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Google Ads: Create the perfect structure

teacher avatar Margaux Rouault, PPC Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. More about the Class Project

    • 3. Structure is the base of everything

    • 4. Perfect structure for a retailer

    • 5. Perfect structure for a retailer *BIS

    • 6. Perfect structure for a service company

    • 7. My method to create a structure in under 5 minutes

    • 8. Knowing when to change your structure

    • 9. Knowing when to change your structure *BIS

    • 10. Using tools to find your keywords

    • 11. Using tools to find your keywords *BIS

    • 12. Choosing the GOOD Keywords

    • 13. Choosing the GOOD Keywords *BIS

    • 14. Final thoughts

    • 15. FINAL CP Exercise 720p

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About This Class

In this 60 minutes class, you will learn how to create the perfect structure that will get you results on Google Ads.

Do you want to grow your business on Google Ads but don’t know where to start? Did you have a bad experience on Google Ads but don’t know what went wrong? Are you a marketing professional looking to improve your skills? This class is for you.

As a digital marketing consultant with over five years of experience on Google Ads, I can tell you with certainty that the cause of all your trouble is your account structure. If it’s bad from the beginning, you will be heading for disaster. A very expensive disaster. So you need to take extra care in creating it right from the start.

My take is to give you all the strategic thinking you need in order to build a strong structure: so knowing how to organize your campaigns, ad groups and keywords in a coherent way.

By the end of the class, you will be able to create your own structure, for your own business. And it will start by imagining a perfect structure for two businesses examples that I will provide.

I would say that you need some basic knowledge of Google Ads to enroll in this class, but if you are a beginner wanting to get off with a good start on Google Ads, this class is also for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Margaux Rouault

PPC Expert


Margaux is a French, Google Ads certified professional since 2016. She is certified in Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping Ads and Analytics.

Margaux will continue this profile section by using first person, as this seems very wrong.

In the past, I have worked with businesses in education, real-estate, travel and overall ecommerce (beauty, flowers, technology, etc.). Managed budgets went from €500 to €50,000 per month.

My expertise starts with understanding my client's business and their market. Every business is unique and I provide the best tailor-made solution to reach their goal.

