So it's it's bumped it up, bump it up to £2 so we can go one by one. Or sometimes what I do. If I'm lazy, I just highlight them all. So all those where the cost for conversion, he's really, really low because we want to get more there and you pay attention to the positions. If something's really high, like something's of in position number one, there is not really point of boosting that on. Maybe let's that position to that's up right position, and basically everything's that below on £13 we're gonna boost it, bump it up. So change max. CPC bids and increase bids by Let's bump it up by 25% and plot. And obviously you're gonna know what are they? What are the key words that are bringing in conversion, Scott? Because you will, and you will have that extra bit of knowledge where you can optimize it, for that's how we optimize the bids I would recommend during this on basically, maybe every 3 to 4 days. You have to watch the overall spanned. And if you you need to think like if spend it's too high, then you need to pull back as many things as as many keywords as they're not. I'm not bringing conversion. You need to pull them back, which are badly performing. If then, if the spend was an issue like we're spending too much, then I would go all those with a really high cost for conversion and reduce them by like 30%. Then I would also look at what you could filter out. Those where conversions are are less than 0.5. Basically that zero other way confused about those no signs and see what the spend is here . So we scored by cost. So all these are just spending money but not bring in any conversions. So we can We can make sure that all these are on the first page. That's the first thing, because we really don't want them to be any higher. Or let's keep that lower a lover, though. This one, for example, 57 back to one, please. This is where we can save a lot of money. And if you have, because this is the lowest bid possible, let's get some visibility. But you shouldn't pause these because, you see, they haven't got a lot of clicks, so they still need to be given a chance. Prove themselves. Okay, I'll keep those like that. So that's that's pretty much probably optimized bids. There is. It's a bit of an art, but you have toe once you. Once you start doing that, you will develop the feel for it. The main thing to look at is obviously the cost for conversion on the cost, and then you just move it up and down. Um, so based on these, these metrics 18. SQR: The last thing that I wanted to share with you is their search query report, or sq are basically whenever you have an account running what you want to dio case to go to the keywords and then search terms. Take a look at the list plea that users are typing into Google, and that's what makes your ads the trigger. And this is Ah, this is a good practice to do it on a weekly basis. First thing you want to do is look for for something that should not be there. So, like Singapore to U. K. The pro bonos Oprah Boehner is the lawyers that for free, if you don't firm, does not do pro bono. You would consider pro bono to be as a negative, so you would copy this and you would you would add it, Teoh all negatives over here, obviously in a phrase match format. And then you would keep adding them. Let's put a little bit space because we already uploaded those and you would put it to the negative keyword list over there. Let's keep going. So there's there's more keywords there. That's home Solicitor's fees for buying a house to do so. All these are applicable at the moment. Nepali immigration lawyers. Well, that's probably not applicable, but it's rare when someone will we would get that. But let's abduct here. So that's kind of the main purpose of S Q. R is finding a negative keywords. Italian sits, and suppliers may need to block Italian things like that because that's not applicable. Were UK immigration lawyers. So whatever is not applicable to your business needs to be all blocked out so that it doesn't show up. So So that's That's kind of my purpose on their purpose of the sq are is to look for her by convergence. It's to see if there's, for example, this one visa lawyer UK that has brought in as a broad match has brought in four conversions. So it makes sense to set it up as an exact match. Keywords that we can better control spend for that. Same for this one. See, we got three conversions and that's that's already is set up was an ex exact match, and this one was exactly, but these that went as a road match or order match type, it makes sense to set them up as an exact match. If they got a lot of conversions the same way we did that build eso, that's those are things you should do on a weekly basis for negative keywords and probably once a month go through and find keywords that we should add as an exact match. Keywords ones are bringing in conversions. That's why we could bid more on that specific search term. That's that's sq are. So I hope I hope you found this on the whole course. Useful. Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions and congratulations on completing this course.