Since early 2020, I've decided to help small business owners and marketing professionals improve their skills on Google ads to grow their business.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, everyone, my name is Margo, and these girls are going to teach you how to create the perfect structure on Let's before I start. Let me give you something for about me. I'm a digital marketing consultant, and I've been working on the ledge for five years now for small and large businesses, with advertising budgets going from $500 to $50,000 a month. He's, oh, in a French. If you were wondering where the Saxon come from, Cuba put us on my shirts. I wish I had pushed British accents, but I don't so I promise to try. And most online Cassius have seen about Relax focus under house instead of the wife. And I believe that's problematic because it takes about anyone to create, campaign and relax. There's actually some three results that you could use that there without having to buy an online class. That's the truth days. In order to get great results, you need a great structure and the Brits scripture before year's strategy. So when I say structure, I mean the campaigns at Group two words and how they are organized within your comes, you can have the best keywords in the industry and the best that Cupid of this website if you're construct er is rubbish. Your results we never get off the ground. And for some of you, it might be the reason why you're here today. So Mike take is to give you all the strategic thinking you need in order to create the perfect structure data made just for your business. By the end of this course, you will understand the value of the great complex structure and it will be confident in the structure you should create. We will kick off with a lesson on why building a strong structure storing percent, Let's and yes, there will be a lot of Mr Bring. Why saying structure? Then I will give you examples of structure for retailers and service industries. I would choose my tips to know when to create a new campaign, and I will end this class with a lesson on how to recognize a good fewer. After this, it will be your turn to share the structure I have been There won't be a lot of how to step by step videos on the platform apart from choosing the right spots, but I can promise you there will be lots of examples. So what you need to enjoy this class are basic knowledge of Google ads. I will talk about some settings in some sense, and so I won't go into technical. You should know about beads, secrecy, target locations, bidding strategies. If you don't, maybe it's not the right time for you to join us yet. It would be best if you had a good account, even an empty one, so that you can use the regular planner to find keywords idea. And you also need to have a high tolerance to French accents. And that's it. You all sets imagining a structural takes less than an hour once you know the questions you should ask yourself, but in close to get can be a little longer, depending on the size of your account. But what you need to know is that you're saving time right from the beginning so that you can focus on my fault that my test in the future like condition rates when budgets volumes or just improving. Author 2. More about the Class Project: But again, before we start with the main listens, let me drive you through the organization of the class protect and the class in general. So the goal is that by the end of this course, you will be able to create your own killer structure on Google ads, so that is choosing the right categories to become your campaigns, organizing your groups currently and choosing your words carefully. And if you don't want to share your own strategy for your business, that's fine. I will provide you with to list of keywords that you can use for practice. I wanted to create useful bite size less sense because the lad is such a big subject. And so taking Carter, it's important to take your time and to take breaks to from my accent, Exhibit one and from the topic as a whole, Exhibit two. So you will see in a winning form you that some of the lessons will be split into different videos. That way, I can keep the video shorter, and you can learn about important concepts. In less than 18. It's 3. Structure is the base of everything: nice to see you again for this first real lesson on how to create perfect structure on Google ads. I'm going to stop by reminding you off. What in the constructor looks like on village? First off, you have the account, which is the M Fisher. Inside this account, you will find several campaigns, and inside those campaigns, there will be at groups in which you will find cures. So that's why in the counter look such now, if we thought about it starting from the bottom, this is where it would look like my skills on Kenyatta. Not so great. But I hope you can see from the young girl that it's reverse pyramid. Okay, so here, that's slightly better. Everything lies on the campaigns. Where I could say is that you need a strong base to support great results. And if from the beginning, you didn't choose the right organization for your campaigns, your accounts who won't be balanced. So what to do? What to do when creating a new structure, you need to focus on the intent. What does your potential clients need? What is driving them when they make a search on good? Why do you need to do that, because that way you are organizing every campaigns to answer specifically. And to understand that motion, you have to outline what your structure will catch first in the main categories on your website. This will become your campaigns, at least temporarily. It's not that simple as I reassure you in the next lessons, but it's a starting point. Well, so that's why you need a website that is Western Tub. Then, having selected those categories, you need to find the intense behind each category for teaching dance that you will find you . We need to create one a group, and finally, the rest part of the job will be to match the keywords with descendant Cogeco. It's all nice and theoretical, but let me give you some examples. I'm going to start with an e commerce website in fashion, and it's French ing in school season. I mean the bishop section of the website, and here are the categories dresses, tops, knitwear, bottoms, jackets, etcetera. So those on my campaigns Okay, so in my campaign dresses, I found that there are three different intense people looking for short dresses, media dresses or long dresses. So three different needs that made for three different groups in my company tops. I also find three different intense for potential clients wanting to buy shirts, T shirts or blouses because someone who's looking for a shirt for work doesn't want you to talk about T shirts in your ad copy. And they don't want you to show them a London page with T shirts on two in my camping bottoms the two categories, but for different intense skirts, first intent shorts, second intent jumpsuits and finally trousers. So this website would have some trouble really answering the client's need on the land page with how the website is bit. But maybe they just didn't have enough product to finish category. So anyway, that's how it would work for a retainer. So pretty easy. If the website is already good, let's find out what is happening for a service company in. Please note that none of these companies, our clients or former clients I just look for themes and found random websites. Okay, so self storage business. Here are the categories on the website personal storage business to rage and students storage. I don't know about this Children category because I think it's only cheaper deals, but personal storage and business storage are great categories that could make for great campaigns. And even right now, I hope that you understand that we're splitting them because they are very different office . I went into the personal section. Not everything is worth using as not group, but I already see different, intense people who use storage because you are moving people who are looking to store some furniture, maybe because they don't have enough room anymore. People who are renovating so the store, their belongings to avoid an incident. These are people that we need to other contracts, by the way, people who wants to store their bag so already four different intense that could make for good at groups. Not everything was perfect, but the website was mostly well organized. So it it it's not the case For my next example, which is a cleaning company. They can look at the categories on the website home about cleaning services are the services etcetera. You won't be able to use this categories right, And if you take a look at the cleaning services, the list is so long, it's quite frightening for the structure, but it's good to have such a wider for. Of course, when that situation happens, you need to pose for a minute and think looking at the list. I see several things. There's a commercial cleaning service, and there's a domestic cleaning service. I cannot to see some very domestic services spring cleaning over and cleaning a post story cleaning and some that could be both window cleaning for people who have high windows in the house or for stuff fronts. For example, carpet cleaning for your family, scalp it or maybe for your boutique, because a lot of clients work on this carpet. So maybe maybe the good solution here would be to first split the personal and the business in two separate campaigns, then to have another campaign for the services that could interest both type of person. So an individual all business owner and I'm not giving away any answer here because that will actually be one of your assignment. If you choose this exercise in the class project, so I will choose the keywords and you will have to create the birth extra chur for this business 4. Perfect structure for a retailer: in the previous video. It is were Bruce structure wise for retailer business, where things I believe in the power of picture. I will describe what it's going to look like exactly. And I will also describe the thought process you should have when thinking of creating your own structure. Also, this lesson is split into two videos because I have two examples for you. So the second example will be in the next video. Let's pretend the trial and online sneakers retailer. You have three categories on your website. Life starts girls running sneakers and training fitness. Negroes, you said three. Brown's Nike, Adidas every book. Not that they need any advertising at the top of my structure. There's the account moment. Remember, that website has three categories, so these categories will become our campaigns. Then we have three different brains. And keep in mind that someone looking for Nike shoes wants to see Nike shoes not added as no re book or any other brands. Dent. Oh, so they want to find Nike shoes were going to give the Nike shoes so or browns we become a separated. The next step is to find key roads that much descendant so far added us. For example, you will find something generate Adidas like star stinkers. And you will also find specific shoes design like stents. Mr. Instance, this we're going to replicate on all the Ozark groups. So every time you will find a general crow we re book running sneakers, for example, and shoes designs like the Prefect use. I will let you take a look at the whole structure for a few seconds. But wait, don't we have a problem and intend problem? So if you pick the running sneakers campaign and if you take a look at my Reebok a group, something should feel wrong. I have two key words. Rebuke relics, sneakers and rebook liquid thick. Like I said, Okay, what is the intent of the people taking this words in their searchable? Some of them want to by Reebok sneakers, shoes and the others wants to buy revoke liquid effect shows. So at this point, I know you're probably like Thank you, Margo. I know how to read. Sorry enough now what if I rephrase it until you this people who search for Reebok liquefy actuals Want to find Rebo? Click with it. Choose just any rebook shoes. They want this design in particular, and if you don't show it to them, they will leave. So it just said Group doesn't have a unique intense. I'm going to detail this little more by looking back at my construction. Which waas this one translate. I'm going to start again, and this time so that my head groups cannot have a unique intense My campaign will be Get ready. Migrants. Yes, I was like in space, so the rest of my demonstration will be done with Nike. But imagine that I do the same with all the other brands. So my first, that group will be 90 lifestyle sneakers. It will be generate for all types of lifestyle sneakers I would have to other at groups that were the same way, but for Nike running sneakers and Nike trainings and curse. Then, for each popular shoe design, I will create an individual a droop so we could have Nike McCurn. Focus feeds Nike, as in pig Jesus, etcetera. And this becomes a perfect structure now for me to convince you that this is indeed the perfect structure. I need to talk to you about landing pages for the Nike Lifetime sneakers. That group I will use a generator landing page with all types of Nike lifestyle shoes, the same girls for the running and training at then for the 90 ASM bigas use. For example, I will create a specific learning Paige that Onley shows Nike as room because this again, you probably think I know how to read. Michael, thank you. And I know that you're thinking that because the structure is so clear, everything is older in its own little books so that it's coming. Page has a specific vehicles. Let me in distress example with hard landing page should be organized for the general feeling baleful Nike Life's nice sneakers. I would redirect users to my general categories. I see that the nineties are being very trendy again in fashion. The good thing is to have an efficient filter for gender colors and price. At the very least on this is the page I would use for the medic on a group basically is just a search. I'm aiding their search. It also that I only seem account designs, and still I can fritter them by gender. Corona extra. So it was easy here because it was 19 official website. But that's it. You will have to reinvent the wheel every time you just take what works for your competitors and use it to your own advantage and if you can do it better. 5. Perfect structure for a retailer *BIS: welcome to the second person created perfect structure for retailer business. If you took a breaking between videos to remember that we started with this structure organized by categories and that we ended with this structure organized by Prince. So I said something to you earlier than I would like to correct. And don't worry because it was intentional. I said that categories. I'll campaigns in the very first. Listen, So I'd like to suggest in a rhythm when you have brands well known brands, they can become your campaigns because it will make more sense for your structure, but only in the case. Why? Says several grants. If you had your for example, you're not going to create just warm campaign for all your products. Okay, so without further ado, let's talk about example Number two. I want you to imagine that RAV furniture rotator To give things lighter. We will only work who is three categories kitchen, living room and bedroom. Those are my initial thoughts. One account, three categories. So three companies in each of these categories I looked for things that we could find. So here goes, and yes, we're go to start from the right this time in that room, we will find people who wants to buy bed linen. What robes, Night stands and bids Basically anything that you can find in the bedroom. Did you go for the key words? We will keep it generates. Since there are no grounds, at least in this example forbidding, we would find flat sheets, fitted sheets, comforter sets, etcetera In what drugs? We could be donkey words for to those white robes for those white robes. And so tonight stands, we would find attacks of night sense possible and finally in beds we would be Don't both sides off bits. Then you probably think I know how to read. Michael, Thank you. And I know that you're thinking that because the structure is so clear, everything is older in its own little books so that it's coming. Page has a specific vehicles. I whispered things like really tell for the other campaigns. But the strategy is the same, finding every category family for which we have a wide range of products and ordering them in different groups. So if you look at each other group, whether you are listening to me or you just post the video, you will see that keywords are organized on the common themes in India guerrilla groups. Okay. No, wait a minute. Yes, wait a minutes. What? We have any problem again? Let's take a deeper look at the kitchen campaign if you didn't have the time to read everything. The four big categories kitchen sink, kitchen islands, kitchen cabinets and kitchen linen so different in dance. We're good. But look more closely at the kitchen. I lands that group, for example. One key word is by kitchen Aiden. The sick account is bikey. Tonight ends resync. You should be getting a little bit more comfortable with this. So what's the intent? What to put in should try and swarms in the first case, they want to buy a kitchen items, any type of kitchen. Lino. In the second case, they want to buy a kitchen island with a sink, and those are very, very different requests. Imagine that you are clients and you go to Home Depot or any kitchens I know forever, and the sense person comes to you asking to help you go. So I'm looking for a kitchen island with a sink, and they say, Sure, I have everything that you need. Peace for me. You do. And the 1st 5 kitchen islands that they show you is a kitchen island in one block without a space for a sink. So I'm sure you're polite percent. So I first you won't want to say anything, but at some point you would have to say Thank you Next. When you're an online seller, you don't have that luxury. Imagine that you are at the Fair Trade show for a kitchen. I don't know if it's a thing in the US, but it is in France. So imagine that it's the case to and imagine that there then salesperson surrounding you, the poor clients and they are all trying to get you to buy products in their competitive. So when the user clicks on your ad, you have to show them the product that they want. We might not like it because I think it's a big them. I think it's too expensive, but at least you showed them a product that answered their needs. So to sum up, the problem we have with the current structure is that the groups are to generate so we don't have a unique intent. Let's clear the world and start over once again. I don't have enough space or would only work on one theme, and it will be bedroom for today. Inside, I could have a general campaign for bedroom furniture I could have and that group dedicated to King size beds of all sorts. And I could do the same ways Queen size beds, for example and so on. Then, based on the key words we had, I could have in a group dedicated to those wardrobes and one for the father's what drops. And to be frank, we could even ditch the generic groups to focus on the specific ones. And then it would be in that so perfect. Sorry. Why? Because I kept it short. But imagine if I had created every out group. This company's single beds, twin beds, six those wardrobes, floating night signs, ex cetera. You should definitely feel like something isn't right. You hear that? That's the toll of your device. There is no way a campaign with that many groups with a different theme is a good campaign . No way. So why did that? I tried to create complains based on the universe inside those big categories because, as he is, they were just too big to be campaigns on their own. So now I have a whole campaign for beds, King size wanted group, queen, size one, a group single size and twin size. I also have a water campaign with to those for those and so on being separated, The same goes for that stands and bed linen. So in the end, we found a way to have at groups with a different intense. If we circle back to the first draft, this was what we had Bedroom campaign and four groups. Those fraud groups have not became our campaigns because, as I said, bedroom was to bigger category to be only one campaign. Let's end this lesson by doing the same exercise about something pages. It's going to be quick. Soap it by yourself. It's landing Page will be a specific landing page for the product described in the A group . Simple. So for those wardrobes, we will. Finally, any page that only shows to those wardrobes sometimes my student asked me, sure, but isn't it a good idea to redirect users toe running page with a wide range of product, others into those to show that you have a wider for and okay. But my answer is this, of course, on your to those water of space, it's still good to say they could look at my photos wardrobes. But before you can do that, and so your potential customers need build trust. I saw that you clicked on my ad for to those white robes, and I am showing you a landing page with to those wardrobes. Think about the kitchen sex person who wasn't listening to you. And it concludes my demonstration about free data structure, and I will see you in the next video for services industry. 6. Perfect structure for a service company: Hey there. Thank you for watching this video is going to be super shot because we've covered so much ground already. So for services company, you won't find structure organized by brands, which seems logical, but you would have to find the intense by looking at big categories. For this example, I've thought about moving company business that would have two types of services the moving parts and the moving truck rental. I'm sorry already You should read two different intense here. One that is very Do it for me and the other. That's more. Do it yourself. Here is why for boats, my first campaign will be living companies. Can you guess what the second will be? All right. In the first campaign I created to a groups moving company and remove ized. Now, I've done some research on boulders drugs and found that there is no difference between the two. The firm wrong is not his day to tell me, and I will correct what I just said, admitting that I'm right, though I speak them in different groups even though it's the same intense Indian remove this moving company. In the end, it's the same drug and the same service. The user wants to buy a grayish, but they are very different keywords, and a such keeping them apart is the best way to have super specific at copy and landing pages. My last That group here is removal lists business So moving company for offices, stores, etcetera, business owners. The second campaign is from rule No surprise here, Moving truck rental Inside, I decided to split it into two groups, one for moving truck rental and one for moving Van Reiter. Why? Because the intent is different. Someone looking for moving grand except cheaper prices and then for a truck and something smart, too. So one of them page for both Wilbur, But I'm spoiling the next light. So let's move on to the landing page section. So for moving company, that would create a general page for individuals focusing on the main keywords from my A group so moving company for removal lists. The design would be the same, but instead I would focus on other remove ized violence. It's a very difficult word to say for me, I'm sorry. Finally, for removal this business, it would be tailored for professionals and business owners with special pricing and content that reflects best experience in commission moving and offices moving then for my moving truck and moving van it groups. The landing page would be specific for renting each be Heikal with some options for people to choose. That's it for creating the perfect Google, a structure for service in the street. 7. My method to create a structure in under 5 minutes: way back to talk that ways of creating a structures. In the previous videos, I focused a lot on the why and before we move on to the keyboard spot. I wanted to speak about the how so I checked and the step by step video is exactly four minutes and 19 seconds long. I had to speed things that glitter because the original video waas nine minutes on. But I had time to create two structures, so I kept my promise for this. Listen, you will need to use the spreadsheets so well. Sheet Excel all members If you're Mac and I promise you there won't be any technical things to do on it. It's just a way of organizing your structure without using offensive organizational shots, because no one has the time for that's Let's start for real on and You empty sheet and driving the well external dress so that no one accusing me of saying something else. First off, I start by listing. Mikey works for this first example. I used the moving company again, so it's easy. Once I have everything and to name three columns, campaign a group and queue it. What I do next is just organized. Mighty works in discolor. I kept the key words in the right other, so I'm cheating a little because there's no organization needed. So I have my moving company campaign with two different groups for the same intense moving company and removal lists. The third group is the removal is Business, that group for business owners. Then I have the second campaign moving truck rental, splitting two groups between tricks and Vince. And then then I could add fuel. Tone these to your child's my elements, but I want. And because I like gravity, I will just find some light color every 12 groups so that I know that they are different elements you can within the Columns two and take out agreed if you want, so you see no skills required for this. Now, For the second example, I went with the florist business online and tried to think of different things. So I started with the obvious online flower delivery. Then I wanted something about same day flower delivery, so I tried to find violence. Of that. There was also other flowers online and closed science, buying specific flowers such as roses and orchids and once I was happy with what I got, I started organizing them on the left living space for what I believed was being my different campaigns. That way, it's easier to see them when I'm working on the structure. In the meantime, I got nuclear's ideas for people wanting to deliver flowers in specific cities. So imagine if my business was located primarily in California. I would have to add all the cities in that state. So big work. I stopped once I had three cities, but you get the idea. We are two minutes before the end of the video, and I've just started naming my campaigns. I wanted one campaign to be about delivery solely what I did next. Waas putting my delivery plus city keywords up in this campaign. What's important to note is that I have five different intent, So someone who wants to deliver flowers online wants to do it easily on the Web site. The next person who wants to David Flowers wants to do it on the website or in a store. We don't know the next ones or want the flowers to be delivered in different cities, so it's a very different in debt. Besides, keeping them about is a good way to have very specific landing pages. And at cookie tailor, made just for people who wants to send flowers to some legal, for example. After that, I have another fly was comparing with on my violence. Then, at the last minute, I decided to put my send a flower delivery in the deliver flowers. Complain the Wycliffe get teaching an individual complain what? I'm working on the structure. I tried to make mental notes that I will need to check on these groups for performance and projects. In case I need to ask you, Let's omit groups. And if you're not good at mental notes, you can still use a paper and a plan. It's probably safer than what I do anyway. So I put a touch of grey here, and then I was left with my roses and orchids. This I'm going to put in the other flowers burtin individual groups because someone who is looking for roses don't want to find okay, it's on the landing page. If I wanted to ask you words for white roses or pink roses, I would create a different groups to so that my at Kapi could be specific. It would also mean that I would need to isolate the Buy Roses, which is a general keyword in its summer group, because I couldn't focus on one type of rose in particular. Having said that, I am the missus structure, so as you can see, it's nothing fancy, but it's efficient, and that's what you need when you're working on cigarettes. 8. Knowing when to change your structure: Hey, then what I like the Reds is that nothing stays the same. If you asked me what changed in the five years I've been working on, the less I wouldn't even know where to stop. Well, what's important to understand is that managing campaigns on cigarettes is not just about creating a great structure in the beginning and letting it do thing after, so sometimes change is needed. Sometimes your clients, we call you and say, Margo, I want you to promote a new project that I launched. Well, it would be easy He will just create in your campaign, but sometimes will have guts. It's basically about asking ourselves, When should I create a new campaign? When I'm having duffs, I found that I imposed three rows to myself. These are not universal rules. I don't know if other marketers use them or not, but I've been doing it for five years and it's has been working fine for me. So that's when we share with. So you need to know that only three settings can be set at campaign of Italy's, and these are the three Onley reasons why you should have to create a new campaign The first sitting is the budgets, Projet stated. Bridgette is picked for whole campaign image. You can't decide that one of Brooke we get Mobile Giant than another. And that's the one I would focus on in this video, though to others would have their own videos that I can stay on the 10 minutes limits. The second sitting is location and old knowledge. Their geographic target that you choose the language target that you choose can only be set at Compagnia there so you can't have and that group in English and the other in Spanish. It won't do you anything. The last setting is bidding strategy. I was seriously looking expression for the picture, so I apologize. Anyway. I will cover this topic in detail in the next video, so keep it in a corner of your mindful now. But don't think too much about it. Most of detainee, we realized that you need to change your structure once the campaigns are ready. If you want to. Not a smart and energy, it's like buying leather boots in winter. So when you first tried them on the store, they were perfect. But the first day you decide to wear them and actually work with them. You realize that if you continue to use, this sucks, you will get blisters, so you have to change them. But it's the same with regrets campaigns. So I told you it's not a very smart analogy, so, but it so this section. I'm going to use some previous examples, and we will start with all sneakers. Street data. Remember, it was the one that sold Nike, Adidas and Reebok shoes, and in the end, we had settled for structure where brands were the campaign and shoes ties. Where the groups. So you realize that your Nike Met kind of group drives all the traffic and spends all their budgets in your Nike campaign? Remember that you can't put a threshold budget at a group level. It's only a campaign of it. What it means if I put it in other words, is that the other groups in your campaign control because they don't have enough budget. So they used the scraps left by the 19 might Connect group, but it's just not enough to occur every time. So you are missing on sales of opportunities, and it's but so you could lower your beats, but you are happy with the results in terms of revenue and in terms off. Return on that spending so you don't want to touch them. And that's fine. So what you need to do is to isolate the Nike McConnell Group into its all individual campaign. That way, he would be able to control the budget can spend. And in the original Nike campaign, the other groups will get a real chance of getting impressions. And hopefully, Saiz notes that by doing this, you will probably have to rise your daily budgets because the fact that the Nike mechanic group is in its own campaign won't change the fact that it needs a lot more budgets. So if you're deliver Jet for the original campaign was $50 for example, and that Nike Mechanic group was spending most of it. That's the daily budget will have to put on your new campaign on the G campaign. You will have to do some tests, but you can start, for example, that's $20 per day and see what happens. The second very important thing to do is to pose your all that group in the Nike campaign. Otherwise, you will get a problem with difficulty, worlds and Google ads. Don't there with the crickets you as well. The thing is, when difficult you What's happened? Google ads don't know whiskey work to choose. So if what you were has a higher bid, then you're there. It would be simple, but if that's not the case, it will just be very confused. So don't deprecate keywords. And the another thing we could do now that Nike McCarron is a campaign on its own is to create specific groups If you have the opportunity and by saying that, I mean, if you can create specific landing pages for the new specific groups, for example, we could spread at groups between Nike made Cone for man. And we man Nike met gone five like he make on six extra. Depending on the generation, that way would have even more specific a cookie and then in pages. So you might even get better results. And this concludes the budget section, so I will see you in the next video 9. Knowing when to change your structure *BIS: welcome back for this ascent of the men went to change the structure. So for the second video, we will talk about the two other settings. So location and wage and bidding strategists. Let's start with location and language for this one. I would resurrect the moving company example. I didn't tell you at first, but let's pretend it was a UK based business. Now there are further services in France. Well, surprise First problem. Your campaigns need to be translated if you ever need a reminder off half French people. This was foreign long wage. Know that I'm considered as fully professionally skilled in English, and I speak with this accent and I'm pretty sure making a lot of grammatical mistakes. So imagine what other people allege. Moreover, it's a different country. So what should you do? This was what a company looked like by the end of you. Listen, Number 32 campaigns, one for the moving company service and the other for trick renter. Okay, so this we'll ditch. There's no need to. It's still perfect as is. What you need to do is very simple. You need to translate your campaigns so keyword a Kewpie at extensions. And then you need to create a new campaign where you were Joe Target, false in French and which that where the structure stays the same but only the long wage is difference. Now I like to complicate things. So the business going very well, and now they want to move to do you say we use your campaigns are already in the right language. So does this mean that this time you can add the USA as the new stratification in your original campaign, where you probably guessed for my tone? But it won't be the case because the time zone is different and west there several times on in the USA. So it would be a very bad idea to just added to your original campaign. What you need to do with your original beauty campaign is to live it around amid amounts of that. But what you can do is duplicate in the campaign once or twice, depending if you want to split it between its coast and whiskers. But in that case, you we need to exclude East Coast from the geo targeting in your West Coast campaign and vice versa. Now, the only difference between these campaigns will be in the target locations, depending on the times under a set on her account. You We need to work on your schedule. So that's the ad in the USA. Don't show in the middle of the night. But then again, the best solution would be to create a new account for each country because your business is going so well so that you have a better management of this kind of settings. Now, I feel like I must apologize about something in appearance video. I told you that you should never forget he works ever. Well, if you have a very good reason, you can. In the current case, it wouldn't be a problem to have the same keywords. Because of this major sitting change, the location realize will understand that one keyword must only be triggered when the user is in a particular country. Last setting is the bidding strategy. What you need to know for today if you didn't already is that on Google ads, you find automated bidding strategies and one manual strategy, which is manual citizen. For this example, I'm going to a dream that I used manual CPC for my furniture retailer structure in the beds campaign. You realize that the Queen size bed at group has a steady Ross, who asked me is returning that spendings? It's how much money you make compared to your advertising budget, the higher it is the authorities. So, for example, if you're us because one, it means that you are not telling anybody that you are not losing any money either. If it's below one, it means that you are not profitable. For this example, we pretend that my hose is 4.2, the last earned for $1 spent. So it's very the other groups are mobile a time. So, for example, King size bed is making you earn $2 for $1 spent much, but then the next month it's only $1.5 so not stable. You've heard about beating strategies? Yes, you did that the seconds ago birth. You're scared of breaking hill accounts. What you need to do is to isolate the queen size by the group into a new campaign and deposit in the orgy campaign to avoid the big etiquette words. Yes, In the old campaign, you will still use the manual CPC But in the new one, you will pick and automated bidding strategy to us. T is for target, and you will set it at formulas because that's the result you're seeing right now on your account. And like the Nike made can campaign where we split the keywords into several new groups, I don't recommend it for changes. You took beating strategies. At least in the 1st 3 weeks. I wouldn't touch anything. Keep the structure as he is on Lee after this initial testing period, where I think about some evolutions off course longer will do this if you know that you're entering an important player in your Kalinda like Mother's Day and after years saves etcetera and it's over for the big talk about structure for me on before we move on to the cast project, we still have some good practice to review about choosing the right keywords 10. Using tools to find your keywords: Hello again. This is less than six using tools to find your keywords. It starts right away with Google. Such bow. When you need something, ask Cougar. It probably has all the answers anyway. And here, having just tied the business I'm looking for, I can already see suggestions. Most of them are cities, but keywords plus cities can make very good keywords, especially if you can create a specific landing page to go with this intent. I use a VPN to locate myself in the UK, and what's nice is that I can already see ads, so it's a good sign. But what interests me today is the sexual, so I see some commercial cleaning services. Good home, fresh cleaning services. It's probably a brown. Yes, it's years. Let's go back cleaners near me X a trap. Let me just put the space after my query and the suggestions changed. Not very relevant suggestions here, but still relevant. You know why? Because jobs logo business cards are words that we be able to add to my negative keywords raced. If you scroll down, you should be able to see some suggestions. Very difficult work, say for me. I'm sorry um, this one's we know already, so Okay, But what I like to do also is in the search bar toe ad linking words after my career to see what Google suggests. That's what I get within. And it's getting interesting again in gets me the most sir Cities and four gets me the types of businesses that could be interested by this service. So interesting to even in terms, off issue and specific learning. Paige and other tools is Google trends, though I'll admit that I use it a lot. Lis, I'm sorry for the French. It off us by Google account is in English. My Libyan locates me in the UK but I think my brother is telling French so it messes things up a little. So the first thing to do is to change it, as in he end up, which means USA for us French people to the UK. So why you me here, then I'm gonna search for my men keyword again. And now you're presented with a chart showing the evolution of the interest for this query in the UK in the last 12 months. You can change the time tired if you wish to and choose five last years, for example, so example, if I looked for career that you would see that there's a bike in early 2020 and nothing before. But let's go back to cleaning service on this chart. You can see that there are some backs down. I'm not shock and say that way. We hope you get a name in, and they seem to happen in the last week of December, so it's still an important info to keep scroll down and you will find in which zone discoveries such the most. So people in nothing islands, but it's a close call with the three other countries on the right. You see queries that are closed from the world. Yes, studying, and we see some interesting stuff. Wolf Cleaning Services has made a 400% jump in several um, for example, and you can look further with the arrows at the bottom, so I see a lot of relieve enquiries to act mightiest on the left. You will get interesting related topics with that's not through the case today, and finally, if you click on a related query, you go straight to the same page. But for this new keyword 11. Using tools to find your keywords *BIS: Okay, so once you have your ideas, So if you need more, you have to use the Google keyword planner. It's a free tune by will, but you need a Google has account to use it, so don't panic. You can just create a new Google its account if you don't have one already, and you just live it and you need to put your credit card or anything. Once you're on the dashboard that you go to tours and sittings on top, then Cuba Planner The first column on the left. Here you have two options. Get search for human forecast for people who already have completely stuffed keywords or discover new keywords. And since we're looking for ideas, we will go with deception. Now you have to enter your main key words or keywords, and you can tell your website your l. So I will do both. Make sure that it's the right congres age and the right zone. You can go as far as a city, so if your business is very local, you can still use this tool. Don't be overwhelmed. Everything will be fine, I promise. So there's a big table with a lot of data going home. But for things first below, sir Bar you get, suggest trans from girl to broaden your search. If you click on them, they will be added next to cleaning services. But I won't do it for today. Below is the rest of every keywords ideas Google Farm for your Monkey word organized by different segments. Let's start on the right with account status. It's empty, but if you already had some keywords in your campaigns, it would show here with the name of the campaign. If you add a que where to your plan your draft, if you prefer it would also show Here he works can be organized by average monthly search. So, for example, for killing services 10 thousands 200,000 search are made each month for this key words the highest, the better. But you also have to look at the competition, which can be high, medium or low. Most of the time, competition will be high, but sometimes we find little gems like for cleaning or how skinning services. For example, that impression show me shows that the keyword is already being used in an active campaign , and now for the last columns, top of page bid, low ranch and high range. What's that about? French? Top of page bid High Wrench shows the higher wrench off what advertisers have paid to put the keyword on top of the page in the UK In English, Lawrence is the lowest amount that they had to pay toe a pair in the same position I'm not gonna like, but focus on the high wrench bid because it's likely that it's the amount you will have to pay now that you have a brain, for you can look at the keywords idea since, like those that interest you and organize them in that groups of your own creation. So, for example, for this, I will create a cleaning services, a group. Now don't do like me and check the keyword because you still need to click on the actuals. Return in the rebel. I will show you later. I'm going to create a second a group for carpet cleaning and do the same mistake. And then when going to the group section, I will be confused because it shows zero everywhere. I should have known better because the second status waas anti and now it's not anymore. So now when I go to the group section, finally you have better. So I'm not going to detail anything here because in the next and less listen, I'm going to tell everything I do on the Google keyword planner, both I which this point so stay tuned. 12. Choosing the GOOD Keywords: to be able to choose the key words, We have to ask yourself what makes a good word? A good keyword is the killer that represents your business, the best one, and that isn't too expensive to to make this video shelter. We will only deal with the first part of the and self. So you think he was. That represents your business, the best. And to do so, I pick the cleaning service company again. You know, the one I keep saying we have to work on during the Kress predicts. For starters, I listed some of the main Kewell's that interested me. So cleaning, cleaning service I saw on the website that they did spring cleaning and window cleaning. Imagine Synchrony Housekeeping Services and let's end this with professional carpet cleaning. I'm quite happy with this list, and I can already split them in two categories. Jenna, Ricky works and specifications words in Generate Us, you will find Cleaning Sprink Inning and Window King. In specific E wells, you will find cleaning service, emergency finning, housekeeping services and professional capital any having them that here is what I can say . General keywords tend to be shorter or friendly We describe an idea, sometimes a vague idea, and that makes it difficult for Google s to know when to trigger ads. Example. Right next. Those are the results that I found for cleaning in position zero. A Wikipedia page as a definition dillo are cleaning tips, news articles, organic videos and people. Also ask section No, add nothing about the cleaning service company. Sprinkling 33 is a sprinkling tips. 20 spring cleaning tips, a different and shown on the right. Okay, I think you get the mismatch. The intent is not to buy a service, and I'm not sure what the intent used to be true, but they are not interested in what you have to offer so so generic. You worlds may cost you more money than you would want to. Not always because the bid is high but because the search volumes are so much higher than for specific keywords. If you want an example, I think about how many people type Facebook in the search bar investors. How many people type mustardy out of Facebook ads on the suffer? It's nowhere Nessim, you know well, with generating worse. You get yourself in situations where you're paying a lot of money for clicks that are not relevant for specific your words. They tend to be longer and don't laugh. But that's what makes them so specific. Most of the time, they are linked to reverb or inaction, such as delivery order book something, buy something, ran something, etcetera. But the major drawback is that specific you worth while being more precise than to generate less traffic. The more precise you are, the less people search for this exact combination. Just imagine your mom looking for vegan and gluten free. Recite. People kept case with seasonal Fritz. Do you think that would be a lot of results? I don't think so. So the problem is that if a keyword has no traffic, Google ads will flag it as low search volume, and it will never be triggered into an ad, even if the keyword is relevant. So you need to find the balance between singer worlds and group of words that are just too room. I say that you are safe when you have three words, Max in your group of worse and both forwards. It's gonna be a little bit complicated being related to election on your website to answer a specific need is actually what makes a good keywords. And just by saying that we're sucking back to understanding the users. Intense. Does somebody need an emergency cleaning after a particle? Wrong? Yes. Welcome on my website. Are you looking for cleaning products to clean your windows? Well, it's good that you know that I exist, but I'd rather have your book, my service. If you are looking for immediate conversion, general keywords might be a new group. So as yes, I wouldn't use this generate keywords, but we can transform them. So cleaning already exists as skinning service. But I could do the same with spring cleaning, which would become spring cleaning service. And that one word adds that specific intense because someone who types that obviously wants to book a profession of it and I could do the same was when looking And just like that, all my general keywords would become specifications. What's so? That's all for answering the first part of a question which waas what makes a good keyword ? And this last section is also a good introduction to answering the second part. A good cure is a key word. There isn't too expensive, so I'll see you in the next video 13. Choosing the GOOD Keywords *BIS: welcome to listen. Seven bees choosing the gritty world. It's also the last person for the school, so I hope you're ready to go to the cast project Pats. Remember that to choose a quickie world, we were in the process of answering the question. What makes a good keyword? So this is the second part of the center to make sure that the world's not too expensive. You most anticipated discussed. And for this you need Google keyword planner. I told you lesson number six that I will explain everything with more details. And this is the time going back to the Q A planner. So crews and settings on top, then first column on the left. There were two options. Discovering New Key West or get such for you and forecast I want to focus that are for the list of keywords I created in the previous video. So I will just based it here. I added a few volumes. So on the slides it was all about adding the keyword service everywhere. What? I did the same, but was company at the end and professional at the beginning. Now let's see what happens. It's about the same presentation than the last time. Don't forget to change the country and no wage, and I forgot to mention, but you can modify the cut on that, too. I like the most by months rhythm, so I will keep it that way. So below you get released off your keywords, organized in a singular group. But that's OK for now, you can see the Max CPC, so it's the maximum beat you would want to pay. It's $3. For some reason, Knicks impressions cost extra AP eyes that matter on Brits, but let's stay focus on a goal. Who is this key? Roads that would get more than 6620 thousands impressions so than above times my head's show for a 10-K project, which make $380 daily. We will ads also suggest the kind of city are and position you could have. Okay, but I want to show you is how to set your max CPC, which is pretty random for now. When you click on it, charter pair from zero to infinite. It starts with the rising curve, but at some point it goes flat, so your goal is to find that point where the curve is still rising, but not fatty it for corn, $50 single off course, you will get more clicks, more impressions. It would cost you more etcetera. But I want to see what's happening for my keywords. So I'm going toe, although them by costs. And now I'll be able to say which keyword is outrageously expensive cleaning company. Ouch. But the thing services and cleaning service to a lesser extent. And then I would have keywords with little to no budget spends because such volumes are too low. So combinations with housekeeping, emergency cleaning, spring cleaning they're not very good keywords because there's not enough for you. Let's go back up and stopped to the point where every keyword spend at least 100 the last pronounce. So I stopped at professional window cleaning. All of the key words on this screen will be interesting. Yes, even cleaning company that will cost you your kidney. What I could do with disc us and older que worlds that seem to spend a lot of money just for one months is to try and reduce the bid, which is $4.5 to something that is closer to the ever secrecy that Google ads is focusing. So it seems that it would be to the Rose. And just like that, the project is divided by more than two. We get less kicks sugar that's already moment eligible by the fourth withdrawals. Use broad match on the Cuba planner so you could play with the much types. If I select phrase much, I get $3300 per moments. If I sell it exact much, it falls at $800 a month so you can play If I can use this Web on who built, you were planning to find the best balance on your account. But don't forget that it's only focusing tour, so the results will be exact. Now, the next and less steep I want to show you is a mathematical one, and we'll use the results of its forecast for freeze much. So it said that we would get 2300 slicks permanence knife, take a look at my imaginary Google Analytics account. I see that my conversion rate is not lawyers, 1.5%. It means that I get 34.5 years permanence So let's go with 34. Now. If my average basket for cleaning service is 100 the last I will get $3400 of revenue happens. You then I hope everyone is fine here. So my budget to get this much clicks waas $3300. So, as you can see right now, I'm not making a lot of money from these companies. So if we talked to us again, it would mean that we would only ERM wanderer and three cents for each dollar invested. So we are barely profitable. Now imagine that my conversion rate is better than that. 3%. That gets me 69 buyers 69 times 100 Mex $6900 of revenue. The US is not the point for you develop every dollar you spend, so that's a good start. Now imagine that your average basket also gets better. You would earn $10,000 in the end, and your host would not be a very living. I strongly recommend you to do this type of calculation on your end. As you can see, it's not overly complicated, but it helps to know at which Louisville, your KP eyes should be for you to be perfectible, which in the end, is the only thing that matters 14. Final thoughts: most of the time, transforming categories into campaigns would be enough. But sometimes you should be careful, because this categories are so big that you will have to spit them into several smaller categories. And when you have went on brands, they will be more attractive as complains. And when the keywords for one intense are two different from one another, you can speak them in two different that's for the company's. Now the big picture is still about understanding. Users intensely just need. So remember that one group equals one intense because woman engage so good keywords AKI water and large to generic because there would be too vague and the intent would be lost. But they are not too specific, either, because in that case, the search volumes would be to go. I recommend you to True specifically worse, even if the cost might be a little bit more expensive because you need a clear intent. If you want to create specific at copy and specific landing pages that answer and need to know if a keyword is going to be expensive or not, you need to use Google keyword planner and to play with the Max Ypc up to the point where you feel that the crust is not too discouraging. You also need to bury you much types to find the best balance. Note that the best thing to do is to very all the match types insider at groups and not to focus on the wall in particular. And finally, don't forget that it's a focusing, too. So results from the exact plastic what a group equals 15 keywords. And when I say 15 works, I mean five keywords time. Three much types. So the three musk among much types would much qualifier for as much and exact much. So five time three equals 15 keywords. Max. If you have more than 15 keywords, it probably means that your group could be split in several groups more specific. 15. FINAL CP Exercise 720p: Hi again. Thank you for bearing with me during this big our off the gene and welcome to the best project off the schools. So now that you have seen every video, you should have a good idea of what structure works on the lads. And to make sure that you understood everything I wanted to create were shot exercise to test your skills. So, as promised, created to stuff keywords one for the note or your skin in company I wouldn't stop talking about. And one for fictional tea and coffee. Rotana. I just like you were. So imagine that I already did. The work is supposed to do on Google keyword planner. Your mission should you just accept it, is to create the perfect structure for warm or both of these businesses or for your own business. If you don't mind sharing it here to do so, I would like you to use the same method explaining listen than before. So organizing keywords on except sheet I'm telling you to you the me So I'm not sure if you can show forever. If you can't clean screenshot of your work will work to how we personally review any work is in my way, and I promise to be kind. If you make certain choices and feel like you want to explain, you can leave a note on the side or below your structure like this. And it will help me understand in your mind sets this video one subdistricts in 10 seconds and I will still be here. Should you have any questions? So don't hesitate. I try to make sure to answer you in 24 hours, Max, depending on how crazy life gets. So we look to you and congratulations for going this far in the process.